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onicromwoo 1.600:47
onicromcongrats sirs00:47
onicromand ladies00:47
bigjoolsthanks onicrom01:24
bigjools1.6.1 hot on its heels :)01:24
bigjoolsand 1.7 beta soon to follow01:25
onicromi had to rebuild my maas server01:25
onicromso im going to upgrade :) asap01:25
onicrombuilding a zfs storage server and needed to replace the 'raid' cards with non-raid.... and my bios sucks it will only boot from the first 'drive' it sees01:27
onicrombeen through hell and back i tell you01:28
onicromive seen some shit01:28
bigjoolssounds... fun01:28
onicromhere is an example... i had to flash non raid firmware.. the flash tool only works in windows... i only have remote access to these machines and via kvm, which has a usb drive plugged in which is shareable if the kvm is on the computer yuoure using.. (USB1 speed)01:30
onicromso i found a winpe iso which i had to hack unetbootin to use as it required ntfs, which i then also had to hack syslinux to boot it... then i flashed the firmware ... yay... installed ubunut... yay... boot.. no love01:31
onicromtakes 20mins to write the iso to usb, and 30mins to boot the damn thing (usb1 wooo)01:32
jtvThis.  This bit of code I just ran into from some other people's project:05:37
jtvpbp = bp;/* jwg, 9/6/96 - nice catch! */05:37
jtvThis is why clear code matters so much.05:38
jtvAlso, non-ambiguous date formats.05:39
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bigjoolsjtv: so the answer here, then, is to stop looking at other people's projects06:53
jtvbigjools: ah yes, of course.06:56
bigjoolsjtv: I'm a bit worried that your https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/allocate-ips-on-multiple-cluster-interfaces/+merge/231368 introduced race conditions07:36
jtvAren't we running in serializable nowadays?07:36
jtvHow did that change?07:37
bigjoolswhich is why in another branch Gavin did a load of  fixes to cope with READ_COMMITTED07:37
jtv /o\07:37
bigjoolsserializable didn't work so it was backed out07:37
bigjoolssomething broke in CI07:37
bigjoolscan't remember what07:37
jtvBut at the time (Austin) we did that to solve a real production problem.07:37
bigjoolsthe new claim_static_ips you did looks very racy :(07:38
jtvAll Django code is racy.07:39
bigjoolswell, yes :)07:39
bigjoolslet me point you at what Gavin did, one sec07:39
bigjoolsand hilariously, you reviewed it :)07:40
bigjoolsI have to go, back for call07:41
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allenapbigjools, jtv: We ran serializable in development but the change never made it into production configurations, iirc.08:33
dimiternallenap, bigjools, jtv, rvba, Hey guys! A quick question re 1.6 and ip allocation for lxc containers - will the bridging setup still work (i.e. br0 as primary NIC on the node, eth0 as one of the ports) for containers to automatically get a DHCP-assigned IP? Or now we have to use the explicit IP reservation API?09:53
jtvdimitern: we intend to keep it working with dhcp.09:54
dimiternjtv, ok, that's great for short-term backwards compatibility09:55
jtvIf you want to though, you can still allocate a static IP through the API.  But you'll have to configure the container's networking setup to use it.09:55
dimiternwe will implement explicit allocation at some point soon, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about it just yet :)09:55
jtvdimitern: dhcp is served in the cluster interface's "dynamic IP range."10:01
jtvIf you allocate an IP through the API, you get one from the "static range."10:01
dimiternjtv, right, but as far as container addressability is concerned, both ranges are equally fine to use from juju's perspective10:05
jtvRight ho then.  :)10:08
cjohnstonMornin.. is anyone able to help me with bug #1279880? I seem to be having the same issue, however, for me, disabling the default network didn't help12:01
ubot5bug 1279880 in MAAS "Pserv responds to router IP instead of Requester in KVM virtual network" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127988012:01
blake_rrvba: could you review the backwards compatable api we talked about for boot sources13:29
blake_rrvba: https://code.launchpad.net/~blake-rouse/maas/backward-compatible-boot-source-api/+merge/23149913:29
magicrobotmonkeyHi I have a cluster controller running on a node with a bonded interface14:15
magicrobotmonkeyand I can't get it to respond to dhcp requests from other nodes14:15
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magicrobotmonkeyI'm getting a lot of "Duplicate ACK for blocknum X" in pserv.log15:52
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lazyPowerGreetings, question about my maas configuration. What do i need to stuff on my cluster controller to fix the 90curtain-aptproxy configuration that seems to be blocking any and all PPA action?18:16
lazyPoweri do a ton of charm testing on a vmaas setup, and this triggers more false positives than anything - i wind up remoting into the unit and commenting out the 90curtain-aptproxy 100% of the time when a charm uses a ppa.18:17
lazyPoweris theproper method here to install a squid-deb-proxy on my controller node, or do i hack on a partial somewhere?18:25
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lazyPowerand instaling squid-deb-proxy didn't seem to make a difference.20:42
lazyPowerbummer :(20:42
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