lordievaderGood morning.06:00
chrs-i just installed the daily build of 14.10 but i can't login via the gui07:29
chrs-i can login via console ok, but the display manager isn't accepting my password07:30
chrs-hmm us.archive.ubuntu.com is working now, after a reboot07:40
chrs-so i'm able to install packages at least07:41
chrs-wifi issuez07:52
chrs-so i've traced my problem to some missing packages and a flakey wifi driver07:54
chrs-i actually have a desktop07:55
chrs-finally i can sleep now :)07:55
BluesKajHiya folks12:56
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chrs_i installed unity (7.3 iirc) and got a blank desktop after login14:01
chrs_could there be a conflict with unity 8?14:02
chrs_i think i ssee the answer to my unity question15:10
chrs_wont be able to test for a while though15:10
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elhoirhelo guys23:40
elhoirhello guys23:40
elhoirwhat does this line mean?23:40
elhoirsed: -e expresión #1, carácter 6: orden desconocida: «m»23:40
elhoiri get this every time i have to install a new kernel23:40
elhoirmore specifically, when dkms acts23:41
Beldarelhoir, Ehat release is this?23:46
elhoirBeldar, Utopic23:47
TJ-elhoir: As I said in #ubuntu... if it is a particular DKMS module causing it, then disable/remove that module, or if it is a package from the archives, file a bug report against it23:49
elhoiri think its a virtualbox issue.... but im not sure23:50
SonikkuAmericawpa-supplicant in utopic doesn't like WPA2 Enterprise for some reason23:54
TJ-elhoir: you can temporarily disable all of DKMS entirely by removing the 'eXecute' flag from "/etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms"23:55
elhoirelhoir@elhoir-desktop:/etc/kernel/postinst.d$ cat dkms | grep cute23:57
elhoirno eXecute flag?23:57
* TJ- bangs head on desk23:59

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