ahayzenpopey, content-hub destination support top approved, should land tonight :) ... note it requires the latest mediascanner2 so will currently only work with devel-proposed00:08
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zsombinik90: ping, let's get the alarm enabled sorted out today!!!05:45
Akiva-Thinkpadhey all07:18
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, working on anything?07:19
justCarakasAt the moment I'm at work :p but in my free time I'm working on Be Mobile 2.007:20
justCarakasworking in a database dump of 1G07:20
justCarakaskinda slow :p07:20
justCarakaslong live VIM07:20
Akiva-Thinkpadha ha07:21
Akiva-Thinkpadregex to the rescue!07:21
justCarakasdeleted all the duplicate lines07:21
justCarakasbut that apperantly removed too much :p07:21
justCarakasso now I need to place stuff back :p07:21
justCarakaslike the insert queries to split the records up, because there are tables with 7mil records07:22
Akiva-Thinkpadoh gosh07:22
justCarakasits a database with all the bus and train stops for belgium and all the depart times07:22
justCarakasand thats just the data for 1 year07:24
justCarakasgonne do the import on the server somewhere in the night probably to minimise the problems for the others :p07:29
* Akiva-Thinkpad tries to find out how to scroll to the bottom of the flickable in a calender app.07:30
Akiva-Thinkpadit really is more tricky than I thought07:31
justCarakasI realy should learn qml, do you know any good tutorials07:31
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, honestly, its actually kind of easy to just pick it up.07:32
justCarakasis there a language thats close to it ?07:32
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, I would just use askubuntu for any questions I had. It actually has turned out to be one of the funnest languages.07:32
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, not even remotely, at least not from what Ive used07:32
Akiva-Thinkpadit does use javascript syntax for functions though.07:33
justCarakasmaybe gonne do my next one in qml07:33
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, next app being what?07:33
justCarakasno idea yet :p07:33
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, :P07:33
justCarakasI have some ideas but I do way to much :p07:34
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, I'm working on a few. Right now I just want to help ubuntu with getting their apps ready for rtm07:34
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, I really want to program a "Pair Programming" plugin for the ubuntu sdk07:34
justCarakasnice :) wish I had the time07:34
justCarakasAkiva-Thinkpad: I know, remember your research on it :)07:34
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, and I wish I had the money :P07:35
justCarakasAkiva-Thinkpad: :p07:35
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, yah; I might have been complaining about the api here07:35
dholbachgood morning07:36
Akiva-Thinkpaddholbach, morning07:37
dholbachhi Akiva-Thinkpad07:37
Akiva-Thinkpaddholbach, busy with the rtm?07:38
dholbachalways busy :)07:39
Akiva-Thinkpadyippee; think this bug is fixed :)08:09
Akiva-ThinkpadQuestion on programming style. I am going to add an animation for scrolling to the bottom of the page in the calender app. It will be in newEvent.qml ; Because it is an animation, where should I place it in the code?08:13
Akiva-Thinkpadon the bottom?08:13
Akiva-Thinkpadnear the flickable?08:13
* Akiva-Thinkpad just places it in the flickable. Someone can get me to change it in the merge request08:16
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Mosquito Day! :-D08:44
nik90JamesTait: wat, why should I be happy about that :P08:45
nik90I hate mosquitos08:45
nik90this channel is strangely quite these past few days..08:45
JamesTaitnik90, because we know about the link between mosquitos and malaria transmission - that's surely worth celebrating. :)08:45
nik90JamesTait: that yes..I misinterpreted that08:46
JamesTaitnik90, tbh, my initial reaction was the same.08:46
JamesTaitnik90, then my subversive side came out and I thought "Why not celebrate the fact that something so small can cause so much irritation to so many people?"  Then I clicked through and understood the real reason for it. :)08:49
rpadovanihey popey, I was able to find the source of the bug of calculator and to find a solution, but it losts a lot of preicision, so if we don't find any other solution I'll implement it next week. Meanwhile I found Bartosk, that now is on it :-)09:29
popeyyeah, i saw his comment, thanks09:29
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nikwenI'm confused by how long it takes to review a merge proposal for the gallery app which only consists of one line of code... https://code.launchpad.net/~nikwen/gallery-app/video-delete-message/+merge/22506509:55
nikwenWould someone please be so kind as to look into it? Thanks. :)09:56
mivoligomzanetti: ping10:00
mzanettimivoligo: hey!10:00
mivoligomzanetti: this is me, Michał10:01
mzanettiI remember :)10:01
mivoligomzanetti: so, do you have time now?10:02
mivoligomzanetti: can we use hangout, or better to speak here?10:03
mzanettimivoligo: I think IRC is fine...10:03
mzanettimivoligo: I just figured that I had to change the launchpad project to be driven by a team, instead of me10:04
mzanettimivoligo: so now you should be able to join the team10:04
mzanettimivoligo: ok. added you to the team10:04
mivoligomivoligo: great name ;)10:04
mivoligomzanetti: what's the procedure for me to push my stuff there?10:06
mzanettirpadovani: hey, do you know how to install Ubuntu.Components 1.1 on trusty?10:06
rpadovanimzanetti, nope, I upgraded to Utopic to avoid the search of solution to this problem :D10:06
mzanettimivoligo: well. for a start I'd prefer you to do merge requests... Once you say you're good with bzr and all this you can directly push to the branch10:07
mzanettimivoligo: so, you branch the source: "bzr branch lp:machines-vs-machines local-branch-name"10:07
mzanettimivoligo: then you do the changes, i.e. add designs (bzr add ..) and commit (bzr commit)10:07
mzanettimivoligo: then, you push to launchpad using: bzr push lp:~mivoligo/machines-vs-machines/my-new-thing10:08
mzanettireplace "my-new-thing" which something descriptive of what you've done10:08
mzanettiand then, on the launchpad website you can click on propose for merging, and select the main branch lp:manchines-vs-machines10:09
mzanettimivoligo: that will trigger some email to me and I will merge it10:09
mzanettimivoligo: you can always ping me here if you have troubles or questions10:10
mivoligomzanetti: hold on, I got this: http://paste2.org/mWBxkjXN10:10
mzanettimivoligo: I think you didn't enter "yes" in line 410:12
mzanettioh you did in 910:12
mivoligomzanetti: I had my key on previous machine but I have no idea how to import it now from Launchpad10:12
mzanettimivoligo: but this did work with the old branch with had, the lp:~mzanetti/+junk, did it?10:12
mzanettiah, new machine10:13
mzanettiwell, I guess easiest is you just add the key for this machine to launchpad too, or copy the old key from your old machine to the new one10:13
mzanettiits in ~/.ssh/10:13
mivoligomzanetti: let me try10:14
mzanettimivoligo: so you can either copy ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub from the new machine to launchpad, or copy all the contents of the old machine's ~/.ssh/ to the new one10:14
mzanetti(which might overwrite this key - not sure if you used it somewhere else already -  so think a bit what you're doing)+10:14
mzanettimivoligo: I pushed a code change to make it work on 14.04 again. The button's green is not the correct one for now though10:16
mzanettibut it should work again for you10:16
mzanettionce 14.10 is released and you can upgrade we need to fix a few things then. no big issue10:16
* mzanetti realizes its only 1.5 months to go until 14.1010:16
mivoligomzanetti: I've copied the old .ssh stuff but it turns out I don't remember my password :(10:18
mivoligomzanetti: I guess I need the new key10:19
mzanettiok :)10:19
mzanettimivoligo: on Launchpad, click on your name. you'll get a summary which also contains "ssh keys".10:19
mzanettiyou can add it there10:19
mzanettimivoligo: if you have deleted/overwritten your old key, you can create a new one with ssh-keygen10:20
mivoligomzanetti: ok10:20
mivoligomzanetti: Ubuntu.Components 1.0 is not installed as well :(10:40
mzanettilemme downgrade once more10:41
mivoligo14.04 is ancient :/10:41
mzanettiyeah... totally10:42
mzanettimivoligo: pushed10:42
mivoligomzanetti: I'm pulling but nothing there yet10:44
mzanettimivoligo: sorry... I pushed to the old branch... now it should be in the new one too10:45
mivoligomzanetti: it's working, the sound just scared me ;)10:46
mzanettithe laser?10:47
mivoligothe first tower10:47
nik90hey how do you add towers?10:48
nik90I tried yesterday and I see the machines come, but I didnt know how to add towers to kill them10:48
mivoligomzanetti: laser is cool, man :)10:48
mzanettinik90: hmm... you should be able to click on an empty field and the available towers show up from the bottom edge10:49
mzanettimivoligo: :)10:50
nik90mzanetti: hmm, when I clicked on an empty field, i see the selection box, but not the available towers10:50
* nik90 tries again10:50
mzanettimivoligo: I think tower 1 needs larger bullets10:52
nik90mzanetti: http://imgur.com/AIGetUJ10:52
mzanettinik90: not on the street10:52
* mzanetti wonders why its so stretched for nik9010:53
nik90ah yes that works10:53
mzanettinik90: did it start up so stretched or did you resize the window?10:53
nik90mzanetti: I stretched it a bit10:54
mzanettiah ok10:54
nik90mzanetti: let me restart and get a screenie10:54
mivoligomzanetti: we should add some info if someone tries to put a tower on not allowed places10:55
nik90mzanetti: http://i.imgur.com/UN15Eoe.png10:55
nik90mzanetti: I added towers10:55
nik90mivoligo: and yes I was wondering why it didnt show the towers then10:55
mzanettimivoligo: true10:56
nik90mzanetti, mivoligo: May be some info on the towers when you hover or longpress on them10:56
mivoligonik90: if you ever played a tower defence, you should know you can't put stuff on the path ;)10:57
mzanettiboth not good for a touch interface... but anyways, yes... maybe we'll just make the street tiles unselectable10:57
nik90mivoligo: hehe10:57
mzanettimivoligo: well. there are some where you can10:57
mivoligomzanetti: didn't play them10:58
mzanettithe enemies just walk around the tower then (remember my first implementation with the, admittedly bad, intelligence for the wnemies)10:58
nik90mzanetti: oh this is cool. I will report bugs and when I find time try fixing some UI stuff10:58
mzanettinik90: yeah... its still very much in progress10:58
nik90mzanetti: is the manage tower button supposed to do something?10:59
mzanettinik90: but seen we'll get the proper level backgrounds and then we start creating real, challenging levels10:59
mzanettinik90: ah no... not any more... that's supposed to go away10:59
mzanettiwe moved that into the gameplay (was for unlocking towers)10:59
mzanettiwhich is now done during the game10:59
mivoligomzanetti: about the level backgrounds: do you want to give me path coordinates and I will design the backgrounds around them, or should I go completely with my own ideas? I'd prefer the former ;)11:03
mzanettimivoligo: hmm... I hoped for the latter :D11:04
mivoligomzanetti: ok, I have some ideas for few first levels11:04
mzanettimivoligo: I guess you can just create some various paths...11:04
mzanettimivoligo: I think the longer the path (and the more corners) the easier it will be11:05
mzanettimivoligo: but we can reorder them later according to difficulty11:05
mzanettiso I guess we just want all sorts of random things, straight ones, curved ones, etc11:05
mivoligomzanetti: ok11:05
nik90mzanetti, mivoligo: cross paths and may be obstruction on path like slow :D11:06
mzanettiyeah, we have support for cross paths11:06
mzanettidon't have support for tunnels etc. but code wise that shouldn't be too hard I think11:06
mivoligomzanetti: what about the size of the game on desktops? Can you do make it static or full screen? So users don't break proportions.11:08
mzanettimivoligo: yeah, guess I can do that11:09
mzanettimivoligo: I think I can also force the proportions, still allowing resize11:09
mzanettibut not my highest priority atm11:09
mivoligomzanetti: ok11:10
mivoligomzanetti: I have a problem with pushing to lp: http://paste2.org/EWjjC6OY11:19
mzanettimivoligo: isn't your launchpad nick mivoligo too?11:19
mivoligomzanetti: no11:20
mzanettihmm... mivoligo: did you add your new ssh key to LP?11:20
mivoligomzanetti: yes11:21
mzanettimivoligo: can you paste the output of "ls ~/.ssh/"11:21
mivoligoid_rsa  id_rsa.pub  known_hosts11:21
mzanettimivoligo: ah, and are you sure you copied id_rsa.pub to LP (as opposed to id_rsa) ?11:22
mivoligomzanetti: yes11:23
mzanettiok... then I'm a bit lost atm...11:23
mzanettianyone else seen this before? http://paste2.org/EWjjC6OY11:23
mzanettihmm... maybe ssh-agent is still using (or trying to use) the old key11:23
mzanettimivoligo: try a "ssh-agent -k" and then try again11:24
mivoligomzanetti: same11:24
* mzanetti often has troubles too with ssh-agent reloading keys...11:25
nik90mivoligo: did you copy the key from old machine or create a new one?11:25
mzanettinik90: yeah, key should be fine now11:25
nik90mzanetti: sometimes uploading a new key to the public servers take some time..may be that's the issue11:25
mzanettiat the risk of sounding like a windows admin: try rebooting to be sure ssh-agent is restarted properly11:25
mivoligonik90: I've created the new one and deleted the old one from lp11:26
mivoligomzanetti: ok, I'm rebooting in 3...2...11:27
mivoligomzanetti: it's working :D11:31
mzanettimivoligo: now remember to use a new branch for every feature/bugfix11:32
mzanettiand that's it. you're fully set up for contribution :)11:32
mivoligomzanetti: great :)11:32
mivoligomzanetti: no more emailing11:33
mzanettimivoligo: I was really struggling in the end to find all the stuff you've sent me in again in my mailbox11:34
mivoligomzanetti: sorry11:34
mzanettimivoligo: no problem :)11:34
mzanettimivoligo: now its solved anyways11:34
mivoligomzanetti: you said the PNG will be magically generated from SVG, right?11:36
mzanettimivoligo: yeah, I'll figure something to auto export png's from svgs11:36
mzanettimivoligo: taking only the "page" part of the svg11:37
mzanettiso you can keep other stuff around in the svg file too which won't end up in the png11:37
mzanettiat least that's the plan, didn't check it out yet. but inkscape has a command line mode, so I'm quite sure it should be possible11:37
mivoligomzanetti: I wonder if you can also switch layers visibility, so I can do one file for a different tower levels (red dots)?11:38
mzanettimivoligo: inkscape --help11:39
mzanettithat's all I know for now. didn't look at it closer yet11:39
mzanettiheh... inkscape --shell11:40
mzanettiwe need --export-area-page at least11:41
mzanettiand I guess with --shell we could also remove layers and whatnot11:41
mzanettibut need to find a documentation for that still11:41
mivoligomzanetti: ok, it looks promising anyway11:42
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popeyi spy a new clock from nik9012:14
nik90popey: can you test the click?12:14
nik90popey: too fast :P12:14
popeyyeah, will do12:14
nik90popey: the issue is described at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/135918012:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359180 in Ubuntu Clock App "Add world city is often triggered accidentally when swiping up" [High,In progress]12:15
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popeynik90: looks good12:17
nik90popey: the g+ post or the click?12:17
nik90popey: so the accidental triggers are much less now? Cool12:18
justCarakasare we doing things to prevent something like this to happen ? http://www.howtogeek.com/194993/the-windows-store-is-a-cesspool-of-scams-why-doesnt-microsoft-care/?utm_content=buffer2ce45&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer12:21
ahayzen_balloons, when u get a moment do u mind checking over https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/ap-helper-refactor-001/+merge/23146612:47
ahayzen_balloons, i managed to figure out why MusicTracks wasn't working, i had to use Page10 instead12:47
brendandballoons, we keep running into regressions in apps because no one ran them on a device13:09
brendandballoons, obviously jenkins doesn't do it, but does anyone?13:09
brendandballoons, at any stage13:09
nik90popey: we will need https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames/+bug/1359206 resolved before I can show location in the clock13:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359206 in Ubuntu Geonames "Need ability to search cities by their lat and long" [Undecided,New]13:11
Akiva-ThinkpadI was working on the calender app, and finished the bug which I was working on. To help with RTM, is the Calender App still the application which needs the most work? Or is there another application I can throw myself behind?13:12
nik90mzanetti: oh btw is it possible to run QML unit tests on the device?13:14
mzanettinik90: sure13:14
Akiva-Thinkpadgeepers, does anyone know what formatting options for text are available on launchpad?13:20
Akiva-ThinkpadI tried html, and reddit style; none worked13:20
Akiva-ThinkpadI want to <strike> a some text13:21
nik90Akiva-Thinkpad: you cant do that13:22
Akiva-Thinkpadnik90, ah snakes13:22
Akiva-Thinkpadwelp; maybe I should use unicode >:)13:22
* Akiva-Thinkpad checks if there is strikethrough unicode13:22
* Akiva-Thinkpad won't be defeated by limitations13:23
Akiva-Thinkpadnik90, LOL! https://code.launchpad.net/~akiva/ubuntu-calendar-app/new-event-pan-flickable-down/+merge/23153113:25
Akiva-Thinkpadcheck out that formatting :P13:26
Akiva-ThinkpadI am a formatting god :P13:26
Akiva-Thinkpadhttp://askubuntu.com/a/513830/253579  I expect some upvotes, as I have now revealed to all of you how to format on launchpad13:49
justCarakasIf i could I would but I need 15 reputation to do that13:52
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, ha ha13:53
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, Ive actually had a lot of fun playing on ask ubuntu13:53
Akiva-Thinkpadthe incentive system really works :)13:53
dholbachbeuno, jdstrand: if you have a bit of time, I'd appreciate a quick review of https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1355215/+merge/231569 :)14:06
dholbachpopey, ^ maybe you can test it a bit too?14:06
twstddevHello guys. Do you need some help with development?14:06
beunodholbach, ack14:07
dholbachI realise I should have left a few more comments14:12
popeydholbach: will do14:18
dholbachadded a few more comments14:18
dholbachhope that'll help14:18
dholbachI wanted to make it so that if we add more clickreviews/cr_*.py modules later on, it'll automatically run these as well14:19
dholbachso we don't need to update it all the time14:19
dholbachthat's the main reason it got so long and doesn't look like https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1355215/view/head:/bin/click-run-checks14:19
dholbachothers would say "he got a bit carried away", I guess :-P14:19
Akiva-Thinkpadhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcbE_jgA9No if anyone is interested -- Ubuntu engineering live14:24
mzanettikenvandine: hey, yesterday I had a play with the ContentHub api. You can now generate QR codes on the fly wherever you can import pictures :D14:26
mzanettikenvandine: small feedback on the API: I think its a bit odd that its a singleton object with a signal... Wouldn't it be possible to have a ContentHub {} object with a state? that way it could be already initialized when the app starts and I don't need to undo all the initialisation for the not-content-exchange use case14:27
kenvandineyou shouldn't need to under anything?14:28
mzanettikenvandine: well, when the app starts I push the scanner component to the pagestack14:28
mzanettikenvandine: then I get the signal for the content exchange14:28
mzanettiso I need to pop that page again and push the generatecode page14:28
mzanettiwhich causes flickering etc. so what I do now is to have a timer in the app that waits for 1 ms for the contenthub signal14:29
mzanettiand if that doesn't come in, proceed with the normal use case14:29
mzanettiwhich makes me feel a bit dirty though14:29
kenvandineoh... i see14:29
mzanettiso imo it'd be nicer to have:14:30
kenvandinemaybe it would be better to connect to that in the MainView14:30
kenvandineyou want your app to switch state when it gets a request14:30
mzanettiContentHub { property bool exchangeActive }14:30
mzanettiso in Component.onCompleted I could do "if (!contentHub.exchangeActive) doThis else doThat14:31
dholbachthanks popey14:31
kenvandinemzanetti, if you connected to the signal in the MainView, you could push the appropriate page when you get the signal14:32
mzanettikenvandine: yeah... the issue is not that it doesn't work14:32
mzanettikenvandine: the issue is that its a bit late... so I either initialize lots of stuff I wouldn't need, or I do the hack, waiting for the contenthub signal14:32
kenvandinebut whenever the app is running, you need to be listening for the signal14:33
kenvandinenot only when a specific page is loaded14:33
mzanettikenvandine: yeah sure... that's still possible though, no?14:33
kenvandinethat registers the handler with the hub service14:33
kenvandineso you just want to avoid the overhead of connecting to the hub on app startup?14:34
mzanettikenvandine: no... I would like the hub to have the state already when the app starts up, not only coming in later as a signal14:35
kenvandineyou also need to handle the signal on app startup, in case your app was started by the hub because of the transfer request14:35
mzanettiexactly, that's the issue14:35
kenvandinei see14:36
mzanettifor the case where its started just for the transfer, the signal is not really nice imo14:36
mzanettiit should be a state that's already set when the app starts14:36
kenvandinein that case the signal will come as soon as the hub sees the handler is registered14:36
mzanettiYeah, I guess internally there could be some woes realizing it...14:36
mzanettithis is just some feedback using the api14:37
kenvandinewe need the handler registered14:37
kenvandinethanks... i always appreciate feedback14:37
mzanettikenvandine: how do you even know if the singal is connected?14:37
mzanettikenvandine: it would be even easier with an object I guess...14:39
kenvandinean object for ContentHub?14:39
jdstranddholbach: so, I like this14:39
mzanettibecause with my suggestion the ContentHub object would be created when the app starts up14:39
jdstranddholbach: it is quite clean14:40
jdstranddholbach: one of the things I've been thinking about is how click-run-checks isn't dynamic and that it should be fixed14:40
dholbachjdstrand, just pushed some small modifications to make it a bit clearer about what it's trying to do14:40
jdstrandso this branch gets me thinking about all of that14:41
jdstranddholbach: I saw r22414:41
dholbachjdstrand, ah... so you think we could probably merge the two and "just" add a "--raw" option which does what click-run-checks did?14:41
kenvandinemzanetti, how are you using it now?  with Connections { target: ContentHub, onExportRequested:...  } ?14:41
mzanettikenvandine: yeah, exactly14:41
mzanettikenvandine: like in the example in the docs14:41
kenvandinethat's what i do as well :)14:42
jdstranddholbach: I am thinking along those lines. I don't have a full thought yet14:42
dholbachjdstrand, I just pushed r22714:42
kenvandinemzanetti, you should have seen the old API... you had to call a function to register your handler.. it was ugly :)14:42
jdstranddholbach: here are ideas: add --verbose to show info too. add --json to output report as json14:42
dholbachjdstrand, sure, I can do that14:43
jdstranddholbach: I think that are not contentious14:43
kenvandinemzanetti, so you'd prefer to do something like ContentHub { onExportRequested: ... }14:43
mzanettikenvandine: heh :14:43
jdstranddholbach: awesome, thanks14:43
mzanettikenvandine: actually: ContentHub { onExportRequstChanged: ... }14:44
mzanettikenvandine: where exportRequest is a bool property14:44
mzanettikenvandine: because that can be already set to true when the app starts up14:44
mzanettie.g. in the ctor14:44
kenvandinemzanetti, the problem is if it isn't a singleton, the hub would see it as multiple handlers14:44
mzanettiyeah... so... :)14:44
kenvandineeach one is a dbus connection :)14:45
mzanettiwell, you can make it one in the backend14:45
mzanettikenvandine: you can still have the "singleton" but invisible for QML14:45
mzanettiand the objects created in qml connecting to that14:45
kenvandinei see14:45
jdstranddholbach: then there is click-show-files.... we could also support --module=security (or something) to support running separate modules-- that would allow us to replace the click-check-* with calls to click-review14:46
kenvandinemzanetti, however... if that was a bool14:46
kenvandineyou would need a way to get the transfer object from it14:46
dholbachah yes, that's right14:46
kenvandineonExportRequested includes the transfer to operate on14:46
dholbachnot sure I'll get around to doing that today14:46
jdstranddholbach: I wonder if it is important to continue shipping /usr/bin/click-check-*14:46
mzanettikenvandine: well, that was just a quick suggestion, could also be a QObject* property14:46
dholbachfeel free to take the branch as a basis :)14:46
jdstranddholbach: no, those are discussion points :)14:46
mzanettikenvandine: so I could still do if (transferproperty != null) ...14:47
dholbachah, yeah - I like the ideas :)14:47
kenvandinemzanetti, and there could actually be multiple transfers queued up for the handler14:47
kenvandinebut right now we kind of suppress that14:48
kenvandineuntil we get the trusted session/multiple instances sorted out14:48
jdstranddholbach: so, an easy route we could take is you add --verbose and --json. someone could add --module. we stop shipping /usr/bin/click-check*, but do ship click-review and click-show-files. we then ship click-run-checks which does click-review --json --verbose along with calling click-show-files14:48
jdstranddholbach: (and stop shipping click-check*)14:49
dholbachyeah, I'll try to add --verbose and --json today, then we can file the rest as bugs14:49
dholbachand land them one at a time14:49
jdstranddholbach: I happen to know that currently the sdk only uses click-run-checks and parses the output14:49
dholbachwe could make it a simple shell script which runs 'click-review <args>'14:50
dholbachfor transition reasons14:50
kenvandinemzanetti, thx for the feedback/ideas14:50
kenvandinegood stuff to think about14:50
mzanettikenvandine: np14:50
jdstrandstarting to think we need coordination with them before changing the output of click-run-checks14:50
kenvandinei love talking APIs ;)14:50
jdstranddholbach: right-- we can change click-run-checks to use click-review so long as the output is identical to what we have now, until the SDK team moves over14:51
dholbachyep :)14:52
jdstranddholbach: the sdk team would probably love 'click-review --json'14:52
jdstrandcause they don't have to parse anything other than json14:52
dholbachyeah, I guess they should be able to drop a lot of code :)14:52
dholbachgetting there :)14:52
jdstranddholbach: but, the --json output will need to be something like:14:52
jdstrand  "security": {14:52
jdstrand    json for security test14:53
jdstrand  },14:53
jdstrand  "lint": {14:53
jdstrand    json for lint test14:53
jdstrand  },14:53
jdstrand  ...14:53
jdstranddholbach: what do you think?14:53
dholbachI can use the same pprint function you're using14:53
jdstrandthat way, there is one big json file that they can drill don't into14:53
dholbachthat works for me14:54
jdstrandrather than outputting several json documents in a row14:54
jdstranddholbach: what do you think?14:54
jdstrandok, cool14:56
jdstranddholbach: yeah, I didn't mean to create more work for you, but --verbose and --json shouldn't be too much. we'll figure out the rest later14:56
jdstranddholbach: put another way-- I found your work inspiring :)14:57
dholbachthanks a lot jdstrand14:59
dholbachI wasn't quite sure if I hadn't been carried away a bit :)15:00
dholbachI added --verbose15:00
dholbachand will work on it some more tomorrow15:00
dholbachif anyone wants to contribute to the effort, feel free to do it :)15:00
jdstrandyeah, I'm sure I will15:00
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: sooo. interested in that terminal merge? ☻15:01
* Akiva-Thinkpad looks at it again15:02
Akiva-Thinkpadis always interested in old term15:02
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, ah interesting merge.15:05
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, does it just need a review or testing? or is there more development that needs to happen?15:05
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: it needs a bit of qml work to invoke the function15:06
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: if you take a look at the file manager there's a button at the bottom of the screen.15:06
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: i think the terminal should have an option under the menu in the top right..15:06
Akiva-Thinkpadokay, in an hour, I'll branch it and let you know if or when I could have it working. Trouble is; I don't have a device to test this on.15:07
popeyah okay.15:07
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: it's okay, I'll find someone who has a device15:08
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, okay thanks15:08
Akiva-Thinkpadanything else though?15:08
nik90mzanetti: hey can you check if https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-accidental-worldcity-trigger/+merge/231230 seems like a good qml solution?15:11
nik90mzanetti: I am afraid design won't approve removing the add world city button at this point.15:12
mzanettinik90: uh... didn't test it... but seems to change listview overshooting behavior15:12
nik90mzanetti: yes, this way when user flicks and lets go, it will stop at the bounds and not be elastic.15:13
mzanettinik90: I guess it'd be better to just trigger the button when the finger is still *on* while the button is revealed15:13
mzanettinik90: the accidental one mostly happens if you quickly flick, in which case the finger is not on the listview any more, no?15:14
Akiva-Thinkpadokay i'll be back in an hour; if anyone has an app that needs tackling; let me know15:14
nik90mzanetti: yes15:14
mzanettinik90: I disllike if the listviews behave differently everywhere...15:15
mzanettinik90: rpadovani did a similar fix for the reminders app recently15:15
mzanettinik90: we had the same problem15:15
mzanettistill in review though15:16
* mzanetti blames mzanetti for that15:16
nik90mzanetti: well the add world city button shouldn't be shown let alone triggered when the user does the flick15:16
nik90since that looks bad15:16
nik90mzanetti: so onyl when the user drags should it be visible15:16
nik90mzanetti: I am afraid changing the listview behavior is the only way to go15:17
nik90mzanetti: although I am thinking, may be I can have a bool variable which stores where the listview is being pressed on by the user or not.15:17
nik90mzanetti: if true then stop at bounds, if false then overshoot15:17
mzanettidon't stop at bounds :D15:18
nik90then the add world city button becomes becomes though :/15:18
nik90or you think that is okay as long as it does not trigger the page itself15:18
* nik90 is fine with that15:19
nik90interesting, let me test that out on the phone and see what it feels like15:19
nik90mzanetti: After testing, I dont like either of the methods :/.. I think a simple add button would be better15:32
nik90mzanetti: I will try to do a hangout with the designer15:33
mzanettinik90: +many15:33
mzanettinik90: again... you need that thing once in your lifetime (well, once in your phone's settings lifetime)15:33
mzanettiwhy not hiding it more and put the useful things here15:33
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
nik90mzanetti: some people use the world clocks frequently15:34
nik90mzanetti: besides if we change that to alarms, then we would have to also move the alarm add functions to the main page15:34
nik90mzanetti: it is huge undertaking at this stage15:34
mzanettiyeah... guess so15:34
mzanettiwell, just saying15:34
brendandballoons, hey15:37
balloonsbrendand, howdy15:37
brendandballoons, i gather dpm isn't around today?15:38
balloonsbrendand, no, he's out for a few weeks15:39
brendandballoons, wow :)15:39
balloonsbrendand, what do you need?15:39
brendandballoons, anyway - i was trying to ping you earlier about merge proposal testing for apps15:39
brendandballoons, the fact that they don't get run on devices is proving a big gap15:40
brendandballoons, i've asked CI about this a lot and they say - later15:40
brendandballoons, anything we can do to mitigate it in the meantime?15:40
brendandballoons, is it possible to arrange a sign-off from someone with a device on each MP?15:40
balloonsbrendand, an excellent discussion; there's some history here15:41
balloonsbrendand, hangout?15:42
brendandballoons, yeah quick one15:42
brendandballoons, fire a link across15:42
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
elopioping boiko: we have two branches ready that simplify the tests:15:51
elopiothe goal is to run them as autopkgtests, so a little more work is on the way.15:51
boikoelopio: nice! we are just finishing a set of changes to the telephony-components, as soon as we are done with that I'll go ahead and review this15:59
nik90balloons: so who is in charge of translations while balloons is gone, I have a pending pot file update16:01
balloonsnik90, mm.. someone else on the team can probably have a look16:01
nik90balloons: ok, popey is my teammate there :D16:02
elopioping artmello: here is a quick fix to get the gallery tests back to green: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/gallery-app/fix1358968-update_content_picker/+merge/23148016:12
Akiva-ThinkpadOkay I'm back16:18
artmelloelopio: thx a lot16:27
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nik90ybon: hey, would you be free in a few hours to talk about Qt Location? I am planning to integrate it in the clock app, but need some questions answered first16:36
nik90ybon: I am a bit busy atm with some MPs.16:36
Akiva-ThinkpadSo any apps that need working on for rtm (that don't require me to own a device >_>)16:41
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: hey!16:42
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/core-apps-sponsoring/ is a good place to start ☻16:42
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Akiva-Thinkpadcool beans popey16:43
ahayzenpopey, didn't realise i've got back to top of that list again \o/ only 42 days in queue not too bad this time16:44
* popey shakes fist at ahayzen 16:44
popeyahayzen: I pushed music to the store this morning16:44
ahayzenpopey, basic content-hub destination support landed :)16:45
ahayzenis balloons about?16:45
ahayzenpopey, we are potentially gonna have the issue again soon where we cannot push trunk to the store until ms2 lands in a promoted image otherwise we'll break in devel16:49
ahayzenpopey, specifically if this lands https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/fix-no-music-use-model-status/+merge/231547 which is as a result of the comments in https://bugs.launchpad.net/mediascanner2/+bug/135827516:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1358275 in mediascanner2 "SongsModel.status is not set as MediaStatus.Ready if rowCount is zero" [High,Incomplete]16:50
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balloonsahayzen, howdy16:58
ahayzenballoons, o/ when u have a moment would you be able to review https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/ap-helper-refactor-001/+merge/23146616:58
ahayzenballoons, i managed to get it working but had to use Page10 for some reason? nik90 said they had to do the same in clock16:59
ahayzenballoons, but mainly could you check that the conversion of the new helpers is good as it is the basis to when i start converting all the other tests so don't wanna get this bit wrong ;)17:00
t1mpahayzen: autopilot uses the qml filenames instead of the names of the components.. that's why you have to use Page1017:01
t1mpand when you switch to Ubuntu.Components 1.1 probably it will need 1.017:01
popeyahayzen: understood17:01
t1mpahayzen: I changed a bunch of code to not use the component type, only the objectName, otherwise it has to be changed every time we change filenames internally17:01
ahayzent1mp, but hmmm i have MusicTracks inside a tab ... and that comes from a different file?17:01
t1mpahayzen: I think it doesn't matter whether you have the Page inside something17:02
ahayzent1mp, hmm ok we need to transition to 1.1 anyway (i thought we had in one merge but think that got deferred) so i'll mp that up :)17:02
ahayzent1mp, as we are like half 0.1 half 1.1 atm lol as we use things like SortFilterModel17:03
t1mpI think the AP guys are working on something to make the select_single use the component name (Page) instead of filename (Page10 or Page11)17:03
t1mpor at least they are aware of the problem17:03
ahayzent1mp, ok good :)17:03
ahayzent1mp, while ur here any movement on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1341814 ?17:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341814 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Using search in the header can sometimes have a text field from a different tab" [Critical,Confirmed]17:04
t1mpahayzen: self.main_view.select_single(objectName='tracksPage') probably works too17:04
t1mpahayzen: no, sorry. I've been super busy with other stuff17:04
ahayzent1mp, i guess but i need the methods in the class which i give it eg i'm doing self.main_view.select_single(Page10, objectName='tracksPage')17:05
ahayzent1mp, and then i do .get_track(i) on the returned object17:05
ahayzent1mp, no worries about that bug i understand ur busy :)17:05
ahayzenpopey, i'll let u know if that lands ... so then u know not to push to store17:07
balloonst1mp, is there a bug for the Page10 vs Page issue you mentioned? Thanks for the explaination on what's happening17:08
Akiva-ThinkpadQuestion: What part is the header again? Is that the Page Top? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/135731517:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1357315 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Move the Save and Cancel button in the new event page to the header" [Medium,Triaged]17:09
t1mpahayzen: what do you mean? What I was saying is that if you remove "Page10, " then it will also work17:09
Akiva-Thinkpadhes not talking about a popover is he?17:09
t1mpballoons: I think so, let me search17:09
ybonnik90: sorry, I'm travelling in boat this week, so not really online17:10
ahayzent1mp, i know it will work but will it then automatically pick my helper class?17:10
yboncan I help now,17:10
nik90ybon: yeah sure17:10
nik90ybon: I want to know if it is possible to detect if the GPS is enabled or not on the phone17:10
nik90ybon: if GPS is not enabled, I can show a message that "Location cannot be detected" or even show the last known location17:11
nik90ybon: is this possible?17:11
popeyahayzen: ok17:11
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: the bit at the top with the arrow in it.17:11
* popey goes afk for a while17:11
ybonnik90: I think you can check the "valid" property17:12
t1mpballoons: this seems related, but it is not it https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/133700417:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1337004 in Autopilot "Make it easier to select a custom proxy object with a class name different from the QML type" [Undecided,New]17:13
t1mpelopio: ^ do you have a bug for the Page10 vs Page in select_single?17:13
ybonnik90: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtLocation.PositionSource/#valid-prop17:13
nik90ybon: Sweet17:13
nik90ybon: yeah I will work on this and see how far I get with it.17:14
elopiot1mp: like this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot-qt/+bug/134167117:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341671 in Autopilot Qt Support "Versioned QML classes are not recognized by their public type name" [High,Confirmed]17:14
t1mpahayzen: oh. I don't know if it will pick the helper class17:14
t1mpelopio: yes, thanks17:14
t1mpballoons: ^ there is the bug :)17:14
balloonselopio, t1mp thanks17:14
t1mpelopio: I was searching in autopilot, not autopilot-qt17:14
ahayzent1mp, idk either i'm new to the helper classes...attempting to move music-app at the moment...hence my questions ;)17:15
ybonnik90: next thing I'd like to plug in is https://mozilla-ichnaea.readthedocs.org/en/latest/api/index.html#service-api17:15
elopioballoons: t1mp: in many of the cases, what we are missing is the helper. If we had a helper for Page on the toolkit, we could make it match Page10  and Page11 with the tools we currently have.17:15
elopioand make sure it keeps wokring once we have better tools to handle that case.17:15
t1mpelopio: how would we do that? for select_single we don't use a helper17:16
nik90ybon: ah that's AGPS offered by mozilla17:16
balloonselopio, but not every page is the same.. we ran into that on clock app.. Yes, they are all 'Page', but we extend them different;y17:16
t1mpah yes, if you extend them some times the type changes for AP17:16
t1mpperhaps we should select only by objectName?17:17
elopioballoons: for that case we are already overwriting them on the app, so the update for the new version must be on that project.17:17
balloonsthat would be an intense dbus search17:17
t1mpor is that super slow or something?17:17
t1mpI started doing that in a few cases :17:17
elopiosometimes it's the way to go. Until they fix bug #1337004, it's the only way to match a class that has a different name.17:19
ubot5bug 1337004 in Autopilot "Make it easier to select a custom proxy object with a class name different from the QML type" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133700417:19
ahayzenWhich import QtQuick version should I be using these days?17:27
=== _salem is now known as salem_
nik90ahayzen: I saw renatu use Qt quick 2.2 in his pagewithbottomedge component17:29
ahayzennik90, yeah should i be using 2.2 as all of ours are 2.0 at the moment? ...thought i would bump while doing the Ubuntu.Components17:30
nik90ahayzen: yeah I was thinkking of doing the bump as well17:30
nik90ahayzen: just never got to it17:30
ahayzennik90, i'm gonna do it :) see what happens17:30
nik90ahayzen: hope your comp doesn't explode :D17:33
ahayzennik90, damn qtcreator wouldn't find and replace across the project....guess because it is a cmake?17:34
ahayzennik90, had to do it based on 'files on the file system'17:34
nik90ahayzen: I never knew qtcreator could even search across the entire project17:34
ahayzennik90, yep Edit->Find and replace->Advanced Find->Current Project17:35
ahayzennik90, quite useful when it works :P17:35
nik90ahayzen: wow, cool17:35
ahayzennik90, makes version bumps easy hehe17:35
nik90ahayzen: it works for me17:37
ahayzennik90, magic17:37
ahayzennik90, ah i'm on trusty with probably an old qtcreator? guess ur on utopic?17:39
nik90ahayzen: utopic vm17:39
Akiva-Thinkpadutopic is remarkeably stable even as an install17:39
Akiva-Thinkpadwell other than the suspend issues17:39
nik90Akiva-Thinkpad: I know, I intend to stay on trusty until next LTS17:40
nik90Akiva-Thinkpad: VM seems to be working fine, so rather keep it that way17:40
Akiva-Thinkpadnik90, but this is cutting edge... err well not sure what is actually different in utopic :P17:40
nik90I say this but I have a feeling I might upgrade when utopic comes out17:40
ahayzeni need to really test new mediascanner and media-hub versions on desktop as well as device17:41
* Akiva-Thinkpad runs it as his main. Cause' hes edgy17:41
Akiva-Thinkpadgeys stay away from me; my middle name is riskay17:41
Akiva-Thinkpaderr, Rickey17:41
Akiva-Thinkpadits richard actually :/17:41
sergiusensnik90: why use a vm when an lxc container is much more lightweight if you need it ;-)17:49
nik90sergiusens: because I have no clue how to do that ;)17:49
nik90sergiusens: I need to read up on lxc containers, updating them, etc etc etc17:50
sergiusensnik90: here's a good pointer https://www.stgraber.org/2013/12/20/lxc-1-0-your-first-ubuntu-container/17:50
* nik90 reads up17:51
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nik90sergiusens: damn it looks really powerful.. I will see if I can set up everything required and then create a video for this. it will be so powerful for app devs who want to stick with 14.04 while still wanting to develop on 14.10 and later18:12
sergiusensnik90: that's what I'm doing18:13
sergiusensat least; that's how I played with the clock app builds18:13
nik90sergiusens: oh18:13
sergiusensand this is how we run the android in a container ;-)18:13
nik90sergiusens: so I need to figure out how to set up QtC, necessary ssh keys, share storage etc on LXC18:15
nik90sergiusens: I will start with some baby steps by creating LXC containers and then slowly working from there18:15
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Akiva-ThinkpadYawn~~~ I think i'm done for the day. Thanks all.18:33
nik90popey: when you are back, please review and top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-potfile-aug18/+merge/231198 if everything is good. Just a pot file update19:01
mterryWho would know a bit about working with WebView components?19:10
mterryI'm looking to increase default zoom level (i.e. change default canvas size I guess)19:10
nerochiarobfiller: I added a fix for https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/gallery-app/gallery-app-restrict-pick-content-type/+merge/230776 . I decided to optimize my previous code yesterday and didn't test toroughly enough, sorry for the mistake. I will try to add unit tests on Monday to catch other problems with these modifications19:32
nerochiarobfiller: but it should be good to go for now19:33
bfillernerochiaro: ok thanks, I will test it19:33
nerochiarobfiller: thanks19:33
rickspencer3hi all, so I just created an app with the sdk that has tabs, and I got the old school tabs, did I do something wrong?19:35
* rickspencer3 wants new tabs19:35
dakeruseDeprecatedToolbar: false19:37
rickspencer3daker, what object is that property on?19:41
rickspencer3nm, found it, I think19:41
dakernew tabs, toolbar actions in the header19:42
rickspencer3muhc better19:42
rickspencer3I wonder if we shouldn't add  that to the app template?19:42
rickspencer3bzoltan1, what do you think? ^19:42
CodePulsarDoes anyone know how do I install Boost Spirit in Ubuntu ? Can't seem to find a separate package for this Boost library19:48
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ahayzenrickspencer3, i thought that property would be false by default soon so all apps would use the new toolbar?20:15
rickspencer3ahayzen, ah20:19
rickspencer3that makes sense20:19
ahayzenrickspencer3, but i'm sure one of the SDK guys would be able to confirm that for you20:19
rickspencer3s'all good20:19
rickspencer3sounds like it's under control20:19
ahayzenhopefully :)20:20
ahayzenrickspencer3, ah there is the mail about it... https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09272.html20:21
ahayzenrickspencer3, that suggests you aren't using Ubuntu.Components 1.1 then?20:21
rickspencer3ahayzen, I am using what the template creates for me :)20:22
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
ahayzenrickspencer3, i wonder if that will be updated when utopic is released and then that sdk version is 'stable'20:22
rickspencer3dunno, I'm on Utopic now20:23
rickspencer3it could just be that the template is behind20:23
ahayzenyeah probably20:23
ahayzenrickspencer3, hmmm just tried removing the setting on a version of the music-app where i'm bumping the Ubuntu.Components version and i get the old toolbar20:30
rickspencer3ahayzen, I have to leave soon, but I'll follow tomorrow20:32
rickspencer3make sure all the pieces are lining up :)20:32
ahayzenrickspencer3, cool thanks i'll continue playing as well20:32
ahayzent1mp, is what we've said above correct?20:35
rickspencer3ahayzen, funny that you say continue playing because I am currently mutli-tasking20:36
rickspencer3practicing for my music lesson20:36
rickspencer3I wondered if I had left a mic on?20:36
ahayzenrickspencer3, what are you learning?20:36
rickspencer3the world's most annoying instrument20:37
rickspencer3I have gotten obsessed with old timey music, it's very weird20:37
rickspencer3never would have imagined20:37
ahayzenlooks like an intriguing instrument20:38
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nik90sergiusens: were you able to run QtC in a lxc-container?20:58
nik90I plan on following https://www.stgraber.org/2014/02/09/lxc-1-0-gui-in-containers/ to do that, but it seems some apps might require some special config tweaks.20:58
nik90I created my first lxc container for utopic amd64. Haven't done much after that20:59
sergiusensnik90: I can search and help; but stgraber will pinpoint you faster than me21:01
nik90sergiusens: which channel is usually on?21:01
nik90sergiusens: does lxc have its own irc channel?21:02
sergiusensnik90: ubuntu-devel21:02
nik90sergiusens: ah ok. thnx21:02
sergiusensnik90: no idea21:02
balloonsahayzen, having a look at your mp, thanks for packaging it up21:16
ahayzenballoons, awesome thanks :) if it is good then i'll start working on converting the tests21:16
ahayzenballoons, obviously i will then need to add more helpers as i go along... basically all i converted in that mp was populate queue and how the starting of it all works21:18
balloonsahayzen, MainView still needs split up obviously.. so many methods21:18
ahayzenballoons, yep as u said before i'm gonna do in many mps so it is easier to review...and slowly remove the methods21:18
balloonsyep yep21:18
balloonsI'll leave my notes inline on the mp21:19
ahayzenballoons, the only bit which i didn't like was the properties for main_view, player and pointing_device ... they are half there for backwards compatibility21:19
ahayzenballoons, awesome thanks :)21:19
ahayzenballoons, thanks for the review...whats the difference in python between single and double quotes?21:31
ahayzenballoons, hahah looks like my copy and pasting failed then :P21:33
nik90sergiusens: can you check if the changes I made to cmake at https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-project-name/+merge/231618 are correct? Its only 4-5 lines cmake code change.21:36
balloonsahayzen, yes, the self.main_view, etc I assume might go away21:36
ahayzenballoons, yeah if it get get it all in emulators21:36
nik90sergiusens: I changed the project name to com.ubuntu.clock to prep for the replacement21:36
nik90sergiusens: I also added a missing url_dispatcher file. Although not sure if my install path for click and non-click mode are correct21:36
nik90sergiusens: here is the old clock source directory https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk/files21:37
nik90sergiusens: and here is the cmake file for the old clock app https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk/view/head:/CMakeLists.txt21:37
sergiusensnik90: it looks good; does jenkins build this?21:37
nik90sergiusens: it will build in a few minutes21:38
nik90sergiusens: is the url_dispatcher being installed to the correct locations? I always mess up that :P21:38
sergiusensnik90: I'll recheck after it builds21:38
nik90sergiusens: ok. I will ping when the build is done21:38
sergiusensnik90: for the deb, I don't really know; for the click; I don't see the hook in the diff21:39
sergiusenslet me open the file21:39
nik90sergiusens: for click isn't it set(URLS_DIR ${CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR})21:40
balloonsahayzen, either is fine, but string literals have migrated to using just '21:40
nik90sergiusens: and it is installed with install(FILES ${URLS_FILE} DESTINATION ${URLS_DIR})21:40
sergiusensnik90: yeah you are missing the hook here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-project-name/view/head:/manifest.json#L921:40
ahayzenballoons, i thought u could use either? https://docs.python.org/3.4/library/stdtypes.html#textseq21:40
sergiusensnik90: a "urls" hook, like in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/URLDispatcher21:40
ahayzenballoons, or is this just a standard u guys are using to make the ap tests consistent?21:41
balloonsahayzen, yes you are correct. you are free to use either21:41
balloonsI tossed that in there so elopio would get a laugh if he had a look21:41
sergiusensnik90: it's only value is the path to the dispatcher file21:41
ahayzen\o/ lol21:41
balloonsthe mp would be huge if you did a replace ;-)21:41
balloonsahayzen, but yes, he's migrated to 'blah'21:41
balloonsselect_single('ListItemWithActions, objectName="tracksTabListItem")21:42
sergiusensnik90: which is ${CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR}21:42
ahayzenballoons, i leave for now...and maybe do an mp later on to make them all one type for fun once i have converted all the tests21:42
sergiusensnik90: /thefilename.json21:42
balloonsahayzen, pure troll.. love it21:42
balloonsI support the giant mp after you're done21:42
nik90sergiusens: ^^21:42
ahayzenballoons, ok i'll push a fix to my minor typo of mentioning reminders app then it is ready to land?21:42
balloonsahayzen, yes, I'll approve21:43
sergiusensnik90: btw, you don't need to discrimitate URLS_DIR for click and for deb; you can just use the same one and reference it from the manifest as share/url-dispatcher/urls/file.json21:43
ahayzenballoons, pushed!21:43
nik90sergiusens: ah I just took this from the old clock app to avoid my personal mistakes21:43
balloonsahayzen, night21:44
nik90sergiusens: should I leave it as it is?21:45
ahayzenballoons, one question i sense soon the populated property that we do a wait_for(True) will disappear soon we will have to compare .status to a enum of a QML class however u can only access it by calling the QML class directly...how would we access it through autopilot?21:45
ahayzenballoons, or maybe i should check how the ms2 tests do it first...21:45
sergiusensnik90: it's your pref really; but for desktop file I think I used a similar logic21:45
sergiusensnik90: that's why the manifest says:  "desktop": "share/applications/ubuntu-clock-app.desktop"21:46
nik90sergiusens: ah ok21:46
sergiusensnik90: wrt the paste; that file is fine; it's just missing referencing in the manifest as a hook for the app21:47
nik90sergiusens: I will try to mimick the dektop then and also correct the manifest file21:47
sergiusensnik90: similar to desktop: .... ; you are missing "urls": "path to url dispatcher file"21:47
balloonsahayzen, I'm really confused but your qurstion21:48
balloonsso yea, I guess check the other tests..21:48
ahayzenballoons, i bet u are...i was when it wasn't working...so say you have SongsModel { id: myModel } ... songs model has a status which becomes ready21:48
ahayzenballoons, you need todo myModel.status == SongsModel.Ready21:49
ahayzenballoons, you can however not do myModel.status == myModel.Ready21:49
ahayzenballoons, so how would ap access SongsModel.Ready? as SongsModel comes from directly in mediascanner221:50
ahayzenballoons, unless we just put a property in there for ap like property bool populated: status == SongsModel.Ready21:50
ahayzen...mediascanner don't have any ap tests /o\21:51
ahayzenballoons, anyway we'll cross that bridge when we come to it as that mp hasn't landed yet :)21:51
ahayzenballoons, but i think just adding in a property for ap will be the easiest way21:52
nik90sergiusens: how does it look now?21:53
ahayzenballoons, anyway thanks for the review :) onto the next set of autopilot conversions :D21:54
sergiusensnik90: looks good!21:54
nik90sergiusens: btw since the big deb packaging fix, I am unable to the main qml file ubuntu-clock-app.qml file listed in QtC21:55
nik90sergiusens: should I add a custom target to it in the app/CMakeList.txt file?21:55
sergiusensnik90: yeah, I think that does the trick21:56
nik90sergiusens: I think add_custom_target(ubuntu-clock-app_QMlFiles ALL SOURCES ${QML_JS_FILES}) didnt do the trick21:56
sergiusensnik90: fwiw, I just copied what mzanetti did for reminders; I'm not really a Qtc person21:56
sergiusenswhy screen resolution isn't that good for so many widgets21:56
sergiusensand I got used to vim a long time ago21:56
nik90sergiusens: but to be clear, add_custom_target() only affects QTC, it should affect the install, right?21:57
sergiusensnik90: right; unles someone invokes the custom target (which qtc might)21:57
nik90sergiusens: hmm ok21:58
nik90sergiusens: I will include my custom target inside if(NOT "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}" STREQUAL "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}") to make sure that doesnt happen21:58
sergiusensnik90: yeah21:59
nik90sergiusens: can you quickly approve my MP for the cmake changes. I will ask balloons or popey to evaluate the rest and merge when ready21:59
sergiusensnik90: I was going to do a local test build and try it out22:00
sergiusensnik90: but if eye balling was all you wanted, I'm fine too ;-)22:00
nik90sergiusens: ah sure22:00
nik90sergiusens: no no I cannot afford this to cause any issues now :)22:00
ahayzenAnyone know how to make tactile feedback when you click objects?22:00
ahayzen...or haptic feedback22:01
nik90ahayzen: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt-mobility/qml-hapticseffect.html22:01
ahayzennik90, hmm interesting is there a generic Ubuntu one? so i can be consistent with when eg the header buttons are clicked?22:02
nik90ahayzen: why don't you encapsulate your object inside a AbstractButton{}22:02
nik90ahayzen: it provides haptic feedback like you want22:03
nik90ahayzen: and no I don't recall seeing any ubuntu one22:03
ahayzennik90, hmmm but i want it when u click on listitems22:03
ahayzennik90, all i see is https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtFeedback.HapticsEffect/22:03
ahayzennik90, which is exactly the same doc :P22:03
ahayzennik90, basically pretty much anywhere in the music app when u do onClicked it should vibrate22:03
nik90ahayzen: are you sure?22:04
nik90ahayzen: that would break consistency with other apps22:04
nik90ahayzen: and too much battery usage22:04
ahayzennik90, ...thts what unity started doing but it keeps changing22:04
ahayzennik90, hmmm ok maybe not *everywhere* but it is inconsistent with itself eg selecting the back button in the header vibrates22:04
ahayzennik90, hmm maybe a question for design then22:05
nik90ahayzen: I suppose22:06
nik90sergiusens: suprisingly, I see add_custom_target(ubuntu-clock-app_QMlFiles ALL SOURCES ${QML_JS_FILES}) however I cannot find the variable ${QML_JS_FILES} defined anywhere in that file22:13
nik90popey: who is the next translation expert after dpm?22:21
nik90popey: I would like to check if translations has been properly enabled in launchpad for clock reboot. I have seen any new po files yet22:21
nik90popey: since dpm is on vacation22:21
sergiusensnik90: set architecture to armhf now22:21
nik90haven't seen any po files*22:21
popeypossibly ara22:21
nik90sergiusens: ok22:22
sergiusensnik90: or get fginther to do dual builds22:22
sergiusensand set it as a list22:22
nik90sergiusens: list?22:22
sergiusensarchitecture: ["armhf", "i386"]22:22
nik90sergiusens: if I set it as armhf, will jenkins still be able to build it for amd64 for it to test?22:22
sergiusensarchitecture: "armhf"22:22
nik90popey: ok22:23
sergiusensnik90: yes it will; it will only fail review ;-)22:23
nik90ok :P22:23
sergiusensnik90: all is technically incorrect anyways22:23
=== _salem is now known as salem_
sergiusensnik90: also, can you rename 86"ubuntu-clock-app": {22:27
sergiusensto just "clock"22:27
sergiusensthe -app is redundant22:27
sergiusensand the ubuntu we try to avoid in app names22:28
nik90sergiusens: well the app is called "Clock" but the package name is "ubuntu-clock-app" since otherwise it is too generic22:29
sergiusensnik90: just for the click; not the deb22:29
sergiusensnik90: your package is com.ubuntu.clock (so ubuntu is already there)22:29
nik90ah ok22:29
sergiusensthe app name should be clock (without ubuntu or app, as it's the app name)22:29
sergiusensnik90: and there's one more thing missing22:30
sergiusensnik90:             "com.ubuntu.clock.devel",22:30
sergiusensnik90: that's in the autopilot tests22:30
sergiusensI promise I won't run them!22:30
nik90oops I forgot them totally22:30
sergiusensnik90: asie from that, the clock build runs fine22:31
sergiusensnik90: Setting BZR_SOURCE to lp:ubuntu-clock-app/reboot22:32
sergiusensthat needs updating too22:32
sergiusensto the actual trunk22:32
nik90sergiusens: why?22:32
nik90sergiusens: I don't think we are moving22:32
sergiusensnik90: oh; then no need22:32
nik90sergiusens: I added 33+file(GLOB QML_JS_FILES *.qml *.js), hope that is okay22:33
nik90sergiusens: It then shows the main qml file in qtc for me22:33
sergiusensnik90: should be22:34
nik90hmm although I should indent it22:34
nik90sergiusens: awesome click-buddy creates click as com.ubuntu.clock_3.1.71_armhf.click. Looks good to me22:45
sergiusensnik90: great; clock runs fine for me as well; just need the tests fixed22:45
nik90sergiusens: I fixed that in the latest push22:46
nik90sergiusens: I had to just change the variable in __init__.py file in the autopilot folder22:46
sergiusensnik90: yeah, the running of the tests I leave to you or balloons :-)22:47
sergiusensI'll approve22:47
nik90I just ran the tests, works as expected using make autopilot22:47
sergiusensnik90: running the tests for the click app is a different test path though22:48
nik90but jenkins runs it after installing the deb22:49
nik90also atm the clock app tests dont work on the device due to an upstream autopilot error22:49
nik90balloons: in prep for the clock app replacement, i made the necessary changes to the click, local path names which used com.ubuntu.clock.devel.22:54

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