barrythomi: i'm back from dinner now00:08
thomibarry: so now the tests are failing in sbuild because they try and create a TCPServer, and that seems to fail in the chroot00:09
barrythomi: using pybuild?00:09
thomiI assume there's some restriction within an sbuild chroot about what network operations you're allowed to perform00:09
thomibarry: yes00:09
thomiit looked like it was unable to resolve 'localhost', so I'm retrying now with '', but I suspect the real problem is a policy that prevents package builds from doing any network activity00:10
thomi(which sounds reasonable to me)00:10
thomibut I'm wondering if the best thing is to skip those tests during a package build, or if there's something better I can do00:10
barrythomi: so by default, pybuild sets http{,s}_proxy to which is the discard port to prevent accidental attempts to download stuff from pypi.  usually that's fine, but if you do need to make localhost connections for tests, you want to override_dh_auto_test and unset those envars for the duration of the test00:10
barry(search for http_proxy)00:11
barryso something like this i think works:00:11
barry   http_proxy= https_proxy= dh_auto_test00:11
thomicool, trying that now - thanks :D00:12
thomibarry: yaaay! A built binary package :)00:28
thomibarry: I'll upload this to mentors, and maybe get you to +1 it?00:29
thomibarry: then perhaps you can upload it firect to Ubuntu to save us some time?00:29
barrythomi: send me an email so i don't forget and i'll take a look tomorrow00:29
thomibarry: will do, thanks00:30
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