robruveebers, https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/autopilot-qt/pitti-py3-deps/+merge/231478 here's a fixed MP, want to build that one instead?00:00
* veebers looks00:01
veebersrobru: yeah looks good. Thanks :-)00:04
robruveebers, no worries00:04
ToyKeeperActually, make that 012 then 010.  015 is misbehaving.00:04
veebersI'll update the spreadsheet now00:04
veebersrobru: I need to reconfig then build right?00:05
robruveebers, yep, should work if you recon first.00:05
robruToyKeeper, is it a known bug that you can't exit a scope in image 200? I opened the reddit scope and I can't seem to get out of it by swiping...00:08
robruToyKeeper, nm, it's weird00:08
ToyKeeperrobru: Not that I'm aware of...00:10
robruToyKeeper, yeah, had to press the back button 'just so', quite a small target apparently.00:11
ToyKeeperrobru: That reminds me...  I've been meaning to file a bug about something which might cause that.  I mostly notice it when typing.  Any tap which is too close to the edge gets interpreted as the beginning of an edge swipe, and not passed to the app.00:12
ToyKeeperMakes it difficult to hit the keys on the left and right edges of the keyboard.00:13
ToyKeeper... and apparently makes the back button even harder to press.  As if being in the least-accessible corner wasn't already enough.00:13
robruToyKeeper, yeah that sounds like what i just saw.00:13
robruToyKeeper, oh hey, when you said silo 15 was misbehaving, what method did you use to install it?00:14
robruToyKeeper, are you using 'citrain device-upgrade'?00:15
ToyKeeperrobru: No, but I'm doing the same thing.  Add the PPA, remove all other package sources, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, reboot.00:15
ToyKeeperThe 'misbehaving' bit only happens after installing both 015 and the AP test bits.  It makes several app icons disappear.00:16
robruToyKeeper, ah, well "remove all the other package sources" is the trick there, because 'citrain device-upgrade' doesn't do that and so it's prone to breaking things by installing non-silo stuff that's in the archive but not yet in a released image.00:16
ToyKeeperDoesn't happen with image 199 + AP, or with 199 + silo-015 but no AP.00:17
robruToyKeeper, are you using any sort of script to help automate the "remove all other package sources" step? if so I'd like to incorporate that into the citrain script ;-)00:18
ToyKeeperrobru: Yes, a thing I've had kicking around for a while called 'get-silo'.00:18
robruToyKeeper, ooooh, please share!00:19
ToyKeeperrobru: #!/bin/bash00:21
ToyKeeper# install everything from a landing silo00:21
ToyKeeperecho 'remounting / rw'00:21
ToyKeepermount -o remount,rw /00:21
ToyKeeperecho 'apt-add-repo'00:21
ToyKeeperadd-apt-repository ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-$silo_number00:21
ToyKeeperecho 'removing deb and deb-src lines'00:21
ToyKeepercat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed 's/^/# /' > /tmp/apt-foo00:21
ToyKeepermv /tmp/apt-foo /etc/apt/sources.list00:21
ToyKeeperecho 'apt-get update'00:21
ToyKeepertime apt-get update00:21
ToyKeeperecho '===== Packages in silo: ====='00:21
ToyKeeperwget -qO- http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-$silo_number/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/source/Sources \00:21
ToyKeeper  | perl -ne 's/,//g; s/^Binary: // && print'00:21
ToyKeeperapt-get dist-upgrade00:21
ToyKeeperWTF firefox, I copied the URL, not the file contents.00:21
ToyKeeperWeird.  It refuses to clipboard the URL.00:22
ToyKeeperAnyway, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8093412/00:22
robruToyKeeper, thanks00:23
robrusergiusens, around?00:36
sergiusensrobru: yes01:08
sergiusensmissed the highlight01:08
* sergiusens curses at quassel01:08
robrusergiusens, no worries. I submitted a branch for phablet-tools. fixed up citrain script reall nice-like01:08
robrusergiusens, https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/phablet-tools/isolate-upgrades01:09
sergiusensrobru: reviewed it 5 minutes ago :)01:09
sergiusensjust some minor comments01:09
sergiusensyou can ignore them completely or keep it in a TODO01:09
robrusergiusens, replied with reasons.01:15
sergiusensand they are fair :-)01:16
robrusergiusens, actually I'll add a warning for you ;-)01:17
sergiusensrobru: jenkins is failing due to the packaging needing updating due to the removed scripts01:17
robrusergiusens, ah I can fix that01:17
sergiusenswith a passing jenkins, it's all good from my pov01:17
ToyKeeperrobru: Have people really been testing silos all this time with extra junk from the distro sneaking in each time?01:18
robruToyKeeper, well, only people who use my script. I don't have a clear picture of who is using it and who isn't. but yes.01:18
sergiusensToyKeeper: depends01:22
sergiusensi.e.; I used device-install to get the ppa and then just manually select what I wanted01:22
sergiusensso while it was broken; I got what I wanted01:22
ToyKeeperI didn't feel the need to share my little get-silo script because it seems pretty trivial.01:23
sergiusensrobru: ah, the script has a potential to not work if the deps in the silo depend on a newer package than the one on the image; should be fairly non important as we build frequently enough01:23
robruToyKeeper, it's very-nearly-trivial, but I'd rather if people were standardized on one thing rather than everybody having to implement it themselves.01:23
sergiusensToyKeeper: I had a similar one as well :-)01:23
sergiusensdropped it, same as my phablet shell look a like I used to use01:24
sergiusensrobru: feature request! phablet-shell [command] should work too :-)01:24
ToyKeeperWhat I'd really like to see standardized is including a test with every silo.01:24
robrusergiusens, why? the whole point of phablet-shell is to fix ncurses apps... 'adb shell [command]' doesn't have a problem with returning STDOUT, does it?01:25
sergiusensrobru: depends, I get weird things when piping to  less01:26
sergiusensrobru: anyways; I'm in no dire need for it01:26
robrusergiusens, I can add that pretty easily I think.01:26
sergiusensrobru: just wait for ogra_ to land his rework branch first (I think he had one for phablet-shell somewhere)01:27
ToyKeeperAre we actually going to remove adb shell?01:29
robruToyKeeper, no, just de-rooting it01:29
ToyKeeperI haven't set up (or even installed) phablet-shell yet, but I probably should.01:29
robruToyKeeper, it's slick ;-)01:29
ToyKeeperrobru: Does it go over USB or wifi?01:30
robruToyKeeper, it sets up a port forward over USB and then ssh's through it. but first it copies your SSH key so you don't even need a password to log in.01:31
robruToyKeeper, basically as automatic as adb shell, except it gives you a real shell rather than the hobbled one adb uses.01:31
ToyKeeperCool.  If it were wifi, I'd have to pass...  wifi here sucks.  I can see 39 networks right now, and there are only 3 non-overlapping channels.  :(01:31
ToyKeeperI'm tempted to post a public service announcement on every neighbor's door, asking them to turn off 802.11n (uses two channels instead of one) and move their WAPs to the lowest possible point in their homes to reduce radio congestion.01:33
ToyKeeperEither that or install Faraday shielding on all my walls.01:33
robruToyKeeper, that second option will be easier.01:33
robrusergiusens, ok, added a warning and fixed the packaging, will release it once a silo opens up01:34
ToyKeeperMirv__: Why is the MP for 012 in the comment area instead of the MP area?  And is there any sort of test to verify the change?01:38
robruToyKeeper, yesterday we hit a bug where rebuilds weren't getting the .1 appended to their version numbers, to I think mirv switched that one to a source silo so he could fix the packaging himself manually.01:45
ToyKeeperAh...  okay.01:49
ToyKeeperYesterday I was kind of sick.  Forgot I'm allergic to mowing the lawn.01:50
ToyKeeper(well, allergic to several local plants...  and didn't wear a mask when I mowed at the house I'm trying to get rid of)01:51
veebersrobru: fyi the gatekeeper run with unity8 had 1 failing test that wasn't related to the changes in the silo 20 (packaging changes) (http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/autopilot-release-gatekeeper/214/label=gatekeeper-mako/testReport/)01:54
robruveebers, want to release then?01:57
veebersrobru: yes please01:57
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 201 building (started: 20140820 02:05) ===02:04
* veebers approves02:26
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tedgSo does QA need to sign off on everything now?03:20
tedgOr just larger merges?03:20
ToyKeeperraise mismatch_error03:26
ToyKeepertesttools.matchers._impl.MismatchError: 'Red' != 'Green'03:26
ToyKeeperHeh.  Next thing it'll be telling me black and white are different.03:26
ToyKeepertedg: Everything which doesn't fix a blocker.03:26
tedgK, will mark as such.03:27
ToyKeepertedg: Oh, and it takes twice as long as usual now, too.  Gotta test before and after on two devices instead of just one.03:27
tedgHmm, joy. Guessing there's someone working through the silos that are blocked on QA, or do we need to ping?03:28
ToyKeepertedg: I think at the moment it's just me.  I have one failed with the owner not around, one in progress, one more to do, and it sounds like you're adding one more.03:29
robrutedg: yeah it's just ToyKeeper03:29
ToyKeeperBy the time it's tested, I suspect someone in .eu will be doing it.03:29
tedgYup, mine is easy and involves reading a Wikipedia entry. /me is selling it.03:30
ToyKeeperThe queue would be empty by now if we only had to verify on one device.  :(03:30
ToyKeeperThen again, I haven't even once gotten the same test result on both devices yet.03:30
tedgCool, okay. Let me not block you, just wanted to ensure I was following process.03:30
ToyKeeperI hope we'll be done within 24 hours, because otherwise brendand gets to cover for me on Thursday and he lives about 8 hours earlier.03:32
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 201 DONE (finished: 20140820 03:40) ===03:39
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/201.changes ===03:39
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Mirv__ToyKeeper: robru: no, someone else has just mentioned the MP in there in the Qt landing silo04:01
=== Mirv__ is now known as Mirv
robruMirv__: why is there an MP at all?04:01
robruif it's a source upload04:02
Mirvrobru: CI has asked Qt stuff to go through MP:s so that some code coverage numbers are updated (or something)04:02
Mirvrobru: so I put an auto-merger MP in always when releasing something04:02
robrusergiusens: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/182740747/phablet-tools_1.1%2B14.10.20140703-0ubuntu1_1.1%2B14.10.20140820-0ubuntu1.diff.gz uh, do you have some trunk commits you didn't release? there's stuff in this diff that's more than just my MP04:05
robruhmmm, seems like the diff is including a couple old releases for some reason.04:07
MirvI wrote a Qt test plan to wiki instead of repeating it in comments each time04:11
MirvToyKeeper: so I now wrote the test plan for Qt that I've been doing, basically running all AP:s and then -app manual tests for those that have it at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/ (searching for "-app").04:15
ToyKeeper... it'd be really nice if I could get the same result twice in a row.05:20
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sil2100Mirv: publishing silo 12 then o/07:46
Mirvsil2100: oh, I just did..07:47
sil2100Mirv: excellent ;)07:47
Mirvapparently I managed to be first07:48
Mirvthanks ToyKeeper for signoff!07:48
ToyKeeperMirv: At least, as far as I can tell, it seems okay.  I wasn't able to directly test the specific bugfix involved, but it doesn't appear to break anything else at least.07:49
Mirvmandel's ofono landing is _critical_, otherwise I can't send cat photos out of my phone via MMS08:00
Mirvseriously speaking looks like important phone fixes08:01
mandelMirv, haha you scared me with the cat photos, they are indeed important08:01
mandelMirv, we probably need a qa signoff08:02
sil2100hah ;)08:02
Mirvsignoff probably needed, yes08:03
Mirvmandel: also, the MP would need approving08:03
mandelMirv, hmm was it not, I'll ping abeato about that08:04
sil2100psivaa: I noticed that we're missing parts of test results for both 200 and 201 - looks like some device went down?08:04
Mirvmandel: at least there's no green "Approved" in a comment there yet.08:04
abeatomandel, hi08:06
psivaasil2100: no, this time it wasn't devices.. calendar_app.tests.test_new_event.NewEventTestCase.test_edit_event_with_default_values test had gone on an infinite loop of ' Pressing and Releasing: BackSpace'08:06
sil2100Oh, damn, twice08:06
Mirvcalendar got updated in #200..08:06
mandelMirv, abeato is the one that owns the branch, AFAIK it has been reviewed but we do not want to wait for awe (USA) to get the silo08:07
abeatomandel, Mirv awe already reviewed and I addressed a couple of minor issues in the changelog08:08
Mirvmandel: abeato: no problem getting the silo, just to let you know it needs formal approving08:08
Mirvthere's only 1 empty silo but another one should be emptied in 1h, so I think I can assign the silo08:08
abeatoMirv, great, thanks, when awe wakes up we'll get the approval08:08
psivaasil2100: last part of the logs in  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/utopic-touch-mako-smoke-daily/753/consoleText shows it.. the job timed out and therefore dint run clock, dropping letters, terminal and system settings08:09
psivaasil2100: but i've aborted the calendar tests in 201.. so we should have the other results08:09
sil2100psivaa: thanks!08:10
psivaayw :)08:10
sil2100We would need to ask Brendan to look into the calendar-app issue...08:10
mandelMirv, great, thx108:11
mandelMirv, I'll make sure that awe does take a look08:11
mandelbrendand, I own you an update on the sims! sorry for the delay, but I've been focused on an important feature for the phone that cound not be delayed :-/08:15
brendandmandel, that's ok08:16
sil2100brendand: hi! So, we seem to be encountering a strange infinite loop in calendar app tests since the last update of the app08:20
sil2100brendand: it happened twice already - in 200 and 20108:20
sil2100brendand: psivaa got this log: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/utopic-touch-mako-smoke-daily/753/consoleText08:21
brendandsil2100, infinite loop - crazy!08:21
sil2100brendand: could you take a look?08:21
pete-woodstrainguards: hi folks. I agreed with Saviq to land my silo before his, but obvs now we are in traincon-0. I'd say it's really worth getting this release of scopes into a promoted image, as it fixes a number of race conditions, fixes scope settings, and has had a lot of testing (now that it went through the rtm release)08:23
brendandsil2100, oooh - that must be autopilot related08:23
pete-woodsI don't really know who "QA" means, though08:23
pete-woodsi.e. who to talk to08:23
brendandpete-woods, me, davmor208:23
pete-woodsoh, cool :)08:24
brendandpete-woods, which silo?08:24
Mirvbrendand: it seems landing-00508:24
pete-woodsbeat me to it08:24
Mirvbrendand: sil2100: I think it should be marked as requiring QA signoff, and maybe consider doing the QA validation first on that silo? it's scopes only so the validation should take relatively small time compared to some system wide changes.08:27
brendandpete-woods, are there any functional changes or is it just bug fixes?08:28
pete-woodsbrendand: there should be no user-visible changes. it changes our settings backend to use qt labs settings, instead of u1db, though08:29
sil2100Mirv: yes, that's a good idea08:29
brendandflashing a device now08:29
sil2100ogra_, popey: ping08:32
popeysil2100: yeah, hangouts suck08:34
popeyhad to reboot08:34
seb128hum, did we stop getting amd64 builds from the CI/jenkins?08:37
seb128e.g on https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/dismiss-old-pam-prompts/+merge/23136308:37
seb128fginther`, ^08:37
dbarthwhat's the procedure to get a qa signoff on a silo?08:41
dbarthie, who do i bribe^Huh ping?08:41
popeydbarth: davmor2 i think.08:51
davmor2dbarth: me initially08:53
brendandMirv, 0.4.39309:01
davmor2dbarth: what do you need testing?09:01
Mirvsil2100: correction, pkcon install-local is the right away. I always have to try twice (I first try local-install) before I get it right :)09:01
Mirvbrendand: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/calendar-app-click/136/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.calendar_0.4.393_all.click09:02
popeyogra_: have we disabled adb now?09:07
ogra_popey, not without a huge announcement, no :)09:08
popeywonder why adb can't see my phone09:08
bzoltan1ogra_:  do you know if there is a way to flash my device without that intro wizard?09:08
ogra_nothing changed within the last months09:08
popeypfft, unplug/replug09:08
ogra_bzoltan1, pgablet-config has a command to disable it09:09
bzoltan1ogra_:  yes... after I flashed and used my pretty little fingers :) and I wish to spare them from that work if that is possible09:09
ogra_ubuntu-device-flash --foo --bar --baz && phablet-config welcome-wizard disable09:10
ogra_that will make phablet-config sit and wait til adb shows up09:10
ogra_and automatically disable it09:10
dbarthdavmor2: it's in silo 1509:11
davmor2dbarth: yeap I will put it in my list09:11
dbarthdavmor2: it's a bunch of oa fixes; mostly packaging; one with hooks and one in the UI where you should see the list be disabled once you select an account type to create09:12
dbarthdavmor2: ty09:12
psivaasil2100: the 201 with rerunning system settings and reminder, reminders showed 6 failures on the rerun too, system-settings all passed. crashes are (only 3 this time) camera app, unity8 and indicator network09:34
Mirvpsivaa: FYI no good retrace from the #199 shorts_app qmlscene, although I'll let LP try it still: bug #135912609:35
ubot5bug 1359126 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "qmlscene crashed with SIGSEGV in QQmlDelegateModel::cancel()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135912609:35
psivaaMirv: i did not see that crash again on 200 or in 20109:52
popeysil2100: for me on nexus 4, music app passed all 17 tests ok09:53
sil2100popey: I'm installing the package now, will confirm in a minute10:00
brendandsil2100, the infinite loop is certainly reproducible10:02
brendandsil2100, i'll try the old version of the click package now10:02
sil2100brendand: ok, thanks!10:02
sil2100popey: wait a moment still, I'm having some problems setting up the tests ;/10:14
brendandsil2100, so now it fails, but doesn't get stuck10:20
popeysil2100: no, just the usual phablet-config autopilot --dbus-probe enable ; phablet-click-test-setup --click  com.ubuntu.music ; adb reboot ; phablet-test-run -v music_app10:22
sil2100For me all the tests are failing somewhere in setUp... strange, I'll try to reconfigure those10:23
popeydo you have any music on the device?10:26
sil2100No, no one told me that's a requirement - let me push some10:31
brendandsil2100, ah it seems the test that is a problem is a brand new test10:33
sil2100brendand: do you see anything obviously broken there?10:34
brendandsil2100, well now i need to step through it and see what it is doing10:34
brendandMirv, can i get the current click package too? i need to reinstall10:36
brendandMirv, i can probably work it out from the link actually - if i get stuck i'll ask10:36
sil2100popey: hm, still seems to fail10:37
popeyhave they ever passed on that device?10:37
* sil2100 reboots10:39
brendanddavmor2, you been checking silo005?10:39
davmor2bregma: is that the mtp silo10:39
davmor2brendand: ^ even10:40
davmor2bregma: sorry10:40
brendanddavmor2, i was under the impression it was scopes10:40
sil2100popey: actually, now that I see, they didn't indeed10:40
sil2100I was looking at the wrong test results10:40
davmor2brendand: no then the mtp stuff must of landed already :)10:40
brendanddavmor2, http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu&q=landing-00510:40
popeyok, so can we agree that it's unfair to block this update on a device where they already fail?10:40
sil2100popey: anyway, sorry for the delay then, you can push to the store10:41
popeythanks sil210010:41
popeyMirv: ^^ please can you push that music click to the store.10:41
brendanddavmor2, looks fine to me - scopes work ok. i might run the unity8 AP tests as well10:41
sil2100It's strange though, as the failure seems to be on accessing the SQL database10:41
davmor2brendand: no then I'm doing the dogfooding at the minute.  If you are happy with it mark it as qa passed on the spreadsheet :)10:42
brendanddavmor2, how does it taste?10:43
davmor2it's kinda okay so far the glass is a little crunchy though10:44
Mirvbrendand: I assume you found it :)10:46
brendandMirv, yeah :)10:46
Mirvpopey: music click uploaded10:46
popeythanks Mirv10:47
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brendandsil2100, ok so the reason is clear now, even if the fix is not11:16
sil2100brendand: what is this new test-case about? Is that for a new feature?11:23
brendandsil2100, nope, it just edits an event11:26
brendandsil2100, basically it tries to clear a text field and the autopilot function which does that has an issue11:26
brendandsil2100, it depends on the cursor ending up at the end of the text11:26
brendandsil2100, which doesn't happen11:26
brendandi filed a bug but need to do a bit more investigation: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/135916711:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359167 in Ubuntu Calendar App "test_edit_event_with_default_values gets stuck clearing description field" [Undecided,New]11:27
brendandsil2100, actually the feature *might* be new11:27
brendandsil2100, since when i ran with the old click it didn't get to where the failure occured11:28
brendandsil2100, hard to explain11:28
nik90brendand: do you have a link to that function?11:30
sergiusensrobru: I don't do trunk releases on deb and everything I control is trunk == package (except for clicks, but I don't own those)11:40
ogra_sergiusens, hmpf, are you aware that all that citrain stuff you landed last night wont work at all if it doesnt use phablet-tools etc ?11:42
sergiusensogra_: I didn't land it11:42
* ogra_ notes even more developer mode hacks he will have to do 11:42
ogra_you approved it, didnt you ?11:42
sergiusensogra_: yeah; but it didn't change much of what was already there11:42
ogra_dunno, but it was pointless to land it11:43
ogra_and i was actually expecting all the citrain stuff to not use adb shell directly ...11:43
sergiusensogra_: feel free to break it; but in the meantime, people were testing targets incorrectly; so for the 'today' it was rather important11:44
ogra_thanks for at least pointing it to me via the merge :)11:44
sergiusensogra_: that was the point11:44
ogra_long planned and all, yeah :)11:44
brendandnik90, it's actually in uitk /home/phablet/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/_custom_proxy_objects/_textarea.py11:47
brendandnik90, although i don't think that's where the actual problem is11:48
nik90brendand: actually I suspected since calendar is expected to use the sdk AP helpers11:48
nik90brendand: I will see if I can figure out where it is failing in calendar11:48
brendandnik90, first thing it does is 'with self.keyboard.focused_type'11:53
brendandnik90, this focuses the cursor on the description field11:53
brendandnik90, the problem is it is in the middle of the text11:54
nik90brendand: ok, but if it is used the SDK AP helpers that shouldn't matter since the helper will autoselect the whole text and clear it.11:54
brendandnik90, http://people.canonical.com/~brendan-donegan/middle.png11:54
nik90brendand: if it doesn't do that, then it is not using the SDK helper function correctly11:55
brendandnik90, no it doesn't do that11:55
nik90brendand: I use the helpers for the clock app tests, where I use it to clear the timer names and start fresh11:56
brendandnik90, next it is calling '/home/phablet/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/_custom_proxy_objects/_textarea.py(23)clear()'11:56
brendandnik90, right maybe there is a different helper that does that11:56
brendandnik90, have you done that on device or on desktop?11:57
nik90brendand: both11:57
brendandnik90, run the clock app tests that is11:57
brendandnik90, okay because the behaviour is stated as being different between the two11:57
brendandnik90, on desktop it does do select_all11:57
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
brendandnik90, but anywhere else it uses the 'End' key11:57
brendandnik90, and it looks like the End key does not work properly11:58
nik90brendand: ah11:58
brendandnik90, it's not going all the way to the end of the text11:58
brendandnik90, http://people.canonical.com/~brendan-donegan/after_end.png11:59
nik90brendand: I think it could be because every other field uses TextField{} while the description is a TextArea{}12:00
nik90brendand: so different helpers indeed12:00
sil2100davmor2: how's the dogfooding?12:01
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cjwatsonis this dogfooding for a potential promotion candidate?12:02
cjwatsonI thought there were still blockers12:02
davmor2sil2100: it's looking pretty good, it's not finished but so far not too bad.12:03
davmor2cjwatson: no just to make sure nothing else is horrifically broken12:03
sil2100cjwatson: since we still have blockers, we're using the time for davmor2 to make sure there are no new ones that sneaked in before TRAINCON-012:03
sil2100davmor2: how about krillin? Did you test only mako for now?12:03
cjwatsonmkay.  was trying to work out if I could somehow manage to land perl 5.20 before feature freeze12:04
davmor2sil2100: I'm testing both that's why it's not complete yet :) I'll finish off after lunch12:04
sil2100davmor2: thanks ;)12:04
om26ersil2100, which silo would you need me to test first ?12:09
sil2100om26er: hey! Let me see12:13
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sil2100om26er: so, I think brendand is testing silo 5 already, so maybe start off with silo 00912:15
om26ersil2100, ok12:16
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
om26ersil2100, any other silo that no one else is testing ?12:56
brendandsil2100, same here13:00
Mirvom26er: brendand: I remember dbarth asking davmor2 about silo 015, not sure if it's underway. I haven't seen anyone announcing looking at 01013:06
brendandMirv, well i'll look at 10 then :)13:07
davmor2Mirv: I was going to look after but now om26er is here and brendand  has finished either of them can have a look13:07
Mirvom26er: so 015 would be free to take ^ :)13:08
om26erMirv, ok, thanks13:08
tedgCool, signed off. sil2100, can you publish silo 9 please?13:09
fginther`seb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/dismiss-old-pam-prompts/+merge/231363 does have an amd64 build13:09
fginther`seb128, http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity8-utopic-amd64-ci/111813:09
seb128fginther`, no "deb" with the result though?13:09
sergiusensseb128: output.zip was generated for armhf only historically13:10
Mirvtedg: I was just looking at that. done.13:10
tedgAh, cool, thanks Mirv!13:10
seb128sergiusens, oh, I though we had it for amd64 as well, for some reason13:10
sergiusensseb128: since it was at a time when we had really bad build times there and people had only access to emulated armhf builders13:11
fginther`seb128, ah, no that's not being collected. It would have been collected incidentally as part of the otto testing, but we had to stop that a few months ago due to problems getting the testing working reliably13:11
seb128fginther`, sergiusens, k, weird, ubuntu-system-settings include amd64 debs13:11
seb128I though that was standard13:11
seb128seems not13:11
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sergiusensseb128: well I guess if you ask for it they will do it13:12
Mirvseb128: are you up to reviewing packaging changes? removing external dependencies and adding symbols: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity-scopes-shell_0.5.4+14.10.20140819-0ubuntu1.diff + https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity-scopes-api_0.6.3+14.10.20140819-0ubuntu1.diff13:12
sergiusensnothing prevents it except thinking about jenkins storage requirements13:12
fginther`seb128, yeah it's been added to a few projects due to specific requests, generally saving these for all could potential blow up our storage13:14
seb128Mirv, whoever decided to reorder .symbols in their file, that's not a good idea13:14
fginther`seb128, if you're asking for unity8, I can turn it on13:14
seb128fginther`, k, thanks for the reply, I was mostly curious (I also don't want to build that one myself, but I can wait for it to be in a silo)13:14
seb128fginther`, don't bother13:14
fginther`seb128, ok13:14
seb128Mirv, "0.6.2+rtm+rtm+rtm+14.09.20140818", wth with that version?13:15
cjwatsonI could understand that in ubuntu-rtm, but what's that doing in ubuntu?13:16
Mirvpete-woods|away: why did you reorder the .symbols? ^13:16
Mirvseb128: +rtm+rtm etc was a bug in CI Train. they're including the changelog entry since they're syncing their earlier rtm landing.13:17
seb128Mirv, also -1 from me, some function changes signature in the .symbols, which is an ABI change13:17
seb128that should be a soname change13:17
ogra_seb128, you just have to count rtm's now ... one per upload gets added :)13:17
cjwatsonMirv: syncing an earlier rtm landing is pointless13:17
cjwatsonMirv: ubuntu-rtm is going to be reset to match ubuntu as of the next promoted landing13:18
cjwatsonMirv: so please tell them not to do that since they have to fix up for seb128's comments anyway13:18
sil2100davmor2: any final dogfooding results?13:18
Mirvseb128: ok then. pete-woods|away: ^ -1 on the packaging changes / symbols13:18
davmor2sil2100:  just got back from lunch,  It looks like there is an issue on mako with the welcome wizard, just trying to track down if it got disabled or not13:19
cjwatsonpete-woods|away: ^- my comments too13:19
Mirvcjwatson: so doesn't it make sense to get the changes that went only to -rtm to the ubuntu then? or do you just mean preserving the old changelog entry is needless?13:19
cjwatsonMirv: it doesn't make sense, because those changes will be flushed13:19
Mirvcjwatson: right, I just checked I understood correctly. thanks.13:20
cjwatsonMirv: I mean, if there were changes that went only to -rtm without being in ubuntu first, then that was violating landing policy anyway - the substantive changes should be merged, but not the changelog13:20
cjwatsonor not the version13:20
cjwatsonif that makes sense13:20
cjwatsonbut AFAIK the only things that were landed on ubuntu-rtm were copies of things already in ubuntu13:20
Mirvthey landed to rtm directly on line 1189 of the archive tab13:23
dbarthMirv: you can free silo 19 if you're running low on them13:24
dbarthor anyone interested in getting back some free silos13:24
Mirvdbarth: ah, thanks, it's needed indeed! just ask it back later.13:24
dbarthbtw, i also have silo 6 which passed tests; can i get a ack on that one to publish?13:25
Mirvdbarth: I was looking at that already. it seemed a very isolated MP worth publishing so I did that.13:27
cjwatsonsil2100,robru: Can you clarify what happened with archived landing line 1189 (unity-scopes-shell, unity-scopes-api on ubuntu-rtm)?  It does not appear to have landed on ubuntu first; I thought we were all agreed that any landing on RTM must first have been separately landed for Ubuntu13:28
cjwatsonsil2100,robru: The branches in question have been merged onto trunk because the branches targeted trunk, so it's all very confused now13:30
sil2100cjwatson: not sure what happened with this one, it might have been one of the first landings done after the RTM switch13:31
sil2100I mean, CI Train RTM switch13:31
sil2100Maybe robru will remember more13:31
dbarthMirv: thank you13:53
Mirvmandel: would you be able to land the telephony-service .pot changes really quickly today?13:53
mandelMirv, I'm not a lander, but if I get a silo I can make sure that they are tested asap and be ready to land13:53
mandelMirv, is a matter of doing the test plan, but they are just .pot changes so is not a big deal13:54
=== pete-woods|away is now known as pete-woods
Mirvmandel: the spreadsheet says you're lander :) ok, since that seems an easy landing. I fixed the MP URL:s for you.13:54
cjwatsonBTW build queues are very long right now due to large batches of GCC, KDE, and Perl 5.20 builds, but let me know if there's anything urgent from CI Train that needs to be scored up13:54
mandelMirv, yes, sorry I confused lander with publisher13:54
pete-woodsMirv: I didn't want to re-order the symbols. unfortunately we made a previous release with the symbols in a non-sorted order. this just brings it into line13:55
Mirvbfiller: are you ok recompiling telephony-service in landing-004 after mandel's .pot file changes?13:55
pete-woodsthis is also fun because we went through the same complaints when releasing to RTM :)13:56
Mirvpete-woods: if it was the +rtm+rtm+rtm release, the ordering can be probably reverted since the rtm will be overwritten13:56
pete-woodsMirv: that release was basically the same as the one we're doing now (just one extra bugfix)13:56
om26erMirv, regarding the Online Accounts silo, I am trying to figure out what does the silo fix13:57
pete-woodsI know its difficult to read the symbols diff, but we have extensive checking to ensure we don't break the ABI13:57
cjwatsonthere's certainly no reason to take the test RTM landing into consideration for basically anything13:57
Mirvom26er: ask dbarth (landing-015)13:57
om26erdbarth, Hi! what does silo 15 actually fix ? :)13:57
bfillerMirv: yes13:59
davmor2sil2100: so everything that should work seems too, everything that is expected to be broken is14:00
sil2100davmor2: excellent news14:00
davmor2sil2100: I missed the -- on channel which is why I got R11 on my mako d'oh14:00
dbarthom26er: hi; fixes packaging, also a click hook issue and most of all, it ensures only 1 account type gets selected when creating a new account from system-settings14:01
om26erdbarth, are there bug reports ?14:01
dbarthom26er: ie, go uss > oa > add new account > verify that once 1 is selected until the trusted prompt appears14:02
dbarthom26er: nope, no one but i had noticed the issue yet ;)14:02
om26erdbarth, ok, thanks, Basically I just need to test the above thing, other than the test plan.14:03
dbarthom26er: right, i did the nomal regresionn testing, but you can emove / create an account just to get reassurance14:04
Mirvmandel: ok, you have landing-009 and it's already building https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-009-1-build/4/console14:06
sil2100davmor2: did you see kgunn's e-mail on the phone list? How serious is this bug? (since it sounds pretty serious)14:07
mandelMirv, sweet, thx14:07
ogra_sil2100, the second one you mean ?14:09
greybacktrainguards: hey (not TRAINCON0 related, so not urgent) I need a hand with silo16 - rebuilding qtmir-gles seems to not actually tell the PPA to rebuild - somehow the armhf package built but i386 & amd64 failed, and now the train considers it failed?14:09
ogra_sil2100, you cant stop the alarm at all ... it rings forever until you hard reboot the phone14:09
sil2100ogra_: yeah, the PIN-locked unresponsiveness... is that highly reproducible and bad?14:09
sil2100ogra_: that happens every time?14:10
ogra_(since the only UI element you had to stop it vanished with the first alarm)14:10
ogra_sil2100, well, every time you have two meetings at the same time or two alarms at the same time14:10
ogra_sil2100, not sure how often people have alarms or notifications scheduled for the exact same time though ... i had it once since the bug exists14:11
ogra_others with more filled calendars might have it more often14:11
sil2100hmm, complicated, I actually wonder what caused this to be broken14:12
sil2100kgunn: do we know what landing actually caused it?14:12
Mirvgreyback: qtmir-gles does not have armhf package. it complained about lttng-ust, and you need to bump the qtmir-gles version to .1 manually in the MP since manual is the way the -gles packages get bumped and versioned.14:12
pete-woodsMirv: so what do you want me to change about the release? it is just the symbols file sorting, or is there more?14:13
cjwatsongreyback: you should never use the Build button in CI Train to ask Launchpad to retry a failed build.  The Build button is mislabelled - it should be Upload14:13
Mirvpete-woods: anything seb128 and cjwatson mentioned, so ABI breakage / soname bump was suggested, and cleaning up debian/changelog14:14
greybackMirv: cjwatson: ok I see my problem. Thanks for the help14:14
pete-woodsMirv: there is no ABI break. and when you say clean up. you mean pretend that the rtm release never happened, right?14:14
cjwatsonpete-woods: The RTM release never happened :)14:14
cjwatson(Soon it will look like that statement is in fact true)14:14
greybackcjwatson: yeah I read Build as Build :)14:14
seb128pete-woods, why are some functions changing their number of arguments in the .symbols?14:15
ogra_sil2100, i doubt there was any specific landing and i bet it was always like that14:15
sil2100ogra_: you think so?14:15
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_sil2100, it is just that we now have locking ... it doesnt happen on a swipe device14:15
seb128pete-woods, e.g14:15
seb128- (c++)"unity::scopes::internal::ScopeObject::ScopeObject(unity::scopes::internal::RuntimeImpl*, unity::scopes::ScopeBase*)@Base" 0.4.0+14.04.20140312.114:15
seb128+ (c++)"unity::scopes::internal::ScopeObject::ScopeObject(unity::scopes::internal::RuntimeImpl*, unity::scopes::ScopeBase*, bool)@Base" 0.6.2+rtm+rtm+rtm+14.09.2014081814:15
pete-woodsseb128: those are internal functions. I don't really like that we export out internal symbols, but we do.14:15
sergiusenstrainguards can you recnfigure silo 8?14:15
sil2100sergiusens: sure14:16
seb128pete-woods, well, you change exported objects, so you change abi14:16
sil2100Mirv: doing ^14:16
seb128pete-woods, no?14:16
pete-woodsseb128: nope. this is purely internal, and happens like every release14:16
sergiusensalso, can someone explain why people are already targetting the rtm archive? is it just for testing?14:16
Mirvsil2100: yeah, I try to drift off, although it's starting to get really busy all-around around this time :)14:16
seb128pete-woods, why is it showing in the exported symbols if it's not exported?14:16
sil2100Mirv: yeah, time for you to EOD! ;)14:17
pete-woodsseb128: they are exported in the .so sense, but they are thoroughly checked to not be exposed in our headers14:17
sergiusenstrainguards can we get a wiki with a workflow on when to target the rtm archive directly and when to target ubuntu and sync and other possibilities?14:17
seb128pete-woods, so in the .so sense you have an abi change?14:17
seb128pete-woods, if you expect no client to use that abi14:17
sil2100sergiusens: there will be an annoucement with the procedure once we're done with the official branching14:17
sil2100sergiusens: i.e. once we get a promotable image14:17
sergiusenssil2100: so what people are doing now is just testing, right?14:18
pete-woodsseb128: yes, if someone copied one of our internal headers from our source tree (that don't get installed) and used the resulting symbol, they'd be stuffed14:18
kgunnsil2100: we don't know, investigation not far enough along14:18
sil2100sergiusens: yes, although there aren't too many ubuntu-rtm landings happening14:18
seb128pete-woods, k, seems like you could benefit from making those symbols private14:18
pete-woodsseb128: I agree, but it's been like this since the start. and isn't my call to change14:18
sergiusenssil2100: well I don't know why people except for desktop shared components would target rtm specifically14:18
seb128pete-woods, sil2100: but ok then if you are sure there are no way a rdepends is using those functions14:18
seb128pete-woods, the fact that it's like that since the start doesn't make it right ;-)14:19
pete-woodsseb128: apparently it makes debugging a great deal easier for us14:20
pete-woodsseb128: I really don't like it either. especially because I have to have this conversation repeatedly :)14:21
pete-woodsbut I am not the tech lead of scopes. so feel free to engage in lengthy debate with michi14:21
cjwatsonsergiusens: we were trying to get a variety of teams to do test landings14:24
thostr_seb128: we also need the internal symbols exported for our tests14:27
thostr_seb128: as this allows us to mock certain functionality14:27
thostr_seb128: this might not be optimal but it was the best we could do back then14:28
seb128thostr_, k, it makes it less trivial to review abi changes from outside, but of well, it's a price to pay I guess14:34
cjwatsonIf you were feeling kind you could figure out some way to annotate that - I think dpkg-gensymbols will ignore symbol tags it doesn't recognise, so (internal) or (x-internal) or something14:38
cjwatsonThen at least people could guess that they don't need to worry about changes in those symbols14:39
cjwatsonthostr_,pete-woods: ^-14:39
thostr_cjwatson: good to know14:40
mvo_hey trainguards - I would love to get a silo for 39, but I guess this will need qa signoff if we are in traincon-0 as it adds the click signature stuff which has the potential to break installing clicks. is there a chance for me to get it still into a silo so that I can do the final testing on the real device and all that?14:41
pete-woodscjwatson: yes, if that's possible it would definitely make my life less painful14:41
cjwatsoncheck it, but the above is my reading of the man page14:41
pete-woodssure, will definitely check14:42
sil2100Mirv: hey! We're currently a bit low on silos right now, let me check if we can do anything14:48
sil2100I mean, mvo_14:48
* sil2100 curses the tab button14:48
mvo_sil2100: thank you!14:49
om26erdbarth, Hi! can you please provide me the it.mardy.account-tester_0.1_all.click ? I am not sure how to build it14:57
om26erits needed to run the automated tests14:57
davmor2sil2100: so personally I would land the fix that is mp'd and then maybe discuss the other the meeting.  I think it should be fixed but if it isn't going to get fix in the next 24 we really need to start the ball moving rtm wise15:01
sil2100davmor2: right, although the blocker that will be left seems like a serious issue in overall, would really feel bad with that if there is no workaround for it at least15:03
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davmor2sil2100: the workaround is reboot the phone15:03
sil2100kgunn: do you know if maybe the PIN-locked bug has some at least nasty hacky workaround possible to do in a short timeframe?15:03
sil2100davmor2: excellent workaround ;p Sounds like old Windows all over15:04
davmor2sil2100: you mean turn it off and turn it back on isn't the magic cure all for everything15:04
ogra_davmor2, except that you cant reboot it anymore15:05
ogra_at least not without hassle15:05
kgunnsil2100: not really, b/c its super nasty....i don't support it....it would be to "ignore" one of the notifications15:07
sil2100Indeed ;/15:08
kgunnsil2100: so we're still focused on why the heck there's no surface drawn but input is already targeted...15:08
kgunnanyway...we're on it15:08
camakokgunn, you joining standup?15:08
sil2100kgunn: thanks for the update ;)15:08
kgunnarggg camako15:08
kgunnlost for time15:08
brendandtedg, i am trying to test silo010. it doesn't install15:15
tedgcharles, ^15:15
brendandtedg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8098699/15:15
tedgbrendand, What error are you getting?15:15
brendandcharles, ^15:15
tedgThat might be an rsalveti question ^15:16
rsalvetibrendand: check the comment in the spreadsheet15:17
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dbarthom26er: ok15:48
dbarthom26er: in you inbox15:48
om26erdbarth, thanks15:49
mvo_sil2100: hm, still no silo for me? I guess I get some dinner then15:53
sil2100mvo_: still trying to get one free for you ;/15:53
sil2100mvo_: you'll have one pretty soon!16:00
sil2100ogra_: meeting!16:02
ogra_on my way, sorry16:03
sil2100pete-woods: hey, regarding silo 5 - did the recent rebuilds were only packaging-changes or something else as well?16:04
pete-woodssil2100: literally just debian/changelog16:04
pete-woodssil2100: and I span it up on the phone anyway, just to be paranoid16:05
robrucjwatson: sil2100: yes that scopes landing was the Very First RTM landing, and the upstreams weren't aware of the utopic->rtm requirement. I informed them that their trunks were messed up and they needed to re-do that release in utopic, not sure why they haven't fixed it yet.16:06
brendandcharles, so alarms work while the phone is off with silo010, but there is no way to stop the alarm. do we want to land it like that?16:10
pete-woodsrobru: well we tried to fix it. but because of the normal waiting times for silos, going through the same debates re internal symbols, then being told to pretend the RTM release never happened, we have gone round the roundabout a few times :p16:11
charlesbrendand, no way to stop the alarm?16:11
brendandcharles, well apart from holding down the power button for a really long time16:12
charlesbrendand, when the phone is suspended and the alarm goes off, the screen should come on + haptic feedback + the snap decision for dismiss16:12
cjwatsonpete-woods: I'm sorry that the RTM bit wasn't clear to you, but I did explain things in https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09377.html ...16:12
brendandcharles, nope - not here16:12
charlesbrendand, could you go into more detail what you're seeing?16:13
pete-woodscjwatson: sure. it was definitely our misunderstanding regarding the attempt at landing to rtm16:13
brendandcharles, hearing: an alarm. seeing: nothing16:13
charlesbrendand, urgh :-)16:14
charlesbrendand, what are you seeing this on?16:14
brendandcharles, pm'ed you16:14
Wellark"Silo ready to build packages"16:22
Wellarkdoes that mean I have to manually hit "Build" to get the first set of packages cooking?16:22
rsalveticharles: when I tested the silo alarm also worked fine for me, so it could be a different bug (not necessarily related to the silo)16:24
charlesrsalveti, wfm, but my testing was on an n416:27
cjwatsonWellark: yes16:28
rsalveticharles: mine was on n716:28
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charlesrsalveti, dyk if there's a way to force a phone into suspend mode, rather than just waiting for it to happen on its own?16:33
rsalveticharles: hitting the power off button should do that16:33
charlesrsalveti, that actually puts the phone into suspend mode, rather than just turning off the display?16:33
charlesok, TIL16:33
charlesbrendand, though, if you're getting sound but no display, this sounds like it might be a separate issue:16:36
charlesif the phone was suspended, you wouldn't get either since the indicator-datetime-service process would be suspended either16:37
brendandcharles, somehow i got it so that i got sound but no visuals. i thought i had powered off the phone, but that might not have been the case16:37
charlesso (1) when the alarm goes off and you get sound but no display, what happens if you press the power button to get the display -- is there a snap decision? i.e., is the only failure that the display isn't comingon?16:37
brendandcharles, i have it suspended now and waiting for an alarm16:38
rsalveticharles: yup, the phone will always try to suspend when there's no suspend blocker16:38
brendandcharles, no - i had to hold down the power button to turn it off16:38
rsalveticharles: by default when the screen is on, the system-compositor should be holding a suspend blocker16:38
charlesalso (2) if you get sound-but-no-video again, what happens if you phablet-shell into it and run "powerd-cli display on"16:38
brendandrsalveti, how can i check if it is suspended?16:38
rsalvetibrendand: no easy way really, you can get the info from powerd if to know if it's trying to suspend (powerd-cli list shouldn't show any suspend blockers)16:39
rsalvetibut then to know if the device is in deep suspend or not is not necessarily trivial16:39
rsalvetiyou can check dmesg after running adb16:40
rsalvetimaybe cking might have a way to know that, but you can only know after if it's suspend or not16:40
rsalvetibecause well, while suspend you can't access anything :-)16:40
rsalvetithat's why I usually test this on flo16:40
rsalvetibecause there's no radio/modem (that usually keeps the device awake)16:40
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bzoltan1robru:  may i get a silo for an hour or max two? line 4016:48
brendandsil2100, do we have any idea what the 'correct' number of tests run for mako is?16:51
brendandsil2100, it seems lower now than it should be16:51
brendandsil2100, the fact that calendar didn't run doesn't explain it all16:51
sil2100brendand: not sure exactly... we don't have all calendar app didn't run, and we don't have notes-app tests anymore16:51
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robruogra_: oh, why did you call my phablet-tools landing pointless? I changed it to use 'sudo' in anticipation of a rootless adb shell ;-)16:59
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
davmor2sil2100: why do we still have notes in the image I thought that was being dropped completely already ;)17:04
sil2100davmor2: we do?! :O17:04
brendandcharles, rsalveti - so if the phone is in deep suspend i won't be able to phablet-shell to it?17:05
mvo_hm, still no slot for click ?17:07
robrumvo_: i just hit publish on one, should be free soon17:08
davmor2sil2100: also just confirming popey 's finding that the only things that bugger up the lock are 2 notifications from the same system at the same time that have button interactions in them17:08
sil2100mvo_: you have a silo now, since we'll have that one silo free for blocker fixes soon17:10
ogra_robru, what would sudo achieve ?17:10
ogra_robru, that would only work if you had a sudoers file in place that sets your commands NOPASSWD17:11
ogra_or if you somehow hack a way together to echo the password into sudo17:11
ogra_robru, though i might be wrong, did you test them with the new adbd and a password set ?17:12
ogra_if it works that way it will work in the future too indeed :)17:13
robruogra_: heh, ok. still, it fixed a long standing bug. i'll fix the rootless issue later17:15
ogra_robru, then they will stop working by end of the week17:15
ogra_(which is why i called it pointless to land the changes now)17:16
charlesbrendand, I think keeping the phone plugged in via usb inhibits suspend. tvoss and rsalveti would probably be able to answer this more authoritatively17:17
mvo_sil2100: \o/ thanks a lot17:17
sil2100nik90: hey, you around? :)17:26
nik90sil2100: yes17:27
sil2100nik90: so, I wanted to poke you about the calendar-app broken autopilot test that causes an infinite loop on real devices17:27
robrusil2100: ok, I added the stuff you wanted to the dashboard. global status is in the titlebar and silo tested image numbers are in the spreadsheet description per silo17:27
nik90sil2100: ooh I am not a calendar app dev, so not too familiar with it. But shoot let me see if I can help17:27
=== _salem is now known as salem_
sil2100Oh, I think I heard someone mentioning that you were looking at that, but maybe it was balloons..?17:28
sil2100brendand: could you give me the bug number of the calendar issue?17:28
nik90sil2100: I was trying to help brendand since I coudn't find any calendar app dev17:28
sil2100Ah, ok ;)17:28
sil2100nik90: since if there's no calendar-app dev right now, I would even recommend an (ugly!) test-skip for now17:29
sil2100nik90: since currently this test breaks all smoketesting, as it hoggs devices until they time-out17:29
nik90sil2100: oh :/17:29
sil2100So before we kick a new image, we need to have this either fixed or skipped :<17:29
nik90balloons: you were trying to help mihir with the calendar ap tests yesterday. Do you know about the infinite looping issue ^^17:30
balloonsnik90, I do ;-)17:31
sil2100plars: did you re-run the tests that didn't run yet for krillin?17:31
nik90sil2100: balloons is your man ;)17:31
balloonshaha nik90 , well played17:32
Wellarknow we are talking17:32
sil2100balloons: hi! ;)17:32
sil2100balloons: so, as mentioned above... do you know if this infinite-loop issue in calendar can be quickly fixed today? If not, I would have to ask for a skip of the test in the meantime and release to the store17:33
sil2100kgunn: about that 'nasty' workaround... how ugly would it look in code to do that actually? Is that a one-liner, or something more?17:34
sil2100kgunn: you know, the one with badly 'dropping'/'ignoring' the other notification17:34
balloonssil2100, I can prep something17:34
rsalveticharles: yes, you need to unplug the usb cable17:35
rsalvetibrendand: phablet-shell will work because it requires a usb connection, and that keeps the device awake17:35
rsalvetibrendand: ssh itself shouldn't though17:35
rsalvetiover wlan17:35
ogra_why wouldnt ssh ?17:36
ogra_it would keep the device awake too, no ?17:36
ogra_(as long as there is data transfered)17:36
plarssil2100: yes, they are going, one sec17:39
robrubrb, breakfast17:40
plarssil2100: seems to be stuck in an endless autopilot loop again :(17:41
sil2100plars: did you run the calendar-app tests as well?17:42
sil2100plars: those need to be skipped sadly...17:42
plarssil2100: I set it up to run all of them in the session that had problems17:42
plarssil2100: I'll be more selective and restart it17:42
brendandrsalveti, charles - mind if i give this silo some extra time for testing? i can't seem to reproduce the issue i found easily17:44
charlesbrendand, take the time you need17:45
charlesbrendand, if you do see the same sound-but-no-video issue, remember to try 'powerd-cli display on' when it happens17:45
brendandcharles, yep17:46
rsalvetiogra_: if fully suspended ssh should in theory fail17:50
rsalvetibut it seems it might work, looking at the latest email sent by cking17:51
rsalvetiit seems the device wakes up to handle the package17:51
tvosscharles, rsalveti iirc adbd holds a wake-lock17:52
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
sil2100plars: thanks :)18:04
kgunnsil2100: actually, i'm trying to test another workaround we discovered18:07
sil2100kgunn: oooh!18:07
kgunnwon't miss any notifications18:07
sil2100kgunn: any details? :) Or too busy working on it?18:08
sil2100balloons: any ETA on the calendar-app fix/workaround?18:09
kgunnsil2100: i really want to replicate per the original bug...not just the script in the mp....so, if you can find someone that'd be great18:09
elopioping plars: I need help understanding a segfault that happens on Jenkins but not on my machine.18:09
elopiodo you know who can help me with that?18:09
plarselopio: is it in smoke testing that you get the segfault?18:10
sil2100popey, davmor2, om26er: can anyone of you guys help out with verifying if this branch works-around the PIN-locked issue? https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/disable-opacity-animation-1354406-workaround/+merge/23158818:10
plarselopio: oh, I guess not18:10
elopioplars: no. I'm adding a QML test, that's run during build.18:10
sil2100popey, davmor2, om26er: please contact kgunn if you are able to help ;)18:13
popeyi can't right now, am away from home for the next 3 hours at least18:14
kgunnlemme get a silo sil2100, it'll make all this easier18:14
sil2100kgunn: ah! Since we're talking about silos... is there a landing for the other blocker already?18:15
kgunnsil2100: i put them both in there18:17
plarselopio: any chance you've tried running it locally under pbuilder the way it's run there?18:17
plarselopio: if I'm looking at this right, it looks like it fails every time, on multiple systems18:18
elopioplars: I've run it with pbuilder. I'm not sure how to reproduce the exact same environment as jenkins.18:18
plarselopio: some insight from fginther:18:19
plars<fginther> plars, right these builds run in a pbuilder chroot. These will inherit the environment from the parent, so if elopio is running this inside a chroot on his desktop, he may be inheriting X11 and dbus environment variables.18:19
plarselopio: ^18:19
fginther`elopio, I usually recommend to retry the build after starting an ssh session (which has a much smaller env)18:20
balloonsfginther`, so I wanted to ask you about how far you got on running AP tests against a device as part of the click-building / publishing to store for the community core apps18:22
fginther`balloons, I'll have to get back to you a later, in a meeting18:22
kgunnsil2100: line 42, and yeah, i know if conflicts with 2 others...i'm just isolating the blockers18:23
kgunnrobru: ^ in case sil went m.i.a.18:24
davmor2sil2100: yeap I can look at that18:25
sil2100robru: can you assign a silo? Do we have something free? ;) If not, deploy preprod to cupstream2distro trunk and assign it ;p18:25
=== _salem is now known as salem_
sil2100davmor2: thanks! It should be in a silo soon18:26
davmor2sil2100: Meh I thought it already was.  ToyKeeper, om26er guys I knock off at 20:00 today and it is 19.27 could one of you guys test this silo once the package builds please if I miss it.  Basically set the lock and then se t 2 alarms for the same time and wait for the to go off.18:28
davmor2try and unlock the phone18:28
om26erdavmor2, ok18:29
ToyKeeperdavmor2: That's silo 10?18:29
ToyKeeperSurprised it didn't land while I was asleep.18:29
davmor2ToyKeeper: it's not in a silo yet18:29
davmor2ToyKeeper: that's why I'm assuming I might not be here by the time it builds in the silo :)18:30
robrukgunn: sil2100 there are in fact 0 silos available18:30
robruhowever silo 5 should finish landing shortly18:30
sil2100Ok, hmmm18:31
ToyKeeperI'm surprised I'm even awake...  up late, half a night of fitful sleep, woken early for errands, and now starting a long long shift while still feeling kind of sick.  It's going to be a long day.18:31
robruToyKeeper: up... late? this is the earliest I've ever seen you online...18:31
kgunndude...the calendar is super wonky18:31
* kgunn feels slightly mistreated on a blocker when the damn thing doesn't sync proper18:32
robrukgunn: argh, sorry you're not getting a silo, not sure if any are bumpable (there probably are, i just don't know which)18:33
robrusil2100: what's up with silos 9 and 14? they don't need QA?18:34
sil2100robru: I guess they might, I didn't see those18:34
sil2100robru: they weren't ready yet before so I didn't set the tags for those18:34
robrusil2100: oh, i'm publishing pitti's langpacks, since those are trivial and apparently qa already acked anyway18:34
robrusil2100: maybe we should change the "QA required?" to a global check rather than a per-silo check?18:35
robrusil2100: what? too late. crap18:35
robrusil2100: oh no18:35
robrusil2100: it errored18:35
robrusil2100: it's ok18:35
robrusil2100: saved by an unapproved MP18:35
robrusil2100: what's the problem?18:35
sil2100robru: ok, don't publish that for now, I mean it won't be a tragedy! But we agreed with pitty that we'll publish that after promotion ;)18:36
sil2100It's nothing really bad but yeah, it would mean we would get rid of most translations for all those apps18:36
robrusil2100: oh but it's just sitting there taking up a silo for a trivial diff... bah18:36
sil2100Yeah, but I would prefer us to have translations in our promoted image ;)18:37
sil2100Not a critical thing if they're gone, but still!18:37
robrusil2100: landings 1 and 11 are the stalest, do you know of any reason we can't free those?18:38
balloonssil2100, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/skip-edit-test/+merge/231606. But it would be best to find a workaround if possible18:38
sil2100balloons: ok, what I would propose is getting this merged anyway right now and just continue working on a workaround18:41
sil2100balloons: since as I said, currently our smoketesting is basically broken because of this18:41
sil2100So we cannot even build a new image, since smoketesting would hang18:41
sil2100elopio: could you take a look at this? https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/skip-edit-test/+merge/23160618:42
sil2100robru: could you track calendar-app and if this gets merged, make sure it gets to the store?18:42
sil2100robru: once it's in the store it would be nice to have an image18:43
sil2100(or just wait for cron if it's too late)18:43
robrusil2100: is that in a silo?18:43
elopiosil2100: I thought somebody was working on the right fix. Would you give me some time to properly fix it, or is it urgent now?18:43
sil2100elopio: yes, it's very urgent, as it breaks smoketesting18:43
robrubfiller: are you actively testing silo 11? it seems quite stale and we're out of silos. mind if I free that one?18:44
sil2100elopio: that's why I would prefer it to be at least worked-around for now, jsut in case the real fix would take longer than the next image builds18:44
bfillerrobru: that's fine18:44
sil2100robru: it's a click package, so balloons would have to do all the build magic for that18:44
elopiosil2100: ok then. I'll approve this one, report a bug and link it to the removed tests blueprint.18:44
balloonsI just proposed the skip as a backup under the assumption we can't produce a workaround18:44
balloonsI need to reproduce it still18:44
sil2100balloons: brendand mentioned it's reproducible everytime on devices18:45
sil2100Ok, need to EOD now ;)18:45
sil2100robru: I leave things in your hands! I expect a PERFECT image when I wake up in the morning - no blockers, no autopilot issues!18:45
robrusil2100: oh yeah totally18:46
robrusil2100: i mean I coulda done that all along, but I didn't.18:46
robruok, well I gotta run to the doctor for a bit, hopefully QA will have signed off on some stuff to publish when i get back...18:59
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rsalvetidavmor2: if you get time still, mind validating silo 02? you kind of tested it already19:15
rsalvetiotherwise I guess I could ask ToyKeeper19:15
davmor2is that the mic gain silo,  if so then myself and brendand tested that, or did you add more code?19:16
brendanddavmor2, yeap19:16
brendanddavmor2, rsalveti - i'd really like to get that landed, it blocks our operator testing19:17
davmor2rsalveti: did you add code to it from yesterday if not then I'm happy it didn't break anything19:17
davmor2cyphermox: the mtp silo can that be landed or are you doing more work to it?19:18
cyphermoxdavmor2: just about ready, I had minimal review changes to make from mandel19:18
davmor2cyphermox: nice :)19:19
cyphermoxwe out of traincon-0 yet? :)19:19
davmor2cyphermox: no19:19
brendandplars, ubuntu_terminal_app didn't get run today19:20
plarsbrendand: looking19:21
brendandplars, oh wait yeah it did19:21
davmor2brendand: give me a number quick19:25
robrursalveti: is silo 2 almost ready to land? Would love to free a silo! ;-)19:26
davmor2robru just double checking it now19:27
robrudavmor2: sweet!19:28
davmor2rsalveti, robru: just granted silo2 sounds good to brendand and me19:39
robrudavmor2: thanks!19:40
davmor2robru: now just bug rsalveti to do whatever with it so it lands already.19:40
davmor2I'm calling it a night 04:30 start tomorrow :)19:40
robrudavmor2: oh i'm doing that19:41
robrukgunn_: still around? i have a silo freeing up19:41
kgunn_robru: ta19:41
mvo_silly(?) questin, but how do I find out if I need qa-sign off?19:46
mvo_(for line  #39, slio 006)19:47
robrumvo_: we're in traincon, so anything that isn't an isolated bugfix requires QA signoff. all new features and new "upstream releases" require QA19:47
mvo_robru: all right, so I just need to wait? or is there anything I can further help with?19:49
mvo_(for this to land I mean)19:49
robrumvo_: poke ToyKeeper to do the QA review I guess. or brendand19:52
mvo_robru: thanks! I will wait with the poking until tomorrow I think, its getting late here :)19:53
robrumvo_: ok cool. does this landing fix any blocker bugs? or just new features/19:53
mvo_robru: the new signature feature and a feature to make retracing easier, so no critical fixes.  the signature feature is required for rtm  though19:54
mvo_robru: signed click packages I should say19:55
robrumvo_: ok, no worries. we can land it but it just won't be a priority over the critical things I'm trying to shepherd in19:55
robrukgunn_: ok you got silo 5! sorry for the delay!19:57
mvo_robru: thanks, yeah, definitely not a priority plus it has breakage potential (but my tests are good so it shouldn't realize this potential, fingerscrossed and all that :)19:57
* mvo_ really calls it a day now19:57
kgunn_robru: ta20:00
robrukgunn_: you're welcome!20:01
rsalvetirobru: davmor2: yeah, it was ready to be landed20:14
rsalvetiguess that already happened :-)20:14
rsalvetirobru: thanks for triggering build with watch-only20:14
rsalvetiforgot about that20:14
=== renato is now known as Guest60224
robrursalveti: no worries, just about had a pregnant when i tried to publish and it failed. Would have hated to tell you to retest everything ;-)20:15
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
balloonsrobru, can you approve? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/156/changerequest/20:38
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
robruballoons: sorry I'm afk, can do it in an hour or so... Can you find somebody else?21:01
robruballoons: actually sorry i don't even know what that url is, i guess you need popey ?21:02
balloonsrobru, ohh you have no powers eh? then yep, popey it is21:03
balloonsI thought perhaps cyphermox can do it too?21:03
cyphermoxI can check it out21:03
robruballoons: all my powers are in launchpad, got nothing in the click store... I can't remember who the other click store guy is, maybe dpm?21:04
balloonsrobru, indeed I was right, it's cyphermox :-)21:04
cyphermoxwell, I know nothing of the click store really21:05
cyphermoxbut I can try to help out21:05
robrucyphermox: nah we need somebody with magic perms21:05
cyphermoxpmcgowan might know who should do this21:09
pmcgowanballoons, is that to approve an app submission?21:12
balloonspmcgowan, indeed.. popey can do it, and I thought cyphermox could also.. who's the us approver then if not you cyphermox ?21:13
pmcgowanI am surprised balloons cant21:14
balloonsit's a 2 step thing and we split the roles21:15
balloonsI can upload, but not approve..21:15
pmcgowanballoons beuno approved it21:16
balloons:-) he's another one21:17
cyphermoxshould I really be able to approve these things? I don't mind, but I know I don't have access to it and probably missing some training21:17
kgunn_ToyKeeper: sorry about your rough night last night...do you have it in you to test for silo5....its a silo that fixes the 3 blockers21:24
ToyKeeperkgunn_: Woot!21:29
ToyKeeperkgunn_: I'll get right on it.  :)21:30
kgunn_thanks (fingers crossed)21:30
veebersrobru: hey, do I need to do anything extra for line 22? (it's actually a desktop only release too)21:32
popeyevening all21:39
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robruveebers: sorry I'm afk. Are you talking about silo 1? Surely ap affects the phone as well? ;-) i can publish when i get home as long as you're confident in the quality.22:19
=== _salem is now known as salem_
veebersrobru: no worries, no I'm talking about the autopilot-legacy line that doesn't currently have a silo allocated22:27
robruveebers: oh OK, well i could assign it but there's nothing free at the moment.22:28
veebersrobru: ack, fair enough. I hope to put silo1 into 'tested' very soon22:28
robruveebers: great to hear it!22:29
ToyKeeperkgunn_: So, still finishing tests but it looks good so far.  Only saw one weird quirk and it wasn't reproducible.22:31
kgunn_ToyKeeper: yep, its all looking good to me, just running through AP tests22:31
ToyKeeperkgunn_: The weird quirk was that on one device, only one time, I couldn't change the time zone after installing the silo.22:31
ToyKeeperLike, tapping the zone appeared to register a tap but not an untap, so it never completed the action.22:32
kgunn_ToyKeeper: i've been futzing with settings, calendar abunch today as you can imagine...and i kinda suspect there's a deeper core issue going on22:32
ToyKeeperAfter a reboot though, I couldn't get it to happen again.22:32
kgunn_before i tested the silo, i noticed lots of oddities around calendar22:32
ToyKeeperI doubt it's related.  I've seen similar issues before and again could never do it on purpose.22:33
kgunn_ToyKeeper: speaking of, do you know how to run calaendar AP test ??22:33
kgunn_i don't see it in the wiki i use22:33
ToyKeeperkgunn_: The intarwebs suggest this: phablet-click-test-setup --click com.ubuntu.calendar;         phablet-test-run -p address-book-service-dummy calendar_app22:33
ToyKeeperI haven't tried it yet though.22:34
kgunn_ever ?22:34
ToyKeeperWell, not recently...  which, at the speed things are moving, may as well be ever.22:34
robrursalveti: looks like pulse is stuck in proposed due to regressing kde. Can you investigate? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-kde-runtime/lastBuild/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/ something about unsatisfiable depends, not sure why.22:39
rsalvetiregressing kde?22:39
rsalveti18741 qemu: terminating on signal 15 from pid 7910422:39
robrursalveti: yep, the autopkgtest said so. Might be transient, dunno.22:39
rsalvetirobru: it seems the test run failed because of that ^22:40
robrursalveti: but just before that it says unsatisfiable dependents22:40
rsalvetioh right22:40
rsalvetithat doesn't help me22:40
robrursalveti: i find pitti is the most helpful person for autopkgtests ;-)22:41
rsalvetirobru: I don't even know what to look for22:41
robrursalveti: me either... Do you have a vm to test in? I might be able to poke at it when i get home, just at the dr right now.22:42
rsalvetiwonder if a side effect of the latest autopackage test upload done by pitti22:42
rsalvetior maybe just a side effect of the current archive state22:43
rsalvetirobru: I need to leave in a few, so would be nice if you could give it a try later22:44
rsalvetiI should be back in ~2 hours22:44
robrursalveti: yeah i should be home in an hour.22:44
rsalvetirobru: can someone at least retry the job?22:44
rsalvetijust to make sure it's not a temporary thing22:45
robrursalveti: yeah not sure who. I guess we need a core Dev for that22:45
rsalvetiit seems it's broken for a few already22:45
rsalvetiwell, I'm a core dev, let me see22:45
robruinfinity: are you around to retry an autopkgtest in proposed? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-kde-runtime/lastBuild/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/22:45
rsalvetiit is broken for quite a few hours22:46
rsalvetirobru: yeah, broken for a few hours already and with the same message22:46
rsalvetisince ~7 hours ago22:47
robruOh good. Glad that's blocking us then22:47
rsalvetitoo bad the log doesn't even say the broken dependencies22:48
rsalvetirobru: jenkins is not connected with sso, so I don't think I even have an account in there22:49
rsalvetiwhat changed from the working version to the first broken one22:51
rsalvetinew util-linux and dbus22:51
rsalvetiminor things :P22:52
UrsinhaI wonder why that error message doesn't contain the full command line that caused the failure, or at least the dependencies in that context23:13
ToyKeeperkgunn_: The spreadsheet has no status for "testing pass?" on silo 005.  Are you still testing?23:19
kgunn_ToyKeeper: was just about to flip the switch i ran a ton of the AP tests....last one just finishing23:20
kgunn_but all is good23:20
ToyKeeperkgunn_: As far as I can tell, even if it's not a real fix, it still seems to be made of win as far as the current blockers are concerned, and I think we should land it ASAP.23:20
kgunn_yep...will flip it now23:20
ToyKeeper... and if someone kicks off a build soon (or cron, whatever), I can most likely go ahead and approve the image for promotion...  assuming nothing else explodes.23:22
ToyKeeperUntil then, I think this might be a good time for lunch.23:24
robrucyphermox: you around? Can you publish silo 5? I'm away from my laptop right now.23:24
cyphermoxI'll look at it, did you do any review yet?23:24
rsalvetiI'd block cron until this issue is sorted out (that is blocking pulse migration)23:26
rsalvetibrb, dinner :-)23:26
cyphermoxrobru: that was a fix for traincon0?23:29
robrucyphermox: yeah, like all of the blockers ;-) thanks!23:31
robrursalveti: what's the worst possible outcome of an image build that has your silo but is missing pulse? Will audio be totally broken, our just alarms, or what?23:40

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