dholbachgood morning07:36
elfy\o/ for 7 of the membership council being in #meeting today :)12:02
belkinsaIndeed. :D13:33
belkinsaIs there a Ubuntu Engineering Live today?13:33
belkinsaLike in four minutes?13:57
belkinsaI see it now.13:59
dholbachall right my friends - have to rush off to a concert - see you all tomorrow!15:46
belkinsaOMG, guess what I got in the mail today?  The Certificate of Ubuntu Membership!16:45
jcastrohey everyone17:23
jcastropearson's going to give discounts and free books to Loco teams for the new Official Ubuntu Book!17:23
jcastropleia2, I forgot the email to send news to to get things onto the newsletter17:31
elfyjcastro: ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com17:39
bkerensajcastro: IIRC they have always done free Ubuntu books and discounts for locos... jono has a blog post on it somewhere19:28
jcastrobkerensa, yeah I did this last year too19:30
bkerensajcastro: Although I am saddened your name is not yet on a Ubuntu Server Book.19:33
jcastrowe need to redo that entire book imo19:34
jcastroThough Kyle is way smarter than me, he's better off writing it19:35

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