RAOFdesrt: Hm, WTF?00:38
RAOFdesrt: Do dies in gtk_main, in GDK_THREADS_LEAVE.00:39
RAOFdesrt: And, amusingly, removing the call to Gdk.Threads.Init() resolves it.00:41
RAOFdesrt: So... I don't think that Do is doing anything wrong, per se. If you've got a threaded GTK+2.0 application, you're expected to call gdk_threads_init() (which is what Gdk.Threads.Init() calls)00:49
desrtRAOF: is it calling ENTER before it calls gtk_main()?00:52
desrtbecause it's supposed to...00:52
desrtthis is probably the problem: the new mutex implementation does extra error checking vs. the old one00:53
desrtand it will complain if you try to unlock a non-locked mutex00:53
desrtread: abort00:53
desrtwith posix mutexes that would be silently ignored00:54
RAOFHm. Looks like it doesn't.00:55
RAOFdesrt: Thanks01:07
desrtRAOF: sounds like you could use helgrind to verify if you really want....01:08
desrtthat should catch the error even with the old glib version01:08
RAOFValgrind and friends have a spotty history with mono. I could give it a go, though.01:09
desrtgood times.  'do' is in LP01:35
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pittiGood morning04:58
pittidesrt: thanks!04:58
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seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:04
seb128good morning desktopers!08:04
darkxstHey Laney, seb12808:05
Laneyhey seb12808:05
Laneydoing okay, looking forward to new monitor arriving08:05
larsuooh, which one?08:05
Laneycurrently using a single one like some kind of animal08:05
Laneyyo larsu, what up08:06
* larsu only uses his laptop. Like an savage08:06
Laneynothing super fancy08:06
Laneynot hi dpi or anything08:06
larsuLaney: not much. Didn't even have tea yet08:06
* darkxst is looking at 3 monitors and a laptop, like a king08:06
Laneysince, y'know, gtk08:06
larsulooks nice08:07
larsugtk does hidpi, no?08:07
Laneynot per screen08:07
larsuah right08:07
* seb128 only use his laptop but misses his dual monitor config08:07
larsuI don't miss it at all08:08
darkxstLaney, only on wayland is hidpi per screen possible08:08
willcookeseb128, do you know who is maintaining Nautilius atm?08:09
seb128willcooke, define maintaining08:09
willcookeseb128, erm, bug fixes I guess.08:10
seb128upstream, debian, ubuntu?08:10
seb128that would be our "group of gnome packagers"08:10
seb128e.g robert_ancell Laney larsu me08:10
willcookeFJKong, ^^^^^^^^^^08:10
seb128I tend to look after nautilus usually08:10
seb128but robert_ancell did fix some bugs there as well this cycle08:11
seb128do you have a specific question?08:11
FJKongseb128: great, thanks08:11
seb128that might be easier than trying to guess "who is the maintainer" in a universe where we don't have fixed maintainer :p08:11
willcookeseb128, kinda, FJKong is being asked to look at some things for Kylin and we're just working out which is the best option08:11
willcookeseb128, do you know what the file manager will be in U8?08:12
FJKongseb128: NUDT guys want me help them with nautilus or nemo08:12
seb128willcooke, FJKong: I saw that shared documents about nemo/nautilus, didn't really look at it yet08:12
seb128willcooke, not sure, I guess likely the filemanager app we have on the phone, though it has a long way to go before being a feature parity for a desktop filemanager08:13
FJKongseb128: got, but I want to get some comments from you on that08:13
FJKongseb128: if nautilus will be our choice in next version of ubuntu, helping them with Nautilus will be good08:15
willcookeI think we will all benefit from some Nautilus work for the next year or so08:16
willcookemaybe we think about replacing Nautilus with Nemo on the desktop08:17
willcookein 15.0408:17
seb128yeah, we pondered that and decided to stick with patching nautilus for now08:18
seb128if that stops being practical we might revisit08:18
LaneyI don't think having desktop team members doing bug fixes on parts of our desktop can be bad08:20
FJKongso Nemo is popular in users now?08:20
Laneydefinitely work on nautilus imho08:20
seb128Laney, did anyone suggest it's not a good idea? I think we all agree than fixing nautilus bugs is good?08:22
seb128<Laney> I don't think having desktop team members doing bug fixes on parts of our desktop can be bad08:23
seb128 08:23
seb128not sure what that was in response to08:23
Laneydiscussion about whether people should work on fixing bugs in nautilus08:24
seb128well, the discussion is rather "do we want to keep tweaking nautilus, or do we want to look at an alternative like nemo"08:24
Laneyis it?08:25
seb128well, the NUDT team was looking at using nemo08:26
seb128we sort of did also for trusty08:26
darkxstspeaking of nautilus where is didrocks this week? nautilus build is stuck waiting on tracker promotion08:26
seb128he's on holidays for 10 days or so08:27
seb128Laney, the issue is that nautilus is axing features and going in a way we don't especially agree with, so we get a stack of non trivial change stacked on top of it08:28
seb128which is sort of work atm, but not sure it's going to keep working fine08:28
seb128so it might be easier to share work on nemo, which is a fork, rather than maintaining our own fork-though-patches-stacked08:28
darkxstnot to mention every app you guys hold back in the dark ages blocks ubuntu gnome from having the current versions08:30
seb128that's another topic08:30
seb128but a known issue as well08:30
seb128though you overstate it, most of those are 1 or 2 cycles behind08:30
darkxstseb128, gnome-terminal is 308:31
seb128that's not blocked because of csd or unity08:32
seb128that's a lame example08:32
seb128it was blocked because of bash issue iirc?08:32
seb128it's disappointing that you take that one to argue though08:32
seb128k, moving on to get work done, I'm not interested in trolling08:32
darkxstseb128, I am not trolling08:33
seb128well, you are taking an example which doesn't apply to the discussion08:33
seb128that one is blocked not because of Unity or us08:33
seb128but because of doko/bash/other issues08:33
darkxstseb128, right, anyway our  main concern atm is gnome-desktop08:34
seb128did you talk to robert_ancell about the issues in his changes?08:36
darkxstseb128, no haven't managed to catch him yet08:37
darkxstthen there is the upower transition blocked only really by indicator-power now08:40
seb128yeah, charles is busy with phone/rtm work and that is higher priority for him than a desktop transition08:41
seb128not sure how to resolve that08:41
darkxstseb128, it needs some work since it was never ported to logind08:54
darkxstit also has a dodgy queue thing but that can probably just be dropped with the new upower08:55
tiheumHi guys, could anybody tell me who should I contact to chat about packaging of Ubuntu themes while didrocks is on holiday?10:13
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qenghoseb128: good morning. Will you please upload chromium?  https://launchpad.net/~canonical-chromium-builds/+archive/ubuntu/stage/+packages11:15
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seb128qengho, sure, can that be pocket copied (with binaries or without?) or is that a source upload usually?11:41
seb128tiheum, hey, just asking on this channel is fine, I can probably help you11:41
tiheumseb128: great, we want something quite simple: not to include the SVG app icons in the Suru theme package when it's built (but keep them on launchpad, so that they are still backed up and easly available).11:45
seb128why not?11:45
seb128scalable icons are usually useful no?11:45
tiheumseb128: in general, yes. But app icons are a bit complex and are not rendered nicely by Qt.11:46
seb128tiheum, shouldn't qt prefers the matching variant, if there is one, to the scalable one?11:47
tiheumseb128: I don't know why Qt does not use the PNG variants instead of the SVGs. Developers use a built-in function (QtIcon) which look up in the theme and find the right file automatically... and it seems to favor SVGs over PNGs11:49
seb128tiheum, shouldn't we fix qt then, rather than mangle our theme?11:49
seb128speaking of icons...11:51
tiheumseb128: to be clear, we still want to provide SVGs for all other icons but app ones11:51
seb128larsu, the code that look for themed icons is part of our toolkit iirc? would it be possible to not make it display warning when "fallbacking"?11:52
seb128larsu, running u-s-s display a stack of warnings like11:53
seb128WARNING - file:///usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Settings/Components/StatusIcon.qml:46:5: QML Image: Cannot open: file:///usr/share/icons/suru/status/scalable/preferences-system-phone-symbolic.svg11:53
seb128it fallbacks to load preferences-system-phone.svg just fine, but that's noisy11:53
seb128do you know if that's an issue in our toolkit?11:53
seb128 11:53
seb128tiheum, still feels like a buggy workaround, those scalables icons are useful under e.g unity7 alt-tab switcher11:54
tiheumin the apps/scalable folder, all the symbolic icons (monochromatic with a -symbolic suffix) are useful, yes. and we don't want to remove theme. Only the colourful app icons.11:55
larsuseb128: this warning comes from Qt. We could circumvent it by looking up the icon ourselves, but we're currently jst letting qt do that11:55
seb128hum, k11:55
seb128I wonder if I should just make u-s-s not use -symbolic icons then11:56
larsuhm wait, maybe we can look up the icon anyway11:56
larsuit would mean that we stat it twice, but meh11:56
seb128or we could fix qt (assuming we think it's a bug to warn in those cases, which I think it is, fallbacking is quite normal, not a warning case imho)11:56
darkxstsvg's are very slow to load11:57
tiheumseb128, larsu: I think that the warning above is raised because you don't look in the right folder. preferences-system-phone-symbolic.svg is in apps/scalable not status/scalable11:57
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larsuinteresting. I wonder why it even looks there11:57
tiheumdarkxst: you're right, especially complex ones11:57
darkxstGNOME will fallback to scalable icons, but only as a last resort, not idea what Qt likes to do11:58
tiheumdarkxst: I think that's because we don't provide PNGs that are exactly the size of the app icons in the dash (or elsewhere).11:59
darkxsttiheum, maybe you should? GNOME icon themes have a set of icons in various sizes12:01
tiheumapp icons are provided in 256 and 512 px but with our grid unit system, we never meet exactly these sizes12:01
larsubut we always hit the same size, no? Can't we just include that?12:01
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tiheumdarkxst: Gnome uses icons in a limited set of sizes (roughly 16, 24, 48, 64, 128 and 512px). On the mobile, we have different screen densities (18px/gu, 27px/gu, 30px/gu, etc) plus different size of icons.12:04
larsuseb128: preferences-system-phone-symbolic works for me, while non-symbolic doesn't...12:05
seb128larsu, I wonder why u-s-s displays those warnings then12:06
larsume too...12:06
seb128larsu, it might be because it looks in the wrong category12:06
seb128not sure why though12:06
tiheumseb128: non-symbolic? there's no colourful version for this 'app' bevause it's part of the system settings12:06
larsubut you don't specify the category when saying which icon you want...12:06
larsucan you point me to the file/line where this icon is used?12:06
tiheumlarsu: no, you don't need. Each icon name is unique.12:07
seb128larsu, let me try to come with a small example12:07
larsuseb128: this is what I use: http://paste.debian.net/116534/12:08
darkxsttiheum, right, no idea what is the right thing to do there12:15
seb128larsu, in fact we are using a custom component, so maybe a bug on our side, looking at it12:20
seb128larsu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8097502/12:20
seb128larsu, that's an example, for the record12:20
larsuseb128: hm, I get the warning but see the image12:22
seb128larsu, yes, same in settings ;-)12:22
larsuI'll investigate in a bit12:22
seb128well, that StatusIcon is doing weird things12:22
larsuI wonder why I don't see the warning in my example12:22
seb128        property var icons: {12:22
seb128            if (String(root.source).match(/^image:\/\/theme/)) {12:22
seb128                return String(root.source).replace("image://theme/", "").split(",");12:22
seb128larsu, because you don't use StatusIcon12:22
larsuholy shit, what is this doing?12:22
seb128that's from ubuntu-settings-component12:22
larsuwhat's ubuntu-settings-component?12:23
seb128I wonder if that component is a leftover from the past and should be replaced with an Icon12:23
seb128larsu, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-settings-components12:23
seb128larsu, widgets shared between indicators and settings iirc12:23
larsuah, thanks12:23
seb128larsu, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-settings-components12:23
larsudescription is awesome:12:24
larsuIt's a set of components to be used for settings12:24
seb128Saviq added the use of StatusIcon when he did the switch to suru12:25
seb128Saviq, what is StatusIcon providing over a standard Icon or Image?12:25
qenghoseb128: can be pocket copied.12:26
seb128qengho, great, including binaries?12:26
qenghoseb128: #security copies binaries. A reason the PPA exists was to make copying binaries possible, without building on slower arches agaian.12:28
seb128qengho, k, going to do that then, thanks12:28
ochosiseb128: quick question, how do you determine the appicons in unity? read the desktop file or retrieve the icon with wnck and then pass that to the alt-tab dialog?12:30
seb128ochosi, no idea, would be a question for bregma or Trevinho|holiday12:34
seb128we got it from bamf iirc, which got it from clever match, which includes the desktop files use12:34
seb128but not only12:34
ochosiah right, bamf then12:34
bregmabamf it is12:35
seb128hey bregma ;-)12:35
bregmahey seb12812:35
bregmaseb128, did will ask you about collecting a list of missing features for desktop convergence work?12:36
seb128bregma, no12:37
* willcooke reads the backlog12:37
willcookesorry seb128 bregma  - havent had time to speak to seb128 yet12:38
willcookeI've got had a meeting moved, so seb128 we can chat now if you're free?12:38
seb128willcooke, works for me12:38
GunnarHjHi Laney, any chance that you can revisit bug #1351092?12:39
ubot5bug 1351092 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "Configuration of the Droid Sans Fallback font" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135109212:39
willcookeseb128, hangout ok?  I think it would be quicker.  bregma you want in?12:39
LaneyGunnarHj: yes sorry, I will do soon, been distracted by other things12:39
seb128willcooke, let try that, my chromium might still be downgraded/work12:39
GunnarHjLaney: ok12:39
willcookeseb128, ack12:39
Saviqseb128, it can do non-square icons12:43
Saviqseb128, the image://theme provider dies when you try to pass only one of sourceSize.{width,height}12:44
Saviqseb128, so StatusIcon is a nasty hack iterating over the icon directories to find the matching file12:44
seb128Saviq, oh ok, do we have a bug to track cleaning that out?12:44
Saviqseb128, bug #128423512:45
ubot5bug 1284235 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "Icon has to be sized explicitly" [Undecided,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128423512:45
seb128Saviq, thanks12:45
seb128Saviq, so that code seems to look in wrong categories and display warnings it shouldn't12:46
seb128Saviq, like http://paste.ubuntu.com/8097502/ displays a warning12:46
Saviqseb128, it looks in categories that you tell it to look like12:46
seb128Saviq, ^ ?12:46
seb128where do we tell it to use a category?12:46
Saviqseb128, yeah, that's the way it tries to find the image...12:46
Saviqseb128, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-settings-components-team/ubuntu-settings-components/trunk/view/head:/Ubuntu/Settings/Components/StatusIcon.qml#L4112:47
seb128well, there is no category in that example (that I can say)12:47
Saviqseb128, it defaults to status, apps12:47
seb128"but overriding in settings app doesn't work."12:47
seb128what does that mean?12:47
LaneyRAOF: FYI, I just skipped the colord autopkgtests since they started running with dbus 1.8 (previously they were being skipped) - there are some issues with running in the autopkgtest environment. I made an attempt and fixed some of them but got stuck with the last test: https://github.com/hughsie/colord/pull/612:51
LaneyI made sure they pass when ran 'normally'12:51
seb128bregma, did you discuss "input methods handling" for unity8-desktop? Not sure in which category from that gdoc is should go in12:52
bregmaseb128, no, but it's obviously one of the missing bits, not sure if it's a Shell or a Mir thing (or both?)12:53
seb128pitti, bug #1359191 is due to your changes/require a touch langpacks update I guess?13:06
ubot5bug 1359191 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "System Settings not localized" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135919113:06
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margaAnybody knows till when Trevinho|holiday is on vacation and/or if he's going to attend DebConf?13:21
pittiseb128: right, that already got landed yesterday13:31
seb128marga, bregma should know13:32
willcookeOT: is Raring still in the archive?13:40
bregmamarga, he should be back in "civilization" next week13:50
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charlesseb128, I updated https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/ubuntu-system-settings/startup-wizard-thousands-of-volunteers/+merge/230643 as per your suggestion about the pot file14:32
seb128charles, thanks14:33
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willcookeseb128, on the Inspiron there is a BIOS setting which makes the function keys act like normal function keys14:45
seb128willcooke, k14:46
margabregma, ok, thanks15:14
willcookeseb128, am or pm tomorrow?15:24
seb128willcooke, you get emails for those right? afternoon, I was going to ping you to ask if it's ok15:24
willcookeyeah, no worries, just adding it now15:25
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willcookeI'm going EOD to nurse my cold.  I'll be around if some kind of bizarre emergency happens and, I don't know, you need someone to do the washing up#16:30
ogra_yeah, better nurse your cold than cool your nurse :)16:32
ogra_(and get well)16:32
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NoskcajShould gucharmap merges still be done in the ubuntu-desktop branch?20:41
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