optrusty_since i am not gonna stay that long on irc i wont auth02:54
optrusty_hey guys did anybody get an email from the ubuntu irc mailing list about someone named calorie02:55
optrusty_woops valorie02:55
IdleOneyes, it was a accidental spam and the sender has already been notified02:56
IdleOnewon't happen again02:57
optrusty_how the heck did the spammer even know this email02:59
IdleOnevalorie is not a spammer. Her contact list was highjacked by an app. it was an accident.03:00
IdleOnedelete the email and go on with life03:00
optrusty_oh well03:01
optrusty_i hope its not dun dun I LOVE YOU!! reinvented for html03:02
* optrusty_ rofl03:02
Unit193Reminder, Ubuntu IRC Operators meeting on the 20th: https://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=Z3JxcXRob20zZHNicDc2dWxtbTNjazVpZGdfMjAxNDA4MjBUMTgwMDAwWiBqNXE4NW1taTZ1anZqdGlpNXMxbjNsaTVpb0Bn&ctz=Etc/GMT05:27

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