amitk 05:27
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apwamitk,   07:33
amitkapw: :) that would've been about the time my son was banging on the keyboard and managing to switch to a different tmux session07:36
amitk 07:36
apwamitk, i am impressed :)  he will clearly be a geek07:36
amitkapw: how is the ubuntu kernel team?07:37
apwamitk, we're good ... still churning out kernels07:38
smbgrumpy and whining. as always that means07:38
apwheh and that of course, but that needs no saying07:39
amitksmb: LPC/ELC is in your neighbourhood this time07:39
amitkwill you be there?07:39
smbamitk, I will be there. Though neighbourhood is a loose term (about 5hrs from here)07:40
amitksmb: beats a 15 hr flight, right?07:40
amitksmb: great, I'll see atleast some of you there07:40
smbYeah, true. Actually we all are there07:41
smbamitk, So you won't even avoid apw :-P07:41
amitksmb: apw drinks beer, why would I want to avoid such an outstanding citizen?07:43
smbamitk, :) Don't we all do that07:43
apwamitk, sounds like a plan :)07:43
* amitk makes a note to avoid you guys the evening before the EAS microconf07:45
amitkapw: when is the phone coming out?07:46
apwamitk, i don't think i am privy to such minutia :)07:46
amitkapw: what SoC will it contain?07:46
apwamitk, i am definatly not the one to ask :)  i tend to look at these things and coo about the shiney case; plus i've not see any yet07:52
amitkapw: haha :)07:52
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ckingppisati, did you get the fluke meter working?09:25
ckingapw, can you sync stress-ng 0.01.31-1 into utopic, I had to make some minor fixes to the man page and help after autosync'ing got turned off earlier this week09:27
apwcking, sure09:27
apwcking, and done09:32
ppisaticking: nope, because the meter didn't turn on09:37
ppisaticking:  i did the hw mod instead09:38
ppisaticking: i think it's a problem with the fuse behind09:38
ppisaticking: it says "1/8amp for 220v" but there was a 250mA fuse09:38
ckingppisati, there is a 220/110 V voltage selector on the back - did you follow the manual?09:39
* cking hopes it didn't blow up09:39
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ppisatimlankhorst: FYI - bug 135926215:45
ubot5bug 1359262 in mesa (Ubuntu) "Chrome + Radeon + hardware acceleration: black Google maps tab" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135926215:45
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mlankhorstok I'll look17:16
leighmanhey, trying to load a backported drm module on 14.04 using dkms but it is tainted17:30
leighmanis it to do with signing? can I enable that?17:30
leighmantaint code in 409817:31
leighmandrm and i915 module17:31
apwleighman (N,BFTL), i think  it tells you why when  it taints, in dmesg20:58

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