RAOFProtobufMessageProcessor really is entirely untested.01:42
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dufluWhy is it "bzr log FILE" often shows revisions that have nothing to do with FILE?05:52
RAOFIt does?06:03
dufluRAOF: Yes, more often than not. So bzr log FILE is mostly useless06:08
dufluSeems like a bug06:08
dufluIf I analyse the revisions it gives me then FILE is not in them06:08
RAOFHuh. Do you have an example file? I've never seen that.06:09
RAOF(And I do occasionally do bzr log FILE)06:09
dufluRAOF:  bzr log src/shared/protobuf/mir_protobuf_wire.proto06:11
RAOFHm, quite true.06:12
* duflu experienced git again for the first time in a long time last night. It was nice :)06:12
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tkamppeterI have submitted a MIR for the "brlaser" printer driver package (bug 1359137). I would like to get it in before FF. The package is super simple and small. Could this be done? I have already posted on #ubuntu-release but did not get any answer.14:12
ubot5bug 1359137 in brlaser (Ubuntu) "[MIR] brlaser" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135913714:12
tkamppeterI hope this is about "Main Inclusion Request", if not, tell me which channel is the correct one.14:13
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greybacktkamppeter: this channel is about Mir, the display server, not MIRs14:16
greybacktkamppeter: #ubuntu-devel probably better channel14:16
alan_gkdub: when you could reproduce lp:1358698 - was it on desktop or phone?14:19
kdubalan_g, it was on phone14:19
kduband I tried bisecting, but at some point the process of updating binaries fixed the problem for me14:20
kdubi can see if i can reproduce again, seems its giving us a headache14:20
alan_gkdub: I remember that - just wasn't sure where you were running it14:20
alan_gkdub: BTW welcome back - I trust you're fully recovered>?14:22
kdubalan_g,  yeah, enough that cold/flu medicine takes care of the remaining symptoms14:23
tkamppetergreyback, OK.14:42
alan_gdoes anyone know why we dlopen our platform plugins with RTLD_GLOBAL when we're going to use dlsym to resolve the symbols?15:20
* alan_g sees that bzr says alf_ wrote that.15:22
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AlbertA2alan_g: I think I tried removing it once15:43
AlbertA2and I got loading errors in unity815:44
AlbertA2but I can't remember for sure15:44
AlbertA2I vaguely remember something to do with the fact that unity-mir is also loaded at runtime15:44
alan_gAlbertA2: It seems strange, but I can wait for an explanation (as it isn't causing the problem).15:47
alan_gI hope15:47
* alan_g is glad he's not the only one to ever wonder15:48
greybackAlbertA: unity-mir dead. Qtmir (its replacement) is not dl-loaded15:53
AlbertA2greyback: right...I was just recalling some months ago when I tried removing RTLD_GLOBAL15:56
AlbertA2but there may be some other reason it's there15:57
AlbertA2racarr_: thanks for the help, worked like a charm :) https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/mir/fix-1359264/+merge/23158416:00
greybackAlbertA: gotcha16:03
AlbertA2greyback: oh I wanted to ask you where in qtmir is the wait for first frame? curious...16:03
greybackAlbertA: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/qtmir/trunk/view/head:/src/modules/Unity/Application/mirsurfaceitem.cpp#L38416:04
greybackAlbertA: which is called by a Mir SurfaceObserver::frame_posted16:05
greybackwe then have code in MirSurfaceManager to only add the surface to the scene once the first frame is posted16:07
AlbertA2greyback: and is there an easy way to cross-compile qtmir?16:08
greybackAlbertA: I sbuild it usually16:08
greybackor else develop on device, since it's pretty small :)16:08
AlbertA2so qmake and then make?16:10
greybackhang on, you need to be careful to use gcc4.916:11
greybackqmake "QMAKE_CXX=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.9" "QMAKE_LINK=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.9" "QMAKE_LINK_SHLIB=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.9"16:11
greybackthen make16:11
greybackmake install16:11
AlbertA2ahh thanks!16:12
* alan_g has managed to reproduce bug 1358698 (and it's only Wednesday!)16:22
ubot5bug 1358698 in Mir "[regression] Test failure holding up all merge proposals: File already exists in database: mir_protobuf_wire.proto" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135869816:22
kdubalan_g, yay16:25
alan_gkdub: I got excited too soon. It happened twice - now with the same *binaries* I can't reproduce.16:35
kdubhmm, so a fun transient problem16:35
* kdub goes on the case too16:41
alan_gkdub: I have a theory about the time I got it...16:42
alan_gThe test discovery code died with it16:43
alan_gand that ran *before* the libmirplatformgraphics library was created16:43
kdubmissed something, before the library was created?16:44
alan_gso if we load a libmirplatformgraphics which depends upon a *different* version of libmircommon16:44
alan_gThere's no dependency in cmake on the platformgraphics library16:45
alan_gBecause that is dlopened16:45
alan_gand no-one added a rule16:45
alan_gso if we load a libmirplatformgraphics which depends upon a *different* version of libmircommon16:45
alan_gthen we could be getting two versions of libmircommon in memory16:46
alan_gBut that timing doesn't explain all the CI failures16:46
kdubyeah, its a reasonable explanation, but I don't see how the problem could be transient16:47
alan_gOnce the libmirplatformgraphics has been built the problem goes away16:47
alan_gas we pick up the right one16:47
alan_gAnyway, if that is actually the cause then the latest rev of this ought to pass CI: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/integration-and-unit-tests-link-against-internals/+merge/23081016:52
racarr_AlbertA2: Yay :) will review16:52
alan_gBut it doesn't (yet) explain why CI consistently goes wrong and we have a rare intermittent.16:53
kdubmaybe its a fresh install everytime? (trying to think what that could change)16:54
* alan_g is tempted to revert -c1846 just to see if that masks the problem16:55
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alan_gkdub: another MP may shed light (but I expect it to eliminate an idea, not provide a solution): https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/fix-1358698/+merge/23142316:58
alan_gbut I'm hitting EOD and hope it to be solved when I get into work tomorrow. ;)16:58
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AlbertA2greyback: what's your incantantion for sbuild - it keeps failing here on getting the dependencies17:00
greybackAlbertA: hmm let me check here first. I usually do "sbuild -c utopic-amd64-armhf --host=armhf -j3" ut it's been a while17:02
greybackAlbertA: failed for me on g++4.9 - same for you? I had hoped that was fixed by now.17:06
AlbertA2greayback: yeah17:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1353855 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Explicit g++ 4.9 dependency breaks cross-building" [Undecided,New]17:08
greybackI can't recommend anything else except working on device, sorry17:09
AlbertA2greyback: thanks...17:10
AlbertA2greyback: though for me is failing on mor than just g++4.9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8099543/17:15
AlbertA2which makes me think I'm missing something else as well17:15
racarr_you could install the needed dependencies17:17
greybackhmm. My output for comparison, in case it helps: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8099553/17:17
racarr_in a prepopulated sbuild17:17
racarr_and then remove all the build-deps from debian/rules before running sbuild17:17
racarr_ridiculous of course but its become17:17
greybackback in your cage you!17:17
racarr_really hard to build on device imo17:17
racarr_there is barely enough space17:17
racarr_for mir/qtmir build deps17:17
greybacktrue, I just about squeeze it in these days17:18
racarr_and last time I actually only managed to do it by manually deleting a bunch of stuff from /usr/lib lol17:18
racarr_but I think I had some stuff17:18
racarr_left over too17:18
greybackapt-get clean if your friend17:18
racarr_I know even with rming /var/cache/apt/archives17:18
racarr_unless apt-get clean does more17:18
greybackthink it's the same17:18
racarr_lol, anyway, I hope we can make sbuild work...17:18
greybackit's been like that for >1 month now17:18
greybackit'll probably go away if 4.9 made default17:19
AlbertA2umm the weird part is g++-4.9 is already installed in the chroot17:41
racarr_it's the cross compile chain v. armhf binary or some such right?17:42
racarr_(it's->the problem is)17:42
mibofraAlbertA2, hi :D, recompiling mir wasn't successful xD. And I think you (you as the developers/engineers of the mir's team) do not want to support a chroot environment XD .17:42
AlbertA2mibofra: log?17:44
AlbertA2racarr_: oh yeah...17:46
mibofraAlbertA, the same results of the demos provided by executables on the packages, do you remember them?17:48
AlbertA2mibofra: oh so you were able to compile fine, just failure at run time again?17:49
greybackAlbertA: the amd64 g++ is installed, but it's trying to install the armhf one. I tried this cheeky patch: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8099582/ but it failed further on with qmake not being found (wrong arch installed)17:49
mibofrayeah AlbertA2, apart from a compiling issue that I had to fix (the system was an make's assassin xD, so I've free other sources for make and it (make) ran fine).17:51
AlbertA2mibofra: well if you can step through the egltriangle example with gdb17:52
AlbertA2mibofra: since the stack trace was pretty useless17:52
AlbertA2mibofra: it could help us narrow down the issue...17:52
mibofrayeah it was, let's see17:53
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AlbertA2kgunn_: was there a bug# for the dash flash when opening apps?19:06
kgunn_uh yeah, i know daniel logged one....lemme look19:07
mibofraAlbertA2, apart form the stacks what do you find useful/ do you need/ do you debug usually?19:13
AlbertA2logcat and dmesg...specially if it's a driver issue...19:13
AlbertA2but in your case it's a client side issue...19:13
mibofraAlbertA2, we've seen the dmesg, the output of logcat it's regular http://paste.ubuntu.com/8100365/19:15
AlbertA2so stepping through does not help?19:15
kdubour mp's are outta control19:21
AlbertA2kdub: only 24... ;)19:21
AlbertA2greyback: so it was indeed the first blank frame causing the dash flash19:23
AlbertA2greyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/qtmir/ignore-first-frame/+merge/23161219:23
greybackAlbertA2: yep saw that, but I'm very curious why Mir gives us a "frame drawn" notification, and the first frame we pull is not drawn to19:24
AlbertA2greyback: I seem to recall, but not entirely sure19:25
AlbertA2that we are getting a swap buffers from qt...without actual content...so the framework just goes through the motions...19:25
AlbertA2but I have to check again...so much has changed19:26
racarr_lol CI went on a crazy run through everytrhing19:26
mibofraAlbertA2, I've to try every option of gdb xD but if you want I can setup an ssh access so you can try other things (if you want).19:26
AlbertA2greyback: or it could just be the driver doing that as well...19:27
greybackAlbertA2: it's Mir's job to try isolate me from driver quirks :)19:28
AlbertA2mibofra: well if you could narrow it down to a top level call at least, to see if it's just driver setup or a call in mir19:28
greybackAlbertA2: I'm not against the patch, but IMO it needs a big FIXME/HACK comment and an associated Mir bug19:28
AlbertA2greyback:  :)=19:28
greybackAlbertA2: you're sure skipping just 1 frame is enough?19:29
AlbertA2greyback: yeah I'll dig deeper but for now that should do...19:29
AlbertA2greyback: yeah it's only the first frame... I tested on n10 and others19:29
AlbertA2greyback: well the thing I'm not sure it's a mir bug yet, like I said, I think alan or alf suspected Qt calling swap_buffers19:31
AlbertA2before rendering any content at the begninning19:31
AlbertA2but this was some months ago19:31
greybackAlbertA2: hmm first I've heard of that. Is possible19:32
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mibofraAlbertA2, a thing, if you want I can say to you how I've setup my chroot (enviroment)20:54
AlbertA2mibofra: sure20:54
mibofraAlbertA2, so you can maybe reproduce it and test it yourself20:54
mibofraAlbertA2, initially I've used this project: http://botbrew.com/ , and this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.botbrew.basil (with source on https://github.com/jyio/botbrew-gui). Basically it bootstrap a copy of emdebian (not even developed form july), and automatize the chroot process, binding /dev /sys /proc ecc.., so it's simple to replace emdebian with ubuntu touch or other systems.21:01
mibofraI had some issues with use some functions of the app, like install some parts of emdebian, some parts required some manual interventions that couldn't be done except from an shell with adb or a terminal emulator.21:04
AlbertA2greyback: so yeah it was a bug in mir: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/135940621:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359406 in Mir "mir should not composite/display buffers when an android driver calls ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer" [Critical,Triaged]21:05
AlbertA2mibofra: ok... but what is the initial platform?21:05
mibofrabut ubuntu touch it's basically complete for use, so you don't need to fix nothing apart from manually replace the emdebian with ubuntu touch21:05
mibofraAlbertA2, I really didn't understand you with this question lol21:06
mibofrawhat do you mean?21:06
AlbertA2mibofra: is it a rooted android phone? or you already have ubuntu touch running on it? or something else?21:06
mibofraAlbertA2, I've said it before, it's an android (cyanogenmod 11) rooted phone.21:07
AlbertA2oh I see...and android app21:07
AlbertA2mibofra: so the app does all the setup for you?21:09
AlbertA2mibofra: nothing else needed?21:09
mibofraAlbertA2, anyway basically only mir doesn't work, pulse works, network manager too, dbus too21:09
mibofraAlbertA2, yeah it's much less work to do. You've only to use the first option of the app21:12
racarr_Your problem could relate to...well...21:12
racarr_if the app is for running debian21:12
racarr_I dont see why it would bother setting up the appropriate21:12
racarr_symlinks for /system21:12
racarr_to the androit root...21:12
AlbertA2racarr__: but render_to_fb is working though21:13
racarr_ah damnit21:13
AlbertA2racarr__: so the server seems ok21:13
AlbertA2it's the client driver context21:13
mibofraAlbertA2, the deployed system will be under /data/botbrew-basil in default21:13
racarr_I was going to guess wrong libGL21:13
AlbertA2that crashes21:13
racarr_I wonder if ubuntu touch runs natively on the device21:13
racarr_e.g. community port21:13
AlbertA2mibofra: have you tried runing the egltriangle example with sudo?21:14
AlbertA2just to rule out permission issues21:14
racarr_ohhh there isa theory21:14
AlbertA2mibrofra: ok and then you chroot into that dir?21:14
mibofraracarr_, the server can load the necessary libraries, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8101160/ and the demo render_to_fb works and I can see the output on the screen.21:15
mibofraAlbertA2, basically I work with root only at the moment21:16
AlbertA2mibofra: ok..21:16
mibofraeven if I can add and login with normal users21:16
mibofraracarr_, there is a port of utouch for my phone (the gt-i9300), without ril support but there is. Anyway the logic is that if I can run ubuntu touch in this way, every user of an arm7 phone/tablet will be able to use ubuntu touch without porting it.21:17
racarr_mm would be neat21:19
mibofra(anyway the porting for my phone it's discontinued xD )21:19
mibofraracarr_, and I like the concept to put an hdmi adaptor, a pair of bluetooth keyboard and mouse and see unity on the screen of my lcd hd TV and use my phone as my desktop pc xD21:20
mibofraracarr_, yeah think about this, you deploy ubuntu touch under android, and use it without porting and maybe switch between the os by a script that route the hw (start/stop the services on both the os) and you can "dualboot" without rebooting the phone21:24
AlbertA2mibofra: motorola did that actually a few years ago :)21:25
mibofraracarr_, and the devices are shared with both the so, so for example, I've used xboxdrv to use the wireless xbox receiver and controller and android seen it and I can use it on android. Or ubuntu touch can use the fm receiver or the nfc chip without developing the support for each device.21:26
mibofraAlbertA2, yeah and I think it's an intelligent thing21:27
mibofraAlbertA2, an maybe less pain for you devs/engineers, basically with this approach every arm7 device that runs andorid it's virtually supported21:28
AlbertA2mibofra: well that's the approach we take already...we use the android binary blobs21:28
AlbertA2for modem, display, etc...21:29
AlbertA2but the devil is on the details...21:29
AlbertA2specially display drivers21:29
AlbertA2they all have different caveats/bugs...21:30
mibofraAlbertA2, yeah xD . And I hate a thing21:30
mibofraBasically every linux system can mange the modules with modprobe and the other tools21:31
mibofraon /system/lib there are the libs ok but there isn't the index lib as on every linux system21:31
mibofraso if you try a modprobe module that's the response: modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod.c:557 kmod_search_moddep() could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/3.0.64-CM-g8245168/modules.dep.bin'21:32
AlbertA2well that's an android thing21:32
mibofraok AlbertA2 but why don't use an "tested" approach of the modules managing?21:34
AlbertA2I guess that's a google question :)21:35
mibofraAlbertA2, I think they have fun to see the devs imprecate porting android on other devices that aren't the nexus series xD.21:36
mibofraAlbertA2, just a thing I've remembered, where is gone ubuntu for TVs?21:38
mibofrajust to curiosity (yes I'm curious)21:43
AlbertA2mibofra: I don't know...that's more of a roadmap question...21:43
mibofraAlbertA2, anyway I'm here if you have any ideas.22:24
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