geserESphynx: I don't think that debdiff will be used as it's a new upstream version (-> new .orig.tar), I'd attach the .debian.tar.* and add a link where to get the .orig.tar (ideally the same which gets later uploaded to Debian as it would allow to sync again)06:50
geserperhaps also add a diff of the debian/ directory for review06:51
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dholbachgood morning07:36
iulianMorning dholbach.09:47
dholbachhi iulian09:47
ESphynxgeser: I did put a link to the whole thing on mentors?11:24
ESphynxdholbach: any idea why the build was failing for you? :|11:26
ESphynxgeser: and http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/e/ecere-sdk/ecere-sdk_0.44.09.9-1.debian.tar.gz --> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/e/ecere-sdk/ecere-sdk_0.44.10-1.debian.tar.xz11:31
ESphynxdholbach: Perhaps somehow applying the .debdiff you were missing the .install files?11:34
dholbachhi ESphynx11:57
dholbachESphynx, I don't think so - I just applied the diff and it applied cleanly11:57
dholbachbut I can try again11:58
dholbachcp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/$LIBDIR/ec/libEcereAudio.so.0.44': No such file or directory11:59
dholbach^ this doesn't look like a missing .install file11:59
dholbachmore like an install file pointing to the wrong place11:59
dholbachESphynx, strangely enough the build succeeded this time - I'll just modify the changelog entry to 1) have -0ubuntu1 as version number, 2) list LP: #135857212:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1358572 in ecere-sdk (Ubuntu) "Update to Ecere SDK 0.44.10 (Major milestone, many usability fixes)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135857212:06
dholbach"Closes: <Debian bugs>" will also not be necessary12:06
ESphynxdholbach: yeah it always worked for me12:16
ESphynxso strange12:16
ESphynxawesome dholbach! thank you!12:17
ESphynxbut why on earth wasn't it working last time?12:17
dholbachno idea, sorry12:17
ESphynxNice! ppc64el seems to build fine!12:25
ESphynxwonder if arm64 will build too?12:25
ESphynx(It seems like it will! this is exciting :) )12:29
filipsohajekHi, i've got a question. If i'm packaging a ruby program, that needs all files in one directory, can i place that directory in /usr/local ?  Thanks18:19
filipsohajekSo, where i can place that files? Or i'm supposed to change the source code to support FS hirearchy?18:20
Zhenechyou do not package stuff into /usr/local18:21
Zhenechmany packages have stuff in /usr/share/<package>18:21
Zhenechor does it need all files as in: all the code and all the rest in one dir?18:21
filipsohajekOh, sorry. It was /usr/share .18:21
filipsohajekOh, sorry. It was /usr/local/share .18:22
Zhenechmake it /usr/share.18:22
filipsohajekSorry, i'm confused. Definitely : /usr/share18:22
filipsohajekThanks, another question. Can i get sponsorship here?18:23

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