falcon1000como criar um servidor ubuntu00:34
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dholbachgood morning07:36
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ky7enHi ubuntu people :)13:51
ubuntickwhen is this starting, I don't live in US or anywhere near13:51
ubuntickok I'm dumb, sorry13:52
blue-dragonhi guys13:56
mhall119ubuntick: it'll start in a few minutes13:58
belkinsao/ all14:01
DS-McGuireAre we on?14:02
belkinsaSeems not.14:03
DS-McGuireWell, at least I didn't miss anything haha.14:03
belkinsaYeah, I missed like 15 minutes of the QA last night14:04
DS-McGuireI completely missed that, I was out.14:04
belkinsaI see you!14:05
Akiva-Thinkpadthis the channel?14:05
popeyyes Akiva-Thinkpad14:05
belkinsamhall119, lol.14:05
belkinsaPlease us QUESTION: to ask the question.14:06
DS-McGuireQUESTION: What sort of privacy does a user have when using a scope?14:10
Akiva-Thinkpaddc/d ; what did I miss?14:10
popeyoooh, paid apps14:11
nik90popey: where?14:11
mhall119coming soon14:11
Akiva-Thinkpadyou and your unicode :P14:12
popeyyeah, this time next year, you'll be millionaires ☻14:12
nik90Akiva-Thinkpad: you mean ☻...I think ☻ is coool14:12
Akiva-Thinkpadmmmm yah14:13
Akiva-ThinkpadQUESTION: Will there be a payment option similar to "Pay what you want", like the way Ubuntu and the humble indie bundle does it?14:14
popeyooh, that would be cool14:14
DS-McGuireQUESTION: So does a local search on the phone with the scopes enabled send information out?14:14
DS-McGuireThanks for answering the question though :)14:14
blue-dragon777will we ever have the option to move the top menu bar to the lower side or the side of the screen(because of widescreens)?14:14
Akiva-ThinkpadQUESTION ^14:15
belkinsaQUESTION: To Oli, will phone number identity be recorded by the scopes and if so, will that be able to be turned off?14:15
Akiva-ThinkpadQUESTION: Bitcoin payment option (Popey's favourite currency)?14:17
DS-McGuireThat makes sense, I haven;t played with a newer version of Ubuntu touch so that's why i am out of the loop.14:17
belkinsaOh good, that permission lurks me.14:17
mhall119bitcoin is still a thing?14:17
Akiva-Thinkpadmhall119, it behooves me, but :/14:18
mrbrownstoneQUESTION:  Has there been any further work on the the tablet side stage or will that happen after rtm for the phone?14:18
belkinsaRurks me*14:18
nik90hmm there is a Ubuntu webapp in the store14:18
popeyQUESTION: Can I still 'side-load' apps using adb push / pkcon install-local once signing comes in?14:19
ubunvwhi's there?14:19
mhall119ubunv: are you on ubuntuonair.com?14:20
nik90QUESTION: Any ETA on when newly added apps to the store will be shown under a new category (department) like "Newly Added"?14:20
popeyooh, good question14:20
ubunvi've came to ask questions14:20
ubunvis this thé place14:20
popeyprefix your questions with QUESTION:14:21
mhall119ubunv: watch the video and ask your questions here starting with QUESTION14:21
Akiva-ThinkpadQUESTION: Will there be a design session or conference for the Unity8's tablet design?14:21
blue-dragon777QUESTION: will we ever have the option to move the top menu bar to the lower side or the side of the14:21
ubunvi'll Côme back via m'y PC im on m'y smartphone now ciao14:21
belkinsaQUESTION: Will users see permissions for what apps do when they install them?14:22
nik90belkinsa: not when you install them, but rather when app tries to access a particular resource14:22
belkinsaI see.14:23
ubunvquestion: when are you releasing thé final version for ubuntu phone os ?14:23
ubunvquestion:will thé final ubuntu os for phone will be fully fonctional for thé nexus 4 because its not thé case now?14:25
Akiva-Thinkpadubunv, do you mean RTM as the "Final Release?"14:25
DS-McGuireRTM means release to manufactures14:27
ubunvare you answering m'y question hère or on thé vidéo?14:28
belkinsaOn the video.14:29
nik90ubunv: video14:29
DS-McGuireQUESTION: I can remember reading (I can't find it anymore) that we could use some code from Meego (the abandoned) Nokia platform, the code in question was how apps launch and how Meego did it so quickly, is this true?14:29
hevansQUESTION: Will the Nexus 4 continue to be the design platform for Ubuntu for devices after RTM?  If so how long with this remain the case?14:31
Akiva-Thinkpadthanks mhall119 !14:32
DS-McGuireThat is. So. Much. Better than Android. OMG14:32
belkinsamhall119, I see.14:32
tyler_dhow will the ubuntu phone handle hotspot access via wireless for forced portals?14:34
belkinsaQUESTION ^^^14:34
tyler_dQUESTION: how will the ubuntu phone handle hotspot access via wireless for forced portals?14:34
Akiva-Thinkpadbah beat me to it >_<14:34
tyler_d;) belkinsa14:34
Akiva-ThinkpadQUESTION: Before RTM, which application needs the most work, so I know which to contribute to?14:36
belkinsaWatch the time guys...:)14:36
nik90ohh mhall119 has the batman mug14:36
* nik90 wants one14:36
scarf1988have you tried to install the Ubuntu Mobile OS on HTC M8?14:36
DS-McGuireolli: Thanks for the answer :)14:37
belkinsascarf1988, please check out XDA developers, someone might have a port or you can port it yourself.14:37
belkinsaThe ubuntu Touch site has a porting guide.14:37
hevansThank you.14:38
ollipopey, now that Dash is an app...14:38
Akiva-Thinkpadhmm? as in you can uninstall the dash?14:39
olliAkiva-Thinkpad, no, but it behaves like an app e.g. in the spread (app switcher)14:39
Akiva-Thinkpadolli, ah14:40
ollii.e. it shows up in the app stack and you can switch right back to it14:40
mhall119nik90: the mug was my birthday present this year :)14:40
nik90mhall119: well who ever gave it has good taste :)14:40
mhall119the wife :)14:40
popeyolli: me?14:40
DS-McGuireAre there any more up to date demos of the phones guys>?14:41
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, was working on the calender; what do you need now.14:41
mhall119DS-McGuire: make friends on Google+, lots of people post videos they make14:41
ollipopey, just thought that now that the dash is an app, it might be the one running for "app that needs most work"14:41
popeyolli: haha, i see ☻14:41
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: we have some work on terminal that needs completing. I'll mention it in my update coming up14:41
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-terminal-dev/ubuntu-terminal-app/require-password-screenlock/+merge/231064 this one14:42
nik90popey: look at olli trying to steal contributors from the core apps ;P14:42
popeyyeah, no chance14:42
DS-McGuireI am in a lot of communities on there, I don't see a lot to be honest.14:42
Akiva-Thinkpadoh wow; I am really glad that the terminal is going to be a core app14:42
Akiva-ThinkpadI thought it was going to be taken out by the manufacturers14:42
mhall119Akiva-Thinkpad: core != installed by default14:42
popeywell, there's no guarantee _any_ core app will be installed by default14:42
Akiva-Thinkpadmhall119, ;_;14:43
popeyI doubt any manufacturer would install file manager or terminal by default14:43
popeybut it's in the store14:43
popeythe problem is if we don't implement the above merge, we could risk it even being in the store!14:43
popeyso it's critical we get that merge finished.14:43
DS-McGuirepopey: That's a good thing. No normal user should be in the ternimal :)14:43
popeybut nerds like us ... ☻14:43
DS-McGuireIt's a must have.14:43
Akiva-Thinkpadfun fact; I use the file manager instead of nautilus14:44
Akiva-Thinkpadit really looks nice14:44
popeyalso http://i.imgur.com/Ntu399y.png14:44
mhall119it really does, doesn't it14:44
sonicgiowhy is ubuntu touch not availble for Samsung galaxy s i900014:44
Akiva-ThinkpadHOLY !!!114:44
popeyI know, right!?14:44
belkinsasonicgio, please check out XDA developers, someone might have a port or you can port it yourself.14:44
belkinsaThe ubuntu Touch site has a porting guide.14:44
* Akiva-Thinkpad posts this on reddit14:44
popeythe cool old term dev is working on that14:45
sonicgiobelkinsa, yeah i know but thats a very old version14:45
popeythat is a preliminary screenshot from a couple of weeks ago14:45
sonicgiothats a preview and not a working one14:45
belkinsaAsk the one that is porting it if they need help, sonicgio.14:45
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, this is something you developed, or someone else?14:46
* Akiva-Thinkpad needs a reddit title14:46
popeythe cool old term upstream developer is integrating it14:46
sonicgiobelkinsa, how can i port i myself is there a page for that i have learn to code14:46
belkinsaIs there a way to make screenshots on Ubuntu Touch or is that a feature still in development?  (I don't want this to be on air since it's off topic)14:46
nik90belkinsa: phablet-screenshot?14:47
popeyits already available for the desktop, and the upstream dev has kindly ported it to ubuntu touch.14:47
nik90belkinsa: or do you mean as an app on ubuntu touch?14:47
belkinsasonicgio, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting14:47
ubunvQuestion: the parameters are not save on the nexus 4,they come back to the default. Will it be possible to save our configurations?14:47
belkinsaOn the device itself.14:47
mhall119ubunv: parameters of what?14:47
nik90belkinsa: I am not sure...afaik I don't know of any14:48
belkinsaAs in the key combo that allows users to take a screenshot of the screen.14:48
ubunvQuestion: of bluethoot data wifi if i disable it it come back on14:48
belkinsanik90, okay.  Thank you.14:48
mhall119belkinsa: the Unity/Mir team were talking about using a key combo similar to Android for that14:51
belkinsaGood to hear14:51
mhall119I think they were still working out what to do with the screenshot once it was taken, whether to put it in the gallery or open the content-hub or something14:51
ubunvQuestion: On the nexus 4 there is a big problem, the fact that if the battery discharge completely you would have to desasemble the phone,would this problem wont be one soon?14:52
belkinsaFor reminders app, \o/ for the design stuff14:52
nik90ubunv: huh? I have never had to do that14:53
belkinsaAnother question for off air, will there be a app or a scope for Internet streaming radio?14:53
nik90ubunv: there were few times when my battery ran out completey...charging it for some time and then turning them in works14:53
mhall119belkinsa: daker's rad.io app is already in the store14:54
belkinsaAlright, I will look at ut.14:54
ky7enQUESTION: On the Nexus 7 II or other tablet with Android 4+ will be option to install dualboot system?14:54
ubunvI never tried to discharge the phone completely but its wroted on the ubuntu site with the tutorial to install it on nexus 414:55
mhall119ubunv: I think that's been resolved for some time, we might just need to update the docs14:55
Nothing_MuchOh darn, I missed most of it14:56
LeAstraleme2 unfortunately, had to get off work.14:56
mhall119Nothing_Much: it'll be available to re-watch in a little bit14:56
Nothing_Muchmhall119: yeah, I didn't have that many questions anyways14:57
olliI need to run to another meeting, will stay on IRC if there are more questions14:59
ollithx everyone14:59
wesleymasonI recently had issues with dual-booting on the 2013 Nexus 7 with the dualboot.sh, not patching SU correctly, but there's a very nice thirdparty app called MultiROM that supports dualbooting touch and worked patching SU nicely15:00
DS-McGuirewoo! Global Jam!15:00
Nothing_Muchworkshops? oh man15:00
Akiva-Thinkpadis there an ubuntu sdk irc channel?15:00
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: they tend to lurk in #ubuntu-app-devel15:01
Akiva-Thinkpadokay doke15:01
popeythanks everyone15:01
DS-McGuireIf anybody wants help with documentation come find us at #ubuntu-doc :)15:01
DS-McGuireSee ya guys!!15:02
mhall119thanks everyone15:02
nik90see ya, bye15:02
Nothing_Muchoh man, now I need to figure out that ubuntu summet thing and global jam15:02
mhall119Nothing_Much: we'll be doign something for Global Jam at FOSSETCON15:02
Nothing_Muchmhall119: Didn't FOSSETTCON happen already?15:03
DS-McGuireAnybody know where the global jams are in the uk?15:03
mhall119popey: ^^15:03
mhall119Nothing_Much: no, it's Sept. 11-1315:03
popeyDS-McGuire: not defined yet15:04
DS-McGuirepopey: Thanks :)15:04
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Kali_Linuxwhats up guys16:54
Kali_Linuxhmmmmmmmm :)16:54
Nothing_MuchHey Kali_Linux16:56
Nothing_MuchI think it's over, is it not?16:56
Kali_Linuxhello bro16:56
Kali_Linuxi just need help with ,y ubuntu16:56
Kali_Linuxi can't install good themes16:56
Kali_Linuxmy *16:57
Nothing_MuchKali_Linux: Ah okay, for general support, check out #ubuntu, dude16:57
Nothing_MuchThis channel's reserved for the devs of Ubuntu to answer questions :)16:57
Kali_Linuxguys i just wana to build os based on linux17:00
Nothing_MuchKali_Linux: Try out LFS (Linux from Scratch) if you're going to do that o.o17:01
Kali_Linuxlinx ubuntu i will add some pentest tools17:01
Kali_Linuxhhhh :D17:01
Kali_Linuxare you real ubuntu team?17:03
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cowboywhy does my upgrade to 14.04 not work? it has totally messed up my machined19:33
cowboyit will not let me reinstall it19:34
cowboydoes anyone have a answer19:34
cowboyi guess there is no one here19:35
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