FlannelEverything is better once you've had a meal.00:00
Flannelvalorie: These things happen, no big deal.  Most mailing list folks aren't going to complain about a single email afterall!  It's unfortunate that apps/websites/whatever feel the need to spam address books, but that's not your fault.00:02
optrusty_i am sorry to interrupt but i got an email from the irc mailing list about a women name valorie is this spam or something or irc mailing list sent that02:58
IdleOneI answered you in -irc02:58
optrusty_idleone i tought everyone was away at this time03:00
rww#ubuntu is now at approximately bans + quiets + banexes + invexes = 400. The maximum capacity of such is 500. Therefore, we're at 80% full. Since we haven't hit 100% full in a while, it would amuse me if we did so, so this message is purely informational :P05:56
FlannelIf you'd stop removing them and throwing away our hard work every few months, we'd be able to achieve better metrics.05:58
rwwFlannel: I now have graphs (stolen from Pi`ci) (but only of +b, not +q +e +I because I don't have free time to ponder this), so yeah.05:59
rwwI'm not planning on burning down the banlist this time around.05:59
FlannelOh, so now that you're tracking the metrics, we're under pressure to perform, eh?06:00
rwwyes, you need to make the bancount as high as possible without going over06:00
rwwI call this game banjack06:00
k1l_phunyguy: hmm, but something keeps reminding me why that much users did want to install 12.10 instead of 12.0410:26
bazhang<TaZeR> cant wait for ubuntu windows edition15:35
geniiJust point him at http://www.mslinux.org/15:35
* genii giggles insanely and runs away15:36
bazhangtazer is there for one reason alone15:36
bazhangI *just* cleared out 3 quiets15:42
genii @comment 63664 Warned about offtopic discussion in #ubuntu15:44
ikoniaI'll have a clean up tomorrow when I've got time15:46
bazhangwith all the netsplits, I see nearly every ban attributed to a freenode server15:47
bazhang<digitsm> P.S. I installed root partition on a btrfs partition15:58
ikoniajust read that15:58
bazhangwhat a post script15:58
bazhang<Gatis> Are linux users increasing?16:47
bazhangGatis is another 'repent or hellfire' guy16:47
bazhangubottu, lag17:03
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag17:03
ubotturonin called the ops in #ubuntu ()19:14
rwwaccidental ^19:14
rww@mark #ubuntu Gatis being offtopic; has been kicked out of a few places already aiui19:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:20
k1lDellboy: go and play somewhere else, outside of the internet.20:52
DellboyWhat if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction,20:52
k1li bet he would not like you to be annoying to volunteers. so better stop that.20:54
Dellboyim saying God sufferslong with the nonelect20:54
hggdhwhat language is that?20:54
k1ldont think we are stupid :/21:00
afreenodeadmini need to be opped21:00
=== afreenodeadmin is now known as StuffYou
ubottuIn #ubuntu, theborger said: ubottu: 2.82 is to new i have to have 2.0322:39

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