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elopioping ubuntu-qa: can I please get a review here?15:38
robotfuelelopio: I will15:39
elopiothanks robotfuel15:39
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elopioping ubuntu-qa: I need two more reviews:15:54
elopiorvr: rhuddie: maybe you?15:54
rhuddieelopio, sure, I'll take a look15:56
Nothing_Muchballoons: I got the login screen for the Live desktop for ubuntu-desktop-next, but can't figure out what the login and password is16:06
balloonsNothing_Much, that means unity8 fails to start16:07
Nothing_Muchballoons: oh, that's the greeter?16:08
balloonsNothing_Much, look at the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8DesktopIso. "If the image boots to a greeter login, it's likely that the unity8 session fails to start (that's the case in VMs for example) "16:08
balloonsthat's what is happening yes?>16:08
Nothing_Muchah, yep16:09
Nothing_Muchgonna put the iso on my second desktop then16:09
balloonskk, hopefully it works better16:12
Nothing_Muchfrom what I've heard, nvidia hardware has the second best mir support from nouveau16:13
elfyafternoon peeps16:14
Nothing_MuchHowdy elfy16:14
elopiorhuddie: thanks for the review. I tried ubuntu-app-stop and it doesn't stop the apps. Maybe I'm using it wrong.16:16
elopiorhuddie: do you know how to close the dialer-app with ubuntu-app-stop ?16:16
rhuddieelopio, this seems to work ok: ubuntu-app-stop dialer-app16:17
elfyhi Nothing_Much - keeping busy I see :)16:21
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Nothing_Muchkernel panic on hardware for ubuntu-desktop-next16:23
Nothing_Muchdrm_kms_helper: panic occurred16:23
balloonsbah, so neither desktop worked?16:24
Nothing_Muchnot the VM or the hardware16:24
Nothing_MuchI don't have my hardware on the hardware page of the Ubuntu QA team yet16:25
elopiorhuddie: hum, it works, you are right.16:25
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elopiorhuddie: I updated the MP. Waiting for Jenkins to confirm.16:30
rhuddieelopio, great16:30
Nothing_Muchhmm.. can't seem to authenticate to the ubuntu wiki for some reason16:31
Nothing_Muchoh there it goes16:33
elfyyou have to feed the hamster to use the wiki Nothing_Much ...16:35
elfyother wise the wheel stays still :p16:35
Nothing_Muchit's workin' now16:36
Nothing_Muchthough I can't edit to add my hardware to the permanent table16:37
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elopiorobotfuel: could you resurrect this? https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.gagnon/autopilot/add_press_duration_to_touch_devices/+merge/21226518:49
robotfuelelopio: I'll see if I can get to it. I am very busy right now with writing new long running tests.18:59
robotfueland new battery tests18:59
elopiorobotfuel: I can branch it and continue myself, if you prefer.19:00
robotfuelelopio: okay but talk to thomi, autopilot is slower than the qml timer. he had some plans for it.19:01
balloonselopio, ok so I reproduced the issue with calendar.. it's the silly drag thing again19:03
elopioballoons: I'm not sure what you are talking about. I know about two calendar issues, one because the current day is not visible and one because the text area is not deleted.19:04
balloonselopio, sorry.. the text area deletion issue brendand reported19:04
elopiois that a new one, or just one of the other two were not properly diagnosed?19:04
elopioI'm confused19:07
balloonselopio, sorry... I realize now explaining is a bit difficult. But remember https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1343916?19:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1343916 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Autopilot swipe_into_view method can open copy/paste dialog" [Undecided,Fix released]19:08
elopioballoons: I remember.19:09
balloonsThe workaround we placed in calendar I think might be causing problems now while editing.. it seems the 'click' we put in makes the cursor wind up in the middle of the text19:09
balloonsanyways, I have a few ideas to fix it I'll try out. I'm thinking something will end upstream in the toolkit though19:10
elopioballoons: I think that's not it, because we start deleting the contents of the textfield after the swipe19:12
elopioI think that instead of pressing the END key, we need to press CTRL+END19:12
balloonselopio, sure.. and we could also consider doing that each time?19:12
elopiowhich is cheating, because END is not on the OSK, but it's our only option until autopilot has a long press.19:12
balloonsright, indeed.. I was browsing the OSK19:13
elopioballoons: what do you mean with each time?19:13
elopioit's needed only for text areas, as textfields don't have multiple lines.19:13
balloonselopio, I'm surprised we don't use the 'x' for textfields19:13
elopioballoons: we use it when it's available.19:14
elopiothere are text fields that don't have it.19:14
balloonsmust have been my eyes missing it in calendar.. I thought we did.. anyways19:14
balloonswhat I was saying is we shouldn't loop forever pressing end.. if we are at the beginning and the textfield isn't empty, press end again19:15
elopioballoons: what I was going to do was to just press CTRL+END once.19:16
elopiothat keeps the loop simple, I think.19:16
balloonsand give up after a bit of iterating like that19:16
balloonsi'll try your ctrl end19:16
elopionow that's a good check. If we are at the start and it's still not empty, fail instead of keep trying.19:17
elopioballoons: I was going to start the branch on the toolkit for it. Do you mean you will try as in: you will do the branch on the toolkit?19:17
elopioor should I continue?19:17
balloonselopio, yes it's needed no matter what19:17
balloonselopio, go ahead and do it to the toolkit if you wish.. i was going to add a custom override to cal first to play with it19:18
balloonsi'm happy to do a toolkit mp too19:18
balloonsI'm sure you are busy :-)19:18
balloonsyou can review it then19:18
elopioballoons: shouldn't take a lot of time. It should be ready before I go for lunch.19:20
elopiolately I'm not that busy. Just waiting for branches to land, mostly.19:20
balloonselopio, heh, well in that case . . :-)19:20
elopioballoons: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix1359167-empty_multiline_textarea/+merge/23162620:10
balloonselopio, yep looks like what I wanted. But what do you think of trying to clear it more than once? You feel that would hide bugs?20:11
elopioballoons: do you mean, after we reached the start of the text field, try again to go to the end?20:12
balloonselopio, right.. this would hide potential issues.. but it would also smooth out one-off glitches with things20:13
balloonsit's a tough thing.. I guess I'm not for it20:13
elopioballoons: I would prefer to raise the exception I added in case we can't clear it.20:13
elopioit would just happen if we fail to select_all, or if we fail to go_to_end20:13
balloonselopio, yep, same..20:13
elopioso I would like to know why we failed, and fix it.20:14
balloonsI was thinking I would want to do something else but yep, I'm with you..20:14
balloonswe should do a review for other potential infinite loops.. never a good thing20:14
elopioballoons: I tend to assume too much, so the helpers are full of potential infinite loops.20:15
elopiobut I'm not sure where to stop.20:15
elopioin this case, for example, if BackSpace fails, we will be in an infinite loop because the cursor position won't advance.20:15
balloonssomething to slot into my brain when I review your mp's20:15
elopioI'm not sure if it's save to assume backspace will move the cursor, or not.20:16
balloonsnope. I would fail if the cursor position doesn't move when we expect it to20:16
balloonsand have a seperate exception for it.20:17
elopioballoons: ok, I'll add that check.20:17
balloonsyou agree? as the helpers we really need to handle all loop paths20:17
elopioballoons: more or less. I think that if we are fully test driven we can assume that some things will work. And that if they fail, we will get a clear error somewhere. The problem is that with our current runner, if an assumption is broken and we are in a loop, the run will be killed without useful results.20:21
elopioballoons: I pushed the change, please take a look.20:21
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balloonsmm text length.. I worry about timing issues with your if statement, but yes that looks good20:22
balloonsI'm going to try this against the calendar app20:23
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ianorlingah there was a bug affecting an image today that makes alt f2 not appear that I reported it staus had changed to fix commited but now I can't find the bug on launchpad to report in tracker22:53

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