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plmjust a curious: is possible to have a static ip in a interface eth0 and add a alias eth0:0 where eth0:0 is DHCP?01:41
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lordievaderGood morning.06:00
JernejL_Workhi everyone06:56
JernejL_Workwhat version of iptables is in latest distro?06:56
JernejL_Workactually, in 12.0406:57
JernejL_Workno matter how much i try, i can't get iprables wuth u32 to work to match packets.06:58
JernejL_Workit is in cat /proc/net/ip_tables_matches06:59
JernejL_Workbut it fails to function06:59
JernejL_Workit won't even log06:59
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LeMikehello. Apache tells me "client denied by server configuration" over and over again but I hardly don't know what is wrong. I checked if the folder is accessible. Apache runs as myuser:mygroup but still naggs me: https://gist.github.com/sourcerer-mike/35e5ed3e0b6eaec71b6709:58
jpdsLeMike: https://wiki.apache.org/httpd/ClientDeniedByServerConfiguration10:08
jpdsLeMike: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10351167/apache-client-denied-by-server-configuration10:08
LeMikeThe deny rule blocks everyone no matter in which order. What the heck? o,O Thanks jpds10:22
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hxmhow to create a text file from clipboard?10:32
hxmwithout pasting it to a text editor10:33
LeMikeTry `xsel --clipboard > foo.txt`10:35
phaidroshow does one restart networking via cli in ubuntu server 14.04?11:08
phaidrosinit.d/script restart doesn't work, as well as service networking restart ..11:08
ogra_ifdown/ifup ...11:10
ogra_(never ever use the init script ... thats wrong)11:11
pds|2hi guys, i'm wondering if there is a way to power on lan devices when normal power is lost but the ups still has some juice left11:14
jpdspds|2: sudo ifdown -a; sudo ifup -a11:15
pds|2that would bring don't the network and reup it again11:15
jpdspds|2: Err, sorry that was for phaidros.11:16
ikoniaif the power has gone but you still have UPS the box will still be running as it was before11:16
ikoniaso why wouuld you need to do anything ? the box will not see the power drop11:16
pds|2let me rething me question for a while :)11:16
pds|2rethink *11:17
pds|2if a certain device is hooked up with poe (power over ethernet) that comes through a switch, and i want to power on lan it when needed, i was wondering if i can pull the juice out of the ups11:18
phaidrosogra_: why is the init script still there if it is for no use?11:18
phaidrosjpds: that works.11:19
ogra_phaidros, it is of use ... it was never intended for enduser usage ...11:19
ogra_other upstart jobs depends on the signales it sends etc ...11:19
phaidrosogra_: I used it since ages in debian/ubuntu and it always worked brilliant :D11:19
ogra_phaidros, calling that upstart job is like if you would remove and re-add the engine of your car every time you want to switch gears11:20
phaidrosas well as: "service networking restart" is not inteneded for direct use?11:20
ogra_it tears down way more than you want ... on desktops it will kill the UI session because it kills dbus11:21
phaidrosogra_: ic, so what is the correct short command to re-read network/interfaces? "sudo ifdown -a; sudo ifup -a" ?? nearly as intuitive as the initscript, or just "restart networking INTERFACE=eth0" ..11:21
ogra_sudo ifdown -a; sudo ifup -a11:22
phaidrosogra_: ok, thanks. but do you want to elaborate on the difference between ifdown/ifup and "service networking .." a bit more?11:23
phaidrosas well as: all the forums and everywhere in the web, the initscript or service command is recommended to do the job .. how can documentation fail that big time :D11:24
ogra_phaidros, i did above ... killing the networking service will kill a lot more ... dbus, firewall setups etc11:24
ogra_phaidros, nobody noticed it ...11:25
phaidrosogra_: just to clearify: initscript and service command trigger the same chain of killing? (dbus, firewall ..) or is there a difference between those as well?11:25
ogra_there are no "initscripts" in ubuntu ... its an upstart job ... and yes, it is idnetical11:26
phaidrosogra_: thanks11:28
phaidrosso, I learned something very basic after ~15yrs of debian and later ubuntu .. lol11:29
ogra_heh :)11:29
ogra_i think there are a few askubuntu entries where it was actually corrected ...11:30
ogra_sadly nobody picked up correcting the wiki11:30
phaidrosafter how many years?! :D11:30
ogra_(which might be quite some effort given the many entries with the wrong info)11:30
ogra_it was only noticeed bceaus people were wondering why their desktops crashed when following online instructions btw11:31
phaidrosbut then I have another basic one: how to deal with /etc/resolv.conf nowadays? it seems resolvconf is installed automatically, and it is not recommended to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file directly. two variants: remove resolvconf package, edit by hand. or, insert nameserver entry in /etc/network/interfaces? (I always did the first unti lnow :D11:31
ogra_man resolvconf11:32
ogra_there are snippet files you can add bits to ... and resolvconf can also be managed via /etc/network/interfaces enatries ... (man interfaces ;) )11:33
phaidrosyaya, reading already :D11:33
phaidrosI've got to confess, there went alot of magic into the interfaces config file over the time :)11:35
phaidroshow much of that is debian/ubuntu specific versus lsb conform?11:36
ogra_yup ... and the switch to systemd will make it all obsolete one day11:36
ogra_/etc/network/interfaces is a debianism i think11:36
ogra_(someone correct me though ... i'm not 100% sure )11:36
phaidrosogra_: systemd it will be definitely?11:37
phaidros.. why always Lennart's stuff .. :D11:38
ogra_debian already switched ... and ubuntu doesnt have the resources to patch each and every init job in the archive ... so we have to follow suit and use debians default11:38
phaidrosah, jessie has is default then. ooh, I expect upgrade hell :D11:38
ktosiekogra_: it is, RHEL has something in /etc/sysconf.d or whatever it's called12:01
ktosiekphaidros: because Lennart is good at selling his stuff (and at least decent at designing it ;-))12:01
abhishek__suggest me some good books on SAN12:04
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sync0pateRight.. I have a really weird SSL problem..13:01
sync0pateI have purchased an SSL certificate for the www subdomain, and set it up in apache13:02
sync0pateI can connect fine to the www subdomain without SSL13:02
sync0pateand I can connect to other subdomains via SSL - but they give me a warning that the certificate is correct13:02
sync0patebut when I try to connect to the www subdomain with ssl.. it just times out13:02
sync0pateany idea?13:02
sync0pateOh.. never mind.. it's bizarrely started working.13:05
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hallynjdstrand: what upgrades were your vm's doing when they got corrupted?  p->t, t->u, or just a dist-upgrade?13:45
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jdstrandhallyn: just -updates dist-upgrades. lucid-> lucid. precise->precise. trusty->trusty13:56
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eagles0513875hey guys i want to access a site on my server which at the moment doesnt have a domain name associated with it just yet to test out the functionality of the site as this came from another hosting provider im using one of my domains which points to the server and doing ~ to get a listing but it is not working any ideas what im doing wrong? she the domain not be associated with a vhost already?16:14
eagles0513875anyone around?16:17
SCHAAP137eagles0513875, use the IP-address16:19
eagles0513875SCHAAP137: the problem is rdns is set and i get taken back to my website that i have for that domain16:19
SCHAAP137domain should be irrelevant when u connect on the IP-address16:21
eagles0513875let me try in a private browser window16:21
eagles0513875still end up at the website instead16:22
SCHAAP137run the server on a different port?16:22
eagles0513875cant as i have a bunch of other sites running on it as well16:23
SCHAAP137ah ,ok, then it makes sense16:24
eagles0513875meh i have another domain i can use for testing and i can quickly setup a vhost that isnt a problem16:24
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vmdsch1I made the mistake of upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04.01 LTS ... only to find Canonical's vmbuilder is dysfunctional ... and gone!  So, I've scrambled all over looking for a replacement.  I'm thinking the best of the bunch just now is libguestfs project's virt-builder/virt-syspre/virt-install.  I sort of wish HashiCorp's (of Vagrant fame) packer (see http://packer.io) was about a year further along.  Bummer.  Does anyone know of anything better?  It woul19:47
SCHAAP137u upgraded to 14.04 from which version?19:49
SCHAAP137vmdsch1, https://wiki.debian.org/VMBuilder19:50
SCHAAP137there is mention of a version u can grab from git19:50
SCHAAP137u could try building that one19:51
jeffreylevesquewhen I open a basic python script in a browser (i have ubuntu-server with Gnome GUI) it doesn't serve the page, instead it pops up a dialog asking if i want to open the python script20:53
PryMar56jeffreylevesque, does the script write CGI headers?20:54
jeffreylevesquehow do i check?20:55
jeffreylevesqueall i have is #!/usr/bin/python20:55
jeffreylevesquethen print ('hi')20:55
PryMar56something like : print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";20:56
PryMar56as seen in a perl CGI20:56
jeffreylevesqueshould i have is #!/usr/bin/python?20:57
PryMar56jeffreylevesque, yes - she-bang line is needed20:57
jeffreylevesqueif i goto the browser and try to visit the page, it doesn't render in the browser.  Instead, i get a popup "You have chosen to open: logic_loader.py'20:57
jeffreylevesquethen it prompts me to 'open with', or 'save file'20:58
PryMar56jeffreylevesque, executing a *.py is one thing, you might want *.py to render as text if there are no headers printed20:58
PryMar56jeffreylevesque, if you are in apache2? follow the pattern seen for *.php, *.cgi, *.pl in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/21:00
jeffreylevesquehow do i get it to render the text, rather than popup21:00
geniiAre you opening it with something like file:// url or http://localhost  url21:00
jeffreylevesqueyes sir21:00
jeffreylevesquei have localhost21:00
jeffreylevesquei am opening like '/machine-learning/python/logic_loader.py'21:01
jeffreylevesquei am using LAMP in my ubuntu server 14.0421:01
jeffreylevesqueso apache221:01
jeffreylevesqueinitially i was trying <form action='/machine-learning/python/logic_loader.py' method='get'>21:03
zermannoHi, is it possible to install ubuntu server from the desktop version into a secondary hard drive? The idea is to then move the hd from the desktop to the server and boot it.22:01
arrrghhhzermanno, why not just install the server edition in the server?22:03
arrrghhhor install the server edition on the 2nd hdd and move the 2nd hdd to the server...  I'm not sure how or why the desktop version would be involved at all22:03
zermannoarrrghhh, the server machine has not monitor nor keyboard, it is not in a place where it is easy to plug both or move the server. The only easy and simple thing that i can do is plugging hard drives22:04
zermannoarrrghhh, if i can avoid moving all the stuff the better22:05
arrrghhhzermanno, ya I would just install server edition fresh to the hdd going into the server, and before booting it move it to the server.  should be fine...22:05
arrrghhhAlthough I've never attempted that, I think it should work.  May need to do some trickery with the networking, but hopefully not much...22:05
sarnoldzermanno: any ILO or other similar remote console tools available?22:06
zermannosarnold, no:(22:06
zermannoarrrghhh, i thought about that but i am curious if i can install ubuntu on a hd without booting the install drive, i mean from the ubuntu dekstop, without rebooting22:07
arrrghhhhmm uuid's may change as well so fstab will probably need tweaking22:08
arrrghhhzermanno, sounds like you're trying to make it even more complicated than it already is lol22:08
zermannoarrrghhh, yeah but ...why not?22:08
zermannoarrrghhh, the uuid is machine dependent?22:09
arrrghhhwhy make it more complicated than it needs to be?22:09
arrrghhhis this the Italian way?  :P22:09
arrrghhhno but the uuid may change... I'm just trying to think of what could blow up with your moving hdd idea22:09
zermannoarrrghhh, ahaha no, but, given is not a priority work i was looking to learn something22:10
zermannospend some times now to easy some future similar stuff22:10
arrrghhhzermanno, ah I see.  Well, I will bow out and see if someone else has any suggestions.  I've never tried to do such a thing tho.22:10
sarnoldzermanno: debootstrap may get you there22:10
zermannoi read some old stuff about installing debian this way using debootstrap22:11
sarnoldzermanno: using kvm with a raw disk may get you there22:11
zermannosarnold, i didn't think about that, ill try thanks22:11
qman__You can simply install to a drive, then install it in the server; to make the NIC be eth0 and work out of the box, rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules before booting on new hardware22:14
qman__The uuids that matter are those of the filesystems and won't change22:14
zermannoqman, thanks22:15
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