fahmi is there any one who can help me01:27
fahmiany body is here??01:35
Beldarfahmi, Not without a description to the channel not me.01:36
fahmii just need help with installing ubuntu touch on MyTouch4g phone01:37
Beldarfahmi, The channel headers describes phones that work and how to install.01:39
fahmiBelader, thank you for your time but i was asking if there is any other solution because my phone is not supported :/01:40
Beldarfahmi, The touch is in development still, not really a daily use OS,l is that what you want?01:41
Beldarif your only phone probably not what you want01:42
fahmiyeah you actually answer my question :D i am really thakfull01:43
Beldarfahmi, If a provider releases it that will probably be most users route, not sure when or if this will happen, seems to be some possibilities.01:44
fahmiyeah i hope this will be soon01:46
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timhgood evening, all03:12
timhis there a "how to" guide for dual booting ubuntu touch on a nexus 5?03:12
nhainestimh: root phone, download MultiROM Manager, use that to install Ubuntu.  Done.03:19
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timhnhaines, that's awesome04:10
timhnhaines, i was trying the "manual" way before i saw your response04:11
* timh accidentally factory reset his phone04:11
nhainestimh: yes, the "manual" way worked great on my Galaxy Nexus, but not at all on my N5.  Luckily, there's a better way.04:12
nhainesI keep it on devel, but with MultiROM Manager devel-proposed is really easy to install alongside, boot into, break everything, and then reboot and uninstall.  :)04:12
timhnhaines, for sure. i also had the nexus, galaxy nexus, but when i installed touch on it - it was pretty much unusable.04:12
timhhaha nice04:12
timhi am excited04:13
nhainesIt was getting there.  But yeah, Ubuntu a year ago and Ubuntu today is night and day.04:13
timhi installed it pre-indiegogo campaign04:14
timhso basically, all it could do was what they had pre-programmed for the video lol04:14
nhainestimh: you'll have fun with it.  No celluar data at the moment but performance and appearance are stunning.04:22
timhdamns >.<04:22
nhainesI think there's a command that fixes cellular data but I'm also exceptionally lazy.  Oh, also the screen doesn't turn off ever, so there's that.04:23
timhhahah oh... that's less than optimal.04:23
nhainestimh: it is pessimal.  :)04:25
timhmy screen just turned off04:29
timhnow i just need to figure out the cell data stuff, and where to enter apn settings04:30
nhainestimh: it went black, but the backlight did not turn off.04:30
timhyou have any links for cell data? my searching aren't returning very good results04:35
timhnhaines, there any apps for google chat yet?04:39
nhainesI don't think Ubuntu supports local IM applications at all whatsoever.04:40
nhainesI don't know about the cell data.  Launchpad should have some bugs filed on it but I'd have to do some searching.04:40
timheither my phone isn't actually charging, or it's using more battery than it can get from being plugged in lol04:58
nhainesI haven't seen that one before.  :)05:12
nhainesAlthough sometimes a USB port doesn't give a lot of power.05:12
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dholbachgood morning07:36
nhainesdholbach: good morning!08:00
dholbachhi nhaines08:00
nhainesdholbach: so I'm looking at this book contract I was offered, and I like what I see.  :)08:00
nhainesMight try for a bigger advance, but otherwise it doesn't look bad at all.08:01
dholbachvery nice - what are you going to write about?08:02
nhainesIt's along the lines of "beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac users"08:03
dholbachwow, that's cool08:04
nhainesYeah, it'll be pretty fun.  They want it by mid November and then would publish end of January.  So that's really exciting!  And a good reason for a bigger advance because... that schedule is a little aggressive.  :)08:05
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Mosquito Day! :-D08:44
Laneyjhodapp: thanks, could you take the latest patch into your tree?08:48
Laneyactually I did a bit of a grim think around GError parameters, maybe you feel like fixing that properly :-)08:48
Laneyafter merging 1.4, this is08:49
mandelogra_, do you know how I can change or propose a change to the ubuntu-location-service.override file?09:04
ogra_mandel, just give me a diff09:06
ogra_mandel, note we are in traincon-0 though09:06
mandelogra_, sweet, then as soon as tvoss reviews the mr I'll send you the diff..09:06
mandelogra_, meh, again? lord09:06
ogra_read your mails :P09:06
mandelogra_, I do, it was a sarcasm ;)09:07
mandelogra_, other question, do you have pointers on how to create a custom tarball???09:07
ogra_not really, we need cwayne for that i fear09:08
cwaynei still really dont think it makes sense in the custom tarball though, it should be in the device tarball shouldnt it09:09
mandelcwayne, I have no preference, you guys know what you are talking about :)09:10
mandelcwayne, ogra_ device or custom tarball makes no diff to me09:10
ogra_mandel, well, for the device tarball you branch the git tree, drop your files in place and merge that09:11
mandelogra_, blob files, correct?09:11
* ogra_ moves to the other machine ... 09:11
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jgdxgreyback, ping10:16
greybackjgdx: pong10:16
jgdxgreyback, hey, any news re: bug 1288332 ?10:17
ubot5bug 1288332 in QtMir "Orientation lock not available (rotation/portrait lock)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128833210:17
greybackjgdx: I'm working on it10:17
jgdxgreyback, awesome. Let me know when it's in a silo? Maybe we can squeeze in a USS package that lets us change the setting. Right now that part is hidden.10:18
jgdxgreyback, do you have an eta on that, btw?10:18
greybackjgdx: about eow probably10:19
greybackjgdx: I'll let you know when I've something to test10:19
jgdxgreyback, thanks10:20
jgdxgreyback, to confirm, this will pick up the gsetting (orientation-lock) and lock orientation to whatever's in that setting?10:21
greybackjgdx: my understanding is that the gsetting (orientation-lock) is a bool on/off. If true, the current orientation is locked.10:23
jgdxgreyback, looking at Saviq's comment[1], my understanding differs from yours :) [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1288332/comments/1210:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1288332 in QtMir "Orientation lock not available (rotation/portrait lock)" [High,In progress]10:26
jgdxgreyback, the boolean setting is deprecated10:26
Wellarkjdstrand: hi10:29
Wellarklooking at lp:ubuntu/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu10:29
WellarkI see nothing related to the new com.ubuntu.connectivity1 service in connectivity policygroup10:30
greybackjgdx: ok I can deal with that10:30
Wellarkjdstrand: although bug #1341548 claims it's included10:30
jgdxgreyback, great stuff. Thanks!10:30
ubot5bug 1341548 in Network Menu "Online detection does not work with confined apps on Nexus 4" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134154810:30
Wellarkjdstrand: it's still a symlink10:32
Wellarkpolicygroups/ubuntu/1.2/connectivity -> ../1.1/connectivity10:32
Wellarknor is it in the utopic-proposed10:36
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Saviqgreyback, we need to store the actual value to remember across sessions10:39
greybackSaviq: sure, but that requires that settings app knows the current shell orientation - which is not something I was planning for. A bool toggle for settings is easier, and shell can save the locked orientation separately if it needs to be set on session restore10:44
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jgdxgreyback, uss knows what qt knows wrt shell orientation. I've tested that on my phones and it seems to work just fine10:51
greybackjgdx: but I'm changing that, so that shell tells the app that its current orientation is (as opposed to currently where the app is listening to the orientation sensor)10:52
greybackjgdx: problem case is tablet side-stage - if settings app in there, it will be told it is in portrait orientation - yet the device in landscape10:53
jgdxgreyback, so qt reads only the app's own dimensions, not the screen's?10:55
jgdxpitti, heya, added simmanager to ofono mock template https://gitorious.org/python-dbusmock/python-dbusmock/merge_requests/810:56
greybackjgdx: shell is the thing which decides how the app is laid out and its orientation. The plan is for shell to tell the app: this is your current orientation10:57
greybackso the app does not guess its orientation, it is told10:57
jgdxgreyback, okay, can you walk me through how orientation lock will work (across sessions)?10:59
pittijgdx: great, thanks!11:01
jgdxgreyback, when the user goes to USS and flips the switch to ON, USS will ask the shell for the current orientation and then write it to gsettings?11:02
greybackjgdx: shell is listening to orientation sensor - apps do not (unless they explicitly try to, e.g. games). With lock off, and orientation changes, shell re-lays out its content, resizing the apps surface and notifying it "your orientation changed"11:04
greybackif the orientation lock if toggled (if it was bool), shell is notified, saves the current orientation somewhere else, stops listening for orientaiton events and turns off the orientation sensor11:05
greybacknow user logs out & back in again11:05
greybackif lock was untouched, shell reads the saved orientation, and applies it11:06
jgdxgreyback, right11:06
jgdxhow will the shell be notified? Dbus?11:06
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greyback"USS will ask the shell for the current orientation" - this is problematic, as the current orientation of the app is not always the orientation of the shell (e.g. tablet sidestage)11:07
greybackjgdx: is gsetting changed, shell is notified over dbus I think yes11:07
jgdxgreyback, won't the shell know the orientation to lock it to?11:08
greybackjgdx: the shell always knows yes11:08
jgdx"USS asks someone who knows the true, current orientation" then :)11:08
greybackbut how? That requires shell to expose a DBus interface just to USS asking "what is the shell orientation right now?"11:09
jgdxgreyback, seems so11:10
greybackI think it's simpler for USS to just ask shell - (un)lock your orientation now11:10
Chipacais it known that 201 on mako isn't able to connect to wifi?11:12
ogra_Chipaca, the lab devices connect fine11:12
Chipacagetting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8097068/11:12
ogra_http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/201:20140820:20140811.1/9803/ ... tests ran fine11:12
Chipacathis one connected fine on boot, but after rebooting i get this ^11:12
Chipacas/on boot/on first boot/11:13
Chipacait doesn't connect on its own, and when i go to the networking tab and select my network, i get the WARNING11:14
bzoltan1ogra_: `ubuntu-device-flash --channel=ubuntu-touch/utopic-proposed --wipe  && phablet-config welcome-wizard --disable` this one does not do the job.., it still ends up in the wizard11:16
jgdxgreyback, it sounds easier, but I can only talk for USS – which is fine either way. You're right though, it would be easier.11:16
jgdxgreyback, circular sentence is circular11:16
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ogra_bzoltan1, are you sure about the -- ?11:16
* ogra_ thinks thats wrong11:17
popeybzoltan1: are you waiting for the install to finish before running the phablet-config?11:17
ogra_hmm, no11:17
ogra_popey, phablet-config should do that automatically11:17
greybackjgdx: ok, I'm going to aim for the easier approach (which I've already partly coded) and we can re-discuss if it does not satisfy requirements11:17
jgdxgreyback, okay, thanks.11:18
bzoltan1ogra_:  no I am not sure :) but that is what ` phablet-config welcome-wizard -h` tells to do11:20
ogra_bzoltan1, yeah11:21
bzoltan1popey:  how to wait for the install in a script?11:21
ogra_bzoltan1, you could add an: "adb wait-for-device" between the two commands11:21
ogra_that should block until the device is visible on adb again11:21
ogra_though theoretically adb shell should do too ... (which is what phablet-config uses in the bg)11:22
Chipacaogra_: any ideas what i can try wrt the warning above?11:24
ogra_Chipaca, not really, is that a default readonly install ?11:25
bzoltan1ogra_: I try that11:25
Chipacaogra_: no; upgraded powerd and indicator-datetime11:25
Chipacaogra_: and push client11:25
bzoltan1ogra_: adb wait-for-device is the sleep(1) of our times11:25
ogra_Chipaca, disk full ?11:26
Chipacaogra_: nope; 403M on /11:26
Chipacaogra_: i'll reflash to vanilla 201 and start over11:27
Chipacaif it works, we'll never know what broke :)11:27
ogra_well, as long as it doesnt break in readonly mode ...11:27
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Chipacaogra_: ro had wifi, rw has wifi. worried.11:46
ogra_well, probably something you installed broke it11:46
Chipacathat's why i'm worried :)11:47
Chipacaaaand rebooted with the stuff i installed, and it's still got wifi11:49
Chipacait's the gremlins, man11:49
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jhodappLaney: I'll check with rsalveti on the local tree, I don't personally maintain anything other than gstamc in gst-hybris12:03
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Laneyjhodapp: that's the bit, yeah12:03
jhodappLaney: did you make some changes to gst-hybris?12:04
Laneyit needed some porting12:04
Laneynot very much, but there were internal changes12:04
jhodappLaney: ah ok...where's your diff for that?12:04
Laneyif you download the source package it's in there in debian/patches12:05
jhodappLaney: ok great, I'll take a look12:05
jhodappLaney: btw, I have a plan to fix the platform-api issue you run into...have gst-hybris not directly #include <event.h>...ricmm is pretty sure that'll take care of your compile issues12:06
Laneyjhodapp: I did a MP to fix them directly12:06
Laneybut cool12:06
jhodappLaney: oh? is that already included somewhere then?12:06
Laneybut it's also cool if you remove this include altogether12:07
jhodappLaney: yes...that's cool thanks12:07
jhodappLaney: I'd add ricmm to the review list12:08
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nik90popey, dholbach: Look at https://plus.google.com/112792183910998259860/posts/UjvtJRcZg5J ...more ubuntu touch ports12:17
dholbachhi nik9012:17
nik90dholbach: hi :)12:17
dholbachvery nice!12:17
bzoltan1ogra_: is there a way i could turn the volume down or mute the device from adb shell? Like on desktop the `amixer set Master mute`12:20
ogra_bzoltan1, probably via a pulse call somehow, no idea12:20
bzoltan1ogra_:  hmm.. maybe pactl does it, thanks12:21
ogra_some pactl command12:21
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bzoltan1ogra_: `pactl set-sink-mute 0 1` does the job :) and it is a hell of a cool command in a scripted nightly test when it comes to run the music app tests :D12:43
ogra_you mean you dont like listening to music all night while the tests run ?12:44
bzoltan1ogra_:  For the first ten times, i liked :D12:44
bzoltan1ogra_:  hmm.. actually that command do not work... crap, more digging12:44
jdstrandWellark: that's weird, that UDD branch must be out of date. apt-get source apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu gets 1.2.2012:46
jdstrandWellark: $ cat ./data/policygroups/ubuntu/1.2/connectivity12:46
jdstrand# Description: Can access coarse network connectivity information12:46
jdstrand# Usage: common12:46
jdstranddbus (receive, send)12:46
jdstrand     bus=session12:46
jdstrand     path=/com/ubuntu/connectivity1/NetworkingStatus,12:46
mptWhere should I report bugs about (system, not app) icons? It isn’t mentioned on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers12:48
ogra_mpt, try ubuntu-mobile-icons12:49
seb128mpt, what icon(s)?12:49
seb128some are distributed with apps, some in the theme12:50
ogra_(or rather ubuntu-theme as source package)12:50
mptseb128, the ones I’m looking at right now are the padlocks for Wi-Fi networks12:50
ogra_but yeah, what seb128 said12:50
seb128ubuntu-themes most likely then12:50
pittiogra_: hm, I downgraded to http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/android-tools-adbd_4.2.2+git20130218-3ubuntu24_armhf.deb, but "adb shell" still gives me a root shell?12:56
pittiogra_: or did I pick the wrong one?12:56
ogra_hmm, that should be the right one, odd12:56
ogra_did you reboot ?12:56
pittiogra_: yes; dpkg -i'ing it immediately killed adb and ssh (supposedly as it was restarting)12:57
pittiogra_: ah, wait -- it didn't actually install12:57
ogra_it shouoldnt have killed ssh12:57
pittiogra_: supposedly the preinst stopped it, and then the deb install didn't happen12:57
ogra_i usually install via ssh so i can toggle adb on/off as needed12:57
pittiogra_: hmm, so how would one install that -- cronjob perhaps?12:57
pittiogra_: I was in phablet-shell12:58
ogra_no, real ssh12:58
pittiogra_: but adb forwards the ssh port12:58
pittiogra_: ah, good point12:58
ogra_phablet-shell just wraps the adb connection into ssh12:58
ogra_pitti, oh, before i forget ... we kind of didnt talk anymore about the low diskspace warning ... seems thats wanted for RTM12:58
pittiwow, 27 net interfaces on that thing :)12:59
ogra_heh, lots of fake interfaces though12:59
ogra_dummy modems etc12:59
pittiogra_: ah, install through ssh went fine, thanks for the tip!12:59
* pitti -> meeting, bbl12:59
nik90rsalveti: any news on the separate audio channels for ensuring alarm doesn13:00
nik90rsalveti: doesn't get muted in silent mode?13:01
nik90tvoss: hey, is there an ETA on the AGPS? I need that to enable location detection in the clock app. Atm it just shows a placeholder text.13:01
tvossnik90, soon :)13:02
nik90tvoss: that is not a ETA :P13:02
tvossnik90, well, it's an estiamte13:03
nik90tvoss: can we expect before RTM (28th Aug) ?13:03
popeycan you not enable it anyway?13:04
popeybecause AGPS will "just" make the location detection better13:04
popeyit already exists, but will just give crappy results right now.13:04
nik90I could do that13:06
Chipacaturns out the device doesn't go to deep sleep if you just unplug it if the screen is off. You need to have the screen turn off for things to happen.13:19
* Chipaca debugging deep sleep interactions with the help of “play -n synth 480:00 brownnoise”13:19
tedgChipaca, The URL dispatcher no-mainloop fix is migrating to archive.13:21
nhainesI'm a much bigger fan of 'play -n -c1 synth whitenoise lowpass -1 120 lowpass -1 120 lowpass -1 120 gain +14'13:21
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Chipacatedg: the move to liburl-dispatcher is under way, courtesy of verterok13:21
tedgCool, it should even work now :-)13:22
Chipacatedg: it'll work even now, because we just happen to have a mainloop for now (that should go away at some point)13:23
Chipacanhaines: i'd expect random electronic chirps with that one13:24
nhainesChipaca: more like a Galaxy-class starship main engine.13:28
Chipacanhaines: exactly. chirps from random droid extras13:28
nhainesNothing's perfect.  But at my last job where I was allowed to wear headphones because I was auditing calls, it was the happiest I've evern been.  :)13:29
tsdgeosseb128: answered in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-messages/+bug/135915213:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359152 in indicator-messages (Ubuntu) "indicator-messages has no .pot nor .po files" [Low,Incomplete]13:29
seb128tsdgeos, oh, that's due to pitti's changes I think, he moving translations from sources to langpacks but didn't land a match langpacks update yet13:30
pittiogra_: re from meeting13:30
tsdgeosgood good13:30
tsdgeosi mean13:30
pittiogra_: hm, seems that now thoroughly killed adbd, even after a reboot; reflash o'clock, I suppose :)13:30
tsdgeosnot really good, translations are a mess13:30
tsdgeosbut ok, it's not like we're releasing a phone or something :D13:30
seb128pitti, those "drop translations" changes are creating visible regressions and quite some confusion :/13:30
ogra_pitti, do you have a password set ?13:31
seb128pitti, when do you want to roll a langpacks update?13:31
pittiseb128: yeah, I wish we wouldn't have gotten a traincon-0 in the middle of landing this :/13:31
pittiseb128: ASAP, but it doesn't make sense before landing the other branches really13:31
pittiogra_: ah, I suppose I don't13:31
ogra_pitti, adbd will check for that on startup and refuse to start if there is none, if it is locked or if it matches the username13:31
seb128pitti, k, it's a bit unfortunate indeed13:31
seb128sil2100, ^ just a fyi13:31
pittiyeah, I wish we had done it months ago, but I didn't check again in the meantime13:32
seb128translations have quite regressed on the touch image because we hit traincon0 is the middle of landing changes/langpack updates13:32
pittiif sil2100 agrees, I can attempt to land more bits today (the small ones which weren't yet folded into other landings)13:33
pittiit's low-risk, so if we can do them during traincon-0 that'd help to push that transition faster13:33
sil2100pitti: are we talking about translation-changes only, or something else with that as well?13:33
pittisil2100: no, it's just that -- drop the .mo files from the packages, get them imported into LP, then put them into langpacks13:33
sil2100pitti: it's possible to publish things in TRAINCON-0 - if there is some risk with a landing we just need QA to do a double sign-off13:34
pittisil2100: i. e. some 8 branches like https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/address-book-app/use-langpack/+merge/231381 (they all look the same)13:34
sil2100pitti: I guess it's a sane thing to release even now, but I would prefer someone from QA to sign if off before we do the final publish13:34
ogra_sil2100, just make a note that if anything breaks we'll send all people to seb128 and pitti ;)13:35
pittisil2100: yeah, I agree -- the earlier, the better13:35
pittisil2100: unfortunately it's very serialized; we can't upload langpacks in advance as LP didn't yet import them13:35
pittisil2100: so should I start doing a landing with the branches and get them built now?13:36
sil2100pitti: yeah, prelare a landing, we'll assign a silo and let's get it built13:37
* sil2100 still hopes that we'll promote before we even be able to publish this silo13:37
pittisil2100: so in retrospect, when we discussed that two months ago, I wish I really just had uploaded the lot and then let maintainers worry about re-syncing bzr13:38
pittithis was way more pain than it's worth13:38
pittisil2100: some of my MPs were added to other landings, I suppose I skip those in mine?13:42
sil2100pitti: I guess contact the landers for those and just give them a sign that you'll do that instead in your landing ;)13:43
kenvandinejgdx, your call-fwd-wait-dual-sim branch has conflicts13:43
=== Ririshi|Away is now known as Ririshi
pittisil2100: hm, e. g. line 34 is already built and ready to be published; sounds like more effort to re-do that one?13:44
pittisil2100: anyway, added mine in line 39; that's everything but unity8, unity-scope-click, and indicator-network (which are folded into other landings)13:44
jgdxkenvandine, aaugh13:45
kenvandinejgdx, good times :)13:45
pittisil2100: we can start with that (I can assign a silo now, if that's ok?) and if we want to disjoin the others, do another landing?13:45
jgdxkenvandine, indeed :D13:45
sil2100pitti: sounds like a plan - not sure about 34 since it's still not tested, but yeah, let's maybe leave it in there for them to release13:46
pittisil2100: ack, the hamsters are running13:47
pittisil2100: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/prepare-silo/1485/console: "Couldn't assign or reconfigure silo13:48
pittisil2100: does that happen normally? i. e. if there's no free one?13:49
pitti(there was still one a few mins ago though)13:49
pittisilo 12 is free apparently13:49
=== pete-woods|away is now known as pete-woods
pittiah, nevermind; I sort out the two dupes13:54
sil2100There should be at least one silo free13:56
pittiso can't land telephony-service and messaging-app, they are already held by other landings13:56
pittiI took them out for now13:56
sil2100hm, how far are those landings?13:56
sil2100Since if they're not yet ready you could maybe land your change first and then ask them to rebuild and proceed13:57
Chipacarenatu: ping13:58
pittisil2100: not sure; it's line 35, PPA is building13:59
pittisorry, line 2114:00
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
mterryseb128, oh whoops on the pot template.  I was going from the checklist which asks me to do it (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/Checklists/ubuntu-system-settings)14:05
mterrywill fix14:05
seb128mterry, sorry about that, cleared that line out of the wiki14:06
seb128mterry, btw feel free to do a landing for the schemas, or I can do one if you want14:08
mterryseb128, traincon, right?14:09
seb128mterry, indeed :-/14:09
seb128but adding keys to a schemas should be safe under traincon14:09
pittiogra_: ah, now adb shell works; but of course for testing I don't actually want to set a passcode :) But I'll follow up on that on the ML, and fix some other bits first14:12
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
jgdxkenvandine, fixed14:18
kenvandinejgdx, thx14:19
pittiogra_: replied to the ML now; not looking good :/14:36
ogra_huh ?14:36
ogra_you are aware that i'm in the middle of adjusting a ton of other stuff, right ?14:36
ogra_this isnt even 10% of the developer mode14:37
pittiogra_: yeah, I think it's best if I ignore this for a bit :)14:37
pittiogra_: I wanted to see which things can be fixed in advance, so that we have to coordinate a bit less once that lands14:37
ogra_if evolution wouldnt be so darn slow i could even read your mail :/14:37
pittiogra_: anyway, enabling ssh already works fine, so I'll upload that14:37
pittiogra_: not that urgent; it doesn't sound like you'll land that in the next days14:38
ogra_pitti, i'm re-writing most of phablet-tools and moe all bits and pieces from there into the dbus-rpoperty-service atm14:38
pittiogra_: ok, sorry for the misunderstanding; I understood it as "this adbd will implement the planned changes"14:39
ogra_no, this adbd will just remove the old behavior14:39
pittiogra_: will adb be off (always) for normal operation?14:39
pittiI don't see much point in having it running; if it is, it will essentially nullify the advantage of having a pin or password14:40
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ touch /cache/recovery/foo14:40
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls -l /cache/recovery/foo14:40
ogra_-rw-rw-r-- 1 phablet phablet 0 Aug 20 16:40 /cache/recovery/foo14:40
ogra_i dont get why you cant access /cache/recovery though14:40
pittiogra_: it's a freshly flashed version 199 (just re-flashing again from scratch to be sure)14:41
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls -l /android/|grep cache14:41
ogra_drwxrwx---  4 system android_cache 4096 Aug 20 10:15 cache14:41
pittiogra_: but even then -- if a user can write arbitrary recovery commands, you are again root14:41
ogra_phablet should be in that group14:41
pittiwell, if adb and ssh are off by default it's less of an issue of course14:42
pitti(and they certainly should be off)14:42
ogra_pitti, btw all this needs to land this week ... i wont have much time to change anything14:42
ogra_especially since i'm still fighting with PPA adding, apacke install in writable mode and other package related stuff14:42
ogra_they will be off14:43
ogra_ubuntu-device-flash will get --developer-mode and --password options14:43
ogra_so you can flash with a pw in place and dev mode enabled14:43
pittiah, good14:43
ogra_and worst case you can just dump a sudoers file in place that makes everything NOPASSWD14:44
ogra_which is our fallback for smoke tests etc14:44
pittiogra_: if I have the ability to dump a sudoers file I'm already past all the hurdles I'm trying to get over :)14:44
ogra_but as i said, i'm trying to get all phablet-tools parts to work without root via dbus calls14:45
ogra_well, sudoers is just a worst case fallback :)14:45
ogra_so that missing pieces or bugs in dev mode dont block anyone14:45
pittiogra_: I noticed that the tests fail due to dbus-probe enable failing as user; I suppose that's what you meant by that?14:45
ogra_and dbus-probe doesnt actually do anything with dbus at all14:46
pittiogra_: ok, then the main thing that will break is the ability to reset to factory state14:46
pittiogra_: yeah, but it needs root14:46
jgdxkenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/+junk/libqofono-modemtechnologies <- where do I go from here? :)14:46
ogra_that will be replaced by a dbus call which calls the aa-clickhook commands in the backend14:47
ogra_i got the dbus-property-service side ready ... just need to change phabletconfig14:47
ogra_pitti, my super giant headdache are lines 122 to 150 in that code14:48
pittiogra_: why do we need that?14:48
ogra_(this is for: phablet-config -p <packagename> writable-image)14:49
pittithis should just die14:49
ogra_which installs packages for tests, enables PPAs etc14:49
pittiI thought the idea was to use r/o mode for testing14:49
kenvandinejgdx, 2 things, submit a pull request to upstream on github14:49
kenvandinejgdx,  and your change should be a quilt patch instead of inline :)14:49
ogra_pitti, unlikely that we get everything ready for this by RTM14:49
ogra_eventually yes, we want r/o images all the way through14:50
pittiogra_: ah, so autopkgtest doesn't yet do PPAs as user and non-root; I suppose it should learn that14:50
pittipackages from the archive are fine (in a restricted manner of course, but sufficient for autopilot)14:50
pittibut yeah, won't all happen this week14:51
ogra_we never test packages from the archive14:51
ogra_people test silos14:51
ogra_which are PPAs14:51
pittiwe do for image testing, I thought?14:51
ogra_the security team suggested using aptdaemon but even that will only get me half the functionality14:51
pittiogra_: nah, that's pointless14:52
pittieither we do want to restrict the phablet user, then we can't allow it to do any of that14:52
ogra_pitti, if you land something through the normal landing process your MP gets built in a PPA (silo) ... to sign off you need to install the binaries from that PPA14:52
pittior we accept that the user is root, then the restrictions are pointless14:52
pittiogra_: right14:52
Laneyis it known that indicator-datetime doesn't update the displayed time?14:52
ogra_Laney, since over a week, yes14:53
kenvandineit is terribly annoying14:53
* ogra_ finds it funny that everyone only notices it today 14:53
LaneyI only did because I'm looking for things broken with dbus14:53
pittihah, even I was a day earlier :)14:53
LaneyNOT. MY. FAULT.14:53
pittidrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Aug 19 05:10 /cache/recovery/14:53
pittiogra_: ^ freshly flashed 20114:53
ogra_pitti, that cant really be ... weird14:54
pittiogra_: this is with android dual boot though, maybe that's the difference14:54
ogra_that will likely mangle shared dirs14:54
pittiogra_: but anyway, phablet should't be able to write there in the first place14:54
ogra_it is14:54
pittiwell yes, but it shouldn't :)14:54
ogra_thats why we itroduced the android_cache group14:54
ogra_pitti, then flashing wont work14:55
ogra_it has to be writable14:55
pittibut flashing should be a privileged system service14:55
ogra_flashing checks gpg signnatures afaik14:55
pittiwhich you can trigger as user, but that doesn't mean that you should have full control over recovery and the root fs14:55
pittiif you open it up like that you might just as well keep the "phablet" password and sudo14:56
ogra_wont work14:56
kenvandineAlbertA2, do you know when your unity8 branch for activity-timeout will land?14:56
ogra_try adb with sudo .... adbd cant use a proper tty ...14:56
ogra_you cant script it easily14:57
ogra_(sudo closes stdin/out soo you cant get the password across except via "echo passwd| sudo -S caommnd"14:57
pittiogra_: no, I mean either you do want to prevent root access by default or you don't14:57
pittiogra_: yes, you can, with SSH_ASKPASS (see my mail)14:57
AlbertA2kenvandine: I don't know....Saviq? Can we include it in your silo?14:58
ogra_oh, sorry, i got stuck in the chache paragraph :)14:58
pittiogra_: but anyway, these are two differnet things; my mail is mostly about providing a proper testing mode14:59
pittiogra_: but here I was mostly talking about the default behaviour (which should protect your data as much as possible)14:59
ogra_pitti, i'll bring up the cache stuff in my team meeting now, lets see if others have ideas14:59
pittiogra_: hence I was concerned about not running ssh and adb by default, as that will circumvent PIN protection14:59
kenvandineSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/unity8/fix-1230345/+merge/23100615:00
pittiogra_: cache?15:00
jgdxkenvandine, a qilt patch? http://i.imgur.com/GFId6CL.jpg15:05
kenvandinejgdx, if you submit your branch upstream on github, i'll create the quilt patch for you :)15:05
jgdxkenvandine, thanks :)15:05
kenvandinejust point me at the git branch when you have it15:06
jgdxkenvandine, https://github.com/nemomobile/libqofono/pull/4415:07
kenvandinejgdx, i can't believe in all my years dealing with debian packaging... nobody has ever responded like that when talking about quilt15:07
kenvandinethat's awesome!15:07
jgdxkenvandine, you were talking to professionals all these years15:08
kenvandinei guess, you're just more fun :-D15:09
dobeyi still can't believe people actually *like* git15:09
kenvandinedobey, nobody truely like git... they just say they do because they don't want to be teased :)15:10
kenvandinei do actually like github though... just to bad you have to suffer the pain of git to use github :)15:10
jgdxkenvandine, how do I go about building armhf debs from this? can I read something?15:11
kenvandinei do it in sbuild15:11
dobeyi still like launchpad better. it lets you do a lot more via the APIs15:11
kenvandinewhich i don't remember how to setup :)15:11
kenvandinedobey, yeah... but github is much more social, which i like15:11
jgdxbzr bd in the lp branch seems to do it15:11
dobeygithub does have some prettier page layouts though, and the image diffs are a bit nicer15:11
dobeykenvandine: it only seems that way because less people are using launchpad, i guess15:12
dobeykenvandine: also, i don't like people, so i really don't care if people want to "star" my activity or not15:12
jgdxpitti, any idea why sbuild, building on armhf, complains about libqtdbusmock-1 missing?15:12
pittisil2100: all built now; so I upgrade my phone to the PPA, check that all of the rebuilt components still work15:12
pittisil2100: (but don't have translations any more), and if so, we'll release the lot?15:12
pittijgdx: there is no such package15:13
pittijgdx: (and certainly not related to python-dbusmock)15:13
pittijgdx: there's libqtdbusmock1 and libqtdbusmock1-dev, so perhaps a typo somewhere?15:13
sil2100pitti: hey! I would also like someone from QA to double-check that... and then, if it's double-confirmed, we can release and then push the translation updates15:13
pittisil2100: well, I'm from QA, but I guess that doesn't count in this case?15:14
pittisil2100: I'll as vrruiz15:14
jgdxpitti, right, that's what I thought as well. But it builds on amd94.15:14
jgdxI'll keep trying…15:14
pittilibqtdbusmock1 | 0.2+14.04.20140304-0ubuntu1 | trusty | amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc, ppc64el15:14
pittijgdx: hm, it's available for armhf, so no immediate idea15:14
kenvandinebuilding on amd94 would be tough15:14
sil2100pitti: can you guarantee that nothing in the process after we publish this silo can potentially break all the app translations for longer ;)15:14
pittijgdx: err, pasted the wrong line, but exists for utopic, too15:15
dobeyjgdx: is it pkg-config that's complaining, or apt?15:15
jgdxdednick, former15:15
jgdxdobey, former15:15
sil2100pitti: I would still like someone from the QA-sign-off dogfooders to give it a spin15:15
pittisil2100: oh, I can guarantee that this will happen, as there are four more MPs to land for that15:15
sil2100pitti: i.e. om26er, davmor2, brendand or ToyKeeper ;)15:15
dobeyjgdx: you probably have it isntalled locally, and are missing the -dev package in Build-Depends in debian/control then15:15
pittisil2100: yep, I'm pinging around to ask for that15:15
dobeyjgdx: i presume "works on amd64" means local build, and not building in sbuild15:16
RirishiIs there a possibility to use the system-image.tasemnice.eu server as server for the Ubuntu Dual Boot app?15:16
brendandsil2100, spin the what now?15:16
jgdxdobey, I'm not sure what bzr bd does, but that's how I'm building locally15:16
dobeyjgdx: bzr bd just builds on the host15:16
kenvandinenot for me... for me it builds in sbuild :)15:17
pittisil2100: woudl vrruiz be ok, too?15:17
dobeykenvandine: you have some magical config then?15:17
dobeykenvandine: because bzr bd by defualt does not build in sbuild or pbuilder15:17
pittisil2100: he's the main person who does i18n testing ATM15:17
sil2100brendand: pitti has a silo that works on translations, and currently basically strips all apps from the translations to move them to langpacks15:17
pittibrendand: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-012 ; but vrruiz already agreed to do it15:18
sil2100pitti: ok, if he's trained in phone-based testing then I think it should be fine, but you could double-confirm with jfunk15:18
kenvandinedobey, yeah, you can tell bzr-builddeb what to do15:18
kenvandinein the conf file15:18
kenvandinein fact, it builds by default for me in sbuild for armhf15:18
* sil2100 just doesn't want to have broken translations as a blocker next ;)15:18
kenvandinewhich i often regret, takes ages15:18
jgdxseems my schroot is at fault15:18
jgdxthx dobey15:19
pittisil2100: well, these *will* remove translations, that's (half of) the point of those15:19
pittisil2100: we mainly need to guard against odd compiler errors and such like, otherwise it's a no-change rebuild code-wise plus dropping .mo files from the .debs15:19
dobeykenvandine: how the heck are you building for armhf with bzr bd?15:19
kenvandinebuilder=sbuild --arch=armhf --host=armhf --build=armhf -d utopic-armhf -j415:20
kenvandinein ~/.bazaar/builddeb.conf15:20
dobeykenvandine: well that is hardly the default, and no wonder it's slow. you're building under qemu15:21
kenvandinei know :)15:21
dobeykenvandine: why not do cross-compile instead?15:21
kenvandinethat's why i often regret it :)15:21
dobeyor just delete that config15:21
kenvandinei can bzr bd --quick15:22
kenvandineto build locally15:22
kenvandinei just often forget :)15:22
kenvandinehowever, usually i need armhf debs now15:22
dobeybzr bd -S && sbuild -A -d utopic --host armhf ../*.dsc15:22
sil2100pitti: right, but this upload will strip translations temporary, but once launchpad picks them up we'll have those back in langpacks in some consecutive upload, right?15:22
pittisil2100: correct15:22
sergiusenspitti: ogra_ for factory reset you can also use system-image-cli now15:22
sergiusensor through dbus15:23
sil2100pitti: so, if all goes good, we might get working translations for the promotable image around tomorrow, right?15:23
pittisil2100: not that fast, I'm afraid; first there are five more branches to land, and then the LP export takes a while; so Friday or Saturday perhaps15:23
sil2100Ok, then longer then I originally thought15:24
dobeyanyway, lunch time15:24
sil2100davmor2: what's our current policy? Is the lack of translations a blocker from promotion side of things?15:24
pittisil2100: right, sorry; that's why I wanted that done two months ago :/ (meh)15:24
pittisil2100: so I can certainly add another landing with the other 5 branches, but that would disrupt the landing-004 and the unity8 one which is being prepared (that might be ok/desirable, I don't know)15:26
davmor2sil2100: hell no everyone needs to speak perfect Queens English and sod the rest of the world ;).......So translations isn't the top of our testing.  I wouldn't block on it as it comes  goes and improves all the while,  Towards final rtm image then I would15:27
sil2100pitti: hm, tell me, in case we would hold off (just theoretically) the first landing that's ready now till tomorrow around afternoon/evening, would that be a big problem?15:27
pittirvr: ah sorry, I was looking for vrruiz :)15:27
rvrnp :)15:28
pittisil2100: no, certainly not; as long as that doesn't block other landings15:28
pittisil2100: it will also postpone the Launchpad imports, though15:28
sil2100Right... hmmm ;)15:28
pittisil2100: translation imports, I mean15:28
pittisil2100: ok, both rvr and I have upgraded to the PPA, testing now15:28
sil2100pitti: ok! We'll discuss how to proceed on the meeting in 30 minutes, so I'll just get back to you what we'll going to do :)15:29
pittisil2100: ack, thanks!15:29
sil2100pitti: for safety's sake I would prefer to wait it out in case we can get a promotable image for tomorrow (which also will be discussed), but it all depends15:30
pittisil2100: sure; let me know what to do with the other 5 branches15:30
rvrpitti: All those apps do work, but many miss translations15:31
pittirvr: they should all be in that incomprehensible gibberish called "English" now :)15:32
pittiI tested the first three, they work ok; how would I test unity-scope-scopes and scope-mediascanner?15:32
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
pittiI mean, I copied an mp3 and mp4 video on the device, and they appear in the dash now15:32
pittiah, scope-scopes is the table of scopes I get with the little arrow on the bottom, I suppose?15:33
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pittirvr: ^ ?15:33
rvrpitti: I think so15:34
pittiok, then everything is working15:34
rvrpitti: Check "all" scopes tab15:34
pittirvr: I only have apps, music, and videos (3 tabs), but the little arrow at the very bottom shows me all available scopes15:35
rvrpitti: Me too15:35
pittiin "Manage dash"15:35
pittirvr: ack, so I think we are talking about the same thing15:36
rvrpitti: Yup15:36
pittirvr: would you mind setting the "QA signoff" column in row 38 to granted?15:36
rvrpitti: Where?15:37
pittirvr: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain15:37
rvrpitti: I don't have rights to edit the document15:39
pittirvr: oh, ok; well, I'll just set it to granted then, if you are ok with it15:39
rvrpitti: I'm ok15:40
pittirvr: many thanks!15:40
pittisil2100: ok, all done (ready to publish), FTR15:40
sil2100pitti: thanks :)15:46
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ogra_pitti, so i talked to the team, even if you drop random stuff into /cache/recovery only signed stuff that matches the gpg signature from recovery can actually do anything15:54
pittiogra_: ah, when will that land?15:55
ogra_pitti, ?15:55
pittiogra_: I mean the signature checking15:55
ogra_i'm talking about today15:56
pitti    adb $ADBOPTS shell 'echo format data > /cache/recovery/ubuntu_command'15:56
pittithat works without any signature15:56
ogra_rsalveti, sergiusens ^^^15:56
ogra_pitti, thats surely a bug15:56
pittiogra_: well, as adb shouldn't be running in the first place, it's certainly not a biggue15:56
ogra_(touch you can have the above cheaper by just tapping "wipe" in system-settings :P )15:57
pittiogra_: if you have adb, you have the user's data15:57
pittiogra_: can't tap -- I'm a script :)15:57
ogra_well, then you just call the dbus command that system-settings uses for this15:57
ogra_if format data is the only issue we have thats surely ignorable15:58
pittiogra_: right, happy to replace this with a phablet-foo or other command; so far that's just what I was told to use15:58
ogra_see my mail :)15:58
pittiogra_: I don't know what other commands can be written there; this is all just parrotting of the answers that I got to "how do I factory reset"15:59
ogra_phablet-config, phablet-shell and phablet-network will all work as before15:59
* pitti hugs ogra -- in two weeks we'll all need some holidays and lots of beer!15:59
ogra_anything beyond that will need new patches i guess15:59
ogra_pitti, oh yeah ... i hadnt anticipated that dev mode eats all my time til rtm ... we should have started with that months ago16:00
ogra_now we have all these awful hacks in place everywhere ... and everyone assumes root16:00
bzoltan1sergiusens: do you know how to adjust the device volume from terminal?16:00
ogra_and after all i most of the time can only replace them with other awful hacks16:01
pittiogra_: it'll need one awful hack anyway -- after all, the two goals "locked by defualt" and "noninteractive full root testing mode" are quite incompatible16:02
ogra_just dump a NOPASSWD sudoers in place at the very beginning16:03
ogra_after all thats not enduser stuff anyway16:03
pittiogra_: again -- chicken-egg16:03
pittiogra_: if I can dump such a file I don't need to :)16:04
pittiand if I need to I can't16:04
ogra_well, you will flash with --password16:04
ogra_so use your SSH_ASKPASS hack and have password be 000016:04
ogra_or some such16:04
pittiogra_: and where would I apply that? no adb, no ssh..16:05
ogra_i think there are still 100 ways to do what you need16:05
ogra_pitti, ubuntu-device-flash --developer-mode --password=0000 && adb shell ... foo ...16:05
pittiogra_: ah, so --devmode will enable adb without having to enter pins?16:05
ogra_--devmode will enable adb for the usb device ... but adbd will not start unless there is also a password set16:06
ogra_which --password=0000 will do for you while flashing16:06
pittiogra_: ah, understand now16:07
ogra_and you will have to do that in any case if you want to access adb via scripts16:08
ogra_what i#'m doing here is to actually avoid the password requirement for the existing tools16:09
Wellarkjdstrand: weird16:10
Wellarkare you uploading manually to the archives?16:11
Wellarknot using ci-train?16:11
jdstrandWellark: apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu does not use citrain16:14
jdstrandbut the UDD branch should still be updated automatically. I don't know why it isn't16:15
Wellarkjdstrand: ok. you probably can figure it out :)16:16
rsalvetinik90: we're working on setting up the audio roles in our platform, so once the media-hub changes are in place we'll just change our streams depending on the desired role16:28
rsalvetithat will enable us to control volume per roles and also cork things properly16:28
nik90rsalveti: cool ,thnx16:30
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=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
danilosElleo, hi, fwiw, I've update the https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/ubuntu-keyboard/serbian-layout/+merge/229876 with a checklist and link to debs that I've built16:45
Elleodanilos: okay, great thanks; I did a quick code review and everything looked alright, I'll do some testing of it tomorrow and then sign off my part of the checklist and we can try to get it landed :)16:49
danilosElleo, cool, thanks16:50
Elleodanilos: ah, what you're posted is the test plan, the submissions checklist is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/Checklists/system-apps <-- first one16:50
danilosElleo, ah, sure, will fill it right in16:52
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=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
danilosElleo, added the checklist, thanks; not sure about the .pot file and core-dev because packaging is being changed (ubuntu-keyboard-serbian package being added)16:58
danilosElleo, I assume you are the core-dev :)16:59
Elleodanilos: I'm not a core dev, but we can probably get sil2100 to cover that side of things :)16:59
danilosElleo, cool, thanks16:59
Elleodanilos: don't worry about the .pot files for now, translation isn't properly implemented in the keyboard at the moment, thats on my list to fix this week16:59
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
danilosElleo, ok16:59
Elleosil2100: mind if I subscribe you to danilos' MR to verify his packaging changes?17:00
sil2100Elleo: hey! Is that an universe package? ;) But sure, I can have a look17:00
sil2100What merge is that?17:00
Elleosil2100: https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/ubuntu-keyboard/serbian-layout/+merge/22987617:00
Elleosil2100: adding a new language layout to the keyboard (so just some minor packaging changes to add a new language plugin package)17:01
Elleoand yeah, the keyboard stuff is all in universe17:01
sil2100Elleo: ok, doing that now :)17:03
Elleosil2100: thanks :)17:03
danilossil2100, cheers17:04
kgunnogra_: does syncing google calendar take forever for you ?17:20
pittisil2100: for further coordination, I'll EOD in about 30 mins or so; anything left for me to do today?17:20
kgunni'm trying to verify if https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/disable-opacity-animation-1354406-workaround/+merge/23158817:20
kgunnis a valid workaround...and hell if my calendar just been syncing for like 10 min straight17:21
sil2100pitti: so, we finished our meeting and we might have a promotion tomorrow in the morning17:21
ogra_kgunn, on 201 i dont even get a notification when hitting sync in the calendar app17:21
pittisil2100: ah, great to hear! so I take it we'll stall taht until then17:21
sil2100pitti: could you maybe wait with your landing till tomorrow around noon?17:21
sil2100pitti: thanks!17:21
pittisil2100: yes, of course17:21
ogra_oh, wait, beacuse my wlan is gone again ...17:21
pittisil2100: that'll make it much easier to untangle (or do) the other landings, too17:21
ogra_kgunn, seems it synced fine ... i just had a fresh meeting for tomorrow show up in the calendar sfter hitting sync (though as mentioned, no notification about the syncing at all)17:22
kgunnogra_: oh my...it just took long...it finally stopped...wow17:23
ogra_busy week ;)17:23
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danilossil2100, Elleo: I'll be out for a while, bbl17:28
sil2100danilos: ok! I did a packaging review if anything17:30
Elleodanilos: okay, I'll probably won't have time to test until tomorrow, but it looks like everything should be in good shape17:30
sil2100Not sure if I would have a moment for a whole-merge review right now17:30
Elleosil2100: don't worry, I'll do the merge review, I've already checked through the code17:30
sil2100Elleo: excellent, thanks ;)!17:30
sil2100That's some awesome work17:31
ElleoI'll do it first thing tomorrow, and then we can try to get it in with a bunch of other keyboard changes :)17:31
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dakermzanetti: yo, do you know why the dash become unresponsive ? can't scroll or launch apps from the dash18:06
mzanettidaker: hmm, no. does it just lock up?18:09
dakermzanetti: yes18:09
mzanettidaker: interesting....18:09
mzanettimind attaching gdb?18:10
dakermzanetti: how ?18:10
mzanettissh into the phone18:10
* mzanetti figures syntax18:10
mzanettidaker: hmm... you'd need to install a bunch of symbols packages to get anything useful18:13
mzanettidaker: do you happen to remember what you last did?18:13
mzanettior something that could have triggered it18:13
dakerit did happen atleast twice18:13
dakerno i don't remembrer, but i try to figure it out18:14
dakermzanetti: how can i restart it ?18:14
mzanettidaker: restart unity8-dash18:15
dakerok thanks18:15
dakeri'll try to see if i can retrigger it18:15
dobeydaker: i've had that happen a couple times, and switching to the app overview then back to the dash made the dash work again18:21
dakeri'll try to see if can reproduce it18:25
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nik90charles: hey, did you read giorgio's email? What do you think about this solution?18:34
nik90charles: nvrmind, I just read your comment in the bug report18:35
kenvandinejgdx, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/libqofono/0.53-0ubuntu218:35
thelionroarsI take it the 'ugly white home screen that's treated like an app but can't be swiped away' will be replaced by something prettier eventually :P18:47
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dakermpt: ping19:04
mterrycharles, how might I test on the console what the value of indicator-location's location-detection-enabled property is?19:20
mterrytedg, ^19:22
tedgHmm, you should be able to query the action.19:24
mterrytedg, I just don't know the console magic19:25
tedgOne sec, I can get it.19:25
mterryI don't speak menu model19:25
tedgmterry, You should really drop some of those less useful languages you know and focus :-)19:26
tedgmterry, gdbus call --session --dest com.canonical.indicator.location --object-path /com/canonical/indicator/location --method org.gtk.Actions.Describe location-detection-enabled19:27
mterrytedg, ah thanks so much!19:27
jgdxkenvandine, thanks!19:30
mterrykgunn_, is there a bug for the terms and conditions?19:36
kgunn_mterry: not that i am aware of19:38
kgunn_mterry: i think this is a fallback position to some other solution they had originally planned19:38
kgunn_olli: ^ do you know of any bug associated with HERE t&c?19:39
ollikgunn_, nope19:39
mterrykgunn_, olli: no worries19:39
kenvandinejgdx, np!19:42
mterrykgunn_, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/location-page/+merge/23162219:52
kenvandineSaviq, can you get the unity8 lock timeout branch in a landing soon?  https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/unity8/fix-1230345/+merge/23100619:58
kenvandinejgdx, can i bug you for a review?19:59
dakerdobey: note that since i have fixed click-list thing, the scope always gives the correct result19:59
dakerfixed by removing the corrupted app20:00
kgunn_thanks mterry20:01
dobeydaker: yeah.20:01
mterrykgunn_, it has some visual warts that could go away if we wanted to devote energy at them, but it's good enough to land I think, hopefully unblocking people20:02
kgunn_Cimi: can you review  https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/location-page/+merge/23162220:03
dobeygo go gadget silo 520:03
Cimikgunn_, yep. now or tomorrow is fine?20:03
kgunn_Cimi: tomorrow is fine...thanks20:04
kgunn_Cimi: why you on so late?20:04
dobeymeh, something broke the packaging again for my cross compiling schroot :(20:04
Cimikgunn_, was curious to test silo 17 :)20:05
Cimimterry, is that a fork of my branch https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard.privacy/+merge/213124 ?20:06
Cimijust wondering if I can use it as a base for review :)20:06
mterryCimi, not a fork, but a replacement and I stole some of your CheckableSetting code20:06
om26erI am trying to use usb tethering but it keeps on connecting, do I need to give a static ip ?20:11
Cimimterry, cool, CheckableSetting might require some minor changes though20:11
Cimiwill have a look tomo20:12
Cimimterry, anyway does it work?20:13
Cimimterry, or is the backend still broken?20:14
Cimiwhen I did my branch, setting was not stored, and looked independent from location setting in unity8 shell20:14
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jgdxkenvandine, looking20:22
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jgdxkenvandine, do I need a specific build/packages for this to work?20:28
kenvandinejgdx, you should just need to look at the values in gsettings20:31
kenvandinethe unity8 branch that actually handles the idle hasn't landed20:31
kenvandinebut it is ready to land20:31
jgdxkenvandine, right, I have and that looks great20:31
jgdxbut yeah, isn't respected20:31
mterryCimi, I didn't worry about the indicator side of things20:35
mterryCimi, they can fix that on their own time.  The important thing was to get the Terms & Conditions visible20:35
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ahayzenAnyone know which project is should put as confirm against for this bug 1359022 is it more likely to be libusermetrics or unity8 greeter ?21:01
ubot5bug 1359022 in Ubuntu Music App "Welcome screen on image #200 always states that there are no data sources available" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135902221:01
pmcgowanahayzen, I think mterry is reverting something that caused that21:03
mterrypmcgowan, not that I'm aware  :)21:03
pmcgowanthen I lied21:04
mterryahayzen, that could honestly be either one, but I don't think unity8 has changed that piece of code recently21:04
pmcgowanwas thinking its part of the no indicators ting21:04
mterryah no21:04
tedgWhy do we need dkms for kernel modules that are open source?21:04
ahayzenas victor said in the bug nothing related to unity8/libusermetrics has changed in #200?121:04
tedgJust to avoid versioning them with the kernel?21:04
ahayzenmterry, hah should i confirm for both then?21:05
mterryahayzen, assign it to one, otherwise both sides might assume the other is looking into  it  ;)21:07
ahayzenmterry, yeah i guess...which side is most likely to pick it up faster?21:07
mterryahayzen, well I have a selfish interest in putting it on the libusermetrics side, but both would look at it quickly enough I'd hope21:08
ahayzenmterry, heh i'll put it at usermetrics first :)21:09
Saviqkenvandine, yes, it'll come in with fixes for the two blockers we have in unity821:16
kenvandineSaviq, thx!21:17
taiebotOh oh I am experiencing weird stuff on  r201 headers are not correctly placed http://i.imgur.com/k52Aka3.png21:40
nik90taiebot: emulator or phone?21:44
nik90taiebot: if(emulator) -> known bug21:44
taiebotshort is the same way21:45
taiebotnik90 it looks like they are full screen but the dash is covering the top of the header21:46
nik90taiebot: i cannot reproduce it on my n4 20121:46
taiebotI think it needs to be triggered. I started noticing it after using the short app21:47
taiebotClosing the app and restarting it solves the problem21:48
taiebotNik90: yep shorts app triggers it. How to do it open shorts apps click on an rss feed open site ( opens the webbroswser) let it open do a right swipe to go back to shorts app. The shorts app blacks out and the bug is triggered. (doing a bug report now) do not really know to which project to report21:54
taiebotnik90: do you know how to screencast the device it would be easy to demonstrate22:01
popeyeasier to video using another device tbh22:01
nik90taiebot: what popey said ^^22:02
taiebotnik90: http://i.imgur.com/xFipyby.png22:13
nik90taiebot: oh no my precious app header is cut off22:14
* nik90 tests22:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359433 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "Shorts app can trigger a bug which break headers of any app " [Undecided,New]22:14
taiebotMight be related to what you are seeing in the emulator22:15
nik90I cannot reproduce it :/22:17
nik90I did everything you did, opened shorts, click on bbc article and then open site22:17
nik90the site loaded in the browser and then I returned to the shorts app22:17
nik90then I opened the system settings app and all is fine22:18
taiebotHave you swiped multiple times ? it happens sometimes after second swipe22:18
taiebotYou will see shorts app becoming completely black22:18
taiebotI swear for me its every time could be related to something else22:20
taiebotdoing  a reboot22:20
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taiebotNik90: mm after reboot i did manage to re-produced it. Not on my first try but second link i tried it did triggered.22:27
nik90taiebot: I tried several links22:27
nik90taiebot: it has been reported as a bug22:27
nik90taiebot: maybe someone else can try reproducing it22:27
popeynik90: known bug with the header22:28
nik90popey: strange, I have only seen that in the emulator22:29
popeyif an app is killed by app lifecycle and you restart it, it appears under the indicators22:29
popeyI have seen it on the phone22:29
nik90ah ok22:29
popeytook a while to find that22:30
popeymy wall of screenshots is getting a bit big22:30
taiebotpopey: Only shorts app and webbrowser open and its enough for getting killed by app lifecicle?22:33
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