Azelphurali1234: what about UDP streaming without a buffer?00:01
Azelphurthat would probably be faster00:01
ali1234it still buffers00:01
Azelphurmaybe a way to shorten the buffer time00:02
ali1234it may work better00:02
ali1234you'll have to experiment :)00:02
ali1234you'll also need to find a good codec that android can play reasonably fast00:02
ali1234i think this idea has legs though00:03
ali1234i mean if onlive can do it, we should be able to do it too00:03
zmoylan-pimxplayer on android is fairly decent at playing video on android00:03
zmoylan-pisorry, you're streaming, brain is fried with lack of sleep00:03
ali1234the delay might simply be introduced by encoding00:03
ali1234in which case figuring out how to use mjpeg with the mpjpeg mux will probably help00:04
ali1234cos mjpeg is fast00:04
ali1234though best results would come from gpu accelerated encoding00:04
Azelphurali1234: have you noticed the errors it spews out when using mjpeg?00:04
ali1234yes, you can't put mjpeg in a program stream00:07
ali1234you have to use mux=mpjpeg, but i can't get it to work00:07
ali1234that's all i know00:07
Azelphurwhat about using h264?00:07
ali1234afaik that's the same as mpeg400:08
Azelphurah, so latency and buffering00:08
ali1234yes, you will need to really tweak the options to get it fast00:08
Azelphuryea, I am just looking through that link, there seems to be some buffer-size options00:09
ali1234you could also investigate what steamOS does00:09
ali1234with the streaming stuff00:10
ali1234someone has probably reverse engineered it by now00:10
Azelphurthis might also be a good question for #vlc00:10
ali1234imagine if they added the streaming client to the android steam client... that would be killer00:10
ali1234also, you could just use it00:10
diddledanI need season 3 of continuum now00:50
diddledanI'm hooked00:50
daftykinsi just finished s2 too!00:51
daftykinspretty mad final episode huh O_O00:51
diddledanheck yeah00:51
daftykinsit's like the writers woke up00:51
diddledanindeed, they decided: let's fudge with everything00:52
daftykinsdid you happen to look up whether s3 has finished airing yet?00:52
diddledanhtf can they leave cameron in a box?!00:52
diddledanI think it has00:52
daftykinshaha, yeah they're like pets00:52
diddledanand the bloke cop (I can never remember his name and definitely can't spell it) turning up at theseus'!?!00:53
diddledanthat blew my mind00:53
daftykinsbad Betty.00:54
daftykinsshe was in Stargate Universe! :)00:54
diddledanlooks like showcase has finished airing s300:54
diddledanif you live in the states you can stream it off showcase.ca00:56
* diddledan ponders whether to activate a vpn00:56
diddledannetflix in the uk only got s2 a week ago so I don't expect them to get rights to s3 for another 6 months at least01:00
daftykinsyou are a far too scrupulous individual sir01:00
diddledanI've nearly got the second half of s3 downloaded but I'm missing 8,9,10 and 1-501:01
* zmoylan-pi is watching real genius01:17
daftykinswhat's that?01:18
zmoylan-pian ancient geeky film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089886/01:19
daftykinshmm Remmina RDP client is quite good01:21
zmoylan-piused it when i first started with my pi.  it would occasionly crash for no reason i could find.01:22
daftykinshow rude!01:22
daftykinsi have ubuntu on a guys breakfast room PC, he called up this morning because he wanted to RDP to his office PC from the other side of the house whilst looking after his baby son01:23
zmoylan-pii don't mind crashes as long as i can track down why and eliminate the problems01:23
daftykinsi was too bleary eyed and unfamiliar to suggest how to connect to it :> will have to sort that tomorrow01:23
zmoylan-piand you can rdp from an android tablet if you really really want.01:23
zmoylan-pibut it's not fun01:24
zmoylan-pinow if you can get remote desktop from a baby monitor you'd sew up the geeky parents market :-)01:27
daftykinsactually a friends gf at the pub quiz tonight was saying how she wants to buy a new phone, ditch her current iPhone 401:31
daftykinsbut she needs to be able to see change tracking in MS word docs, so was thinking she'd have to get a Windows phone01:31
daftykinsso i pulled my phone out and demo'd RDP'ing home over HSPA ;)01:32
zmoylan-pii thought ms office worked best on iphone these days?01:32
daftykinsnot sure on that one01:32
zmoylan-pithe winphone version was slightly behind as they have bugger all market share01:32
* zmoylan-pi goes to check...01:33
daftykinswhere would you look? the office mobile page wasn't hugely detailed on feature set01:33
zmoylan-piand the words office is so generic as to be useless in search terms.  feckin ms naming system ::mutter mutter::01:37
Azelphurali1234: I did some testing with teamviewer that seems to work reasonably well, https://home.azelphur.com/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=6d032c8c2d9af6ab3106c7264d7749dd01:37
AzelphurI will have to stab at vlc some more soon01:37
zmoylan-pithat took too long to find.  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/06/05/first_ios_now_android_to_get_fondleslab_office_ahead_of_windows/01:52
daftykinszmoylan-pi: hehe, ty01:57
zmoylan-pinow i'm sure when the winphone gets out it'll be extra wonderful but till then01:58
zmoylan-piand having played with wince 1,2,3, pocket pc 95, 97, winmobile 5,6,6.5 and winphone 7 i'd advise to steer clear of winphone01:59
daftykinshaha, absolutely02:01
daftykinsi had an HTC Touch Diamond, kinda felt like being at the beginning of the final slog to a true smartphone02:01
daftykinsi like to call it the "partially educated phone"02:01
zmoylan-piand the old classic 101 reasons not to buy a winphone http://my-symbian.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4403402:06
diddledandaftykins, first ep of s3 is wow02:38
* diddledan just fini02:38
diddledanthat's another series I need to watch - defiance - I saw the first couple on sky but then promptly forgot03:29
MooDoomorning all07:00
MooDoomorning SuperMatt :)07:16
SuperMattIt's home time now right?07:29
MooDooSuperMatt: not quite :D07:35
SuperMattdang it07:36
MooDooSuperMatt: it's early, have you been at work awhile?07:37
SuperMattjust got here07:37
MooDoolol hope you're not getting disheartened about your job already ;)07:41
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:45
MooDoomornig brobostigon07:48
brobostigonmorning MooDoo07:48
SuperMattMooDoo: weeeeell, I really do enjoy what we do here, but there are issues - namely staffing levels do not match ticket volumes07:50
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MooDooSuperMatt: aint that the issue everywhere?  It certainly was in my last job in support08:06
SuperMattvery true, but even though we're already breaking, we have quite a large number of people on holiday too08:09
MooDooyeah holidays can be a problem, but you can only do what you can do :D08:10
MooDooSuperMatt: you're fanatical, you can deal with it :D08:12
SuperMattsure, I do understand that, but I just would have liked some management forethought to, y'know, prevent this level of absense08:12
MooDooSuperMatt: lol there's your issue there, thinking management think ;) lol08:12
SuperMattyes yes, I know08:15
zmoylan-piit's august, everyone buggers off on holiday in august08:18
SuperMattexcept, it seems, my customers08:19
MooDooSuperMatt: you'll be fine :D the job is everything you've wanted so crack on a do your best lol08:20
zmoylan-piwell now you get indundated with their problems as the people who normally keep things going there are also on holliers08:20
MooDooyeah but if it's a well run setup, you can take over other ppeoples tickets so it shouldn't be a problem08:22
zmoylan-pi'where's the any key?' :-/08:22
MooDoomy cup holder is broken ;) [cdrom]08:23
shaunojust got the strangest bout of spam.  they appear to be using a pdf file as their wordlist for names.  so I have senders such as "Steven endobj" and "Veronica %PDF-1.5"08:24
zmoylan-piwhen spammers can't be bothered to make fake names...08:26
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Mosquito Day! :-D08:44
shaunowhat's happy about mosquitos?08:44
Myrttithat's exactly what I was going to ask08:45
diddledanmy thinks exactly08:45
JamesTaitI'm sure the mosquitos that don't get swatted are quite happy.08:51
JamesTaitAlso, we know about the link between mosquitos and malaria transmission - that's surely worth celebrating. :)08:51
foobarrythe DH Mosquito was a great plane09:05
zmoylan-pimosquitos!? where?! http://bugasalt.com/09:06
zmoylan-piit's the praise the mosquito got from goering that makes it funnier http://www.tommcmahon.net/2010/10/hermann-goering-on-the-de-havilland-mosquito-the-most-versatile-plane-of-world-war-two-that-was-made.html09:09
foobarryi have a pic somewhere of the mossie goign under the eiffel tower09:10
zmoylan-pii saw a video of the version where they mounted the recoilless field gun for submarine hunting been tested09:11
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knightwisemornings popey09:20
MooDoomorning popey knightwise09:29
davmor2JamesTait: that reminds me of a joke09:34
davmor2JamesTait: Man put up an ad $100,000 to the man who can guarantee something that will kill 100% of mosquitos.  Scientists beavered away and got to 87% but no further, the day before the guy travels a boy hands him a bag, sir this is guaranteed to kill 100% of the mosquitos you use it on.09:38
davmor2JamesTait: The man hands over the $100,000 and the boy races off,  The man opens the bag an inside is an ornate box, He opens the box and inside are two big metal plates.  Under those are instructions, Place mosquito on plate a squash with plate b09:40
davmor2guarantee 100% dead09:41
zmoylan-pii want the auto laser gizmo they demonstrated a few years back.  zap the little sods09:58
shaunoI like the ones that look like a cross between a tennis racket, and an electric fence10:19
zmoylan-pii did see a giant fly swatter 1 metre long and capable of winging an albatross10:20
zmoylan-piand i got a spring powered pistol that fires a 3" circular disk at passing flies which is fun10:21
shaunothese things - http://amzn.com/B008G4AFDY10:24
awilkinsI saw one at my sisters and wondered why it needed to be electric10:38
awilkinsBecause the impact of a wire at that kind of speed would be lethal, but I see the bit about "fruit flies" now10:39
zmoylan-pinah flies have so little mass that they just bounce off it otherwise10:39
shaunoyou can't discount the entertainment value either ;)10:42
MooDooSuperMatt: think i'm with you right now, time to go home? lol10:49
popeyhttp://bugasalt.com/ is what you want for fly killing10:53
shaunothat doesn't look like it'd be fair on the roomba10:56
popeykeeps the roomba employed10:57
popeyalthough I expect flies tend not to be at ground level when shot10:57
shaunoyeah, there's just that pesky gravity stuff.  the salt has to go somewhere10:58
Myrttishauno: how does a roomba work on carpet?11:41
Myrttiis it any good?11:41
shaunohaven't tried yet, I don't have any carpet11:42
MooDooI would of thought it would depend on the length of the carpet.11:42
shaunothat was part of the reason I got it - all hardwood & no stairs seemed like the ideal playground for it11:42
Myrttiwell yes, it's dependant on that, I just assumed that since you silly britons tend to have on average a carpet, maybe shauno'd have an average pill length carpet.11:42
shaunoyeah, I got a weird place.  wood on the floors, wood on the ceilings ..11:44
Myrttisounds... scandinavian11:45
zmoylan-pior they live in a shipping crate :-)11:50
knightwisehmmm . its a paradox, but a windows pro tablet makes for the perfect chromebook11:51
knightwiseand ks pretty spiffy to use as a linux thin client11:52
zmoylan-pithe new cheap windows notachromebooks look interesting too and as cheap11:52
shaunoI wish!  I have "housing boom" housing.  a shipping crate would have been better built11:52
zmoylan-piit amazes me that the prefab housing built after wwii is still knocking around with few problems but modern housing falls apart before your toaster11:53
shaunoliterally.  I have windows that don't fit the frames, with kitchen-towels tucked in to keep the wind out11:54
MooDoowtf?  really?11:55
shaunothe backdoor opens properly when it's sunny.  if it's cold, it requires a wrench.11:55
Myrttipolyurethane foam11:55
Myrttifor the windows11:55
shauno(I also have the cheapest rent in town .. go figure)11:55
zmoylan-piyou might want to be careful making house in uk ireland windproof, if it's on granite radon gas needs a breeze to disperse it11:57
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knightwisejoin #oggcastplanet12:01
* zmoylan-pi doesn't wonder where knightwise is off too :-)12:01
zmoylan-piat least it wasn't a password12:03
knightwisetouchscreen keyboard..12:03
awilkinsAny recommendations for the laptop of a road warrior? Getting a new job and I guess I'll be needing one.12:49
MooDooawilkins: what you doing ?12:49
awilkinsMooDoo, "Technical Architect" which will mean a certain amount of visiting customers and getting their requirements12:50
awilkinsFor the healthcare market ; going to work for Nant Health12:50
awilkinsCancer informatics, that kind of stuff. Lots of integration things I think.12:50
MooDooawilkins: congrats :D12:51
awilkinsTa :-)  feet were getting a little leaden in my current position12:51
awilkinsI like the Lenovo that is my current issue laptop12:52
awilkinsSo I will probably get something from their range12:52
MooDooawilkins: yeah that's why I moved too.12:52
awilkinsAn old colleague who works for them now headhunted me, which is always flattering12:53
zmoylan-piand they got a bonus?12:53
awilkinsCan't get him drunk and ask, he's a hindu12:54
zmoylan-pithat probably rules out dragging them over hot coals too... :-p12:54
awilkinsOnly if he cracks under the pressure of spa therapy :-)12:55
MooDooawilkins: kinda what happened to me lol12:55
MooDooawilkins: ooo never thought of getting my new boss ratted as a thank you lol must try it12:57
ujjaindid the UK economy have a massive crash in 2007-2008? I am seeing GBP value going up so much then from 1.5 to 1.1513:51
ujjain1.52 to 1.05 actually.13:52
awilkinsErm : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_crisis_of_2007%E2%80%930814:11
ali1234tl;dr the whole world did14:14
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awilkinsThe GBP probably suffered greatly because we have more idiot bankers per Square Mile.14:22
ujjainYeah, Europe/Holland suffered a lot too, but the EUR-currency went up a lot I guess.14:28
directhexinteresting - http://www.phonearena.com/news/With-the-same-battery-HTC-One-M8-for-Windows-listed-to-have-nearly-double-the-battery-life-of-the-One-M8-for-Android_id5957114:51
directhexalso, nexus 6 specs leak. another gargantuphone. 5.2" screen14:52
popeydrussell: because it has no apps? ☻15:02
popeyer, oops15:02
popeyignore me ☻15:02
drussellpopey: consider it done :o)15:04
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:06
ali1234what is a decent unzip program for mac that supports passwords?15:42
awilkins7zip ?15:43
ali1234alsa has to be gui and downloadable from a trustworthy website15:45
awilkinsBah, GUIs15:45
awilkinsDoesn't OSX have a supplied archive program with a GUI?15:45
ali1234yes but it doesn't support password protected zip files15:45
shauno'the unarchiver' works really well.  just don't get it from the appstore because sandboxing and archiving is a bad combination  (it's free either way)15:45
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mappsgod damn17:49
mappsin a queue again with student loan co17:49
mappsevery time i ring17:50
directhexpaid mine off \o/17:52
arsennicely done.17:52
mappsyea so i have17:52
mappsoverpaid infact17:53
mappsso need to send april-july payslip and p60 and get them to refund17:53
mappsbut i dunno where im supposed to send to or if i can email17:53
arsendo they just continue to collect until the EOY?17:53
mappstill next april starts17:53
arsenim gona overpay significantly17:54
mappsbasically u have to phone them and say you think yuve paid it off17:54
mappsthen send copies of payslips/p60 and they credit your overpayment within 21 days17:54
arsenthey shouldnt have the ability to overcharge you17:54
mappstotally barmy scenario..the statement you get where it says you owe £1000 or whatever..thats the same as the see on the screens at stident loan co say 8months later..they dont seem to update like say a normal loan would17:55
mappsand instead all the payments u make get taken off it in one go at the end of the year17:55
mappsvery odd17:55
arsenyeah it only updates annually17:55
mappsstupid eh17:55
mappsnot exactly normal17:55
mappsi spent ages getting accewss to my account online only to find its useless..it showed the same as the statement from a year prior17:56
directhexthe problem is whilst the money is collected by HMRC monthly on your paycheque via PAYE, the payments are made by HMRC to SLC annually17:56
mapps2mins 30 more and il hang up..i only bother queuing for 10mins a time17:56
directhexso they only know your balance *accurately* once a year17:56
directhexthe rest of the year is estimated17:56
mappstotal nonsense no directhex ?17:56
directhexi don't make the rules17:57
mappsi know:P17:58
arseni last checked in march17:58
arsenlets ee how i did..17:59
mappsgot through just before i hung up:D17:59
arsengotta love that i have to reset it everytime i login18:01
arsenoh goodie, it still hasnt got 2014 data18:02
arsenclearly it's a life ambition of mine to pay off my student loan asap.18:10
arsengona be another year i suspect, though i'm only paying via HMRC. i guess technically it'd be beneficial to pay it off early18:10
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diddledanand.. keep digging that hole microsoft. http://www.hotforsecurity.com/blog/some-windows-7-pcs-bricked-by-microsoft-after-faulty-patch-tuesday-update-9945.html21:21
mappshah nice diddledan21:58
mappsnice ms updated21:58
controversyany1 online?23:22
controversywhat is best irc app for ubuntu?23:22

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