Nothing_MuchWhen's the next Ubuntu meetup? :D14:59
Nothing_Muchmhall119: FOSSETCON is in FL right?15:05
Nothing_Muchnevermind, I didn't see the gigantic "Location" tab on the website15:12
balloonsNothing_Much, yes it's in Orlando16:23
Nothing_Muchbut I don't see much relating to ubuntu16:24
mhall119Nothing_Much: Thursday will be UbuCon where we'll have several sessions, we'll have a booth for Friday and Saturday, and I think at least one presentation one of those days too16:31
Nothing_Muchmhall119: and what about the "Training Pass" ticket?16:33
Nothing_Muchwhat's that for?16:33
mhall119I think that's for the thursday sessions, in addition to UbuCon there willbe othre training/workshop sessions happening16:41
Bryansteinmhall119, ping16:50
mhall119Bryanstein: pong16:53
Bryansteinmhall119, you guys never settled on the later sessions for the Ubucon?16:54
mhall119we didn't? I thought we had16:55
mhall119Bryanstein: what is the current list you have?16:55
BryansteinCreating your first Ubuntu SDK Application16:55
BryansteinGiving Back: First steps to contributing to ubuntu16:56
BryansteinOh yes since Jorge won't be able to make it...16:56
BryansteinThat's the extent of it...not counting the panel you guys spoke of16:56
mhall119what about Jose's? 16:57
BryansteinAs I said Federico will be there16:57
mhall119I had another submission too16:57
Bryansteinjose, might not make it in time16:57
mhall119oh right, I keep forgetting he won't be there on Thursday16:57
mhall119Bryanstein: do you have somebody who could moderate a panel session? Taking questiosn and asking their own16:58
BryansteinWell he will but at like 4pm16:58
Bryansteinmhall119, well it can be arranged perhaps but Federico said he'd contribute to the Ubucon16:58
BryansteinI figured there are enough Ubuntu folks in FL to move this along itself16:59
mhall119sure, we just need to know what we need to do16:59
mhall119so how many session are we short, if we don't count the panel16:59
BryansteinWell the list and the slots open were posted to the mailing list17:00
mhall119Bryanstein: is the Ubuntu SDK session 2 hours?17:00
mhall119and giving back also 1.5?17:01
BryansteinNope...he said it was 30-40 minutes17:01
BryansteinYou have a total of 6 hours17:01
mhall119balloons: what did you and pleia2 decide on the time for your joint giving-back session?17:02
BryansteinLets say it makes 1.5...that's still 2 hours not counting the panel17:02
Bryanstein1.5 SDK, 1.5 Contributing, 1 Panel, that's 4 total17:03
BryansteinOh what happened to the Beginner talk I asked about....hmmm someone was saying they'd perhaps do it17:04
mhall119I said I could if we needed it,which it seems we do17:04
Bryansteinmhall119, can you ping Federico and see what he says...I asked him and he said he'd contribute to the Ubucon17:04
mhall119that, plus a panel, would still leave us an hour short though wouldn't it?17:04
mhall119what's his irc nick?17:04
Bryansteinerrr no clue...I just email him :oP17:05
mhall119roaksoax: hey, are you going to be a FOSSETCON?17:05
mhall119Bryanstein: can you PM me his email address?17:05
BryansteinSo if there was an Ubuntu for beginners that lasted an hour...yes that would leave 1 hour17:05
roaksoaxmhall119: hey! i don't think so. When is that gonna be?17:06
mhall119roaksoax: Sept 11-13th in Orlando17:06
roaksoaxmhall119: diffcicult days17:06
balloonswe'd like at least an hour mhall119 and Bryanstein 17:06
roaksoaxbut will try17:06
mhall119roaksoax: ok, jcastro had to back out because of a work sprint, so we don't have any server/cloud sessions for Thursday's UbuCon17:07
roaksoaxmhall119: bummer! yeah I thought of going but might have to go to a sprint too17:09
Bryansteinmhall119, this is what we also need19:22
BryansteinWe need errr abstracts for the talks...well the panel and anything else that is prospective19:23
BryansteinWe have two abstracts already...but in setting up the schedule people want to know what is going on in the Ubucon19:23
mhall119Bryanstein: I'll get you an abstract on the beginners session this week, the panel will just be a Q&A session, maybe we can provide a way for people to propose questions throughout the day?19:26
Bryansteinmhall119, well I can just make something up but it would be quite helpful to me if someone did it19:27
mhall119federico is going to ping me tomorrow morning to talk about what he can do19:27
* Bryanstein has 500,000 things he's doing19:27
mhall119Bryanstein: ok, I'll put it on my list as well19:27
BryansteinWell this is what I'll do...I'll just put something in there...it's super late in the game. This all needs to be there post haste 19:27
BryansteinSo I'll put in Federico's talk on the Ubucon page and if he does something different so be it...it can be changed19:28
BryansteinThat's better than nothing19:28
Bryansteinmhall119, when ever you figure out your abstract I'll add it, but in the mean time I'm just going to make something up. I'll post it to the list but we need the folks to ping me with the appropriate content19:29
mhall119Bryanstein: what are the hours for UbuCon?19:29
mhall119when is lunch?19:30
Bryansteinor 12:20...it'll be post in a minute...but realistically people want to know what is going on, ie click on the Ubucon link and see content that makes them want to go19:30
mhall119and starting again at 2pm?19:31
Bryanstein1:30 or something19:34
Bryanstein12:10 - 1:30 lunch19:34
Bryanstein1:50 - 3:20 another block of sessions19:35
Bryanstein3:30 - 5:00 last block of sessions19:35
mhall119what are the morning time slots?19:53
Bryansteinmhall119, morning slots?21:13
mhall119you said 9-5, what are the start/end times for the ones before lunch?21:13
Bryansteinmhall119, well between 9-12...it's in 1.5 hour slots21:15

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