Unit193I was more interested in keysigning anyway, but still not sure how well that's ever going to work.00:56
skellatThat *can* be a regionalized Global Jam activity01:05
Unit193Yeah, but I'd be looking for DDs, not as much Ubuntu people. :P01:06
skellatDid you ask in #debian-ubuntu as to how many DDs are going to OLF?01:11
skellatOr even #ubuntu-expats01:12
skellatEither of those channels just seem to be people idling01:13
belkinsaLike everyone idles on IRC channels...I'm like in only one chatty channel.01:13
belkinsaAnd you, Unit193, you know which one.01:13
Unit193/join #ubuntu-offtopic  perhaps?01:14
skellatI need to wrap some things up01:15
skellatI intend to catch the bus in to downtown Cleveland in the morning01:15
skellatI want to spend some writing time at Cleveland Public Library's main facility01:15
belkinsaOh skellat, do you how active is the Russian LoCo is?01:16
* belkinsa is just wondering01:16
skellatThey're distressed01:16
belkinsaLike everyone else?01:17
skellatbelkinsa: Are you a Putin partisan or not?01:17
Unit193Russia. \o/01:17
belkinsaNo, why?01:17
skellatTHAT is why they're distressed01:17
belkinsaAh, duh,.01:17
skellatPro-Putin folks not happy with the not-so-partisan folks & likewise01:18
skellatWe had to go to an "R U THERE?" message trying to reach them about verification and it took a few tries01:19
belkinsaAnyways, do you know who are the truly active LoCo's?01:19
belkinsaIf we have a good bunch, maybe we can ask them to help the others, if is that possible.01:19
skellatThe Greeks01:20
skellatBob Jonkman trying pretty hard in Canada01:21
* skellat is checking why his UPS just started clicking01:21
belkinsaAnd we are trying hard here01:21
skellatI'm going to have to cut this short as I need to knock down the box with my ZNC bouncer and knock down some other things01:23
skellatI don't like the power flickering like this01:23
skellatI'll be in touch01:23
belkinsaSlaapwel everyone01:24
belkinsaOMG, guess what I got in the mail today?  The Certificate of Ubuntu Membership!16:46
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
jrgiffordbelkinsa: yeah, i got mine last week.18:02
jrgiffordtook them a few months.18:02
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
belkinsaYeah, I started to get worried about it.  I also starting to think it's a stupid idea having them.20:50

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