jedijfInHisName: http://ntrweb.org/job-openings-at-ntr/11:12
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:00
lazyPowerPrentice Hall has just released the 8th Ed. of "[The Official Ubuntu18:38
lazyPowerauthored by Matthew Helmke and Elizabeth K. Joseph with José Antonio18:38
lazyPowerRey, Philip Ballew and Benjamin Mako Hill.18:38
pleia2that's my baby \o/18:38
lazyPowerwe get a free copy of the book as members of a LOCO18:38
lazyPoweroh wait - the LOCO gets one :D18:39
lazyPowerpleia2: congrats on being published!18:41
pleia2thank you :)18:45
pleia2and yeah, the team gets the book, fight to death over it18:45
lazyPowerI'll fetch an ebook copy of it thnx :)20:42

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