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netritiousgood morning14:27
wrstmorning netritious14:27
netritioushow's it going wrst14:27
wrstmore like a monday but not terrible yet, how about you netritious?14:29
netritiousnot to bad wrst...a little disappointed that I couldn't get debian chroot'ed on my captivate glide :/14:31
wrstha ha well if that's the worsre thing of the day... ;)14:32
netritiousbut there is still hope...haven't tried the SGS4 yet :)14:32
wrstnetritious: have you ever had a nexus devices?14:32
netritiousno wrst I haven't. heard they're great though14:33
wrstso easy to tinker, but the lake of a SD card is a bummer14:33
netritiousno SD card? how limiting14:33
netritiouswhat about external USB?14:33
wrstit can be but a simple: 'fastboot oem unlock' to unlock the bootloader makes up for it :)14:34
wrstyes you can do external usb14:34
wrstthe 32GB version doesn't limit me really so it works but still expandable storage just for media I would like14:34
netritiousI keep reading things about KK disabling r/w for the user on sd, but i've had no problems with it. know anything about this wrst?14:35
netritious*external sd14:36
wrstit disables apps runnign from external sd, however samsung hacks it right back in14:36
wrston my galaxy tab pro 8.4 I run most of the apps from the SD card without issue14:36
wrstactually samsung did a nice job on the last tablets they have put out or I think14:37
wrsttouchwiz is much less a pig, its still a pig but I haven't rooted and installed a rom yet mainly because of apps on sd and the multitasking they do is really nice14:37
netritiouseveryone in my fam that has android uses samsung...not sure why. Probably what they push at the store.14:38
wrstit is and the hardware especially on the flagship models is good, I hear gripes about the plastic but I have always found them to be durable14:38
wrstmore durable than the aluminum used on the fruit phones14:38
wrsttheir software I have had issues with14:38
wrstbut its getting better14:39
wrstbut stock andorid with apps on SD card and multiwindow mode would be my perfect setup but I can achieve most of it with touchwiz and some tweaking14:39
wrsthaven't even rooted yet14:39
netritiousonly my phone and daughter's is rooted atm.14:41
netritiouswas to easy compared to rooting captivate glide14:41
wrstI haven't dealt witha Knox device yet that's one reason i haven't messed with my tablet14:42
netritiousstupid easy compared to moto backflip14:42
wrstha ha :)14:42
wrstthe tools to root have become much more user friendly14:42
wrston the nexus stuff I don't use a tool I just do it all with adb14:42
wrstits actually14:42
wrstbut of course that is more or less by design14:42
netritiousI ues odin in a pinch. haven't used adb since updating a recovery image on the glide cwmr14:45
netritious*to cwmr...that was a couple of years ago14:46
netritiousruns twrp now14:46
wrstyeah I'm out of practice on odin anything14:48
wrstlast time I used odin was to return my SIII back to stock before I sold it14:49
netritioushave you ever checked out samsung kies wrst?14:49
wrstI have used that for something but can't remember what :)14:49
wrstI'm out of the loop on all things samsung14:49
wrstbut will have to get back there I'm sure :)14:49
netritiousit's just another PC-to-android interface from Samsung.14:50
wrstthere is an open source odin I think I have used too14:51
netritioushad to use it last year to recover the glide. accidentally looped it trying to install a ROM intended for /samsung captivate/ not /samsung captivate GLIDE/14:51
wrstyes I have done that a time or two but luckily on a nexus device14:52
netritioushow's that handled with the nexus wrst?14:54
wrstall through cwm or twrp14:55
wrstif you want to go back to stock you just download the factory image, and run a script that comes in the tar.gz14:56
netritiousvery cool14:56
wrstthat flashes bootloader and everything back to stock14:56
wrstyou can flash roms with stock recovery also but its just easier with a custom recovery14:56
wrstbut all of that is with adb, or fastboot actually14:57
wrstI guess fastboot is part of adb?14:57
wrstits a different command14:57
wrstI don't know as much as I should to tinker as much as I do :)14:57
* netritious should probably know but doesn't14:57
wrstI tried out android L a month or so ago too14:57
netritiousI try not to dig to deep into gnualikes14:57
netritious^^just made that word up heh14:58
wrstha ha :)14:58
wrstnothing wrong with "creative grammar"14:59
wrstwe are in the south14:59
netritiousgnualikes=OS that uses the Linux kernel, but not considered "Linux" in any traditional sense of the word14:59
wrstgood term you shoudl copy right that15:00
netritious*2) uses Linux strictly for profit, usually in a very invasive way. See Google Android.15:00
wrstbut you know, Linus Torvalds is perfectly ok with linux being used that way15:01
wrsthe said that in a perfect situation people don't know what linux is in a system or something to that effect in reference to the success of android and the kernel15:01
netritiousand I am too, but it's not meant to last15:01
wrstis anything meant to last? :)15:01
wrstoh have you tried ubuntu out on any of your phones?15:03
wrstthe phone os not the desktop15:03
wrstlast time I tried it I totally messed up the radio15:04
wrstnot ubuntu's fault but trying to get it to work for data15:04
netritiousyou know, I haven't wrst. I would really like to turn one of my phones into an ubuntu console only phone heh...a PC, not a phone.15:04
wrstchanged some apns, and well you have to dig deep and evidently to the level it interacts with the radio :)15:05
wrstI know :)15:05
wrstin theory its one in the same, but it isn't15:05
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