inetprogood morning 05:14
bdukMoning everyone05:52
Kilosmorning all06:49
charlgood morning07:11
charlMaaz: coffee on07:12
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:12
Kiloshi charl  07:12
KilosMaaz  coffee please07:13
MaazKilos: Okay07:13
charlhi Kilos :)07:14
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!07:16
charlMaaz: thanks07:16
Maazcharl: No problem07:16
KilosMaaz  thank you07:16
MaazKilos: No problem07:16
Kiloshi Spekko  07:19
charlhi Spekko 07:24
Kiloshi drussell  inetpro  07:51
SpekkoMorning Kilos08:05
=== SilverCo1 is now known as SilverCode
magespawngood day all10:52
Kiloshi mage11:03
Kilosohi superfly  11:24
* Trixar_za pokes nuvolari11:37
alphaGanyone here selln hardware?11:52
ThatGraemeGuyhi superfly 13:45
superflyhow are things going, ThatGraemeGuy?13:47
ThatGraemeGuylekker thanks, you?13:47
superflytired, but good thanks.13:48
superflyOffice party tomorrow13:48
ThatGraemeGuyyear-end thing? bit early13:48
superflyno, no, office warming13:54
superflywe moved offices at the beginning of the month13:54
ThatGraemeGuyah right13:57
ThatGraemeGuywhere from/to?13:57
superflyCBD -> CBD13:58
superflyUpper Loop street to bottom of Bree13:58
ThatGraemeGuyoh ok14:00
ThatGraemeGuynot terribly life altering :)14:00
ThatGraemeGuywe're moving in a month or so, durbanville to bellville14:01
ThatGraemeGuy2km less distance, but time difference remains to be seen14:01
* nuvolari is poked14:19
* nuvolari slaps Trixar_za14:19
nuvolariyo biets?14:19
Trixar_zanuvolari: Guess what I did today. I invented a religion. Three of them to be exactly, because it's surprisingly hard to stop making them up.15:38
Trixar_zaWhy am I getting an email from The Free Software Foundation?15:40
Trixar_zaDid somebody sign me up again? Oo15:40
Kiloseish i sukkel with the tweet place16:10
Kilosim sure im spamming @ubuntuza16:10
Kiloshi theblazehen  16:12
theblazehenHey guys, anyone up for a round of red eclipse?16:12
theblazehenhey Kilos 16:12
theblazehendo /connect theblazehen.com16:12
Kiloshi Tonberry_  16:15
charlgood evening18:07
Kiloshi charl  18:08
charlhi Kilos :)18:08
charlhow are you18:08
Kilosand Private_User  18:08
charlhi Private_User 18:08
Kilosgood ty and you18:08
charli'm good !! :)18:09
charlinteresting personal life developments18:11
Kilosbest ones are more money then everything else sorts itself18:12
inetproneed to play a bit offline18:15
Private_Userhey Kilos18:37
Private_Userhey charl18:37
charlhi inetpro 18:39
inetprogood evening18:39
Kilosohi goosie18:46
Kiloswhere you been18:46
Kiloswbb , 20:01
charlwb Kilos 20:15
Kilosty charl i decided to try unity again20:15
charli gave up on unity a long time ago20:16
Kiloslol ill keep trying , there must be something good in it20:16
Kilosits actually faster than kde20:21
charlnah nothing beats the speed of i320:25
charli actually introduced one of my colleagues to it, he was a big fan20:25
charlended up still running windows due to some other crap though20:25
charlhe liked it so much he actually experimented with awesome on windows http://awesome.naquadah.org/20:26
Kilosis i3 a total nother os ?20:27
charlno a windows manager20:27
charlwith some tools like a menu etc20:27
Kilosoh that can work on 14.04?20:27
charlstatus bar etc20:27
charlyeah i run it on 14.04 here20:27
charlbeen running it for more than a year now20:27
Kilosall thats wrong with 14.04 is the gui20:28
charlfirst be sure to read the docs before you try it though, there is a learning curve20:28
charlyou navigate practically everything with the keyboard, which is why i love it so much20:28
Kilosya but you like terminal using all the time, i like to see things20:28
charlyes true, i do practically everything at the terminal except browsing and vlc20:29
Kiloskeyboard too much like hard work man, all the extra stuff to remember20:29
charlyeah it's like everything it's just what you're used to20:30
charlbut i am extremely glad i made the shift from all these crappy wm's20:30
charlwas driving me insane, can't stand it20:30
theblazehencharl: Awesome on windows? Yeah!20:59
theblazehenMaybe I should just built a GNU/NT system...20:59
theblazehenNT "is" POSIX compliant20:59
charlnn all21:16
Kilosnight charl 21:16
charlnn Kilos :)21:16

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