myndzii put a mistaken 'expect fork' in a script and now it just plain won't launch or anything even after i fixed it, used stop -n, ensured the process was killed, etc.22:01
myndziwell nm that, reboot took care of it... now how can i figure out why the process is ending when i can't seem to reproduce it from a shell?22:04
ionAs for your first question, https://github.com/ion1/workaround-upstart-snafu22:36
ionAs for the second one, “expect” has some very specific requirements for the forking behavior of the process. If it does not follow them, problems will ensue.22:37
myndzifirst = thanks, second = got it working after a number of reboots23:07
myndzibut now i have a slightly different problem23:07
myndziwhich is that it's not starting on startup23:08
myndzii've also got this - init: /etc/init.conf: Unable to load configuration: No such file or directory23:09
myndziuncertain if related?23:09
myndziokay, i think i figured what's going on23:18
myndzii wanted to run as another user, so i used 'su'23:18
myndziit doesn't appear to like that, perhaps because the daemon is getting spawned many levels deep or something, dunno23:19
myndzibut it's some old version on centos 6.5 so i can't use setuser or whatever the commands are23:19
myndziokay, i just made it not bother with daemonization23:47
myndzior rather, it runs the app directly23:47
myndziwhen i stop it it says stopped but the process is still running??23:47
myndzidaemonize answered my problems :P23:57

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