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kzardI need help with bzr on windows13:07
kzardAny action I perform using bazaar explorer gives the error message "Could not acquire lock. Please try again later"13:08
kzardThis does not happen when I use the command line utility13:08
kzardIt happens for any local / remote branch13:09
kzardFor example: Open bzr explorer > Select trunk branch > Log  >>> Log displays fine13:10
kzardClick "close"13:10
kzardbzrw freezes and after a few seconds I get a popup message "Could not acquire lock. Please try again later"13:12
kzard*please retry later"13:12
kzardany ideas on how I can try to solve this would be appreceated :)13:13
kzardor where to look for help13:13
jelmerhi kzard13:15
kzardhi jelmer :)13:15
jelmerkzard: as mentioned yesterday, I would suggest writing to the mailing list13:15
kzard* bleh13:16
kzardI'm on the verge of just removing any trace of bzr from my pc +_+13:16
kzard* local version of "meh"13:16
kzardand installing it again13:16
mbruzekHello bzr, I created a branch by accident and it is not needed is there a way for me to delete it from launchpad/bazaar ?20:21
beunombruzek, sure, there's a delete button in the web UI20:22
mbruzekbeuno, I did not know that.20:23
mbruzekbeuno, thank you.20:23
mbruzekIs there a way to do that with a bzr command (just curious, I *just* deleted it)20:23
beunombruzek, not that I know of, no20:23
mbruzekThanks again beuno.20:27
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