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harmwsmoser: on schedule for the freeze? which projects do you need to keep on track anyway, besides this one :)08:37
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TTimoHello. Is there an easy way to supply user data 'manually'? e.g. I am getting access to a machine that was manually installed, but I have software that is already cloud-init ready .. as a special case I'd like to write out the user data 'manually' on the machine, and kick it off ..16:12
TTimothe 'No cloud' data source looks like what I want, but do I really have to create a .img ?16:18
TTimoeven then .. probably not. the example shows spinning it up with kvm, which isn't what I want to do16:20
devicenullhmm, isn't cloud-config supposed to run after could-init?16:36
devicenullthe ubuntu configs seem to start them at the same time16:36
nvucinicTTimo: you can create iso and mount it on boot16:39
TTimothe instance is already booted at that point16:39
TTimobut it's not 'cloud-init' aware16:40
nvucinicreboot it then 16:40
nvucinicwith iso mounted16:40
TTimoso I wanted to manually install cloud init, and pass it the stuff16:40
TTimoany option without a reboot? 16:40
TTimoit's a VPS so I'm not sure what kind of options I would have on kernel parameters and a reboot16:41
TTimo(they are working on cloud-init support .. it's not ready yet)16:41
devicenullcan't you just run the init scripts?16:42
devicenullor like, 'cloud-init init'16:43
TTimoyes .. that's what I want to do .. my question is probably very simple .. how/where do I put what I would normally give as 'user data' on EC2 before running cloud-init init ?16:43
smoserTTimo, you can feed cloud-init user-data for NoCloud via either 'seed'16:44
devicenullhmm, /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/something16:44
devicenullI think is what you're after16:44
smoseror you can put it right into /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/something.cfg16:44
smoserlinks coming16:44
smoserthat is "seed" (you populate the directory with 2 files)16:44
smoserthat shows how to do user-data-blob inside of NoCloud Datasource16:45
smoserwhich means just adding 1 file in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/my-config.cfg16:45
smoseralso, i started 'ci-tool' https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/ci-tool/16:46
smoserthat does some of this16:46
devicenulloh, maybe I'm hitting https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/123646316:48
devicenulloh, dumb16:54
devicenullapt-get update was hanging, so my scripts didn't get run16:54
smoserdevicenull, /var/log/cloud-init-output.log will help you in such a case.17:06
smoser(or console output if you're on something < trusty )17:06
harmwsmoser: on par for the freeze?17:14
smoserno. :O)17:20
smoserbut ui'm working on cloud-init now.17:20
harmwoh cool17:21
harmwI was mostly asking out of interest, not because of pending ci merges :)17:21
smoseri may or may not make it :)17:24
smoseri'd not realized that i'd gotten to ~ 95 bugs open now17:24
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harmwharlowja_: you need to fix 95 c-i bugs so smoser can focus on merging :p17:32
* harlowja_ runs for the hills17:33
harlowja_i think some of the bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init can be cleaned up/closed/removed17:33
smoseri thikn so too17:42
harlowja_i can try to close/change some of those today, will see what i can do17:55
harlowja_smoser harmw https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TaskFlow-0.4 if u want to do some reviews ;)17:55
smoserharlowja_, dont really understand how we regressed here:17:57
smoser https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/135685517:57
smoserand part of me wants to say : fix your ec2 metadata service to be ... ec2 like!17:57
harlowja_thats sorta nuts17:58
smoseri think its really boiling down to that they dont like the "list" request to have a / on the end17:58
harlowja_most web servers handle that :/17:58
harlowja_weird stuff17:58
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108001/17:59
smoserthat is on oepnstack.17:59
harlowja_meta-data/ 17:59
harlowja_omg a slash!17:59
harlowja_^ ////17:59
harlowja_can be fixed pretty easily i think18:01
harlowja_but would be useful to see that persons logs first18:01
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TTimodamn, no luck with that manual cloud-init run so far. it's like it's completely ignoring my NoCloud datasource19:51
TTimohttps://gist.github.com/TTimo/1c9c7ce9686aa45c63b5 - my /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg19:56
TTimoshould .. just work? when I execute cloud-init -d init, I see it parsed up .. however nothing happens19:56
harmwsmoser: merge! :p20:00
smoserTTimo, that looks reasonable.20:01
smoseryou may have to run 'cloud-init local'20:01
smoseras that will remove the cached data in /var/lib/cloud/instance/20:01
smoserotherwise if thats there, 'cloud-init init'20:01
smoserwill just use the cache20:01
smoserie, first run:20:01
smoser cloud-init init --local20:01
smoser cloud-init init20:01
TTimochecking ..20:02
TTimoor you mean the other way, first run doesn't need --local, and runs after that will20:04
TTimoshould I be concerned about: No 'init' modules to run under section 'cloud_init_modules'20:05
TTimo__init__.py[WARNING]: Unhandled non-multipart (text/x-not-multipart) userdata: '#/bin/sh\necho "Test"\n...'20:06
TTimofollowed by No 'init' modules to run under section 'cloud_init_modules'20:06
TTimothat's how the run ends atm20:06
TTimoI don'20:21
TTimoI don't understand what those modules are about in cloud.cfg though20:21
TTimois there a module I need to list to make sure user data gets handled ?20:22
TTimowhat are they useful for otherwise .. do they just add supported functionality basically20:22
smoseryou replaced /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg ?20:29
smoserdont do that.20:29
TTimoyeah :)20:29
smoserjust add stuff to it or to /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/local-nocloud-ds.cfg20:29
smoseror something.20:29
TTimoright .. getting a fresh vps, this one has seen enough20:30
smoserso the warning aobut no 'init' modules is reasonable20:30
smoserunhandled... that seems odd. not sure why that wouldget get picked up20:30
smoserwhere are you playing ?20:30
smoserjust curious20:30
smoserin theory user-data is coming there.20:32
smoserTTimo, fwiw, you can do a *lot* of this with lxc containers20:33
smoserand clone is very fast.20:33
TTimodocker you mean?20:33
smoserno. here.20:33
TTimooh right. 'here' meaning ubuntu20:34
smoserwell, no 'here' meant: i'm looking for a url, just a minute 20:34
smoserso you can do an lxc-clone, and then could just write the file into /var/lib/lxc/<container>/ ...20:35
smoserif you us clone without overlayfs, then you'll see the whole filesystem in /var/lib/lxc/<container-name>/rootfs/20:36
smosermake sense ?20:36
TTimoyeah I think I see what you mean20:36
TTimothe vps is fast and cheap, locally I'm on OSX so no native lxc etc.20:36
TTimodef walker_callback20:44
TTimoso looks like the content_type is not in handlers20:44
TTimoso there's no run_part20:44
TTimoUnhandled non-multipart (text/x-not-multipart) userdata: '#/bin/sh\necho "Test"\n...'20:45
smoserharlowja, when you have nothing to do21:01
smoserdont' knwo why i couldnt get that jsonpatch to work21:01
harlowjalol, marco21:02
harlowjamaybe i just assign marco to fix it (he's my manager)21:02
smoseri'm out.21:04
smoserlater all21:04
TTimoDataSourceNoCloud appends a nocloud to the seedfrom: parameter passed in .cfg21:31
TTimoit also requires a trailing / on the seedfrom21:31
TTimobut then .. it actually looks and loads user-data etc. from /var/lib/cloud/seed, not /var/lib/cloud/seed/noclip/21:32
TTimoerr /var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud/21:32
TTimoman it's all messed up21:32
harlowjasmoser i think the reason jsonpatch stuff wasn't getting activated is that running a single module doesn't trigger the whole handler stuff21:37
smoserharlowja, yeah, i thoguht that too, but i tried putting the file in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/ also21:42
smoserand had hoped it would there.21:42
smoserits quite possible you're right though.21:42
harlowjapossible, the ohther josh-merging-algo approach works though21:42
harlowjasmoser btw, cloud-init will be used for all deployments of all machines at yahoo pretty sooon21:46
harlowja*will be included in and used21:46
harlowjait was used for openstack vms and machines & stuff but that scope is increasing to all the things21:47
harlowjaso good work, ha21:47
TTimoall the things21:47

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