davecheneywallyworld: i don't see the value of pr 49500:03
davecheneyi would not have approved it00:03
davecheneyCI already tests godeps works00:03
wallyworldme either00:03
davecheneywe don't need to run it locally00:03
davecheney+1 for reverting it for more review00:04
wallyworldwell, i'll talk to nate first00:04
rick_h__davecheney: wallyworld I think that was casuing CI some issues. They had issues with it today00:04
davecheneywallyworld: that's +2 for revcerting it00:04
davecheneythat is a carrying margin00:04
davecheneynate can always repropose it00:05
davecheneynothing is lost00:05
wallyworldrick_h__: what issues do you know?00:05
rick_h__wallyworld: it was down and not functional for a bit. I know sinzui and he were chasing down things and trying to get something with deps right00:05
rick_h__wallyworld: sorry, only idly watched irc as I wasn't directly effected00:05
rick_h__wallyworld: I can check my logs for more info00:05
rick_h__wallyworld: but then this is logged right?00:05
wallyworldwhat is? CI output?00:06
rick_h__wallyworld: IRC00:06
wallyworldi can search00:06
wallyworlddavecheney: let's discuss real soon in juju meeting, then we can revert if needed00:07
* thumper sighs00:08
thumperI wish our code wasn't so shit00:08
* thumper thinks hard about hooking this up00:08
menn0thumper, I think I see a race in PR 555 (the downgrade one). Fixing it now. This also makes the code clearer around the bit that confused you.00:34
thumperok, cool00:34
wallyworldnatefinch: what happens if you run "ls -l /usr/lib/go/src/pkg/archive/zip"   is there a .hg in there?00:45
wallyworldmenn0: are you going to fix bug 1359435 ?00:48
mupBug #1359435: Next version selection for upgrades is no longer correct <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.20:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359435>00:48
menn0wallyworld, I just noticed that today incidentally while reviewing a PR from thumper00:49
menn0wallyworld, I had no intention of looking at it today00:49
wallyworldok, ta00:49
menn0wallyworld, I'm unlikely to get to it this week and I'm off next week.00:49
menn0happy to look at it when I get back though00:50
menn0(if it's not fixed by then)00:50
wallyworldnp, we'll get it sorted, i want to be able to release 1.20.6 early next week00:50
thumpercoffee time...00:53
thumperwallyworld: how will we know if ci is happy with the windows build?00:54
thumperwallyworld: and when can we land the pending stuff?00:54
wallyworldthumper: i *think* it detects that the bug is fix committed00:54
wallyworldhence i marked it as such00:54
wallyworldbut i'm not sure00:55
wallyworldregardless, there's still one critical bug open00:55
wallyworldone other00:56
thumperwhat is the other?01:00
mupBug #1359170: arguments no longer passed to plugins if you don't have an environment set <regression> <Juju Charm Tools:Invalid> <juju-core:Triaged by jameinel> <juju-core 1.20:Triaged by jameinel> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359170>01:02
* thumper digs01:03
thumperI had a look at john's fix for that01:03
thumperbut disagreed with it01:03
* thumper looks again01:03
thumperwallyworld: this isn't a critical regression though01:06
thumperwallyworld: this has been this way for quite some time01:06
thumperat least since someone change the env command to be the wrapper as it is now01:06
wallyworldthumper: i didn't mark it as a regression. i guess we can unmark it01:06
* thumper removes the tag01:06
* thumper marks it high, but not regression01:07
thumperand works on it01:07
thumperwallyworld: I'm getting the godeps errors now I've pull trunk too01:24
davecheneywallyworld: thumper see my reply to the mail thread01:34
davecheneyyou already know my solution ...01:34
thumperseems reasonable to me :-)01:35
wallyworldme too :-)01:37
axwwallyworld: thanks for the review. will make those doc updates and test again after rebasing01:44
axwlots of changes from the windows PR...01:44
wallyworldsure, np01:44
wallyworldaxw: i reverted it01:44
axwwallyworld: oh?01:44
wallyworldone of the windows ones01:44
axwthe userdata one?01:44
wallyworldit caused a regression01:45
axwbugger :(01:45
axwgabriel will be sad01:45
wallyworldmy comment is in the revert01:45
axwI'll take a look, thanks01:45
wallyworldaxw: well, he MUST learn to test his stuff01:45
wallyworldi mean, you develop for windows, you test your stuff on windows before landuing surely?01:45
davecheneyminutes for handout in 10 mins are https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1eeHzbtyt_4dlKQMof-vRfplMWMrClBx32k6BFI-77MI/edit01:51
davecheneyplease add items to discuss01:51
axwwallyworld: I'm asking ben howard for access to Azure China for testing - is there anyone else who should have access?02:14
wallyworldaxw: we're all in the juju core meeting :-)02:15
* davecheney insert paddling02:15
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
axwwallyworld: Internet is scheduled for connection today, btw02:46
axwcould be up to 48h before it's active tho02:46
wallyworldaxw: let's hope they do it on time  :-)02:47
perrito666does anyone know if its possible to ssh from a state server to an agent? (meaning, do we have a private key in place that is allowed on the agents?)02:47
menn0axw or wallyworld : any chance you can have a look at this? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/56602:52
wallyworldperrito666: yes, i believe so, that's how juju run works, right thumper ?02:53
* thumper looks up02:53
menn0perrito666, yep, there's an identity file that you can use02:53
thumperI think it is in /var/lib/juju/identity02:54
thumperuse with "ssh -i ..."02:54
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
thumperanyone? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/56803:00
menn0wallyworld, thanks03:01
thumperwallyworld: inlining now...03:05
davecheneywallyworld: can you kill http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/364/console03:06
davecheneyit's not going to pass03:06
menn0look at that merge queue... it's a thing of beauty :)03:22
thumperwhere is the merge queue?03:33
thumpermenn0: ?03:33
menn0thumper, I mean all the jobs queued up here: http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/03:35
menn0it was longer before03:35
menn0wallyworld, the 1.20 backport of what you just reviewed for me: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/56903:47
menn0can you pls have a look?03:47
wallyworldmenn0: 1.20 is a lot different isn't it03:49
menn0wallyworld, yeah the upgrade code has changed a lot so the backports are non-trivial03:50
menn0wallyworld, I don't see much more upgrade stuff being backported to 1.20 now though03:50
menn0this PR might be the last one (wishful thinking anyway)03:50
wallyworldmenn0: my only concern is that maybe there is a test or two missing that may be needed in the backport?03:50
menn0wallyworld, the other tests that were in trunk don't make sense in 1.2003:51
menn0b/c upgradeWorkerContext doesn't exist in 1.2003:51
wallyworlddone, thanks for fixing \o/03:51
menn0the higher level test that I did include does cover the change though03:51
menn0wallyworld, well I made the problem too so don't thank me too much :)03:52
wallyworldok, thanks for nothing then :-)03:52
menn0menn0, that's more like it :)03:53
menn0wallyworld, even.... tiiiirrred03:53
wallyworldmenn0: the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself03:53
wallyworldwallyworld tells wallyworld that all the time03:54
davecheneymenn0: i thought the definition of insanity was trying to submit a pull request over and over again and expecting differnt results04:21
menn0davecheney, if that' the case then we're all a little bit insane04:21
* thumper is done for the day (until meetings tonight)04:32
* thumper afk until 10pm local04:32
=== thumper is now known as thumper-afk
davecheneywallyworld: thumper-afk axw https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/57104:33
davecheney^ this PR tries to peal off the most dangerous parts of 55604:33
davecheneyi'd like to submit tihs today and see if CI burps overnight04:33
davecheneythen push 556 tomorrow04:34
axwdavecheney: commented05:15
davecheneyaxw: thanks, good suggestion05:23
davecheneygive me a few minutes05:23
axwsure, ping me and I'll take another look05:24
davecheneyaxw: PTAL05:39
axwdavecheney: LGTM05:41
davecheneyaxw: thanks, lets see if this asplodes ci overnight05:41
dimiternmorning all05:45
wallyworldaxw: can you take a peek at this one for me? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/57406:19
wallyworldthanks axw06:29
axwwallyworld: hmm, should we be throwing away non-public addresses if they have the same IP address component?06:30
axwwallyworld: I think we may only want to throw away if it's public...06:30
axwotherwise that changes the internal address selection06:30
wallyworldwhen could there be two addresses, same IP, but one marked public, one marked private?06:31
axwwallyworld: if the floating IP returns the same as a private address range?06:31
axwun moment06:31
axwwallyworld: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1348287/comments/406:32
wallyworldit won't do that - floating ip addresses are public06:32
mupBug #1348287: Juju status returns private IP in 'public-ip' field. <cloud-installer> <landscape> <openstack-provider> <juju-core:In Progress by wallyworld> <juju-core 1.20:In Progress by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1348287>06:32
wallyworldthe problem was that their public and private ip address ranges were both 10.x.x.x06:33
wallyworldso juju couldn't guess which one was public06:33
wallyworldbut there will never be 2 addresses with the same IP, that doesn't make sense06:33
axwwell the auto-detection logic will classify it as private06:34
axwbecause it's in the 10. range06:34
axwI think the floating IPs will always come from a separate pool06:34
wallyworldyes, which is why we mark it as public06:34
axwso that's ok06:34
wallyworldie the provider knows that a 10.a.b.c address is public if it is the floating ip address which was assigned06:35
axwwallyworld: the point I'm trying to make is that we shouldn't disqualify that address from use in internal communications06:35
wallyworldsure, but juju will guess that it is private when it is not06:35
wallyworldi do think that if it is known to be a floating ip address, it should be marked as public and nothing else06:36
axwpublic/private are relative. they may be the same thing depending on where you are. anyway, it doesn't matter because they'll be separate address ranges still06:36
wallyworldwhat worries me is that would could have in juju status both public and private be the same address06:37
wallyworldbecause the floating one was guessed as private and so was picked06:37
wallyworldand hences masks the true private address06:38
wallyworldaxw: do you agree with my statement above?06:44
axwwallyworld: sounds sane06:45
wallyworldaxw: i killed your job because it was going to fail07:13
wallyworldtrusty vs precise test failure07:13
axwwallyworld: yeah, I noticed, but doesn't killing it orphan the ec2 instance?07:13
wallyworldhmmm, yeah maybe07:13
wallyworldi'll ping curtis later to clean up07:14
wallyworldgotta run to soccer, back later for meetings \o/07:14
axwwallyworld: actually looks like it may have run the terminate script07:14
voidspacewallyworld: o/07:18
voidspaceaxw: morning07:18
axwvoidspace: howdy07:18
voidspaceany news on where the october sprint will be?07:19
voidspaceI'm in India until October 5th07:19
voidspacesprint starts on the 6th...07:19
axwvoidspace: I have not had an official answer07:20
davecheneyvoidspace: i heard brusssles07:21
voidspaceaxw: I haven't heard anything either07:21
davecheneybut that was not confirmed07:21
voidspacedavecheney: that would be cool07:21
voidspacedavecheney: I mean, literally cool07:21
voidspaceBrussells in October07:21
voidspacehmm, neither of us can spell Brussels it seems07:21
voidspaceI'm still not convinced I've got it right07:21
davecheneyyet we can still communicate our intentions perfectly07:22
voidspaceif only computers worked like that...07:22
davecheney\o/ evolution07:22
freehello, could anyone have a look at #1325946 for Landscape? it should be a no-brainer backport to 1.20.x07:25
mupBug #1325946: Can't start named MAAS instances if environment is named kvm or lxc <add-machine> <kvm> <landscape> <lxc> <maas-provider> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1325946>07:25
voidspacefree: I will have some spare cycles shortly and will see if I can get to it07:32
voidspacefree: unless someone else beats me to it...07:32
freevoidspace: thanks!07:32
freevoidspace: is there already a target date for the next 1.20.x release?07:32
voidspacefree: that I don't know, it would depend on sinzui07:32
voidspacefree: but we seem to do them fairly regularly, he's pretty efficient07:33
freevoidspace: alright, would be great to have this little backport in the next one07:33
voidspacefree: understood07:33
voidspacefree: I can see the motivation from the bug report :-)07:33
freevoidspace: he :)07:33
voidspacefree: for the record, we're actively working on "multi-tenant state servers"07:34
voidspacefree: which means that api calls won't automatically be scoped against a specific environment07:34
freevoidspace: gotcha07:34
freevoidspace: we're fine passing the UUID (as opposed to the name)07:35
voidspacefree: yep, understood - and we need to be aware of that constraint07:35
voidspaceTheMue: morning07:39
jamTheMue: so the issue is that if you back out your fix, the test doesn't fail, does it?07:43
jambecause we are essentially testing that set.Help() == set.Help()07:43
jamand *not* testing that the contents of setDoc are the contents of set.Help()07:43
jamSo for checking "is set registered" it works fine, but for testing whether the actual content is sane, it doesn't quite cover it.07:44
voidspacejam: morning o/07:44
jammorning voidspace07:44
TheMuejam: hmm, than I took to test of the deploy help wrong07:44
jamTheMue: so there is 2 things that are good to test, (a) that "juju set" exists as a command, and (b) that the content of "juju set --help" contains what we want it to.07:45
jamSome people like to have tests like: c.Assert(helpText(), gc.Equals, `The content of the help text`) others feel like you shouldn't repeat yourself, as it means you have to update too many tests when something changes.07:45
jamTheMue: However, the test you added *wouldn't* have caught that changing setDoc doesn't change the output of "juju set --help"07:46
jambecause it is effectively testing that07:46
jamc.Assert(set.helpText(), gc.Equals, registeredHelpText("set"))07:46
jamThe "deploy" help has the same problem07:46
TheMuejam: IC07:47
jamas does sync-tools help07:47
TheMuejam: you said you added a good test. could you point me to it?07:47
jamTheMue: I can understand that people feel "the help text is com07:47
jamcombined from 3 different places, and it is clumsy to just report it07:47
jamTheMue: I believe I added the sync-tools one, but it suffers from what I just observed.07:48
jamI had written that test to check for (a)07:48
jambut I realize now that (b) would be useful to have07:48
jamand we don't07:48
jamTheMue: actually, when I wrote the test, I think I actually did: c.Assert(registeredHelpText("sync-tools"), gc.Equals, syncToolsDocString)07:49
jamTheMue: but now that we have stuff like EnvironCommandWrapper07:49
jamthe *actual* help text is a bit obscured from just the raw string we have somewhere.07:49
jamSo I'm wondering if we would benefit from splitting the test we have into actual concrete comparisons07:50
TheMuejam: OK, so a good test would be, for each command, to retrieve the help by executing the command and compare it to a variable where the help text is stored (like setDec)07:50
jamTheMue: or whether people would complain too much about having to update a test when they tweak the help content. (I happen to like the safety-net of tests)07:50
jamTheMue: actually, my preferred is to compare it to a local string07:50
jamTheMue: so in the table, "out: " would contain the actual help text string07:51
TheMuejam: *iiirks*07:51
voidspacejam: TheMue: for similar tests in the past I've just done a "contains test"07:51
TheMuejam: but then we would have to do it for args and purpose too, just to be consistent07:52
voidspacejam: TheMue: i.e. not duplicating the full text in the test, but asserting that it contains "some relevant part that we require it to contain"07:52
* TheMue is reminded of UI tests in unit tests07:52
voidspacewhich is less clumsy to maintain and still tests (somewhat) that the output is being generated correctly07:52
jamTheMue: voidspace: so some of it is "the output of juju set --help is something that I'd actually like to read"07:52
jamand having it all in one place rather than just "contains" helps with that.07:53
TheMuevoidspace: that wouldn’t work if we for example add some content07:53
voidspaceTheMue: well, it wouldn't *fail*07:53
jamTheMue: voidspace: I don't think people today (core developers for example) are actually running "juju help $COMMAND" and reading all of it to actually know if it makes sense.07:53
voidspacejam: yes but it's still horrible07:53
TheMuevoidspace: if you don’t change the test it won’t fail07:53
voidspaceTheMue: but is "adding some text" something you want to test07:53
voidspaceTheMue: and if it is it's easy to test07:54
voidspaceTheMue: you can have several contains tests if there are several important parts07:54
jamvoidspace: it might be good to know that you *didn't* add "and you're all a bunch of a$$hats" to every command :)07:54
voidspacejam: and copying and pasting output into a test doesn't actually test readability at all07:54
TheMuejam: inside the tests we have access to setDoc and co. so I would like the convention that doc never is set directly, but always via a variable and we compare the output to that variable07:54
jamTheMue: I'm reasonably ok with that as a compromise.07:55
jamTheMue: I think juju core could benefit from someone actually spending time reading the various help texts and how they reference eachother, etc. and actually make that a nice experience for users.07:55
jamthat doesn't have to be done via the test suite, though.07:55
TheMuejam: so I could add a TestAllHelps and change the code to fit this convention. it’s good for a table driven test. :)07:55
* voidspace really goes to get coffee07:55
TheMuejam: when refactoring the code this way I would spend some time in reviewing the help texts07:56
TheMuejam: the quality can’t be tested, but at least it’s a good opportunity to do so07:57
jamTheMue: my idea in having the full content there (after all generation steps) is that when auditing a change, you can see what the actual final outputs are. Though I realize that then when "-e" gets slightly different wording, it ends up changing 50 different commands' help content.07:58
jamthough that is, honestly, just a search and replace, right?07:58
TheMuejam: for later changes I’m with you, it’s no problem. I only have my troubles with the duplication of all output08:01
TheMuejam: but hey, it’s not double in the binary, it’s only in the test08:01
TheMuejam: so it’s  ok08:01
jamTheMue: there is the concept of Dont Repeat Yourself08:01
jamand I want to be tasteful here08:02
jamand people certainly have different opinions in this.08:02
jamI'm just putting forth a thought.08:02
jamThat maybe nobody actually knows what all the help texts say because we hide it in all of our layers and wrappers, etc.08:02
TheMueYeah, there’s a lot of indirection.08:03
jamTheMue: and we have stuff where "global" help settings don't show up in the default "juju set --help"08:03
TheMueFrom a quality point of view it definitely would be better to ensure a correct output (but not the quality of the output).08:04
jamTheMue: "juju help global-options" shows you options that are available but aren't shown in "juju help" or "juju help set"08:04
TheMueBut having all texts repeated in one file would make it easier to look for a consistent help and wording08:04
jamand "juju help set" doesn't *tell* you about "juju help global-options" you have to find it from "juju help topics"08:04
TheMueWe hide features, not good. :/08:05
jamTheMue: I'm pretty sure thumper did it intentionally to avoid cluttering the short help, but I *think* we at least want a one-line reference so it can be discovered.08:06
TheMueSo a change like this would have to goals: 1. ensure that the shown help is the correct one but even more important 2. that it has a good quality, is consistent and complete08:06
rogpeppe1wallyworld: ping08:16
rogpeppe1or anyone that has installed Go from a PPA - i'd like to try find out why godeps is failing in that case08:17
jamrogpeppe1: mine is just from the archive, I think, and it is failing08:46
jamrogpeppe1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/135957308:46
mupBug #1359573: API inconsistency: machine tag vs id <api> <tech-debt> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359573>08:46
jamii  golang-go           2:1.2.1-2ubunt amd64          Go programming language compiler08:46
jamii  golang-go           2:1.2.1-2ubunt amd64          Go programming language compiler08:46
jam$ godeps -t ./...08:46
jamgodeps: no version control system found for "/usr/lib/go/src/pkg/go/build"08:46
jamgodeps: no version control system found for "/usr/lib/go/src/pkg/bufio"08:46
rogpeppe1jam: what does this program print for you? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8104597/08:46
rogpeppe1jam: and what's the exact output you get from "godeps -t ./..." ?08:47
jamrogpeppe1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8104605/ for the latter08:47
jamrogpeppe1: $ ./goroot08:48
rogpeppe1jam: and does godeps actually produce a non-zero exit code?08:48
jamrogpeppe1: $ godeps -t ./... 2>/dev/null ; echo $?08:49
jamexit 108:49
rogpeppe1jam: i think i know what's going on now, thanks. the fix should hopefully not be hard.08:49
jamrogpeppe1: I'm around if you need me to poke at stuff08:50
rogpeppe1jam: thanks - i may well ask you to try an updated version.08:50
Beretwallyworld, around?09:01
Beretwallyworld, https://code.launchpad.net/~lutostag/gomaasapi/fix_nonce_generation/+merge/23163809:02
Beretthat seems like a hack to me and not a proper fix09:02
Beretaren't we just changing the odds that we'll hit that bug again rather than properly preventing it?09:02
Beretwallyworld, nevermind09:21
voidspacewho is OCR today?09:25
voidspaceand the title is incorrect as neither of those two bugs are critical and open09:27
voidspacedoesn't look like I'm allowed to change the title though09:27
TheMuevoidspace: it can be changed via mup09:28
voidspaceTheMue: ah, ok09:28
TheMuevoidspace: but have to remember the syntax myself :)09:29
voidspaceTheMue: do you know the magic incantation?09:29
TheMuevoidspace: and btw, even without being ocr I just reviewed your PR09:29
voidspaceTheMue: ah, cool - thanks09:29
TheMuevoidspace: today Nate and Menno are OCRs09:30
voidspaceTheMue: thanks09:30
voidspaceI was just looking for the doc09:30
voidspacenot sure if I have it starred09:30
voidspaceI should do09:30
TheMueyeah, simplifies the quick access09:31
voidspaceit's slow to calculate09:31
voidspaceI have it starred now09:31
voidspaceTheMue: the one I really need reviewing is this one: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/56109:32
voidspaceTheMue: the other one was reviewed to death already ;-)09:32
TheMuevoidspace: *lol*09:33
TheMuevoidspace: OK, will take a look09:33
voidspaceTheMue: I don't understand your comment "why two asserts?"09:33
voidspaceTheMue: I don't see two09:34
voidspaceTheMue: maybe I'm being dense09:34
voidspaceTheMue: and I have a philosophical objection to testing that we don't do things09:34
voidspaceeven where it is something we used to do09:34
voidspacebecause such tests build up and don't really test anything useful anymore09:34
TheMuevoidspace: provider/openstack/live_test.go lines 183 and 18409:36
voidspaceTheMue: ah, 184 isn't shown in the snippet09:36
voidspaceI'll look09:36
voidspaceTheMue: the answer maybe, "you'll have to ask the person who originally wrote the test" - but I'll look :-D09:37
TheMuevoidspace: yeah, I won’t test it too, but in this case you do a change. something that has been open before is now closed. the test would document it.09:37
voidspaceTheMue: the test would document something that doesn't happen09:37
voidspaceTheMue: there are an infinity of things that don't happen we could document09:37
TheMuevoidspace: I know it hasn’t been done by you, I only seen it09:37
voidspaceit just becomes a historical note09:37
voidspaceTheMue: sure I'll look09:37
voidspaceTheMue: the test makes sense at the time you write it, but not after that09:38
TheMuevoidspace: yes, a documentation of the change, not of what doesn’t happen09:38
voidspaceTheMue: as I said, I object...09:38
voidspaceI don't think our tests should be a historical archive09:38
voidspacethey should document what we do, not what we used to do09:38
voidspaceTheMue: oh, it does look like that assert is just duplicated09:39
voidspaceTheMue: duplicate assert removed, thanks09:40
voidspaceTheMue: the question I would ask is "if we had never opened the state port would we have a test that it is not opened"?09:41
voidspaceTheMue: i.e. is the test useful in it's own right?09:42
TheMuevoidspace: I would like a test that only those ports we want are open and no others09:54
voidspaceTheMue: pretty sure we have that actually09:57
voidspaceTheMue: some of those changes are me *removing* StatePort from the list of expected ports09:57
TheMuevoidspace: yep, I’ve seen09:58
voidspaceTheMue: I'm pretty sure if you run the modified tests against unmodified trunk you'll see failures because StatePort is open when the tests don't expect it to be09:59
dimiternjam, meeting?10:01
voidspaceTheMue: I do agree that that is a useful thing to test10:01
voidspaceTheMue: I'm pretty sure it's covered though10:01
TheMuevoidspace: I’m not talking directly about your changes, more about a general way. e.g. having one test doing it for each provider the same way10:01
voidspaceTheMue: yeah, unfortunately that code is provider specific10:01
voidspaceTheMue: we choose which ports to open inside each provider10:01
=== thumper-afk is now known as thumper
voidspacewhich is a bit sucky10:01
voidspaceso we could still screw it up for a provider and not have a test fail10:02
TheMuethat’s what I meant, yes10:02
jamdimitern: made it10:02
voidspaceTheMue: I would think that only a live test could usefully do that10:03
voidspaceTheMue: or we move the code that chooses ports to open out of the providers, which would be a better fix10:03
rogpeppe1jam: could you "go get -u launchpad.net/godeps" and try it again, please - the issue should be fixed now10:05
jamrogpeppe1: looks good to me10:09
rogpeppe1jam: cool10:09
jamrogpeppe1: at least, no errors10:09
TheMuevoidspace: a live test could at least have a problem with the local provider10:12
TheMuevoidspace: it simply is a difficult topic. :D10:13
voidspaceTheMue: yeah :-/10:33
voidspaceTheMue: are we switching existing code to errors.Annotate as we see them?10:41
voidspaceTheMue: I know I have to Errorf in my branch - one existing and one new10:41
voidspaceI can switch both, no problem10:41
voidspacebut just asking as a principle10:41
TheMuevoidspace: as I understood jam we’re doing10:43
jamTheMue: voidspace: sorry we're not available for the standup today, we have a call with Mark S10:43
jamdimitern and I10:44
voidspacejam: :-(10:44
voidspacejam: dimitern: enjoy, don't promise too many things...]10:44
jamvoidspace: you can probably chat with dimitern after we're done, but then I have the Team Lead call10:44
voidspacejam: ok10:44
voidspacemy next immediate task (after fixing things from TheMue review) is backporting a bugfix to 1.2010:45
voidspacethen I need a day long task10:45
jamvoidspace: so the db access stuff is sorted out?10:47
voidspacejam: yep, basically10:47
voidspacejam: two PRs and two reviews10:47
jamvoidspace: have you read the IPv6 and charms doc?10:50
jamvoidspace: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1PZ0RipScWNmhpRuyVCZfpSLbH0UGekyApIzZU2_ca_Q/edit10:51
voidspacejam: I've read dimiter's networking model - the recent revision10:51
voidspacejam: not sure about the charms one10:51
voidspacejam: will make sure I digest it10:51
voidspacethanks, starring10:51
voidspacecharms code I am not very familiar with - so will be fun to work on (maybe "fun")10:52
jamvoidspace: so I think we may want to start with "container addressibility" https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1XZN2Wnqlag9je73mGqk-Qs9tx1gvOH0-wxMwrlDrQU4/edit#heading=h.h1grzzgqa6st (sorry for the giant doc)10:53
voidspaceah, the vegas doc10:53
jamthe shorter (older) doc was https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1Gu422BMAJDohIXqm6Vq4WTrtBV8hoFTTdXvXDQCs0Gs/edit, it isn't very complete10:53
voidspacejam: container addressability is what TheMue was working on, right10:53
voidspaceexperimenting with10:53
jamdammit, why is "clear the screen" in Pidgin the same ^L as "go to the address bar" in Firefox10:54
jamhttps://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1UzJosV7M3hjRaro3ot7iPXFF9jGe2Rym4lJkeO90-Uo/edit#heading=h.a92u8jdqcrto is another one to look at10:54
voidspace"Networking for containers" is terse10:54
TheMuevoidspace: stopped it to do other tasks. would like to see you setting up a test environment too, maybe it’s simply an error by me10:55
voidspaceit doesn't explain why we want containers - we have the future use case of "more dense deployments"10:55
voidspaceTheMue: yep10:55
voidspaceTheMue: I followed your progress10:55
jamvoidspace: TheMue was working IPv6 and containers which isn't quite the same10:55
voidspaceTheMue: I started to get nested containers setup10:55
voidspaceTheMue: but didn't get much further than that10:55
voidspacejam: right - ipv6 addressability10:55
jamthis is more about asking EC2 to give us another address, and then getting that address routed into one of our containers10:55
voidspacejam: do we have a more immediate use case for container addressability10:56
jamso that LXC-1 on machine-1 is visible to LXC-N on machine-210:56
TheMuejam: oh, that sounds nice too10:56
jamvoidspace: right now the only environment that can deploy into LXC and get the service out is MaaS because it assigns addresses from DHCP10:56
voidspacejam: but why do we need that?10:56
voidspacejam: I mean, I know why it would be nice. But why is it a priority?10:57
jamvoidspace: "juju deploy mysql --to lxc:0"10:57
jamvoidspace: density10:57
voidspacethat's why it would be nice10:57
voidspacejam: ok, so that's shifted up the priority stack10:57
voidspacecool, cool10:57
jamvoidspace: its part of the general "networking model"10:57
voidspaceafter a while my vm saturates both cores on this laptop and the machine becomes unseable until I restart parallels10:58
voidspace"a while" is a couple of days10:58
jamvoidspace: ouch10:58
voidspacebut still10:58
jamvoidspace: also, we need to change how we do container addresses in MaaS starting with MaaS 1.610:59
jamas they want us to do the same thing ther10:59
jamask MaaS for another address, and then we can use it for the container10:59
voidspacejam: right10:59
jamrather than going via DHCP10:59
voidspaceso if we need to do it right for MaaS we might as well solve the general problem10:59
dimiternvoidspace, TheMue, guys, you're still standuping ? :)11:07
dimiterndoesn't look so11:07
dimiternok, I need a short ciggie break11:07
mattywthumper, thanks for pointing out this problems in metrics. I'll put a card on the board to remind me to do them11:09
thumpermattyw: np11:09
perrito666ill ask this again in case there is someone new11:48
perrito666does anyone know if its possible to ssh from a state server to an agent? (meaning, do we have a private key in place that is allowed on the agents?)11:48
wallyworldkatco: just finishing a meeting12:02
katcowallyworld: ok12:02
gsamfiraperrito666: the code suggests that it is possible. I can bootstrap an environment in 5 minutes on MaaS and let you know if you'd like.12:03
perrito666gsamfira: I tried under a certain cirsumstance and failed, Ill do it myself and take a look12:11
gsamfiraif not, you can simply enable ssh agent forwarding on your machine12:14
gsamfiraand that will allow you to use your local key even if you hop through another machine12:15
perrito666gsamfira: I need to do something that does this automatically12:18
katcogood morning, team. how is everyone?12:30
TheMuekatco: fine, and you?12:32
katcoTheMue: getting over a cold, but looking forward to landing some code :) it's the perfect remedy :)12:33
TheMuekatco: hehe, is it available on recipe?12:34
katcoTheMue: what do you mean by recipe?12:35
TheMuekatco: the remedy (it’s listed here in my dict also as medicine)12:36
katcoTheMue: oh, sorry... thought maybe that was a technical reference :) haha, it's in the Programmer's book of home remedies ;)12:37
TheMuekatco: a good book ;)12:39
katcoTheMue: it only has 3 pages: one on caffeine, one on the asymptotic time it takes to get better, and then the third page just says, "Code."12:41
katcoTheMue: apparently i applied a O(1) remedy ;)12:43
TheMuekatco: so will follow chapter 3 now, currently adding a new version of an API call12:43
katcoTheMue: :)12:44
katcowallyworld: actually, are you still around?12:45
katcowallyworld: just looking at how i'm going to set this DisablePackageCommands... and i'm a little fuzzy on the precedent. what happens if the config settings conflict with this?12:46
wallyworldlet me look into it a bit12:47
katcoi'm looking at state/apiserver/client/client.go12:47
katcowallyworld: seems like maybe it should be an error if the two settings conflict on a local machine12:48
wallyworldkatco: there's nowhere in the Go codebase that sets that bool; it must be used via a python client. but if the user has specified it, that's what they want so it should override any config settings12:51
katcowallyworld: but if they also set the new config values, shouldn't we alert them to the fact that their preferences are conflicting?12:51
wallyworldhmmm, i just trying to remember the use case12:53
wallyworldit's used in manual prvisioning to set up a host512:54
wallyworldthat's within juju, not sure about external usage12:54
katcowallyworld: host5?12:55
wallyworldbah, typo12:55
wallyworldi think a warning printed on the console is sufficient12:55
katcowallyworld: and then prefer the disablepackagecommands?12:55
wallyworldyep. but the check doesn't happen client side, unless the enc config is fetched12:56
katcowallyworld: i also put in a comment that that setting was deprecated as of 1.20.6... is that safe?12:56
wallyworlda code comment?12:57
katcowallyworld: yes12:57
wallyworldthat's fine12:57
wallyworldit will remain deprecated until juju 2.012:57
katcowallyworld: gotcha12:57
wallyworldactually, i think you need to add support for the new bools in the command12:57
katcojuju cmd?12:58
wallyworldthe ProvisioningScript api call12:58
katcohmm ok12:58
wallyworldsorry, wrong terminology12:58
wallyworldbecause if we say DisablePackageCommands is deprecated, we need to prvide the new alternative12:59
wallyworldi think you can just add the extra bools to the end of the struct13:01
katcogosh, also... if the defaults for these 2 new settings are true, basically anytime someone uses the DisablePackageCommands setting, they're going to get these warnings.13:02
wallyworldbut hmmm13:02
katcothey wouldn't be able to set these 2 new settings in a < 1.20.6 client13:02
wallyworldthat's not such a good idea, because we won't know which variation they'e using13:02
katcoor w/e this is going in13:02
wallyworldlet's leave it for now13:03
wallyworldwe may just need to wait till the old bool is removed and replace it with the 2 new ones13:03
katcowallyworld: sorry, so what now? "leave it"?13:04
wallyworldsupport the original DisablePackageCommands bool but not worry about the new ones yet13:04
katcowallyworld: ah, so maybe use the original to drive the new ones? that way the finer-grained control is all in place, but the clients just can't use it that way yet?13:05
wallyworldas the DisablePackageCommands is pulled off the wire, map it to the 2 new ones13:05
katcowallyworld: ok. i _think_ that should still provide performance benefits when DisablePackageCommands = true.13:06
wallyworldyes it will13:06
wallyworldcause neither upgrade nor update wil be run13:06
katcowallyworld: yeah, and then we're all set up to provide the finer-grained control13:07
katcowallyworld: ok thanks :)13:08
wallyworldnp, i think it's a decent solution. we can always add the finer grained stuff to the command if really needed13:09
katcowallyworld: yeah, people might not even need it13:09
sinzuihi jam, wallyworld, natefinch, There is a request to backport a change to 1.20. The proposed change is certainly backportable, but I need your agreement that it will solve the problem, see bug 132594613:10
mupBug #1325946: Can't start named MAAS instances if environment is named kvm or lxc <add-machine> <kvm> <landscape> <lxc> <maas-provider> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1325946>13:10
katcowallyworld: kind of begs the question, why wasn't this doing what we wanted earlier?13:10
wallyworldkatco: it's only for a very specific api call13:11
katcowallyworld: ah that's right, it's not in the environ config13:12
wallyworldsinzui: it may do, that bug looks kinda ugly13:14
voidspacesinzui: wallyworld: the backport is a workaround for the bug, right?13:14
wallyworldthat's what i was thinking too13:14
voidspacesinzui: wallyworld: and does solve the problem (as far as I can tell anyway)13:14
wallyworldi think the bug should stay open13:15
wallyworldbut we can do the backport13:15
sinzuiwallyworld, thank you. voidspace , thank you13:16
wallyworldsinzui: i am hoping we can do a 1.20.6 release early next week, say tuesday?13:16
voidspacefree: ^^^13:16
freevoidspace: awesome13:17
wallyworldi have 2 or 3 small fixes to do for bugs, plus a backport or 213:17
freevoidspace: would the fix we spoke about be in?13:17
voidspacefree: yep13:17
freevoidspace: great13:17
wallyworldwhich one?13:17
voidspacewallyworld: that's the one we just discussed :-)13:17
sinzuiwallyworld, possibly...I expect to be hiding from the beach. If I have network I can guarantee it. The QA team can follow the template/script, but I think they might have some anxiety13:17
voidspacebug 132594613:17
mupBug #1325946: Can't start named MAAS instances if environment is named kvm or lxc <add-machine> <kvm> <landscape> <lxc> <maas-provider> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1325946>13:17
wallyworldsinzui: when you back?13:18
sinzuiwallyworld, 1.20.5 is in utopic today13:18
sinzuiwallyworld, the following week13:18
freevoidspace: if it's not too big of a deal the last thing we'd need for Landscape is #1359714. But that we could workaround because we can sniff the machine ID by looking at the current directory name in the hook13:18
mupBug #1359714: Add JUJU_MACHINE_ID to the hooks environment <charms> <landscape> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359714>13:18
wallyworldsinzui: i think they should do the release, can't rely on one person, if we do that, something is wrong with the process13:18
sinzuiwallyworld, I really am hiding from the beach. I intend to hack on something13:18
wallyworldok :-)13:19
wallyworldsinzui: the reason for wanting to release is there's some fixes in there many people are interested in13:19
voidspacefree: I'm not sure how suitable for backporting it would be once we fix it (new feature and all that)13:19
sinzuifree, do you need that behaviour in 1.20.x?13:19
voidspacefree: but we can look at it13:19
freesinzui: we can workaround it, but would be nice13:20
sinzuithank you free13:20
katcowallyworld: is this the common boilerplate you were referring to? juju/juju/environs/boilerplate_config.go13:21
sinzuiI am going to lower all the criticals affecting 1.21-alpha1 that have a  1.20.x to High because we do not need to take further action with them13:22
wallyworldkatco: yes, but i see that it is not really suitable to add the config stuff to - it may need to be done individually for all providers13:23
* sinzui wants the bug listing to clearly show what we want to fix now13:23
katcowallyworld: i thought it most applicable to point out in lxc and manual. it is still available in the others, but maybe not as important to call out. thoughts?13:23
wallyworldsinzui: there are no open criticals for 1.21 though, right?13:23
wallyworldkatco: sounds reasonable, but i think people were asking about it for ec2 etc as well13:24
katcowallyworld: ah ok. in it goes!13:24
sinzuiwallyworld, the topic says so, but you cannot easily check the bug listing to see if they were fixed while you slept :(13:24
wallyworldkatco: that's what he said13:24
katcowallyworld: LOL13:25
katcowallyworld: in a time when the world is crazy, it's good to see some humor is multi-national :)13:25
sinzuiwallyworld, actually, all claim to be fixed. CI lost an ec2 instance 9 hours ago and stalled. I have restarted the building and publication of the last revision added to 1.2013:26
wallyworldsinzui: actually, you reminded me - i killed a couple of jenkins landing jobs that were going to fail - that may have left orphaned instances?13:26
sinzuiwallyworld, ah. Indeed. I see them from time to time I assume any machine 12 hours old is safe to remove13:28
wallyworldremove away13:28
wallyworldsinzui: so have a think about 1.20.6 release - would be nice for early next week, and you can see how well you can rely on your team :-)13:29
wallyworldi'll email when we are ready, but i expect it to be tuesday at latest unless something comes up13:30
jamsinzui: so https://github.com/juju/juju/commit/ee7cfef912eea184822cb3a536aff04b56bf14e4 looks like it would promote compatibility, which seems ok to me13:38
jamthough the error message there means the patch isn't quite complete13:38
jamreturn nil, fmt.Errorf("invalid environment name %q", p.Placement.Scope)13:38
jamdoesn't quite make sense when the Scope is a UUID13:38
jamsinzui: their actual issue is several lines earlier which is:13:41
jamcontainerType, err := instance.ParseContainerType(p.Placement.Scope)13:41
jamthough why we are passing a plain "scope"13:41
jamthat isn't properly tagged is beyond me13:41
jamah, ffs, this code looks all sorts of buggy and broken :(13:42
sinzuihey everyone. I got successful runs of unit tests in lxc yesterday. I am going to propose some changes the devel and stable makefile that will make unittests more reliable in the many envs we try them in13:44
jamsinzui: so the thing they are asking for is a bad fix to their original bug, but we're possibly ok backporting it. The main problem is that I really don't think we should be changing the CLI unless we know the API server is updated.13:45
jamso maybe 1.21 is already broken against 1.20 and we just don't know it13:45
sinzuijam, thank you!13:46
mattywfwereade, ping?14:02
zirpuin the beginning was the pong. and it moved back and forth.14:40
perrito666hey natefinch wwitzel3 ericsnow I am here but I am getting the party is over on hangout15:01
natefinchperrito666: works for me.  Try restarting your browser15:02
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=== ChanServ changed the topic of #juju-dev to: https://juju.ubuntu.com | On-call reviewer: see calendar | Open critical bugs: 1w, 1359170 1354027
jcw4I've noticed that go 1.3* uncovers a few testing defects for me; I assume because of the forced random iteration of maps16:25
jcw4are we running tests using latest go in CI anywhere?16:25
jcw4should I just file defects for the tests that seem to fail only on go 1.3?16:26
natefinchjcw4: yes file bugs, or just fix them.  We shouldn't ever be relying on map order16:34
jcw4natefinch: +116:34
hazmatanyone know the instance distributor code?16:59
natefinchhazmat: I don't even know what the instance distributor is17:14
hazmatnatefinch, its zone spread17:16
natefinchhazmat: ahh, ok17:16
hazmatbut it seems to be operating at a instance level, trying to figure out how it ties back to the service level17:17
natefinchhazmat: no idea, that sounds like something that the Australian/New Zealand guys would have written17:19
hazmatnatefinch, yeah.. i know who write it..17:20
hazmatnevermind .. i  figured it out.. it populates a distribution group with the extant instances that have common services17:27
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
marcoceppiWhy doesn't this work?17:59
marcoceppiJUJU_RELATION_ID=mongos:3 JUJU_REMOTE_UNIT=shard1/0 relation-get17:59
marcoceppiI get an error that no relation id is specified17:59
marcoceppiI'm running this on mongodb charm18:00
rick_h__aside from that no idea how that stuff owrks18:00
marcoceppiif i set those as -r  and give it a remote unit int he command line it work18:00
marcoceppisbut setting the environment variable before the command does not18:00
marcoceppiis there an additional environment variable in hook that's telling it it's not a realtion?18:01
marcoceppinatefinch: also, it looks like there's already a JUJU_HOOK_NAME in the environment, could we just use that instead of argv[1] ?18:01
natefinchmarcoceppi: yes18:02
marcoceppinatefinch: then that has my +1 since it's already there in core18:02
marcoceppinatefinch: any idea on my above query?18:03
marcoceppionly thing I can think is somehow relation-get checks CONTEXT_ID and knows it's not a relation18:04
natefinchmarcoceppi: I don't really know that area of the code, so I can't really help.18:05
marcoceppinatefinch: who can I bother :)18:05
jrwren_marcoceppi: relation-get requires a parameter18:05
marcoceppijrwren_: I'm not even getting that far18:06
marcoceppierror: no relation id specified18:06
marcoceppieven with key, still same error. I've added it to environment via export and by setting it preceeding the command18:06
jrwren_marcoceppi: requires the -r if you are outside a relation hook. Is that what you are trying to fake by setting those env var?18:07
marcoceppijrwren_: yes, how does it know? context_id ?18:07
marcoceppiI figured it would check env, then check -r18:07
marcoceppibut it's not even looking for the envs18:07
jrwren_I don't know. I'd love to find out.18:09
ericsnowmarcoceppi: see newRelationIdValue in worker/uniter/jujuc/context.go18:09
natefinchman our code is hard to navigate18:11
marcoceppiso, ctx.HookRelation looks promising, I see it's checking for relation context18:12
marcoceppithat's probably being pulled in from JUJU_CONTEXT_ID18:12
marcoceppireally wish I could fake that18:12
katcois lxc-clone no longer defaulted to true?18:56
katcoin the code, it's specified with schema.Omit, but i'm looking at Ian's comment on 7/31 here (https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1350493), and it says Juju 1.20 ships with it set to true18:57
mupBug #1350493: 1.20.x local provider not running apt-get update <charms> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1350493>18:57
sinzuismoser, wallyworld, Lauren Mayberry sings "I communicate in simple streams" on  the  Chvrches - Night Sky song19:16
katcoi thought i understood this, but i'm missing something. in environments.yaml, how do you set a default config value, and then detect if it's using the default or a user-specified value?19:34
natefinchkatco: not sure19:35
katconatefinch: doh :(19:36
katcoi mean i can think of a way to do it, but i'm not sure if that's the canonical way19:36
natefinchkatco: likely the only way to know for sure is if we have some explicit code in there for detecting an unset value and using a default instead... like a nil *string or whatever19:37
katconatefinch: well, there's schema.Omit, and if i specify that, i can return a value in the setting's wrapper-method if it's not found19:40
katconatefinch: ahh... it looks like the magic-combo might be to specify the setting in alwaysOptional as schema.Omit, but then give it a default in allDefaults19:43
katconatefinch: doh, no that's not right either =|19:44
natefinchIf a field is not present in the map and defaults to Omit, the missing field will be ommitted from the coerced map as well.19:46
natefinchThat looks like English...19:47
natefinchbut I have no idea what it means :)19:47
katconatefinch: so i am no expert, but basically when defining the config variable, you can give it a default value20:08
katconatefinch: if you specify schema.Omit, it will not add it to a validated config object's map20:09
katconatefinch: which is exactly what i want, but i also want a default value if it's not specified. and apparently that's the tricky bit (or at least the part i haven't figured out). i'm going with a work-around and someone can correct me lol20:10
* perrito666 bashes a bit his head on the keyboard20:25
katcoperrito666: may i join you, sir?20:25
perrito666katco: certainly, you will have to provide your own keyboard though20:25
katcoalas, i have already broken mine.20:26
* perrito666 thinks katco might remember the effect he has on keyboards20:26
katcoyeah you can just replace yours!20:26
perrito666katco: well I have bulky thinkpad now so it is even easier and there is not violence involved20:27
katcojust need to finish this test, rebase, test again and then finall submit this stupid PR20:27
katcoperrito666: oh did you get a new laptop already?20:27
perrito666katco: I swapped my mac with my wifes thinkpad20:27
katcoperrito666: ah nice. how do you like it?20:28
perrito666katco: I always like thinkpads, this is a t420, the only downside of it is to carry it20:28
perrito666and I have plenty of ram, which allows me to do a lot20:28
katcoperrito666: i know what you mean. i went from a... 11"? macbook air to a 15" s5720:29
katcoperrito666: i thought about a smaller one, but at sprints i want a screen i can work off of20:29
perrito666well the asus was a nifty piece of hardware, but the soldered 4G of ram where a pain20:30
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perrito666I mean, nice screen, nice kb (after replacing), decent battery, decent processor but really, 4G?20:30
katcoperrito666: yeah bleck20:34
sinzuiperrito666, do You have a few minutes to review https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/582/files20:54
perrito666sinzui: I do20:56
perrito666sinzui: you should know that as per the new review mentor plan my reviews lack power unless upgraded with a reviewer combo :p (holds true for all newcommers)20:57
sinzuiperrito666, thank you for the explanation.I wasn't sure how new is new.20:58
perrito666sinzui: las vegas new20:58
sinzuiperrito666, you started before Las Vegas :)20:59
perrito666sinzui: mm, lets put it this way,anyone who's first sprint was vegas or after :p20:59
perrito666sinzui: your pr messages dont compile in english21:05
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alexisbthumper, ping21:32
menn0alexisb, I believe thumper has the day off today21:46
urulamathumper: you owe us a beer next time ;)21:46
alexisbmenn0, ug21:46
alexisbhe accepted the invite and forced urulama to stay up until midnight :)21:46
menn0alexisb, ok, then maybe he will be around?21:47
alexisbI always forget that you guys are a day ahead21:47
menn0alexisb, do you want me to SMS him?21:47
alexisbI think he just didnt think about the timing giving it is a reoccurring meeting21:47
alexisbmenn0, nah21:47
alexisbwere good21:47
alexisbhe just owes urulama a beer ;)21:48
urulamaalexisb: tbh, i'm always up at this time, but, still a belgium beer it is :D21:48
menn0urulama, alexisb: I think you should ask for more than one :)21:48
perrito666so, how is this mechanism to extort beers from thumper?21:49
urulamaalexisb: or maybe i can get by for not reviewing his errgo/errors branch :S21:49
alexisbperrito666, you have to invite thumper to a meeting he cannot attend and trick him into accepting the invite...21:49
alexisbthen make sure it is at midnight your time and ensure everyone feels bad for you staying up21:50
perrito666alexisb: ah that should be easy, people tend to accept invites without looking21:50
alexisbthen make the request on IRC21:50
alexisbwe should write this process in a google doc and send it out to juju-dev ;)21:50
menn0davecheney, waigani: email standup today?22:22
waiganimenn0: sounds good22:31
wallyworldsinzui: i merged your makefile changes directly22:50
davecheneymenn0: sure22:56
davecheneysinzui: how are the builds looking at the momnet23:01
davecheneyi see there are no blockers23:01
davecheneyi'm going to try to land my large api refactor branch today23:01
davecheneyand I'd like to not land it on top of other breakage23:01
waiganidavecheney: I don't know how I missed that, I have the conflict locally now thanks23:18
davecheneywaigani: you are a winner23:21
waiganiwhoop whoop23:27
perrito666anyone very expert in api calls?23:49
davecheneyperrito666: proably me or jam23:50
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