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marcoceppio/ carlasouza thanks for droping by today01:14
carlasouzamarcoceppi: thank you for the talk!01:48
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jamTheMue: I just looked at how the setDoc stuff was tested, and it isn't quite what we want.07:42
TheMuejam: I’m listening07:42
jamsorry, meant to be in dev, see you over there07:42
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jcastrolazyPower, marcoceppi: hey guys don't forget to commit your presentations to github.com/juju/presentations15:34
marcoceppijcastro: uh, dont' forget to merge my request  https://github.com/juju/presentations/pull/415:35
marcoceppi11 mins ahead of you ;)15:35
jcastrooh, I didn't get a mail on that, merged, thanks!15:35
marcoceppiEver since core moved to github my notifications have been a mile long15:35
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mattywstokachu, just saw you close those issues, thanks very much - any idea when the latest code will be in the experimental ppa?16:48
stokachumattyw, ill kick off an import on launchpad16:48
mattywstokachu, that fast cool, I'll give it a spin in the morning and see how it goes16:49
stokachumattyw, cool man, yea it'll be there by morning16:49
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mbruzekERROR invalid constraint value: arch=i38618:04
mbruzekvalid values are: [amd64]18:04
mbruzekWhere does Juju get the valid values from?18:05
mbruzekCould I "configure" my local provider to be able to use i386 images?18:07
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noodles785mbruzek or marcoceppi: I'm no longer able to land charm-helper changes, which is OK, but who can I ping to land approved MP's like this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~bloodearnest/charm-helpers/ansible-change-relations-format/+merge/23071020:41
marcoceppinoodles785: we can add you to charm-helper-maintainers20:42
noodles785marcoceppi: great, can you add bloodearnest too? (we often review each others ansible-related charm-helper changes) Thanks20:44
marcoceppinoodles785: yeah, just keep up the review process :)20:44
bloodearnestmarcoceppi: always :)20:45
marcoceppiokay, have fun guys!20:46
SP33Dwhy is juju so hard to install and use?20:54
SP33Dit looks so well in the demo20:54
SP33Dcan anyone with juju expirence please please do a docker.io compatible container of it20:54
elarsonSP33D: docker needs special kernel modules in earlier kernels (ie ubuntu precise), so I don't know that it would improve things that much. just my 2 cents (that no one asked for ;) )21:01
elarsonjuju worked for me really easily, that said, I'm on ubuntu and would expect it to be reasonably automatic.21:02
SP33Di am on ubuntu too21:02
SP33Dbut got it not running maybe don't got the concept21:02
SP33Dsome juju parts was running and the webinterface i couldn't deploy21:03
SP33Di am on +21:03
SP33Dso i have all kernel patches21:03
SP33Doh and if you don't know i am running ubuntu 14.10 + 3.17 current nightly21:04
SP33Dso maybe a trusty image would help as a dockerfile so i understand it21:05
SP33Di would simply need local deployment first21:06
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Guest31041can i setup juju as a local but on my public IP ?22:33
tiger7117i am trying to setup JuJu on my cloud server ubuntu22:34
tiger7117issue is that .. i want to also setup juju-gui on my public IP eth0.. currently its using lxc 10.3.0.x IP.. so how can i run gui on Eth0 ?22:35
tiger7117btw.. juju-gui is for accessing it through web interface ?22:35
tiger7117i was seeing this doc.22:41
tiger7117i have stuck at third point… should i put in my public IP then what will be Network and DHCP range etc ?22:41
tiger7117any one ??22:46
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