ShalokShalomTopic Link (Kubuntu 5 Test ISO http://goo.gl/nn2Zej ) Is dead07:42
ShalokShalomI want to become a tester for 12.04.5 with 4.14 from backports. :)07:42
valorieShalokShalom: I suggest joining #kubuntu-devel or at least the kubuntu-devel mail list07:44
valorieand make your interest known in either/both07:44
ShalokShalomthis is kubuntu-devel ?07:44
valorieoh sheesh07:45
* valorie blushes07:45
lordievadervalorie: ;)07:45
ShalokShalomyou are the girl from g plus ?07:45
valorieyou're right about that link07:45
valoriethe girl?07:45
ShalokShalomok, so no07:45
* valorie is female for sure, but it's been a long time since i was a girl07:45
ShalokShalomthere is a hacker girl from kubuntu on g plus, with a similar nick07:45
ShalokShalomah, ok07:46
ShalokShalommy english is buggy07:46
ShalokShalomi mean female/woman ofc07:46
lordievaderShalokShalom: Perhaps you are thinking of sgclark.07:46
valorieI am the only Valorie on g+, I just checked07:47
valoriedidn't know I had fame there07:47
ShalokShalomsince most genius person, which i ever meet in the open source scene, is a she, i put more attention on females :P07:48
valoriethe only kernel devel I know is female07:50
ShalokShalomi mean anke/demm, who creates KaOS07:53
valorieanke -- I think she used to come into the linuxchix chan07:56
valorieyears ago07:56
valorieloads of people there, all smarter than me07:56
ShalokShalomvalorie: we write about wayland 07:58
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Riddellhi ShalokShalom 08:02
RiddellShalokShalom: I'm not doing backports of 4.14 on Kubuntu 12.04, we only backport to the latest LTS08:03
ShalokShalomyes, i see, 4.13.2 is ready, yes ? :)08:04
RiddellShalokShalom: yep08:05
ShalokShalomok, so i want to test that :P08:06
ShalokShalomwhat is important ?08:06
Riddellin testing 4.13?  test baloo file search and kontact, they're the two most flakey bits08:13
ShalokShalombaloo work ever fine to me08:14
ShalokShalomkontact was buggy, since i know it 08:14
soeeRiddell: maybe it would be a good idea to have some page for people that want to test for example KDE SC with some steps they should do/check so if someone shows up here ready to do test, we can 08:33
soeegive him such link and he would know what to do, also it would be a good idea to allow comments for testers on such page so they can tell what is good/wrong etc08:34
Riddellsoee: good idea, go ahead :)08:37
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Octopii Fan Club | https://trello.com/kubuntu
valoriewoah, our /topic has shrunk08:40
Riddelllots of things todo in https://trello.com/kubuntu :)08:41
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu
ShalokShalomsoee: thats exactly, what i search, yes. :)08:47
ShalokShaloma step by step guide08:47
soeeRiddell: ill try to f09:06
soee*prepare something09:06
soeeShalokShalom: where did you get info that testers are needed ?09:07
soeesome social media, other user or ?09:07
ShalokShalomvalorie told me that09:07
soeeah the girl :D09:08
ShalokShalomby the way: does anyone have saved the deb`s of remastersys or the black lab imager ?09:09
ShalokShalomboth go offline09:09
ShalokShalomor the source ?09:09
ShalokShalomvalorie: we all have a children in us, please take it as a compliment ;)09:10
valorieit is not respectful to women to call them girls09:11
valorieyes, I do have a child in me though, for sure09:11
ShalokShalomit was a language spellinh mistake 09:12
valorieanyway, need to go to sleep now, it's after 2am here09:12
ShalokShalomok, gn809:12
valoriehave fun testing09:13
Riddell"Arthur Schiwon (blizzz) renewed their own membership in the Kubuntu Members (kubuntu-members) team" yay Blizzz still loves us!10:00
Blizzzalways! have a place in my heart, yo ;)10:08
Riddell:)  but will you still when I remove all the owncloud blogs from planet as I've been asked to, that would show true love10:12
apacheloggeryofel: whatever is going to happen to frameworks packaging in git?10:41
yofelgot distracted by me being on vacation and raphael's git packaging layout thread on debian-devel a bit10:42
yofelhow would we go about repositories owned by different teams btw.?10:43
apacheloggeryofel: push rights is per team?10:43
yofelpretty much from what I see on git.debian.org10:44
apacheloggergives me a headache10:45
apacheloggeryofel: well, either we get add to the team or the repo moves to pkg-kde I'd say10:45
Riddellsurely kubuntu and debian would have to be the same team for it to make any sense?10:45
apacheloggerRiddell: pkg-kde would not have push rights to debian-mm so we couldn't fiddle with qtmultimedia for example10:46
yofeljust mentioning it as AFAIK ScottK said something about putting kapidox in the python team10:46
apachelogger(assming that is maintained by debian-mm)10:46
apacheloggerkapidox in python sounds peculiar10:46
yofel[06:40:45] <ScottK> shadeslayer: kapidox is, from a packaging perspective, a python app, so putting it in the python apps team made more sense.10:46
yofelyou might want to read #debian-qt-kde every now and then, you're even there :P10:47
apacheloggerI am not at workstation10:47
shadeslayerI fixed pkg-kde-tools10:47
shadeslayerno more patching ECM10:48
shadeslayerthough pkg-kde-tools has a shitty workaround for setting ECM__MKSPECS_INSTALL_DIR10:48
yofelshadeslayer: is github seriously the best way to do feature work on debian branches? :/10:51
yofelwell, $external_git_repo_management10:51
shadeslayernope, but it was the easiest :(10:52
shadeslayeryeah, I'll try to figure out alioth on the weekend10:52
* shadeslayer retries tier 110:52
shadeslayerI like Quintasan's comment on the ML10:53
shadeslayerso much time invested in neon10:53
yofelwell, without neon I think we wouldn't be having the CP talk in the first place10:54
yofelwe'll still have the memories :P10:54
apacheloggerFWIW BTW, if github's group management wasn't pretty mental I'd totally support moving our packaging to github should we encounter problems with the move to alioth :P10:57
yofelshouldn't we - at that point - ask upstream whether we can move there?10:57
apacheloggerusing another remote (debian) is just as nice as having one repo with many branches, only disadvantage being that the initial setup is more of a pain in the bum10:58
shadeslayerthings seem to be building10:58
apacheloggeryofel: upstream has global push rights10:58
shadeslayerI am awesome10:58
shadeslayerI conquered perl10:58
shadeslayeronly took me 3 days10:58
apacheloggerand I for one would not be comfortable backing push applications from any random packager considering they can then also accidentially break every kde repo in existance10:59
yofeldoesn't gentoo have their stuff upstream?10:59
shadeslayerthere's also the small issue of team thingies in Launchpad10:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: what's that?11:00
shadeslayerso everyone in ubuntu-dev can push things in LP11:00
yofelwhat was that emege stuff in kdesupport then?11:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: marginally uninteresting to be honest :P11:00
shadeslayerbut if we move to KDE git / github, you lose that11:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: I can see people raising hell about it11:00
apacheloggerone could probably even automate auto-archive-sync11:00
* shadeslayer is hungry11:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: I'll raise hell about launchpad using a shit vcs then11:01
yofelI did talk about team permissions with maxy at some point weeks ago, ended without conclusion11:01
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - There be Unicorns | https://trello.com/kubuntu
yofelRiddell: what's up with the minimalistic topic btw.?11:02
Riddellyofel: I just took out the link to 4.14 (cos it's out) and plasma 5 ISOs (cos they moved)11:03
yofelhm, ok11:04
apacheloggerthat is not true, you also removed the octopii11:04
Riddellwell yes, that joke was getting old11:04
yofelit was ^^11:04
apacheloggeru just don't appreciate the awesomeness of the octopus 11:05
Riddelloh when you do SUP Yoga among muchos medusas you learn there are many awesome things in the sea11:05
BlizzzRiddell: even removing ownCloud blogs from Planet KDE (this you mean?) will not affecting my love. Though I do not know why they should be removed. But i also heard Qt stuff was about to be removed, no?11:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: ping11:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: do we want the l10n stuff for KF5 and friends?11:14
shadeslayerin pkg-kde-tools11:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: the l10n stuff?11:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: extraction you mean?11:16
shadeslayerthe l10n stuff11:16
apacheloggeryeah, we need that :P11:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: for our software11:18
RiddellBlizzz: owncloud isn't part of KDE any more so it's been suggested I should remove people who only blog about owncloud and not KDE11:19
shadeslayerI'll port it over then11:19
RiddellBlizzz: the Qt news blog isn't on planet kde11:19
BlizzzRiddell: I believe the woboq guys are/were on Planet KDE and were mostly blogging about Qt11:22
Blizzzbut maybe my memory just mixes things up11:22
RiddellBlizzz: hmm, maybe I should zap them down too11:23
Riddelland blame it on you :)11:26
Blizzzsuch a conspiracy11:28
sgclarkRiddell: seems I can no longer build anything, every package gives me http://paste.ubuntu.com/8105612/11:44
yofelshadeslayer: ^11:44
BluesKajHiyas all12:08
shadeslayersgclark: sorry12:17
shadeslayerjust a moment12:17
shadeslayersgclark: fixed12:20
shadeslayerdebs should be published in ~30 minutes12:20
sgclarkwhat was it?12:21
shadeslayerI'm working on fixing pkg-kde-tools12:21
shadeslayerporting it to KF512:21
shadeslayerI forgot to disable policy checks for the old scripts12:21
sgclarkok, thanks12:21
yofelyou'll have to make that accept kubuntu dev too, as not all our new package have the debian team as orig maint.12:22
shadeslayeryofel: I just remove the check12:22
shadeslayerit's useless for us12:22
yofelthat'll work too :)12:22
shadeslayerok, ki18n failed12:23
shadeslayerusr/qt5/imports/kf5/ktranscript.so but should be in usr/lib/*/qt5/plugins/kf5/ktranscript.so12:25
shadeslayerstupid me12:25
shadeslayeryofel: stupid sed/regex question12:32
yofelthat doesn't exist :P12:32
shadeslayerI want to match pkg-kde-tools*, and replace it by pkg-kde-tools (>= 0.15.15)12:33
mcstr__anyone here got a bit of experience with yad?12:35
yofelshadeslayer: I'm not sure if sed can do that reliably... at least I don't think it has a non-greedy version of *12:35
shadeslayerwhat's yad 0.o12:35
shadeslayeryofel: hm12:35
mcstr__shadeslayer yad = yet another dialog program12:36
mcstr__it's supposed to create easy dialogues with checkboxes, buttons, etc. 12:36
yofelshadeslayer: I'm pretty sure you can do a perl one-liner though if you really need it short12:36
shadeslayeryofel: well12:36
shadeslayerfortunately all pkg-kde-tools build deps are unversioned12:36
shadeslayerso meh12:36
shadeslayerlucky me12:37
shadeslayertier 1 being pushed now12:39
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yofelI had the same problem with kubuntu-initial-upload, which is why it ended up having a weird regex for that12:40
Riddellapachelogger: hmm you think upstream me should make daily tars for Plasma?12:40
yofelpython does have non-greedy patterns though12:40
yofelshadeslayer: where do you need that?12:40
shadeslayeryofel: all pkg-kde-tools need to have a versioned build depends now12:41
shadeslayersince I switched to using the 3rd iteration of the debian-qt-kde scripts12:41
yofelah, I would probably end up writing that with python (maybe playing around with dep822 or how that was called)12:42
mcstr__so no one then? :(12:44
shadeslayerdep822 yep12:44
shadeslayeryofel: sounds a bit overengineered :p12:44
* yofel only knows about zenity and kdailog, never heard of yad12:44
yofelshadeslayer: probably ^^12:44
shadeslayerfind . -name control | xargs sed -i 's/pkg-kde-tools/pkg-kde-tools (>= 0.15.15)/'12:45
shadeslayerworked for me ^^ :p12:45
yofelnow hope that nothing had a version :P12:45
shadeslayerI checked12:45
yofelok, that'll do the job then12:45
shadeslayerfind . -name control | xargs grep pkg-kde-tools  gave me nothing12:45
kdeuser56shadeslayer: how is the x session started in the kubuntu-plasma5 iso? 14:07
shadeslayerkdeuser56: sddm -> starts x -> starts sddm-helper -> autologin kicks in -> sddm-helper is killed -> startkde14:07
kdeuser56shadeslayer: that seems to create problems with some boot options14:07
shadeslayercasper autologin scripts write the config for autologin in sddm14:07
kdeuser56shadeslayer: "text" should normally not start x ... but on this iso x is started14:08
kdeuser56shadeslayer: the ubiquity "noninteractive" boot option does not work ... it simply starts the graphical session14:08
shadeslayerkdeuser56: does it work on the kde 4 iso?14:09
kdeuser56shadeslayer: yeah14:09
kdeuser56kubuntu utopic works ... kubuntu-plasma5 utopic does not work14:09
shadeslayerRiddell: ^14:10
apacheloggerRiddell: no, what we discussed in randa entails rolling tars via jenkins14:21
apacheloggerin fact possibly to such an extent that you can obtain the actual release tars via jenkins14:21
Riddellapachelogger: rolling tars using a different method than the final tars are made from defeats the purpose really, if jenkins gets tarme built into it that would be cool14:25
apacheloggerRiddell: the idea is that jenkins would use tarme :P14:27
apacheloggerone of the ideas behind this is that as a random developer you do not have to bother with fiddling around with the release scripting, but you could get a tar from jenkins and use that as your release tar, and possibly even have a button in jenkins that would tag the rev the tar came from as $version14:28
Riddellyes that would be most lovely14:28
apacheloggerAlex had all sorts of crazy ideas in his pursuite of making releasing things less complicated14:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: I don't think they were crazy btw14:30
shadeslayerbecause all of this already exists on platforms like github14:30
shadeslayerI even proposed this 6 months back with git next14:30
shadeslayeri.e. dev just pushes tag, CI generates tar14:30
yofeldon't they currently do thing the opposite way?14:31
yofelthat's a funny character...14:31
shadeslayerrelease tar and tag? yes14:31
apacheloggertag -> tar is largely disliked14:32
Riddellshould we try to release Kubuntu Plasma 5 along with Beta 1 next week?14:54
Riddellyo sgclark, how are you getting on with partition manager and kscreen?14:57
BluesKajis plasma5 image stable after installation now or is it still hit and miss ?14:58
sgclarkRiddell: I committed my partionmanager change yesterday... I am behind on kscreen as since last night I could not use debuild. Fixed now and working on it...14:58
RiddellBluesKaj: we don't know until you test it out15:02
BluesKajhehe, ok Riddell, fair enough :)15:02
Riddellhere's a really important question, should the cdimage pages for Kubuntu Plasma 5 use Ubuntu Font or Oxygen Font?15:12
BluesKajgotta confess I never use Ubuntu font15:13
sgclark^ same15:17
Riddellwhat do you use?15:18
kdeuser56hard decision, both look good15:20
Riddellsgclark: partitionmanager uploaded!  you can probably move that card to Done now15:22
apacheloggerRiddell: upstream ftw? :P15:22
Riddellsize limit on cdimage is..15:27
Riddell1,102,970,880  ← our current amd64 size15:27
Riddell1,207,959,552  ← current plasma5 image size15:29
Riddellwhat size limit shall I set it to?15:29
apachelogger5 gig15:30
apacheloggeror you know, someone could clean up 15:30
Riddellah, I see, you are using irony15:30
* apachelogger too stupid to use cut15:31
apacheloggerRiddell, yofel, shadeslayer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+junk/recipes/files that's what build recipe definition looks like15:33
apacheloggerI do wonder whether a list with generic recipes would be more fruitful though15:34
shadeslayerI call symlink15:34
shadeslayerah wait15:34
apacheloggerat least in neon we currently have the recipes largely diverging because they also define build deps and whatnot15:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: empty recipes? :p15:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: no no they are symlinks alright15:34
apacheloggerall recipes symlink to _standard15:35
apacheloggerwhich in turn specifies the recipe through _common15:35
shadeslayerthen launchpad is being weird15:35
apacheloggerall without params because presently there is no need for any special stuff, and it is this lack of need that makes me wonder whether a text file listing stuff meant to build wouldn't be more useful15:35
shadeslayerit most probably would15:36
kdeuser56shadeslayer, Riddell: just tested and recorded again, so that you can be absolutely sure my report was right: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-ihXi2hkCPfLVZlLW1zYnVuRWM/edit15:42
kdeuser56shadeslayer, Riddell: the utopic-desktop-amd64.iso is the kde 4 based iso15:43
kdeuser56shadeslayer, Riddell: the kubuntu-plasma5 iso simply ignores the "text" and the "noninteractive" boot parameter and boots straight to the desktop, which makes preseeding impossible15:44
shadeslayerkdeuser56: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/utopic/casper/utopic/view/head:/scripts/casper-bottom/15autologin15:44
shadeslayerkdeuser56: that's how it autologins15:44
shadeslayerwell hm15:44
shadeslayeryou probably want to grep casper15:44
kdeuser56shadeslayer: it seems this script is invoked too early15:44
shadeslayerto see what happens when you pass text15:45
shadeslayerkdeuser56: no, something is not invoked when you boot with text15:45
shadeslayerwhich causes 15autologin to get invoked15:45
shadeslayerkdeuser56: I have a fix15:46
kdeuser56shadeslayer: great15:46
shadeslayerkdeuser56: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/utopic/casper/utopic/view/head:/scripts/casper-bottom/25configure_init#L3115:47
kdeuser56shadeslayer: does that also fix the noninteractive boot parameter, which is far more important?15:47
shadeslayerit should15:47
* shadeslayer is trying to understand the regex there15:47
kdeuser56shadeslayer: I can report you back tomorrow when the new iso is done15:48
shadeslayeryep, thx al0t15:48
apacheloggerRiddell, yofel: I swear to god, I have to see a package where wrap-and-sort will not touch half the files15:49
apacheloggerit's madness15:49
Riddellwhy is that madness?15:49
apacheloggerbecause like I said when I first complained about it people have, are, and will forget to run it thus making someone else pointlessly polluting the version control history with even more pointless lines moves15:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: I remember what other problem I saw with versions15:52
apacheloggerI think merging with the same changelog stanza will make the merge tool fall over dead15:53
apacheloggersince stable chanes and unstable changes would be interlaced substantially15:53
shadeslayerkdeuser56: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8107219/15:53
apacheloggerso I think what needs to happen is that the unstable branch has a dedicated stanza listing the unstable changes ontop of the stable changes15:53
apacheloggeri.e. kwin unstable right now would have 5.0.50 or something15:54
apacheloggerideally the version stanzas actually should be automated, but since upstream Riddell doesn't enforce one variable to define the version in all workspace repos that is a bit impossible right now :'<15:54
apacheloggerdch really hates me15:56
kdeuser56shadeslayer: thx, you are amazing! I will test again with tomorrows iso, should be in there right?15:56
shadeslayerthanks for finding that corner case15:56
Riddellapachelogger: wait one cotton picking minute, upstream Riddell does enforce one variable in Plasma 5.1 for versions15:57
apacheloggerRiddell: do you?15:57
Riddellapachelogger: just did that yesterday/today15:57
apacheloggeroh lovely then15:57
apacheloggerso we could ditch changelogs entirely and build automatically from commit messages even xD15:58
Riddellset(PROJECT_VERSION "5.0.95")15:58
Riddellalthough it does need this to get a shipit https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119882/15:58
Riddellwhich requires d_ed to take a second look15:59
apacheloggermister beard15:59
apacheloggerI am really not sure about this16:03
* apachelogger shall start a notes page on CP tomorrow16:03
Riddellwhy are you not sure about build-dep on libepoxy?16:04
Riddellapachelogger: how do you expect 5.0.2 to be packaged?16:05
apacheloggerRiddell: that'd be from the stable branch16:05
apacheloggerI am not sure about the changelogging, not about the bdep xD16:05
Riddellapachelogger: right but then how does the stable branch get merged into the unstable branch?16:06
d_edRiddell: see comment before shipping, shout IRL if you disagree16:06
apacheloggerRiddell: bzr merge16:06
apacheloggerRiddell: by hand (although in the mid term that should also be automated in some form or fashion)16:06
apacheloggerthe by hand factor is why I argued that bzr is rubbish for this endavor :P16:07
apacheloggerat the end of the day when automated merges fail a human will have to forward merge stable into unstable16:07
apacheloggerthere's also the question of how much/if we should automated version bumps in the changelog ... i.e. if the project_version in cmake changes we could have automation that declares the present packaging 5.0.whatever and branches it automatically for a human to then do a release pack16:09
apacheloggercould be iritating though16:09
apacheloggermany options are at hand, most of them raise questions I have no good answer for :(16:10
apacheloggerRiddell: anywho, general workflow is fix up stable ->> forward merge changes into unstable ->> triggers unstable rebuilds ->> fix up unstable16:13
apacheloggeroh noes kwin failed16:16
Riddellsounds like faff16:16
apacheloggerohhh wayland16:17
* Riddell sings the wayland song16:18
apacheloggerif one of you wants to toy with the present stuff feel free to, shadeslayer should be able to trigger builds 16:20
apacheloggerotherwise I'll try to beat it into green state tomorrow16:20
BluesKajis there no install option the plasma5 image disk...seemed to run ok without any freezes 16:55
BluesKajhttp://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-plasma5/daily-live/current/ .. no ubiquity installer ?17:01
sgclarkRiddell: lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging-next/kscreen ready for review.17:04
BluesKajubiquity installer is missing from the image...http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-plasma5/daily-live/current/17:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: I think you broke kwin building https://launchpadlibrarian.net/182900537/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-i386.kwin_4%3A5.0.50%2Bgit20140821.2014~5cc66f1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: nevermind20:28
apacheloggerit appears that lib is new20:28
apacheloggermy oh my, the changes in kwin alone20:28
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer, yofel: https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-cp20:33
apacheloggerrandom notes as of right now20:33
apacheloggerdid we always package kwin as 300 packages?20:35
apacheloggerthe libs seem somewhat overzealous considering they are only supposed to be used by other workspace20:35
yofelusually, even for multiple gl's20:35
apacheloggeryofel: well the gl spliting makes sense20:36
debfxthe more the merrier20:36
apacheloggerin the future even more so along the line of x11 vs. wayland20:36
apacheloggerbut libkwin4-effect-builtins1 surely doesn't need or want its own lib package20:36
yofeladded fun if you make sure kwin needs at least 4 build runs until every package is filled20:37
apacheloggermuch silly20:37
apacheloggerKISS I say20:37
apacheloggeranywho, I dunno what to do with libkwin20:37
apacheloggerupstream chooses to ignore my suggestion of putting a private in their lib names to make clear that they are private :'<20:38
apacheloggerRiddell: use some upstream release dude powers and make that happen plz ;)20:38
shadeslayerdid not20:54
shadeslayerI need to be beyond the ballmer curve to achieve that brokenness20:54
shadeslayerno roommates \o/20:56
shadeslayerI have all the wifi20:56
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soeelatest updates, error when processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libpowerdevilcore2_4%3a5.0.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa4_amd64.deb21:22
ShalokShalomi install a fresh 12.04.5 and load the 4.13.2 ppa - that kills my oxygen window decortion (which reappears after reboot) and dont take any effekt, i am still on 4.8.523:33

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