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ShalokShalomhi there: what is the different between kubuntu 12.04.5 with KDE SC 4.14 from the Backports and 14.04 ? What is the sense of this backpors, since 12.04.5 use athe same kerne and x.org as 14.04, please ?07:26
Tm_TShalokShalom: there's more than just kernel and Xorg07:28
ShalokShalomi know, what ? the init system ?07:28
Tm_Tpretty much the whole userland software stack, sans Xorg and KDE in this case07:28
ShalokShalomand this makes a markable difference in stability, correct ?07:29
ShalokShalomeven with 4.14 ? :)07:29
Tm_T12.04 has bug, security and hardware support updates, 14.04 has the whole platform updated compared to 12.0407:30
ShalokShalomi know07:30
Tm_TShalokShalom: possibly yes better stability too07:30
ShalokShalomso why not ship 12.04.5 with 4.14 on board as well ?07:30
ShalokShalomor 4.1307:30
Tm_TShalokShalom: because 12.04 should only have bug, security and hardware support updates, not feature updates07:31
Tm_Totherwise it wouldn't be stable release but "rolling" release07:31
Tm_Tsame with 14.04 at this point btw07:31
ShalokShalomwhat include the whole userland software stack ? the GNU Tools, the init system and .. ?07:31
valorieShalokShalom: also we have no people stepping up to do the necessary testing07:31
Tm_TShalokShalom: tons of libraries KDE is relying to, tons of applications etc07:32
Tm_Tsystem services07:32
valoriebackporting that far back would need very complete testing07:32
Tm_Tvalorie: and I'm sure we wouldn't get SRU exception for that07:33
ShalokShalomo fine07:33
ShalokShalomthat sounds sensefull to me07:33
valorieTm_T: I bow to your superior wisdom07:33
valorieand knowledge07:34
ShalokShalomso, to include 4.14 is just a question of testing ? and the specific bug reports for tht, result in a specific updates, yes ?07:35
ShalokShalomvia the backports repo ?07:35
valorieShalokShalom: testers who are going to be around, and not just "one-shot" backports07:36
valorietesting is really important for good QC07:37
ShalokShalomwhat are one shot backports please ? :)07:37
ShalokShalomQC ?07:37
ShalokShalomi tend to use non buntu kde distro, please forgive me :D07:37
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lordievaderShalokShalom: QC stands for Quality Control ;)07:39
ShalokShalomoh fine07:39
ShalokShalomyes, ofc07:39
ShalokShalomi think, that 4.13 (and 4.14 is quiet similar to 4.13) is already tested on the 14.04 Stack.07:40
ShalokShalomso that increase the Stability for sure07:40
lordievaderShalokShalom: If you want to become a tester hang around in #kubuntu-devel and let them know.07:40
ShalokShalomgoogle find nothing about one-shot backports, valorie :P07:41
valorieI meant that we don't need people stepping up to test for just a short time07:41
valoriebut making themselves available for some time07:42
valoriedoing things like backports is a lot of work07:42
ShalokShalomthe 4.14 backport is already done ?07:43
MoonUnit`upgraded to 4.14 last night07:51
valorie4.14 for 14.04 is done, yes07:58
valorieRiddell announced it earlier07:58
RiddellMoonUnit`: how did that go?07:59
MoonUnit`perfect, no problems.08:00
ShalokShalomme stupid, i cant read08:03
ShalokShalomguess this counts for 12.0408:03
ShalokShalomah, anyway, 4.13.2 is ready08:04
ShalokShalomfine as well :D08:04
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jubo2is there a key-combination to show the scrolling white lines describing what the system is doing at start-up time ?08:52
jubo2I'm that much from the last millenium I miss it in Kubunutu08:53
valoriejubo2: I think you have to get into settings by pressing escape I think it is, at just the right time08:54
valorieand set "nosplash" on08:54
valorieso you get text instead of the splash screen08:54
jubo2and there is no cue/clue for when to press escape ?08:55
valorieas I recall, the instant that letters appear on your screen08:55
valoriebut it's been different with every laptop I've tried08:55
hateballjubo2: do you want it to be permanent or just when you feel like pressing a key?08:55
valorietoo bad ubottu didn't know, but you can google with nosplash + your computer model08:56
jubo2hateball: I guess I'd like it permanent08:56
hateballjubo2: sudo nano /etc/default/grub and remove "quiet splash" in the default cmdline, then sudo update-grub08:57
hateballit will edit all grub entries, and make it default for any new kernels as well08:57
valorieawwww, then no pretty splash any more08:58
valorieit is interesting, though08:58
valorieto see what's starting up08:58
jubo2I try reboot now to check it worked09:00
kbroulikI was surprised to find that cups was not installed on my utopic install with plasma 5. is that intended, or is something else used now?09:03
valoriekbroulik: I've not heard of anything else09:05
valoriemaybe fewer people are printing these days09:05
kbroulikhopefully :)09:05
juboxihateball: didn't work .. I just commented it out instead of removing. Is that the problem ?09:07
juboxihateball: the nosplash-thing09:07
hateballjuboxi: pretty sure you need the entry there for update-grub to run properly. You can check /boot/grub/grub.cfg to see that the entries are correct09:10
hateballif you just comment it out I doubt it will overwrite existing entries09:11
icetekis my frist time on linux09:19
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jubo2Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, FLGOSS devel appreciation day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. *repeat*10:10
jubo2So happy FLGOSS devel day!10:10
jubo2This new, clean Kubuntu14 works really nice also with only 2GB of RAM10:11
jubo2Got the same in a VirtualBox in the other machine.. that one gets by with only 1.7GB of RAM10:11
Wizardjubo2: How much RAM does default install eat?10:31
jubo2Wizard: as in seen in 'top' ?10:32
jubo2Wizard: I think it was 1.3GB without tens-of-tabs-in-the-ff and 1.9GB with all10:33
jubo2it's obviously carefully avoiding going under 100MB free10:33
WizardAnd Kubuntu without any running apps?10:34
jubo2coz you really wanna avoid going to IO-wait if you wanna a reputation of reliable good performance OS10:34
jubo2Wizard: I don't know the answer to that10:34
WizardI'll check back home.10:35
jubo2Wizard: the system ( thank you for that FLGOSS ppl btw ) always loads all programs that were loaded when the OS was last time shut down10:35
WizardHere I'm tortured by windows, served corpo style.10:35
jubo2This is sheer user friendliness candy in comparison to Windoozes10:35
Wizardjubo2: I've disabled that, I don't like it.10:35
jubo2Me gusta mucho10:36
WizardI've selected "launch empty session".10:36
jubo2Wizard: should we move the thread to #kubuntu-offtopic ?10:36
jubo2coz you know..10:36
jubo2[Wednesday, August 20, 2014] [04:04:48 PM] <jubo2>      BluesKaj: 'k.. was forgetting in a support channel. channel traffic ~~ support demand, support demand == bad for us10:38
jubo2no channel traffic == no support demand == good for us10:38
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BluesKajHiyas all12:08
alketsorry for OT , but is kde 5 considered as stable ? I mean can it be used on production environment ?12:39
WizardWell, since it won't be included in 14.10 I guess no :]12:41
BluesKajalket, kde5 isn't available yet, only the framework and plasma 5s12:45
alketBluesKaj: thanks12:45
alketdidnt knew that12:45
shadeslayeralket: what's KDE 5?12:46
shadeslayerthere's no KDE 5 :)12:46
BluesKajit's a rumour about kde5 ..a lot of users are mistaking the plasma5 and kf5 as kde512:46
alketyeah , I don't understand  KDE well , I just like kubuntu and I know that it uses KDE12:47
alketdo you guys use it ?12:48
BluesKajwell, they are part of what will be kde5 in the future12:48
BluesKajI don't due to breakage12:48
WizardI don't since I like things working and I avoid PPAs and other dirty magic.12:50
BluesKajalket, ask in #kubuntu-devel for more info about it12:51
soeealket: yes im on plasma5 :)13:04
WizardBrave one :)13:05
alketany good screen recorder ?13:25
alketfound it13:29
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jubo2alket: what was it ? if you took 4 minutes to look for one yourself please do take the 15 seconds respond13:40
jubo2I use whatever comes with KDE to take the snapshots but sometimes recording would be powerful13:40
alketim using recordMyDesktop , which is not a kde app13:41
alketit says that it has qt4 frontend but can't find it13:43
alketbut terminal version works just fine13:44
WizardI used something with weird name once.13:44
WizardSmall GTK app.13:46
alketjubo2: found another one , recorditnow13:46
alketi thnk its a frontend for recordmydesktop13:46
alketits kde13:46
BluesKaj!info kamoso13:48
ubottukamoso (source: kamoso): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.2-2ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 187 kB, installed size 819 kB13:48
alketBluesKaj: i meant a desktop recorder13:49
BluesKajoh yeah , my mistake :)13:49
BluesKajthere are 2 versions of recordmydesktop13:50
jubo2'k dänks alketzor & BluesKajzor13:56
BluesKajjubo2, zor ?13:56
jubo2Quick newb question: how do I chown recursively ?14:10
tsimpsonjubo2: chown -R ...14:26
jubo2tsimpson: tnx.. I tried -r intuitively and it complained about the it not existing14:28
rostamhi I am trying to suppress the output of the "apt-get install"  I have used "-q" and still prints too much stuff, what should I do ? thanks14:53
tsimpsonrostam: you can use -qq to make it very silent, but beware it implies -y14:55
locsmifhi all. I have a problem. I upgraded Kubuntu to the latest version through the system tray updater, and now my desktop environment won't start anymore. Screen goes off after the glowing 'kubuntu' text and I'm forced to reboot.15:02
locsmifIn rescue mode now, 80x40 text mode, I started networking, so that's how I was able to get here. What's going on ?15:02
BluesKajlocsmif, try updating, upgrading and dist-upgrade again15:04
BluesKaj12.04 to 14.04 ?15:05
locsmifDoing d/u now, I have icedtea, openjdk, stuff like that15:05
locsmifAt 14.04.1 LTS now15:06
rostamtsimpson, thx15:17
locsmifHi all. Can't boot into desktop after upgrade to 14.04.1. I get the "kubuntu" logo and then the screen just switches off, looking for signal on DVI-D16:08
locsmifIs this is a known problem?16:10
locsmifThis PC has an [AMD/ATI] BeaverCreek [Radeon HD 6550D] video card16:11
jalomannI had the same when I installed 14.04 and now I am having difficulties installing 14.1016:13
locsmifSounds ominous, like I'm fucked :P16:14
locsmifI wish I hadn't upgraded..16:14
jalomannTry to press shift when you boot to get boot options.16:14
locsmifSomehow kdm was migrated to lightdm16:14
jalomannAnd then F6. Select acpi=off16:14
locsmifjalomann: I'm booted now, I modified some kernel options to get a workable terminal16:14
locsmifacpi=off ?16:15
jalomannyes. enter toggles.16:15
jalomannso that you get x mark.16:16
locsmifI don't necessarily need shift though, I get a grub 2 boot menu, and I'm booting from external USB HDD. I have an option "advanced", where I can modify the boot options as usual with "e", or are you referring to another boot phase?16:17
locsmifI guess there's no harm in trying, but I doubt this will work. Brb16:18
jalomannYes. I am talking about DVD boot. But I think you can enter the same option on boot parameters.16:18
jalomannI am struggling here as well. I am stuck with installation.16:20
locsmifWell, that didn't work16:24
locsmifI don't know why I even thought it would16:24
jalomannIt worked for one of my istallations but I have still two left.16:25
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locsmifMost likely something is wrong with the X.org configuration and the mode set16:28
locsmifI need to alter my normal boot configuration so that Kubuntu won't start X. Any ideas on how to achieve that? I'm not used to upstart and all that cruft16:29
jalomannThen you can try with boot option nomodeset16:29
locsmifX.org must set a mode16:29
locsmifa resolution, a color depth16:29
locsmifI don't even know what nomodeset does16:30
locsmifI presume it's an option for the kernel and the framebuffer16:30
jalomannThese were the tips I read but they doesn't me either. :(16:32
WizardHi everybody?16:32
Wizardjalomann: Whya re you sad?16:33
jalomannI don't have too much success with installation.16:33
WizardInstallation of what?16:34
WizardSorry, I've just dopped in :)16:34
jalomannNow I try to install 14.10 32bit16:35
Wizard14.10 will be released in october.16:35
jalomannYes but I try test http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/16:35
jalomannBut I difficulties to install 14.04 64bit as well.16:36
WizardHmm.. current can by " just broken" :D16:36
WizardI thnk alfa or beta has been relesed use that.16:37
WizardOr upgrade from 14.04.16:37
jalomannI can try. But I just burned two 14.04 DVDs for my friend and they failed too.16:38
jalomannSo they installed 13.1016:39
WizardDid you check iso images checksums after dowloading?16:39
jalomannYes I did.16:39
jalomannAnnd I burned severad DVDs. Not only one.16:40
WizardHmm.. What was the exact problem?16:40
WizardBecause, you know.. "just failed" is not pretty detailed.16:40
jalomannThe screen stays black. The installation didn't go further.16:41
jalomannI have one installation going. If you have tips they are wellcome.16:42
jalomannI tried to start: "check disc for errors" but it didn't start either.16:43
kokeboy1you could use an emulation software first, such as WMware player... you can install kubuntu from windows...16:44
jalomannYes I know but I usually run on iron.16:45
BluesKajor virtualbox16:45
jalomannOk. I can try that. I still have 12.10 on this box with VM.16:47
jalomannNow I noticed I don't have kernel module for VM.16:59
jalomannI compiled my own kernel for my network card.17:00
jalomannI need to change the harddisk. I will be back.17:02
jubo2I just noticed the mouse scroll wheel works with nano inside of ssh.. Thank yous go to the KDE and Kubuntu devels17:25
jubo2never had a scroll wheel work in nano before..17:26
nagerstWhere can i find the sound files from kubuntu hardy?17:28
nagerstI really love the minimize/maximize sounds17:29
WizardIn hardy repo :]17:29
nagerstWizard: i understand that, but in what package?17:30
WizardNo idea, really :D17:31
Wizardjalomann: Did you figure it out?17:32
jalomannNo. I tried to boot this PC but it didn't start.17:33
Wizardnagerst: If you know filenames it can be easy.17:35
WizardHardy was an LTS?17:35
jalomannI burned a new DVD with Brassero. The first one was burned with k3b17:36
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.17:38
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:39
nagerstBluesKaj: thta still does not help me finding the sound files.17:39
jalomannOne more try with DVD+R (the first was DVD-R)17:40
nagersti am not trying to run hardy, i just want the sound files to use in kde417:40
WizardBluesKaj: He only wants thes media files. I have no idea which package holds them :)17:41
BluesKajnagerst, it means you need to upgrade to anewer OS in order to upgrade those sound drivers/files and receive support for OS in the support channels like this one.17:41
nagersti *have* a newer os installed17:41
nagerstoi vey17:42
BluesKajoi vey for sure what are you asking about old sound file sfor anyway/17:42
nagerstBluesKaj: the minimize and maximize sounds from kde3 so i can use them for the same sound effect in kde417:43
nagersti believe it is in .wav format.17:43
WizardBluesKaj: Take it easy :) No museum here.17:43
Wizardnagerst: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/allpackages17:43
nagerstI just really like the sounds :P17:43
BluesKajnagerst, there are archives available if you feel like searching17:44
nagerstyup, but i though someone might have been around packaging them or perhaps even the creator of the sound files.17:45
nagerstoh well, i will search manually then17:45
BluesKajnagerst, that's your best bet17:45
Wizardnagerst: kdeatwork-misc may be the one.17:46
jalomannNo chance. Same thing. The istallation stops.17:46
BluesKajWizard, there's no support here for old OSs like hardy, it's just a fact , the repos are no longer available so we can't encourage support17:47
WizardBluesKaj: OK17:47
WizardCan we take it to #kubuntu-offtopic?17:47
jalomannI'll quit for today.17:48
BluesKajwell, I have nothing more to say about it anyway17:48
locsmifjalomann: nomodeset worked; it was indeed about kernel framebuffer configuration, but it appears that that is what is causing the eventual switch to radeon Xorg drivers to fail. Or something to that effect.18:02
locsmifBut now I have a horrible 80x25 mode on tty1..n18:05
M4RC377U5valorie: just changing my nick because "it was already taken"18:24
alkethow to make Ark to display the extracting process in a dialog, not in notification area18:29
kbroulikalket: you can turn off "progress and jobs" in the notification plasmoid's settings, however this will affect all copy and move jobs also18:31
alketkbroulik: thanks18:32
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nagerst_Wizard and BluesKaj, thanks for helping me find the files. Very helpful as usual.18:38
IronlennyI have an upstart job which runs a ruby script after boot. It was working at one time, but fails now. Anyone have any ideas? http://paste.kde.org/pqbmkt6qj18:42
jalomannlocsmif: nice to hear it helped. I don't remember the next step without google.18:44
locsmifI think I've neglected the changes to the init system, dbus, udev, etc. for too long. I'm lost. I don't even know where Xorg gets its configuration. There's nothing in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d18:46
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locsmif.. that involves what I remember looks like an actual X config, just some input device config stuff that doesn't make much sense18:47
locsmifLet alone a way to reliably determine what *driver* Xorg is actually using, save for skimming the logs. It's all very frustrating.18:48
jalomannthey are in /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:48
locsmifI don't have that file.18:52
locsmifDo you?18:52
jalomannI have nvidia driver too but it was long time ago when I set up that.18:54
jalomannMy nvidia has backupped the file and18:54
jalomannI have /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup only18:55
locsmifI've got Radeon18:56
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locsmif[AMD/ATI] BeaverCreek [Radeon HD 6550D]18:56
locsmifThis is interesting: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220456018:56
locsmif"Didn't you have to use 'nomodeset' ? I have had to use 'nomodeset' with my A4 from 12.04 installs."18:56
locsmifThey are talking about the same hardware setup I have18:57
jalomannYes. Somehow I remember there is a trick to get it sorted out on the terminal.18:58
locsmifThey are saying their kernel version solved the problem, but I'm using a newer version than they're mentioning. So I'm still screwed for now, it seems. Let's see if there's an Xorg channel I can ask.19:01
jalomannOk. I need to quit for today. Back tomorrow.19:03
WizardHmm.. It takes ages to load KDE. Is there any "speed up guide"?19:03
locsmifWizard: perhaps #kde knows. I think the lack of proper diagnostic tools makes it impossible to detect where the slowdowns are coming from19:08
geniiWizard: You can install and check bootchart to get an idea where the slowdowns are19:09
Wizardlocsmif: Well, KDE works ok after loading, however its loading time doubles system boot :D19:09
Wizardgenii: Will it allso monitor KDE startup?19:09
geniiWizard: No, basically everything up to lightdm login though19:10
WizardNah, that time is OK.19:11
WizardIt is KDE which bothers me.19:11
WizardI'll ask on #kde.19:13
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joejoejoejoejoejI just did the patches today and now I have no audio19:30
kbroulikWhn I'm running apt-get update on my utopic I get : GPG-Fehler: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com utopic Release: Die folgenden Signaturen waren ungültig: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>19:39
kbroulik"The following signatures were invalid"19:40
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Wizardkbroulik: Weird..19:50
Wizardkbroulik: Did you try to update -keyring first?19:51
kbroulikWizard: update keyring?19:52
WizardThere is such package.19:52
Wizardubuntu-keyring or something like that.19:53
WizardYou can also ask on #ubuntu+119:53
kbroulikalready newest version :/19:57
Wizardkbroulik: Than ask on #ubuntu+120:04
Wizard14.10 isn't supported yet.20:04
kbroulikWizard: okay, sorry to bother, thanks anyway20:05
WizardNo worries.20:05
WizardSorry, guys here usually takes very serious what is supported or what is not.20:05
kbroulikseems my brain put emphasis on the K    ubuntu part rather than the +1 part :)20:06
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djs_im having issues getting skype to work21:28
djs_no matter what i do i get a seg fault21:28
djs_can some one please help me21:28
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alketHow to show a dialog when I copy/move files . I disabled in notifcation area to now show there , but i thought it would display a dialog ?22:07
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WitcherHello. I have problem, I have kubuntu on usb witch persistent so I create account and now when I running linux on persistent i cannot login..I write password and nothing. Please Help23:02

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