orliesaurusIm on 13.04 - it says i can't upgrade - what do?00:12
phillworliesaurus: you can, but it is not really advised. I'd suggest you make a separate home partition00:15
orliesaurusi'd spend a ton of time reconfiguring all the services00:16
orliesaurusi'll take the non advised route any day, and worst comes worst I'll restore from backup00:16
phillwyou can do so, but, you should also make a backup... for seperate /home follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving00:17
orliesaurusok thank you - so what about the not advised way?00:18
phillworliesaurus: after you have done that, you can do a 'clean' install of 14.04.1 and as you add any of your applications back on, they will find their config files safely there.00:19
orliesaurusthanks for the advice00:20
phillwonly MySQL will not be carried over, so If you have LAMP running, we would need to dump that data 1st00:20
orliesaurusThankfully I don't have MySQL00:20
phillworliesaurus: Do take a backup, but you should be okay with a /home partition. Installing 14.04.1 will need you to use manual system as you want to use your new /home and not format it :D00:22
KlubuntuIs someone know when 14.04.2 will be ready ?07:58
silverlionhey suncokret09:18
suncokreti have problem09:21
silverlionsuncokret : try me ... but be aware. i am a newbie supporter too :D09:21
suncokreti can't play midi files09:22
suncokreti use audacious09:22
suncokretbut i don't know how to play midi09:22
silverlionsuncokret : try vlc. audacious has not the right codecs afaik09:23
suncokreti don't have vlc, i tried now with smplayer but it don't work09:24
silverliontry "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc" (without the ") in terminal09:25
suncokreti don't like vlc, but i can install it just to try midi09:26
suncokretbut it must work in audacious09:27
suncokretcan you play midi files in vlc?09:28
silverlionsuncokret : if you insist on audacious try http://linuxtechie.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/how-to-ubuntu-midi-playback-with-audacious/09:28
silverlionsuncokret : or alternatively http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2087089&s=e809cf97c2fd1e3defdc72c44ecda1aa&p=12368595#post1236859509:29
suncokretthank you... i will see this09:30
suncokretit is a problem to play hardvare midi with linux09:31
suncokretso it is more easy to use software midi, and program for this is Timidity09:32
suncokretit don't need timidity just audacious, i try with software fluid synth and it wokr09:43
silverliongreat ;) means mission accomplished ;)09:43
lord4163I installed Lubuntu 14.04 and not everything is translated to dutch?11:18
lord4163How to fix that?11:25
hateballlord4163: sudo apt-get install language-pack-nl11:32
lord4163this is so confusing it by default installs swedish language pack too, whyyyy11:32
lord4163but it is not checked in the list?11:33
lord4163No it's still in English.11:35
lord4163hateball: That is installed11:39
phillwlord4163: it is also quite possible that not all of lubuntu was translated into nl. There is a shortage of translators (hint hint)12:12
lord4163phillw: I don't think so because Ubuntu has everything translated.12:12
lord4163phillw: can you show me if that is the case, then I'll make work of that12:12
phillwlord4163: which backs up what I said about lubuntu :)12:12
lord4163phillw: ^12:13
lord4163Lubuntu == Ubuntu12:13
phillwlord4163: no, the lx parts are specific to lubuntu and thus need translators.12:15
phillwlord4163: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu12:15
phillwhas where the translators are up to for ubuntu, lx translations take place via lxde (soon to be lxqt)12:16
lord4163I'll take a look, audacious and galculator for example aren't trnaslated12:16
phillwthere is also a page with links for lubuntu at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Translations12:17
lord4163Ah Audacious on Ubuntu hasn't been translated either, well then, then I got something to do, if I translate will those be merged into 14.04?12:19
phillwthere are still point releases for 14.04 to come (14.04.1 was recently released). You'd need to check with someone from translation team, it is not an area that I'm familiar with.12:42
lord4163phillw: hm pootle is really confusing13:17
phillwlord4163: I'm sorry I cannot assist you, I know nothing of it. head over to #ubuntu-translators for help :)13:22
phillwit's ubuntu, there is a channel for everything :)13:23
lord4163I see our Dutch friend Pjotr did translations yesterday.13:24
lord4163phillw: I'll take a look13:24
lord4163phillw: Oh and how to disable the scroll switch workspace annoyance13:30
phillwlord4163: it is our FAQ's... let go dig up the link for you :)13:31
lord4163yeah but it's different in 14.04 it seems13:31
phillwlord4163: does https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Mouse#Disable_how_using_the_scrollwheel_on_the_switches_to_the_next_Desktop no longer work?13:32
lord4163phillw: I couldn't find it in my config file13:33
phillwhmm, they have moved some of the config files...13:34
lord4163No the config file itself is there, but the XML has changed, that line isn't in that file.13:35
phillwlord4163: it is ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml13:35
phillwevidently now a per user setting :)13:36
phillwit shows in my file13:36
lord4163you are on 14.0413:37
phillwI'm on 14.10 :)13:37
lord4163phillw: there are like 10 options, don't know which to remove13:38
phillwhi Nemin,13:38
NeminWould someone please help me? I am trying to install Plop to my grub, however when i select it it blinks, but does not load.13:39
lord4163phillw: who decides that anyways, it's such a stupid and confusing thing.13:39
phillwlord4163: take a backup of the file and comment out the section as detailed in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Mouse#Disable_how_using_the_scrollwheel_on_the_switches_to_the_next_Desktop13:39
phillw!plop | Nemin13:39
lord4163phillw: is it compatible with 14.04's config?13:40
Neminphillw: Umm, sorry what?13:40
phillwNemin: I've never used plop, I can only suggest that you have a read of http://askubuntu.com/questions/271840/how-to-use-plop-boot-manager-to-boot-from-usb-in-linux (The last attempt was to see if the bot knew of plop, it said no)13:41
lord4163phillw: Oh sorry I don't know spanish haha en 14.04 forigu la linioj, (borra las líneas)13:42
phillwlord4163: should be the same. 14.10 is only a bug fix for 14.04 for our release which is why I'm happy to run with it in production mode to ensure it can take everything that I throw at lubuntu installs :)13:42
Neminphillw: Yes, i saw that thanks, however when i start using that menu entry, the cursor just blinks and nothing happens, then i must restart my PC using the power button.13:43
phillwNemin: also have a read of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15599199/how-to-use-plop-boot-manager-to-boot-from-usb-in-linux13:44
Neminphillw: Thanks, i will try this, so be "right" back, bye13:48
lord4163phillw: well, I think the installer is just <censored> up, I choosed Stockholm as my location, therefor it adds Swedish to the system up and mixes up everything, it looks ridiculous13:51
phillwthere must not have been enough translators. I am aware that they are few in number and that those there are really work very hard to get done what they can. If you volunteer to help, they will be very grateful.14:07
lord4163yeah but it's like everywhere, audacious has their own thing, galculator, I don't know where it has their translations, Lubuntu itself pootle and then Ubuntu on Launchpad.14:11
switchtehbeatso, I'm going to install lubuntu on my desktop. anything I should know about?14:34
Nemin32Hi, i have a problem with installing Plop to grub2. When i select it in the menu it shows only a blinking cursor. Can anyone please help? Here is a part of my grub.cfg: http://paste.debian.net/116696/14:34
phillwswitchtehbeat: read the read me notes :)14:38
phillwNemin32: as we all share the same installer, you may have more chance of a response on #ubuntu14:39
Nemin32phillw: Ok thanks, i will try . :)14:40
phillwI've no experience with plop.14:41
Nemin32phillw: Me neither.14:42
phillwNemin32: I've found this for you. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16822/boot-from-a-usb-drive-even-if-your-bios-wont-let-you/ howtogeek are known for decent "how to's " and I've sent people to their articles in the past. If you do follow it, please let me know how you fare so I know if to reccomend it to people in the future :)14:45
switchtehbeatphillw, will do14:46
switchtehbeatwhere do i find them phillw ?14:46
Nemin32phillw: Well, this was the first article i saw, but thanks anyways.14:47
Nemin32phillw: Probably, i should stop trying and search another solution.14:47
phillwswitchtehbeat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu14:47
phillwNemin32: did it not work?14:48
Nemin32phillw: Sadly it only seems burning Plop into a cd, and using it that way is the only working solution for me.14:49
phillwno floppy drive?14:50
Nemin32phillw: As my wicked computer, has the option for booting from USB, but it does not work14:50
Nemin32Just CD and USB14:50
switchtehbeatthanks phillw14:51
phillwokies, from my memory, there can be a couple of USB options in BIOS - I had to use one that just seemed totally wrong for it to boot from USB stick.14:52
switchtehbeatI'm moving from ubuntu 14.04.1 because it was lagging. should this be better?14:52
phillwso I'd suggest trying them all :)14:52
Nemin32I tried them all.14:52
phillwswitchtehbeat: lubuntu is less resource hungry than ubuntu14:52
switchtehbeatyeah but i have an i7 with 8gb ram, ubuntu still lagged :(14:53
Nemin32I have usb- zip,fdd,hdd, and a fourth that i dont remember14:53
phillwNemin32: usb-hdd should work. How are yo making the usb stick?14:53
Nemin32I use Unetbootin, with the downloaded ISO.14:53
phillwswitchtehbeat: could be a graphics card driver issue14:53
switchtehbeati have a crap gpu14:54
switchtehbeatamd hd 5450 is what i have14:54
phillwNemin32: unetbootin can fail, there is OBI which is ready for field testing, if you want to to try it?14:54
switchtehbeati don't have the cash to  upgrade yet :(14:54
phillwswitchtehbeat: lubuntu will not strain your GPU :)14:55
switchtehbeatthanks phillw can i install along side windows?14:55
Nemin32May i ask, what is it?14:55
phillwNemin32: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OBI14:55
Nemin32phillw: It looks good, i will try it :)14:57
phillwswitchtehbeat: yes, lubuntu uses the same installer as all of the family. So, just follow the same rules of making the free disk space using windows etc. etc.14:57
phillwNemin32: it's now got to be packaged up as a .deb, has a man file etc. Nio has done astounding work, "with a bit of help from his friends.. :) "14:58
switchtehbeat1 more question, sorry. is there an option to backup my settings and apps?14:58
Nemin32Does it work with only Lubuntu, or with some other? (I am perfectly happy with any, just for curiosity)14:58
switchtehbeatin the lubuntu settings?14:58
phillwswitchtehbeat: take your own backup :) clonezilla is free and does a good job with GUI if you're at all nervous.14:59
switchtehbeatI have norton recovery I use for my windows backup BUT because im install along side windows 7, i can't see the drive. or can I?15:00
phillwNemin32: it works with all ISO's the wiki page says which ones he has set up. (They are stored on my server)15:00
phillwswitchtehbeat: not too sure if Norton can 'see' ext4 partitions. clonezilla can see both ext4 and ntfs15:01
switchtehbeati will try :) god bless you.15:01
switchtehbeatthanks again15:01
Nemin32phillw: Epic, this will be the "next-gen" linux installer? :)15:08
phillwNemin32: it is getting geared up to go for proposal to debian, but that is still ~ 12 months off. The team working on it are happy that it works. As it is based on dd it will always work :) OBI has a sister project https://help.ubuntu.com/community/9w by the same guy.15:11
switchtehbeatomg! is it normal that lubuntu installs really, really quick? I thought it would be half an hour. went to smoke a cig, come back and it's installed???15:37
switchtehbeatit's also blazing fast omg :D15:37
phillwswitchtehbeat: oh, it's fast :D15:46
switchtehbeatit's god damn awesome, ubuntu lagged but at 4.6 it's really showing the speed :D15:47
switchtehbeatthanks for your help btw, i installed through my usb with no problems :D15:48
switchtehbeatphillw, i wanna install sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree how do i do it with lubuntu? I can't find the terminal -.-15:52
switchtehbeatnvm lol found it :D thanks! :D15:53
phillwswitchtehbeat: it will take a little while to learn the lubuntu menu system, just be patient. 99% of the time it is there. If you get stuck, do not be shy to ask.15:55
switchtehbeatyeah it's sorted now :) can I lurk here?15:57
OERIASsorry, forgot to /join16:28
patarrhello. I was wondering why i dont have pidgin notifications in Lubuntu? No panel item, or no libnotify bubbles or anything17:31
holsteinpatarr: could be there is an lxde notifier that you can add17:31
holsteini havent messed with it, personally, but i remember using notify-osd or whtaever main ubuntu uses in lxde to facilitate some notification behavior i preferred17:33
holsteini might try this older guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1905408 and try not adding any of the PPA's17:34
holsteini would personally fire up a live CD and experiement with notifications til i get what i want17:35
patarrinstalled pidgin-libnotify and libnotify-bin to no avail17:39
patarrholstein: thanks, i will check that out17:39
AscavasaionHello there, ran an update and my default keyboard has gone from UK to US.  Can someone please tell me how to change it back to UK?18:45
AscavasaionOkay, I figured that out :)  Next question... the network manager icon at the right of the panel at the bottom... It is greyed out and I cannot access anything there.  Tooltip says "Network disabled".  How can I get that up and running again permanently please?18:53
holsteinAscavasaion: i just right click and enable.. but, it can also be hardware switches, or lack of driver support.. more information please..18:54
Ascavasaion"Enable Network" is greyed out.18:55
holsteinAscavasaion: ok18:56
holsteinAscavasaion: so, did it *ever* work?18:56
anarkhosAscavasaion: what do you see if you type "ifconfig" in the command-line?18:56
AscavasaionHolstein.. yes, Remember yesterday I asked re upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04?  Well I did that upgrade this morning.18:56
AscavasaionSince then it does not work.18:56
holsteinAscavasaion: could be, there is just a simple driver you need to add, or, the driver/module supporting the device is not available to 14.0418:57
holsteinAscavasaion: did the network work with 14.04 live?18:57
AscavasaionIf I just click on it I get "No network devices are available"... but I am using it right now.18:57
AscavasaionHolstein... I never used 14.04 Live, I ran the update from within 12.04.18:58
holsteini typically find (assuming you are talking about a wifi connection) that its simplest to connect to wired internet and look for proprietary drivers18:58
Ascavasaionholstein: The WiFi is working.18:58
AscavasaionHolstein... I am here using it.  But there is no way to edit etc.18:58
holsteinAscavasaion:then, i am not following the question, or issue18:58
Ascavasaionholstein... I used to be able to edit connections for Wired and Wifi, Mobile as well, from withint that applet.  Now I cannot it says there are no network devices.   But there are, and the WiFi at least is working because I am chatting to you with it right now.18:59
holsteinAscavasaion: personally, i would look for and apply updates, then, i would look into the user config.. its simple to try another user, even just simply the guest account, and see what the nm-applet is able to control19:00
holsteinAscavasaion: could be, in the upgrade, the user config is "broken" for the applet to control the network.. you can also try manually running "nm-applet" and see19:01
AscavasaionOddly, it seems my user account has lost sudo access.19:03
holsteinAscavasaion: then, that can be the issue, right there.. user permissions19:03
holsteinAscavasaion: i might, if i have *no* other admin access, use the root recovery console to create a new user with sudo admin access, and just login and test and go on from there19:03
AscavasaionTried to run Software Updater and it says I do not have adequate permissions.19:04
holsteinAscavasaion: sure19:04
holsteinAscavasaion: you can open a terminal and try "sudo -s"19:04
holsteinAscavasaion: you can use the recovery console i reference if you have no sudo access in the only user19:04
Ascavasaionrunning nm-applet as root and evrything is perfect.19:05
holsteinAscavasaion: then, its a simple permissions issue with the user19:05
holsteinthe user not having "rights" to edit networks19:05
AscavasaionCan I do that with Users and Groups under Preferences?19:06
holsteinAscavasaion: depends.. but, that would be a nice place to start19:06
holsteinjust knowing nothing is broken is a step in the right direction19:06
holsteinno need to reinstall packages, or sudo break things, since nothing is broken.. you can just work with the user to give it the permissions you need19:06
AscavasaionCannot use it, I suspect that is because I do not have root privileges... Need to figure out its name and sudo it I think19:07
holsteinAscavasaion: sudo -s19:07
AscavasaionAaaah, it is called users-admin :)19:08
holsteinAscavasaion: you open a terminal and run "sudo -s" and see if the user you are using is *able* to sudo19:08
Ascavasaionsudo -s takes me to root@19:08
holsteinAscavasaion: then, your user *can* sudo19:08
holsteinAscavasaion: so, you can "gksudo application-name" to open them as "root"..19:08
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions19:09
holsteinmay be as easy as adding the user to netdev19:10
holsteinsudo adduser "yourusername" netdev19:10
AscavasaionWould that entail a reboot, relogin?19:11
holsteinAscavasaion: yes.. at least a logout and back19:12
Ascavasaionthe adduserworked without errors... let me retry it.19:12
AscavasaionHolstein: Okay, it never worked.19:15
holsteinAscavasaion: sure19:16
holsteinAscavasaion: *but*, you know what the issue is19:16
holsteinwhat would i do? personally, i dont do upgrades for these reasons.. i much prefer a fresh install.. that being said, it should be simple enough to track this down19:16
AscavasaionGoing to create a whole new user account19:16
holsteinyeah.. i would start there.. make a new user, and test and see that all is well19:16
holsteinif it is, i can then either "repair" the old one, or just migrate19:17
AscavasaionI cannot cut and paste out of this terminal... let me see if I can out of the other ones.19:17
Ascavasaionjoel@fellowship:~$ sudo -s19:18
Ascavasaion[sudo] password for joel:19:18
Ascavasaionno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory19:18
Ascavasaionnow there I know nothing... users I know a smidgen... but talloc and leaking memory?  Hell no.19:19
AscavasaionHolstein, Okay, so far a no go.19:32
switchtehbeatI know I asked before but I tried clonezilla and because I only have 1 HDD, it wouldn't backup my OS. I have tried norton ghost and it doesn't detect ext4. is there anotheer way I can backup lubuntu?20:26
switchtehbeatI don't see it in any options20:26
switchtehbeatI just installed it on 3 systems but would love backup IN CASE I mess up.....20:27
holsteinswitchtehbeat: sure.. i would read more about clonezilla, or ask in the community about them. i backup with it, but its not "trivial"20:27
holsteinif i had one hard drive, the top priority for me would be to get another one, since all drives fail..20:27
switchtehbeatholstein, I tried to use it, it's a bit complicated but it said I couldn't back to my local hdd :(20:27
holsteinswitchtehbeat: sure.. you *shouldnt* be backing up one partition to another on the same drive.20:28
switchtehbeatwhere am I suppose to backup too then?20:28
holsteinswitchtehbeat: it really depends on what you want a backup of, and for.. personally, i would just copy the /home and files i want to save to a seperate location20:28
switchtehbeatholstein, I just want a backup of lubuntu20:29
holsteinswitchtehbeat: sure. but, "backup" is a large concept with many degrees of results20:29
switchtehbeatso if I install something bad, I can restore the backup...20:29
holsteinswitchtehbeat: typically folks just make a copy of the users /home20:29
wxl+1 on clonezilla20:29
switchtehbeatwxl, it's hard to use though :/20:29
melodieswitchtehbeat you should install packages which are provided with the package manager, and nothing directly from internet : so you don't install something bad20:30
switchtehbeatholstein, yeah but....if i copy it to say my memory stick, how do i copy it back over if i mess up?20:30
switchtehbeatmelodie, yes i know :p20:30
holsteinswitchtehbeat: personally, clonezilla works great for a clone of the OS, but i would want another drive20:30
ianorlinwhat do you have to copy it onto?20:30
wxli mean you could clone a whole drive in like, what, 5-10 mnutes?20:30
wxldefault settings work fine20:30
holsteinswitchtehbeat: otherwise, what i suggest is, backup the users /home, and files to a *different* location.. a different drive, and then experiement with installing "bad" things in VM or a live CD20:30
switchtehbeatdiscs and memory stick ianorlin20:30
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:31
switchtehbeatholstein, yes but how can I copy it back over ?20:31
holsteinswitchtehbeat: if you have the /home files copied, you would reinstall, then, copy the files back over.. all of which would happen in a simple file manager20:31
switchtehbeatjust copy/pasta?20:31
holsteinswitchtehbeat: as i said, a simple file manager20:31
wxlholstein: of course if he is trying to protect a whole install it might make sense to also backup things like /etc20:31
switchtehbeatI might as well just re-install it -.-20:31
holsteinswitchtehbeat: sure.. thats what im saying20:32
* wxl eats a bowl of copy/pasta20:32
switchtehbeatdamn norton it backed up my windows fine omg this is ghey20:32
holsteinswitchtehbeat: but, clonezille works well for clonging the OS20:32
switchtehbeatyes i know but I only have 1 drive20:32
holsteinswitchtehbeat: nothing about lubuntu is preventing norton from supporting ext420:32
wxlswitchtehbeat: i usually clone to the same usb key i have clonezilla on20:33
holsteinswitchtehbeat: you *need* to get another drive.. even norton backing up windows to the same drive is a bad idea20:33
switchtehbeatholstein, I can use a memory stick? 16gb should be fine?20:33
holsteinswitchtehbeat: *all* hard drives fail, and one need for a backup is for when the drive *does* fail20:33
switchtehbeatholstein, ^ :p20:33
ianorlinthose aren't the best for backups20:33
ianorlinas they don't take writing well not much space and easy to lose20:33
ianorlinit will work but not ideal20:34
wxlyou don't need space for a clone20:34
holsteinswitchtehbeat: i dont know what kind of space requirements you have.. but, i suggest an external USB drive.. a simple cheap spinning one. or, even 2 that are mirrored, and in different locations20:34
holsteindepends on what you are backing up and how..20:34
holsteinfor a simple desktop sytem, the users /home is typically all folks want/need20:34
switchtehbeatif i backup a 14gb windows os, will the backup be huge?20:34
switchtehbeatbecause right now lubuntu is using 6gb where as windows is using 14gb20:35
wxlswitchtehbeat: if you back the whole thing up, yes. if you clone it with clonezilla, no.20:35
wxlswitchtehbeat: the best way to solve your windows problems is to delete it ;)20:35
switchtehbeatyeah im gonna clonezilla to my usb stick20:35
holsteinswitchtehbeat: i dont use windows, but, i would, as i stated, want a larger simple spinning hard drive to backup or clone *any* os to20:35
switchtehbeatyeah thanks :)20:35
holsteinwindows or linux.. either one20:35
holsteinif all i had was a USB stick, i would just put my data on the stick, and understand that reinstallation is how i "Repair" issues20:36
holsteini would experiemnt with live CD's and the guest account, or VM20:36
wxl…or learn how to fix "installation problems" yourself20:36
wxlundoing things in linux is fairly trivial20:37
switchtehbeatI like to back things up hahahahhahaha :D20:37
switchtehbeatjust installing lubuntu on my last system :)20:38
holsteinand, you should.. but not to the same hard drive20:38
holsteinits like, you like to and want to, but dont have the proper tools20:38
switchtehbeatyeah holstein20:38
switchtehbeatI need cash for a bigger hdd ssd etc20:38
holsteinget a cheap spinning external usb drive.. it'll help tremendously20:38
holsteinswitchtehbeat: i never said ssd..20:38
switchtehbeati did though20:38
holsteinswitchtehbeat: you *dont* need an ssd drive to have a proper backup of your operating systems20:39
switchtehbeatyep you're right20:39
holsteinregardless or if/when you migrate to an ssd, the external spinning hard drive will be helpful.. they are handy for storing data and backups and clones..20:40
switchtehbeatim gonna see if I can do it with my usb stick once it's finished installing lubuntu :)20:40
switchtehbeatthanks again20:40
* wxl doesn't trust ssds still for desktop use20:42
holsteinwxl: id do.. when i have them backed up to spinning drives :)20:48
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest95919
Guest95919can someone help me please22:20
wxl!ask | Guest9591922:20
ubottuGuest95919: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:20
Guest95919i have sound on left on alsamixer22:22
Guest95919and the sound is poor22:22
wxli'm not sure i see the question.22:23
Guest95919can i change  for another like pulseaudio?22:23
wxlyou can use pulseaudio if you like, but if you have hardware problems (seems like it), it won't fix it, and it will just make your system load greater.22:24
wxlpulseaudio is an ADDITION to alsa (what we use). you don't actually replace something with it.22:25
Guest95919can i change it for another?22:26
wxlnot really. there are very few actual sound servers out there. the only other option is oss and it has more or less been abandoned by the linux community.22:27
wxli would start by looking into fixing the problem on the hardware end.22:27
wxlif you can confirm it's not a hardware problem, then i would look into drivers.22:28
wxlif you can confirm is not the drivers, you can look at how you have alsamixer setup (maybe volume is too loud and one of the channels is muted)22:28
wxlif that doesn't fix it, you can try pulseaudio, but i have serious doubts it will help22:28
wxl(since pulseaudio runs on top of alsa)22:28
Guest95919i was using ubuntu 12.04 lts and i don't have problem22:28
wxlthen try pulseaudio. you can always rmeove it. you may have one of those troublesome sound cards that appears to need it.22:30
Guest95919i dont think its a hardware problem22:30
Guest95919i said that because i use windows on dual boot and its ok22:32
Guest95919do you have other suggestion than pulseaudio?22:34
Guest95919thank you have a nice day22:37
anarkhos"1. Run: dmesg > dmesg_before; echo mem > /sys/power/state; dmesg > dmesg_after"23:24
anarkhosam i supposed to press enter where the semicolons are?23:25
orliesaurusno you can do it all at once23:26
wxlanarkhos: you could23:26
orliesaurus; is just separating the commands23:26
orliesaurusso they run in succession23:26
wxlbut yeah it's written so you do it all at once23:26
anarkhos"If dmesg_after exists, it means that the system can be resumed from BIOS, so it's likely to be a graphics issue." - it exists. so it is maybe a graphics issue after all?23:54
wxlsounds like it, anarkhos23:54
anarkhosi thought so in the beginning, but had largely dismissed that possibility23:55
anarkhos"Enable "CONFIG_PM_DEBUG" in kernel configuration, so that we can use /sys/power/pm_test." - how can i do that?23:57

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