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bigjoolslazyPower: configure the existing proxy ACLs on the region01:01
jtvWhy is authbind documented as required, but not listed among the required packages!?03:38
jtvOh it's not documented as required, things just break when you don't have it.03:41
jtv...And seemingly only less often when you do install it.  What gives?03:47
bigjoolsjtv: oh dear, packaging problem or dev deps?04:27
jtvThis is in a branch.04:36
lazyPowerbigjools: well i think what fixed it was adding ppa.ubuntu.com to the squid-deb-proxy config05:01
lazyPoweri didn't know that squid-deb-proxy needed help out of the box to do ppa installations. hazmat turned me on to this fix05:01
bigjoolslazyPower: yeah, it's not configured for ppas by default, I reckon it should be.05:02
lazyPoweri think its a good default configuration ootb - but it wasn't readily apparent to me what needed to happen to fix it05:02
lazyPoweri was just seeing the symptom, and didnt understand the fix was to hax on squid05:02
lazyPoweri blamed maas's templates as that was the workaround I had discovered in the hot seat to fix it05:02
lazyPowerbut that's clearly not ideal05:02
bigjoolsjtv: authbind is a dependency of the cluster controller in the package05:03
jtvbigjools: if it helps development though, it probably ought to be in required-packages.  Does it?05:04
bigjoolsjtv: yeah prob should be in there05:05
bigjoolsI rarely run from dev these days since I made package building easier05:05
jtvbigjools: cheap karma available — https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/dev-authbind/+merge/231669 & https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/bug-1359517/+merge/23167005:19
bigjoolsjtv: BASH05:20
jtvBecause tcsh is sooo 20th-century.05:21
bigjoolsjtv: does it print line numbers out or any context?05:21
jtv(Sorry.  Unix joke.  Most people here are probably too young to understand it, or too experienced to find it funny.)05:21
bigjoolsI am in the latter camp05:21
jtvbigjools: it shows the filename and the line of code.05:21
bigjoolscan you put a -n in05:22
bigjoolsline num is very useful05:22
jtvI shall strive to build this new feature.  Just for you.05:22
bigjoolsjtv: I was thinking05:23
bigjoolswe could have just overridden exception to call error in the logger05:23
jtvBad boy.  For penance, type "exit" in the REPL.05:24
bigjoolsjtv: grah, there's a bad problem in packaging and I cannot work out WTF is going wrong.  When uprading, it often leaves the cluster celery down.05:51
bigjoolsI thought it was a race when rabbit is restarted, but I took that out of the equation and it still screws up05:51
bigjoolsjtv: https://code.launchpad.net/~julian-edwards/maas/fix-migration-error/+merge/23167406:19
bigjoolsI don't have a test - only noticed the problem when buggering around with migrations but I've no idea how to recreate the IntegrityError since I can't see how it would happen, yet it does!06:20
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lifelessbigjools: you could run all but one then deliberately mess up the schema06:57
bigjoolslifeless: it's not a bug in the schemas, it's a data migration07:08
bigjoolsand hello!07:08
lifelessbigjools: hi :)07:51
lifelessbigjools: so just saying that you can fiddle in the middle to make your test have no room to wiggle07:51
bigjoolslifeless: you're a poet and you don't know it08:25
jtvblake_r: region-image-downloader approved with comments.13:12
blake_rjtv: thanks13:12
roaksoaxblake_r: nice! so I also saw there's a form.. is it usable? :)14:47
blake_rroaksoax: next branch will enable it for the api14:48
blake_rroaksoax: then on to the view14:48
roaksoaxblake_r: awesome!14:48
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