elhoirdid i do anything wrong?00:00
SonikkuAmerica!paste | elhoir, for future ref00:01
ubottuelhoir, for future ref: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:01
elhoirthat was 2 lines only :(00:01
TJ-elhoir: change the 'eXecute' *permissions* bit of that file to prevent it being executed :)00:01
elhoiroh lol00:01
elhoirokay :P00:02
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BluesKajHiyas all12:08
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, heya12:11
BluesKajhi Akiva-Thinkpad12:11
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, what can I help you with today?12:12
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, Calm down mam; your cd rom is not a cup holder.12:12
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, No mam; I am not an idiat12:12
BluesKajAkiva-Thinkpad, not much, I hang out here12:13
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, I am so glad we could get that resolved12:13
BluesKajAkiva-Thinkpad, what's this BS?12:13
BluesKajAkiva-Thinkpad, I don't click on urls posted by users I don't know, so don't bother12:14
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, it had flash in it, so you were probably better off :P12:15
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chrs_so desktop next is severly broken on laptops13:54
chrs_but thats ok since i don't need mir anyway13:54
BluesKajthat's why i run kde, no such troubles13:56
chrs_does kde support HiDPI screens?13:58
chrs_by "support" i mean "are most things readable"13:58
chrs_hm, interesting13:58
BluesKajone can increase the dpi for large screens, but chromium tab fonts don't integrate well with kde settings or even gtk now for that matter14:01
BluesKajthat's the only problem I've encoutered so far14:01
BluesKajKubuntu is eventually going to switch to Wayland from X, but there's no official release or date afaik14:03
qenghoBluesKaj: Do you know how kde's DPI is discovered by apps?  If chromium should be smarter, maybe I can help.14:05
BluesKajqengho, no I assume the dpi is set as 96dpi by default in system settings>application appearance>fonts14:10
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Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, desktop next?14:35
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, you arent talking about 14.10, but an additional image to that, right?14:36
BluesKajthere's a plasma5 image available now, http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-plasma5/daily-live/current/14:53
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chrs_Akiva-Thinkpad: yeah there are two versions of 14.10 apparently15:14
chrs_Akiva-Thinkpad: i grabbed the "desktop-next" iso thinking it was better, by whatever arbitrary naive measure i had in my mind at the time15:15
chrs_i guess it's "next" because it has mir15:15
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, interesting. Well one thing to keep in mind, is that the desktop session hasnt even been designed yet. The recent Developer get together, the designs for the tablet are next, and the desktop will probably land some time in 15.1015:15
chrs_Akiva-Thinkpad: ok, that pretty much explains what i saw15:16
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, there is also a ppa on launchpad15:16
chrs_installed the "normal" desktop image instead15:16
chrs_and that seems to be working fine15:16
BluesKajwhat's normal?15:16
chrs_BluesKaj: the 14.10 image from last night us eastern15:17
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, yah; ive been running 14.10 since the initial alpha; besides some sleep issues15:17
Akiva-Thinkpadits been perfectly stable15:17
chrs_i haven't tried sleep yet15:17
BluesKajunity DE?15:17
chrs_i was too scared15:17
chrs_BluesKaj: yes15:17
BluesKajnormal for some I guess , not me15:18
chrs_^ that one15:18
chrs_BluesKaj: whats normal for you?15:18
chrs_i figured unity de was the most widely installed15:19
chrs_i could be wrong15:19
chrs_but maybe "normal" isn't the best word15:19
chrs_i couldn't think of "unity de"15:19
elfyubuntu probably is :)15:19
BluesKajit probly is, unfortunately15:19
chrs_elfy: what is ubunty? gnome?15:20
chrs_BluesKaj: what's wrong with unity?15:20
elfyubunty is a made up name like some of the others I've seen :p Ubuntu is unity and gnome15:20
elfynot everyone in here uses that chrs_15:20
chrs_i realize that15:21
elfyBluesKaj and me for example :)15:21
chrs_but i mean, is there something about it you don't like?15:21
chrs_i'm just curious15:21
BluesKajwrong? probly nothing now, just not to my taste that's all ..prefer the fexibility of KDE and easily organized desktop15:21
elfyyes - it's not xfce - it's not wrong, I just don't like it personally15:22
chrs_theres another popular project named "unity"15:22
BluesKajand the KDE "look" of course15:22
chrs_it's some kind of game/multimedia engine15:22
chrs_i'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's a little confusing15:22
chrs_i find kde kind of boring looking15:23
chrs_i guess i haven't really used it in a while though15:23
chrs_remember cde?15:23
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, yah; if you like customizability, kde is bar none the winner15:26
Akiva-Thinkpadfor me though it was always a time waster... I JUST COULDNT HELP MYSELF!15:26
BluesKajAkiva-Thinkpad, I'm an old windows guy who discovered KDE about 12-13 yrs ago after discovering Linux first and gnome was never my cuppa tea15:28
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj wow, you go way back :P15:29
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, I sort of miss those days;15:29
Akiva-ThinkpadUnity though does something that I wish KDE would do; hud :)15:30
BluesKajAkiva-Thinkpad, not as far as alot of linux users believe me15:30
Akiva-Thinkpadalthough I heard there was a program being developed for that; I would give kde a shot15:30
BluesKajhud is unity thing , probly needs it15:32
Akiva-ThinkpadBluesKaj, yah; not every app utilizes it well, but something like the gimp works really well with it15:32
Akiva-Thinkpadgiven it has about 300 menu items15:33
chrs_i'm not a huge gnome fan15:33
chrs_but i think unity is ok15:33
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, I tried gnomeshell; maybe it was just me, but I felt like the search was not as good as unity's15:33
chrs_i'd actually be fine with using kde if everyone switched to that for some reason15:34
Akiva-Thinkpadit was like using ask.com instead of google.com15:34
chrs_there are so many options to chose from if you're a linux/bsd/unix user15:34
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, well what is interesting now, is that I am starting to use the new unity qml apps15:34
Akiva-ThinkpadI got rid of nautilus15:34
Akiva-Thinkpadnow I use the filebrowser app :)15:34
chrs_does unity use natilus?15:35
chrs_can you use filebrowser with unity?15:35
Akiva-Thinkpadyep, i'll screen shot it15:35
chrs_instead of nautilus15:35
chrs_ok cool15:35
chrs_nautilus was slow back in the day15:35
Akiva-Thinkpadmmmmm nautilus has been stripping some of its features15:36
Akiva-Thinkpadwhich bugs me15:36
Akiva-Thinkpadthen again filebrowser is still in its infancy, but its coming a long way15:37
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, oh and you should see the new terminal15:37
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, BluesKaj http://i.imgur.com/Ntu399y.png15:38
chrs_that looks cool15:39
chrs_what terminal is that?15:39
Akiva-Thinkpadchrs_, the touch terminal15:40
Akiva-Thinkpaderr for ubuntu touch15:40
Akiva-Thinkpadthat look will be optional though15:40
chrs_i figured15:47
chrs_mac os x has something like that15:47
chrs_cathode i think it's called15:47
chrs_not sure about ios15:47
chrs_it would be nice to have that eye candy option on a linux desktop15:48
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Akiva-ThinkpadAlright; think I'm gonna head out16:03
Akiva-Thinkpadwhats the rtm date again btw?16:03
kbroulikhi, when I'm running an apt-get update on my utopic I get "GPG error: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com utopic Release The following signatures were invalid:  BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>", how do I solve this?20:06
brainwashkbroulik: maybe try again in few minutes/hours20:19
brainwashcould be a temporary problem20:19
kbroulikha, indeed, just tried again, now it works. thanks nonetheless20:19
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