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krazeivangood evening!03:23
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davmor2DanChapman: hey dude when you are about, I'm having issues creating an initial user for dekko :(05:14
dholbachgood morning06:44
zsombinik90: ping07:37
justCarakasgood morning07:44
nik90zsombi: pong08:22
zsombinik90: hi dude, have you gone any further with the alarm issue?08:24
nik90zsombi: other than debugging, nope08:25
nik90zsombi: it seems after the alarm model refresh it reverts back to the old value. No idea why it does that08:25
zsombinik90: I think we have the problem with teh Switch component completion08:25
nik90zsombi: will I have the same issue with a checkbox?08:26
zsombinik90: I think there must be one more condition for the onCheckedChanged.... it should toggle enabled only if the component is complete08:26
zsombinik90: yep08:26
zsombiswitch is a checkbox with different style08:26
zsombinik90: so you need a bool property which is set to true once the component gets completed, and you update the alarm enabled field only if the Switch is complete08:27
zsombinik90: try that08:28
dholbachjdstrand, --json and -v options implemented in https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1355215/+merge/23156908:30
dholbachjdstrand, let me know if we need to get anything else done in there to get it landed08:31
dholbachonce it's landed it'll make popey and my life a bit easier in terms of copy/pasting review results :-)08:31
DanChapmandavmor2, hey chap. :-) So what's the issue? is it crashing out while saving the user account?08:34
davmor2DanChapman: that's the one08:34
DanChapmandavmor2, ahh excellent. You might be able to help me out here, i've tried endless times to reproduce it. If you have some time could you try running the attached click in bug 1355493 and send me the log output08:37
ubot5bug 1355493 in dekko "0.2.3 does not remember/use configuration" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135549308:37
davmor2DanChapman: right I had to wipe my phones so I'll re try after and see if I can reproduce it08:38
DanChapmandavmor2, and also delete the current config file to be sure it's starting a fresh run08:38
DanChapmandavmor2, awesome thanks :-)08:38
nik90zsombi: doesn't work :/ https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-status-revert/+merge/23169008:51
nik90zsombi: it fails at the same exact issue which is disabling an alarm which was just edited08:51
nik90zbenjamin: hey, I saw your https://code.launchpad.net/~zeller-benjamin/ubuntu-clock-app/clock-sdktoolscompat, I am afraid you did it on the wrong branch08:52
nik90zbenjamin: the correct clock branch is lp:ubuntu-clock-app/reboot08:52
zsombinik90: ok, pastebin the code pls08:52
nik90zbenjamin: sry :/08:52
nik90zsombi: even better I linked the MR itself08:53
zbenjaminnik90: dang :/08:53
nik90zsombi: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-status-revert/+merge/23169008:53
nik90zbenjamin: I wasn't aware until I checked now08:53
zbenjaminnik90: ok i'll check out the new branch08:54
zsombinik90: it's not enough only for the onCheckedChanged, also for the alarm status change08:54
zbenjaminnik90: i thought this one is still used08:54
nik90zsombi: ah ok, let me try08:54
nik90zsombi: that's a negative, same issue08:57
nik90zsombi: i pushed it08:58
zsombinik90: have you tested with memory manager?08:58
nik90zsombi: no, what was the environment variable again? I will add it to my personal wiki permanently08:59
zsombinik90: ALARM_MANAGER=memory09:01
nik90zsombi: same issue with memory manager as well09:02
zsombinik90: thx, it's easier to debug 4 me09:02
nik90zsombi: I set the variable in the Build Environment in the Projects Tab.09:03
zsombinik90: that's OK, it can be on teh runtime as well, doesn't matter, it's a runtime check, not build time09:03
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Senior Citizens Day! :-D09:08
justCarakasgood morning ;)09:08
zsombinik90: wow, this UI looks 1000 times better!!09:10
nik90zsombi: :D09:10
nik90zsombi: too late to the party my friend09:11
zygaI'm trying to get a list of items that the user can select09:46
zygaI tried using ListItem.SingleControl with a checkbox09:46
zygabut I'd like a label as well09:46
zygashould I just roll my own component that is composed of a checkbox and some text?09:46
zygaor is there a better way?09:46
nik90zyga: use ListItem.Standard09:46
nik90zyga: it offers a control element as well where you can add a checkbox09:46
nik90zyga: or any control element for that matter09:47
zyganik90: let's try, thanks!09:47
nik90zyga: yw09:47
zsombinik90: have you see the warning about "do not put Page/Tabs/PageStack inside another Page" warning? ;)09:47
zyganik90: that works very well09:47
zyganik90: is there a way to move the checkbox to the left side of the column?09:47
zyganik90: other than forcing it with anchors?09:48
zsombinik90: so which use-case was problematic? editing an enabled alarm?09:49
nik90zsombi: so edit a saved alarm (which is already enabled) and then save it. Try disabling it.09:49
zsombinik90: aham...09:50
zsombinik90: crap, onCompleted and model.ready comes almost the same time...09:50
nik90zyga: no you shouldn't do that. If you do, then ListItem.Standard is not what you need since you are breaking design09:50
zyganik90: ok, thanks09:51
zsombinik90: it is caused due to the entire model update...09:51
Akiva-Thinkpadmorning all09:51
nik90zsombi: yes09:51
zsombinik90: the status goes to ready, and that's ok, but then comes a model refresh, and that messes up the states... damn09:52
nik90zsombi: I mentioned that yesterday in http://paste.ubuntu.com/8096923/09:52
nik90zsombi: I have seen two warnings, the first "do not put Page/Tabs/PageStack inside another Page", I was told by t1mp that it needs to be disabled in the SDK side ;)09:52
zsombinik90: aaah, t1mp boy ;)09:53
nik90zsombi: the second warning is about "ShaderEffect: Property 'source' is not assigned a valid texture provider (QQuickImage*)." which I have no idea why it comes09:53
zsombinik90: seems it comes from UbuntuShape09:53
nik90zsombi: I decided to postpone my investigation of the warning after fixing some more pressing issues09:53
nik90zsombi: I don't use any UbuntuShape09:54
nik90zsombi: it comes from the Clock shape which has the shader effects09:54
zsombinik90: actually comes from some ShaderEffect you use09:54
nik90zsombi: yup :D09:55
zsombinik90: ehh, I have to convert this memory manager alarm DB into a JSON db...10:11
zsombinik90: it's not easy in this way to see whether the enabled value got changed... and apparently doesn't get changed :/10:15
nik90oh ok10:16
Akiva-Thinkpadsomeone help me out here; can you position the elements in a column to the centre?10:46
nik90Akiva-Thinkpad: parent.horizontalCenter?10:47
* Akiva-Thinkpad tries that10:47
nik90Akiva-Thinkpad: you can do any horizontal anchoring...column doesn't accept top, bottom and vertical anchoring since that defies the purpose of a column10:48
Akiva-Thinkpadah yes I see that now10:48
Akiva-Thinkpadthat did it10:49
Akiva-ThinkpadI have a row that I am trying to have its elements equally spaced in accordance to the window size. Do i have to calculate this manually, or is there something I'm missing here?11:22
justCarakaso/ Akiva-Thinkpad11:22
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, holo!11:22
Akiva-Thinkpadhows the database dump coming along?11:23
justCarakasit works :) imported it yesterday :)11:23
justCarakasnow I can start cracking my brain on queries11:23
Akiva-Thinkpadha ha11:23
Akiva-ThinkpadI laughed11:23
justCarakasI also started a new project11:23
Akiva-Thinkpadwhat ?!11:24
justCarakasthis game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPKEmzLV9TA11:24
justCarakasgameboard and towers are already working11:25
justCarakasno, html11:25
Akiva-Thinkpadwow this looks interesting11:25
justCarakasit is11:25
* Akiva-Thinkpad loves board games11:25
justCarakasits an awesome game11:25
justCarakasif you know the rules and play it fair you can already play it with 2 persons11:25
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, I was developing dominion earlier before11:26
Akiva-Thinkpadhad fun, need to revisit it though11:26
justCarakasI hope to finish it in the comming days11:26
Akiva-Thinkpadwow quick11:27
justCarakasthe first version :)11:27
justCarakasno AI11:27
justCarakasand than I'll write the AI11:27
Akiva-Thinkpadwow nice logic11:27
Akiva-Thinkpadvery interesting11:27
justCarakasanybody know where I can hook a designer for a logo and some small things for the towers ?11:27
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, you know what I would do?11:28
justCarakaswhat ?11:28
Akiva-Thinkpadfind some unicode for a tower, perhaps a chess rook11:28
Akiva-Thinkpadand use that svn (the scaleable graphic)11:28
Akiva-Thinkpadand make a logo from that.11:29
justCarakasgood Idea :D11:30
Akiva-ThinkpadjustCarakas, yep; thats what I did for logic11:34
justCarakastried it, but I need to do stuff with colours aswell so it doesn't work11:34
Akiva-Thinkpadmmmm yah11:35
nik90mzanetti: Do you know if it is possible to reverse geocode usingn QtLocation? For instance if I know the coordinates of the iss, can I reverse geocode that to get the city or country name?11:47
mzanettinik90: hmm... not sure...11:48
* nik90 looks at osmtouch11:48
karninik90: heh, whenever I come here, you happen to have *just* asked the question I was going for :D if you find that, please be so kind to ping me the url/solution. I think we could use this in one of our scopes (where the provider supports data for a limited set of cities). thanks in advance :)11:53
nik90karni: lol11:53
nik90karni:but will do if I get the answer11:54
nik90karni: have you tried OSMTouch?11:56
nik90karni: it has this feature where one can search for near by places. And it returns places of various interest like pubs, restaurants etc perfectly on the map11:56
nik90karni: which makes it think that it is some type of reverse geocoding. I suspect we could use the same11:57
karninik90: wow, that is pretty cool! haven't tried OSMTouch yet.11:58
nik90karni: it seems like it just does http://api.openstreetmap.fr/oapi/xapi?node[bbox=4.290088886425934,52.09501793986946,4.341587299511872,52.1366818616302][amenity=fast_food] to get the coordinates of these places of interest12:00
nik90karni: if that's the case, I know what I need to do.12:00
nik90karni: I will get the user location via gps, and then pass that to geoname.org at http://api.geonames.org/findNearbyPlaceNameJSON?formatted=true&lat=55.93&lng=-3.24&username=krnekhelesh&style=full and get the closest city name12:01
karninik90: good findings. I see your username, I suppose there's a quota for the number of calls?12:05
nik90karni: there is, but the geonames.org is temporary. We are trying getting this into http://geoname-lookup.ubuntu.com/?query=Farnborough&release=utopic where we are searching by city name atm.12:07
nik90karni: http://geoname-lookup.ubuntu.com/?query=Farnborough&release=utopic is used by the ubuntu installer and managed by canonical12:07
karninik90: sweet12:08
nik90karni: feel free to exert pressure on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames/+bug/135920612:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359206 in Ubuntu Geonames "Need to be able to search cities by their lat and long" [Undecided,New]12:10
karnithanks :)12:10
karninik90: by the way, I noticed sudoku uses a hamburger style icon on the far left, I assume this is some new api (or are they using custom header content perhaps?)12:13
karniI admit I'm not up-to-date with the bleeding-edge latest developments of the platform.12:13
karnii.e. such toolkit details as the one mentioned12:14
nik90karni: it is the new tab button12:14
nik90karni: if you set "useDeprecatedToolbar: false" and use the 1.1 ubuntu components, you should have it :D12:14
nik90karni: although you will require utopic and later to run your app then12:14
karnilol. /me tries changing 0 to 1 haha12:14
karnisure, we do that anyway. thanks :)12:15
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alsuI’m trying to get my app to make a core file. when it crashes, I see “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”, however no core file appears in the current directory12:28
alsuwhere is it?12:29
alsucat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern says “|/usr/share/apport/apport %p %s %c” which sounds terrible. /var/crash/ is empty. ulimit -c is 0 even though /etc/security/limits.conf has “*               hard    core            unlimited”12:36
alsuand “ulimit -c unlimited” says “ulimit: core file size: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted”12:37
alsuI’m at a loss.12:37
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alsuoh my god. https://github.com/keithw/mosh/issues/19612:47
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Akiva-Thinkpadcore file?13:04
nik90ara: ping13:05
aranik90, pong13:48
nik90ara: hey, I was told that you are well versed with launchpad translation tools13:49
nik90ara: Would you be able to check if https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/reboot/+translations has the translation enabled correctly since I haven't see any .po files in that branch.13:50
aranik90, mmm, who told you that, I am very bad with lp translations tools :D13:50
aranik90, wrong person?13:50
popeymy bad13:50
nik90ara: oops, sry13:50
arapopey, nik90: no worries, just sorry I cannot help13:51
nik90ara: no worries13:51
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nik90mzanetti: In your experience, do you know why qml might output Location:Label_QMLTYPE_40(0x24916a0, "location") instead of Location: Edinburgh ?14:33
nik90mzanetti: I did qDebug() << location which shows the correct output. But in the QML side, it returns Label_QMLTYPE_40(0x24916a0, "location")14:33
mzanettinik90: show me the line that prints it14:34
nik90on the qml side it is essentially,14:34
nik90onLocationChanged: {14:34
nik90            console.log("Location:" + location)14:34
nik90        }14:34
nik90where location is a QString Q_PROPERTY14:35
mzanettinik90: I rather think "location" is somewhere defined as "id: location"14:35
nik90mzanetti: ah yes...stupid me :?14:35
mzanettiLabel { id: location ... } to be precise14:35
Akiva-Thinkpadhey I have a question for mergers14:38
Akiva-Thinkpadup until this point, I have been tackling each bug by pulling the latest image from trunk, and fixing one bug exclusively on that, and then linking the bug report. Repeat for the next, etc14:39
Akiva-Thinkpadis it better for me to just do say, one merge request and link 3 bugs to it?14:39
popeyunless the bugs are related14:45
popeylike 3 different UI bugs with the same component, one merge could fix them all14:45
popeybut if they're different features then separate merges should be done for each and linked to each bug14:46
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, thanks14:47
dholbachjdstrand, let me know if https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1355215/+merge/231569 can be merged - I think the --json thing makes sense now - maybe we could have a --full-info output which shows json and additionally display stuff like click-show-files, etc15:31
dholbachbut let's add that later on :)15:31
dholbachor maybe add a --old-sdk-output option :)15:32
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Akiva-Thinkpadthink im gonna head out16:03
Akiva-Thinkpadwhat is the rtm date btw?16:04
Akiva-Thinkpadis it just august 30th?16:04
Akiva-Thinkpadahh, Brian Lunduke calls the dash, the "Hud" in his unity review, http://www.networkworld.com/article/2466595/opensource-subnet/the-linux-desktop-a-week-review-ubuntu-unity.html16:19
Akiva-Thinkpadthat bothers me so much  >:916:20
jdstrandhi! I'll try to take a look at it in a bit16:59
jdstranddholbach: thanks for that! :)16:59
justcarakasI have a question17:00
justcarakasI'm trying to display a chinese character using &#40644; but for some reason it is not showing, any ideas17:01
justcarakasits an HTML5 app btw17:01
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justcarakasdholbach do you know someone who could help me with that ?17:05
dholbachmaybe dbarth or alex-abreu in #ubuntu-webapps17:06
dholbachor maybe daker17:06
nik90popey: so quick question, in 203 any app that requires location will not get the gps coordinates since the location service is not running?18:11
popeyi believe so18:12
nik90popey: if yes impeccable timing just when I want to test location retrieval in the clock app :P18:12
popeywell, the popup doesn't appear18:12
popeyimage #202 is → that way18:12
* nik90 roots to 20218:12
ahayzendavmor2, popey have you seen this bug on the promoted image? https://bugs.launchpad.net/libusermetrics/+bug/135902218:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359022 in libusermetrics "Welcome screen on image #200 always states that there are no data sources available" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:59
nik90popey: === https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-project-name/+merge/231618 -> Click Upload Done ===19:15
popeyahayzen: yes19:16
popeyahayzen: i think ogra_ mentioned someone had broken that recently19:16
ahayzenpopey, ah ok so it is 'known' ?19:17
ogra_popey, wasnt me ... i was only complaining about missing translations :)19:17
ahayzenpopey, should it be added to the landing mail with that tag? or is there another bug tracking it19:17
popeyhmm, who was that then19:17
ogra_probably dave19:18
nik90any surprise there  ^^ :P19:18
ogra_i didnt even notice it until i saw the bug above19:18
ahayzenpopey, we also weren't sure if it was usermetrics or unity819:18
popeynik90: will test shortly19:19
nik90popey: ok, no hurry, I am uploading more stuff19:20
ahayzenpopey, totally random off topic question, where did u get that orange cover for the nexus 4 from?19:20
popeyahayzen: http://www.slickwraps.com/19:22
ahayzenpopey, thanks :)19:23
nik90popey: ==== https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/implement-location-finding/+merge/231793 ==== Location Retrieval.19:26
popeynik90: clock wont launch here19:40
nik90popey: you will have to search for it19:40
popeydont like the version number19:41
popeythat shouldn't have a trailing dot IMO19:41
popeynot sure that's related19:41
nik90popey: that fixes itself when a click package is created19:41
nik90popey: it is there since I created the click on qtc.19:41
popeyI did search but it just wont start19:41
* popey reboots19:41
nik90popey: it should take the revision number automatically and become 3.1.7119:41
nik90hmm strange19:41
popeylaunches after a reboot19:43
nik90you should no longer have the old clock?19:43
nik90sweet so that was it19:44
popeyalarm is taking a looooong time to save19:46
popeyoh, its not saving19:46
popeyhttp://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-08-21-204730.png that is the alarm I am about to try to save...19:47
popeynote I unticked repeat:thursday19:47
nik90popey: then u didnt choose any day19:48
popeyi dont want to repeat though19:48
popeyand the label is "Repeat"19:48
nik90popey: atm there is no single type alarms. i am working on that19:48
popeyah okay19:48
nik90popey: there is a bug in progress for that. I just need some design info on that before proceeding further19:49
nik90popey: shall I add the check for the empty days and disable the back button? It should be a small patch + unit test. When I land single alarm support, unchecking all days will show the label "Never" in the Repeat listitem.19:57
nik90popey: other than that, does it look okay?19:58
popey(it looks okay)19:58
popeyI'm not sure that's needed, it's fine as is. When do you think single alarm support will land?19:59
nik90popey: I have been trying to get in touch with the designer the past 2 days..It should land hopefully by monday since code wise the implementation is quite simple.20:00
popeyalarm I set just went off, so that's good ☻20:00
popeybe good to get a reply before next week as many of them are out at a sprint.20:00
popeylets poke john lea tomorrow if you have no reply20:00
nik90I definitely need to do a hangout with the designer since there are 2-3 other pressing design issues I need to discuss20:01
nik90so yeah we will definitely check tomorrow with john lea then20:01
nik90popey: can you top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-project-name/+merge/231618 and https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-potfile-aug18/+merge/23119820:02
mhall119hey, Graphite and uDraw work now!  I don't know when that happened, but this is great!20:15
popeymhall119: wut! are they in the store?20:20
mhall119popey: yeah20:22
ahayzen_balloons, ping21:29
balloonsahayzen_, pong21:33
ahayzen_balloons, I'm converting more tests over and I have got this method set_shuffle(state) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8109321/ should I be putting this in the helpers? or the tests? If the helpers should it go in the main MusicApp one or the toolbar/player and should you do assertThat inside helpers? If the tests am I accessing the pointing_device correctly?21:33
balloonsahayzen_, helpers shouldn't have asserts in them21:38
balloonsmaybe that helps clarify where it should go?21:38
ahayzen_balloons, or could i use a wait_for(state) ?21:39
balloonsyes. What page has the shuffle?21:39
ahayzen_balloons, as it could potentially be changing the state or shuffle21:39
ahayzen_balloons, erm well it is in the toolbar...but only visible on the now playing page at the moment21:39
ahayzen_balloons, so does that answer it?...put it in the now playing page helper?21:39
ahayzen_balloons, and with a wait_for(state)21:40
ahayzen_balloons, yeah that makes most sense i'll do that :)21:40
balloonsahayzen_, :-) Awesome..21:41
balloonsyou start to get a feel for how these things should layout as you go eh?21:41
ahayzen_balloons, the first refactoring mp landed by the way \o/21:41
balloonsI saw victor's comments on it as well.21:41
ahayzen_balloons, yeah getting there ...just a few more examples and i'll probably understand it all...hence my question :)21:42
ahayzen_balloons, ended up changing the same line of code 3 times lol21:42
balloonsahayzen_, I saw that hehe21:42
ahayzen_balloons, *nothing* gets past victor ;) hehe21:42
balloonswhich is totally fine.. I mean, I rewrote some of my own code several times21:42
ahayzen_balloons, am i ok to add u as a reviewer to the next round of autopilot refactor branches when i mp them?21:44
ahayzen_balloons, ah...ok so inside my MusicNowPlaying helper how do i get back up to the MusicApp ?21:45
ahayzen_balloons, oh is that the self.get_root_instance() part of Leo's way of getting back up to MainView self.get_root_instance().select_single(MainView)21:46
ahayzen_balloons, ah damn that doesn't work, so how can i back up to MusicApp ?22:41
ahayzen_balloons, no worries i've found a solution :)22:50

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