elopiothomi: robotfuel told me to ping you about https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/126878200:25
elopioI want to fix it, but he said that the pressed time will take longer on autopilot than on QML, and that you had some ideas.00:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1268782 in Autopilot "tap method of Touch device doesn't have press_duration arg" [Undecided,New]00:25
thomielopio: you can't make it accurate, for sure00:26
thomijust reading the bug now00:26
elopiothomi: I know that, but I don't expect the difference to be more than 0.5 seconds.00:27
thomielopio: right, your proposed solution in the bug comments sounds sensible to me00:27
elopioon qml it's unlikely they will make one response for a press of 1 second, and a different one for a press of 1.500:27
thomifrom memory Chris had a MP that was good, but I objected to the test00:27
elopiothomi: I was going to take over chris' mp and update it. I don't see your objections there.00:28
thomiI probably got veebers to do the review00:29
thomiyeah, testing it with a Qml app seems really awkward00:29
thomibut I'll leave that to veebers, since he's the AP guy these days00:29
elopioveebers: any suggestions of what kind of tests would you like? When I filed the bug, I was just thinking of using the fake sleep.00:30
veebershey elopio o/, let me read the scrollback quickly00:39
veeberselopio: aye, I agree that testing that sleep was called as expected is an acceptable test.00:42
elopioveebers: ack, I'll assign the bug to myself.00:42
veeberselopio: autopilot doesn't guarantee millisecond responses (ui, out of process testing, dbus etc.)00:42
veeberselopio: As soon as a test as a 'waiting for a potentially slow emulator' comment I get cautious00:43
veeberselopio: awesome, thanks for resurrecting that and taking it on :-)00:43
elopiothat's fine as humans also can't have that precision. If there's a problem with the UI because we are waiting some more milliseconds than we should, that's a UI bug.00:44
veeberselopio: exactly, and it would (should!) be covered by something that's not an autopilot test00:45
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elopioveebers: this is ready for your inspection22:18
veeberselopio: sweet, i'm just on the move between offices at the moment so will take a look once I've re-setup22:26

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