cjwatsonrsalveti: you have to use the private link from update_excuses to retry autopkgtests00:13
cjwatsonI've poked a build now00:13
robrucjwatson: ah, thanks00:16
cjwatsonhmm, same error, let's see00:32
cjwatsonseems to come down to http://paste.ubuntu.com/8102268/00:40
cjwatsonrobru,rsalveti: screw it, I know roughly what needs to be fixed here, but it will take a certain amount of wallclock time, it's 2am here, and you need to be unblocked.  I've overridden that test failure for the next proposed-migration run00:58
robrucjwatson: thanks a ton! and you got it in time for the image build too, so we might have a sane image in a few hours!00:58
cjwatsonwell, it still has to go through p-m and a publisher run00:59
cjwatsonbut yeah, it probably ought to make it00:59
robrucjwatson: yeah but there's like 2 hours before the image build00:59
cjwatsonone and a bit00:59
cjwatsonit should be OK if everything isn't terrible for some reason01:00
robruoh right, it's 6. looked at the clock and saw "5:59" and rounded that to "5" ;-)01:00
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cjwatsonthat was quick, good01:25
robrudobey: bzoltan1 bfiller veebers: you all have outstanding requests for silos. there are now 2 silos available. a) who of you is actually around to test a silo if I give you one, and b) which of your landings represents the highest priority fixes?01:25
cjwatson(though will still be waiting for publishing)01:25
robrucjwatson: thanks again, you really saved the day01:25
veebersrobru: I would say the autopilot-legacy request is low priority01:25
robrubfiller: yours looks important but are you around to test now?01:26
cjwatsonrobru: making progress on the root cause, though probably won't finish until tomorrow01:26
robrucjwatson: well don't rush on my account. ;-)01:27
cjwatsonplenty of other accounts to care about this on :)01:27
dobeyrobru: hi :)01:33
dobeyrobru: does it matter if there's noone from QA around to do the qa approval?01:33
popeydobey: have you asked ToyKeeper ?01:43
dobeypopey: well, apparently robru is no longer around to give me the silo anyway :)01:44
ToyKeeperGot a nice blocker fix/workaround approved, hoping to get it into the next image and get it promoted.  Hopefully no more traincon in a few hours.01:44
cjwatsonToyKeeper: which one's that?01:46
dobeyToyKeeper: any chance you could sign off on landing-018 (row 33 in the spreadsheet)? it's already built and tested, and getting that through to landing should at least free up another silo01:46
ToyKeeperSilo 005 has workarounds specifically to get an image promoted.01:46
cjwatsonThough I don't think there's time to publish something now and get it published in utopic before the automatic image build01:46
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dobeycjwatson: well it already says "landed" so i presume it's already in utopic01:47
ToyKeeperIt might not be a good idea to try to add anything else to the next build, since the next one is likely good to go for promotion now.01:47
cjwatsonOh, right, 5 was published already01:47
dobeyi doubt unity-scope-click would get published before the next build at this point, but eh. if we can have normalcy restored soon, then nevermind :)01:48
cjwatsonand that pulseaudio has definitely landed too01:48
ToyKeeperOh, pulse landed?  Should I be worried?01:49
robrudobey: sorry, trying to juggle cooking dinner and working02:06
robrudobey: ok you got silo 202:09
robruveebers: hey, your request on line 22 conflicts with silo 1, any chance those can be merged? if not, best to wait until 1 is released before assigning the other one02:09
veebersrobru: I'm just looking now02:10
veebersrobru: in what way does it conflict? It should be attempting to merge into lp:autopilot/legacy02:11
robruveebers: they're both merges against the autopilot source package in utopic02:12
thomiveebers: robru: they shouldn't be both against autopilot.02:12
thomiautopilot-legacy has it's own source package02:12
veebersrobru: line 22 should be against autopilot-legacy02:13
veebersoh, what thomi said too :-)02:13
robruhuh, citrain thinks they're the same02:13
robruugh, citrain doesn't like it when the lp project name doesn't match the source package name02:15
robruveebers: ok, I put it in silo 5, please build02:16
veebersrobru: sweet, thanks02:16
robruveebers: you're welcome02:17
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robruToyKeeper: ^ not sure if you wanna do that one or just wait for traincon to be over ;-)03:02
ToyKeeperrobru: Assuming an image builds soon (shouldn't it be in progress now?), I'd like to avoid landing more silos in it because that increases the risk of not promoting the image.03:09
bzoltan1robru: I could use a silo and release it in 2 hours.03:13
veebersrobru: if you need a silo re-use the autopilot-legacy one as it's going to take an hour or so to test it, I can do that tomorrow if needed03:15
robruSorry guys just having dinner03:27
robruToyKeeper: yeah it won't make this image no matter what03:28
ToyKeeper... and I think something in my notebook shorted out.  Tonight might be fun.03:33
* rsalveti back03:36
rsalveticjwatson: cool, nice to know (about the links to retry the autopkg tests)03:37
rsalveticjwatson: robru: thanks for unblocking pulse03:38
rsalvetihm, no bot message announcing that the build started03:39
rsalvetifinished already, 44 mins ago (livebuild at least)03:39
robrursalveti: seems imgbot isn't even here, blame ogra_ ;-)04:05
robruOK, eod! Goodnight everybody!04:05
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ToyKeeperOkay...  is the bot broken or is there actually just no new build?04:31
ToyKeeperDuh, scrollback.04:32
Mirv=== trainguard: IMAGE 202 DONE (finished: 20140821 XX:XX) ===04:41
Mirv=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/202.changes ===04:41
* Mirv the bot04:41
bzoltanMirv:  any chance to get a Silo for line 35? The MR is tested already and it is a desktop only small change06:10
Mirvbzoltan: not right at the moment, 0 silos, not even a spare one06:41
Mirvso let's just have it queued and land it later today when at some point there's a silo free06:42
veebersMirv: This might help. I've just set testing to done for silo 1, also silo 005 is super critical priority so can be re-used and I'll pick it up tomorrow if needed06:47
ToyKeeperHmm, no one running the train right now?06:50
ToyKeeperdavmor2: I'm not sure about image 202.06:50
ToyKeeperdavmor2: On the one hand, the current blockers seem to be fixed or at least worked around now.06:51
ToyKeeperdavmor2: On the other hand, other things weren't working quite right...06:51
ToyKeeperOne device had its UI lock for about 30 seconds in the middle of a call (~30s after receiving the call, while I was playing with call setting buttons).06:52
ToyKeeperThe other device crashed right after a call ended (received the call, caller hung up).06:52
jibelToyKeeper, were you playing with the proximity sensors at the same time?06:52
ToyKeeper(unity restarted)06:52
ToyKeeperjibel: I'm not sure.06:52
jibelToyKeeper, unity8 crashed at the end of the call is known and not new06:53
MirvToyKeeper: I am06:53
ToyKeeperThe welcome wizard crashed on my mako the first two times I tried to select 'swipe' as a security method.06:53
ToyKeeper(couldn't repro later while attempting again)06:53
jibelToyKeeper, it's bug 1359258, Saviq said there is another report already06:53
ubot5bug 1359258 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/unity8:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:core::dbus::Bus::remove_match" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135925806:53
ToyKeeperMy other device couldn't show any local music in the music scope, even though it was there and the music app could play it.06:54
ToyKeeper(even after a couple reboots)06:54
Mirvveebers: is there a test report on that autopilot landing? it won't of course break anything directly on the device, but the worry always is if it'd get us worse dashboard results.06:55
ToyKeeperOTOH, in-song seeking works again, and I saw no issues with thumbnailing videos, "accounts -> back" works now, and the volume controls aren't jittery on the rtm device.06:55
veebersMirv: ah right, I was just finishing off the wee text report that I put together, will update06:55
MirvI guess we'll need davmor2's opinion also on #202 then, to try to confirm whether there's a real regression or something that has already been there.06:56
Mirvveebers: thanks06:56
ToyKeeperdavmor2, sil2100: So, I'd like more opinions on whether 202 can be promoted.06:56
ToyKeeperNormally I'd just say no, but since we need to unblock everyone I'd call it a maybe.06:57
MirvToyKeeper: we'll probably come up with a plan to do more testing in 1.5 hours in the meeting. the calls definitely will need more testing from your experiences.06:57
ToyKeeperAs far as I can tell, all the current blockers are resolved though...06:59
ToyKeeperIt's other stuff which doesn't look so great.06:59
ToyKeeperIn any case, it's bed time and I'm off tomorrow.  If we're still in traincon 0, brendand agreed to cover for me...  but I'm sure he'd rather not have to.  :)07:00
Mirvlet's hope for the best07:01
veebersMirv: I've added the pastebin link for the testing results in the spreadsheet (this one: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8104052/),07:02
veebersMirv: It's a bit of a mouthful but for each gatekeeper run I compare the failing tests against those shown in the smokeng dash to see if they are either 'known' i.e. show up in the dash too, 'new' i.e. apparent from the changes being tested or 'transient' i.e. the test is known to fail sometimes07:04
robruveebers: Ooooooooooh you're here. Confirm with Mirv whether you can finish your legacy silo before your eod please.07:05
Mirvveebers: yes, I've seen your reports in the past, the format is good. all in all it seems to prove there are no regressions.07:06
veebersrobru, Mirv: oh I mean "please do trash the ap legacy silo" it's fine, I've already EOD :-)07:06
veebersMirv: sweet. This release had many gatekeeper runs as there were so many test issues it was hard to sort the wheat from the chaff :-)07:07
Mirvveebers: as usual, I hit the same using qt gatekeeper recently (I'm battling with you on who gets to use mako-07...)07:07
Mirvbut eventually it was possible to run everything needed07:08
veebersMirv: ah hah :-) Well I won't be using it for the next day or so at least, so have at it07:08
Mirvveebers: ah, the MP is not approved07:08
* veebers fixes07:08
veebersMirv: rats, sorry about that. It has been approved now07:09
jibelMirv, ToyKeeper is right, on 202, the music scope doesn't show any local media07:10
Mirvveebers: thanks, published, good night!07:10
Mirvjibel: ouch :( there was a music-app update in it, we need popey to analyze it07:11
jibelMirv, and 2 unity-scope updates07:11
Mirvright, those too07:12
veebersMirv: awesome thanks. Now, tea time o/07:20
Mirvbzoltan: I assigned you a silo and also kicked a build https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-1-build/21/console07:26
jibelMirv, sil2100 popey bug 135958207:29
ubot5bug 1359582 in unity-scope-mediascanner (Ubuntu) "Music scope doesn't show any local music" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135958207:29
sil2100jibel, ToyKeeper: thanks07:35
Mirvjibel: hmm, I copied some files over and they are seen and play fine for me07:37
Mirvimmediately after copying07:38
Mirvjibel: ..but not anymore after reboot!07:39
jibelMirv, right, sometimes the scope doesn't even show online music07:40
jibelMirv, it's similar to bug 128170607:41
ubot5bug 1281706 in unity-scope-mediascanner (Ubuntu) "Music scope intermittently displays locally stored music" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128170607:41
Mirvjibel: yeah, after 2nd reboot visible again07:41
Mirvso we need to at least make sure it's not worse than before07:42
jibelMirv, I haven't seen that on 200/201, did you?07:42
jibelMirv, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/182844560/empty_music_scope.png07:43
* jibel flashes 20107:44
Mirvjibel: I didn't notice, but I don't use the music scope normally either07:46
* sil2100 checks his 20107:48
sil2100After first reboot it's still there07:51
sil2100Mirv, jibel: just so you know, I'm testing on krillin right now07:52
popeydid you put the music on after going to 202 though?07:54
sil2100Mirv, jibel: on second reboot I still have local music viwible07:54
sil2100popey: I'm on 201 right now07:54
jibelsil2100, problem is the same on krillin for me on 202. Newly uploaded music is not visible in the scope07:54
jibelbut what was there before 202 is visible07:55
* sil2100 checks the commitlog07:55
popeyi saw music on #201, upgraded to #202 and see none, not local or online. online video also missing, local video shows07:59
sil2100Damn, I can't  find anything that could obviously break it08:01
jibelsil2100, there are 2 unity-scopes updates on 20208:02
sil2100jibel: I'm downgrading those now08:03
popeyleft a comment08:03
sil2100I mean, upgrading08:03
popeysearch for music08:03
popeysomething you know you have... for me, searching triggers it to appear08:03
davmor2morning guys at the office now train wifi died just catching up on stuff08:04
sil2100popey: where did you leave the comment?08:04
popeyin the bug08:05
popeybug 135958208:05
ubot5bug 1359582 in unity-scope-mediascanner (Ubuntu) "Music scope doesn't show any local music" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135958208:05
davmor2sil2100: flashing devices now08:06
sil2100davmor2: thanks!08:07
jibelsil2100, clearly a regression in 202, I'll upgrade my device again to 202 and downgrade unity-scopes-*08:08
dbarthdavmor2: hi08:08
dbarthdavmor2: do you know if omer had issues yesterday with silo 15?08:08
sil2100jibel: I think I just confirmed that the scopes landing breaks it08:08
jibelsil2100, great, so I don't have to do it :)08:09
dbarthdavmor2: ie, i see it is still blocked waiting for qa signoff08:09
sil2100jibel, popey, Mirv: on my #201 I installed the 2 scope-packages and now my music scope doesn't find my tracks08:09
sil2100Let me try uploading something new08:09
* sil2100 prepares for an aggressive revert08:09
popeygood man!08:09
popeythats the spirit!08:10
sil2100Just uploaded a new track and nothing08:10
sil2100popey: ;p08:10
popeysearch for it?08:11
popeywhich packages did you upgrade?08:11
popeyah the two listed in #202, got it08:11
sil2100popey: yeah, searching unblocks it basically08:12
sil2100But that won't save it from reverting!08:12
sil2100You're going dooown scopes08:12
davmor2dbarth: he didn't pass anything on I'm still waiting for my email to catch up so I can check that.08:13
dbarthok, let me know; apparently there was a rebuild, but i didn't trigger this; so the status is unclear08:13
ogra_hmm, i wish i knew why curl and libu1db1 were dropped08:14
jibelogra_, u1db was dropped because of unity-scopes-shell (0.5.4+14.10.20140820-0ubuntu1)08:16
jibelSwitch to QSettings, removing U1DB dependencies Support new location08:16
jibel     setting.08:16
ogra_i thought QSettings would make use of U108:17
ogra_as a backend ...08:17
jibelogra_, and curl probably unity-scopes-api (0.6.3+14.10.20140820-0ubuntu1) Switch from u1db to QSettings and drop u1db and related dependencies.08:19
ogra_ah, ok08:19
ogra_well, seems that didnt work so well :P08:19
sil2100popey: do you want to double-confirm that this fixes it before I upload a revert?08:21
sil2100It's ready and waiting for one button press08:21
popeysil2100: eh? I dont understand08:22
seb128Saviq, since apparently you need to fix/rebuilding thing, can you sneak https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/dismiss-old-pam-prompts/+merge/231363 in your unity8 silo? ;-)08:24
popeysil2100: lets discuss it in teh call in 5 mins08:24
sil2100popey: do you want to double confirm that reverting the scopes packages fixes the bug ?08:24
Saviqseb128, http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu&q=landing-01608:25
sil2100Before I do the actual revert in the archive08:25
popeyI'd rather not make my phone rw08:25
popeyit's my main device08:25
ogra_music app doesnt have any music for me either08:25
seb128Saviq, thanks08:25
Mirvpete-woods: see above we're hitting problems with the scopes and considering revert08:25
sil2100ogra_: yeah, I have a revert for that08:25
sil2100ogra_: try reverting the scopes landing and it should be fixed08:25
ogra_sil2100, ah, ok so its a different issue08:25
popeyor just search for music in the scope08:26
ogra_sil2100, hmm, did you try just installing one of the two dropped packages instead ?08:26
popeywhich will trigger a refresh, then music app will see it08:26
ogra_i assume reverting breings back the U1DB08:26
ogra_i wouldnt see why else music app would be affected by scope changes08:26
jibelsil2100, I'm doing a revert to confirm08:27
pete-woodsMirv: I see local media in the local music scope08:27
popeymediascanner populates the music database08:27
pete-woodsand in the video scope08:27
sil2100ogra_: no, but scopes was enough to cause the issue08:27
popeypete-woods: add more music08:27
pete-woodspopey: okay08:27
sil2100ogra_: since what I did is, while running vanilla #201 I installed scopes and it was broken08:27
Mirvpete-woods: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359582 is the bug nr for it08:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359582 in unity-scope-mediascanner (Ubuntu) "Music scope doesn't show any local music" [Critical,Confirmed]08:27
ogra_sil2100, scopes pulls these packages back in08:27
sil2100ogra_: while on #201 it was broken08:28
sil2100ogra_: well, anyway, if the scopes pull in these packages then a revert will make it no longer pull them in08:28
sil2100So it's a win08:28
sil2100jibel: thanks08:29
ogra_sil2100, other way round08:29
ogra_the new scopes dropped two packages08:29
pete-woodsMirv: hmm. given there were no changes to the media scope. I'd say that the revert is reasonable :(08:29
sil2100pete-woods: no worries, it's just a revert in the archive, you'll have trunk with latest changes that you can look into and try fixing08:30
ogra_sil2100, installing libcurl3-nss and libu1db1 on 2092 makes the music app work08:30
ogra_*on 20208:30
sil2100pete-woods: so, once you think it's fixed, you can just prepare a landing with that fix alone and get everything back to how it was08:30
ogra_sil2100, and the scopes too08:31
pete-woodssil2100: oh, wait. it's not just the missing dep then?08:31
sil2100Might be!08:31
pete-woodsthat would seem strange that it works intermittently?08:31
ogra_sil2100, i dont think the revert is right ... just seed these two packages08:31
sil2100ogra_: I would say seeding is bad, we need the scopes to dep on those then08:32
sil2100So maybe a landing that explicitly adds those dependencies in?08:33
sil2100ogra_: the meeting btw!08:33
Mirvsil2100: it works at times, doesn't really sound like missing deps08:33
jibelogra_, I confirm that libunity-scopes3 depends on libcurl3-nss and that's why curl was dropped from 20208:33
sil2100ogra_, Mirv, jibel: I would recommend a revert anyway then, as this would get things up to shape08:34
sil2100And then we can get things right later08:34
pete-woodshmm, I thought we only dropped u1db as a dependency. I guess it has transitive dependencies08:35
Mirvsil2100: yes sure revert, that's what I mean better to revert than just adding some packages back08:35
sil2100ogra_, jibel, pete-woods: I actually see that the latest landing from unity-scopes-api actually drops those 2 dependencies08:35
sil2100So they had to be dropped for a reason I guess?08:35
Mirvogra_: are you sure it's reliable after adding the packages back?08:36
pete-woodsthat's what I'd like to know for sure08:36
Mirvwell, I'll try too08:37
jibelpete-woods, libunity-scopes3 0.6.1+14.10.20140809-0ubuntu1 directly depends on libcurl3-nss08:37
jibelsil2100, I downgraded libunity-scopes3 and unity-plugin-scopes on #202 and the music scope behaves as expected.08:38
pete-woodsindeed, installing those extra deps does nothing to make the music scope more reliable. I don't know how I didn't see this during testing. but it's happening somewhat regularly now :(08:41
nik90jibel: its only the local-music that isn't shown? I can see the local videos correctly in the video scope.08:41
pete-woodsit seems to vary08:42
pete-woodsit's aggregated queries that seem to fail08:42
pete-woodsi.e. scopes that contain other scopes08:42
nik90ah ok08:42
pete-woodsis there a way to find out which packages were not explicitly depending on libcurl, so we can get them fixed?08:44
pete-woodsas there seems to be two issues here08:44
brendanddavmor2, ha this is the silo i tested :)08:44
jibelnik90, I only saw this problem for the music scope, but it can be local or online music that isn't shown08:44
brendanddavmor2, for shame08:44
Mirvpete-woods: I think the key is that click packages don't have deps, they just rely on the platform having been defined well enough (via ubuntu-touch meta package)08:44
brendanddavmor2, was it found by ToyKeeper in dogfooding?08:45
Mirvpete-woods: for example music-app is a .click only, not in archives08:45
pete-woodswonder why it uses libcurl. not exactly the most friendly library for QML08:45
pete-woodsalso, I thought that net-cpp used libcurl08:45
pete-woodsapparently not08:46
jibelbrendand, ToyKeeper mentioned it briefly in the channel before heading to bed, so I gave it a try.08:46
pete-woodsat least not the nss one08:46
davmor2brendand: yes apparently08:46
popeypete-woods: you wonder why which uses curl? ms?08:47
pete-woodsthe music app08:47
popeyi dont believe music app uses curl08:47
popeythumbnailer does, doesn't it? to get album art from 7digital?08:47
pete-woodsit uses libsoup, which may possibly in-turn use libcurl08:48
pete-woodsno, apparently not08:49
brendandpete-woods, is this the test plan that was run on the silo? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/scopes08:50
pete-woodsbrendand: yes. I seriously tried everything, though. including the things that fail. I even ran this plan more than once. I think we need to get some more rigorous integration testing around scope aggregation to prevent this happening again. as I already had to delay our release because of another issue in this area08:51
brendandpete-woods, that test plan doesn't say much08:52
brendandpete-woods, if it is the one you ran it probably needs expanding08:52
pete-woodsit doesn't. but we really do test all the various scope functionality08:52
pete-woodsiI agree it could do with saying what we *actually* do08:52
brendandpete-woods, okay but it's better if it's written down08:53
* pete-woods will add this to the list08:53
brendandpete-woods, we're not trying to apportion blame. i'm sure it did work when you tested it but we need to try and find out why it broke in the image08:53
pete-woodsI think we have a plain ol' bug in unity-scopes-api08:53
brendandpete-woods, there are a variety of possibilities and you not testing it is only one of them - and probably the least likely08:54
pete-woodsI also agree that we should probably revert this release. given that the scopes go reliable again with a downgrade08:56
brendandpete-woods, do you know which image you tested on? do you think you can install that, then upgrade just the broken packages and see if you can reproduce it. i could also that if you can tell me which image you tested on08:57
Mirvcjwatson: we would very much like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/unity-scopes-api/0.6.3+14.10.20140820.is.0.6.1+14.10.20140809-0ubuntu1 to be bumped in build importance (KDE 4.14 just got in before it)08:58
Mirvsil2100: ^08:58
Mirvsil2100: so are we sure unity-scopes-shell does not need reverting?09:01
Mirvjust wondering09:01
pete-woodsbrendand: well for what it's worth, I'm flashing 201 now, then trying the upgrade of the suspect packages09:01
Mirvit was part of the same landing09:01
pete-woodsMirv: it has to be reverted at the same time, as it has a dep on that version of libunityscopes09:01
Mirvsil2100: ^09:02
cjwatsonMirv: done09:02
Mirvthanks Colin!09:03
sil2100cjwatson: thank you!09:06
brendandogra_, Mirv - davmor2 tells me it wasn't happening on each boot?09:06
sil2100Mirv: let me check09:07
Mirvbrendand: no, I had one boot where music app worked fine09:07
Mirvbrendand: sorry, I mean music scope09:07
ogra_brendand, i'm currently rebooting a few times in a row here to see09:07
brendandMirv, i'm also pretty sure that when i tried it it worked09:07
sil2100Mirv: ah, didn't upload that one yet, right!09:08
ogra_(though i have re-installed the missing libs)09:08
brendandMirv, my music was on the sd card though09:09
jibelbrendand, if you upload new music to the device it is not shown in the scope. It might after a reboot or not. But never immediately after upload09:09
ogra_ok, first reboot i got no music and no online videos ... searching gets me local music shown ...09:09
ogra_same thing for online video ... searching fixes it09:09
* ogra_ reboots again 09:10
ogra_same thing09:11
ogra_looks pretty consistent to me09:11
Mirvjibel: it did show up immediately for me...09:12
sil2100Mirv: unity-scopes-shell uploaded09:13
ogra_ok, in one of five reboots online video behaved different and showed up without searching ... the rest of the time it was consistently broken09:13
Mirvsil2100: ping colin about that too once it shows in LP09:13
sil2100ACK ;)09:13
pete-woodsI can confirm that flashing r201, then upgrading to the new scopes packages causes the reliability on some reboots (about 1 in 3 for me anecdotally)09:16
pete-woodsso revert was definitely the right thing09:16
sil2100cjwatson: so, once those two packages build and migrate we'll kick a new image and have it dogfooded as a promotion candidate - if it passes (which is highly probable) we should have a new promoted image around afternoon09:17
sil2100cjwatson: would that be fine?09:17
cjwatsonsil2100: well, I don't have a better alternative :)09:17
cjwatsonso it'll have to be09:18
cjwatsonI've scored up unity-scopes-shell09:19
sil2100cjwatson: thank you!09:20
cjwatsonbeats trying to figure out why my wife's laptop isn't IPv6-routable, argh09:21
Saviqsil2100, hey, got a minute?09:47
sil2100Saviq: what's up?09:55
Saviqsil2100, I've been thinking... how about some hook mechanism in train09:57
Saviqsil2100, immediate use case is .pot file generation09:57
Saviqsil2100, which everyone and their mother forgets daily09:57
Saviqsil2100, it doesn't make sense for per-MP generation 'cause it's just cruft there09:58
Saviqsil2100, so ideally it would happen just after train merges all MPs09:58
sil2100But where would you think those hooks should be defined?09:58
Saviqsil2100, project source tree I'd say09:58
Saviqsil2100, debian/ maybe even09:59
Saviqsil2100, caveat is obviously dependencies of such a hook09:59
sil2100Saviq: we *could* add a new custom tag to the control file that would say 'use hooks' or even 'use this hook' or something09:59
Saviqsil2100, and potential for leaving them around09:59
Saviqsil2100, yeah, but every project needs to be in control of those, they might have different requirements10:00
sil2100Saviq: right, I would think of a flag such as 'if this flag is set, use the hook that's provided in this directory' or 'if this flag is set, use the hook from the path that we gave here' or something10:01
sil2100Yeah, that's a bit more complex anyway10:02
sil2100Saviq: could you fill in a bug for that anyway? It's a good proposition I would say10:02
Saviqsil2100, will do10:02
brendandsil2100, did it get reverted already?10:03
sil2100brendand: it's still in proposed10:03
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=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
cjwatsonsil2100: looks like we're waiting for autopkgtest executors again10:33
cjwatsonjibel: is there any way to beef up our autopkgtest executor farm?  we've run into load issues there a few times recently10:33
sil2100cjwatson: yeah, I saw that it was staying on autopkgtests for a while10:34
cjwatsonsil2100: it's numbers 3-6 in the relevant queue, so hopefully soon10:34
sil2100But at least scopes-shell migrated10:34
jibelcjwatson, no, it's working at full capacity. yesterday evening it was excessively slow because tests were running on disk instead of memory, but it should be faster today. I'll do another check to make sure it's not that again.10:38
cjwatsonjibel: Right, I mean extending its capacity10:39
cjwatsonIt's usually fine but then sometimes KDE lands or something10:40
jibelcjwatson, the trend is more to "cloudify" the farm rather than adding more physical hardware. I'll see with the CI team if they can allocate more machines to autopkgtest. With the increasing number of packages I agree it's becoming a bottleneck.10:47
sil2100cjwatson: do I see it right or did the autopkgtests for unity-scopes-api fail?10:47
jibelsil2100, it never passed10:48
sil2100Ah, ok, so it will be skipped with Always failed ?10:48
jibelit fails with: cp: cannot stat ‘scopetest.cpp’: No such file or directory10:48
jibelpete-woods, ^10:48
cjwatsonjibel: thanks10:49
pete-woodssil2100: yes. they have always failed. I have nagged our tech lead to get them fixed (and indeed show him how to even know they are failing, as it's not obvious). we have merge in that should fix it10:54
pete-woodsfortunately the same check they perform is at least carried out as part of our unit tests10:55
pete-woodsI think a lesson to take away from all of this is to have more people on our team exposed to the "debiany stuff" besides muggins10:55
pete-woods(i.e. me)10:55
pete-woodsis it possible to get our jenkins jobs to tun our autopkgtests after build?10:58
pete-woods*to run10:59
cjwatsonsil2100: it's migrated, publishing nowish11:39
cjwatsonsil2100: that's published.  want to kick an image build?11:46
dbarthom26er: ping?11:46
dbarthom26er: did you run into issues with silo 15 yesterday?11:47
cjwatsonsil2100: actually I'm going to assume you're at lunch or similar and kick it myself11:47
Wellarkhey, silo 19 would probably need manual inspection as there are debian/control changes11:47
Wellarkplease see the commit message in: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/connectivity-api/connectivity-service-source-package-shuffle/+merge/23143111:48
Wellarkpsivaa: any takers? :) --^11:51
psivaaWellark: for this you'd need trainguards11:52
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 203 building (started: 20140821 11:55) ===11:54
om26erdbarth, no, it was fine for me11:58
om26erdbarth, was there a regression ?11:59
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om26ersil2100, hi i am testing silo 34, is there a way to mark it as such so someone else does not start testing the same silo ?12:03
MirvWellark: gave comments12:04
MirvWellark: and a bit more, since it wasn't obvious which name you use as the install dir12:07
om26ersorry silo 006, 34 is the line number.12:08
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|afk
ogra_geez ... use kiwiIRC on your ubuntu phone ... throw away that android :P12:16
=== _salem is now known as salem_
silDroidogra_: did unity-scopes-api migrate?12:17
cjwatsonsilDroid: yes, images are building12:17
silDroidPhew, ok, then I go back to eating12:17
silDroidThanks guys!12:17
silDroidBe back soon12:17
cjwatson* silDroid is now known as silFaceStuffer12:17
cjwatsonthough, hey, food sounds like a plan12:18
ogra_hmm, breakfast !12:18
* ogra_ looks if he can find something ... 12:18
cjwatsonyou're as bad as me12:19
ogra_many of us i guess12:19
cjwatson"oh, I should just check in on IRC before breakfast"12:19
cjwatson... four hours later ...12:19
ogra_yeah :D12:19
cjwatson"why am I hungry"12:19
ogra_"whats that noise down there ?"12:20
Mirvom26er: bregma: ToyKeeper: davmor2: I'd recommend using some sort of "QA signoff in progress by xxx" in the comment field so that's easier to see when someone works on certain landing12:33
Mirvsorry unping bregma, ping brendand who's not online..12:34
dbarthom26er: ah ok cool; so can you get back to davmor2 and give me signoff for that silo?12:35
om26erdavmor2, hey did you test silo 15 as well ? It was working fine for my testing yesterday.12:36
=== Guest60224 is now known as renatu
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WellarkMirv: thanks!13:04
WellarkI will fix the names ASAP13:04
oSoMoNsil2100, Mirv: can I have a silo for line 38, please?13:13
sil2100oSoMoN: we currently have only one silo sadly...13:14
sil2100oSoMoN: usually we try to leave that around for emergency cases13:14
oSoMoNsil2100, that’s fine, can you put my request in the queue for when another silo is freed?13:14
MirvoSoMoN: sure, after we release more.. I just filled in bfiller's request that had been skipped first, next one should be yours13:15
oSoMoNexcellent, thanks!13:15
Mirvthere just doesn't seem to be any that could be easily freed13:15
alan_gjosepht: There's a bottleneck in the mir CI builds [http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/mir-team-mir-development-branch-ci/] - and this appears to be the problem - [http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/computer/ps-precise-server-amd64-smp-2/?] - can you help?13:29
josephtalan_g: looking13:29
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 203 DONE (finished: 20140821 13:35) ===13:34
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/203.changes ===13:34
sil2100davmor2: ^13:34
sil2100brendand: ^13:34
sil2100davmor2: could you give a promotion-dogfooding spin on #203? Top priority please ;)13:35
sil2100Wow, there has been a lot of uploads actually13:35
sil2100davmor2: poke poke13:39
davmor2sil2100: stab stab13:39
brendandbang bang13:40
davmor2well we are in London13:40
davmor2sil2100: falshing 203 now13:42
om26ermvo_, Hi!13:42
davmor2sil2100: breaking it in 2 minutes13:42
mvo_hi om26er13:42
om26ermvo_, silo 006 i.e line 34 have a problem. I am not able to install new app from the store after installing click from there,.13:42
josephtfginther, alan_g: I've opened the following asana task for the slow pbuilder slave: https://app.asana.com/0/8736198969650/1565746168653713:43
mvo_om26er: oh, thanks for this report! does you image contain the latest ubuntu-touch-meta, i.e. do you have debsig-verify and click-ubuntu-policy ? if you run "pkcon install-local foo.click", what is the output?13:43
om26ermvo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8106395/13:46
om26ermvo_, click-ubuntu-policy is 0.1 and debsig-verify is 0.1013:47
davmor2sil2100: broke it,  the pinlock gets in the way of the edge guide13:48
sil2100davmor2: crap, wasn't that the case before?13:48
davmor2sil2100: I blame ogra_ for that though who are these people that lock their phones13:48
jibeldavmor2, it's not a regression it's bug 135828313:50
mvo_om26er: could you please run "ar x /home/phablet/it.mardy.account-tester_0.3_all.click _gpgorigin; gpg --list-packets _gpgorigin" "13:50
ubot5bug 1358283 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[OOBE] Don't show passcode prompt after 1st step of edge intro" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135828313:50
mvo_om26er: and paste the output?13:50
om26ermvo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8106427/13:51
davmor2sil2100: no it's not really broken it just doesn't flow like it used to because of the lock and I think it has been around for a while but I have mostly been testing ota so haven't seen it13:51
davmor2sil2100: see jibel's statement13:51
mvo_om26er: interessting - what does "ar t /home/phablet/it.mardy.account-tester_0.3_all.click" output? and is this a click downloaded from the store or did you obtain it in a different way ?13:52
om26ermvo_, I received that in an email, Its not from the store13:52
mvo_om26er: ok, thanks. that is actually the new expected behavior that it won't allow installing unsigned clicks without using the "--allow-unauthenticated" call to force that. however you should still be able to install clicks from the store, if that does not work, then I would love to get hold of one of the downloaded clicks from the store and run the same commands as above against it13:54
om26ermvo_, how to download a click app from the store ?13:55
mvo_om26er: does installing via the normal app scope ui work? or do you get a error then? if so, I can try to figure out where the downloader stores the click13:55
om26ermvo_, I saw the issue from the UI, the error on dash is 'Download or install failed. Please try again'13:56
om26erit clearly downloads successfully but fails before installing13:56
mvo_om26er: ok, thanks. let me look around where the click is stored. I assume this happens for every click you download, correct?13:57
om26ermvo_, yes, thats right.13:58
mvo_om26er: thanks, could you please check if there are clicks left in /home/phablet/.local/share/ubuntu-download-manager/Downloads/ that could be inspected?14:01
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brendandsil2100, can we *demote* this image instead?14:01
sil2100brendand: what's wrong? Is it that bad?14:02
om26ermvo_, detailed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8106548/14:07
mvo_om26er: awesome, thanks! what does "debsig-verify -v /home/phablet/click/files/com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-googlemaps_0.1_all.click" output?14:08
om26ermvo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8106561/14:09
sil2100brendand, davmor2: I only accept good news14:10
sil2100psivaa: could you spin the tests for krillin as well?14:10
om26ersil2100, can you change the status of line 34 ?14:11
om26ersil2100, QA sign-off failed as it revealed a bug14:11
sil2100om26er: ACK14:11
sil2100Thanks :)14:11
mvo_om26er: thanks again! hm, thats confusing, debsig-verify seems to be happy. I assume "click install --user=phablet /home/phablet/click/files/com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-googlemaps_0.1_all.click" does not give a better error message?14:11
sil2100mvo_: also, please include the image number you have tested agains in the 'Yes (#)' field on the spreadsheet!14:12
mvo_sil2100: will do, sorry for that14:13
sil2100No worries :)14:13
om26ermvo_, sudo click install --user=phablet  installs14:24
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
brendandogra_, so the scopes regression was caused by some dropped dependencies?14:28
sil2100brendand: no14:30
sil2100brendand: the scopes regression was caused by unity-scopes-api and unity-scopes-shell regressing14:30
=== om26er is now known as om26er|doctor
mvo_om26er|doctor: thanks! sorry for being a pain, but I can't reproduce this and I would love to get to the bottom of this, would it be ok if you could run "click unregister --user=phablet com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-googlemaps" and then run "strace -f -e trace=execve -s1024 /usr/lib/packagekit/packagekitd" and try to install a click again?  I would love to see if gpg errors out of if debsig-verify errors and if so, with what error c14:32
cjwatsonyou probably want to run that click unregister under sudo14:33
cjwatsonand possibly "sudo pkill packagekitd" first14:33
mvo_cjwatson: do you have any idea what might cause this? click is happy, debsig-verify is happy but pkcon errors with a signature failure. but it can't be permissions, can it? i.e. pk backend is still running as root and all14:35
cjwatsonmvo_: not sure, I'd want to see the packagekitd log14:35
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
cjwatsonalso, running packagekitd with -v is usually helpful14:36
mvo_om26er|doctor: what image version are you using? I'm on #201 but maybe I need a different one to reproduce14:38
cjwatsonbrendand: please tell us what you meant by demoting the image, we're on tenterhooks ...14:38
sil2100brendand: you're scaring us, we REALLY need that promotion today14:39
ogra_brendand, the scopes regression pointed out another one which is related to dependencies14:39
sil2100davmor2: any news?14:39
davmor2sil2100: still testing and filing bugs, old ones though so not blockers14:53
sil2100davmor2: that's music to our ears14:53
sil2100davmor2: you can't imagine how me and cjwatson are waiting for you to finish ;)14:54
rsalvetisil2100: ogra_: bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-system-compositor/+bug/1359530 might be a regression as well15:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359530 in unity-system-compositor (Ubuntu) "Device trying to suspend when screen is turned off by proximity sensor (during a call)" [High,Confirmed]15:02
rsalvetinoticed that one with image 20215:02
rsalvetinot sure if it was there with previous promoted image15:02
davmor2sil2100: I blame rsalveti for not thinking about testing this  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/135980615:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359806 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "mismatched audio profile when a call hits and music is playing" [Undecided,New]15:06
davmor2sil2100: audio is switched to the earpiece15:07
rsalvetidavmor2: right, I think that this one was always there, wasn't it?15:07
davmor2rsalveti: yeap that's why we aren't blocking on it15:07
rsalvetidavmor2: right, will be working on it soon :-)15:08
davmor2rsalveti: same issue is on bluetooth too15:08
rsalvetiyeah, the stream is not moving to the right device15:08
davmor2rsalveti: and wired headsets too15:08
rsalvetithat's known as well15:08
davmor2rsalveti: that's fine :)15:09
davmor2sil2100: haven't finished yet15:16
mvo_om26er|doctor: (for when you are back :) - before I forget, anything unusual about the configuration you use for testing?15:18
brendandtvoss|afk, camera doesn't prompt for location on mako15:35
=== tvoss|afk is now known as tvoss
tvossbrendand, nothing landed, so please file a bug15:35
brendandtvoss, no trust.db is created when i launch it15:36
tvossbrendand, would you mind checking syslog?15:36
tvossbrendand, or better: send it to me by mail15:36
Laneysil2100: do you have any sense on how long traincon-0 will be on for?15:36
LaneyI feel like uploading gst-bad and block-proposeding it15:37
sil2100Laney: it should be taken down today15:37
sil2100Laney: we're waiting for a decision from davmor215:37
Laneyneato wheatos15:37
brendandsil2100, there is some stuff that is suspect but it's probably mostly known issues15:37
sil2100brendand: good to know15:38
davmor2sil2100: Location service doesn't seem to be triggered like it was before15:40
sil2100davmor2: is it enabled by default, or it doesn't allow location now at all?15:40
davmor2sil2100: we need to check that after the meeting15:41
tvossbrendand, could you please make sure that your phone does not have an android property hanging around that triggers the location service override?15:42
brendandtvoss, it was just flashed but i'll check15:43
davmor2tvoss: I'm not getting it either I did this morning on 201 but on 203 I have not location service notifications15:46
brendandtvoss, i got a DENIED15:46
brendandtvoss, Aug 21 15:47:20 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [  251.843308] type=1400 audit(1408636040.346:137): apparmor="DENIED" operation="chmod" profile="com.ubuntu.camera_camera_3.0.0.355" name="/run/user/32011/" pid=4172 comm="camera-app" requested_mask="w" denied_mask="w" fsuid=32011 ouid=3201115:47
tvossbrendand, the DENIED comes from apparmor15:48
tvossdavmor2, brendand did we have a mir/qtmir landing?15:48
jdstrandthere is a bug for that I think. fyi, apparmor policy is correct on that denial15:49
davmor2sil2100, ogra_ ^15:49
ogra_cameras are overrated !15:49
davmor2ogra_: location in maps is useful though15:50
tvossdavmor2, brendand did you guys flash with --wipe? if not, did you remove trust.db?15:50
davmor2tvoss: I did15:50
ogra_davmor2, did it work in the last promoted image ?15:50
jdstrandbug #1351041 is for reminders, but it is the same denial15:50
ubot5bug 1351041 in accounts-qml-module (Ubuntu) "App is unable to retrieve notes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135104115:51
davmor2ogra_: it wasn't in the last promoted image, however is stops location which did work15:51
jdstrandsomething, somewhere is trying to do a chmod on /run/user/32011/, which is wrong. I doubt it is fatal though15:51
* jdstrand doesn't know15:51
jdstrandI'll add camera app to that bug15:51
brendandtvoss, it never creates trust.db on mako15:51
jdstrandactually, I'll create a new bug15:51
ogra_davmor2, thats what i meant ... :(15:51
brendandjdstrand, i get that denied on krillin too15:52
brendandjdstrand, but there i get the prompt15:52
brendandjdstrand, so i guess that's a red herring15:52
brendandsil2100, i guess this won't be a blocker because we didn't even have location in the last image for camera15:53
davmor2tvoss, sil2100, ogra_: so I'm not getting a location service prompt on mako or krellin,  I might nip outside after the meeting and see if I at least get a location but I'm assuming not15:57
* ogra_ hands davmor2 an "i" to replace with the "e" in krellin :) 15:57
Saviqtrainguards, can someone please retry the builds in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-016/+sourcepub/4365335/+listing-archive-extra15:57
sil2100davmor2: ok, but as mentioned by brendand, I would perfer it not being a blocker ;)15:57
Saviqjust the amd64, armhf and i386 ones15:57
sil2100Saviq: doing15:58
Saviqsil2100, thanks15:58
tvossdavmor2, brendand could you guys paste the output of ps -ef | grep trust15:58
davmor2root@ubuntu-phablet:~# ps -ef | grep trust15:59
davmor2root      4872  4426  0 16:59 pts/17   00:00:00 grep --color=auto trust15:59
brendandtvoss, same here15:59
jdstrandfyi, bug #135983115:59
ubot5bug 1359831 in Ubuntu Reminders app "camera-app and reminders incorrectly perform a chmod on XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135983115:59
davmor2phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ps -ef | grep trust16:00
davmor2phablet   4964  4939  0 16:59 pts/17   00:00:00 grep --color=auto trust16:00
davmor2incase you needed it as phablet16:00
tvossbrendand, davmor2 here we go16:01
ogra_sil2100, i'll be a tad late ...16:01
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
=== om26er|doctor is now known as om26er
sil2100ogra_: I'm the only one online!16:02
sil2100Everyone else is elsewhere it seems ;)16:02
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tvossbrendand, davmor2 could you paste ~/.cache/upstart/ubuntu-location-service-trust-stored.log?16:03
Laneyokay, uploaded gst-bad 1.4 (jhodapp fyi)16:10
Laneyblocking it in proposed for a bit16:10
cjwatsonLaney: oh yay, that'll help with libass16:10
cjwatsonwhich is now entangled with vlc16:10
Laneyshould do16:10
Laneysorry it took ages, there was a blocking bug16:10
brendandtvoss, doesn't exist?16:11
ogra_=== trainguards IMAGE 203 Promoted ===16:18
pmcgowanopen the gates16:18
ogra_pmcgowan, with a bunch of immediate blockers :)16:19
pmcgowanogra_, not blockers if they didnt block16:19
pmcgowanor blockers coming16:19
ogra_pmcgowan, we only blocked on mako up to today16:19
nik90davmor2: sry, does 203 return the user location if an app has the correct permissions?16:19
ogra_we switch focus ... and with that we start out with a few initial blockers16:20
nik90ogra_: update the channel header16:20
nik90ogra_: cant bear to see traincon-0 mode there16:20
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ogra_nik90, traincon isnt my job to end it :)16:21
ogra_but i added the "last promoted"16:21
robrusil2100: yeah, 6 silos marked testing pass, should I publish them ALL at ONCE?? ;-)16:30
sil2100NO! ;)16:30
sil2100robru: as mentioned, try to be sneakily reasonable with things that land16:31
robruoh right, my spider sense, I forgot ;-)16:31
robrusil2100: are you suggesting you want me to test things?16:32
* cjwatson fixes his dodgy logic in derive-distribution and tries again16:32
Wellarkis it ok to install qml-module-connectivity under16:33
Wellarkdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2014-08-19 22:36 ./usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Connectivity/16:33
Wellark-rw-r--r-- root/root     22904 2014-08-19 22:36 ./usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Connectivity/libconnectivity-qml.so16:33
Wellark-rw-r--r-- root/root        51 2014-08-19 21:54 ./usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Connectivity/qmldir16:33
Wellarkor must I rename the package to be qml-module-ubuntu-connectivity ?16:33
WellarkMirv: this is for https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/connectivity-api/connectivity-service-source-package-shuffle/+merge/23143116:34
Wellarktrainguards: --^16:35
sil2100robru: no no, but I suppose I might negotiate with jfunk someone from QA to help out with landings that we think might be troublesome16:35
* sil2100 goes off to do some paperwordk16:35
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | CI Train support: trainguards | Vanguard (general help): cihelp | CI Train Status: #203 promoted | CI Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | Known issues: citrain struggles with source packages, don't WATCH_ONLY until *after* the source is built in PPA. http://youtu.be/-Rnw0D2AdYU.
cjwatsonbranch refresh in progress now16:37
robrucjwatson: by "branch refresh" you mean you're syncing utopic into rtm?16:38
jfunkrobru: sil2100: keep me posted16:39
sil2100jfunk: sure, for now I need to do some other formalities, but I've been wondering if we could really have someone part-time for sign-off duty in case any risky landings appear16:39
robrulike powerd in silo 2016:40
davmor2sil2100, tvoss: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/location-service/+bug/135986616:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359866 in location-service (Ubuntu) "Location trust service is not started on image 203" [Critical,Confirmed]16:40
cjwatsonrobru: as of the point where image 203 was built, yes16:40
cjwatsonand of course just the relevant subset of packages16:40
davmor2tvoss: please move it if I filed against the wrong project16:41
cjwatsonoh good, the copy-stuff-backwards wheeze worked16:41
mvo_ogra_: if you have moment, could you do me a favor and install the lick from landing 006 on your device and see if that fails for you too? I just reflasht my phone and still can not reproduce the failure and run out of ideas right now how to reproduce16:41
cjwatsone.g. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/unity-scope-click/+publishinghistory16:42
cjwatsonsil2100,robru: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8107553/16:43
cjwatson(ignore stuff below "Copy?")16:44
cjwatsonand I've removed gnutls26, shared-desktop-ontologies, and zsh as indicated there (ubuntu-desktop was a false positive because of reasons)16:46
cjwatsonso that's done16:46
robrucjwatson: whaaaaa? we don't want shared-desktop-ontologies on our phones?16:46
cjwatsonI choose not to care about the reasons it was there in the first place :)16:48
ogra_mvo_, i'll trade that for a "make PK work in phablet-tools" session tomorrow :)16:48
* ogra_ searches for a mako 16:48
cjwatsonI've also added a daily image build of ubuntu-rtm/14.09 ubuntu-touch, scheduled to start at 0302 UTC16:49
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|vt
ogra_mvo_, might take a bit, my battery on my test mako is in red-blinking state ...16:50
cjwatsonso I think the branch is handed over to you lot now, esp since I'm travelling to DebConf tomorrow16:50
ogra_you are not there yet ?16:50
mvo_ogra_: the device shouldn't matter hopefully16:50
* ogra_ thought you flew last week16:50
oSoMoNrobru, it looks like a number of silos are about to land, please consider line 38 for when one frees up :)16:50
mvo_ogra_: I'm here :)16:51
ogra_mvo_, heh, i meant colin :)16:51
cjwatsonogra_: no, last week was worldcon16:51
ogra_ah ... the month of the cons :)16:52
robruoSoMoN: ah, well there is one free and I'd love to assign it to you, but citrain can't seem to connect to the spreadsheet...16:52
* ogra_ twiddles thimbs watching his phone download 203 ... 16:53
ogra_*thumbs too16:53
robruoSoMoN: ok, transient networking failure ;-) you got silo 5!16:54
oSoMoNrobru, awesome, thanks!16:54
robruoSoMoN: you're welcome!16:55
tvossdavmor2, thanks for the bug16:59
ogra_finally it starts flashing ...17:00
=== alan_g|vt is now known as alan_g
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
bzoltanfginther: did somebody switch back the AP tests for the autolanding? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/3764/consoleFull17:10
sil2100kgunn, Saviq: so, is this fixed for good, worked-around or still present? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/1354406 ?17:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1354406 in unity-notifications (Ubuntu) "PIN-locked phone becomes unresponsive after simultaneous alarms" [High,In progress]17:11
bzoltanfginther:  and an other MR failed like this https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic/2452/console17:12
Saviqsil2100, worked around17:12
Saviqsil2100, with minimal user visible impact17:12
sil2100Saviq: will that stay on your radar as a priority17:13
Saviqsil2100, it does stay already17:14
sil2100Excellent, so I remove it from our list17:14
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
ogra_mvo_, ok. finally installed, what do you want me to test/see ?17:23
mvo_ogra_: just install a app from the store please17:24
mvo_ogra_: and if that fails, then the interessting part starts :)17:24
* ogra_ installs googlemaps ... 17:25
ogra_"error while downloading"17:25
mvo_ogra_: aha! I wonder why this works for me, ok, if you could "pkill packagekitd" and run "strace -f -e trace=execve -s1024 /usr/lib/packagekit/packagekitd" and try that again, what kind of messages do you see, most importantly, what error code from debsig-verify17:26
mvo_ogra_: (and maybe gpg)17:26
ogra_i dont think i have strace installed on the device ... one moment17:26
ogra_oh, i do17:27
* ogra_ just rememebrs we seeded it recently 17:27
ogra_mvo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8107809/17:29
ogra_looks like debsig-verify acts just fine17:32
mvo_ogra_: hm, exited with 13, gpg exists earlier with error 2 - unexpected error hmmmm17:34
mvo_ogra_: I need to put the kids to bed, but I come back with more questions :)17:35
MirvWellark: with that path the suggestion would be indeed qml-module-ubuntu-connectivity, and that'd be fine17:51
* Mirv \o/ at promotion17:51
mvo_ogra_: could you please apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108033/ to /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/click/install.py and run "pkcon install-local foo.click" against this particular click again?18:05
mvo_ogra_: that should give the output from gpg18:05
mvo_ogra_: it needs to be a signed click from the store to be useful18:06
ogra_mvo_, hmm18:09
ogra_i guess line 9 is your issue18:10
ogra_(why would it look for roots gpg key)18:10
mvo_gpg: keyblock resource `/root/.gnupg/pubring.gpg': file open error18:10
mvo_ogra_: because … i can not say this in a public channel18:10
mvo_ogra_: you are my hero for today, thanks for this debug output!18:11
sil2100So, I guess the initial sync of ubuntu-rtm is done?18:12
ogra_mvo_, well, i'll hunt you down tomorow for some PK help with phablet-tools ;)18:12
mvo_ogra_: sure! but best in the morning as I'm leaving for debconf18:12
mvo_ogra_: when I remount,ro I get the same error, yay!18:13
jhodappLaney, sounds good...I've continued to use 1.4 in my work trying to solve the video freezing issues without noticing any new problems18:16
cjwatsonsil2100: It is all yours18:16
Laneyjhodapp: great, thanks18:16
mvo_om26er: I think I found the issue now, please ignore my previous questions. ogra_ saved the day18:17
om26ermvo_, \o/18:17
Laneyjhodapp: I think what I did with MAYBE_GERROR is grim by the way and should be purged from the earth as soon as possible18:18
sergiusenssil2100: is there any guidelines on how to operate now?18:20
sil2100sergiusens: I'll send out an e-mail in a moment18:20
sergiusenssil2100: can I forget about ubuntu and just use ubuntu-rtm and then sync back18:20
sil2100Too many paperowrk ;)18:20
sil2100sergiusens: no no18:20
sergiusenssil2100: a great; as I have many questions :-)18:20
sil2100sergiusens: everything needs to land in ubuntu first ;)18:20
sergiusensubuntu first18:21
ralsinasil2100: hello, my boss lucio has asked me to do a practice no-change rtm landing to make sure everything is smooth for the ubuntu-push project... any hints? :-)18:21
sergiusensthen sync to rtm?18:21
sil2100sergiusens: yes, basically ;)18:21
sil2100ralsina: soon an annoucemenent will be made and then we can proceed with everything (tm)18:21
WellarkMirv: updated https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/connectivity-api/connectivity-service-source-package-shuffle/+merge/23143118:22
jhodappLaney, ok, I'll take a look when I get a chance to merge that in18:24
dobeyalecu: ^^ did you change the scope landing?18:34
dobeyoh, i guess so18:34
sil2100ogra_: lockscreen enablement was new in this promotion, right?18:39
sil2100It wasn't in the previous promoted image?18:39
ogra_hmm, that was 172 ... not sure18:39
ogra_mterry, do you remember if the last promoted image had locking support ?18:40
ogra_i think it did ...18:40
sil2100172 sounds like it was already18:40
mterrysil2100, ogra_, it was in the previous one too18:40
sil2100Does anyone remember when we added the bottom-swipe-for-scopes-scope thingy?18:40
* sil2100 seems tired today already18:40
mterrysil2100, that was new in this promoted image18:40
sil2100mterry: \o/18:40
mterrysil2100, don't know which exact image had it18:41
mterrysil2100, I dogfood the promoted images, so I pay attention to such things  :)18:41
alecudobey: yes, I merged the remaining stuff from /devel into the landing18:43
ogra_cjwatson, sil2100, so seeing that rtm email, did we think about how to handle ubuntu feature freeze with out packages ? i expect a good bunch to need FFes in ubuntu first18:45
ogra_*with our18:46
oSoMoNrobru, can silo 5 be published, please?18:55
robruoSoMoN: how badly is it gonna break everything? ;-)18:55
oSoMoNrobru, quite the contrary, it’s supposed to unbreak things :)18:56
robruoSoMoN: oooh I like those!18:56
oSoMoNwell, more accurately, improve performance by a lot18:56
robruoSoMoN: ok I'm just gonna give it a quick smoketest then publish18:56
oSoMoNsounds good, it’s been already tested extensively, but an extra pair of eyes won’t hurt for sure18:57
robruoSoMoN: yeah it's just that there's so many silos left over from traincon, don't want to just "open the floodgates", so I'm trying to space out the landings, do some smoketesting, etc18:57
sil2100ogra_: yeah, I guess we'll need to discuss that a bit more18:57
oSoMoNrobru, makes sense18:58
sergiusenssil2100: can I debsync or do I need to land twice?19:00
sil2100sergiusens: this depends if you have the guarantee that all that you land in ubuntu actually lands in RTM19:01
sergiusenssil2100: I'm only working on rtm features19:01
sil2100sergiusens: since you need to make sure nothing unwanted lands in this distro19:01
sergiusenssil2100: I care less for ubuntu desktop today as none of the things I do are shared19:01
sergiusensseems like instead of spending 4 hours per landing, I'll spend a day or more with this mechanism19:02
sergiusensand really hinders people with trunk == package19:02
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | CI Train support: trainguards | Vanguard (general help): robru | CI Train Status: #203 promoted | CI Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | Known issues: citrain struggles with source packages, don't WATCH_ONLY until *after* the source is built in PPA. http://youtu.be/-Rnw0D2AdYU.
sil2100sergiusens: let's have a chat about that tomorrow19:04
* sil2100 EODs for today19:04
sergiusenssil2100: so I can't land anything today>?19:04
mvo_if someone could double check this  C diff real quick http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108388/ that would be awesome. that should fix the verification issue with RO mounts19:04
sil2100sergiusens: land land, just as per the rules in the e-mail, i.e. the general procedure19:04
robrusergiusens: I'm happy to help you land things today19:04
sil2100sergiusens: we can think of some way of improving it tomorrow19:04
sergiusensrobru: but the policy is really broken19:05
sil2100sergiusens: for now it's like with SRUs19:05
sergiusensbut we still have features19:05
sil2100And I guess that was the idea of this, I suppose19:05
robrusergiusens: at least we can start with your landings for utopic today, and then we can worry about optimising the push to RTM tomorrow19:05
sil2100I have a few ideas on how to do it faster for you19:06
sil2100But that, well, tomorrow19:06
sergiusensrobru: ok19:07
robruoSoMoN: indeed it does feel zippy! ok I'll publish ;-)19:08
oSoMoNrobru, thanks!19:11
robruoSoMoN: you're welcome!19:11
popeyrobru: you aware of bug 1359022 ?19:19
ubot5bug 1359022 in libusermetrics "Welcome screen on image #200 always states that there are no data sources available" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135902219:19
popeybroken in promoted image19:19
robrupopey: no i was not aware19:19
ogra_lets unpromote ... quick !19:20
robrupopey: indeed i can confirm that19:20
robrupopey: what can we do? does anybody know who to assign that to?19:21
popeynot sure at what exact point it broke19:24
rsalvetiogra_: do we have an rtm channel already?19:35
rsalvetiwonder how the image will be built19:35
rsalvetiand why do we need 2 merge proposals? thought just landing on ubuntu and syncing it on rtm would be enough19:35
rsalvetias it's a derived distro anyway19:35
jdstrandcjwatson: what is the correct way to copy a package from utopic to ubuntu-rtm/14.09?19:36
jdstrandcjwatson: last week I tried https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/+localpackagediffs?field.package_type=all, but it didn't work and wgrant said I should not use that interface19:37
robrursalveti: my understanding is that rtm is in feature freeze, you can't just wholesale sync upstream releases there. you need two MPs because you need to MP your features+bugs to utopic, then you need to just cherry pick fixes into a new MP for RTM19:37
jdstrandwgrant: actually, you could certainly answer my question too :)19:37
jdstrandwgrant: ^19:37
rsalvetirobru: right, but what happens when are the same?19:38
rsalvetia sync would be more than enough19:38
robrursalveti: well, in that case *I* am ok with that, but you should really clear that with cjwatson before doing it.19:38
rsalvetimaking two mrs for every landing is super complicated, and a lot of work19:39
Wellarkany vanguards arounds? I would appreciate if someone could ACK the changes I made based on Mirv's comment so we can get silo 19 landed19:40
robruWellark: looking19:40
Wellarkrobru: thanks!19:41
robruWellark: you're welcome. what were mirv's comments?19:41
Wellarkrobru: it's in the MP19:41
robruWellark: ok, lgtm. i see you're rebuilding, thanks19:44
Wellarkrobru: thanks! once the packages are built it's ready for publishing. the last commit just changed the name of one of the binary packages19:45
robruWellark: ok, but can you give it a quick smoketest? not the full test run but just a quick sanity check to make sure nothing imploded.19:46
cjwatsonjdstrand: Use copy-package from lp:ubuntu-archive-tools19:46
Wellarkrobru: sure19:46
robruWellark: thanks19:46
jdstrandcjwatson: ok, easy enough19:46
cjwatsonjdstrand: But, very important, remember that ubuntu-rtm may e.g. have an older glibc, so you should be careful ...19:46
jdstrandsure. this is just data19:46
Wellarkrobru: the qml-module-ubuntu-connectivity us a new package which does not have anyone depending on it yet, but I will install all of them just to be sure19:47
cjwatsonjdstrand: However, the general form for a sync is:  copy-package --from=ubuntu --suite=utopic --to=ubuntu-rtm --to-suite=14.09-proposed -b SOURCE19:47
Wellarkoh, that reminds me of creating a 14.09 series for indicator-network19:47
cjwatsonrsalveti: ^- the "older libraries in ubuntu-rtm" thing is why we can't just sync in general, although in some cases it will certainly be reasonable19:47
cjwatsonjdstrand: do remember to use -proposed - you're an archive admin, so you can technically upload directly to 14.09, but please don't19:47
sergiusensrsalveti: ^19:48
jdstrandfyi, this is for apparmor-easprof-ubuntu (no compiled code, just text files)19:48
rsalveticjwatson: didn't we just sync rtm with today's ubuntu?19:48
jdstrandcjwatson: yep, ack19:48
rsalvetiI thought that this was the idea at least19:48
cjwatsonrsalveti: Today, yes, but from here on they will diverge19:48
rsalvetioh, sure, not worry about that19:48
cjwatsonrsalveti: That's the point - from here on we're disconnecting ubuntu-rtm so that we don't have to worry about drift in utopic development19:49
rsalvetisure, but copy would still make sense depending on the case19:49
cjwatsonIn some cases, yes19:49
rsalvetifrom the email it seems that copy wasn't a solution for any case19:49
jdstrandcjwatson: are people supposed to be able to do direct uploads? Eg, security update in non-citrain software19:50
sergiusensmost of us are targetting rtm features and bugs only19:50
cjwatsonrsalveti: yeah, I'm sure we'll figure some of this out as we go along19:50
sergiusensthere is no cherry picking needed19:50
cjwatsonjdstrand: component permissions match, although there are no packageset permissions set up yet (I need to sit with Steve and get him to do that for me)19:50
jdstrandcjwatson: what does distribution name look like in the changelog? is dput just an [ubuntu-rtm] based off of /etc/dput.cf?19:50
cjwatsonjdstrand: but for ubuntu-core-dev it should work19:50
cjwatsonjdstrand: I'd just use "devel" since that saves teaching vim and so on that it's legal, but "14.09" should work too19:51
Wellarkrobru: somebody should probably update something now that I created a ubuntu-rtm branch for indicator-network https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-network/trunk.14.0919:51
jdstrandwhoa, that will take some getting used to :)19:51
jdstrandcjwatson: then this in ~/.dput.cf:19:52
jdstrandfqdn= upload.ubuntu.com19:52
jdstrandmethod= ftp19:52
jdstrandincoming= /ubuntu19:52
jdstrandlogin= anonymous19:52
cjwatsonjdstrand: incoming = /ubuntu-rtm19:52
Wellarkso that the MP's targeted and packages built from trunk.14.09 land in ubuntu-rtm archive19:52
jdstrandminus the cruddy paste chars19:52
jdstrandah yes, of course19:52
cjwatsonjdstrand: or, alternatively, wgrant suggested using http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108731/ and then "dput lp:ubuntu-rtm foo.changes"19:53
sergiusenscjwatson: rsalveti in any case we can put the soure package into the silo for rtm to make it rebuild, right?19:53
sergiusensand test, and all that stuff we say we do19:53
cjwatsonsergiusens: yes, though if you're rebuilding I would recommend using a different version number to avoid confusion19:53
cjwatsonsergiusens: it should also be possible to do a source+binary copy into a silo19:54
jdstrandcjwatson: yeah, nice. we do something like that for our security ppas19:54
sergiusenscjwatson: appending rtm ala PES?19:54
cjwatsonsergiusens: I think I would personally slightly prefer appending ~rtm119:54
sergiusenssource+binary is better19:54
cjwatsonsince it's kind of a backport19:55
cjwatsonbut yeah, source+binary less work if you can19:55
sergiusensack on ~rtm119:55
jdstrandcjwatson: thanks!19:56
jdstrandwgrant: nm, cjwatson helped me19:56
cjwatsonjdstrand: incidentally, we got rid of gnutls26 from ubuntu-rtm apparently, you're welcome ;-)19:57
jdstrandoh, nice!19:57
jdstrandthough, I really need to figure out what support means for ubuntu-rtm19:57
* jdstrand has a todo19:57
robruWellark: no need. that information is not codified anywhere other than your own branches. just make MPs for rtm against your RTM branch, and set 'rtm' in the spreadsheet when you make a request, and there is no other "citrain config" that needs to be updated.20:00
* sergiusens just sent a summary with the conversation here20:01
robrucjwatson: quick packaging ack? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-018-2-publish/5/artifact/packaging_changes_unity-scope-click_0.1.1+14.10.20140821-0ubuntu1.diff just a couple new deps.20:02
Wellark"Ubuntu RTM doesn't use Launchpad as its bug tracker. Without a bug URL to watch, the Ubuntu RTM status will not update automatically."20:04
Wellarkcould we have that added so I can attach "also affects distribution/package" to relevant bugs20:04
Wellarkas the landings for rtm and ubuntu 14.10 are separated20:05
charleshaven't we been using tags for that function?20:05
Wellarkcharles: well, there is now an actual distro registered in LP20:05
Wellarkrobru: ok, thanks. could somebody still enable bug tracking for ubuntu-rtm so we can manage the bugs per distro properly20:11
Wellarkor at least I could ;)20:12
robruWellark: i don't have that power. maybe wgrant can do that?20:12
Wellark+ I need some access-fu to the ubuntu-rtm bugs so that I can set their priority for my relevant source packages20:12
Wellarkrobru: do the packages that are build for the ubuntu-rtm archive have "ubuntu-rtm" or something appended to their version strings to set them apart from ubuntu 14.10 packages?20:17
cjwatsonrobru: bit too dead to think, could you find somebody else, sorry?20:17
Wellarkas the contents might be different20:17
cjwatsonWellark: doesn't look like I can - you'll need to find a member of ~techboard to do it20:17
cjwatsonit should probably match /ubuntu20:17
cjwatsonWellark: citrain puts rtm somewhere in their versions, yes20:18
cjwatsonI forget the latest scheme20:18
* Wellark goes to bug ~techboard20:18
Wellarkcjwatson: great!20:18
WellarkI think we can make this work20:18
robruinfinity: around for a quick packaging ack? this one is super easy! just a couple new deps: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-018-2-publish/5/artifact/packaging_changes_unity-scope-click_0.1.1+14.10.20140821-0ubuntu1.diff20:19
infinityrobru: Looking.20:20
Wellarkoh, ~techboard only has 7 members.. maybe ~pspmteam would be more appropriate Maintainer for ubuntu-rtm20:21
Wellarkinfinity, slangasek: you are the only members of ~techboard here. could you please enable bug tracking for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/20:23
infinityWellark: Done.20:23
Wellarkinfinity: sweet20:24
infinityWell, assuming LP's timeout didn't mean anything. :P20:24
infinityrobru: The changelog doesn't really illuminate why those deps were added.  Maybe a full diff would be more helpful, do you have one to point me at?20:25
Wellarkinfinity: could you also set Bug supervisor to ~ubuntu-bugcontrol for now to at least match what we have on lp:ubuntu20:25
robruinfinity: here's the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/unity-scope-click/merge-devel/+merge/23145020:25
Wellarkfor ubuntu-rtm it might make sense to have a more relaxed team to be able to triage and set priorities on bugs20:26
Wellarkbut I'm happy with ~ubuntu-bugcontrol for now20:26
infinityIf I could see how to do that...20:26
infinitywgrant: How does one set the bug supervisor on a distro?20:26
Wellarkinfinity: from http://bugs.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-rtm20:27
infinitywgrant: Nevermind.20:27
Wellarkthere is a Bug supervisor field you should be able to modify20:27
infinityWellark: Done.20:27
Wellarkinfinity: thanks!20:28
alecuinfinity: we've added a script in that branch to enable showing apps with prices during the beta. That script uses gdbus and the upstart tools, so that's why the new dependencies20:28
Wellarkinfinity: looks a lot better20:28
infinityalecu: Right, seeing that in the full MP.20:32
infinityalecu: Would be nicer to be more explicit about such things in changelogs.20:32
infinityalecu: Or in comments in debian/control or whatever, so future developers don't wonder "hey, why does this depend on this, and can I drop it?"20:33
infinityrobru: Good enough.20:33
alecuinfinity: makes sense. Should I do such a change in the changelog?20:33
infinityalecu: Would be nice if you did, yeah.20:34
infinityalecu: Debian packaging tends to build up cruft over time as people are afraid to drop deps/build-deps cause they don't know why they're there. :P20:34
infinityalecu: Being able to search on them in the changelog is a big help.20:34
infinityalecu: Or commenting each dep/build-dep in debian/control, if that's your style (it's not mine).20:35
alecuinfinity: would this be enough? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~alecu/unity-scope-click/merge-devel/revision/27020:39
alecuI'm rebuilding the silo with that.20:39
robrualecu: cool, looks good to me20:39
robruwhew, 3 free silos for the first time since traincon started ;-)20:40
infinityalecu: Looks good to me.20:54
alecugreat, thanks.20:54
robruWellark: did you get a chance to check silo 19?21:10
Wellarkrobru: doing it right now21:13
robruWellark: sweeet21:13
robruveebers: gave you silo 5 for autopilot-legacy. plenty of silos to go around now!21:15
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | CI Train support: trainguards | Vanguard (general help): cihelp | CI Train Status: #203 promoted | CI Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | Known issues: citrain struggles with source packages, don't WATCH_ONLY until *after* the source is built in PPA. http://youtu.be/-Rnw0D2AdYU.
veebersrobru: awesome thanks. Feeling silo-rich :-)21:20
robruveebers: https://code.launchpad.net/~veebers/autopilot/legacy-update-from-distro/+merge/229739 uh, this doesn't look like. a) if you're syncing distro into trunk, you don't want to put that through citrain, because that'll trigger a redundant release of already-released changes. so that should likely just get pushed direct to trunk without citrain. but also21:23
robruif you're syncing distro to trunk, where's the debian/changelog changes? you gotta sync the whole diff21:23
veebersrobru: oh hmm, the MP commit message is out of date. It started of being a sync of distro code, but I then pushed that straight to 'trunk' this code isn't in distro (and is a pre-req for the other MP that depends on it)21:26
robruveebers: oh ok21:31
veebersrobru: good catch though, I'll update the commit message on that MP21:31
robruveebers: thanks21:31
robruveebers: actaully it was the branch name itself that caught my eye, 'update-from-distro', if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have read it in more depth ;-)21:32
veebersrobru: ah right :-) Well, that's what it started off as then I synced it then used that branch for adding that fix, so it was me being lazy I guess21:33
robruveebers: no worries, thanks for clarifying21:34
popeyjibel: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359022 might want to add that to your QA list to monitor, it's regressed since the last promoted image.22:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359022 in libusermetrics "Welcome screen on image #200 always states that there are no data sources available" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:18
alecurobru: did a quick test of the click scope to check that things were ok after rebuilding with the fix in debian/changelog. infinity gave the packaging ack, so the silo should be ready to land now.22:18
robrualecu: thanks!22:18
alecuyw, but it's just my job :-)22:19
robrualecu: yeah mine too ;-)22:20
Wellarkrobru: silo 19 smoke tested and green22:29
robruWellark: excellent! Thanks!22:36
robruinfinity: new binary packages needing review if you have a minute https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-019-2-publish/22:37
Wellarkinfinity: the changelogs shed some light on the situation22:44
robruWellark: he is a stickler for those changelogs, hope yours is good! ;-)22:44
Wellarkunfortunately ci-train does not keep the formatting intact22:44
Wellarkor jenkins, or whatever22:45
Wellarkit kills the newlines22:45
Wellarkso bulletin lists gets hard to read22:45
robruWellark: yeah i never did figure it which component of the train was responsible for the line reflowing22:46
Wellarkit's those small things you can't trace down which seem to have a life of their own22:47
Wellarkand then.. Skynet22:48
Wellarkon August 29th 2014.. Canonical jenkins became self-aware22:49
infinityWellark: If Jenkins became self-aware, it'd be like that slow cousin who eats dirt and can't pronounce "specific".22:59

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