RAOFLaney: Huh.00:55
RAOFLaney: I saw in the emails colord adt flipping between pass and fail; since there haven't been any uploads I assumed it was transient failure from dependencies...00:57
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pittiLaney: OOI, are you going to let dbus in after traincon-0 has lifted?07:01
LaneyRAOF: Yeah, I ran it verbosely and saw it wasn't being bus activated in the VM with old dbus, so all the tests were being skipped which makes the testsuite "pass"08:04
Laneyat least the daemon tests08:04
Laneypitti: yeah08:04
Laneymorning all!08:04
larsuhi Laney!08:06
seb128hey Laney08:07
seb128good morning desktopers08:07
Laneyhey larsu & seb12808:08
Laneyhow are you!08:08
Laneyautumn is here08:10
seb128good, here as well, it sucks!08:11
Laneythis looks better08:13
seb128when do you fly?08:17
larsuLaney: I'm great (except for a bit of a sore throat), thanks!08:21
larsuportland! Color me jealous08:21
Laneyseb128: tomorrow08:22
seb128Laney, going to be online during the day?08:22
Laneythe flight is at like 10am08:24
seb128I'm having the afternoon off today, so have a safe trip in advance ;-)08:24
Laneygoing to stay down in london tonight08:24
seb128(I'm still there this morning)08:24
Laneyoh cool, have a good afternoon ;-)08:24
seb128you like cats, don't you? ;-) (I do too :p)08:26
pittihey larsu, wie gehts?08:34
larsupitti: great, thanks! Had a nice holiday in Sri Lanka and India. How are you?08:36
pittilarsu: tired :) but ok otherwise; I just had some nice holidays in Gardinia last week :)08:36
larsuhehe, nice08:37
SamwiseGamgeeWhat URI address should I use in Shutter to upload my desktop image to imgur.com?08:55
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seb128ok, lunch time and I've the afternoon off, see you later or tomorrow11:29
seb128safe travel Laney11:29
Laneycheers, enjoy the cats11:29
seb128thanks ;-)11:29
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Laneyis gdocs borked in firefox for anyone other than me?13:57
LaneyEvery time I click on a document I get a "File Unavilable" error13:57
pittiI often get that for particular documents13:57
pittiworks on others13:58
pittithat doesn't smell like a client-side issue, though13:58
Laneyit doesn't happen in chromium for me anyway14:01
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Laneypitti: can we mark the gir packages build from src:gobject-introspection as M-A: foreign?14:25
pittiLaney: hmm, good question14:26
pittiLaney: I'd have said "same"14:26
pittiLaney: mvo_ was working on multi-arching them14:26
LaneyI grepped the archive and there's a few foreign gir1.2s already14:27
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Laneyanyway, this is the reason for u-s-s not having x-installable build-deps14:28
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mvo_Laney: there is a open bugreport, let me search it14:33
mvo_Laney: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=75587414:34
ubot5Debian bug 755874 in gobject-introspection "gobject-introspection: [patch] use multi-arch pathes for the .typelib files" [Wishlist,Open]14:34
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Laneymvo_: aha, that transition sounds like fun14:36
Laneypitti: do you have plans to do it?14:36
mvo_Laney: yeah, thats a bit of a pain indeed, trivial but lots of packages14:36
pittiLaney: I haven't talked to mvo recently about the current status14:53
pitti(sorry, in meeting)14:53
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pittikenvandine: can you top-approve https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/unity-scope-scopes/use-langpack/+merge/231403 please? I can't, and it's holding up the publication15:56
kenvandinepitti, sure15:56
pittikenvandine: (all other similar branches were approved)15:56
pittikenvandine: cheers!15:56
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Laneysee you17:03
LaneyI'll be offline tomorrow mostly, for travelling17:03
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mterryIs there a way to run indicator-network on the desktop?  Even if I run the executable directly, it complains about URfkill not being available20:35
robert_ancellTheMuso, did the screen reader key change in the desktop or has it always been different in the greeter21:26
TheMusorobert_ancell: It changed in the desktop.21:38
TheMusoWhen we originally added that keystroke, none was defined even in the desktop.21:39
TheMusoBecause at the time, Orca wasn't a user session service, it was an app. Now its much more a user session service.21:40
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