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PerfMelky, my gurl.07:59
PerfMI knew I would find you some where.07:59
elkyI was in the channel you left to go puke.08:00
PerfMI forgot what it was tho08:01
elkyyou were looking for me?08:03
PerfMYeah. I wanted to know how many ubuntu channels I am banned from, and how I redeem myself.08:05
Tm_TI think the number of channels you are banned from is irrelevant08:05
PerfMTm_T, this is an A, B conversation. Why don't you C yourself out.08:06
Tm_TI am C indeed08:06
PerfMrww,  fyi I'M A GIRL AND I HATE YOU08:18
Tm_Thate is love?08:18
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silverliongood evening21:45
silverlionI just good approved to be an ubuntu member this week and that's why I'd like to request my cloak "ubuntu/member/silverlion" if possible21:46
k1lplease link your launchpad profile, silverlion. and then wait for a IRCC member to do the work :)21:47
silverlionk1l, there you go: https://launchpad.net/~silverlion21:48
silverlionk1l, do i have to wait here for instructions or can I leave?22:01
k1lthe usual way is to wait for a IRCC member to verify and then the freenode staff will set the cloak if everything is allright. bu i dont know if they are available right now22:02
silverlionk1l, kk then I'll return tomorrow afternoon22:03
silverlionthanks for your time and help!!!22:04
k1lnp, gn822:04
hggdhstaff -- please set a cloak ubuntu/member/silverlion for silverlion22:10
Priceyhggdh: please repeat?23:15
hggdhPricey: OK, what did I do wrong here?23:37

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