dholbachgood morning06:44
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wxlhey folks can someone tell me where ubuntu-us-or-owner@lists.ubuntu.com points? is it automatic based on launchpad ownership?17:11
wxl(it doesn't appear to be)17:11
belkinsawxl, keep in mind what is LoCo team is using for ML.  The lists.ubuntu one could be a old one before your LoCo decided to use the LP one.17:12
skellatOhio is actually an outlier in still using the LP list17:13
skellatAs to the lists.ubuntu.com list, that one is not based on LP ownership17:13
wxlbelkinsa: oh duh17:14
* wxl smacks himself on the head17:14
skellatMany, many LoCos use the lists.u.c list.  Ohio is one of the few that doesn't.17:14
wxlthat's listed as the contact email. i didn't even notice the lists17:14
* wxl is a dork17:14
skellatwxl: It is okay17:14
* wxl is trying to get everything rounded up for a global jam event17:14
wxlbtw i've received an autoreply from rt regarding website hosting but so far nothing else. does it take a while to get a response, i.e. is the backlog rather large? i woudln't be surprised if it isn't.17:15
skellatwxl: You can try pinging them in #canonical-sysadmin17:15
wxlthx as always skellat 17:16
skellatNo problem.  Anything else I can assist you with at this time?17:16
wxlnot currently!17:17
skellatExcellent.  Good luck.17:17
* skellat disappears back to the Community Council meeting he was in...17:17

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