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dufluRAOF: I've landed as much as I safely can, manually. But there's reasonable evidence people stop doing reviews when Jenkins gives spurious "Needs fixing"... https://code.launchpad.net/mir/+activereviews03:52
RAOFduflu: Yeah, I'm on it.03:52
dufluAlthough presently the problem might not be spurious. It might be our fault03:52
rsalvetiAlbertA: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-system-compositor/+bug/135953004:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359530 in unity-system-compositor (Ubuntu) "Device trying to suspend when screen is turned off by proximity sensor (during a call)" [High,Confirmed]04:20
RAOFCommit before pushing, push before rerunning the tests!04:29
* RAOF does his bit to ensure that the mako test devices stay nice and warm05:23
* RAOF decides that actually landing privatise-all-the-things so that libmirserver25 is coinstallable with libmirserver24 is a better use of time than futzing with mir_install_packages.sh to work around that problem.06:28
alan_gduflu: @~vanvugt/mir/revert-to-r1831 we think alike - that was the next thing I was going to try. Bisecting via CI is going to be slow though.08:53
duflualan_g: Faster than not doing it I guess08:53
dufluHuh. We release Mir debs for arm64. Is there any hardware other than the build machine we could run these on?08:56
alan_gNot in my office but I get the impression that we default to releasing for any platform that exists in archive.09:02
alan_gduflu: I've worked out a way to replicate the symptoms. Just not sure how it can be affecting CI. Got headspace to listen?09:11
alan_gI start by removing the libmirplatformgraphics.so in lib09:14
alan_gThen when running e.g. mir_integration_tests the ambient version of libmirplatformgraphics.so is picked up.09:14
alan_gSo mir_integration_tests links to a local libmircommon.so.209:14
alan_gBut the ambient version of libmirplatformgraphics.so links to a global libmircommon.so.109:14
alan_gAnd and two different libmircommon.so.* both tryt to register wit libprotobuf09:14
alan_gAnd that gives us "libprotobuf ERROR..."09:15
alan_gThe question therefore is: could we pick up the wrong libmirplatformgraphics.so in CI?09:16
duflualan_g: Sounds obvious then if there are two libmircommon.so*09:16
duflualan_g: Oh, ambient means system installed?09:16
duflualan_g: This sounds like a continuation of that "how did USC build when it should have failed" discussion. The CI system is probably using too much of the installed system over the new Mir being built and tested.09:18
alan_gI'm tempted to revert -c 1846 to see if that picks up the new libmircommon09:18
dufluCan we force the environment of phablet-test-thingy to look in the newly built lib/ first?09:18
dufluBecause it really should09:18
* duflu is distracted exploring the bleeding edge phone image09:19
alan_gI'm sure we can. (Might need to bully ci-eng)09:19
duflualan_g: Similarly, teach them to set up PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment correctly for USC/qtmir silo builds09:20
dufluIf that is them09:20
* alan_g isn't sure if there is a "them" and not loads of well meaning passers by09:21
* duflu assumes there are CI Gnomes somewhere who know how things work09:27
* alan_g used to think that until he went spelunking through some build problems09:29
alan_gAnyway, I've got my day ahead to pursue this idea. Thanks for listening09:30
* alan_g decides trying to dlopen "libmirplatformgraphics.so" is probably a bad idea when we ought to care about getting the one we're testing.10:37
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anpok_alan_g: i was just able to reproduce the issue12:22
anpok_.. well .. i did not try to ..12:22
anpok_and in my case it is caused by broken relative link support.. so it cannot pick libmirplatformgraphics.so so i guess it takes the older one in /usr/lib ..12:25
anpok_alan_g: just as you said because it opens libmirplatformgraphics.so and failes to do because of the broken link it pulls in the systems libmircommon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8105879/12:32
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alan_ganpok_: That gives the same symptoms - I've yet to prove it is the same thing as happens in CI.12:51
anpok_hmm yes .. it could be because, as you said link against the system mircommon .. or like in the vm load the wrong platformgraphics.so hmm12:52
alan_ganpok_: it is a very plausible theory. (And I believe it.) But I'm awaiting proof from CI before claiming it as a solution.12:53
alan_ganpok_: this "broken relative link support" - is that specific to the emulator, or could it be affecting phone images?13:04
alan_gSpecifically the makos in CI13:04
anpok_alan_g: special to the 9p virtual file system.. it seems to fail exposing links to the virtual machine13:11
alan_gThanks. I'm still trying to understand the exact failure mechanism in CI.13:13
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robotfuelkgunn: can you have someone look at this mir bug, I am not sure if it's qtubuntu, mir, or platform api https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/135887414:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1358874 in mir (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/system-settings:11:_M_weak_release:~__weak_count:~__weak_ptr:~weak_ptr:~CachedPtr" [Undecided,New]14:53
kgunnAlbertA2: camako either of you wanna have some pointer tracking "fun" :)14:55
kgunnor anpok_ even ^14:56
kgunnvolunteers ?14:56
kgunnrobotfuel: so that error report says ubuntu-system-settings, but do we know anything more ? like what was happening? opening or closing or just using settings at the time ?14:57
camakokgunn, sure14:58
kgunncamako: looks like the startup phase of u-s-s....14:59
robotfuelkgunn: no I'll get video of it today15:00
kgunnrobotfuel: cool...the trace suggests startup of settings...but video would be awesome15:00
robotfuelkgunn: I also have this one that needs someone assigned to it. I am not sure who it should be. https://bugs.launchpad.net/barajas/+bug/135927015:14
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 1359270 not found15:14
AlbertA2robotfuel: I can take a look at that15:17
robotfuelAlbertA2: what's your launchpad id?15:25
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mibofraAlbertA2, hi. I think that more or less my setup it's like an unflipped image of utouch, so everything have to work ok. At this point I think it's a driver issue.15:42
AlbertA2mibofra: umm any idea which driver call maybe causing the segfault?15:43
AlbertA2or which opengl/egl call?15:43
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mibofrano I've to debug it AlbertA2. Think about that I'm on the cm11, as I can see on the porting guide the android base used it's an essential cm10.115:45
AlbertA2mibofra: which android version do you have?15:46
AlbertA24.4.1? 4.2?15:46
mibofrayeah the 4.4.4 I've checked15:47
AlbertA2I wonder if they have changed the opengl dispatcher table again...15:47
AlbertA2there could be subtle TLS bugs15:48
AlbertA2when using gnulibc vs bionic15:48
mibofraAlbertA2, it's to be checked15:52
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kgunnthanks AlbertA2 for diving in on that one16:05
mibofraAlbertA2, I've an idea, or well I think it was activated but It's deactivated every reboot of the phone16:47
mibofrathe trace of opengl on logcat on the dev options16:48
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mibofraok AlbertA2 there is anything new16:53
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mibofraok AlbertA2 I've asked, maybe you're write, there is the probability that the table from cm10.1 to 11 was changed17:07
mibofraAlbertA2, (I'm controlling the code on github) if the problem is the opengl dispatcher table, do you (the devs/engineers of the mir team) can do anything or do you can do nothing because officially you're using as base cm10.1?17:14
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anpok_kgunn: saw my nick hilighted, have I been volunteered?17:24
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AlbertA2mibofra: we are officially using 4.4.1 now17:39
mibofraanyway AlbertA2 if the dispatcher table of opengl?17:49
AlbertA2the main thing there is the optimization17:49
AlbertA2where they use TLS to store the pointer and hardcode it17:49
AlbertA2you can check17:50
AlbertA2if the TLS is being corrupted17:50
AlbertA2but I doubt it, since you can get the driver working on the server side...17:51
AlbertA2but I don't know if there's some interplay in the client thread context with TLS that we are missing17:51
camakoanpok, it was about https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1358874 ... I took it on. No action on your part.17:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1358874 in mir (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/system-settings:11:_M_weak_release:~__weak_count:~__weak_ptr:~weak_ptr:~CachedPtr" [Undecided,New]17:52
mibofraAlbertA2, I'm going to have dinner, cm10.1 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native/blob/cm-10.1/opengl/libs/EGL/egl_tls.h https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native/blob/cm-10.1/opengl/libs/EGL/egl_tls.cpp , cm11 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native/blob/cm-11.0/opengl/libs/EGL/egl_tls.h https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native/blob/cm-11.0/opengl/libs/EGL/egl_tls.cpp I've made18:18
mibofra2 diffs: egl_tls.cpp diff http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108125/ egl_tls.h diff http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108127/ . See you after dinner.18:18
kgunnanpok_: nah, you're good18:26
AlbertA2mibofra: https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=aosp/platform/frameworks/native.git;a=blob;f=opengl/libs/GLES2/gl2.cpp;h=3134e568fe984315dae7bf3c1fd4714359b7b7ba;hb=refs/heads/phablet-4.4.1_r118:30
AlbertA2mibofra: we are using aosp: https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/#/admin/projects/18:31
AlbertA2mibofra: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AndroidDevel18:33
AlbertA2basically this is the android base we use:18:33
AlbertA2"repo init -u https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/p/aosp/platform/manifest.git -b phablet-4.4.2_r1"18:34
AlbertA2that's for the dev version of ubuntu touch18:35
mibofraAlbertA2, I've to confront. So maybe it's the different base the problem19:10
mibofraAlbertA2, from the source you're using and cm11 I've only this diff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8108505/19:18
mibofrafor gl2.cpp19:18
mibofralet's try the egl_tls19:20
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mibofrauhm AlbertA2 there are no differences for egl_tls19:25

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