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matv1_so what does Detectable autorepeat not supported mean?01:06
matv1_my app runs on the desktp but crashes on the phone with said error..01:06
matv1_matv1 fixed it01:36
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dholbachgood morning06:45
pittisil2100, seb128: FYI, please see my last comment on bug 135919107:44
ubot5bug 1359191 in language-pack-touch-es (Ubuntu) "Needs new language packs for projects that enabled langpack translations" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135919107:44
pittisil2100: so we now can land my branches at any time and without having to wait for launchpad and new langpacks, which should make this whole mess much easier07:45
seb128pitti, oh, nice, thanks for doing that ;-)07:45
pittiI locally tested the new langpack on the phone; they are building now07:45
pittiso if we want to publish a new image today these will pick up the new langpacks07:45
nhainesI'm crossing my fingers for you guys on promotion.07:46
sil2100Oh, let me check that07:49
pittisil2100: so if you are keen on cleaning up some silos I think releasing PPA-12 is reasonably safe now07:51
pittiargh, except that someone needs to top-approve https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/unity-scope-scopes/use-langpack/+merge/23140307:52
pittiseems robru already tried to unleash it07:52
oSoMoNtvoss, hey, have you seen bug #1359251 ? I’m wondering if you could comment to shed a light on how the location service works in this regard?08:15
ubot5bug 1359251 in webbrowser-app "[webapps] Denying geolocation permission doesn’t inform the requester of the denial" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135925108:15
tvossoSoMoN, commented08:25
oSoMoNtvoss, I’m not seeing the comment, could it be lp being slow?08:27
tvossoSoMoN, sigh, it ate my comment08:27
oSoMoNlaunchpad eats comments for breakfast08:28
oSoMoNand it likes them fresh08:29
tvossoSoMoN, hit refresh08:30
oSoMoNtvoss, thanks!08:30
tvossoSoMoN, sure08:31
tvossoSoMoN, I think we should look into how to report the error from qtlocation08:31
tvossoSoMoN, btw: the app has no idea of the trust store or trust prompt interaction -> on purpose :)08:31
oSoMoNtvoss, yeah, that’s what I thought, thanks for confirming08:31
oSoMoNit really wouldn’t be secure to trust the app with interaction with the trust store, I guess08:32
tvossoSoMoN, yup, we could save all effort in that case08:32
oSoMoNtvoss, who would be the right person to assign this bug to, for qtubuntu-sensors?08:33
tvossoSoMoN, unfortunately, me08:33
Laneytvoss: please look at my platform-api branch, feature freeze is today09:03
tvossLaney, done, should we get it in a silo?09:06
Laneytvoss: sure, that'd be good09:07
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Senior Citizens Day! :-D09:07
wesleymasonJust got pinged on G+ by someone about an issue they're having with the emulator: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224047409:30
wesleymasonsuggested they might try an i386 device as I've never had good luck with armhf display on this machine, reason I've been testing on my nexus 709:31
ogra_pitti, i think the latest system-settings actually has a wipe/factory-reset option via a dbus interface i wonder if that would be usable09:42
bzoltanmvo_: ping09:51
mvo_bzoltan: pong09:53
bzoltanmvo_: hello there. I have a most likely silly question :) Would it be possible to support the native chroots with click? Like real armhf click chroot09:54
mvo_bzoltan: so armhf click chroot on a armhf system you mean?09:55
bzoltanmvo_: no, armhf click chroot on an x86 system.09:56
bzoltanmvo_:  a real armhf chroot with armhf Qt tools and toolchain09:56
mvo_bzoltan: right, and we would run the armhf binaries using something like qemu?09:57
bzoltanmvo_: yes, just as pbuilder type of chroots do09:57
mvo_bzoltan: I don't have much experience with that, cjwatson or slangasek probably know better why its done the current way (sorry)10:00
cjwatsonIt would probably be disastrously bad because qemu and Qt aren't friends.10:00
bzoltanmvo_:  the current way is perfect from the point of performance and practicality ... native toolchain with the target APIs and stuff. That is cool and fine.10:01
cjwatsonJust as we see with virtual PPAs.10:01
bzoltancjwatson: what would be the offer for building qmake projects?10:01
cjwatsonWe need to fix those to cross-build.10:01
cjwatsonI'm pretty sure trying to use qemu would wind up being a non-productive time sink debugging issues none of us have any experience with, and that upstream has historically not been able to help with.10:02
cjwatsonThat's been the story with PPAs.10:02
cjwatson(Unfortunately; but there you have it ...)10:02
bzoltancjwatson: yes, I can confirm that. Still we should have something for qmake projects. People are desperately trying to figure out all kind of ideas how to make app porting easier when there are hundreds of good apps using qmake.10:06
pittiogra_: yeah, Sergio mentioned that yesterday, that sounds useful10:06
pittiogra_: so perhaps that should get an option to save network connections? (that seems easiest, as the d-bus backend is already running as root I suppose)10:07
ogra_pitti, seen my commant on the bugg ?10:07
cjwatsonbzoltan: I know, just too many things to do ...10:07
ogra_why do you need to save it at all ?10:07
cjwatsonbzoltan: Just don't think we should go down what's proven to be a rat-hole in the past, that's all10:08
ogra_pitti, i could imagine something like: phablet-config factory-reset (calling the dbus function); adb wait-for-device; phablet-network -n /path/to/local/netwrok/file10:09
ogra_as a replacement10:09
bzoltancjwatson: what about target specific toolchain + sysroots? I have seen that model working? True, that it is not cheap to maintain.10:10
ogra_pitti, that would be what CI or smoke testing use ...10:10
pittiogra_: I'd still like the saving part, so that it's convenient for running tests locall10:11
pittiand we don't have to add another config file10:11
pittiogra_: ah, saw your comment10:11
ogra_well, i wonder if you could get the password from NM somehow ...10:11
cjwatsonbzoltan: Sounds no easier to do that than to fix what we have :)10:11
cjwatsonbzoltan: And definitely horrific ongoing maintenance costs because it'd be a big impedance mismatch10:11
bzoltancjwatson: Right. Is it easy to understand what it takes to fix what we have?10:12
ogra_pitti, after all nm-applet is able to show the password to you, so there must be a way for the pahblet user to get it somehow10:12
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pittiogra_: ah, good point; yeah, I suppose we can read them over -dbus10:13
ogra_(via a dbus request)10:13
pittiand d-bus too10:13
pitti(or +dbus?)10:13
ogra_heh, der bus iis schon weg10:13
* pitti prefers d-bike10:13
ogra_(shirtest pop song ever btw ... 7sec or so )10:14
pittiogra_: so anyway, I think this should be an option10:14
ogra_yeah :)10:14
pittiogra_: i. e. either do a full factory reset, or one with maintianing network connections (it's just so convenient and useful)10:14
ogra_i'll look into that after i have cracked the package install problem ... (i still have no proper idea here)10:14
cjwatsonbzoltan: I don't know, sorry, currently trying to prepare to go to a conference and rebranch RTM :)10:15
pittiogra_: oh, I'm happy to work on this, I'd just like to agree on a rough structure and whether it's acceptable to you10:15
ogra_pitti, yeah, just a switch to phablet-config factory-reset10:15
cjwatsonbzoltan: I'll put it on my list for September though10:15
nik90tvoss: nice linux voice interview :)10:15
bzoltancjwatson: OK :) thanks10:15
pittiogra_: ok; then you could either use phablet-config factory-reset --keep-network, or phablet-config factory-reset followed by phablet-network (which already exists)10:16
pittiogra_: or perhaps even more granular: phablet-config save-network / phablet-config factory-reset / phablet-config restore-network ?10:17
pittiogra_: most people wouldn't notice, as they just call adt-run; and for scripts it's more flexible10:17
ogra_yeah, sounds good too ... just more to add to the help function though :)10:18
pittiogra_: ok, so perhaps I'll go with that; if we ever want a factory-reset --keep-network it could just re-use those two other building blocks10:20
pittiogra_: thanks! I'll send a summary to the bug10:20
ogra_thanks !10:20
ogra_glad we could find a solution :)10:20
pittiogra_: sent to the bug10:23
tvossnik90, thank you :)10:24
tvossnik90, did they end up putting my entirely un-geeky desk on the back of the issue?10:24
nik90tvoss: there were 2 pictures of you in the article itself..let me check10:25
nik90tvoss: oh yes they did!10:26
nik90tvoss: wow well organized desk10:26
tvossnik90, well, yeah ... my wife helps by constantly reminding me if it becomes unorganized10:26
* nik90 cleans his desk10:28
pittiogra_: actually, I suppose the save/restore should go to phablet-network, not phablet-config10:28
ogra_hmm, yeah10:28
pittiah no, maybe not10:28
pittiwhile the name sounds like that, the help and implementation doesn't10:28
ogra_well, you get restore fro free10:28
ogra_if you use phablet-network10:28
pittiyeah, restore == phablet-network10:29
pittiogra_: we'll have to craft an NM config file from the nm-cli data (as we can't directly read the files), but that shoudln't be too hard10:30
ogra_pitti, no10:30
ogra_pitti, we need to use dbus queries to get ssid and key ... thats all10:30
ogra_(thats all phablet-network uses actually)10:30
pittiit pushes the whole file, with UUID, ipv4/6 methods, and all the other fun bits (coudl also be an ad-hoc network etc.)10:31
ogra_phablet-network (restore) only needs these two for its nmcli call10:31
ogra_no, dont look at the old code ;)10:31
pittiogra_: I'm looking at phablet-network in bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/phablet-tools/10:32
ogra_yes, better look at my MP ;)10:32
pittiogra_: ack, thanks10:32
ogra_it still uses the file from the PC ... or a supplied file on the PC as input10:33
ogra_but nmcli to set up the network on the device10:33
ogra_so only the input chain needs changing10:33
pittihttps://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/phablet-tools/pahblet-network-drop-root/+merge/230864 ?10:34
ogra_adb shell "nmcli device wifi connect ${SSID} password '${KEY}'"10:34
pittimeh, factory reset doesn't work with dual-boot10:37
* pitti tries with emulator10:37
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pittiogra_: oh, phablet-config is python, great; I was afraid having to parse complex D-bus structures as text in shell :)10:51
pittiah no, we do; it runs on the host, not on the device10:53
ogra_pitti, heh, yeah10:58
pittiogra_: ok, I figured out the necessary d-bus calls, so it's working (as phablet user) in principle10:59
ogra_pitti, feel free to just write some python tool if you want, i can stuff it into some package on the device10:59
ogra_i.e. in dbus-property-service or lxc-android-config or so11:00
pittinah, that's fine11:00
* pitti pats his best friend sesd11:00
pittiwow, what happened to the emulator? it's too fast! :)11:03
pittisergiusens: nice job!11:03
pittidoes anyone know how I can emulate pressing the power button on the emulator? i. e. for rebooting/switching off?11:10
ogra_there is a ctrl key combo i think11:10
ogra_pitti, http://developer.android.com/tools/help/emulator.html11:11
ogra_F7 it seems11:11
pittiindeed, that works11:12
pittiincluding the "have I held it down long enough now?" effect :)11:12
* ogra_ just noticed phablet cant see /userdata 11:13
ogra_more dbus stuff to add :(11:14
pittiogra_: ok, so system-setting's "reset" doesn't really11:15
pittiit keeps network, time zone, locale, doesn't bring back the wizard, etc (at least in dual-boot and emulator)11:15
pittiand it's not actually using the recovery method11:15
pittiah, no /cache/recovery in the emulator, so nevermind11:17
ogra_right, talk to kenvandine ... he wrote that bit iirc11:18
pittigdbus call --system -d com.canonical.SystemImage -o /Service -m com.canonical.SystemImage.FactoryReset11:18
seb128jgdx, there is an issue with the ubuntu-system-settings changes you landed yesterday, you can't wrap translatable strings like you did, gettext doesn't handle it and make a different string to translate for each line11:18
pittiargh, again? didn't I just fix that a week ago?11:18
pittijibel, brendand: do you happen to have a device which you can factory-reset? it apparenlty doesn't work on dual-boot, but I need to get somethign verified11:22
pittior om26er?11:22
om26erpitti, yes, I have a cleanly flashed device, with its on 197 at this moment11:23
pittiom26er: so could you do the wizard etc., maybe change language or time zone, then phablet-shell, and run "gdbus call --system -d com.canonical.SystemImage -o /Service -m com.canonical.SystemImage.FactoryReset"11:24
jibelpitti, I have one running 20211:24
pittiom26er: that shoudl reset everything, i. e. next boot starts with wizard again and it doesn't have network or your files11:24
om26erpitti, ok, will report back11:25
pittiom26er: cheers!11:25
jibelpitti, the phone rebooted after gdbus call, the wizard started and didn't know anything about the previous settings (language, lock mode, network)11:28
jibelit looks like the reset was successful11:28
om26erpitti, that reset the device yes..11:28
jgdxseb128, ah, right. There's a fix for that coming[1]. Thanks, though, didn't know that. [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1357393-fix/+merge/231347#diff-line-25711:29
seb128jgdx, thanks11:29
pittijibel, om26er; très bien, thanks!11:31
pittijibel, om26er: that ran as phablet, not root, right? (phablet-shell, not "adb shell")11:31
om26erpitti, yes11:32
jibelpitti, yes as phablet11:42
ogra_sergiusens, one more https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/phablet-tools/phablet-tools-phablet-config-changes/+merge/23171111:49
sergiusensogra_: you own phablet-tools now!11:51
ogra_if i own it, can i re-write it in shell ?11:51
ogra_sergiusens, wahetver you do, dont top approve yet, first dbus-property-service needs to land11:52
ogra_(which waits for traincon-011:52
sergiusensogra_: well it needs a silo and testing anyways11:53
ogra_that too11:54
sergiusensso I can top approve all I want :-P11:54
ogra_which is tricky ... i dont want to land adbd yet11:54
ogra_people testing need to install the deb11:54
sergiusensogra_: btw, I bet you have cached mediascanner data11:55
ogra_oh, beacuse of music-app working ?11:55
ogra_well, mediascanner is running happily ... no crashes today11:55
ogra_not sure how much it caches ... i have 32G of music on SD ... might indeed all come from the cache11:56
sergiusensogra_: they do11:58
sergiusensogra_: wipe flo or mako and see12:00
sergiusensogra_: maybe the scope dropped it and actually needed it :-P12:04
ogra_well, i imagined music app might use curl to pull album art12:05
ogra_or is that downloaded lower in the stack ? i.e. mediacanner12:05
nik90I heard the album art was pulled by thumbnailer and not music app directly12:06
sergiusensogra_: media scanner uses grilo and music app uses the media sanner12:06
sergiusensnik90: ogra_ they used to use grilo directly (when arch any), now they just use the qml bindings12:07
sergiusensso it's impossible for it to be a music app problem12:07
ogra_oh, i never claimed it was !12:07
ogra_but removing/adding the libs changes behavior ... so it influences something12:07
* ogra_ just wants to know if he needs to seed the libs or one of them :) 12:08
nik90may be it influences thumbnailer then12:08
ogra_though seems tvoss answered that question for curl already ;)12:08
nik90ogra_: check out silo-3 which has thumbnailer which failed to build for some reason12:08
tvossogra_, curl has to be around, yes :)12:09
ogra_tvoss, right, now the question is "just around" or "part of the framework" :)12:09
ggupdated to trusty and cant open chrome12:10
ogra_if i seed it in sdk-libs it becomes a piece of our framework ... if i seed it in touch it will "just be there"12:10
ogra_gg, chrome doesnt run on the phone ...12:10
tvossogra_, well ... I'm fine with magically there12:10
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ogra_tvoss, right, but if other infra pieces use it we would want it in the framework12:11
ogra_gg,  this is the IRC channel for ubuntu on phones12:11
ogra_go to #ubuntu for support :)12:12
thelionroarsgg, gg :P12:12
ggexited as you were recommending where i need visit12:16
ogra_go to #ubuntu for support :)12:16
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sergiusensogra_: tvoss|afk shouldn't be part of the framework directly; the libs that use it should just depend on it12:21
ogra_right and i have the feeling we are somewhere missing a dep12:21
ogra_sergiusens, for some bits that isnt possible btw ... i.e. some unpackaged pieces12:21
sergiusensogra_: yeah, but for this case it should be12:22
sergiusensu1db is a different story12:22
sergiusensif the qml bindings for it are not in the sdk-libs then something has gone wrong12:22
ogra_yeah, i start to think U1DB doesnt actually cause the issues here12:22
ogra_that lib only provides C bindings ... not sure if there is another C++ one12:23
ogra_or a qtu1db12:23
ogra_your empty albumart dir kind of points to curl though12:23
ogra_i bet it fills up if you install the lib12:24
sergiusensogra_: yup, qtu1db12:25
* sergiusens tries12:25
ogra_lol, and i was just guessing12:25
pmcgowanogra_, so that libu1db is not really used by the sdk correct? that only makes sense12:27
pmcgowanand libcurl should have something in platform depending on it no?12:27
ogra_pmcgowan, right, but curl seems to be used by "something"12:27
ogra_preferably that something should have a package dependency12:27
ogra_but I'm fine with temporary seeding it12:28
pmcgowancan you find with rdepends magic?12:28
ogra_a dependency tool to find a missing dependency would be cool indeed :)12:29
ogra_no, i cant really :)12:29
pmcgowanmaybe you can reply to the list again as everyone is panicing ;)12:29
ogra_panicing ? we rolled back the change, they have time to inspect the issue12:30
sergiusenspmcgowan:  ogra_ installing the curl lib and restarting the mediascanner brought me back my scope artwork12:31
ogra_so it might be mediascanner that actually need the dep12:31
pmcgowanogra_, folks worried we are removing u1db from the sdk12:32
pmcgowannot sure why12:32
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jgdxanyone know the difference between these two lines? (Cmake) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8105986/12:46
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dobeyjgdx: the second REQUIRED in the second line, is invalid12:48
dobeyjgdx: you probably just want pkg_check_module() for the second line, as well12:51
dobeyjgdx: http://cmake.org/cmake/help/v2.8.8/cmake.html#module:FindPkgConfig12:52
jgdxdobey, so that's most likely a copy paste gone bad?12:52
nik90pmcgowan: (as one of the panickers), I think we saw libu1db, ignored the lib, and read u1db being removed from the seeds which worried us since click packages don't really allow specifying the dependencies an app needs. And removing u1db would be disastrous for our apps.12:52
dobeyweird if so. probably just a misunderstanding of REQUIRED flag12:52
pmcgowannik90, indeed ;)12:53
jgdxdobey, anyway, thanks. That conclusion seems to fit my current woes12:53
JoukeWith ubuntu touch on a nexus 7, does it run kernel by canonical or does it use the android kernel?13:18
Chipacacharles: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8106246/13:20
ogra_Jouke, it uses a patched and changed kernel built by canonical, based on the android source13:20
Chipacacharles: see line 24, “setting hardware wakeup time to 2014-08-21 13:03:55 for ubuntu push client”13:21
Chipacacharles: see no line(s) at 13:03:*13:21
Chipacacharles: it only woke up when i did so manually13:22
charlesChipaca, that's worrying -- the lines at 24 - 26 look correct13:26
Chipacacharles: for my use case i don't care (no network => nothing to do), but the clock might think differently13:26
Chipacacharles: if this is a mako bug it's probably no biggie (maybe this is why it doesn't deep sleep if a sim is in); if it affects other devices, then probably yes13:27
Chipacacharles: would you have other devices to test with?13:28
Chipacai'm afraid all i have are twin makos13:28
charlesmy n4 is all I have to test with13:28
Chipacaok, i'll pester sergiusens as i know he has some other ones13:28
charlestvoss|afk, does http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charlesk/powerd/add-hardware-alarms/view/head:/src/wakeup.cpp#L54 look correct to you?13:28
* Chipaca grins at sergiusens 13:28
sergiusensChipaca: charles have a deb or silo I can install?13:30
Chipacasergiusens: yes13:30
Chipacasergiusens: gimme a sec13:30
Chipacasergiusens: silo 10's ppa13:31
Chipacasergiusens: has the powerd bits13:31
ogra_charles, dednick, thanks for the clock fix ... would it be possible to make the UI ask for the updated time directly after the screen wakes up ? it still takes about a minute for me til indicator and lock screen update after resume13:31
sergiusensChipaca: anything simple to test?13:31
Elleodanilos: heya, just finished reviewing your branch; found a couple of small issues that I've commented on in the MR, as soon as those are fixed I think it should be good to go :)13:31
charlessergiusens, if you enable POWERD_DEBUG=1 in powerd's upstart job, you can watch syslog to confirm what powerd's doing wrt hardware wakeups13:32
charlessergiusens, along the same lines as Chipaca's pastebin link from 10m ago13:32
sergiusenscharles: thanks13:33
Chipacasergiusens: and let me get you a dbus call to do the thing, unless you want to build push from my poller branch13:33
sergiusensChipaca: no, but a push-client binary would be good regardless13:34
danilosElleo, cool, thanks, I'll fix them later tonight13:34
Elleodanilos: great, thanks very much :)13:35
Chipacasergiusens: gdbus call -y -d com.canonical.powerd -o /com/canonical/powerd -m com.canonical.powerd.requestWakeup potato $(($(date +%s) + 120))13:35
Chipacasergiusens: and disable networking on the device13:36
Chipacasergiusens: and unplug it13:36
Chipacasergiusens: and whatever else is needed for it to reach deep sleep before the 120 seconds are over13:36
Chipacasergiusens: (the "disable networking" is not about deep sleep, it's about the bug, so do that also)13:36
JoukeCan one mount a usb-stick to ubuntu touch? can one use it as a real linux device or are there specific limitation I need to think about?13:37
charlesogra_, could you file an indicator-datetime ticket for that, assign it to  me, and I'll look at it in a week or so13:37
ogra_charles, cool ... yeah, not urgent or anything13:38
charlesogra_, ack, I just want to make sure it gets files so I don't forget about it13:38
tvoss|afkChipaca, do you pass a relative or absolute wakeup time?13:38
charlestvoss|afk, the call to _set_relative_to_with_behavior() is at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charlesk/powerd/add-hardware-alarms/view/head:/src/wakeup.cpp#L5413:39
tvoss|afkcharles, sure, but you just hand down the time from the exposed function13:40
ogra_Jouke, while the default behavior of the phone will not be much different to android or IOS, when you swithc it to developer mode you will find a totally normal ubuntu underneath, and indeed you can hack it up in any direction you want :) (i heard about people running a tomcat apache setup on a ubuntu touch nexus4)13:41
Joukeogra_: ok, that sounds really interesting :)13:43
dednickcharles: hi. re that clock fix. I'm still seeing a bit of odd behaviour. this morning i switched screen on and it was 9:30pm for a few seconds.13:48
dednickcharles: it seems that the clock stops updating every minute after awhile as well. I put some trace logging in indicator-datetime header update. http://paste.ubuntu.com/8106415/ and you can see that it's skipping minutes.13:50
dednicki pluggined phone into usb at 13:46, which is why it's updating now.13:51
dednicki haven't seen it skip more than 2-3 minutes so far though.13:52
dednickcharles: but that did take all night to reproduce.13:53
Cimimterry, on the checkable, do you think it will work? I am quite confused with those bi-directional things13:53
Cimimterry, I am thinking about the case when you activate/deactivate the check setting while the backend still is loading13:54
mterryCimi, I think so.  If the inner gets clicked, it changer outer, which changes inner to same, but stops there13:54
mterryCimi, shouldn't be possible due to dbus activation, I wouldn't think...13:54
Cimimterry, because I remember I was having issues with bi directional bindings13:55
Cimimterry, if situation now is fine, good, but just because of a signal?13:55
mterryCimi, specifically with a race condition with the backend?13:55
Cimimterry, no, just aligning them across multiple places13:56
mterryBut by the time the user sees this page, I would think the backend would be fine13:56
Cimimterry, if you had wizard and settings running at the same time13:56
CimiI honestly don't know :)13:57
mterryCimi, I think it's fine...  I didn't test settings running at same time, but I did test wizard and confirmed the backend was seeing change13:57
Cimimterry, that's good enough13:57
Cimimterry, as long as the final change arrives on the system settings13:58
Cimimterry, either true or false13:58
Cimimterry, otherwise we need to fix also the system settings checkable component13:58
Cimimterry, it was plugins/security-privacy/diagnostics/DiagnosticsCheckEntry.qml13:58
Cimiand/or the new one for location13:59
mterryLet me test real quick13:59
Cimimterry, pls also check code of that checkable inside the system settings, I doubt it was updated...14:00
mterryCimi, that's what I'm doing14:01
Cimimterry, also, update import Ubuntu.Components.ListItems to 1.014:01
nerochiarocjwatson: quick question for when you have a moment: is there a way to change the directory where "click chroot create" will create the chroots in ?14:01
mterryCimi, oh?14:01
mterryCimi, what does that get us?14:01
cjwatsonnerochiaro: No14:01
cjwatsonnerochiaro: Though you can always make /var/lib/schroot/chroots a symlink to somewhere else if you have space issues or something14:02
nerochiarocjwatson: yeah, that's the issue. does the target dir need to have specific permissions or owners ?14:02
Cimimterry, to make sure we get all the fixes if they fix those components14:02
cjwatsonnerochiaro: I don't recall.  root:root 0755 would be safe as that's the current ownership/perms of /var/lib/schroot/chroots14:03
nerochiarocjwatson: thank you14:03
saidinesh5Elleo: any updates on maliit cleanup?14:09
nerochiarocjwatson: i tried what you suggested a minute ago but chroot creation fails as in this pastebin: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8106573/14:12
nerochiarocjwatson: anything obviously wrong ?14:12
cjwatsonnerochiaro: You probably have that on a different filesystem that's mounted either noexec or nodev, as the error from debootstrap suggests.  Check /etc/fstab14:18
nerochiarocjwatson: it's a diff ext4 filesystem mounted as "defaults"14:19
nerochiarocjwatson: what is debootstrap looking for ? I can options that are needed to fstab14:20
cjwatsonnerochiaro: It's trying to run "mknod /var/lib/schroot/chroots/click-ubuntu-sdk-13.10-armhf/test-dev-null c 1 3"14:21
Elleosaidinesh5: do you mean in terms of memory usage?14:23
saidinesh5Elleo: more like the changes you wanted to upstream so that i can at least see the vkb :P14:23
Elleosaidinesh5: ah right, we haven't got anything upstream, but we have synced upstream with our packages now14:24
ElleoI'm not sure it'll make any difference to your problems though14:24
MacSlowtsdgeos, dandrader: I've updated https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/fix-1348092/+merge/228090 again, but now it needs https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/qmltest-tweak-for-1354406-workaround/+merge/231687 to land in trunk before the former.14:24
Elleosaidinesh5: yeah, the maliit-framework, libmaliit*, etc. packages in utopic are based on the latest git version of maliit14:25
Elleosaidinesh5: plus our patches for building with qt5.3, gcc 4.9, etc.14:25
Elleosaidinesh5: they were 3 or 4 months behind maliit HEAD previously14:25
ElleoI don't think it'll make much difference for you though14:26
saidinesh5i doubt that changes anything for me14:26
saidinesh5i mean i m on maliit HEAD14:26
ElleoI've got no idea why things aren't showing up for you14:26
charlesdednick, it's okay if it skips minutes overnight when the phone is suspended14:26
Elleosaidinesh5: if I get a bit of time next weekend I'll have a bit of a play with the default maliit plugins and see if I can reproduce your issue14:27
saidinesh5aye thanks Elleo14:27
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
charlesdednick, but ogra mentioned the failure-to-update when the screen comes back on too, I agree that one's frustrating14:28
dednickcharles: ok14:29
dednickcharles: but why does it skip?14:30
charlesdednick, (as long suspend is actually what's happening in the pastebin, that is... )14:30
charlesdednick, I'll leave running overnight tonight and see if I get the same behavior14:30
=== om26er is now known as om26er|doctor
charlesdednick, I don't know why there are skips in that pastebin, e.g. lines 23-25 --14:32
charlesdednick, next thing I'd look at is adding a debug message to clock-live.cpp's restart_minute_timer() and on_minute_timer_reached() functions to make sure the periodic timer is working14:33
nerochiarocjwatson: i mounted the partition with defaults,dev,exec but I still get the same problem. anything else you can think of that I can add to that fstab line ?14:33
cjwatsonnerochiaro: no, sorry, you'll have to dig into why mknod is failing.  Try running that manually to confirm, and perhaps under strace14:34
cjwatsonnerochiaro: (and under sudo, obviously)14:34
nerochiarocjwatson: ok. i'll try that. thanks for the help so far14:34
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
mterrytedg, so that location-detection-enabled property on indicator-location...  it's a bug that it resets on boot, right?14:50
tedgcharles, ^14:52
mterryCimi, updated location-page branch.  Works for me, but I'm not sure what you wanted fixed in the system-settings.  You mentioned diagnostics, but I'm not changing anything about the diagnostics setting (that's not a checkbox per design anymore)14:52
tedgmterry, NSA requirement ;-)14:52
mterrytedg, heh14:52
Cimimterry, I just wanted to make sure that if we work on a particular setting, the counterpart in the system settings will work fine as well14:53
Cimimterry, so if we touch location, location page in settings14:53
Cimisame for diagnostics/bug report14:53
charlesogra_, dednick, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/135980215:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359802 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "header's timestamp can take a minute to update after screen turned on" [High,Triaged]15:01
charlesmterry, tedg, indicator-location gets that setting from the location service via a call to ua_location_service_controller_query_status()15:03
charlestvoss|afk, are those settings supposed to be sticky between boots? ^15:03
mterryCimi, that page in settings isn't even exposed yet, but I fixed a small label bug with it.  Otherwise seems fine.  Please review again15:04
charlestvoss|afk, that is, doesn't the location service preserve that?15:04
tvoss|afkcharles, nope, open todo on my plate15:04
charlestvoss|afk, ack, ty for the answer :)15:05
charlesmterry, so yes. ^15:05
mterrycharles, tvoss|afk: ok, as long as someone is on it  :)15:06
=== tvoss|afk is now known as tvoss
Cimimterry, the setting is not preserved after reboot...15:40
Cimimterry, I did disable location during wizard, booted, checked indicators (disabled), rebooted -> setting is on15:41
mterryCimi, right, it's a known bug, see above ^15:41
Cimimterry, ok I see15:42
Cimimterry, shall we approve something that doesn't work because of backend?15:42
Cimior wait for backend to fix?15:43
mterryCimi, I'd rather not block this on a backend bug15:43
mterryCimi, I got the impression that it was important for this HERE T&C to land soon, and it doesn't make sense to show it without the accompanying toggle I don't htink15:44
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
Cimimterry, that is quite fine15:44
Cimimterry, the fact you disable location, reboot, is there... :D15:44
mterryCimi, yeah it's a bug for sure15:44
mterryCimi, I mean you have the same bug with the indicator right now.  Not like we're suddenly exposing this to the user15:45
Cimimterry, text on the t&c is too small15:47
mterryCimi, yeah, I note that in my description15:47
Cimihaven't read that yet :D15:47
mterryCimi, I'm honestly not sure how to increase the default text of a webview15:48
mterry*text size15:48
mterryCimi, :)15:48
Cimimterry, css15:49
mterryCimi, but how do you load that into the webview?15:49
* Cimi thinks15:49
nannanielQuestion... I have ported ubuntu-touch to the d2att and all .img are in my out directory. How i make a flashable zip or simply how i flash that thing ? anyone ?15:50
Cimimterry, using webview.html and appending html code containing CSS15:51
Cimiprepending sorry15:51
Cimimterry, webview.loadHtml15:52
mterryCimi, hrm, but I wanted to avoid modifying the html files they give us15:52
mterryCimi, ah...15:52
Cimimterry, you don't, you prepend...15:52
mterryCimi, I'll look at that after lunch15:52
Cimimterry, another issue with the branch is removing the label about location in bug reporting page15:53
Cimimterry, rest is fine on that15:53
mterryCimi, oddly enough the design still has that text there.  I'll poke them about it15:54
pittirobru, sil2100: FYI, the missing branch got top-approved for landing silo-12 (Rob's previous attempt failed due to that)15:57
robrupitti: thanks15:58
pitti"My Roll" in the video scope -- what does that mean?15:59
pitti(trying to complete translations)15:59
pittilike, "my collection of videos"?16:01
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=== om26er|doctor is now known as om26er
Cimimterry, another issue, I enable t&c, click on terms and condition link, then back after it loads the webpage, then I click continue -> it clears16:02
mterryCimi, what clears?16:36
Cimimterry, the settings in the page16:36
Cimilocation page16:36
mterryCimi, the T&C checkbox?  interesting, haven't seen that16:37
Cimimterry, happens with back16:37
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dobeywhere's the source for the 7digital scope?17:33
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
jgdxgreyback_, hey, how's it going?18:05
nik90ogra_: can I flash image #202 by ubuntu-device-flash --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed -b 202 ?18:20
nik90ogra_: I need to do some location service testing which doesnt work on 20318:20
ogra_not -b18:20
nik90ah thnx18:21
ogra_(or perhaps without the = )18:21
greyback_jgdx: coming along :) Should have something reasonable tomorrow18:35
jgdxgreyback_, nice :) Let me know if you need an additional set of eyes18:39
greyback_jgdx: will do18:43
=== dandrader_ is now known as dandrader
jgdxkenvandine, can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1357393-fix/+merge/231347 ?19:25
Cimimterry, commented https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/location-page/+merge/23162219:30
Cimimterry, I never said to use a frame, we misunderstood...19:32
Cimimterry, my original idea was to prepend the html string19:32
mterryCimi, ah, to read the contents of the file?19:33
Cimimterry, yeah19:33
Cimimterry, I fixed my comment19:33
Cimimterry, using a normal Label would be cool19:33
labsinhi all, I'm trying to run ubuntu-emulator (from Utopic) and I get just a black screen. The error I get somewhere is libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast. With LD_DEBUG I get /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/swrast_dri.so: error: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: __driDriverGetExtensions_swrast (fatal)19:34
Cimimterry, if doesn't work we can try with the second approach19:34
Cimimterry, otherwise who cares, holidays! :D (jokin)19:34
labsinwith ati drivers19:34
mterryCimi, yeah I like using the label if we can...  let me see19:34
jgdxawe_, hi, if a ofono property is [optional], who is it optional to? Phones/sims?19:43
jgdxs/a/an, s/who/to whom19:44
jgdxload scipts/mandatory_spell_and_grammar_checker.pl19:44
awe_jgdx, can you be more specific?19:46
awe_which prop?19:46
awe_and interface?19:46
jgdxawe_, yeah, the ModemTechnologies in the radiosettings interface19:46
awe_so the property *should* always be there...19:46
awe_where is it marked [optional]?19:47
jgdxawe_, https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/blob/master/doc/radio-settings-api.txt19:47
awe_ah, so my guess it that it's marked as optional as a modem driver may or may not provide it19:49
awe_our rilmodem impl always provides it19:49
awe_ofono can be used with other native modem drivers which may not19:49
* awe_ likes easy questions that don't require any follow-up work19:49
jgdxawe_, now, about my taxes19:50
awe_move to some island dude19:50
awe_s/some/some other/19:50
jgdxislands in Norway are like bizarro isle of mans19:50
jgdxanyway, thanks awe_19:51
matv1haha finally a new promoted image and my gf breaks it within 5 minutes :D20:02
matv1she is like that :)20:02
nik90matv1: what did she break?20:02
matv1lol dont worry none of yours ;)20:03
matv1she got native 2048 to freeze and then it went frm bad to worse20:03
matv1had a look at the log but couldnt make much of it20:04
matv1no matter. I just thought it funny20:05
matv1And myself, i am seeing much new goodness! thnx everyone20:07
jgdxif I update to #203, will phablet-shell work like before?20:10
kenvandinejgdx, will do20:16
jgdxkenvandine, thanks20:18
kenvandinejgdx, ^^ can you take a look at that?20:19
jgdxkenvandine, sure20:19
WellarkIs LP broken or do I need special powers to set bug tags?20:37
popeyWellark: example bug?20:38
jgdxkenvandine, one comment on a small issue20:38
Wellarkpopey: can't set tags to any of them20:39
jgdxyou need more karma20:40
Wellarkpopey: I can click on the edit tags, then write to the field, but when hitting "confirm" I see a spinner for a short time and then it just bounces the checkbox back20:40
tedgalexabreu, Hey, I was looking at my webapp's ~/.local/share/$(appid)/ dir and it looks like there are a bunch of caches in there.20:40
tedgalexabreu, Shouldn't they go in ~/.cache/$(appid) ?20:40
Wellarkjgdx: 3855 is not enough?20:41
kenvandinejgdx, so using Eventually there is safe considering those are functions that are called on cleanup?20:41
popeyWellark: wfm20:41
kenvandinejgdx, i noticed in other areas that we reset gsettings values on cleanup there were sleeps20:42
jgdxkenvandine, I know, I'm changing that :p20:42
jgdxkenvandine, safe how?20:42
jgdxno cleaning up properly?20:42
kenvandinei was worried it would exit before the setting was synced to disk20:42
jgdxah – it seems to clean up fine for my branch20:43
kenvandinegsettings can do that20:43
kenvandinebut shouldn't be a problem if there's a glib mainloop somewhere20:43
jgdxif get_value reads from disk, it will wait ~10 seconds for that20:44
jgdxWellark, :) plenty!20:44
Wellarkjgdx: ok, maybe it's just a timeout issue then20:47
WellarkLP is running a bit slow20:47
Wellarkpopey: could you try to add touch_2014_08_28 tag to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/134334120:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1343341 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/indicator-network/indicator-network-service:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:core::dbus::Bus::send_with_reply_and_block_for_at_most" [Critical,New]20:49
Wellarkjust doesn't work for me20:49
dobeyWellark: you probably don't have perms to set status on ubuntu bugs20:50
kenvandinejgdx, eventually doesn't work for me...20:50
kenvandineTypeError: Eventually is only usable with attributes that have a wait_for function or callable objects.20:50
Wellarkand this one would need rtm14 and touch_2014_08_21 just for the lulz20:51
popeyWellark: i cant!20:51
popeyi can add touch20:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341548 in indicator-network (Ubuntu RTM) "Online detection does not work with confined apps on Nexus 4" [Critical,In progress]20:51
popeyhah, you cant use underscores20:51
Wellarkdobey: I'm a member of ~ubuntu-bugcontrol20:51
Wellarksomebody should probably tell olli20:51
popeylook at the bug now20:52
popeyknock yourself out20:52
Wellarkpopey: thanks for debugging!20:52
WellarkI will send an email to appropriate list20:52
* popey goes back to shooting people20:52
popeyuh, in a game20:53
jgdxkenvandine, woops, it's like this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8109170/20:57
Wellark23:52  * popey goes back to shooting people   <-- My kind of a manager!20:57
jgdxkenvandine, there's an example of that in test_reset, but used for dbus calls20:58
kenvandinejgdx, excellent!21:00
olliWellark, popey, LP tags?21:00
jgdxI'm killing sleep in test_cellular as well, though that suite needs tons of love to even approach sane21:00
* olli grumbles21:00
Wellarkolli: see my email21:03
WellarkI was probably first one trying to add those tags then \o/21:03
pmcgowanWellark, you are still here, thats probably not a good sign for my apn stuff21:06
Wellarkpmcgowan: relax. I have enough beer21:07
* pmcgowan is really worried21:07
Wellarkolli: could you ACK the revised tags, so I can start adding them in mass?21:10
olliWellark, are they copnfirmed to be working?21:17
kenvandinejgdx, i might need to make my sim lock branch depend on your branch with the cool dual sim magic :)21:25
Wellarkolli: yes, see here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/134334121:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1343341 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/indicator-network/indicator-network-service:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:core::dbus::Bus::send_with_reply_and_block_for_at_most" [Critical,New]21:29
Wellarkolli: I've added touch-2014-08-28 to that one21:30
Wellarkor actually popey added it21:30
jgdxkenvandine, do you need anything to help that?21:31
kenvandinejgdx, not sure yet21:32
jgdxor, is there anything I can do to help21:32
jgdxkenvandine, let me know21:33
jgdxI'm going to eod21:33
kenvandinejgdx, good night21:34
mterryCimi, what is in your /usr/share/ubuntu/settings/wizard/qml/Pages/ folder?21:40
Cimishould be fine21:44
mterryCimi, yeah looks right21:44
CimiI gotta go now :(21:45
mterryCimi, that video makes it look like you always get two location pages21:45
mterryCimi, ok21:45
Cimiit'd quite late21:45
mterryCimi, aha!  I reproduced by doing exactly what you did, thanks21:49
Cimicool :)21:49
Wellarkhow do I easily test an app againsta a aa policy group?21:52
Wellarkjdstrand: around? --^21:52
WellarkI have a binary and a qml file which I would like to test against the ubuntu/1.2/connectivity policygroup21:53
Wellarkrunning from a command line on the phone21:53
jdstrandWellark: is it a gui app or command line?21:53
Wellarkjdstrand: well, both. I can launch the qml app with qmlscene21:54
Wellarkbut the c++ is command line21:54
jdstrandok, you need to launch them differently21:54
Wellarkjdstrand: btw, is there a way for a library component to check if the app utilizing the library has declared a certain policygroup?21:55
Wellarkjdstrand: yes21:55
jdstrandfirst thing, find the profile name. eg: sudo aa-status | grep <"name" in click manifest>21:55
WellarkI don't have a click manifest21:55
jdstrandWellark: not yet. we will have a file perm query api soon though21:55
Wellarkjdstrand: sweet21:56
jdstrandWellark: well, it will take some fiddling to get to work if you don't already have policy21:56
Wellarkso, no magic I can pass to aa-exec to specify the policygroups on the fly?21:56
jdstrandWellark: but the basic idea is for cli: aa-exec -p <apparmor profile name> -- your cmd here ...21:56
jdstrandyou could use aa-easyprof21:57
jdstrandlet me get you the bug21:57
Wellark$ aa-exec -p connectivity a.out21:57
Wellarkaa-exec: ERROR: profile 'connectivity' does not exist21:57
Wellarkjdstrand: ^21:57
jdstrandI demonstrated the technique of using aa-easyprof to generate an apparmor profile for webbrowser-app in a bug21:57
WellarkI would just want to run the executable with an existing apparmor profile21:58
jdstrandbug 135651621:58
ubot5bug 1356516 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "consider shipping apparmor profile for webbrowser-app" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135651621:58
jdstrandWellark: you have a choice21:58
jdstrandWellark: you can either take an existing profile and modify it to be able to run your program21:59
jdstrandWellark: or generate a profile using aa-easyprof, then loading that into the kernel21:59
jdstrandWellark: which do you want to try and I'll tell you what to do21:59
Wellarkjdstrand: the existing profile (which you created) should already be enough to run the program. I just want to verify that this is infact the case by running an example program which requires that profile22:00
Wellarkthis is for bug 134154822:00
ubot5bug 1341548 in indicator-network (Ubuntu RTM) "Online detection does not work with confined apps on Nexus 4" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134154822:00
WellarkI now have everything API wise in a silo ready to be landed, I just need to quickly verify that the profile works22:01
jdstrandthe only app I know now that uses connectivity is perhaps dekko and it is proken22:02
jdstrandlets go the aa-easyprof route. it is easy22:02
* Wellark brb22:03
jdstrandWellark: aa-easyprof --policy-version=1.2 --policy-vendor=ubuntu -t ubuntu-sdk --policy-groups=connectivity --template-var="@{APP_ID_DBUS}=foo" --template-var="@{APP_PKGNAME_DBUS}=foo" --template-var="@{APP_PKGNAME}=foo" --template-var="@{CLICK_DIR}=/tmp/foo" --template-var="@{APP_VERSION}=0.1" --profile-name=foo > /tmp/foo.profile22:06
jdstrandWellark: sudo apparmor_parser -r /tmp/foo.profile22:07
jdstrandWellark: aa-exec -p foo -- <path to binary>22:07
Wellarkjdstrand: ok22:07
Wellarkthis is the "easy" version? :)22:07
jdstrandWellark: we might have to make a change to /tmp/foo.profile22:07
jdstrandwell, the other to copying a file and modifying it22:08
jdstrandhere we generate a profile on the fly22:08
jdstrandthe easiest would be if you had a click already :)22:08
jdstrandWellark: before you run that, in another window, do 'tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep DEN'22:09
Wellarkjdstrand: ack22:09
Wellark$ aa-exec -p /tmp/foo.profile -- ./a.out22:11
Wellarkaa-exec: ERROR: profile '/tmp/foo.profile' does not exist22:11
jdstranduse -p foo22:11
Wellark$ ls /tmp/foo.profile22:11
jdstrand/tmp/foo.profile is the policy file that you compile and load into the kernel22:11
jdstrand'foo' is the profile name22:11
Wellarkoh, right22:11
WellarkI missed a step22:11
Wellarkok. now it's running22:12
jdstrandno denials?22:12
Wellarkand no denials and I'm getting the signals \o/22:13
jdstrandnow for a gui app, you'll use: aa-exec -p foo -- qmlscene --desktop_file_hint=path_to_.desktop ...22:13
Wellarkjdstrand: now, if I just want to double check22:13
WellarkI could run it again starting from aa-easyprof22:14
jdstrandhowever, you'll want to adjust the CLICK_DIR to point to the directory with the qml file22:14
Wellarkand leave out --policygroups=connectivity22:14
jdstrand(or put the file in /tmp/foo22:14
Wellarkand then witness denials in syslog, right?22:14
jdstrandyou should see denials then, yes22:14
jdstrandWellark: I forgot to mention-- you can prove to yourself that when the app is running, it is under confinement with 'sudo aa-status | grep foo'22:15
jdstrandWellark: if you see (<pid>), then <pid> is running under that profile22:15
Wellarkjdstrand: now I got22:17
Wellark$ CLICKDIR=`pwd` aa-exec -p foo -- qmlscene --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/dialer-app.desktop example_networking_status.qml22:17
Wellarkqmlscene: failed to check version of file 'example_networking_status.qml', could not open...22:17
Wellarkand two denials22:17
Wellarkjdstrand: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8109610/22:17
Wellarkmaybe the arguments got mixed up or something22:18
=== slobo_ is now known as slobo
Wellarkjdstrand: nope, those are denials of the open() call22:18
jdstrandok, we can fix that with a other easyprof args22:19
WellarkI'm running this in /home/phablet22:19
Wellarkso yeah22:19
Wellarknaturally a confined app doesn't have access there22:19
Wellarkanyway, based on that a.out22:19
WellarkI'm confident that it will work22:19
Wellarkas the QML module uses the exact same library beneath22:20
jdstrandcan you add: --read-path=/usr/share/applications/ --read-path=/home/phablet/example_networking_status.qml22:20
Wellarkjdstrand: well, sure. why not22:20
jdstrandoh it there are additional files besides the qml, use --read-path=/usr/share/applications/ --read-path=/home/phablet/22:20
Wellarklet's try it all the way22:20
jdstrands/oh it/oh if/22:20
Wellarkno, not additionals22:20
jdstrandok, then the first should be enough22:20
jdstrandI see what you meant now :)22:21
Wellarkjdstrand: it works beautifully22:22
Wellarkjdstrand: quite an impressive machinery you guys have come up with22:22
jdstrandWellark: thanks for working on that bug. that feature is going to be *so* useful to people22:23
Wellarkjdstrand: better late than never ;)22:25
jdstrandyep! :)22:25
Wellarkjdstrand: and it works beautifully when app has not defined the connectivity policygroup22:25
jdstrandthere is a lot of that going around :)22:25
Wellarkjdstrand: and just to test throughout, also the signals get blocked as they should22:27
Wellarkalthough you already know that :)22:27
Wellarkthis is just the first time I've done this, so bare with me on my excitement :)22:27
jdstrandI love the excitement :)22:28
jdstrandit's fun stuff22:28
jdstrandand not just the security bits-- the whole system we are building :)22:29
jdstrandWellark: ok, I gotta run-- let me know if you need anything else22:29
jdstrandWellark: thanks again for all your work on that :)22:30
Wellarkjdstrand: now I'm 100% satisfied22:30
Wellarkjdstrand: I can now land the API and then write an email to ubuntu-phone to advertise this way of getting the connectivity info22:30
jdstrandyep, fantastic :)22:32
Wellarkpmcgowan: btw, I forgot to mention it on the hangout today22:50
Wellarkbut I found a really nice way of settings up system-settings in QtCreator22:50
Wellarkso that you can use the QtCreator "run" when you work on the code22:50
Wellarkand it starts system-settings with any modifications you have on the editor22:51
Wellarkand you are even able to use the debugger22:51
pmcgowanWellark, we should definitely review that with the guys22:58
jmunschI have setup launchpad - gpg/pgp - ssh keys - uploaded a test project with bzr.  I am comfortable with python, okay with bash, and wanting to learn c++ more in depth.... beyond arduino level. ... and am wondering what a next good step would be?23:00
Wellarkpmcgowan: let's discuss.. erm.. later today23:00
thelionroarsI've only just tried calls on a new nexus 4 and everything is full volume. Settings button doesn't work for phone app. Sound buttons and top menu options don't work during the call.23:17
thelionroarsIs this a current bug? If not I'll look into dual booting to make sure it's behaving on Android.23:18

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