zmoylan-piand tonights movie is clue.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088930/00:22
davmor2Morning all04:46
mappsnever gonna learn am i06:51
mappshey Myrtti06:51
Myrttihey mapps07:05
knightwiseMorning everyone07:10
knightwiseinstalled ubuntu server on my mac mini last weekend.07:12
Myrttiknightwise: \o/07:15
OERIASI installed Ubuntu 6.04 on an iBook G407:15
knightwiseOERIAS: seriously ?07:19
knightwisewhy such an old version07:19
knightwisethere are PPC versions out for 12.0407:19
knightwiseOn the mac mini , i did notice it was running hot .. installed lmsensors and now its cooling down nicely07:19
mappsgonna have to fly from gib -> london then london -> moscow in january07:19
mappsdidnt realise id be moving07:20
mappswhen i booked my flights07:20
knightwiseMyrtti: its a perfect little server , silent, small and powerfull07:20
knightwisethe I7 with 16 gigs of ram knows what to do all day long runnign about 5 virtual servers all the time07:21
Myrttiyeah, we've got one too as a living room computer07:21
Myrttiwe've got different kit to act as a server, though07:21
MyrttiHP microserver and a ReadyNAS with 4x4TB dribes07:21
knightwiseI have hooked up a 3tb usb drive for storage and thats mostly all I need07:21
Myrttidrives, in RAID507:22
knightwisehmmm..... i'm drooling over one of those07:22
knightwisewhat  OS do you run on that microserver ?07:22
knightwiseand just as a fileserver or does it also do other things ?07:22
knightwise(plex for example)07:22
Myrttiit's not even a file server, NAS takes care of that07:22
Myrttiit's a VM host07:22
knightwiseso you have a  hp microserver as a vm host ?07:23
Myrttione VM for plex, one for my irssi needs, and some dsample's projects he has every now and then07:23
knightwisewhat specs does it have ? The ones I saw were like 2 gigs of ram and an amd proc07:23
knightwiseso what are the specs on your microserver ?07:23
Myrttiit used to have harddrives on it it but dsample decided to slap them all to a NAS07:24
knightwiseand what cpu does it have  ?/ how much ram ?07:24
Myrttiafter a harddrive with one copy of photo backups went pearshaped07:24
MyrttiI'll have a look, don't have the info off hand07:25
knightwiseI copy our music and our pictures to a 500 gig Hd i've hooked up to our router.07:25
knightwiseand all the important infor for our business is in the cloud or  backuped on a vm in canada07:26
Myrttiyeah I've got multiple backups of photos07:26
Myrttitoo paranoid to leave it for just one harddrive located in the house07:26
knightwisetrue. I'm thinking of ramming all our pics in Google drive or something07:27
Myrttihttp://sprunge.us/DBeT - yeah it's a 2GB ram one with an AMD cpu. could have more RAM but I'm not complaining, it's still faster for my irssi needs than the Viglen MPC-L was07:27
knightwise8 euros a month gets you unliited storage now.07:27
knightwiseI can buy one of those microservers for 200 euro ... worth it ?07:28
MyrttiI've got all my photos in Flickr, 25€ a year for unlimited07:28
MyrttiI don't know if they offer that to new customers07:29
MyrttiI've paid for it since yonks07:29
knightwiseMyrtti: me too ..almost up to 700 pics07:38
Myrtti6002 for me07:45
knightwiseMyrtti: flickr.com/knightwise07:47
knightwiseok , i found an hp microserver with 4 gigs of ram ...07:47
knightwiseno drives inside .. but still nice.07:47
MyrttiYou've got a DOGE?!07:47
OERIASknightwise, later on I did install 14.04 for MacMini07:47
knightwiseOERIAS: are you running it on a mac mini or a powerbook ?07:48
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:48
Myrttishibas are awesome07:48
knightwiseMyrtti: yep :) The original DOGE ;) So Wow ! µ07:48
knightwisehey brobostigon07:48
brobostigonhey knightwise07:48
knightwiseMyrtti: shibas are cute loving and fracking stubborn07:48
MyrttiI love spitzes07:49
OERIASI have an iBook G4, Powerbook G4, MacMini G407:49
knightwiseOERIAS: i ran 12.04 on a G4 mac mini for a while. not bad if you used the LXDE interface07:49
Myrttispitzes are awesome dogs07:49
knightwisebummer was :  no flash and stuff07:49
OERIASPowerMac G5.07:49
knightwisethe MacMini G4 is pretty great for a server , the G5 just eats uranium rods for breakfast. Those beats suck power07:50
brobostigon<----- hangover central, made the mistake of having a drink with my ex-fiance,07:50
knightwiseMyrtti: those are cool to07:50
knightwisebrobostigon: ouch07:50
OERIASknightwise, 14.04 doesn't run bad with CDE07:50
Myrttishibas aren't spitzes? aw. Learn new every day07:50
knightwiseCDE ?07:50
OERIASYes. Common Desktop Environment07:51
knightwiseOERIAS: didnt know that one07:51
knightwiseMyrtti: no :) Shibas are a variant of the Akita Inu's07:51
brobostigonwas great to catchup with her though.07:51
Myrttiknightwise: oh, then they are07:51
OERIASknightwise, http://www.guidebookgallery.org/pics/gui/desktop/full/cde15solaris9.png07:52
Myrtti"The Shiba Inu (柴犬 ?) is the smallest of the six original and distinct spitz breeds of dog from Japan.[1]"07:52
knightwiseMyrtti: i stand corrected07:52
knightwiseOERIAS: ugly as hell , but very geeky :=)07:52
Myrttispitzes ♥07:52
knightwiseIrony : Ordering a 15inch I7 macbook pro for your company ... meanwhile working off a 10 inch 4 year old netbook ... and loving that even more.07:53
knightwiseusing an old Medion netbook with LXLE , fast, cheap and geeky07:53
knightwiseunderappreciated OS if there ever was one.07:54
knightwisegood distro, light and clean.07:54
* knightwise has HSP , so I love non cluttered stuff07:54
brobostigoncool, i shall have to look that one up.07:54
OERIASXFCE runs perfectly well on the G4s07:54
OERIASXFCE is waaaaaay better than LXDE07:55
knightwiseOERIAS: damn , i should have tried that07:55
knightwiseand you don't miss flash that much anymore07:55
* brobostigon is a haiku-os fan07:56
OERIASbrobostigon, is it still in alpha stage?07:56
OERIASOther, I might consider running and help develop a port for powerpc machines07:57
knightwiseallthough I must say . I even use my Dell Venue 8 from time to time. all I need is a connection to the home linux server via SSH and a browser .. and I can pretty much do all I want07:57
* knightwise is a bit of slider07:58
brobostigonOERIAS: yes, however its anything but alpha, its very stable, R1 is pretty close, except for a few bugs, also the packaging system is very impressive. they definatly could do with some help there, aswell as the ARM port.07:58
knightwisei use all OS'es together.07:58
OERIASknightwise, you use WIndows 8????!!!!!07:59
knightwiseinstalled homebrew on my Mac .. now i can just run native commands and apps on my mac07:59
knightwiseOERIAS: www.knightwise.com  = hacks tips and tweaks for cross platform geeks :)07:59
OERIASWell at least it doesn't run Windows RT07:59
knightwiseOERIAS: I have my standards :p08:00
knightwiseNO RT08:00
knightwisebrobostigon: Haiku looks pretty08:02
knightwiseI'm going to pose a stupid question : Can you (in irssi) have 2 chat windows side by side (2 chatrooms i mean)08:03
brobostigonknightwise: that it is, and very functional, and the fastest OS you will find this side of pluto.08:05
knightwisehmmm. i might give it a try :)08:06
brobostigonknightwise: cool. :)08:07
brobostigonmorning popey08:08
OERIASmorning popey08:08
OERIASLovely SeaMonkey08:11
brobostigonknightwise: and if you do try haiku, go with a nightly. as the last stable release is ancient, and doesnt include things like the packaging system.08:16
awilkinsThis is looking nicer : http://oneplus.net/uk/one08:18
awilkinsWill have to see how Android L affects my poor old Nexus 408:18
knightwisebrobostigon: i'll give it a spin in a VM :=)08:18
* knightwise ist geeking out to youarelistening.to08:18
brobostigonknightwise: cool, :)08:18
awilkinsIs this a live feed from a Copper Chopper?08:20
knightwiseawilkins: you can choose all kinds of livestreams08:21
knightwiseinteresting stuff08:21
knightwiseand the ambient music in the back makes it eerie08:21
awilkinsChannel I've got has no music08:21
awilkinsLos Angeles08:21
knightwiseawilkins: it takes a minute to start08:21
* awilkins switches to Wichita08:22
knightwisetry the "numbers station" thats bizarre08:22
awilkinsNumbers stations are08:22
knightwiseive always wondered about their purpose08:23
OERIASToo bad the OnePlusOne does not have external storage.08:23
Myrttiawilkins: sorry but I refuse to even click that link because of the marketing gaffe they did few weeks back with the 'show us your tits and you can buy a oneplus at normal price' pile of failure they did08:23
awilkinsOERIAS, True, but with a 64GB model at £270 I wouldn't need too much external storage... does it support that thing where it's a USB host as well as a client?08:24
awilkinsMyrtti, That's ... disappointing08:25
OERIAStrue, only thing we can do is demand, it shouldn't hurt.08:26
Myrttisay again?08:26
=== deegee is now known as drussell
awilkinsI think he means an SD Card slot, and not intimate photos08:27
MyrttiI hope so08:27
knightwiseMyrtti: that was their marketing campain ? ? ?08:30
Myrttiknightwise: http://techcrunch.com/2014/08/12/oneplus-cancels-its-dumb-contest-following-uproars-of-sexism/08:30
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knightwi1eone one thousand ... two one thousand ...08:48
knightwi1e90's kids will get this08:48
Myrttioh no, my coffee cup is empty08:59
popeyhttp://forums.bukkit.org/threads/bukkit-its-time-to-say-goodbye.305106/  vs   https://twitter.com/jeb_/status/50238001821620633609:04
popeyminecraft related09:04
MartijnVdSpopey: ooh more drama in game land09:07
MartijnVdSIt seems to be drama week..09:07
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Senior Citizens Day! :-D09:07
popeyyeah, not enough drama llamas in gaming, clearly09:08
* zmoylan-pi waves a cane in blessing over JamesTait 09:08
MartijnVdSzmoylan-pi: followed by a "now get off my lawn"09:08
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zmoylan-piof course MartijnVdS, the standard blessing09:09
JamesTaitzmoylan-pi, it would be rude not to. ;)09:12
knightwi1emorning everyone09:13
knightwi1esenior citizens day ? ?09:13
knightwi1e** GET OFF MY LAWN YOU KIDS !!! ***09:13
DJonespopey: https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/50238109373183180809:13
knightwi1eMartijnVdS: you beat me to it09:14
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MartijnVdSpopey: https://twitter.com/_grum/status/502381523241144320 (ex-coworker of mine!)09:15
foobarrywhat is bukkit? a mincecraft mod?09:16
popeyyes, quite a comprehensive one09:16
MartijnVdSbut someone is throwing a hissy fit?09:16
foobarrydoes it turn pieces into real lego?09:16
foobarrysomeone somewhere is always upset, thats why i avoid twitter09:17
foobarrythey congregate there09:17
knightwi1ethe whole ice bucket crap has made me dump facebook09:17
knightwi1e(and every online newspaper i read)09:17
popeythey also congregate on reddit and 4chan09:17
MartijnVdSthey congregate everywhere09:17
popeyMy neice is off to Reading festival today09:18
foobarryoh no.09:18
foobarryi just realised..rading festival = rain09:18
foobarrybut i'm at the air show09:18
foobarryso rain = no planes09:18
knightwi1ehmm. I should move over my data to my new server ...09:20
knightwi1estart to do a copy from one drive to the other drive ... mount some folders .. get stuff done ...09:21
MartijnVdSGo knightwi1e! Go knightwi1e!09:21
knightwi1edecomissioning my old I5 Packard bell clunker in favor of my mac mini09:21
=== knightwi1e is now known as knightwise
Myrttiice bucket09:22
foobarrythe only ice bucket i saw was on the TV news09:22
knightwisestupid social challenges histeria. Been going on all summer here.09:23
foobarryi was disappointed to find that the cartoon i liked and followed on facebook has not been appearing in my feed for months :(09:23
knightwisepeople daring eachother to jump off a bridge into a canal09:23
knightwise2 Darwin awards so far with lethal concequences.09:23
foobarrywife said, did you see today's one? i tought WHAT?? i thought they had stopped09:23
MartijnVdSfoobarry: this is why you use an RSS reader -- facebook hides stuff09:23
foobarryyes :(09:23
foobarrybut i think she only puts them on fb09:24
knightwiseI feel 'herded' when I use it09:24
MartijnVdSfoobarry: then she should pay facebook to increase the number of people who get to see it.. yes that is how it works...09:24
foobarrymaybe if i had one accoutn for every friend i could collect the whole picture09:24
knightwise...hmm been looking at dual monitor mounts for my 2 24 inch displays .. expensive sucjers.09:24
foobarryMartijnVdS: or i click like on every cartoon of hers09:25
foobarrythe only funny cartoon around. xkcd is witty/thoughtful  though09:26
foobarrymy boy starts school in september. things are getting expensive09:29
awilkinsI liked Charlie Sheen's "ice bucket" challenge. He dumped $10,000 dollars over his head, donated it to the charity concerned, and dared several of his rich mates to do the same thing.09:32
awilkinsOh yes : gripe about Duply / duplicity09:35
awilkinsIt either needs to support a "maximum backup storage size" limit OR not moan about volume size when you give it a volume that's definitely large enough (what does it think is "too small" and why?)09:36
awilkinsWas setting up my Mum with backup09:36
awilkinsI thought "duplicity backups into a cloud-synced folder"09:36
awilkinsBut if it exceeds the cloud allocation with historical backups, then it will be backing up and not being mirrored09:37
awilkinsSo I thought "I'll make a loop file of the appropriate size and mount it at boot and backup to that" - duplicity will know when it's full and automatically remove old backups09:38
awilkinsBut the duplicity moans about the volume being too small (even though it's about 10x the size of the files being backed up).09:38
knightwisedoesnt deja dup do it automatically ?09:39
popeyfoobarry: "Back to school" all over the shops09:39
awilkinsknightwise, Doesn't have options for "limit total backup size to ...."09:39
bigcalmSell the child and go on holiday \o/09:40
awilkinsknightwise, And it's just a frontend for duplicity AFAIK09:40
knightwisecant you tell it to start dumping old backups when the destination is full ?09:41
awilkinsknightwise, It does do that - but - I'm backing up to a local folder on a large partition09:41
awilkinsknightwise, If I put that folder on a volume designed to fill up before the cloud folder does, it moans that it's too small09:41
awilkinsApparently it thinks 20GB isn't good enough these days09:42
awilkins(even for about 2GB of files)09:42
awilkinsNot sure where the threshold is, I've backed up to USB thumbs before..09:43
awilkinsOr whether it's to do with the way I had it set up09:43
popeybigcalm: sounds like a plan. want to buy two children?09:43
bigcalmpopey: time to tweet therealpopey I think ;)09:46
popeyshe's at school with her pupils getting their GCSE's09:49
bigcalmBet she's glad to be back at work09:50
popeyhah, she's excited09:51
bigcalmI think that my freshly installed windows 7 machine might just about be ready to use10:02
bigcalmI hate my self10:03
bigcalmSo many restarts10:03
bigcalmThis amused me from last night: https://twitter.com/Windows/status/50223384370612633710:04
awilkinsI'd love myself after installing Windows 8.1 as well10:05
awilkinsAnything for some stress relief.10:05
bigcalmIf I didn't know that they believed themselves, I'd have thought they were trolling me10:05
bigcalmStill installing updates. I even put in a spare SSD to help make it less sucky10:06
bigcalmIt's still sucky10:06
foobarrybigcalm: that sounds like a bot tweet10:06
awilkinsMaybe that's what they are using Cortana for. It does sound like that kind of response.10:07
foobarrymaybe they search for hate windows 8,110:07
awilkinsI remember having to reinstall Windows on the ex-wife's laptop because her IT department insisted that she use their horrible full-disk encryption product10:08
awilkinsLiterally took all night10:08
awilkinsReboot, reboot, reboot.10:08
MartijnVdS♫ We all live in a Windows subroutine10:08
bigcalmShouldn't the IT dept. have don't it?10:08
awilkinsWas her personal machine10:09
foobarrythey are searching for hate windows 8.1 laptop10:09
foobarryand sounds very bottish10:10
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popeyhttp://www.reddit.com/r/iphone/comments/2e5f04/since_2007_apple_has_released_9_phone_models/ made me chuckle10:47
MyrttiI just have to ask you to double check what I'm seeing on the Maplin site10:48
Myrttiis that a Nilfisk pressure washer?10:48
Myrttiand http://www.maplin.co.uk/search?text=flora&x=0&y=0 - are those really automatic clamps?10:50
Myrttiright, their site is useless.10:54
Myrttiarduino text search returns nothing but small OLED displays10:55
knightwisehey :)11:13
knightwiseproblem :(11:13
knightwisei get an error code when I want to use webmin11:13
knightwiseinstallation on 14.04 works fine11:13
MartijnVdSdon't use webmin ;)11:13
knightwisei add the webmin repository so i have version 1.70011:13
knightwiseand when I want to open one of those windows that lets you browse through the folders on your system I get the following error11:14
knightwiseHTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/1.700 Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 10:54:49 GMT Content-type: text/html; Charset=iso-8859-1 Connection: close11:14
knightwiseany ideas what it might be ?11:14
knightwiseon the other systems i'm running webmin version 1.69011:15
knightwisejust found the .1690 version,11:17
knightwisegonna try that11:17
OERIASDoes anyone here theme their Unity desktop?11:18
knightwisenumix :)11:20
OERIASknightwise, nice to know that other people theme and not "blindly" accept the silly themes that is somewhat imposed on the rest.11:30
knightwiseOERIAS: its the first thing i do when I use unity .. personalise it11:31
OERIASMon Desktop:11:34
OERIASknightwise ^11:34
knightwiseserver crashed :(11:38
SuperMatthttp://imgur.com/Gdwxk88 well here's my desktop11:38
knightwisestandard icons ! Get numix rounded icons :) very cool11:39
SuperMattI'm the one in the middle^w^w^won the right11:39
OERIASAm I the only on that thinks that rounded icons are for mobile phones?11:40
zmoylan-pihope your eye gets better :-p11:40
zmoylan-pimicrosoft doesn't :-)11:40
OERIASnice desktop.11:40
zmoylan-pifirst thing i always remove is background image, waste of ram11:40
OERIASYou what my background image in xfce11:41
OERIASOr Window Maker,11:41
MyrttiI've got four background images...11:44
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OERIASAre you guys likely to find more desktops and notebook computer with Linux preinstalled in the UK?11:46
foobarrymore liekly than where?11:46
OERIASThe American Empire11:46
awilkinsIt's not really noticeable here11:47
awilkinsI think you have to go looking... Dell do some pre-installed machines I think.11:47
OERIASawilkins, Dell does but sometimes the specs are inferior than their Windows machines11:48
OERIASMuch rather buy the Windows PC and wipe it off with a Slackware or Debian installation11:48
awilkinsOERIAS, When the netbooks were a new thing, the Linux ones often had better specs offset by the cost of a Windows OEM license11:48
awilkinsPersonally I think I'll be sticking to Lenovo11:49
OERIASYes they did. I remember when I lived in Canada, the first netbooks did have linux installed11:49
awilkinsWith as much Intel hardware as possible11:49
awilkinsIntel do at least have the right attitude about drivers11:49
OERIASI actually liked IBM thinkpads over the Lenovo ones.11:50
foobarrywhen shopping for a laptop i choose a compatible one first and foremost11:50
foobarryeven some with linux preinstalled may depend on dodgy binary blobs11:50
OERIASSystem76 is a personal favourite of mine.11:50
awilkinsI find it a shame that the laptops you see in physical shops are rarely the ones you want to buy11:51
awilkinsI struggled to find a family laptop which didn't have the stupid "consumer" screen res of 1280x76811:51
awilkinsOr whatever it is11:52
awilkinsThe stupid 768 pixel high one11:52
OERIASYes and mobile phone have 1200*108011:52
OERIASWhy not notebooks?11:52
awilkinsI had a 1600x1200 15" screen on my first laptop for work, 15 years ago11:53
OERIASreally awilkins ?11:53
awilkinsOERIAS, Yeah, nice Dell one.11:53
OERIASI remember a lot of notebooks had shitty screens back in the early 2000's11:54
bigcalm!ohmy | OERIAS11:54
lubotu3OERIAS: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:54
ujjainare IT salaries rising or stable for the last years?11:56
ujjainI see a lot of messages that say they need IT personel, but so far salaries don't seem to be going up that much.11:56
awilkinsIn the States or elsewhere?11:56
awilkinsIn the States the impression I get is that they make a lot of noise about lacking IT personnel to get their H1B visa count up11:57
ujjainin the UK, Western Europe11:57
awilkinsI just got rehired for +33%11:57
ujjainI want to work in the US, but H1B visa is tricky.11:57
ujjainah, that's funny.11:57
foobarrymy salary is only just approaching the level i had in 199911:57
awilkinsBut I was working in a gov.uk post so I was arguably underpaid for my experience and skillset11:58
ujjainah really? 50k pound salaries were common in 1999-2000?11:58
foobarrywho said 50k?11:58
OERIASWell IT jobs are very common in the US of A11:58
awilkinsin '99 I was a junior doc earning £21k11:58
awilkinsAnd working 80 hour weeks for it too11:59
OERIASSome with incomes of $90,00011:59
awilkinsWent from that to a junior dev earning £12k11:59
foobarrybut yes, £40-50k salaries in banking sector were the norm11:59
foobarryin the late 1990s12:00
awilkinsI had a "Senior Tech Arch" for the financial sector post drop in my inbox this morning for £70k +12:00
OERIASThe problem lies with where to find jobs. Most of the .com companies in 'murika are in the Silicon valley.12:00
foobarrysounds about right12:00
awilkinsCombination of problems... from my side, we found it really, really hard to hire people with the right XP12:01
ujjainIt seems there is a big difference in work pressure between jobs too, I see a lot of people here like doing nothing all day.12:01
awilkinsBut then we pay crapulous wages because we are a gov.uk org12:01
foobarryi know someone who went on that y cominator thing in silicon alley12:01
awilkinsujjain, There's always a difference in work pressure even within the walls of one place12:02
foobarryhaven't seen her since12:02
awilkinsujjain, Some people are very good at slacking, the larger and older the org gets, the more of them you'll have around12:02
awilkinsujjain, I probably look like I'm slacking a lot of the time, but I make up for it by being very good at what I do when things need doing fast12:03
foobarryujjain: where is "here"12:03
ujjainWell, in my team there is not much work, it's sometimes a bit frustrating.12:03
ujjainin London.12:03
awilkinsYeah, there is that as well12:03
awilkinsEspecially for technical teams who only work on things decided on by other people12:04
ujjainYeah, not sure what to do, so much free time.12:04
awilkinsujjain, Improve yourself, definitely. Work on things of some benefit to your employer, or even personal projects.12:05
awilkinsIf you improve yourself you are of more value to the company (and yourself).12:05
ujjainyeah, I think so, I enjoyed reading this story https://sites.google.com/site/forgottenemployee/.12:05
awilkinsSo if they can't fill your working day it's an honest use of your time.12:05
ujjainYeah, I guess that's true. But after a while, gets a bit boring too, but I try to play my free time in advance yeah.12:06
ujjainThere is a lot of interesting upcoming Linux-stuff to learn yeah, sometimes gets a bit boring though.12:07
awilkinsHence the reason Google allows 20% time12:07
awilkinsThey know that engineers get slack, get bored12:07
foobarrythey don't do that anymore12:07
awilkinsThey don't? Silly boys.12:07
ujjainyeah, I guess that work be a nice balance, 80% IT, 20% free12:07
ujjainin my case I feel its the other way around lol12:07
foobarrythe 20% thing was early google days12:07
ujjainyeah, they canceled that at google12:07
OERIASSamsung Amaze Slide Plus12:09
foobarryujjain: contractor or permie?12:10
foobarryspare time at work is time to improve your skills and document stuff12:10
foobarryand make IT systems more efficient12:10
foobarryg+ whats hot is terrible12:23
foobarrygives me barely SFW stuff12:24
DJonesHeh, Diaspora gets some media attention http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28882042?ocid=socialflow_twitter13:17
DJonesAnd not good publicity13:18
Myrttiah yes, the social network nobody remember unless it's mentioned somewhere by someone else, first13:19
Myrttimaybe they'll get some more users now13:19
Myrttior the old users remember they have accounts13:19
DJonesI'm surprised I managed to remember my username & password to log in just to see if it still worked13:20
foobarryif a tree fell over on diaspora, would anyone hear it?13:21
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Laney"my this is taking a long time to boot"14:53
popeyawww, shame knightwise isn't around to see the best ALS Ice bucket challenge video so far (IMO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4qADFNsDxE15:00
popeyExpecting it to be Jimmy Kimmell15:01
awilkinsIs making grep coredump worth a bug report?15:01
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foobarryif its grep's fault15:04
directhexdisharmonic: poor grep15:04
foobarrythis time of year i am playing out of office roulette. trying to find someone actually availabel to send me a doc15:04
foobarry"i am away, please ask $OTHER"15:05
foobarry$OTHER is away too...$OTHER2..15:05
awilkinsfoobarry, As far as I'm concerned, grep should not coredump for any inputs15:18
awilkinsComing back and saying "I couldn't cope with that input because ..." is fine15:19
awilkinsI am doing something a mite odd in that I'm using the PCRE support and using look-arounds15:19
awilkinsBut I guess because PCRE support is "highly experimental" bug reports are useful15:19
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diddledanquiet in here tonight22:22
AzelphurI'm having fun negotiating the terms of my employment22:22
Azelphurbeing employed by as a developer is difficult when you work on FOSS stuff too22:22
AzelphurContract: All your code are belong to us22:23
diddledanI hate that22:23
diddledanit's one reason why I actually like being freelance atm22:23
Azelphurdiddledan: they have a clause in there for them releasing the rights to a project22:23
Azelphurso I've just asked that they write me a waiver saying "The employee has advised that he does out of hours contract work for other22:23
Azelphurorganisations in non competing areas and the employer acknowledges this disclosure"22:23
Azelphurhopefully that'll be acceptable, it was recommended by a friend :)22:24
diddledanI gues you could do the inverse of a Contributor Licence Assignment for each of your projects get your employer to sign a waiver for that copyright22:27
diddledanbut that's a pain22:27
diddledanit's easier if they can give carte-blance22:27
diddledanpotentially risqué, but http://cdn.diply.com/img/d00d7930-0307-475f-8541-167557a3401f.jpg22:34
diddledanI think it's time to sleep22:42
mappswatching expendables 3 has made me tired23:19
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daftykinsmust be all the suspension of disbelief23:26
mappsits just action but for actions sake23:27
mapps5 days and il be in RIGA :D checked in for flight today and bought return flight23:27
mappskinda sucks 201 GBP 250 euros but when ryan air convert from euros to gbp came to 427 for 2 tickets23:27
mappsdont care anyway23:27
mappsthen 4 weeks and move to Spain/Gib - not sure where appt is yet23:28
mappsgonna buy a new laptop..i wont have a tv  and i watch a LOT of films/tv series..and my laptops only 15inch23:29
mappsfigure i should get a 17inch23:29
daftykinscurrent one got HDMI or VGA out? just get a screen23:31
mappsbut then what about when i move back to uk?23:31
daftykinsi assume you mean for logistics?23:32
mappshow can i see what module a usb wifi adapter is using23:33
daftykinslspci -nnk23:34
daftykinsor "lsmod | grep 80211" sometimes23:34
mappsmac80211              329373  3 rt2x00lib,rt2x00usb,rt2800lib23:35
mappscfg80211              211002  2 mac80211,rt2x00lib23:35
mappsrfkill                 19567  2 cfg8021123:35
mappspi@raspberrypi /etc/modprobe.d $23:35
mappsBus 001 Device 004: ID 148f:5370 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter23:36
mappsi wanna disable power management on it23:36
daftykinsare you sure that's what's going wrong with that little toy? ;)23:36
mappsi think23:37
daftykinsand not just constrained USB issues23:37
mappsthats even mentions the usb wifi im using!23:38
daftykinssorry mate i don't have any time to look at stuff tonight23:41
daftykinstoo much rushing to book flights to nip up to England tomorrow23:42
mappslast min flights?23:42

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