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cmaloneyGood morning11:44
cmaloneyIs it sad that I have four games of Star Realms going right now? :)14:03
brouschMaybe. what is star realms?14:08
brouschIt is sad if it interferes with your timely play in Go14:09
cmaloneyIt's a card game (deck-building game)14:19
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/Nb08Nw - Star Realms - Android Apps on Google Play14:19
cmaloneySimilar to games like Dominion / Thunderstone / Magic the Gathering14:20
cmaloneythough you're building your deck as you play. I vastly prefer that over Magic.14:20
cmaloneyThere's also Ascension, which Star Realms has developer ties14:23
cmaloneyThey're both great games, but Star Realms is more confrontational, where Ascension is more of a race to get more points14:24
cmaloneyAlas, Ascension needs a tablet to play14:24
jrwren_for cmaloney17:55
jrwren_.np evarlast17:55
bookiebotevarlast's current track - Airship Pirate by Abney Park on Lost Horizons17:55
cmaloneyjrwren_: Nice. :)18:08
cmaloneyI never really got into Abney Park for whatever reason18:08
jrwren_cmaloney: You are the only person I know who even knows their name.18:10
jrwren_cmaloney: My wife has been reading steampunk novels and so I keep getting them in my head.18:10
cmaloneyI'm honored? :)18:11
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/fvjCqj - Monkey’s selfie cannot be copyrighted, US regulators say | Ars Technica19:01
cmaloneyI wonder how many "divinely inspired" works suddenly had a change of inspiration19:02
cmaloneyI should like Abney Park more than I do.19:12
rick_h__https://twitter.com/ben_h/status/502383265261441024 makes me happy19:13
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/MRVrdE - Ben Hoskings on Twitter: @nk Hi, just went searching for your great “Why Arel” post; seems to have dropped off your blog FYI. Found a cache: https://t.co/aBwk54LCO819:13
cmaloneyrick_h__: W00t19:13

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