PCLine_Good evening everyone.01:02
Unit193Yes, a good evening it is.01:10
PCLine_Hello Unit19301:12
PCLine_Its seems a little Quiet in here.01:16
Unit193Generally is, then it might burst with activity every so often.  I tend to have my output set to other channels.01:17
PCLine_Lately I keep my Putty window open trying to learn more about Ubuntu.01:25
Unit193PuTTY, best there is for Windows ssh, KiTTY had weird quirks.01:27
Unit193Of course, it had a weird feel to it, at least to me.01:27
PCLine_I wish I could add it to ConEmu and then it would be in Tabs but when I get disconnected I can not find the Restart option.01:28
Unit193Thought it was alt+right click, but I could be wrong and that could still just paste stuff.01:29
PCLine_Will try that.01:31
PCLine_That might be paste....I have always used the Right Button for that.01:40
PCLine_that a tomorrow problem....I need to type and rsync between 2 different machines.01:42
Unit193izdubar: Having problems?01:43
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
PCLine_Forgot a / in the rsync command02:22
Unit193Oh dear.  I tend to use -n first, so I know what it's going to do exactly, especially since I tend to use --delete-after.02:22
PCLine_I just found the -n option02:32
PCLine_as a Windows person the username@ubuntu-plant1-196: is new to me.02:34
Unit193Ah, I use .ssh/config, so for me it's just loki:02:35
PCLine_Thats on my Todo List.02:35
Unit193Also, is most stock firmware pretty crappy about assigning the same IP to the same computer?  Am I ruined by Tomato being pretty nice? :P02:36
PCLine_my DHCP server is doing OK given out the same IP address.  Just need to setup a DNS server (or a second one) so I dont have to kepp updating the Hosts file.02:46
Unit193This is a standard linksys style router.  For DNS, I have bind9 setup, even pulls in the OpenNIC domains.02:47
PCLine_When I start the DNS project  was going to look at Bind9 first.03:06
PCLine_that it for me.03:29
belkinsaskellat, RE: ML on LP, why are we like that?17:14
skellatIt works and nobody saw the need to switch over to lists.ubuntu.com when it became available17:15
skellatIt does require LoCo membership to participate in the list on LP while on lists.ubuntu.com it isn't necessarily required17:15
belkinsaAh, I see.  I hate to say this but I do hate how the LP one works vs. the list.ubuntu.com ones.17:15
dzhowell, launchpad is its own special thing, whereas mailman has been around forever and is used by lots of orgs17:17
dzhoso, I'd probably have the same preference.17:17
belkinsaI figured that's the case.17:18
skellatThe mailman maintainer is William Grant who works on Launchpad for Canonical too17:18
PCLine_Evening everyone22:38
PCLine_Where did that second Hi come from!22:41

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