teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:17
* ChinnoDog yawns loudly13:48
InHisNamethanks for the tip, jedijf !   Interview Monday18:09
jedijfInHisName: good luck! I think it's a good fit for both.18:10
InHisNameChinnoDog: you're so loud that no-one spoke at all for 4+ hours.18:10
InHisNameMy PI arrived.18:11
ChinnoDogmmm, pi18:12
InHisNameRaspberry pie tastes real good.18:12
InHisNameArraggghhh !   4 unopened keyboards and ALL are PS/2, none USB18:13
* InHisName wonders about those USB to PS/2 like adapters lying around. Would they work on random keyboard.....18:15
InHisName4 adapters and all are backwards18:20

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