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Glorfinde|hey there Big_Mac00:03
Beldarthe large fry killed them00:03
Glorfinde|oh yeah, he's gone isn't he :o00:04
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darkangelIs it easyer to setup a website server usin a Router or is it easyer to setup with out 1?00:19
k2everest_Wich kind of router we are talking about?00:20
k2everest_Oh yeah. I tought it. I think that u can yes. I cant see why not.00:21
darkangelReal pain i can figure every thing out how to Setup Apache server up i just cant figure out the router and what IP to use Ubuntu has many00:23
k2everest_Explain better. Router always mask with 127.x.x q00:24
k2everest_But your ip is not this ip.00:25
k2everest_Check your ip .00:25
darkangelWell with my router it says my IP is 10.0.0.* but I dont thank thats the real 100:25
k2everest_It is notb00:25
tacWhat is the /opt directory for?00:26
k2everest_Check in some website google . Whats my ip00:26
tac(or more generally, where can I go to read what the top-level directories are for in Ubuntu?)00:26
Glorfinde|or some such thing00:27
darkangelthanks... and /opt Directery as i can tell is for Default Ubuntu Games database00:27
darkangelwhere ur games get installed to when u install from Ubuntu software center00:28
Glorfinde|if I logout on the gui will it logout my sessions on the ttys?00:28
Busserltac: since there is no standard, each package might use them differntly.00:28
TJ-tac see https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/amd64/directory-tree.html00:29
TJ-Busserl: Indeed there is a standard; the FHS00:29
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BusserlTJ-: I think that in practice it seems more like a convention, so YMMW.00:30
Busserl*YMMV :)00:30
rww!fhs | tac00:32
ubottutac: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier00:32
BusserlTJ-: But Ubuntu guis probably look for "bad" practices in its repos as good as they can.00:32
ubottuThe graphical user interface (GUI) in Ubuntu is composed of many elements, including the !X server, a window manager, and a desktop environment such as !GNOME or !KDE (which themselves use the !GTK and !Qt toolkits respectively)00:33
darkangelIn the website hosting progress in the part it says <VirtualHost *:80> could u put Port 80 part as * and it will use any port?00:34
blahlblahgood day all, I have a bit of a stupid problem that i made for myself, because ubuntu didnt have an alternate install cd i installed lubuntu, then installed ubuntu-desktop package, works fine except that now the gnome/unity software that needs to authenticate doesnt actually prompt to auth, and therfore doesnt work due to it not having permissions00:34
blahlblahany idea how to fix it?00:34
TJ-Glorfinde|: Do you mean the Virtual Terminals tty1-tty6 (available via Alt+Ctrl+F1-F6)- if so, then no, because the GUI runs usually on tty700:35
Glorfinde|ok, thanks00:35
Glorfinde|and yes that is what I meant :)00:35
Guest22041darkangel: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/vhosts/examples.html#default00:36
peterrooneydarkangel: No.  You must state which port the web server is to use.00:36
TJ-Glorfinde|: the X server is started on tty7 ... a separate login session00:36
boohEverytime I boot, I'm on console text... even if I do dpkg-reconfigure gdm and point to lightdm, same thing in /etc/X11/default... set to /usr/sbin/lightdm00:36
Glorfinde|oh, duh, that would be logical seeing how I have to login to each tty :facepalm:00:37
darkangelOk thank u00:37
TJ-booh: does the kernel command-line include the "text" parameter? Is the lightdm Upstart service enabled?00:38
boohYes for "text"00:38
boohI just change it for splash quiet00:38
TJ-booh: "text" prevents lightdm from starting00:39
kristenbbcan someone please help me to configure the video driver ? i can't log in...00:39
TJ-booh: In /etc/init/lightdm.conf it does: "for ARG in $(cat /proc/cmdline); do if [ "$ARG" = "text" ]; then plymouth quit || : stop"00:40
Beldarblahlblah, The mini is the alternative since 12.10. Can you explain "gnome/unity software that needs to authenticate doesnt actually prompt to auth" waht this exactly means?00:40
blahlblahsay i run software updater00:41
blahlblahor synaptic00:41
blahlblahor any other application that i launch from unity / gdm / graphic env00:41
Beldarblahlblah, All in one post please.00:41
TJ-blahblah: If the user is 'root' there'd be no sudo challenge before running programs. The same effect can happen if the 'sudoers' file has been configured to allow the 'sudoers' group, or the specific user, run commands without requiring password ("NOPASSWD")00:42
blahlblahnormally when you run those applications, they produce a promp asking to authenticate so you can run with elevated privelidges, for some reason mine does not do that it just launches the programs. which creates an issue as the programs run with the assumption of elevation so they produce bizare outputs or dont output at all and just dont work. in a nutshel, i want to fix the policy or the policy daemon that is called / used by these programs so that they wi00:43
blahlblahi am a normal user :)00:43
blahlblahi am in the sudoers file, from cli everything works fine, the issue just seems to be with gdm / unity  not realising that it needs to prompt me and launch those type of apps with elevation00:44
blahlblahone work around would be to run gdm as root - but thats tarded :D00:44
Bashing-omkristenbb: Can you boot from the "recovery" console of grub's boot menu ? from there you may get to the desk top to change the graphics driver IF OEM driver is not installed .00:44
Beldarblahlblah, How familiar are you with linux or ubuntu?00:45
harcoofuhh I've written some kernel modules, but I wouldn't say I'm the most familiar00:45
kristenbbBashing-om: yes i'm able to get a command line00:45
blahlblahi know enough to know that i dont know as much as a lot of people, which is why im asking here:) but I am familiar enough to normally be able to solve my own issues by googling, in this case i have not had success :(00:46
kristenbbBashing-om: how to switch the driver to use back to nouveau ?00:46
Beldarharcoof, Look at the the nick I preface with, it is not yours00:46
blahlblahBeldar: i guess in context i would say im "familiar"00:46
Bashing-omkristenbb: What release ? 14.04 has some additional tools for graphics .00:46
kristenbbBashing-om: i had taken the 'proprietary, tested' driver version, but it prevented me from logging in00:46
kristenbbBashing-om: the latestt00:47
darkangelif 1 has around 500k files in a website and a fast computer would it make the website slow for havin soo much files in it00:47
Beldarblahlblah, You should not be running in root nor needing it for any more than updates and be using sudo there00:47
Bashing-omkristenbb: Try, reboot to grub, recovery kernel -> enable networking -> "resume normal boot" -> login -> desktop ->>> Additional Drivers and select the open source driver .00:48
pauloboa noite00:49
pauloqual o canal do ubuntu brasil?00:49
Beldar!br | paulo00:49
ubottupaulo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:49
blahlblahsorry i might not have explained my issue properly Beldar - i crosgraded from lubuntu to ubuntu desktop using the ubuntu-desktop package, the resultant ubunutu desktop environment does not prompt my normal user to elevate privelidges when it runs an application that would require it such as synaptic or software center. the result of this is that those apps cannot install software as they are running as me without elevation. i am in the sudoers file and i am00:50
kristenbbBashing-om: is it possible to do that from a command line ?00:50
Beldarblahlblah, Have you modified visudo?00:50
blahlblahBeldar: no, and the issue is not to do with os permissions00:51
Beldarblahlblah, Did you make a no password change to the sudors file?00:51
blahlblahor the config in the sudoers file00:51
blahlblahand no i did not00:51
blahlblahfrom the cli, if i do something that requires elevation, it rejects me, unless i do it via sudo.00:52
Beldarblahlblah, If you are running with no admin prompts for apps or commands that should than somehow it got changed.00:52
blahlblahwhen i do something from the gui, it does not prompt to elevate, and therefore cannot make changes00:52
Beldarblahlblah, Are you running from a rooted cli?00:52
blahlblahi am a normal user00:53
blahlblahwho has sudo privs00:53
blahlblahbut only when i use sudo00:53
kristenbbis it possible to set the default video driver from command line ?00:53
Beldarblahlblah, Than you are making no sense.00:53
blahlblahthe gui is launching and i log in as myself00:53
blahlblahi thought i had explained myself00:53
Beldaryou not the OS00:53
blahlblahsorry i dont know how better to explain it00:53
Bashing-omkristenbb: Yeah, gimme a bit to hint up the commands .. looking .00:53
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BAMFmembhi all00:54
darkangeldone got this setup and i was wondering if any 1 can help me and test this out ppadomain.com is the site00:55
boohNow lightdm (I'm not sure it's the right one that boot!) execute at boot but I have 2 problems... 1) Error: malformed file  press any key at grub boot... and system boot in low graphic... for the dm but inside gnome it's ok.00:55
Beldarblahlblah, What other linux installs have you used?00:55
ibrahimhello geeks my wireless card keep disconnecting and connecting here is lspci with driver http://pastie.org/949034100:55
blahlblahok Beldar how about this- say i am sitting on the desktop, and i type in "ubuntu software center" into the launcher, and click the launcher. it launches the application, but does not prompt me to authenticate, and no changes i make are applied by the software. IF instead i manually launch the program from a terminal window under sudo, it works perfectly.00:55
TJ-blahlblah: The way sudo/gksudo works is each time you gain elevated privileges a timestamped file is updated... maybe that file isn't being removed when the sudo timeout expires?00:56
ibrahimhello geeks my wireless card keep disconnecting and connecting ubuntu 14.4 here is lspci with driver http://pastie.org/949034100:56
boohdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg don't fix it00:56
blahlblahTJ-: thanks ill look at tahat00:56
Beldarblahlblah, The software center does not prompt for the paasword till you actually install something.00:56
insallblankhello everyone, i was on earlier having problems with installing ubuntu and getting a blank screen, now i have it installed and can't load the install00:56
Beldarinsallblank, "can't load the install" means?00:57
Bashing-omkristenbb: What returns from terminal command -> ubuntu-drivers devices <- ?00:57
TJ-blahlblah: Try "sudo --reset-timestamp"00:57
insallblankgetting a black screen when loading, loaded the live cd with the nomodeset paramiter and not sure how to apply that fix to the install00:57
blahlblahBeldar: well in MY case, when i actuially install something, the software center completes as if it had installed it but then refreshes and shows that it has not installed it. and does not prompt to elevate :)00:58
Beldarinsallblank, The nomodeset link has a install use at the grub menu with an edit.00:58
blahlblahactually there is an interesting error that i can produce using software center... ill see if i can retreive it - after i try TJ's idea00:58
ibrahimhello geeks my wireless card keep disconnecting and connecting ubuntu 14.4 here is lspci with driver http://pastie.org/949034100:59
Beldar!nomodeset | insallblank boot it run tehe update/upgrade it may get fixed.00:59
ubottuinsallblank boot it run tehe update/upgrade it may get fixed.: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:59
insallblankBeldar: i don't see a grub menu when ubuntu loads, i tried cntrl+alt+F1 and see a login prompt for a second and then the screen goes black and monitor shuts off00:59
kristenbbBashing-om: it lists 5 drivers, among other things00:59
Beldarinsallblank, Power on and start tapping the shift key.00:59
Bashing-omkristenbb: Good; -> ubuntu-drivers list <- ?01:00
insallblankBeldar: i've tried that too, nothing happened with either shift key01:00
TJ-blahlblah: You may be better off using "sudo --remove-timestamp" actually01:00
kristenbbBashing-om: lists 401:00
Beldarinsallblank, From the last description if true may be more than a graphic driver issue, try the menu prompt and no modeset edit first.01:01
insallblankubottu: i barely see a splash screen, right now i'm on the live cd , is there a parameter i can edit in the grub config file to change it to nomodeset boot until i can update the video drivers?01:01
ubottuinsallblank: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:01
Beldarinsallblank, Did you install from the desktop? Was the install error free?01:01
ibrahimhello geeks my wireless card keep disconnecting and connecting ubuntu 14.4 here is lspci with driver http://pastie.org/949034101:02
Beldar!patience | ibrahim01:02
ubottuibrahim: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:02
insallblankBeldar: i installed from the live cd's desktop, no errors during or after the install01:02
Beldarinsallblank, Had you checked the md5sum on the iso and install medium? Is this a dual boot?01:03
Beldarinsallblank, Ubuntu wont fit on a cd, is that what you used?01:03
kristenbbBashing-om: to be more precise, it lists 4 nvidia drivers. The first command showed the same 4, plus the nouveau driver. And just to be clear, I'm asking about switching to a new driver because the current one (the recommended, tested one) doesn't seem to work for me - the session doesn't start01:04
insallblankBeldar: no this is a ubuntu only install, not dual boot, i checked and everything was fine with the sum and the disk i used to install01:04
insallblankBeldar: no it was a dvd,01:04
Bashing-omkristenbb: Not sure now; to install the standard available proprietary video driver -> ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, I expect it to reconfigure, but I do not KNOW for sure.01:04
koplinany plans for unity to stop sucking?01:04
koplinlike when I remove and reinstall ubuntu-desktop01:05
koplinwhy does it not werk01:05
Beldarinsallblank, So you have as soon as you powered on tapped on the shift key continuously, through the bios splash?01:05
insallblankBeldar: yeah, no result... tapped it continuously until the screen turned off01:06
Beldarkoplin, Why would we even answer you with biased opinions up front?01:06
koplinif I remove and reinstall a package, it should work01:06
koplinif it works in gentoo, and debian, and fedora, and mageia, and crux, and slackware, it should work the same in ubuntu01:07
koplinbut alas, this is not the same01:07
koplinthus I inquire here'01:07
Beldarinsallblank, Not sure here, I would check the HD from the disks app top right corner smartcheck and if good try another install. Might be an issue I don't know about really.01:07
Beldarlive enviroment^^^^^^^^01:07
kristenbbBashing-om: so i did just that, what now ?01:08
insallblankBeldar: i can try again and see if it will work, i'll do a smartcheck before i restart... i might have a different nick on here but it will be install**01:08
kristenbbBashing-om: i rebooted but it's still not working. i still get an error window mentioning 'running in low graphics mode'01:10
darkangelIs this website work i thank i got it this time ppadomain.com01:10
Bashing-omkristenbb: Shucks! .. All I know now to do, isd to boot through recovery console with netwrking enabled to the desk top and access "Additional Drivers" from there.01:12
kristenbbBashing-om: ok so please guide me through it.  the grub menu doesn't show01:13
Bashing-omkristenbb: Reboot, and s soon as the bios screen clears ( non UEFI system ) depress and hold the right shift key -> grub boot menu .01:14
blahlblahTJ-: did not fix it, the error that is produced for example when i use software center to install something shows "software can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed:('system-bus-name',{'name':':1.73'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages01:16
kristenbbBashing-om: does not seem to work, i did it 3 times already01:16
blahlblahalso Beldar :)01:16
Bashing-omkristenbb: UEFI ? try: when bios screen clears depress the escape key .01:17
blahlblahi suspect theres a dependent package missing from ubuntu-desktop that is installed in the standard install but is not installed by lubuntu01:18
blahlblahor a service that is not configured - but i dont know how to configure said service :D hence my boggle hahaha01:18
blahlblahBeldar / TJ- : perhaps there is a flag i can toggle that tells it to auth? maby that flag is set to not auth?01:19
blahlblahif so would you know where /how to do that ?01:20
kristenbbBashing-om: well with the esc key pressed the output was somewhat different (kinda like i could see the output messages going), but it was not a grub menu, and it brought me in the end to the same error message01:20
Beldarblahlblah, This is beyond me. ;)01:20
TJ-blahlblah: That looks like the PolicyKit Authentication Agent isn't being started in the session01:21
Bashing-omkristenbb: OK. try: reboot, and as soon as the bios screen is going to clear, repeated depress/release the right shift key ??01:21
blahlblahany suggestions on how i can resolve that ? :)01:21
blahlblahTJ-:  i found a previous way to start it but the service has changed since that way worked, so now i dont know how to tell it to start01:22
kristenbbBashing-om: still the same.01:23
TJ-blahlblah: See bug 104518601:23
ubottubug 1045186 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Apport recoverable error when no policykit authentication agent is availalbe" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104518601:23
blahlblahTJ-: i tried putting /usr/libpolicykit-1/p/01:23
blahlblahTJ-: i tried putting /usr/libpolicykit-1/p/polikitd01:23
blahlblahbut it doesnt seem to do anything :) hahah01:23
boohWhen I boot and a network cable isn't connected, it takes a while before booting resume... it waits for network.  But... on this computer, I use wifi and wifi is connecting after entering in GUI session.  Is there a way to make wifi up and running before entering in gnome session and bypass delay of absent network on nic ?01:23
TJ-booh: The system will only usually wait for a network connection if you've manually configured "/etc/network/interfaces"01:24
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boohTJ-, maybe some old stuff... hum... let me see.01:25
kristenbbBashing-om: ok finally managed to open the grub after 5 or 6 tries, sorry about that. so what now ?01:26
blahlblahTJ-: yeah, so can you possibly suggest how i can manually launch that ?01:26
boohTJ-, yeah... there is a auto eth0 inet dhcp...  But it's normal, I want it to do that if a cable (for maintenance) is connected...01:27
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blahlblahactually i think im on the right track now THANKs! TJ-01:27
Bashing-omkristenbb: Great .. which method worked ? in grub -> advanced options -> and the topmost entry marked "recovery"-. enter key.01:28
kristenbbBashing-om: the esc with repeated strokes01:28
kristenbbBashing-om: so it now asks a recovery menu, which option to take?01:30
Bashing-omkristenbb: "with networking" -> then "resume normal boot" .01:30
kristenbbBashing-om: i'm a bit lost, i just chose 'networking', then it asked "continuing will remount / in rw and mount all /etc/fstab, do you wish to continue", so i pressed yes, and now it seems stuck01:33
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kristenbbBashing-om: i rebooted and i'm at the same spot again, this time i'd like to do it right. it states : "recovery menu (filesystem state: read only). And then follows a list of choices: resume, clean, dpkg, failsafeX, fsck, grub, network, root, system-summary, all with their description. last time  i chose network ("enable networking"), and got stuck. What should I do now ?01:36
Bashing-omkristenbb: network ( as we have to have networking to download the graphics driver ).01:38
TJ-kristenbb: what kind of network connection does the PC have, wired or wireless ?01:38
kristenbbTJ-: wired01:38
TJ-kristenbb: And the LAN provides a DHCP service so the PC can get an IP address automatically?01:39
kristenbbBashing-om: so just 'network' and 'ok' ? then it asks the same question as before (it will remount in rw, and mount all /etc/fstab, continue?), should I proceed with 'ok' ?01:39
Bashing-omkristenbb: Yes .. the system must be in r/w to change that driver .01:40
kristenbbTJ-: the lan provides a dhcp service but this computer is set up to a static ip01:40
TJ-kristenbb: Yes, let it proceed with the remount read/write... otherwise it can't write out the network status01:40
Bashing-omTJ-: :)01:41
kristenbbBashing-om: well then i'm stuck, just last before. oh it seems trying to run fsck, maybe that's why it takes a long time ? but why does it do that ?!01:41
TJ-kristenbb: That 'should' be OK then; the network should be configured according to '/etc/network/interfaces'01:41
Bashing-omkristenbb: System was left in an inconsistent state ? let it run !01:41
arekonerhey anyone here anygood with the chmod command01:42
TJ-kristenbb: Ahhhh... yes, for a remount there will sometimes be an file-system check01:42
Bashing-om!ask arekoner01:43
kristenbbTJ-: Bashing-om: well then i'm afraid i will end up with the same error message, because when i was stuck here before, i had just pressed ctrl c and it brought me to the same error01:43
Bashing-om!ask | arekoner01:43
ubottuarekoner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:43
arekonerneed to modify folder /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/ so i can write to files under it01:44
Bashing-omkristenbb: Maybe best at this time to invoke a file system check and let it check things out ?01:44
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arekoneri have been trying to figure out chmod01:44
arekonerbut to no avail01:44
kristenbbBashing-om: yes sure i'm letting it finish, from the looks of it it will be very long. but it doubt this (fsck) will solve my driver issue01:45
Bashing-omarekoner: OHHH, not a good thing to change permissions on a system file ! .. what is the underlieing reasoning ?01:45
arekoneri know its not a good idea... when i get done doing what i need to i will unmodify01:46
Bashing-omkristenbb: We got to let the system do what it has to in order to protect it's self .. We will get there. patience .01:46
CorvetteMy laptop is doing the OTA upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04, but is it better to do a fresh install?01:47
kristenbbBashing-om: ok i'll test u when it's finished, probably one hour or two at this rate01:47
Bashing-omarekoner: It is all on you, do not cry when ... but to change a file -> sudo chmod 777 <name-of-file> .. read write execute to everyone ( not a good thing to do !).01:48
arekonercool gimme a sec bashing-om when i get ndone will u give me command to bring it back to stock01:49
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Bashing-omkristenbb: There is a serios [roblem then - somewhere - a normal file system check is but a few seconds ( journaled file systems rule ) .01:50
TJ-arekoner: You'll need to record the current permissions on the file in order to put them back later01:50
Bashing-omarekoner: best note now what the permissions are - I may not have that file on my system ( non standard) .01:50
kristenbbBashing-om: no it's just that it's not even at the system drive just yet, it's scanning all my drives, which takes a long time01:51
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BeldarCorvette, Bette is an opinion.01:51
arekonerokay i didnt write permissions before i changed them...01:52
kristenbbBashing-om: as a matter of fact it's not even passed the first partition of the first drive just yet! it really seems to be stuck.01:52
Bashing-omkristenbb: raid ? on top of UEFI .. I am in a learning mode here !01:52
arekonerand now i cant access the folder at all01:52
kristenbbBashing-om: no, not raid, just data drives01:52
kristenbbBashing-om: ntfs and such01:53
Bashing-omkristenbb: ??? what in the world would posess fsck to even look at a data drive ?01:53
BeldarCorvette, What is best is being backed up no matter what you do,01:53
kristenbbBashing-om: how would i know ?01:53
boohIf I configure my wifi in network/interaces and later my wifi router is rebooting for example... is the wlan0 dhcp will reconnect itself or only the first time the file is read?01:53
boohI mean at boot time?01:54
kristenbbBashing-om: it really seems stuck though01:54
kristenbbthere has been  no output in the last 15 minutes01:54
arekonerBashing-om: does 777 give me full read write overwite permissions01:55
TJ-kristenbb: It sounds as though that system has deeper problems than you realised01:55
CorvetteBeldar meaning let it do the ota01:55
Bashing-omarekoner: When we practice to decieve the operating sytem.. OK, what is the exact file (directory ?) location, and what exact command did you employ ?01:55
arekonerjust trying to replace a file01:55
kristenbbTJ-: i doubt it, it's just a fresh installation, the only thing that i changed was the driver to the "recommanded, tested" one (well not so well tested apparently :()01:56
BeldarCorvette, I never upgrade, however that is my choice, there is no better involved but for me personally.01:56
arekoner'obviosly its write protected01:56
ProfessorKaos64has anyone ever managed to get the rice video plugin with mupe64plus to work fullscreen?01:56
TJ-kristenbb: First a video issue, and now possibly drive issues... have you done a thorough memtest on the RAM?01:56
Bashing-omarekoner: Yep .. r/r/x to all .. so where did you execute this chmod command ?01:56
arekonersudo chmod 777 /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/winewrapper.exe.so01:57
kristenbbTJ-: i am 100% sure it's only video related01:57
TJ-kristenbb: Unless the file-systems being checked are abnormally large, they must have a lot of errors for the fsck to be taking this long01:58
kristenbbBashing-om: TJ-: i'm sorry i got borred of waiting for 20 minutes for a single character to appear, i pressed ctrl+C. i'm back at the error window ("the system is running in low graphics mode") even in recovery mode01:58
Bashing-omarekoner: do: -> ls -al /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/winewrapper.exe.so <- .. what results ?01:58
CorvetteBeldar I usually don't upgrade either but I accidentally f*cked up some config files on this machine so I have to activate wifi via the terminal, which is a PITA. So I'm hoping the OTA upgrade will put the files back01:59
arekonerstart with sudo chmod or diff command01:59
danileigh79Corvette: It's not a broadcom b43 is it?01:59
kristenbbTJ-: i'll be sure to do a thorough fsck once this video driver issue is resolved then, and try to understand why it took so long in recovery mode. but now i'd like to fix the video issue, please. i can't log in, it's quite frustating.01:59
BeldarCorvette, No swearing, and never upgrade a non working/broken OS.01:59
arekoner-rwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 232780 Mar 18 16:26 /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/winewrapper.exe.so01:59
Bashing-omarekoner: nope .. just flat out only ->  ls -al /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/winewrapper.exe.so .........02:00
arekoner-rwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 232780 Mar 18 16:26 /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/winewrapper.exe.so02:00
kristenbbBashing-om: so what was the whole point of using the recovery mode ? was it supposed not to use the proprietary driver in that mode ?02:01
TJ-kristenbb: If there's doubt about an fsck that can't complete, resolve that *first*. Anything else will likely make matters much worse. Right now we can't be sure any issues aren't caused by corruption02:01
CorvetteBeldar nooo it's not a broadcom b43 I know the nightmares with that02:01
Corvetteit's an onboard intel chip02:01
danileigh79Corvette: Broadcom B43 wifi apapters are notorious for not working with bundled wifi drivers02:01
arekonerany ideas bashing-om02:02
BeldarCorvette, Never said it was and this is a wasted conversation.02:02
BeldarNO real details and your going to do what you want with no thinking02:02
Bashing-omarekoner: Thin'n ( root still owns that file ) .02:02
kristenbbTJ-: it's a *fresh* install. the second one, as a matter of fact, still with the same video issue. i can do a third fresh install, and do fsck *before* trying to switch to the proprietary driver if you really want me to, but i can assure you my problem is video related02:03
TJ-kristenbb: Did the network come up? go to a root shell and find out. I think Bashing-om's intention was to use the shell to remove or reinstall the video drivers, which would require network access.02:04
kristenbbTJ-: when i get to the error, i can go to a TTY of my choice, so i get a command line. the networking does come up even when not in recovery mode, which apparently has no use at all02:05
kristenbbTJ-: how can I remove or reinstall the video drivers ? ie switch back to nouveau ?02:06
kristenbbTJ-: (from command line)02:07
arekonerbashing-om.... when addring -r to chmod wont it make it recursive02:07
TJ-kristenbb: In recovery mode network is not started unless we ask for it, which is what Bashing-om was getting you to do. With that enabled, it is then possible at the root shell to remove/install packages02:07
TJ-kristenbb: Which driver is currently installed, do you know?02:07
kristenbbarekoner: -R02:07
arekonerwhere does -R go kristen02:08
kristenbbarekoner: in the same place as -r would, it's just that it's -R02:09
arekonerso  sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine.02:10
kristenbbTJ-: but i can get to a command line with network access even without being in recovery mode, so i dont really see the point of going to recovery mode. it doesn't really matter though that i don't understand. the driver in use is a nvidia one, the recommended, tested one. would you like the number ?02:10
kristenbbarekoner: yep02:10
Flannelarekoner: You probably don't want to do that.  In general, if you're having to chmod recursively, you're attacking a problem the wrong way.02:10
blahlblahTJ-: fixed it02:11
TJ-kristenbb: "dpkg -l 'nvidia*' " should show which package needs removing02:11
TJ-blahlblah: well done :)02:11
blahlblahtahnks for your help - you pointed me in the right direction :D02:11
arekonerHa its done gotit02:12
arekonerno how to change all those files back to read only02:12
BeldarBig_Mac, Hello's not needed this is support state an issue if you have one.02:12
arekonerkristenbb do u know how to make them readonly02:13
Bashing-omarekoner: Yeah NOT at all what to do with system directories, these access are set for a reason .. you want a real borked up system ? // OK what is it that you need to do in "winewrapper.exe.so" ?02:13
arekonerits already done02:13
FallMy ubuntu install is no longer sending email after installing postfix - does fresh install of Ubuntu come with postfix? Otherwise what can I do to reset to fresh values? Thanks for your advice02:13
Big_MacI want to start helping with Ubuntu. I know Java and I was wondering if there were any Java things or if I have to learn Python which Im sure I could do?02:14
arekonerjust need to make them readonly02:14
kristenbbarekoner: chmod -wx -R your_directory02:14
TJ-Big_Mac: You could contribute with bug triaging or fixing, via the bug-squad team and this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-702:15
kostkon!contribute | Big_Mac, you could start from here02:15
ubottuBig_Mac, you could start from here: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu02:15
arekonerokay..... so i should have listened to bashing-om02:17
arekoneryep office no longer boots02:17
Big_MacThanks and I was also wondering is it worth learning python for this?  Is most of the code in python?02:18
arydeoblomy PXE boot can't find live-installer, how to change live-installer location with PXE boot ? I'm wasting time for 6 hour for this problem .. thanks for advice02:18
arekonerthank you for your help.... imma do a fresh install after i back some sh&* up02:19
TJ-Big_Mac: The Ubuntu system is made up of code written in a lot of languages: C, C++, Shell scripts, Perl, Python ...02:19
kostkonBig_Mac, if you want the latest and greatest regarding ubuntu, check out the sdk http://developer.ubuntu.com/02:20
Big_MacAlright thanks and last question.(which may seem dumb lol) Do you have to be running Ubuntu to contribute? I am right now but a Mac is coming in the mail... which im sure I could use a virtual machine02:22
kristenbbcan I please get some help to install ubuntu with a nvidia card ? it's the third install that i'm doing and i keep getting a black screen or an error message before the login screen comes in02:22
genoobiehey all, I am running lubuntu and my kid wants to install skype02:23
genoobieI have version 14.0402:23
genoobiecan I install the skype for 12.04?02:23
genoobieit's not in synaptic.02:23
genoobiemaybe use the debian version?02:23
genoobiedon't know how to uninstall using gdebi02:23
xanguagenoobie: enable the partner repository02:24
ahklernerhello i have upgraded xubuntu and i have no audio (i think it worked before but i am not positive) i downloaded the pavucontrol and only "Dummy Output" is showing for output device02:24
genoobiexangua in synaptic?02:24
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »02:24
kostkongenoobie, open your updater, click on settings, then on the 3rd Party Software tab, then enable the Canonical Partners repo that you'll see listed it there. Close the window, open the software centre, search for skype and install it02:24
genoobiekostkon, thanks02:24
genoobieI know I could do the cli too02:24
HemebondHi. I'm running 12.04 and my computer has recently started freezing when playing 3D games. What logs can I check for errors? I've looked through syslog and Xorg but couldn't find any exceptions logged.02:25
ahklernerwhat do i need to do to get my audio to work02:25
Big_MacI have Skype on 14.04 LTS02:25
gshmuCan I $ rm -r *~ ?02:25
gshmuI want remove all *~ tem file02:26
veryhappyis everybody sleeping in #programming?02:27
sydneyNO !! :D02:27
LinuxGoldthey are programming in their dream.02:27
sydneybiso do i :P02:27
sydneyoops typo :P02:28
wafflejockHemebond: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE -n -A5 -B502:28
kostkongenoobie, and if you are using Unity, the default ubuntu desktop, then you might want to install skype-wrapper https://launchpad.net/~skype-wrapper/+archive/ubuntu/ppa   if you decide to install it and after installing it, you'll need to logout and log back in02:28
wafflejockHemebond: if you don't get anything there can try running the game from the command line if possible and see if anything gets spit out when it crashes02:28
LinuxGoldcommand 2> log?02:28
Hemebondwafflejock: Thanks. I see some stuff at 14.###, which I assume is just startup stuff.02:29
veryhappyok now some activity is coming02:29
Hemebondwafflejock: Will try running from command line later on.02:29
LinuxGoldtwitching and still dreaming?02:29
kristenbbcan I please get some help to install ubuntu with a nvidia card ? it's the third install that i'm doing and i keep getting a black screen or an error message before the login screen comes in02:30
BeldarLinuxGold, Try #ubuntu-offtopic they like mindless gibberish. ;)02:31
LinuxGoldlol, thanks beldar.02:32
Beldarjust part of what we do02:32
Hemebondkristenbb: You probably need something like nomodeset in the grub/startup parameters.02:32
Hemebondkristenbb: Ignore that02:32
Hemebondkristenbb: There is/was a parameter required to help Ubuntu start nicely, but that isn't the parameter.02:33
ahklerneranyone care to help me attempt to get my audio recognized and working ?02:33
kostkon!details | ahklerner02:34
ubottuahklerner: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:34
ahklerneri have upgraded xubuntu and i have no audio (i think it worked before but i am not positive) i downloaded the pavucontrol and only "Dummy Output" is showing for output device. i am not sure where to start getting it recognized02:35
poplahklerner: xubuntu is not ubuntu02:36
poplahklerner: maybe try #xubuntu02:37
Beldarpopl, WE do xubuntu here.02:37
somsippopl: it's supported here as an official flavor02:37
poploh, ok02:37
ahklernerwell i am glad to here this channel also supports it as there are 122 people in #xubuntu and noone is awake, 1500 in here hopefully someone is bored and can assist me02:39
Beldarahklerner, Upgraded from what release and how?02:39
arnold0kanghi all02:39
arnold0kanghi all02:39
TJ-ahklerner: This should get you started: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting02:39
mjaykahklerner: what audio device are you using ? i.e. what type of output02:40
ahklernerit is a laptop, i am wanting to be able to hear audio from the built in speakers, and use the volume wheel on the front. i do not care if headphone or mic port work02:41
ObrienDavepopl, seriously?02:42
kostkonahklerner, output of: aplay -l02:42
ahklernerkostkon: http://pastebin.com/t3Lyhpb802:44
kostkonahklerner, ok. try this: kill pulseaudio with:   pulseaudio -k,  then open your home folder and delete the hidden folder  .pulse   there should be a way to view hidden files in xubuntu's file manager. After doing that,  start pulseaudio again with:  pulseaudio -D02:45
Abhijitlshw -C network do not show wireless interface. wifi is not working. how can i troubleshoot it?02:48
ahklernerthere is not a folder .pulse in my home02:49
kostkonahklerner, it's hidden02:50
TJ-ahklerner: kostkon It's probably a codec issue. Does this report the realtek driver loaded: "lsmod | grep snd_hda_codec_realtek" ?02:53
kostkonahklerner, yeah, sorry, that folder probably is now in .config02:54
linman32hi. using ubuntu and i am not able to start a terminal. or open up tabs at top of screen for any application02:54
linman32anyone know what this might be?02:54
poplObrienDave: What do you mean?02:55
ahklernerTJ- http://pastebin.com/yp4YKY5g02:56
ahklernerkostkon: indeed02:56
ObrienDavepopl> ahklerner: xubuntu is not ubuntu02:56
TJ-ahklerner: do this then reboot: "echo -e "alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel\noptions snd-hda-codec-realtek index=-2" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf "02:57
ObrienDave*must not feed trolls*02:57
linman32has anyone seen this problem? i tried opening word application and it almost crashed02:58
poplI'm not trolling.02:58
ahklernerTJ-: ok02:58
poplI seriously thought xubuntu wasn't supported here.02:58
poplMaybe you could not assume that everyone is trying to be a dick, ObrienDave. :P I *did* ask alis about a xubuntu channel to try to help ahklerner out.02:59
poplI don't think someone who was trolling would have done that.02:59
linman32someone gave advice of ctrl+alt+f2, then "killall -u [username] gnome session"02:59
linman32but when i enter the password, it always says it is wrong03:00
linman32i think the gnome session is crashing. is there a way of fixing it?03:02
wafflejocklinman32: is this a fresh install or was working and is now failing?03:03
linman32i think it has been happening since i upgraded from 12.04 to 14.0403:04
linman32wafflejock: it typically happens after about 10 lock screens. then it starts to fail03:06
ahklernerTJ-: now "Built in analog stereo" shows in the pavucontrol so i will check and see if audio works03:06
ahklernerok now i do have audio!03:06
superman098hi all03:07
wafflejocklinman32: you using Gnome Ubuntu?03:07
ahklernernow what do i need to do to get the volume control wheel to work?03:07
linman32wafflejock: i'm not sure03:07
TJ-ahklerner: Great :)03:07
kristenbbcan I please get some help to install ubuntu with a nvidia card ? it's the third install that i'm doing and i keep getting a black screen or an error message before the login screen comes in03:07
TJ-ahklerner: I'm not sure, it depends on how it interfaces to the system - whether special input drives are needed, etc.03:08
mjayk_kristenbb: what graphics card / install type / hardware are you using03:09
superman098i want to revive my old pc at home who runned with AMD Duron with 128Mb ram? is any distribution of ubuntu for very2 old PC? there is much another distros but i think ubuntu is the best. Hmmm so which environtment i could use?03:09
wafflejocklinman32: if you have the Unity interface or just downloaded from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/ then you don't have Ubuntu Gnome http://ubuntugnome.org/03:09
mjayk_superman098: look into xubuntu or mate ubuntu remix03:09
kristenbbmjayk_: nvidia / ubuntu 14.0403:09
superman098ok i would find info about it first03:09
wafflejock^ superman098 agree regular Unity is pretty heavy for an older machine03:10
Stanley00superman098: ...or lubuntu :)03:10
wafflejockXubuntu is lightweight03:10
mjayk_kristenbb: desktop ?03:10
superman098lubuntu would runnning with at least 256Mb minimum ram03:10
mjayk_kristenbb: and what type of nvidia card03:10
kristenbbdesktop, gtx 68003:11
wafflejockahklerner: what kind of volume wheel are you talking about exactly?03:11
linman32wafflejock: i think i have unity interface. but i see gnome proccesses running in background03:11
xanguamjayk_: superman098 lubuntu would be fit better with 128 RAM03:11
wafflejocklinman32: yeah ubuntu before 12.04 I think was Gnome by default so there's probably some reminants in the Unity version too just trying to understand your situation better03:11
Stanley00superman098: hmm... I didn't know that. I've just test lxde on other distro and it took 128mb of ram.03:12
mjayk_kristenbb: and what happens can you install the system when does the backscreen occur03:12
wafflejocklinman32: so as is the system works fine but only after you hit the lock screen a few times then things in the UI start breaking?03:12
mjayk_xangua: ok thanks ive never used lubuntu, good to know03:12
Stanley00superman098: and xfce about 150MB :D03:12
linman32wafflejock: yeah pretty much03:13
kristenbbmjayk_: it occurs before the login screen, after i tried to use the proprietary recommended, tested version03:13
superman098now for ubuntu 14.04 xubuntu minimum ram 512 MB03:13
superman098i just want made some cool experiment with my old pc03:13
mjayk_kristenbb: have you tried going back to the old drivers then03:13
linman32wafflejock: it always starts failing after i login after i lock screen. never in middle of session03:13
kristenbbmjayk_: unsuccessfully tried to uninstall all nvidia packages03:14
mjayk_kristenbb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/450046/black-screen-with-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu have a look there03:14
BlaksmithHi there.. got a weird issue.. was running 12.04, and upgraded to 14.04 (so far, BIG MISTAKE, as crap is not working as it used to, and not happy, but I also can not do a fresh install at this time), but I was using alacarte to update my menu, added in an item or two, then I was moving them up the list to where I wanted ... I hit the "Move Up" button too fast, and got a popup window about a file not there, so, I kept moving the item up03:14
linman32wafflejock: really just after a lockscreen. because one of the monitors won't let me login is start.03:14
Stanley00superman098: well, did you use arch before? arch with lxde only take 128MB, and if you want something else, try tiling wm only, you can save 20-40MB RAM03:14
wafflejocklinman32: there's some related posts here about lightdm failing which I'm pretty sure is the program used for the lock screen now http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221442103:14
Blaksmithnow, when I hit my "Applications Menu", I have NO menu at all...03:15
kristenbbmjayk_: i have. i even had a look there, to no help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen03:15
ZenofName: Raymond D Albers (aka Ray D Albers) / Age: 46 / DOB: 1968/05/29 / SSN: 497-88-1819 | Credit report - http://rghost.net/57578827 / Phone Number: 636-936-8896 or (636) 441-1637 / Current Address: 958 S Brampton DR / City: Saint Charles / State: MO / Zip: 6330403:15
BlaksmithI can load up alacarte, or menulibre, and i can see the menus just fine though03:15
wafflejocklinman32: are you using an ATI/AMD graphics chipset/card too?03:15
Blaksmithbut I just can not get any kind of pull-down menu03:15
linman32wafflejock: no. think it is intel i5 based03:16
mjayk_yea i dont think that link is relevant kristenbb  its a driver issue03:16
Blaksmithanyone know how I can get my menu back to being active when I click "Application Menu" ?03:16
=== ibranycraft is now known as SashKhe
Bashing-omsuperman098: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems#XFCE , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall .03:17
wafflejocklinman32: that's the main CPU/processor curious about the graphics but might be Intel graphics chipset too you can do03:17
wafflejocklspci | grep VGA03:17
superman098Stanley00 : i never use arch, but my priority is ubuntu... but if there is not possible... another distro it doesn't matter03:17
subsonicAnybody have any recommendations on how to update an apache config acrtoss multiple servers03:18
linman32wafflejock: compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)03:18
Stanley00superman098: well, you can try looking at links Bashing-om's just post first :303:18
linman32wafflejock: that thread you sent me, looks exactly like my problem03:18
VectorXim on ubuntu, i want to know how i can run a particular application and tell it to use a specific network interface or device ?03:18
VectorXon cli03:18
wafflejocklinman32: k yeah so you've got an intel chipset not the same as what they're complaining about in that forum I don't think, might be related03:19
wafflejocklinman32: not sure where to point you here though I've got Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 right now and don't have any lock screen issues so hard to say03:19
Bashing-omsuperman098: I install 'buntu on many old pc's .. with 128mb of ram .. minimum install, xfce for the DE .03:20
wafflejocklinman32: you can try to see if you have errors in the Xorg log that help at all, this will show 5 lines before and after and the line numbers where errors popped up in Xorg03:20
wafflejockcat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE -n -A5 -B503:20
TJ-ahklerner: I've just found a photo of the M115 motherboard; the volume wheel is a simple variable resistor so it will operate on the analogue electronics side, nothing needed from the software point of view03:21
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: update your apache configs and restart apache.  You can ftp/sftp those file to each server.  I'm assuming they will be the same, correct?03:21
wafflejocklinman32: I actually have a very similar graphics chipset too but like I said different OS install 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)03:21
linman32wafflejock:  don't see errors. trying to "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"03:22
subsonicJeffrey_f: I was hoping not to have to ftp03:22
linman32wafflejock: someone mentioned it in thread03:22
wafflejocklinman32: well that will get you a whole different Desktop Environment03:22
subsonicI could probably write a script03:22
wafflejocklinman32: and I think it will  still use lightdm for the login/lock screen but suppose it's worth a shot if you're just tinkering03:23
linman32wafflejock: what does that mean?03:23
linman32wafflejock: well. not trying to tinker03:23
wafflejocklinman32: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/desktop_environment#List_of_desktop_environments03:23
Jeffrey_fsubsonic:  are the configs going to be consistent??03:24
wafflejocklinman32: if you install "xubuntu-desktop" it installs XFCE which is a whole different desktop (different launcher and desktop and set of tools)03:24
subsonicJeffrey_f: yes03:24
linman32wafflejock: guess what i'm doing is in vain haha03:25
wafflejocklinman32: here's a little slideshow showing what they look like http://www.zdnet.com/six-clicks-the-best-linux-desktop-environments-7000032008/#photo03:25
arekoneranyone here know how to get genymotion to install03:25
wafflejocklinman32: yeah it's hard to find what's going wrong with things like this sometimes... if you want to get to the bottom of it though I would look more into lightdm debugging or logging information to see what's going on03:25
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: easiest edit the config(s), move them to the servers somehow and restart apache.03:25
subsonicJeffrey_f yeah :) was just hoping to automate the process a little03:26
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: for a one time thing?03:27
linman32wafflejock: ok thanks. i will see how this goes. will probably be back actively actively asking questions in a few days03:27
wafflejocksubsonic: you can use a bash script and scp03:27
arekoneranyone here know how to get genymotion to install03:27
TJ-subsonic: use a configuration/orchestration tool, there's plenty around Puppet, Chef, ansible, salt, etc. etc.03:27
arekonerits a .bin file03:28
wafflejocksubsonic: I also use Jenkins CI for deploying builds based on git commits, that might be an option if you've got some CI setup03:28
VinnyAtaidehello I have an issue with my tmux colors, it shows 256 colors on tput colors but when I run a script that shows those colors it appears some are equal03:28
kristenbbmjayk_: i'm at the last step, nvidia-xconfig, which returns an error message03:29
VinnyAtaidei'm using terminator03:29
kristenbbmjayk_: WARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file. New X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'03:29
superman098Thx all, i would use arch or damn small linux03:29
mjayk_kristenbb: thats just telling you that it has generated an xorg.conf which is good as it is ment to do that, its also telling you that you didnt have one before03:29
mjayk_if you are coming from a system that was ment to have drivers before hand that could have been your problem03:30
mjayk_you didnt do that step before or that step didnt work before03:30
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: you can probably script this somehow to execute commands on each server.  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18502945/how-to-execute-a-remote-command-over-ssh-with-arguments03:30
wjbhey, is anyone familiar with NTFS write issues which occur in a linux guest / windows host environment?03:30
wafflejocksuperman098: yea arch is one of the most minimal but not great for beginners03:31
VinnyAtaidehello can anyone help me through?03:31
kristenbbmjayk_: well in any case, i restarted, andd the problem is still there03:31
subsonicJeffrey_f, wafflejock, TJ-: Yeah, I've looked intp puppet/chef but then how do you update those configs on each of the servers03:31
mjayk_kristenbb: no idea then03:31
subsonicit's OK for now :)03:31
kristenbbmjayk_: :(03:31
wjbI have a mint VM on windows 8.1, and when torrenting, writes fail, causing qbittorrent to re-dl files multiple times. Sometimes writes succeed; sometimes they don't03:32
arekoner'anyone here know how to get genymotion to install03:32
kristenbbmjayk_: thanks for trying03:32
subsonicI'm spending more time looking on how to automate than do what Jeffrey_f said and just update each server :)03:32
wafflejocksubsonic: well with Jenkins it has a git plugin that watches a repo for changes then on changes you can trigger a script on the server to do whatever03:32
TJ-subsonic: The point of such tools is they do it for you, they ensure the managed servers are always correctly configured according to the 'recipe' you define03:32
mjayk_nw's hope you get it fixed03:32
kristenbbcan I please get some help to install ubuntu with a nvidia card ? it's the third install that i'm doing and i keep getting a black screen or an error message before the login screen comes in.03:32
subsonicwafflejock: yeah, I could possibly set up a git repo for server configs03:32
wafflejocksubsonic: yeah automation is only good for things you'll repeat every week or something03:32
wafflejockfor one offs it's always a losing battle03:33
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: script an sftp/ftp to each server and the remote command link I sent above to move the configs into place and again to restart apache03:33
O00OVinnyAtaide: have you tired put this on tmux.conf --> set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"03:33
wafflejockI use it for deploying all my code though cause I can avoid ftp this way and I don't have to fiddle with the server really03:33
O00OVinnyAtaide: *tried03:33
VinnyAtaideo00o: yes03:33
arekoneranyone here know how to get genymotion to install03:33
neldogzwhen creating a cron job to backup directories with rsync, can i have multiple lines separated by a space? Will the script process line per line?03:33
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: in 4 steps, send the config files to the servers, move the old config to .old on each server, move the new configs into place, restart apache03:34
subsonicyeah :)03:35
subsonicthanks guys!03:35
O00OVinnyAtaide: and make a tmux alias like that? --> TERM=xterm-256color tmux03:35
neldogzarekoner, http://www.webupd8.org/2013/07/genymotion-fast-easy-to-use-android-x86.html03:35
wafflejocksubsonic: np remember to always keep the three lasws or robotics in mind when creating automation :P03:35
Jeffrey_fsubsonic: any time03:36
VinnyAtaideo00o: let me check03:37
VinnyAtaideo00o: is that on .bashrc?03:37
wafflejockwjb: not sure what the issue is but have you considered just sharing some folders between the host OS and guest OS and torrenting in the host OS instead03:38
arekonerneldogz: that sites instruction arent working03:40
O00OVinnyAtaide: can be... just make export TERM=xterm-256color in someplace your user can start... bashrc or profile... etc...03:41
VinnyAtaideo00o: ok03:41
arekoneri shortened the filename for ease of use03:41
VinnyAtaidei didn't have that03:41
wafflejockneldogz: yeah if you are just asking if a .sh bash script file will execute line by line the answer is yes03:42
neldogzwafflejock, thank you03:42
wafflejockneldogz: np there's some minimal but okay docs on bash scripts here http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html03:42
VinnyAtaideo00o: I still have the same issue03:43
wafflejockI've always been into making batch files in windows and bash files in linux really helps for things I don't want to memorize then you can just put them all in a ~/scripts/ folder and add that to the path and use them anywhere03:44
O00OVinnyAtaide: read that --> http://tmux.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tmux/tmux/FAQ03:45
VinnyAtaideo00o: ok ty03:45
neldogzarekoner, whats not working03:45
arekonersudo chmod +x /home/bmuff/downloads/geny.bin [sudo] password for bmuff:  chmod: cannot access ‘/home/bmuff/downloads/geny.bin’: No such file or directory03:46
nahtnamHey guys! I just got my new System 76 laptop! Are there any really good/important apps I need to download?03:46
arekonerneldogz: i shortened the filename for ease of use03:46
somsipVinnyAtaide: if this is the unknown terminal error, install terminfo-ncurses on the target machine03:46
VinnyAtaidesomsip: no, i think it has to be with my .bashrc file, it's pretty big and hard to maintain right now03:47
wafflejocknahtnam: depends on your needs and what you like, if you use Pandora radio I use Pithos for that as a desktop app03:47
wafflejocknahtnam: probably better for #ubuntu-offtopic though since this chat is generally just support issues03:48
nahtnamwafflejock: Nah, I am getting Spotify! Anything else?03:48
nahtnamOh kk03:48
nahtnamSorry. Ill move my question there! :)03:48
wafflejockno worries have fun03:48
somsipVinnyAtaide: if you are connecting via ssh and trying to start/attach to a tmux session using urxvt and get the 'unknown terminal' error, installing terminfo-ncurses to fix it. If the issue is something else, fair enough03:48
VinnyAtaidesomsip: nice thing I have it already installed dont remember when I did03:49
somsipVinnyAtaide: on the target machine...03:49
O00OVinnyAtaide: this one is nice too --> http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/118806/tmux-term-and-256-colours-support03:49
VinnyAtaidesomsip: ok03:49
arekonerneldogs: i think thats an old guide or something03:49
VinnyAtaideo000O: Ubuntu box, Guake, tmux, Vim and I love the theme Solarized.03:50
VinnyAtaideo000O: this guy is my doppelganger03:50
O00OVinnyAtaide: in my lang we call that : petiadeira de puta... ;p03:51
VinnyAtaideo000O: dude i'm brazilian and I can understand some of these words03:52
VinnyAtaideo000O: hahaha03:52
O00OVinnyAtaide: but i love that to..03:52
arekonernew user needs help Linux commands03:56
VinnyAtaideo000O: I can see it's a pretty common issue when I go to this link https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=673&q=vim+solarized+tmux&oq=vim+solarized+tmux&gs_l=img.3...1258.4396.0.4491.
VinnyAtaideo000o: some colors of the theme like the background are dark (like mine) and some are fine (light blue)04:01
arekonerdoes anyone here use genymotion04:02
tortibHello can someone help me with this issue with cacti I'm having?  I have outlined the details here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/514072/blank-cacti-graphs04:02
Enissayis there any recommended link to install lamp on 14.0404:03
xangua! Lamp04:03
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.04:03
FallWhich MTA does Ubuntu come install with from fresh install?04:04
rwwFall: it doesn't. the usual recommendation for people looking for one is postfix04:04
rwwubottu: postfix04:04
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer04:04
Fallcool thanks.04:05
Enissayxangua, cool, thks <304:06
arekonerdoes anyone here use genymotion04:06
nahtnamHey! I need a little help with keyboard shortcuts04:09
nahtnamI created one04:09
FallThanks, just had to configure to send to a smart host.04:09
nahtnamand the comand is right04:09
nahtnambut its not working04:09
nahtnamIf I type the command in terminal, it works but it doesnt work as a keyboard shortcut04:09
Abhijitnahtnam, whats the command and whats the keyboard shortcut?04:10
bmuffanyone know anything about genymotion04:10
nahtnamAbhijit: bash ~/Documents/imgur/imgur.sh -l04:10
nahtnamimgur.sh allows me to select an area, and uploads it to imgur.com04:10
bmuffhow about terminal commands04:11
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Abhijitwhat is keyword bash is doing there?04:11
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nahtnamAbhijit: To run it?04:12
bmuffi went to this page for instructions on how to install... i keep getting errorshttp://www.webupd8.org/2013/07/genymotion-fast-easy-to-use-android-x86.html04:12
Abhijitnahtnam, you just add #!/bin/bash to that .sh and do ~/Documentsn/imgur/imgur.sh04:12
bmuffcan some one help me with terminal commands04:13
kristenbbcan I get help to get a video driver working ?04:13
* Abhijit guess we are not supposed to do !ask when its not crowded. let them keep asking if they can ask.04:14
nahtnamAbhijit: Its still not working04:14
somsipbmuff: genymotion is beta and not supported. You need to get help on installing from them. If you ask your terminal commands questions you might get answers04:14
Abhijitnahtnam, what still not working? script, command or keyboard shortcut?04:14
VinnyAtaidewell I couldn't resolve the issue so in the meantime I'm using  gvim04:15
nahtnamAbhijit: Well, when I run the keyboard shortcut, nothing happens. If I run the command from terminal, it works...04:15
Abhijitnahtnam, whats the shortcut?04:15
bmuffjust trying to get its installer to run.... does linux usually use a .bin file for exec04:15
nahtnamAbhijit: CTRL+SHIFT+1 (The 1 shows up as !)04:15
Abhijitnahtnam, just change in then? to some character a to Z instead of number?04:16
somsipbmuff: extensions make no difference. .bin is by convention only04:16
nahtnamAbhijit: CTRL+SHIFT+Z doesnt work as well04:16
bmuffwhat does this mean... it in the instructions04:17
bmuffchmod +x genymotion-2.1.0_x64.bin04:17
bmuffand this is what i get when i run it04:18
bmuffchmod +x /home/bmuff/downloads/geny.bin04:18
bmuffchmod: cannot access ‘/home/bmuff/downloads/geny.bin’: No such file or directory04:18
apb1963so after a mindbending 12+ hours and reviewing no less than 15 or 20 how-tos and series of posts, I have my wireless connection working - sort of.  I can ping the wlan0 interface (IP) from the host, and I can ping it's IP from the router.  However, if I take the eth0 interface down, I'm unable to ping the Net.04:19
bmuffi renamed the file04:19
somsipbmuff: is the file there? is it really called geny.bin?04:19
bmuffi renamed it04:19
bmuffease of use04:19
somsipbmuff: show the output of ls that shows the file is really there04:19
bmuffill paste04:20
somsip!paste | bmuff04:20
ubottubmuff: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:20
bmuffcan u type the command04:20
somsipbmuff: how do you know the file is there if you don't know the command to check it?04:21
bmuffcause i downloaded it there and when i go there in a file manager thats how i renamd it04:22
TJ-apb1963: Sounds like you don't have a default route set over the wlan0 interface, so when eth0 goes down there's no route to
apb1963TJ-: it does, doesn't it.  But... I do.04:22
somsipbmuff: downloads is usually Downloads (case sensitive). Try ls -la ~/Downloads04:23
apb1963TJ-: give me a sec.. I'll pastebin it.04:23
TJ-apb1963: We usually have both interfaces configure a default route, but with different metrics (weightings). The wlan0 is the less-preferred interface in most instances so it gets a higher metric. Typically eth0 metric 10  and wlan0 metric 2004:23
bmuffill try that one moment04:23
bmuffno caps dosent affect whether it can see the file04:24
bmuffif my file was downloaded to the default downloads folder04:24
bmuffwhats the address04:24
TJ-bmuff: Shouldn't it be "/home/bmuff/Downloads/geny.bin"  (note the upper-case 'D') ?04:25
bmufftry that one mom04:25
bmuffseemed to work04:25
bmuffso what did that do04:25
superman098hi bro, do you have a reference how to completely remove unity+gnome from ubuntu 14.04 Cz i want to get rid it and change to fluxbox to revive my old pc04:26
tortibHello can someone help me with this issue with cacti I'm having?  I have outlined the details here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/514072/blank-cacti-graphs04:26
apb1963TJ-: I posted the same thing two different ways. http://pastebin.com/LYjGvdL904:27
TJ-apb1963: Are you sure that packets are routing out of wlan0?04:28
TJ-apb1963: "ping -nc 4 -I wlan0 192.168.01"04:28
apb1963TJ-: thank you.  I didn't know how to do that.04:29
TJ-apb1963: correct my typo :p04:29
bmufftj your solution didnt error04:29
bmuffso what did we do04:29
TJ-bmuff: Used the correct path name, which has an upper-case 'D', not a lower-case 'd'04:30
bmuffbut what does chmod-x /home/bmuff/Downloads/geny.bin do04:30
TJ-bmuff It changes the mode of the file to allow execution, by setting the bit that is referred to as 'x'04:31
bmuffso i should now try to execute it04:32
apb1963TJ-: http://pastebin.com/P7vCWBJD04:32
bmufftj u da man04:32
TJ-bmuff: if you do "ls -l  /home/bmuff/Downloads/geny.bin" you'll see the result begins with some "rwxr-xr-x   " indicators. Those indicate the permissions of the Owning User ('u'), Owning Group ('g'') and Others ('o') in groups of three flags: Read, Write, eXecute04:33
TJ-apb1963: OK, so wlan reaches the gateway. Now try pinging an Internet IP address/host to ensure it can reach (and receive replies)04:33
apb1963PING ( from wlan0: 56(84) bytes of data.04:34
apb196364 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=43 time=47.9 ms04:34
bmuffTj u solved my prob..... u da man man04:34
bmuffthanx much04:34
TJ-apb1963: OK, so when eth0 goes down what is the remaining routing table, and will those same commands still work?04:36
TJ-apb1963: how do you 'down' eth0, what command ?04:37
apb1963TJ-: I just answered that for ppping in the other channel :)04:37
apb1963I think I used ifdown, but it's possible I did ifconfig .. don't remember.  Been going back and forth.04:37
apb1963My mind is uncomfortably numb :/04:38
TJ-apb1963: Well, if you've configured the interfaces via the 'interfaces' file you can do "sudo ifdown eth0 && ip route ls && ping -nc 4"04:38
apb1963I did04:38
apb1963configure it that way04:39
TJ-apb1963: I'm wondering if you have IP connectivity but lose the DNS server... have you verified whether it is hostnames or IP addresses that become unreachable?04:39
apb1963but if it doesn't work i'll have to reboot04:39
nahtnamHello. My keyboard shortcuts are not working. The command I typed in the keyboad shortcut settings work in terminal but no with keyboad shortcuts. I am trying to run https://github.com/jomo/imgur-screenshot I think that Ubuntu isnt waiting for me to select the screen, and is instantly closing the bash script. Im not sure how to make it "wait"04:39
apb1963ip addresses04:39
TJ-apb1963: You should only need to do "sudo ifup eth0" to restore the connection04:40
apb1963yes.... should.04:40
TJ-apb1963: can you "pastebinit /etc/network/interfaces" ?04:40
apb1963maybe I'll get lucky and it'll work this time :)04:40
apb1963hang on04:40
klurbinHi, I just upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 and now when I have a ps4 controller plugged in it acts as a mouse. How can I disable this so that I can charge the PS4 controller while not using it as a mouse?04:41
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Beldarklurbin, Have you tried leaving it plugged in in suspend overnight?04:45
klurbinBeldar: I'm not sure what you mean? With the computer in suspend?04:46
Beldarstandby seems to be a general consensus, I suspect ion windows klurbin04:46
klurbinI never suspend the machine. I plug the controller in to charge a lot. Today I was playing a game while it was plugged in. This worked fine on 12.04. I noticed my mouse started moving with the sticks while it was playing the game too04:47
Beldarklurbin, Suspend still powers the usb ports, I would try that.04:47
klurbinThat's not really a solution though. I want to use the computer while using the game04:48
TJ-klurbin: probably all it needs is a custom udev rule creating to prevent the device being configured as an input device04:48
klurbinTJ-:  thats more what I was thinking. I overwrote the change with do_release_upgrade, I just don't remember what I had set or where04:48
apb1963TJ-: I had to doctor it up a bit for public consumption: http://pastebin.com/H02pESuU04:48
TJ-klurbin: custom udev rules would remain, and you'd find them in "/etc/udev/rules.d/"04:48
TJ-apb1963: The only thing there that I'd have expected would be a "dns-nameservers" entry for eth0 too, otherwise there'd be no DNS resolution if wlan0 isn't connected04:50
apb1963TJ-: yeah I'm not sure why that works.  I prolly changed something somewhere else months ago I've forgotten about.04:52
TJ-apb1963: try downing eth0 now and test whether wlan0 still has connectivity, and grab the "ip route ls | tee ~/route.txt" output to a file so you can pastebinit once the network is back - if it goes down.04:53
apb1963TJ-: back05:06
apb1963TJ-: pastebin coming up05:07
apb1963TJ-: http://ix.io/dYH05:08
^BARrE|^wats a good dns server to install?05:08
apb1963TJ-: I should perhaps mention that wicd is running05:09
apb1963I should prolly uninstall it since it didn't really help05:09
apb1963TJ-: new rule... don't click on wicd.  In fact... I just removed it.  Too easy to break the network with that thing.05:12
shoerainconfound it, that's kind of dumb regarding having the OS X installer disappear after running05:12
TJ-apb1963: That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Is Network Manager involved in any way?05:12
apb1963TJ-:  nope, removed it earlier05:13
apb1963TJ-: not sure if you commented on my paste.... if you did, I didn't see it as I was briefly disconnected when I clicked on wicd.05:14
TJ-apb1963: No, still trying to make sense of it. Can you "tail -n 500 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit" ?05:15
^BARrE|^wats a good dns server to install?05:17
apb1963TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8103526/05:19
apb1963TJ-: I think I see the problem.05:21
apb1963TJ-: it's an atheros.  i'm using wpext05:22
apb1963TJ-: err... wext05:22
rep`is it possible to upgrade to the latest version of ubuntu using the .iso from within ubuntu (my version is no longer supported and i have no dvd or usb right not but wan't to upgrade)?05:23
rep`i have the latest .iso05:23
rep`want to upgrade05:23
cfhowlettrep`, what is the outcome of terminal:   cat /etc/issue05:23
TJ-apb1963: the log didn't go back to the last time eth0 was dropped, so no clues there05:23
apb1963TJ-: I'll look for it05:24
rep`cfhowlett: Ubuntu 12.10 \n \l05:24
cfhowlett!eolupgrade > rep`,05:24
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | rep`,05:24
ubotturep`,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:24
cfhowlettrep`, you can do online upgrade sequentially 12.10  > 13.04 > 13.10 > 14.0405:25
cfhowlett!install | rep`, or look into clean install of 14.04 with netboot05:26
ubotturep`, or look into clean install of 14.04 with netboot: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:26
rep`cfhowlett: i don't have the bandwidt to upgrade sequentially05:27
cfhowlettrep`, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux#Without_CD05:27
cfhowlettrep`, those instructions reference "lucid" = replace with current version "trusty"05:28
rep`cfhowlett: that's what i needed thanks05:28
cfhowlettrep`, happy2help05:28
gonzocheesewhat are some good channels?05:30
cfhowlettgonzocheese, for what?05:31
apb1963TJ-: this is the only thing I could find that might have relevance.... but it doesn't seem like it does:05:31
apb1963   8406 Aug 20 22:04:35 asterisk kernel: [   36.944014] eth0: no IPv6 routers present05:31
apb1963   8407 Aug 20 22:04:35 asterisk kernel: [   37.161179] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready05:31
apb1963TJ-: wouldn't the fact that I'm using wext instead of madwifi be signficant?05:31
makarahi, I've got this weird problem. Sometimes, about 30% of the occassions I start my Lenovo B570 with 14.10, the mouse pointer is laggy. Using the touchpad, its fine. What's happening?05:31
TJ-apb1963: they're  typical until the interfaces are brought up05:31
cfhowlettmakara, 14.10 support only in #ubuntu+1   not here05:32
makaraag I mean 14.0405:32
TJ-apb1963: I can't see how, you proved the wlan0 could ping outside the home network, you drop eth0, and wlan0 suddenly can't ping05:32
cfhowlettmakara, if you don't want beta performance issues, install a released version of ubuntu05:32
wafflejockmakara: possible USB issue?05:32
TJ-apb1963: and yet the routing table has the default route for wlan0 in there05:32
apb1963so you see why i'm perplexed :/05:33
wafflejockmakara: tried various ports?05:33
TJ-apb1963: The only other thing I can think is if you've got some kind of firewall installed that blocks everything when eth0 goes down05:33
apb1963some kind of firewall like.... iptables maybe?05:33
wafflejockapb1963: that or ufw or shorewall or something05:33
TJ-apb1963: iptables is just a user-space controller for the kernel netfilters05:34
apb1963I do in fact use iptables05:34
makarawafflejock: I should also mention that as of 14.04, shutdown, restart, sleep don't execute their final step of actually shutting down the machine etc05:34
apb1963and I think you might have nailed it05:34
apb1963but I should check before presenting you with the trophy cup05:34
TJ-apb1963: there could be scripts belonging to other firewall packages that are triggered in "/etc/network/ifdown.d/" and similar directories05:34
makarawafflejock: the pointer acts normally now - same usb05:35
TJ-makara: there's an issue with some PS/2 mouse-port drivers where the i8042 chip needs configuring differently05:36
wafflejockmakara: nothing on screen when you do the shutdown command you just end up at a black screen or...?05:38
apb1963TJ-: I've got a rule that accepts lo on the INPUT table.. but nothing for eth0... but I'm too tired to examine it.  I'm sure the answer is here somewhere but I need sleep.05:38
TJ-apb1963: "sudo iptables-save | pastebinit" :)05:39
apb1963can I message you with it?05:39
TJ-apb1963: sure05:41
wjbwafflejock: re: linux guest / windows host NTFS writes: Changes in windows 8 to the network stack, event timers, and interrupt handling, designed to improve power efficiency for mobile platforms, cause real-time audio and video dropouts when torrenting (especially with multiple simultaneous connections)05:42
apb1963thank you05:42
wafflejockwjb: hmm strange... I have Win 8 in a VM on a Linux Host, it's not the best thing ever but it seems to work fine that way, so the problem is with the other way around?05:44
wafflejockI actually had that setup too for a little bit but then just did dual boot and then switched to Linux for the main and VM for Windows05:44
makaraTJ-: should that affect USB mice??05:45
wjbI think the problem has to do with some windows process locking the shared directory when qbittorrent attempts to flush to disc05:45
makarawafflejock: i see the ubuntu name and progress bar, which then just stops, so I hold down the power button05:45
bobubtuhello peeps05:46
wafflejockmakara: you can try shutdown from the command line but not sure you'll get any difference05:46
wafflejockmakara: perhaps switch to a tty first like Ctrl+Alt+F1 then do the shutdown from there and see if you have any messaging about what's failing05:46
wjbThe failures are intermittent: sometimes, the writes succeed, and sometimes they fail. I set up an audit of file writes to that directory, and a custom event log filter, during the last hr05:47
wafflejockmakara: tried googling some but just finding somewhat related things nothing that's the same https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/134626905:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1346269 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 won't shut down (reboots)" [Medium,Confirmed]05:47
wjbIf that doesn't produce results, i guess i'll do a windows share + SMB workaround, but that seems less efficient than sharing the folder with VMWare + HGFS05:48
wafflejockmakara: in general I mean you can check out your /var/log particularly /var/log/syslog and /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:48
TJ-makara: No; I misread your comment as the USB working fine and the built-in touchpad being laggy05:48
bobubtuAnybody who can help me with wifi hacking in ubuntu I am stuck...05:50
Abhijitbobubtu, you want to hack wifi?05:51
bobubtuI am a beginner I am just trying out...thanks05:52
cfhowlett!hack | bobubtu05:52
cfhowlett!hacking | bobubtu05:52
ubottubobubtu: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy05:52
Abhijitbobubtu, type /topic and understand05:52
cfhowlettbobubtu, tl:dr   no hacking here.  wrong channel.  look elsewhere.05:52
bobubtusorry guys05:52
makarawafflejock: does this matter? /var/log/syslog "acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC failed (AE_ERROR); disabling ASPM"05:56
wafflejockmakara: could be related ACPI is the power control business05:58
wafflejocknot sure about that error though05:58
wafflejockmakara:  google says https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/134102405:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1341024 in linux (Ubuntu) "acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC failed (AE_ERROR); disabling ASPM" [Medium,Incomplete]05:58
makaracloser to shutdown there a whole bunch of networkmanager errors, like " NetworkManager[903]: <warn> error requesting auth for org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.sleep-wake: (3) GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: Could not get UID of name ':1.29': no such name"05:58
wafflejockmakara: yeah would just start Googling on a few errors if there are some different ones and try to get a feel for what's most likely05:59
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makarawafflejock: i've enabled ubuntu-proposed updates. I'm at that age and stage where it should 'just work'. It was fine before 14.04. Thanks for the help06:06
wafflejockmakara: well if it was an upgrade not a clean install there are some(many)times problems in the latest 12.04 -> 14.04 upgrades I didn't have many problems but a few things cropped up and I did a clean install myself06:09
wafflejockon my server I upgraded 12.04 -> 14.04 though and didn't have any major issues and it's running a web server for a few sites a mail server, my git server, jenkins CI, and that one is still fine but with desktop versions there are various issues in the upgrade process still06:10
wafflejockmakara: also np on the help06:11
underplayHey guys, im trying to get kde plasma 5 working on ubuntu 14.04, ive installed "kubuntu-plasma5-desktop plasma-workspace-wallpapers" but how do i run plasma-desktop? i cant find it anywhere06:17
underplayAnd how do i make ubuntu start kde plasma 5 as my default window manager?06:17
^BARrE|^wats a good dns server to install?06:17
underplayi meant i installed "project-neon5-session project-neon5-utils project-neon5-konsole"06:18
wafflejock^BARrE|^: think this is the goto (only one I've heard of) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto06:19
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wafflejock!dns | ^BARrE|^06:20
ubottu^BARrE|^: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html06:20
_2_vampirebea:) hey06:23
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knivezim having trouble rescuing grub06:25
knivezi made a grub rescue disc called rescatux06:26
knivezand its not working :/06:26
Beldargotta hang for help06:28
Abhijithow can i stop ubuntu to make me retpye the password second time at installation even if i mention it as plain text in preseed file?06:34
knivezmy ubuntu wont boot up...I am getting the grub rescue06:35
Beldar!bootinfo | knivez06:35
ubottuknivez: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).06:35
Beldarknivez, Boot a live run the script and pastebin it and post the url.06:36
BeldarAbhijit, the password has a time limit.06:37
nicolashi. 2 problems: 1/How format a usb key on linux ? 2/with unetbuttin I just want to install MINT 17 but there is no this appli in unetbuttin menu... how just find it ? Thank yu for help ;-)06:37
expungenicolas: how just find it?06:37
AbhijitBeldar, I am workintg with preseed file.06:38
nicolas@expunge. Yes in unetbuttin you can choose your linux. But nothing exist fot MINT 17.06:38
Beldarnicolas, Mint has their own channel, however the usb should be a fat32, and than load the iso downloaded.06:38
expungenicolas: use the browse for file button06:38
expungenicolas: download an image and specify it that way06:39
nicolasiso is downloaded06:39
expungethen just tell unetbootin where it is06:39
BeldarAbhijit, Why yes you are, I assume it is a timeout is all.06:39
nicolasto install it on usb key I have to choose on unetbuttin the goog linux. But nothing exist on unetbootin06:39
cfhowlett!mint | nicolas, this is ubuntu.  we cannot help with mint.06:40
ubottunicolas, this is ubuntu.  we cannot help with mint.: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:40
nicolasok thank yu I try it06:40
AbhijitBeldar, it cleary says its asking me to retype just in case i should not do spelling mistake. its not about time.06:40
Beldarnicolas, cick disk image and navigate to the iso06:40
nicolas@Beldar/ I can t navigate there is no linux mint distrib called mint17 on unetbuttin06:42
nicolasjust mint 14... not 15, 16 or 1706:42
Beldarnicolas, YOu said it is downloaded right?06:42
nicolasyes the iso06:42
nicolasI want boot with a usb key06:43
YevgenyI installed Rancid and got to the step to edit .clogin file but the file doesn't exist:/06:43
cfhowlettYevgeny, best look to Rancid for support of their product.06:44
Beldarnicolas, click disk image, than the button at the end right of that line, than computer, click the HD image in the right column than home than where the ios is.06:44
Beldarknivez, Can you run that bootinfo summary?06:45
knivezi dont have a live cs06:45
Beldarknivez, You have to have a live to fix grub.06:45
b1n4ryHello, how can I use my ubuntu machine as a mesh node?06:45
knivezall i have is this crappy thing called rescatux06:45
knivezi booted into it06:46
knivezand it wont fix my grub06:46
Beldarknivez, without some info we cannot help.06:46
nicolasBeldar: You are the king !!!06:47
nicolaspfff it was so easy ;-))06:47
nicolasyou rock man have a very good day06:48
Beldarnicolas, It is just understanding the file structure,06:48
nicolasbye and thank yu again06:48
Beldargood luck06:49
knivezhere is some info: http://pastebin.com/hQdUXtRL06:49
wafflejockknivez: xyz software doesn't work I need help isn't gonna work out for you looks like recatux was last updated 2012 it looks like06:50
knivezso i should just get a live cd?06:50
knivezim on a live cd right now though06:50
knivezisnt this a live cd?06:50
wafflejockBeldar knows what they're talking about good to follow their advice06:51
wafflejockknivez: you shouldn't use out-dated software to try and fix newer software06:51
wafflejock!grub | knivez06:52
ubottuknivez: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:52
osekui can't access my data anymore, can anyone help me? I recently upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04. since I haven't used this computer for a while, I forgot the password, so I was able to set another password through the recovery console. but know I get an error related to ecryptfs06:52
PerfMfuck you, ubuntu06:53
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wafflejockstupid annoying troll is stupid06:53
laviPerfM, ahaha... Gentoo fan? Windowser? Shitter?06:54
Flannellavi: Doesn't matter, he's gone.06:54
OERIASPerfM needs to tared and feathered.06:54
laviFlannel: it's just so stupid...06:54
FlannelGuys, seriously.  Move on.06:54
wafflejockoseku: if you used encryption for your home folder during install I'm not sure that you can recover it at this point06:55
wafflejockoseku: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome06:55
osekuwafflejock, I started a live cd now, and can see some folder names from my user account, but can't access any files06:56
wafflejockoseku: http://askubuntu.com/questions/333662/cannot-mount-encrypted-home-after-password-change-ecryptfs-not-configured-no-p06:56
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wafflejockoseku: I mean it would basically defeat the purpose of encrypting the data if it was easy to access without the appropriate credentials so that's some sort of silver lining, but you may have lost whatever is in those directories06:57
osekuwafflejock, in my home directory, I have only two files now.. Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop and README.txt, both refering to ecryptfs-setup-private06:58
osekuwafflejock, that's too bad :( I'm not sure why it happended in the first place..just because I changed my password?06:58
wafflejockoseku: well I'm not sure how you changed your password but there may be some utilities that allow you to change the password but don't properly interact with the encyptfs parts, personally I just don't use the home folder encryption06:59
wafflejockI barely ever take my machine out of my place and just am not that concerned with people who might steal my laptop from my place thinking to try and pull data from it07:00
wafflejockand don't want to deal with the possible problem of being locked out07:00
wafflejockthat said I get that some people need it or really want it but in that case you need to be cautious about things that might lock you out and having backups of critical things07:00
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TJ-oseku: You've changed your user password and now you can't unlock the encrypted home ?07:02
wafflejockTJ-: that's the deal07:02
osekuTJ-, yes07:02
osekuTJ-, I changed the password with passwd07:02
osekuwafflejock, I have a backup of most of my files, but just not all of them..so of course I'd like to get access to the remaining files07:03
TJ-oseku: At a terminal do "ecryptfs-mount-private"07:03
laviwafflejock, have you tried to change the password back to old?07:04
TJ-oseku: What happens is, when you create the encrypted home it uses the user password to encrypt the passphrase used to unlock the data... when you change your user password, you have to update the wrapped passphrase too07:04
wafflejocklavi: actually trying to help oseku07:04
laviwafflejock, oops :)07:04
wafflejockbut just found this bug too https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/579876 which indicates what you said but the original passwd was lost07:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 579876 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu) "encrypted home directory isn't mounted if password changed by another user" [High,Triaged]07:04
lavioseku, Have you tried to change tha PSW back to old one?07:05
osekulavi, I forgot the old one, that's why I have changed it via the recovery console07:05
lavioseku, sad :(07:06
TJ-oseku: And when you created the encrypted home, did you follow the advice and save the unwrapped pass-phrase?07:06
abakHi everyone, I have ubuntu and linux installed on my laptop. These days I have to switch very often between the two, is there a way to run both at the same time (as in, running the installed windows in a vm inside ubuntu)07:06
osekuTJ-, I don't remember, since it was a few years ago when I installed 12.04 originally. in what form would the pass-phrase be saved?07:06
wafflejockabak: absolutely07:07
wafflejockabak: I use virtualbox personally and it works just fine07:07
abakhow do you set it up ?07:07
wafflejockabak: sudo apt-get install virtualbox07:07
osekuTJ-, when I run the ecryptfs-mount-private command, I get the error "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly"07:07
abakwafflejock, as in, how do you make sure it doesn't fuck your windows partition ?07:07
wafflejockafter you install just launch virtual box you hit new and follow some wizards to point to a disk it all gets saved in an image07:08
TJ-oseku: The ecryptfs utils  display it to you and you're expected to save it somewhere safe, off the PC07:08
wafflejockabak: you can't really move an existing system that's more of a pain -> impossible07:08
wafflejockabak: a clean install is fine though07:08
osekuI also run it from the machine directly (not from the live cd), then I get "Enter your login passphrase: Error: Unwrapping passphrase and inserting into the user session keyring failed [-5] Info: Check the system log for more information from libecryptfs ERROR: Your passphrase is incorrect Enter your login passphrase:"07:08
TJ-oseku: OK, without the original password, that won't work anyhow. You *need* the original unwrapped passphrase which you should have put somewhere safe, as it recommends07:08
abakwafflejock, I don't want to move it, just use an exisiting  partition as a disk for a vml07:08
wafflejockabak: yeah I've seen some stuff but really that's not gonna work out cause you have different virtualized hardware than you do real hardware07:09
osekuTJ-, I don't remember about that passphrase :( would I be able to restore my files at this point, if I were able to remember my password?07:09
wafflejockabak: I made the switch like a year and a half ago from dual boot to windows in a VM to avoid the reboots07:10
osekuTJ-, I tried my common passwords that I use, but they didn't work.. so I think it's maybe just a small variation or something like that.. so I'm wondering, if that's the only solution, would I be able to get access if I try further my passwords and maybe ge thte right one?07:10
wafflejockabak: but researched a bit and clean install was the only way07:10
TJ-oseku: If you can remember/recover the original password then yes, you can use the tool I showed you to unlock and mount the encrypted home, you can also then use other tools to unwrap the passphrase and re-wrap it with your new password07:10
wafflejockoseku: based on the bug report I linked that worked for people07:10
wafflejockoseku: if they got it right and rebooted it was able to mount07:11
osekuTJ-, wafflejock, thanks..so it seems I must try further :(07:11
abakwafflejock, IIRC this was possible under mac os07:11
abakwafflejock, and i'm not transitionning, i just need windows for some work stuff, and constantly rebooting is a pain07:11
OERIASWhy you gotta be so rude.07:11
wafflejockabak: dunno about that I don't see how the virualization software would keep windows happy regarding drivers/hardware07:11
wafflejockabak: maybe it's possible just dunno?07:12
abakwafflejock, ok thanks07:12
wafflejockeverything I found said no but I don't use OS X either07:12
wafflejockabak: np07:12
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TJ-oseku: The *unwrapped* passphrase - the key used to actually unlock the data - will look similar to this: "50289c1eed8097793526a3e9d8d9ee27" - it's generated by a cryptographic hash function07:14
TJ-oseku: That is what you would have been urged to save safely when the home directory was originally encrypted.07:14
osekuTJ-, thanks, I'm looking for it on my external drives now07:14
atlanx__how can i set the minimum backlight level? all brightness-files are located in /sys/class/backlight/samsung07:18
laviatlanx__, which laptop?07:19
atlanx__lavi : Samsung R700 / Nvidia v331.38 / Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty LTS 32Bit /07:21
osekuTJ-, I just got it! :o i run ecryptfs-mount-private and now got the message: Inserted auth tok with sig [number] into the user session keyring. INFO: your private directory has been mounted. To see this change in your current shell: cd /home/username07:21
TJ-oseku: Well done!07:21
osekuTJ-, what do I need to do now exactly, that it works every time in the future as it should be and I can access my data through the gui?07:21
TJ-oseku: so now you just need to re-sync the wrapper password to your new user password07:22
osekuI randomly typed some variations of my old passwords, so I am now not completly sure which one was the right one \:07:22
ubuntwhen i download a file with wget and want to put other name, how make?07:23
laviatlanx__, Are you using some script to set backlight, or it worked out of the box?07:23
TJ-oseku: I'm just double-checking the way you rewrap the passphrase07:24
atlanx__lavi : i use http://www.voria.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=109107:25
TJ-atlanx__: You'll probably need nvidiabl (nvidia backlight)  https://github.com/guillaumezin/nvidiabl07:27
laviatlanx__, Samsung Tools has no control on screen brightness levels, nor on the behaviour of the Fn-Up and Fn-Down hotkeys used to control brightness.07:27
laviatlanx__, it is from your link. TJ- is right07:27
osekuTJ-, thank you so much for your help, it's much appreciated! wafflejock too07:27
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TJ-oseku: Here's how to reset the password used to wrap the passphrase from the old one to the new one: "ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase"07:30
osekuTJ-, it seems I have saved the passphrase, but on the encrypted drive itself.. which doesn't make any sense at all in a case like this07:30
osekuTJ-, thanks will try it now07:30
TJ-oseku: That'll ask first for the old wrapping passphrase (your old password) then twice for the new wrapping passphrase (your new user password)07:30
TJ-oseku: hahah no! not the best place to save it :)07:31
bronzillaI'm stuck with encrypted user account. I login and return back to login screen :(07:32
bronzillaI have ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase07:32
bronzillaCan anyone help?? I have few work documents stuck in user home :(07:33
bronzillaAakanksha: ^07:34
osekuTJ-, to execute the command you just described.. can I do it while I already decrypted it (as in now) or do I need to encrypt/logout again before rnning it?07:34
bronzillaTJ-: hey can you help me?? :)07:35
TJ-oseku: You can do it now, but make sure you've saved the *unwrapped passphrase* outside the unlocked home first, then you need to log-out/log-in to test it works07:35
TJ-bronzilla: What is the issue?07:35
osekuTJ-, thank you, I'll try now07:35
TJ-oseku: To unwrap the passphrase use "ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase"07:36
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bronzillaTJ-: stuck with encrypted user i know passwrd but can't login07:37
TJ-bronzilla: you've forgotten your user password?07:37
osekuTJ-, trying again now, which password originally was the right one^^"07:38
bronzillaTJ-: redirected back to login screen after logging in07:38
bronzillaTJ-: noooo07:38
TJ-oseku: Write it down this time, just in case you need it someplace else too :)07:38
TJ-bronzilla: Can you log-in at a virtual terminal though?07:38
bronzillaTJ-: how do I do that?07:39
TJ-bronzilla: Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to tty107:39
osekuTJ-, got it, thanks.. now running the other command you said " "ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase"07:40
TJ-oseku: You seem to be recovering quite well :)07:40
bronzillaTJ-: yup logged in keyct1_search required not available :(07:40
bronzillaTJ-: says try encrupt mount private07:41
TJ-bronzilla: huh? so you've changed the user's password at some point and not synchronised that change with the encrypted home?07:41
bronzillaTJ-: how does that happen ? wont passwrd changed get updated everywhere?07:42
osekuTJ-, it seems to have worked. restarting now to test again07:42
TJ-Like buses... not one for ages and then two lost encrypted home directories come along at once :D07:42
bronzillaTJ-: what buses? :( :(07:43
TJ-bronzilla: it depends on how you changed the user's password. If you did it from another user account, then the synchronisation with the encrypted passphrase can't be done07:43
TJ-bronzilla: You're lucky - we've just fixed this same issue for oseku07:43
bronzilla:o I have encryptfs passphrase07:43
TJ-bronzilla: OK... do you know what the user's previous password was?07:43
bronzillaTJ-: yup07:44
osekuTJ-, it seems to have worked, thank you so much :) I can access the data through the terminal now, after rebooting, without any problems07:44
TJ-bronzilla: OK, at that terminal shell do ""ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase"07:44
TJ-oseku: Glad we got you sorted :)07:44
osekuTJ-, login also works now, although i just get the mouse cursor and no other elements, folders etc.. but that seems to be another problem, maybe because of the upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04..?07:45
TJ-bronzilla: first give it the *old* password, then give it the *new* password twice07:45
YevgenyI try to run rancid but get the error: no password from the .cloginrc, this is how the file looks like: http://pastebin.com/jxZ8XAjN07:45
TJ-oseku: possibly... there used to be a switch for unity to reset to defaults. I think that's gone now but there's another way of doing the same thing, but I can't recall what it is - I don't use Unity07:45
osekuTJ-, nevermind, it just took a couple minutes to load up. again, thank you (and wafflejock) so much!! :))07:46
bronzillaTJ-: error unwrapped passphase failed -507:46
TJ-bronzilla: You've got the wrong *old* password then07:48
bronzilla:( what do I do?07:48
TJ-bronzilla: remember it07:48
bronzillaoh god! :(07:48
atlanx__lavi TJ- : Ok, i installed nvidiabl-dkms_0.87_all.deb  and restarted.   But i see no change in function.  FN+Up +Down still working and Ubuntu displays the backlight level but still, when i go under 25% backlight goes off and i only can reactivate with just switching to tty1 and back to tty707:53
gshmuHello, I set keyboard-->shortcuts Hind all normal windows to "Super+D". it didn't work, but when I enable show desktop to the launcher and disable(at settings ---> appearance ---> behavior).  Super+D it's work!!!07:53
gshmuI want disable Ctrl+Super+D, but i can't find it, what should I do?07:54
TJ-atlanx__: first, try operating it manually via the sysfs nodes to ensure it does work in steps properly07:54
TJ-atlanx__: If that works you can move on to ensuring the power management scripts change it in the correct increments07:55
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atlanx__TJ- lavi : something like     echo 8 > /sys/class/backlight/samsung/actual_brightness    ?07:58
* bronzilla is doomed07:58
TJ-atlanx__: Yes... but check what the range is, I think there are min and max nodes aren't there, which you can 'cat' to see the values?07:59
TJ-atlanx__: I did some code contributions to nvidiabl but that was a couple years ago now, so I'm hazy on it07:59
atlanx__TJ- : i only have a max_brightness07:59
atlanx__TJ- : others are   brightness   actual_brightness  bl_power08:00
TJ-atlanx__: yeah, I just modprobed it here: try this: "for n in /sys/class/backlight/nvidia_backlight/*; do [ -r $n ] && echo "$n=$(cat $n)"; done"08:01
GatisHi. What is that panel Ubuntu is using at top?08:01
Gatisis it Gnome, XFCE?08:02
ikoniawhat panel ?08:02
Gatisikonia, the panol at top08:02
ikoniathere isn't a panel at the top08:02
ikoniathe desktop is unity08:02
Gatisblack panel at top08:02
ikoniathe bar at the top ?08:03
ikoniawith the date on08:03
ikoniathats unity08:03
ikoniathe desktop is unity08:03
Gatisis it based on gnome, xfce?08:03
TJ-atlanx__: I can't get it to change the levels here, even though the brightness node shows the value I'm writing to it08:03
ikoniaI'm sure it's based on the gnome 3 platform08:03
littlegigsany get there xchat app indicator working on gnome environment with 14.04??08:03
ikoniajudging by it's functionality08:03
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Beldarlittlegigs, Xchat has not been updated far a couple of years, should work fine, you could try hexchat a fork of it.08:05
eeeeatlanx__: TJ- what's up?08:06
littlegigsBeldar, thanks... i also think i might need to restart cause the app indicator doesnt show up in the tweak options menu08:07
Beldarlittlegigs, This the gnome fallback?08:07
bronzillaTJ-: anyway of recovering data atleast using encrypt passphare?08:09
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TJ-atlanx__: one of the additions I made was the 'type' parameter... read this for details of how it works/what is needed: https://github.com/iam-TJ/nvidiabl/commit/72a641a030717041d513ac7b0f11a72a378502e508:09
TJ-bronzilla: Yes, if you took the original advice and saved the unwrapped passphrase to a safe location08:09
bronzillaTJ-:  yup I have that 0be53xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx08:10
TJ-atlanx__: in summary, you probably need "options nvidiabl type=firmware" in "/etc/modprobe.d/nvidiabl.conf" and then do a re-start to ensure that is picked up08:10
GatisHow can i list packages i have installed?08:10
TJ-bronzilla: In that case you can repair the damage08:10
BeldarGatis, dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages  it willbe in home08:11
bronzillaTJ-: :) Show me the path to enlightenment :)08:11
GatisBeldar, in home?08:11
BeldarGatis, In home will be a text file called my-packages if you run the command08:12
atlanx__TJ- :  pastebin.com/UThyqhuhE08:12
GatisBeldar, why not just dpkg -l ?08:12
TJ-bronzilla: "ecryptfs-wrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase"08:12
BeldarGatis, You asked for a list of installed packages you can run whatever you like.08:13
atlanx__TJ- : nividia-backlight i don't have08:13
GatisBeldar, how can i list my packages by name?08:13
TJ-bronzilla: first entry is that cryptic looking hash, known as the passphrase, second entry is the user's new account password which wraps the passphrase08:13
TJ-atlanx__: did you "sudo modprobe nvidiabl type=firmware"  ?08:13
BeldarGatis, The command I gave you does I use it as a reinstall when needed.08:14
bronzillaTJ-: now you tell me :) trying08:14
littlegigsBeldar, how do i find out if im using gnome fallback, as far as im aware i installed ubuntu 14.04 then the Gnome 3 environment... My login screen is the Gnome login screen08:14
Beldarlittlegigs, The gnome-shell?08:14
GatisBeldar, i want to list packges starting with lightdm..08:14
littlegigsim bad with terminology but i guess yea.08:15
BeldarGatis, Than say that.08:15
k1l_Gatis: dpkg -l | grep lightdm08:15
atlanx__TJ- : i do now and restart then08:15
k1l_Gatis: and if you say exactly where the problem is people can help you way better08:15
TJ-atlanx__: you'll need to add another setting first08:15
TJ-atlanx__: You'll need to add "nvidiabl" to the end of "/etc/modules"08:16
atlanx__TJ- . ok08:16
PetazzHi! I cannot get sudo working with NOPASSWD08:16
TJ-atlanx__: That way the module will be inserted using the options in nvidiabl.conf08:17
PetazzI currently have in visudo: myuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL08:17
Beldarlittlegigs, I use the shell, with hexchat, xchat would work however. There are gnome 3 extensions as well there is a website.08:17
Gatisit' strange apt-get doesn't remove all lxde packages... i used sudo aptitude remove lxde.. and it showed a lot of packages to remove... Why so?08:17
BeldarPetazz, nopassword mens just that08:18
bronzillaTJ-: ok i got no error08:18
atlanx__TJ- : I checked now - nvidia_bl  is still in etc/modules08:18
TJ-atlanx__: Good :)08:18
bronzillapassphase to wrap08:18
PetazzBeldar: Yea but that doesn't work08:18
littlegigsBeldar, ok cool ill give Hexchat a try, ive just got some work to do then ill update my OS and restart.. see if things changed if not ill check out hex chat08:18
PetazzSudo still asks my user a password08:18
bronzillawrapping passphase entered :)08:18
BeldarPetazz, YOu should not be doing it.08:18
bronzillado i try logging in now?08:18
TJ-bronzilla: Yes, log-out ("exit") and log-in again on the same tty08:19
PetazzBeldar: Why not?08:19
PetazzAnd more importantly, why does it still ask the password?08:19
BeldarPetazz, The use of a password and sudo is a security protection08:19
PetazzYea I want to drop sec here ;) But still, why doesn't it work?08:20
BeldarPetazz, Without it anyone has root access08:20
horrowHey guys i would like to know how can I fix this root@ghost:~# gedit /etc/default/grub08:20
horrowNo protocol specified08:20
horrow** (gedit:2797): WARNING **: Could not open X display08:20
horrowNo protocol specified08:20
horrowerror: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment.08:20
horrow(gedit:2797): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.008:20
unopastehorrow you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted08:20
PetazzBeldar: It's restricted to my user only, but I'm only interested in why sudo still asks the password08:21
atlanx__TJ- : do i have to make the /etc/modprobe.d/nvidiabl.conf file? because not existing08:21
bronzillaTJ-: still getting keyct108:21
TJ-horrow: "gedit" is a GUI editor, your user is 'root' and there is no X server on the default display08:21
BeldarPetazz, If you go on the web you are vulnerable and what you ask for is not supported here.08:21
=== eeeeee is now known as eeee
TJ-bronzilla: can you pastebin exactly what you're seeing?08:22
LeMikeHello. the monitor I have plugged in as VGA is shown as "disconnected" in xrandr. but it is connected. what might be wrong here? sometimes it is working, sometimes not08:22
PetazzBeldar: That only gives one user the permission to use sudo without entering it before, it does not break security08:22
ph1|1phello. I need some help troubleshooting random system freezes in Lubuntu running LXDE.08:22
bronzillaTJ-: it's on lappy can' pastebin :(08:22
ph1|1pI ran memtest+ so far, no errors found.08:22
k1l_LeMike: are you sure there is no cable failure?08:22
PetazzYou still need to know the password to access the system, and if you do you can sudo all you want anyways08:22
TJ-bronzilla: type it out then :)08:22
ph1|1pwhere do I look for crash logs?08:22
PetazzSo, no problem here08:22
BeldarPetazz, I know why it is not working and we are done.;)08:23
LeMikenope k1l_ . it shows the boot screen of the bios and the grub08:23
PetazzBeldar: Thank you then08:23
nolasrock$ uname -a08:23
nolNetBSD asrock.test.net 6.1.4 NetBSD 6.1.4 (MONOLITHIC) i38608:23
bronzillakeyct1_search: required key not available perhaps try interactive encryptfs-mount-private08:23
bronzillaTJ-: ^08:23
abadayIs my disk broken smartctl -A /dev/sda http://paste.ubuntu.com/8104451/08:23
ph1|1pthe machine freezes after a few minutes each time I reboot it.08:23
TJ-LeMike: is it possible that VGA output is not the Primary, and is therefore not being used?08:24
ph1|1pit was shut down for a long time, but before that I had similar issues but only occasionally.08:24
ph1|1pmeaning sometimes when I rebooted it, it would freeze like it does now.08:24
TJ-bronzilla: thanks. let me research that08:24
ph1|1pother times it would run fine and never freeze.08:24
k1l_ph1|1p: see the logs after a freeze08:24
PetazzHi! Why does sudo still ask me for a password even though I currently have in visudo: myuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL08:24
ph1|1pwhich logs, k1l_ ?08:24
TJ-atlanx__: in summary, you probably need "options nvidiabl type=firmware" in "/etc/modprobe.d/nvidiabl.conf" and then do a re-start to ensure that is picked up08:25
k1l_if you need to reboot see the .0 or .1 logs. syslog and dmesg in /var/log/08:25
LeMikeyee TJ- , the laptop screen is primary and VGA not. in addition the screen isn't shown in "settings > display"08:25
ph1|1ppossibly /var/log/kern.log?08:25
ShalokShalomanybody here, who can share a remastersys deb with me ? or Black Lab Image Creator ?08:25
ShalokShalomthey go offline08:25
TJ-LeMike: check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" for clues08:26
k1l_remastersys i depracated ShalokShalom08:26
ph1|1pk1l_: so what exactly is the .1 log? I'm not sure what to look for here, either.08:26
TJ-bronzilla: OK... the password you just used to rewrap the passphrase - it is definitely the same password as the user has for log-in?08:26
ph1|1pk1l_: would it be the last entry that relates to the crash?08:26
ph1|1pI think this is chronologically ordered.08:26
ShalokShalomk1l_: i aim to use it for 12.408:26
k1l_ph1|1p: after the reboot the old logs get renamed and a new one is created08:26
=== deegee is now known as drussell
bronzillaTJ-: can I pm? I dont mind pming my passwrd!08:27
BeldarShalokShalom, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch08:27
ShalokShalomBeldar: thanks, i know this08:27
GatisHi how to completely remove LXDE DE from Ubuntu?08:28
Gatissudo apt-get purge lxde? or something else/08:28
ph1|1pk1l_: so .1 is the last log?08:28
k1l_ph1|1p: or .0. depends on the specific file08:28
Beldarabaday, Does not look broken from you post, but any HD can break at any time.08:28
ph1|1pI think it's .1 here, since there's no .0.08:28
TJ-bronzilla: what Ubuntu release are you using, 14.04 ?08:29
ph1|1pk1l_: could nfs cause this kind of freeze?08:29
ph1|1pthere are some nfs lease timeout errors.08:29
GatisI have question to Ubuntu why you people don't creater proper uninstall command for metapackages?08:29
Gatisi uninstall metapackaes with purge and autoremove but i still have left apps from it..08:29
TJ-bronzilla: it looks like this bug, but that was fixed a long time ago: bug 72586208:30
ubottubug 725862 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Can’t ecryptfs-mount-private after ecryptfs-umount-private" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72586208:30
ph1|1plife is too short, Gatis.08:30
eeeeGatis: cuz some of the packages are dependencies for other packages08:30
BeldarShalokShalom, This channel supports stuff from ubuntu technically, using a deprecated app is a bad idea anyway.08:30
Gatisis it hard to make proper metapackage uninstall command?08:30
bronzillaTJ-: 12.04 LTS08:30
ShalokShalomBeldar: for 12.04 as well ?08:30
Gatiseeee so what's the solution for complete uninstall..?08:30
BeldarShalokShalom, what?08:31
k1l_Gatis: see http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntuprecise08:31
ShalokShalomremastersys work for 12.04, why should this changed please ?08:31
Gatisk1l explain me why purge doesn't work and autoremove?08:31
GatisIm new user08:31
TJ-bronzilla: Hmmm... if that bug relates directly to your situation, it infers that the user account doesn't have encrypted filenames, only contents, and we can check that manually08:32
eeeeget the list of installed packages, and use for i in `cat packages`; do sudo apt-get purge $i; done08:32
BeldarShalokShalom, it was never in the repos, not supported08:32
k1l_Gatis: because the packages can be depencies from other packages, too08:32
ShalokShalomi ask for a deb from someone08:32
k1l_nol: there is #test08:32
shiningstarDoes anyone know how to preseed a multi disk configuration?08:32
Gatisk1l_,  what does it mean?08:32
nolThank you, almighty eightyeight.08:32
=== subhojit777|AFK is now known as subhojit777
LeMikesorry. TJ- I don't know what to look for in "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" - I am not very well with the message " This device may have been added with another device file" but that is all08:33
bronzillaTJ-: ok what should I do?08:33
BeldarShalokShalom, yes we know, the developer stopped it awhile back, it is not a ubuntu app it is not supported here.08:33
TJ-bronzilla: Check with this: "ls /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private/" - if all the filenames start with something like "ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED..." then filenames *are* encrypted and that bug is unrelated08:33
eeeeGatis: it means you could break other packages if you removed them08:33
ShalokShalomBeldar: there are 1600 users here, i ask them all08:33
k1l_ShalokShalom: http://askubuntu.com/questions/190133/what-are-the-alternatives-for-remastersys08:33
GatisWhat's the default DM for Ubuntu Unity?08:33
ShalokShalomthis is a community08:33
k1l_Gatis: unity08:34
eeeeGatis: lightdm08:34
bronzillaTJ-:  I get ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED08:34
k1l_Gatis: erm, the dm is lightdm, sorry08:34
YevgenyRancid says "error no password" in the .cloginrc file . This is how it looks like: http://pastebin.com/cDknFf9808:34
BeldarShalokShalom, And you are hardly familiar withot.08:34
TJ-bronzilla: OK, so that bug is unrelated - you have another cause08:34
Beldarwith it*08:34
ShalokShalomk1l_: thanks08:34
shiningstarPlease is there someone who can help me out with multi disk preseed?08:34
TJ-bronzilla: is this a new-ish user account or been active with log-ins/log-outs for a long time?08:34
shiningstarOr point me in the right direction...08:35
GatisWhat is Unity Greeter?08:35
LeMikeTJ- might this be the problem? https://gist.github.com/sourcerer-mike/7eec9a6d57f26402fd1308:35
bronzillaTJ-: long time... its been on lappy for travel mostly...08:35
k1l_Gatis: https://launchpad.net/unity-greeter08:35
Gatisk1l_, i think i have lightm but i don't have unity-greeter set08:36
k1l_Gatis: i think you messed too much with your system already08:36
Abhijitshiningstar, yes. whats the issue?08:36
innocent95I'm looking for a good chess for ubuntu, what do you recommend?08:36
TJ-LeMike: can you pastebin the entire log-file?08:36
Gatisk1l_, i just tried KDE, Lxde and XFCE :)08:36
Gatisis that bad?08:36
TJ-bronzilla: OK, so it's not a new thing... and have you recently changed the user password?08:36
shiningstarI got single disk to work but I have multiple disks08:37
TJ-bronzilla: Or upgraded the system, or moved the home directory between disks, or anything similar?08:37
k1l_Gatis: make sure you reinstall ubuntu-desktop and lightdm packages08:37
Gatisk1l_, yes i installed ubuntu-desktop08:37
Yevgenyanyone use Rancid to backup HP switches?08:37
Welastevilhi ubuntu people08:37
Gatisk1l_, i still have packages from other DE and different DM08:38
shiningstarpartman doesn't seem to support multiple disks08:38
Gatisk1l_, but everything else seems fine :) no errors08:38
ph1|1panyone have experience with nfs causing system freezes?08:38
Abhijitshiningstar, show the exact lines. use pastebin. show the exact errors if any. use pastebin.08:39
bronzillaTJ-: i changed it few days back... to temp password.. later changed it back to old password..08:39
Gatisk1l_, i checked i have LightDM and Unity-Greeter. But i don't see Unity-Greeter, i just see simple LightDM :)08:40
bronzillaTJ-: k i just ran encryptfs-mount private > enter login passphase > instered auth with tok sig 5441xxxx into user session keyring keyct1_serach : required key not available08:41
shiningstarAbhijit http://pastebin.com/VuX7ja6q08:41
TJ-bronzilla: OK .. can you show me the result (via a pastebin) of "ls -al /mnt/target/.ecryptfs/tj/.ecryptfs/" ... if the "pastebinit" package isn't installed, install it "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then do "ls -al /mnt/target/.ecryptfs/tj/.ecryptfs/ | pastebinit"08:41
TJ-bronzilla: ignore that, it has my username in it!! :)08:41
k1l_Gatis: then go and study the docs https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM etc to get to know what you need to change back08:42
TJ-bronzilla: OK .. can you show me the result (via a pastebin) of "ls -al /mnt/target/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/" ... if the "pastebinit" package isn't installed, install it "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then do "ls -al /mnt/target/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/ | pastebinit"08:42
TJ-bronzilla: OK, that's wrong too... hang on!08:42
Abhijitshiningstar, may be try making two seperate d-i partman-auto lines for two disks?08:42
TJ-bronzilla: OK .. can you show me the result (via a pastebin) of "ls -al /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/" ... if the "pastebinit" package isn't installed, install it "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then do "ls -al /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/ | pastebinit"08:42
shiningstarAbhijit, does the preseed support 2 times configuring disks?08:43
Abhijitshiningstar, http://cptyesterday.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/notes-on-using-expert_recipe-in-debianubuntu-preseed-files/08:44
Abhijitshiningstar, http://superuser.com/questions/281518/how-can-partman-partition-more-than-one-disk-in-a-debian-installer-preseed-file08:44
shiningstarAbhijit, thankls for your time I'll give the late_command a try08:46
LeMikesorry I am at work and I respond very slow TJ- . full xorg-log is here https://gist.github.com/sourcerer-mike/7eec9a6d57f26402fd1308:46
LeMikeand I see "Unloading nvidia" o,O08:47
YevgenyAnyone knows about Rancid?08:47
quistHello guys, i have a 10.04 machine and would like to do a release upgrade to 12.04, but it automatically upgrades to 14.04. Is there a way to directly specify the version to upgrade to?08:48
k1l_Yevgeny: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RANCID does08:48
k1l_quist: what command do you use?08:48
gshmuChange Signature08:49
quistThe manual for do-release-upgrade aint to informative.08:49
m1dnightHi guys08:49
cfhowlettquist, it upgrades from the installed distro to the next distro.  Simple08:49
TJ-LeMike: It looks like that PC has an Nvidia Optimus chipset (low-power Intel GPU + Nvidia GPU). I'm not sure but it probably needs the nvidia proprietary driver and the bumblebee driver, but research that first before acting on it08:50
Ben64i think  nvidia-prime is preferred now... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics08:51
LeMikeyee. thanks TJ- . nvidia and linux is something that fails everytime with my hands on :D08:52
Gatisim getting this from Unity-Greeter:08:52
Gatis[+0,07s] WARNING: No LIGHTDM_TO_SERVER_FD environment variable08:52
abado how do i fix this ? [/usr/share/menu/lxrandr: missing required tag: "section"]08:52
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GatisHOw to configure LightDM to use Unity-Greeter08:53
quistcfhowlett, i am not sure i understand, so you are syaing that it should by default upgrade from one LTS, to the next LTS release and not skipi to latest?. It does not seem to be the case, after the upgrade i executed lsb_release -a, it said i was running 14.04?08:54
cfhowlettquist, from LTS to LTS is permissible.08:54
k1l_quist: there is no 10.04 to 14.04 path. any chance you did the wrong command with -d at the end?08:54
karab44did anybody overclock CPU under ubuntu? Do you know diagnostic tools, realtime monitoring, fan, frequency, temperature, voltage etc.?08:54
cfhowlettquist, IF both are currently supported: 10.04 (server only) > 12.04 - 14.0408:55
karab44and any CPU benchmarking by the way08:55
LeMikeAnd if I don't come back in this chat, then watch this :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=IVpOyKCNZYw#t=8408:55
k1l_!sensors | karab4408:55
ubottukarab44: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.08:55
TJ-LeMike: I never have problems with pure Nvidia, but the whole Intel+Nvidia thing is still a mess for many people. I'm running a laptop here with an internal Nvidia GPU + an external dual-GPU Nvidia Quadro 4-head via the ExpressCard interface, and it all works smoothly.08:55
karab44thank you k1l_ !08:56
Sanuraigood morning08:56
GatisHow to go to root directory fast with cd in Bash?08:56
k1l_cd /08:57
spoutnik16hi guys08:58
spoutnik16i got a question08:58
spoutnik16i want to be able to say to my computer to remotely play a video, on his screen08:58
spoutnik16but whatever I do, it plays it on the remote screen08:58
GatisHow to configure LightDM to use Unity-Greeter?08:58
spoutnik16any idea ?08:58
ThuboA general question: I have a system with 12 pysical cpus and hyperthreading enabled, therefore the os reports 24 cpus. If I now run an application with 12 threads (using omp_num_threads=12) is it also scheduled on the 'hyperthreads' aka is is slower/faster/equal with hyperthreading on or off?08:59
quistk1l_, No i did not pass the -d option, i just executed sudo do-release-upgrade. I will try to do the upgrade once again.09:00
k1l_quist: wait09:00
LeMikeyay TJ- . thanks a lot!09:00
k1l_quist: what does "lsb_release -d" give you?09:00
Raz1Since KDE Plasma 5 is released officially now is there any PPA for kde plasma 5 stable for ubuntu 14.04?09:01
Raz1I tried Project neon but the nightly builds are (surprise surprise) not reliable09:01
k1l_Raz1: i saw some in the news. but they are not official ubuntu ones.09:02
Raz1k1l_: Unofficial is fine by me, got a link?09:02
yecril71plmailto hyperlinks open in Firefox with a blank page09:02
Raz1I keep finding old sites with project neon written before kde plasma 5 was released officially09:02
k1l_i am afraid not here09:03
quistk1l_, right now 10.04, it is a virtual machine so i reverted to a snapshot to be able to do the upgrade again.09:03
Raz1k1l_: Do you recall which site you read the news on?09:03
k1l_quist: so make sure you are up to date with the 10.04 and then start the "sudo do-release-upgrade"09:03
quistk1l_, sure no problem. First install all updates available, the start the release upgrade.09:05
yecril71plI cannot choose Thunderbird in Firefox URL opener to send e-mail09:05
yecril71plonly GMail and Y!Mail are available09:06
Raz1k1l_: google "kde plasma 5 ppa trusty -neon -next" returns nothing09:06
cfhowlett!help | bipul09:07
ubottubipul: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:07
somsip!bot | bipul09:07
ubottubipul: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone09:07
innocent95I'm looking for a chess?09:07
bipulI am looking for the commands , which 're used in channels to get the Ubuntu related query.09:08
k1l_Raz1: seems there is only neon ppa. or the kde-next ppa for 14.1009:08
DJones!msgthbot | bipul09:08
DJones!msgthebot | bipul09:08
ubottubipul: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:08
yecril71plgvfs-open has no problem with mailto09:09
cfhowlett!paste > cfhowlett09:10
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message09:10
Raz1k1l_: Yeah, that's what I gathered. I will just try neon again09:10
Raz1k1l_: I will try using the weekly snapshot, i think I tried using the kf5/neon one last time which probably breaks more often09:11
Sanuraiwebcam upside down http://paste.ubuntu.com/8104746/09:12
Sanuraihelp me09:12
lorenxhi all, i'm having a problem with apt and php5-fpm: http://pastebin.com/M3tyF7mq09:12
lorenxit seems the php5-common version is the cause...09:13
karab44ok I found lmsensors quite useful09:13
lorenxis there some other command i could try? thanks09:13
bronzillaTJ-: hey09:13
k1l_lorenx: run a "sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"09:13
cfhowlett*update && sudo*               spaces matter09:14
=== fred_ is now known as Guest74367
lorenxk1l_: update works fine, this is dist-upgrade: http://pastebin.com/EMAnK6d009:14
k1l_cfhowlett: works here :)09:15
lorenxi've also tried to remove all my /var/lib/apt/lists/*09:15
karab44how to measure cpu frequency then?09:15
llutzkarab44: grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo09:17
yecril71pleven though x-scheme-handler/mailto is set to thunderbird in /etc/mailcap09:17
karab44llutz: is it updating realtime?09:17
llutzkarab44: nope09:17
karab44I am looking for RTmonitor09:17
k1l_lorenx: is there some PPA enabled?09:17
lorenxk1l_: i had but i removed all my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*09:18
k1l_lorenx: did you remove the PPAs.packages, too?09:19
LamPHello. How do I partition 2x1TB hard drives for file server and keep hard drives separated?09:19
karab44llutz: yes, it's actually updating itself. It's fine for me, thank you09:19
yecril71pland also in /etc/gnome/defaults.list09:19
yecril71pland nothing helps09:19
lorenxk1l_: no09:19
k1l_lorenx: see with "apt-cache policy package" if that packages are comming from the ubuntu repo09:20
lorenxk1l_: what package, php5-fpm or php5-common09:20
k1l_lorenx: both09:20
lorenxand what should i look for in that command output09:20
llutzkarab44: you always can use "watch -n XX" to update info. grep itself won't09:20
karab44llutz: I mean cpu info updates realtime, that's good09:21
llutzkarab44: ah ok, yes thats auto-updating09:21
Sanuraifuck you09:21
cfhowlettSanurai  you know better;  no profanity.  stop.  immediately.09:22
lorenxk1l_: http://pastebin.com/vme4bv9809:22
lorenxis there anything wrong with these outputs?09:23
bronzillaanyone here?09:23
cfhowlett!ask | bronzilla,09:23
ubottubronzilla,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:23
* bronzilla lost all his docs :(09:23
bronzillaTJ-: can't pastebin installed it but can't get inside /.encrypt/09:25
TJ-bronzilla: It's "/home/.ecryptfs/$USER/" that contains ".ecryptfs/" (the settings) and ".Private/" (the files)09:26
bronzillaTJ-: then do "ls -al /mnt/target/.ecryptfs/tj/.ecryptfs/ | pastebinit"09:26
k1l_lorenx: hmm. try a "sudo apt-get clean" change to the main servers, and see if that depency is right then09:26
karab44llutz: this watch is brilliant idea, thank you!09:26
bronzillathis din't work with /username/09:26
TJ-bronzilla: I said after, I gave you the wrong directory09:27
lorenxk1l_: i've already tried "sudo apt-get clean"09:27
TJ-bronzilla: I was working here from mounting a different file-system, so the original path I gave was only good for me09:27
bronzillals -al /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/ | pastebinit09:28
GatisPlease explain me: "For example, if a sysadmind wanted to override the system configured default session (provided in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d) they should make a file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-myconfig.conf with the following:"09:30
GatisWhy i need to call file like this with number 50 before config name 50-myconfig.conf?09:31
bronzillaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8104867/09:31
raz1k1l_: Just tried the weekly project neon snapshot of plasma 5. It's completely unusable09:32
raz1k1l_: I really don't feel like building it myself from source, argh.09:33
k1l_Gatis: the files with numbers get read in increasing order.09:33
raz1I'm quite surprised no one made a ppa for stable plasma 509:33
k1l_raz1: go for it :)09:34
bronzillaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8104867/09:34
Gatisk1l_, In /etc/lightdm/ directory i have 3 configurations "lightdm.conf" "lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf" and "lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf".. So i wonder which i should edit and which system will read first?09:36
k1l_Gatis: that is not a ...conf.d/ folder09:36
GatisI don;t have conf.d folder09:37
GatisIt says: System administrators can override this configuration in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/*.conf and /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.09:37
GatisSo i wonder why i have 3 confs in /etc/lightdm folder?09:37
* Gatis wants to understad this completely09:38
TJ-bronzilla: That looks correct too09:38
bronzillaTJ-: when i run encruyptfs-mount-private09:38
bronzillai get auth tok smth sig nature09:39
bronzillarequired key not available09:39
bronzillaecryptfs-wrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase09:39
bronzillaTJ-: tell me procedure for this ecryptfs-wrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase again?09:39
Gatisgatis@HP-Compaq-6715s-GR618ES-AK8:/etc/lightdm$ ls09:39
Gatislightdm.conf  lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf  lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf  users.conf09:39
GatisDoes system read all 3 confs?09:40
Gatisor just lightdm.conf?09:40
TJ-bronzilla: It prompts you for the passphrase (the cryptographic hash that looks like an MD5 sum), then for the password to wrap it with09:42
bronzillaTJ-:  right... gave hash followed by my current password09:43
TJ-bronzilla: that should re-write the "wrapped-passphrase" file09:43
elichai2my laptop is auto disconnecting from the wifi after i leave it, there is any way to disable that?09:44
quistk1l_, The upgrade worked perfectly this time around, thank you for your time. :)09:45
bronzillaTJ-: when do ecrypt-mount-private post this procedure i can view a diffect auth tok each time..09:45
TJ-bronzilla:  That would be correct09:46
bronzillaTJ-: different auth sig09:46
bronzillaTJ-: they why am I getting ctr1_search smth msg09:46
bronzillaTJ-: requried key not available? :(09:47
nicolas_hi - just a easy question please: how format a usb key in fat32 ? thank yu09:48
nicolas_(m on linux mint)09:48
k1l_nicolas_: use gparted. for more support ask the mint guys if they got other solutions in their setup09:49
k1l_!mint | nicolas_09:49
ubottunicolas_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:49
nicolas_there re nobody on mint chat09:49
k1l_nicolas_: its another irc network09:49
cfhowlettnicolas_, mint is not supported here.  NOT supported here.  this is ubuntu.09:49
nicolas_but isn t the same wat to format a usb key on every linux ?09:50
cfhowlettnicolas_, mint - is - not - supported - here.09:50
cfhowlettnicolas_, and no, it's not the same on every linux.09:50
nicolas_ok I ride on ubuntu now but I want to install mint09:50
Welastevilsomeone knows where can I do a download of terminal emulator "terminology"?09:50
k1l_nicolas_: last time now: if you dont like the support the community offers for you dont use that OS. you were given a solution and a place to ask for more support.09:51
cfhowlettnicolas_, fine.  go to mint website, find installation instructions.09:51
nicolas_ok guys I try another way09:51
alive4everWhy not? nicolas_, you can just type "sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1"09:51
alive4everRead manpage of mkfs.vfat for more details.09:51
elichai2 my laptop is auto disconnecting from the wifi after i leave it, there is any way to disable that?09:52
bronzillaTJ-: Have I hit dead lock? Isn't there any other way? Atleast extract files using my backup hash?09:52
vitimitiI use sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdbX for fat3209:52
nicolas_ok vitimiti I try this09:52
bronzillaAnyone here know's a way of extracting files from encrypted home directory using backup passphase??09:54
elichai2how to Prevent WiFi from disconnecting on idle?09:56
TJ-bronzilla: "ecryptfs-mount-private" should do that... you'll probably have to "cd /home/$USER/" after it succeeds to see the files though09:56
superman098guys, how to completely remove unity from ubuntu and full switch to fluxbox? i have ubuntu with fluxbox installed and stuck when try to get rid all of unity part... anybody?09:58
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:58
elichai2no ones know how to help me??09:58
=== root is now known as Guest94244
cfhowlett!ask | elichai2,09:59
ubottuelichai2,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:59
elichai2cfhowlett, already asked my question 3 times :\10:00
elichai2cfhowlett, <elichai2> how to Prevent WiFi from disconnecting on idle?10:00
bronzillaTJ-: i'm already in user@sytem10:00
cfhowlettelichai2, and if no one knows ... no one will answer.  be patient.10:00
bronzillaTJ-: tried ls10:00
TJ-bronzilla: That's fine, it still needs to be done so the file-system is refreshed after the encrypted file system is mounted under you10:00
superman098so Mr. ubottu, my ubuntu version is 14.04 so i install gnome-panel and along with fluxbox to do it?10:01
Ben64elichai2: it would probably be helpful if you gave more information about the problem10:01
bronzillaTJ-: got Access-your-private-data.desktop and readme.txt10:01
cfhowlett!encryption > cfhowlett10:01
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message10:01
elichai2Ben64, when i leave my laptop it's automatically logs out and then disconnects from the wifi until i login back again10:01
TJ-bronzilla: so the mount failed? check with "mount | grep ecryptfs"10:02
kgalahassamy minitube crash on ubuntu 14.0410:02
kgalahassamy minitube crash on ubuntu 14.04 eachtime once i have done a search10:02
bronzillaTJ-: btw ecryptfs-mount-private again showed requried key not available :(10:02
Ben64elichai2: then set it to not log out?10:02
TJ-bronzilla: I think you've used the wrong passphrase (the hash) ... that's the key it is talking about.10:03
elichai2Ben64, i want it to log out, but i don't want it to disconnect10:03
bronzilla"mount | grep ecryptfs"  show's nothing10:03
bronzillamsg TJ- 0be53e932726f0048491e725d055705df10:03
Ben64elichai2: probably not going to happen like that10:03
elichai2Ben64, ok, so how i make it not to log out?10:03
bronzillanevermind.. that's my key.. TJ-  all zeros right?10:04
cfhowlettelichai2, logout = disconnect for security.10:04
TJ-bronzilla: yeah it is hexadecimal encoded10:04
bronzillathen why do I get key error?10:05
elichai2cfhowlett, really? so whenever i logout its immediately auto disconnecting from the wifi?10:05
bronzillait's a hard written backup copy I wrote down during creation!!!10:05
TJ-bronzilla: because either the unwrapped version is not correct, or that one does not match the one used to encrypt the data10:05
cfhowlettelichai2, would you really want your system connected w/o user control?10:06
bronzillaTJ-: :( oh dear would changing password have affected this?? :o10:06
=== root____1 is now known as dulmatin
GatisHOw to check shortcut keys for Ubuntu?10:07
bronzillaAnd why do I get this when I ls home/user ? " Access-your-private-data.desktop and readme.txt "10:07
elichai2cfhowlett, i want it to keep download my torrents10:07
llutzelichai2: edit connection-settings and set "all users might use this connection"10:07
k1l_!rootirc > dulmatin10:07
ubottudulmatin, please see my private message10:07
TJ-bronzilla: check the ownership of /home/$USER and the directories there with "ls -al /home/$USER/"10:07
* bronzilla is doomed!!10:07
llutzelichai2: it shouldn't disconnect on logout then (and not wait for someone to login to connect)10:08
elichai2llutz, already setted10:08
kgalahassamy minitube crash on ubuntu 14.04 eachtime once i have done a search10:08
TJ-bronzilla: Because the user's home directory only has these files in it. The encrypted home is kept at /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private/, which is mounted over /home/$USER/ when unlocked.10:08
GatisWhen i installed Ubuntu 14.04 i got screen with shortcut keys? How to view it again10:08
bronzillaTJ-: I see smth.. how do I pastebin it?10:08
elichai2llutz, that's a fact10:09
vitimitiGatis, if you keep pressed the Cmd key (windows key), you'll see the screen in a few seconds10:09
bronzillaTJ-: files date back to 201210:09
llutzelichai2: well, "works here" ;) no idea then10:09
Gatisvitimiti, great tip Thanks!10:10
elichai2my torrent will never finish like that :\10:10
elichai2llutz, so how can i disable the auto logging out?10:10
bronzillaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8105094/10:10
llutzelichai2: auto logout? system should lock after a while idling but not log you out10:12
elichai2llutz, same same new name10:13
bronzillaTJ-: are you there? :o :( :(10:13
TJ-bronzilla: Yes, that's correct, as expected10:13
llutzelichai2: nonsense, locked session means you're still logged in10:13
elichai2llutz, that what i meant, after while idling it's lock my laptop and disconnects from the network10:13
elichai2llutz, yeah, but the wifi disconnects10:13
nicolas_hi sorry I can t find the way to format my usb key in fat 32. I presently ride on ubuntu (the last os). Could anybody help please ?10:13
bronzillaTJ-: ok so my backup hash dates back to 2012 then why do I get key error :(10:14
k1l_nicolas_: what does "lsb_release -d" give you?10:14
llutzelichai2: check if there are some powersaving options active (wifi-settings, powersettings)10:14
nicolas_it doens t work kll10:14
elichai2llutz, the only thing in the power settings is i asked it to not suspend my laptop. theres nothing else there i can set10:15
k1l_nicolas_: then go to the mint guys and ask them for support like told several times now!10:15
TJ-bronzilla: I think you'll need to file a bug report on this one10:15
bronzillaTJ-: :(10:16
TJ-bronzilla: I guess this doesn't list a key: "keyctl list @us"10:16
elichai2there is somewhere some more power settings?10:17
bronzillaTJ-: it does10:17
bronzilla1 key in keyring10:17
=== k2everest_ is now known as k2everest
bronzillaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8105133/10:18
TJ-bronzilla: Hmmm, that was unexpected.10:18
TJ-bronzilla: hmmm, the group is -1 ... that's not good10:18
* bronzilla in panic state HELP!!10:18
TJ-bronzilla: "getent passwd rider" ?10:19
TJ-bronzilla: "getent group 65534" and "getent group 65536"10:20
* bronzilla anyone messed with lappy in airport?? :o :o Should I unplug it frm net???10:20
bronzilla65534 no group10:21
bronzilla65536 entered10:21
=== dav is now known as Guest91588
bronzillaTJ-:  65534 no group 65536 it entered10:22
TJ-bronzilla: That's OK then.10:22
bronzillaTJ-: hmm...10:22
YamakasYwhy is /etc/network/interfaces.d not included ?10:24
TJ-bronzilla: The bit I'm unclear of is why the group ID shown in the "keyctl list @us" command was -1 ... I'd expected to see 65534, but don't know if that is significant10:24
bronzillaTJ-: ok is my key corrupted?? :o10:25
TJ-bronzilla: Unknown at this point10:25
Guest91588I need some help with ubuntu 14.04 LTS10:26
Deepfriedice!ask | Guest9158810:27
ubottuGuest91588: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:27
bronzillaTJ-: Do I backup encrypted files and unplug?10:27
TJ-bronzilla: Well they're all still there, they won't go away10:28
Guest91588I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, my cursor blinks every second, and my screen sometimes breakes down, showing coloured lines.10:29
bronzillaTJ-: how do I get it back? There has to be someway of extracting files using hash?10:29
ech0s7it's possible to install openssh-server on ubuntu live ?10:30
bronzillaech0s7: live distro?10:30
ech0s7bronzilla: yes10:30
Guest91588hello ech0s710:31
Guest91588I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, my cursor blinks every second, and my screen sometimes breakes down, showing coloured lines.10:31
bronzillaGuest91588: drivers...10:31
Guest91588how do i install new drivers10:32
DeepfriediceGuest91588: What Graphics card do you have?10:32
Guest91588sorry, don't really know10:32
Guest91588but i wonder why my cursor blinks exactly every second10:33
TJ-bronzilla: nope, you've got to be able to unlock it to get to the files, and that is failing.  What does this show "keyctl show" ?10:33
DeepfriediceGuest91588: lspci will tell you what kind of graphics card you have. You problem sounds like a driver issue.10:33
bronzillapratz: hey!10:34
Guest91588how do i find out what graphic card i use?10:34
DeepfriediceGuest91588: Run "lspci" in a console.10:34
k1l_Guest91588: lspci10:35
bronzillaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8105232/ 2 keys?? :o10:35
Guest91588VIA Technologies, Inc. KM400/KN400/P4M80010:36
Guest91588is that right?10:36
elichai2ops, sorry for the repost10:36
TJ-bronzilla: Yes, same as mine *but* the group ID is again wrong, on mine the 4 lines have: 65534, 65534, 1000, 1000. "1000" is my user's group ID, 65534 is "nobody" group10:37
bronzillaTJ-: How can i fix that?10:37
TJ-bronzilla: have you done anything recently with user accounts, IDs, or the PAM sub-system for logins?10:37
TJ-bronzilla: I have no idea; this is the first time I've had to deal with the key database infrastructure this deeply, I'm not even sure if that is an indicator of a/the problem, or not10:38
DeepfriediceGuest91588: Do you have an older mobo? If so, then that sounds right.10:38
bronzillaTJ-: used root method for changing password...10:38
ubuntsomebody know a mp4 to mpeg2 converter that work from shell terminal?10:39
bronzillaTJ-: but that was long back...10:39
TJ-bronzilla: Not clear how to solve this, we've investigated and used all the regular methods for fixing the general issue, but you've got something slightly different going on there10:40
bronzillaTJ-: :( tell me am I doomed?10:40
TJ-bronzilla: You need someone like Dustin Kirkland, one of the core devs of ecryptfs. File a bug against ecryptfs10:42
TJ-bronzilla: long shot but... I wonder if the keyring just has a bad key in it from the messing about... try a full restart just-in-case10:43
bronzillaTJ-: i've already restarted like thrice!10:43
TJ-bronzilla: OK, scrube that idea then10:44
bronzillaTJ-: is dustion on irc?10:44
bronzillaready to file a bug tell me what all i need to mention?10:44
TJ-bronzilla: bug report then. No. He'll see te bug report if you file it against ecryptfs. subscribe me too (user 'tj' on launchpad) and I'll follow up on it10:44
TJ-bronzilla: Primary is the actual error you see when logging-in, then explain the lost-password change from root, then the basic rewrap tasks you've gone through to use the new user password to wrap the passphrase, and that you have the original passphrase written down from 201210:46
kudakwashei mistakenly chose the uk keyboard during installation, should have chosen us, so now when i want a tilde i get ¬ and if i want a  hash i get £10:47
kudakwashehow can i change that?10:47
kudakwashei was thinking about spelling not the keyboard layout eg colour color not the layout of the keys10:47
vitimitikudakwashe, in the keyboard configuration you have an option for text entry where to change and edit the layouts10:48
vitimitikudakwashe, and then, in the languages support, make sure English (US) is in the first place and make it install such language support10:49
kudakwashei'm using language UK because in Zimbabwe we use British English but the keybourd layout i need is US not UK10:50
kudakwashethe language settings are okay10:50
kudakwasheit's just two keys that are giving me a problem10:50
kudakwashehash and tilde10:50
vitimitiThe let the language as it is and change the language10:50
vitimitiscrew me10:50
vitimitikudakwashe, change the layout and leave the language, I meant10:51
kudakwashewhere do i change the layout10:51
=== zenix`` is now known as zenix`
eeeekudakwashe: settings > text entry10:53
kudakwasheeeee: thanks10:53
P3n7u5trying to install ruby-doc10:53
P3n7u5I get the following error:10:54
P3n7u5dunno where to start to debuf it10:56
m1dnightCan anyone tell me where I could find the common.js file for transmission on linux? I want to change a variable in there.10:57
m1dnightBut I ahve no idea where they might be stored.10:57
kudakwasheoh yeah baby, i've ~ and # again!10:57
m1dnightI.e., where are the files for the webinterface10:57
llutzmidnightcommand: package transmission-common: /usr/share/transmission/web/javascript/common.js11:00
dry[1]hi. "allow executing file as program" is not working on ubuntu 14.04. how to fix it?11:05
bananabobHey guys, anyone know of a terminal services like setup that can run on Ubuntu? LTSP isnt an option since it requires to pxe booted into :/11:06
micromfor 3 weeks now I have been getting "invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/cups not found." when I do an ordinary upgrade11:08
no_muHi, I'm having problems trying to boot my Ubuntu install with BTRFS11:08
micromand file /etc/init.d/cups gives /etc/init.d/cups: broken symbolic link to `/lib/init/upstart-job'11:09
enedildry[1]: chmod + x /path/to/file11:12
enedilLeoLam746: hello :)11:13
enedildry[1]: are you trying to execute file o NTFS or FAT partition?11:13
dry[1]enedil: ext411:15
dry[1]enedil: problem related with this topic: http://askubuntu.com/questions/455347/executable-on-ubuntu-14-0411:16
dry[1]but as you see people still have the same problem.11:16
micromin fact, all symbolic links from /etc/init.d pointing to upstart-job are broken11:16
no_muHi, I'm having problems trying to boot my Ubuntu install with BTRFS and GRUB JUST failed again!11:18
ShalokShalomwhen i buid with this tutorial, include that all my personal settings,, so also the panels, dolphin config etc ?11:20
no_muAh, forget about it11:21
no_muJust gonna stick with ext4 for now, then11:21
Welastevilhi there!11:21
no_muHopefully when BTRFS becomes more and more stable, it'll become the default FS for GNU/Linux..11:21
Welastevil someone knows a similar Apps for ubuntu like "mathamatica" for mac?11:21
Welasteviloe like a "grapher4d"11:23
rottingdeadHello, having some issues here..  I have an Optimus Nvidia+Intel setup, I have 2 files I need, but require xrandr, I cannot figure out where to put those, I've tried /etc/X11/xinitrc/xinitrc.d/ and /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d but it's not working, I'm generally a Gentoo user, but just got my laptop back from repair, and didn't feel like waiting on all those compiles again, anybody know?11:23
rottingdeadI put the 40-gfx(xorg.conf file) in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ and the 00-nvidia one in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ it works in Gentoo like that, but not in Ubuntu11:24
cl_martinWhich chat software are u using?11:36
moeini want a program like the catia11:38
moeinin ubuntu11:38
bazhangmoein, what is the catia11:38
moeinbazhang, a program for CAD Design11:39
bazhangmoein, apt-cache search cad to find something11:40
moeini want a program like the solidworks (a program for design CAD)11:45
bazhang!equivalents | moein11:45
ubottumoein: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot11:45
bazhangmoein, apt-cache search as above, and check the link I just gave you11:46
lord4163Can I ask a Lubuntu question here? Noone wants to respond to me in #lubuntu it seems. I can't get the language properly set to Dutch, a lot of things remain in English11:46
sgo11hi, how can I do-release-upgrade from quantal release? I can not even apt-get update. many 404 errors returns. thanks.11:48
DJoneslord4163: Yeah its fine asking here, all the official releases are supported here11:48
lord4163DJones: cool, have any suggestions perhaps?11:49
DJoneslord4163: I'm afraid not, I don't use Lubuntu11:50
ShalokShalomno_mu: btrfs is default in openSUSE 13.211:52
ShalokShalomand already in fedora11:52
laviis it really beter than ext4?11:52
ShalokShalom3.16 brings improvements for btrfs11:52
martinrameHi, I'm tring to compile freepascal and the compilation stops with "x86_64-linux-as not found" where's that package?11:54
sgo11hi, how can I do-release-upgrade from quantal release?11:54
ShalokShalomWelastevil: http://osalt.com/sage11:55
ShalokShalomWelastevil: i think blender offers much more features then grapher4d11:56
lord4163DJones: Maybe there are no Lubuntu users around :P11:56
compulsivehello all, apparently IRC died back in 2012 http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/04/24/irc-is-dead-long-live-irc/11:57
ShalokShalomcompulsive: oh, it seems like irc is so old like me :)11:58
lavioh, I am older than IRC :(11:58
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sjoshihello, how can i change the number of workspaces in ubuntu14.04.112:05
sjoshiby default its coming as 4, i need to reduce it to 212:05
SCHAAP137sjoshi, if u rightclick on the workspaces thingy in the toolbar, it should allow u to set some options for it12:07
SCHAAP137or maybe alt rightclick12:07
sjoshiSCHAAP137: nothing, about this on that menu12:08
ShalokShalomsjoshi: ubuntu unity ?12:08
sjoshiShalokShalom: ^^12:09
sjoshireading this -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/34572/how-can-i-reduce-or-increase-the-number-of-workspaces-in-unity12:10
sjoshido i need to install a software just to bring it down to 2 ?12:11
MonkeyDustsjoshi  unity-tweak can do alot12:11
MonkeyDust!find tweak12:12
ubottuFound: mousetweaks, freqtweak, gnome-tweak-tool, tweak, unity-tweak-tool12:12
=== sasha is now known as Guest60407
sjoshiMonkeyDust: thats doesnot sounds like a fair deal to me.. what if i need to just do this12:13
sadIve a little problem. Can you help me pleas?12:14
MonkeyDustsjoshi  i offered a possible solution, it's up to you now12:14
sjoshiMonkeyDust: thanks :) !12:15
sadI can not open and use a " tar.gz.12:15
MonkeyDustsad  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression12:16
ericbuttershey.. how to use find with exec and still print filenames?12:17
=== sephiroth is now known as Guest53083
dubst3pp4metalcamp: -print12:18
dubst3pp4find . -print -exec rm -f {} \;12:18
dubst3pp4sorry, was for ericbutters12:19
=== vad is now known as Guest91588
dubst3pp4find . -print -exec rm -f {} \;12:19
ericbuttersdubst3pp4: thanks12:19
MonkeyDustericbutters  ignore that command, it removes everything12:19
sadI use " Xubuntu " I tried just now . It was not succesvol.12:19
sgo11hi, if I plan to upgrade my quantal release, do I have to upgrade it to raring first? and then to warty, lucid, precise, saucy, and finally trusty? can I directly upgrade it to trusty? thanks.12:20
sadthe name of file is " btsync ".12:20
Guest53083who know some openstack community12:20
ericbuttersMonkeyDust: i know :) but that -print is what i need12:20
k1l_dubst3pp4: please dont provide such commands with rm to new users.12:21
MonkeyDustsgo11  not directly, you'd have to take allt those steps... backup and fresh install would be faster, easier, cleaner, more efficient12:21
sgo11MonkeyDust, thanks. I am just lazy, don't want to configure all the services manually again. I will think about fresh install. that upgrade sequence seems too much.12:23
alsuI’m trying to get my app to make a core file. when it crashes, I see “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”, however no core file appears in the current directory12:25
alsuwhere is it?12:26
MonkeyDustalsu  are you a developer?12:28
alsuI am12:28
MonkeyDustalsu  then try #ubuntu-app-devel12:28
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ringzer0I have about 8 terminal tabs open - I have decided to name them all after the servers they are connected to ... this takes some time ... but when I shut my laptop lid, BAM - I have 8 frozen tabs.12:37
ringzer0Is there an escape char or some way to reset these terminal tabs in the gui without loosing the tab?12:37
ringzer0in putty/kitty, you just click the top left, and click "restart connection" - I just dont want to have to open a new tab and rename ...12:38
drewjoringzer0, frozen tabs?12:39
drewjowell don't close your laptop lid :P12:39
ringzer0drewjo: lol - i move around a lot.12:41
drewjomaybe disable standby12:42
ringzer0drewjo: basically, the tabs freeze when you loose your ssh connection.12:42
drewjoI don't think you can work around that.12:42
ringzer0I suppose I could wrap each one in a screen and then have at LEAST the control to kill the window.12:42
ringzer0without having to restart and rename the darn tab.12:43
ringzer0it's just annoying evey time I open my laptop having to open up 8 ssh tabs and reconnect to the same 8 boxes, and have to rename 8 tabs 4-6 times/day12:44
ringzer0I wish I could ctrl+c and get back to my local box's terminal ringzer0@localhost:$12:44
ringzer0then i could reconnect via up-arrow / enter.12:44
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alsuI’m running LTS 12.04 and it seems a package in it is too old. can I cherry-pick one from 14.04.1 LTS?12:48
k1l_alsu: that will result in depency problems. better to look out for a PPA12:50
qwerty123how many runqueues are there in linux?12:50
alsuk1l_: a) what’s a PPA b) apt-cache rdepends says there are no dependencies?12:51
alanbitschwhats the ubuntu version of MS Paint?12:51
alsuk1l_: oh. rdepends is reverse not recusive. it has dependencies12:52
k1l_!ppa | alsu12:52
ubottualsu: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:52
drewjoalanbitsch, try gimp12:53
drewjoit's a bit more complicated, more like photoshop12:53
drewjobut really easy12:53
YevgenyWhy can I ssh to switch from putty but not from ubuntu(terminal) ?12:53
k1l_alanbitsch: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36577/is-there-a-program-like-microsoft-paint12:53
alanbitschTy both12:53
k1l_Yevgeny: is the username correct? what is the error?12:54
alanbitschoh, and is there photoshop for linux??12:54
qwerty123alanbitsch: GIMP12:54
Yevgenywell I tried both the username and the hostname12:54
drewjoalanbitsch, you can run it in WINE12:54
drewjoYou're welcome12:55
Yevgenyk1l_: ssh manager@
Yevgenythat's the username on the hp switch12:55
MonkeyDustalanbitsch  if you use alot of windows software, better use windows12:55
qwerty123k1l_: hey , can you help me with linux scheduling??12:55
alsuk1l_: I did it!12:56
k1l_Yevgeny: does ssh give you an error?12:56
Yevgenyyes it times out12:56
alsuk1l_: found PPA, added the repo, installed it, confirm bug fixed12:56
alsuman what a great end to a terrible, terrible evening12:56
UserErrorfirefox /usr/share/help/C/cheese/figures/effects.png12:57
Petskullsooo, but laptop hibernated, and now it hangs on resume.  I can still boot from liveusb, is there any way for me to wipe away any trace of the hibernation stuff?12:57
Petskulls/"but laptop"/"my laptop"/12:58
MonkeyDustPetskull  try booting in recovery mode13:00
ph1|1pwhen I do less for multiple files how do I go to the next file?13:00
PetskullMonkeyDust: thx13:01
Petskullman, what garbage this Acer e3-111-c0wa turned out to be.. I knew it would be bad, but I didn't know it would be THIS bad..13:02
yskapellHello guys,13:03
micromAll symbolic links from /etc/init.d pointing to upstart-job are broken and because of that cups will not upgrade13:04
yskapellI just installed ubuntu 14.04 lts but I cannot do aptitude update13:04
yskapellit fails when it try to get the repo13:04
yskapellany idea?13:04
k1l_yskapell: what is the error?13:04
yskapellErr http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com trusty Release.gpg Unable to connect to gr.archive.ubuntu.com:http:13:05
MonkeyDustph1|1p  good question, even the man page doesnt say :)13:05
yskapellk1l_: does this help you?13:05
yskapellgr.archi is pingable from the same machine13:06
k1l_yskapell: did you change something in the sources.list?13:06
yskapellthe default I had13:06
ph1|1pMonkeyDust: unnerving.13:06
yskapellit is 3 mins that the installation complete13:06
k1l_please put the /etc/apt/sources.list into a pastebin and show us the link13:07
afwewWEWdsfewafi am going to install Linux 14.04 LTS (Server) on an old PC and this Computer hasn't a Networkcard. When i wanna install it: Must i 've got Internet ??13:08
MonkeyDustph1|1p  like this, while in less:    :e [filename]13:08
k1l_afwewWEWdsfewaf: no. but you will need it to install packages the easy way13:08
afwewWEWdsfewafok. thanks13:08
ph1|1pMonkeyDust: thank you.13:08
yskapellk1l_: I paste the link13:09
MonkeyDustph1|1p  that's e for examine13:09
ph1|1pMonkeyDust: oh, so I have to type the actual filename?13:09
ph1|1pI guess there's no "queuing" in less then.13:10
MonkeyDustph1|1p  yes ... scroll down to last tip: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/02/unix-less-command-10-tips-for-effective-navigation/13:10
k1l_yskapell: first off, its not common on ubuntu to be root, we use sudo for that. then please run  a "sudo apt-get udpate && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and show it again in pastebin13:10
ph1|1poh, no. :n gives next.13:10
MonkeyDustph1|1p  :n is faster13:11
yskapellk1l_: it is the same.... cannot get the sources how to do dist-upgrade?13:13
yskapellI think this is no good " no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory"13:14
cyfordhi how can i share my ethernet connection with my wifi or enable router mode or something13:20
yskapellhere is the link13:20
MonkeyDust!ics | cyford is this what you mean13:22
ubottucyford is this what you mean: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing13:22
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yskapellCan I resetup apt-get sources.list?13:27
=== Splater__ is now known as Splater_
* Petskull sighs and reaches for his re-install media..13:29
digitsmI have installed a free xubuntu13:29
digitsmBut it has not recognized my internal wifi card13:30
drewjodigitsm, you may need wireless firmware13:31
Petskulldigitsm: do an `lspci`, find your wifi card, and paste that line here13:31
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:32
digitsmin the "Additioanl Drivers", it recognized my wifi card as "Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card" and suggests me to install "Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source from bcmwl-kernel-source (proprietary)"13:32
drewjothen do it13:33
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
drewjobroadcom is not very nice and won't work without prop firmware13:33
Petskullbut there's a lot written for it already, so don't be scared13:34
digitsmdrewjo: I think I did it before but it already didn't recognized my wifi13:34
digitsmlet me try again13:34
digitsmI have another driver issue with my old nvidia driver too13:35
digitsmIt recommends me to install latest nvidia driver (338 or so), but after installing latest proprietary nvidia driver, my laptop don't shutdown or reboot13:36
yskapellk1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8106318/13:36
yskapellany idea on this one?13:36
drewjowon't shutdown?13:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:37
digitsmI could roll back any driver issue by reverting to my previous btrfs snapshot (yay! BTRFS :D)13:37
drewjohi Defaultti13:38
drewjohi deriidf13:38
deriidfnice to meet you all13:38
drewjoYou too, deriidf13:38
digitsmI installed Broadcom STA proprietary driver. let me reboot to see whether my wifi will work?13:40
drewjook do it digitsm13:40
yskapellany clue what the f***k is going on?13:41
deriidfhow to save battery?13:42
drewjoyskapell, what?13:42
wheatthinyskapell, even if it's blocked out, please watch the language.. it looks like you have entered a PPA that isn't valid13:43
drewjoderiidf, you can turn your brightness down13:43
drewjoand you can slow your cpu down13:43
drewjoturn the sound off too13:43
deriidfok.. thanks13:44
wheatthindrewjo, Umm lolol13:44
drewjowheatthin, what?13:44
yskapellwheatthin: I enter nothing. It is the default of Ubuntu13:44
yskapelland I apologise for my language13:44
wheatthinyskapell, http://askubuntu.com/questions/468058/repositories-error13:45
deriidfI'm not good at english language,  I'm looking for language i can13:45
wheatthindrewjo, since the early 90's sound hasn't played a huge part on any cpu consumption.13:46
drewjono, but it draws power from the batter13:46
deriidfbye.. i must go to #ubuntu-indonesia13:46
MonkeyDustderiidf  save the battery by not switching the pc on   (joke)13:47
drewjothe cpu isn't a power source13:47
wheatthindrewjo, then you'd have to turn it off from the bios.. which is stupid. Plug the thing in, or battery with extended life13:47
drewjoI'm talking about sounds13:47
drewjoplaying sounds uses power13:47
drewjoso mute the speaker13:47
wheatthinlol that doesn't make sense.13:48
wheatthinthe chip is still powered.13:48
drewjoyes it does13:48
popeyI'd recommend using tools like powertop to analyse power usage.13:48
drewjothe speaker cone is what uses power13:48
drewjoit is an electromegnet13:48
popeyThe display, hard disk, cpu and gpu eat way more than the speaker.13:48
drewjoI never said they didn't13:49
cyfordamplifier uses power13:49
drewjoI'm just answering his question13:49
popeyso why focus on something that doesn't eat power.13:49
drewjoit does if you are playing sounds13:49
popeyyou get way better benefits by actually focussing on the thing eating your battery.13:49
underplayHow do i run a program at boot after the network has been started?13:49
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:50
MonkeyDustunderplay  create a cronjob with @reboot [command]13:50
underplayMonkeyDust: I need to start the program at boot not reboot :)13:51
yskapellI tried sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys A902DDA375E52366 and I got keyserver timeout13:51
MonkeyDustunderplay  it's the same13:51
underplayok i think i found the solution13:51
qstrahlChromium and Chrome are behaving oddly suddenly; they freeze up as soon as I run them. Bunch of errors in the console. And, weirdly, if I try switching workspaces while they're in this state, my whole login session implodes. Any ideas?13:51
underplayah ok monkeydust, im just going to use init, thanks13:51
david38400Just connected a flat screen 22" tv to my computer but no sound. Can anyone help please13:51
wheatthinqstrahl, do you have proprietary graphics drivers installed?13:51
=== banister is now known as banisterfiend
qstrahlwheatthin, I sure do13:52
david38400Can anyone help with a sound problem please?13:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:53
popeydavid38400: how is the TV connected?13:53
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.13:53
david38400popey, Thks. Its connect with the vga and an hdmi cable13:54
drewjoyou only need one13:54
popeydavid38400: running unity?13:54
drewjothe hdmi13:54
david38400do I just disconnect the vga then?13:54
david38400popey, I'm running ubuntu 14.0413:55
popeydavid38400: click the volume control and then click sound mixer13:55
popeysorry, sound settings13:55
popeyin the "output" tab do you see an option for "play sound through" -> HDMI ?13:55
david38400popey, I am new to ubuntu14.04 and don't know how to move around. Where are the sound settings13:56
popeydavid38400: top right, speaker icon in the panel13:56
studentthello, can I install ubuntu first and then windows. Or must i install windows first, if i want dualboot13:57
qstrahlwheatthin, What's the conflict there?13:57
david38400popey, did that no luck13:57
ifgmarceloe ae13:57
ifg_eae cuzoa13:57
david38400popey, I disconnected the hdmi cable and left only the vga13:57
popeydavid38400: is the TV on HDMI input, and not VGA input? (also unplug the VGA)13:57
popeydavid38400: no, you wanted the other13:57
david38400popey, its on vga input13:58
_0943xstudentt, First must be windows13:58
MonkeyDuststudentt  first "win, then lin", or windows ruins your grub menu (windows is good ruining pc's)13:58
popeydavid38400: you want HDMI, audio goes over HDMI cables, not over VGA, VGA is display only, no audio13:58
popeydavid38400: whereas HDMI carries display and Audio13:58
popeywell.. it can ☻13:58
yskapellok here is the issue13:58
yskapellI can ping google.com13:58
ifgmarcelojoin #<canal>13:58
david38400popey, If I disconnect the vga the pictures goes off13:58
yskapellbut I CANNOT get the page using wget13:59
yskapellthe name resolv normally13:59
popeydavid38400: to be expected. so plug HDMI in.13:59
popeyyskapell: are you on a private network with a proxy / firewall in the way?13:59
digitsmI installed Broadcom STA and then13:59
david38400popey, so..... unplug hdmi first, then disconnect the vga and reconnect the hdmi? Is that the order13:59
digitsmI couldn't shutdown or suspend13:59
yskapellpopey: no iptables14:00
popeydavid38400: the order isn't important, just remove VGA and plug HDMI14:00
yskapellfor proxy not sure14:00
david38400popey, will try now14:00
ifg_i'm going back14:00
digitsmI thought this is a problem of my nvidia card, but it seems it's more likely because of my wifi card14:00
popeyifg_: keep the language clean please.14:00
cfhowlettpopey, please ban him - he's only here to disrupt14:01
david38400popey, I disconnected the vga and the screen went blank14:01
popeyifg_: do you need support with Ubuntu?14:01
popeydavid38400: as expected14:01
cfhowlettifg_, ask your ubuntu questions14:01
popeydavid38400: plug HDMI in.14:01
david38400popey, will try again14:01
ifg_ubuntu is a shit14:01
Arr0waybest way to install > 3.2 kernel on ubuntu trusty 14.04 LTS ?14:02
david38400popey, Screen goes blank when disconnecting the vga and whenn I plug in the hdmi it says check signal cable14:02
popeyArr0way: 14.04 ships with > 3.2 kernel, I'm running 3.13 here14:03
david38400popey, with the PC sign on the top left, nothing else  on the screen14:03
popeydavid38400: you probably need to select the HDMI input14:03
popeydavid38400: with your TV remote14:03
david38400popey, so I need to do this on the remote control, will tery14:03
popeydavid38400: ya14:03
yskapellIt was wrong gateway.... all that time...14:05
david38400popey, there isnt anything on the remote in sound indicating hdmi input. I connected with TV Speakers14:05
popeyyskapell: yay!14:05
yskapellThank you for you support14:05
david38400popey, I have the sound settings on hdmi14:05
popeydavid38400: no. there should be an option to select video input on the TV14:05
popeydavid38400: not sound, video.14:05
david38400popey, thks will check this then14:06
yskapellbtw, when I typed sudo <command> and after I type user passwd I got memory leak14:06
eeeeyskapell: what was the error?14:06
digitsmI never had problem with Broadcom STA driver before. I don't know why I can't suspend or shutdown after just installing Broadcom STA?!!!14:06
digitsmP.S. Broadcom STA doesn't recognize my Wifi Card either14:07
cfhowlettdigitsm, never a problem here either.  are you sure you require the broadcom STA driver?14:07
david38400popey, cant fiind any video settings14:07
digitsmP.P.S. I have 2 wifi cards (another one is an external PCMCIA card)14:07
david38400popey, perhaps not checking on the remote in the right place then14:07
yskapellno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory14:07
popeydavid38400: the tv should have an option to select input. usually a remote has a button with a square with a little arrow pointing into it14:07
eeeeyskapell: try ls -l `which sudo`14:08
digitsmcfhowlett, Yeah, because it doesn't recognize my internal laptop wifi card14:08
eeeeyskapell: maybe you have a modified sudo14:08
eeee(backdoor or something)14:08
Boscopwhy doesn't dist-upgrade upgrade to the latest version? how to upgrade to the latest version?14:08
eeeeyskapell: this is mine /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness14:08
eeeeyskapell: -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 155008 Feb 10  2014 /usr/bin/sudo14:08
popeyyskapell: do you have samba installed?14:08
popeyyskapell: and maybe libpam-smbpass ?14:09
yskapell-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 155008 Feb 10  2014 /usr/bin/sudo14:09
yskapellyes I have popey14:09
popeyyskapell: I doubt you've been hacked, it's a common enough error14:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1257186 in samba (Ubuntu Trusty) "memory leakage messages " [High,Triaged]14:09
yskapellpopey: I really doudt as I install it from scratch 5 mins ago14:10
popeyyskapell: see that bug report ^^14:10
acer /server 42190 Pl89B7$#1%lK14:10
david38400popey, Eureka.... great, many thanks I had it set on PC and when I did what you said and put it on hdmi it works fabulously.14:10
popeydavid38400: sweet! great times!14:10
yskapellI am reading it right now14:10
* popey celebrates with coffee14:10
david38400popey, Many many thanks you guys are so patient and helpful, hope everyone appreciates that!14:11
popeyI hope so too!14:12
drewjoI am running windows 8.1 until I get my internet back14:12
* sayurelektronik test14:12
drewjogod damn antivirus used up all of my mobile quota14:13
digitsmI really don't know why my laptop drivers doesn't work?!14:14
digitsmI had linux (LMDE) on this old laptop (Dell Latitude D-830) for a long time14:15
digitsmAnd everything worked well before14:15
digitsmI am sure I had Broadcom STA on this laptop before and it worked. Dunno why it makes these issues now14:15
MuchozI dualbooted a Windows 8 with Ubuntu 14.04 and changed the grub settings so it would wait 5 seconds and boot into Windows, else you could select Ubuntu. We used boot-repair and everything was fine, we could boot into Ubuntu. But once we boot into Windows, it doesn't go to the grub anymore. I have disabled secure boot and Windows Fastboot. Then I have also installed Ubuntu with an EFI partition and a swap partition. Can someone please tell me how to14:17
Muchoz tell this shitty Windows to go to Grub?14:17
cfhowlettMuchoz, no profanity.  not permitted.  stop now.14:18
eeeeMuchoz: hp laptop?14:18
MuchozWe're dual booting a business PC because other people (not tech people) need to use the windows on it for Photoshop and stuff.14:18
MuchozThere is a reason I'm installing Ubuntu.14:18
CodeGosuhow do you enable nvidia adaptive vsync in ubuntu?14:19
Muchozeeee, it's a Dell desktop.14:20
eeeeit only happens when you boot into windows?14:22
eeee( @ Muchoz )14:22
eeeeMuchoz: if you boot into ubuntu, grub keeps showing up?14:22
MuchozWhen we install Ubuntu and install grub, it works fine. We can go to Ubuntu from Grub, but once we go to Windows we can't go to the grub anymore.14:24
Muchozeeee, ^14:24
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LiENUSi have a ups that i plugged into my laptop via usb and ubuntu auto detects it but its showing the battery as 97% full but its red in the tray i'm trying to pull the ups battery health info to confirm dead batteries14:25
eeeeMuchoz: did you try selecting the boot options to select ubuntu ?14:25
LiENUSis there a way with the built in tools or do i need to install something like nut?14:25
LiENUS(apc ups)14:25
Muchozeeee, as I said. We install Ubuntu and in the boot options (grub) we select Ubuntu and that works fine. But if you select Windows once, you can never go in the selector again.14:26
eeeeMuchoz: there might be something like "OS boot manager, ubuntu" in the bios boot options14:26
Muchozeeee, there is not.14:27
MuchozOnly Windows Boot Manager14:27
digitsmMuchoz, Are you sure you didn't repair (whether manually or automatically) your win 8.1?14:27
Muchozdigitsm, why would I repair my Windows 8.1?14:27
digitsmBecause this usually happens when you windows repairs itself14:27
eeeedigitsm: some windows are doing this14:28
eeeeMuchoz: is the pc next to you right now?14:28
digitsmIn that case windows will overwrite its loader instead of grub14:28
Muchozeeee, yes14:28
digitsmI have win8.1 + xubuntu14.04 in dual boot configuration but have not entered to win yet14:28
Muchozdigitsm, well it isn't.14:28
digitsmI will test it and report you the resutl14:29
MuchozI've got a xubuntu cd here too14:29
eeeeMuchoz: ok, to boot into ubuntu, there should be a key you press during boot up to select what to boot, try f12 or esc, or f1014:29
eeeeit should say os boot manager and ubuntu below it14:29
Muchozeeee, I know. It's not in there.14:29
eeeeMuchoz: ok boot a livecd then14:29
MuchozWe are right now14:29
MuchozIt's up14:30
eeeeok type lsblk14:30
eeeein a terminal14:30
serocullhow i see channel list14:31
Pici!alsi | serocull14:31
Pici!alis | serocull14:31
ubottuserocull: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:31
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Muchozeeee, yes?14:31
eeeeMuchoz: type sudo parted -l , and take note of your efi partition number14:32
Piciserocull: Its alis, and see the message from ubottu above.14:33
eeeeas well as the ubuntu installation's partition number14:33
Muchozeeee, I don't see which of them is the efi partition14:33
eeeeMuchoz: efi should be fat32, ubuntu ext3/414:33
Muchozit's not saying the format14:33
eeeeMuchoz: did you try sudo parted -l ?14:33
Muchozbut I have gparted open14:33
Muchozeeee, now I see the EFI partition14:34
cfhowlett!es | serocull no profanity - not allowed.14:34
ubottuserocull no profanity - not allowed.: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:34
eeeeok, and the main installation's partition ?14:34
Muchozeeee, of Ubuntu or Windows?14:35
eeeeok, type sudo mount /dev/sdxY /mnt14:36
eeeewhere sdxY is the ubuntu installation's partition14:36
eeeee.g sda314:36
MuchozIt asked me whether they were GPT tables14:36
MuchozI typed yes :/14:36
neilhow do I find out what options the kernel is compiled with?14:36
eeeeMuchoz: in gparted?14:36
Muchozand now it says: error: botht he primary and backup gpt tables are corrupt14:37
Muchozin parted -l14:37
Muchoz"Try making a fresh table, and using parted's reqcue feature to recover partitions.14:37
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eeeeMuchoz: try gdisk14:40
eeeesudo gdisk /dev/sda14:40
Muchoztype device filename14:40
Limited_Editionhello every one i have intel wireless 3160 with driver iwlwifi and it random interrupt  and slow signal , i installed last framware and nothing happen14:41
eeeetry "v" command14:41
Muchozno problems found14:41
Muchoz2.6MiB 5381 free sectors14:42
eeeedoes it say found valid GPT ?14:42
Muchozbefore v it said14:42
Nemin32I have a problem with grub, im trying to install plop, however when im selecting that menu entry, i get only a blinking cursor. Here is a snippet from my grub.cfg: http://paste.debian.net/116696/. Thanks for helping.14:42
Muchozpartition table scan: GPT: present14:42
eeeepress "p"14:43
Muchozabout the same info as gparted14:43
eeeepress "w"14:43
MuchozFinal checks complete. About to write GPT data. THIS WILL OVERWRITE EXISTING PARTITIONS!!14:44
MuchozWon't this delete my partition?14:44
eeeeit'll write the partition table that p listed14:44
MuchozData won't be lost?14:45
eeeeare you sure it's the partition table you want?14:45
MuchozIt shows the 700GB and 300GB and other partitions14:45
Muchozeverything that was there14:45
neilcan anyone tell me if the server version of the kernel has the CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION option set?14:46
Muchozeeee, will the data of the Windows partition be lost?14:46
cfhowletteeee, you DID backup data - right?14:46
cfhowlettMuchoz, data should not be lost.  *should not*14:47
eeeecfhowlett: he entered parted -l, it mentioned corrupt gpt table,14:47
eeeeMuchoz: yeah it's up to you here, if you want try sudo parted -l again14:47
cfhowletteeee, I've been watching.14:47
MuchozWhat can perhaps happen?14:48
eeeeand there's a program called fixparts if the problem continues14:48
eeeeMuchoz: press "b"14:49
eeeeit backs up data to file14:49
eeeejust saw that14:49
Limited_Editionhello every one i have intel wireless 3160 with driver iwlwifi and it random interrupt  and slow signal , i installed last framware and nothing happen , any tricks to fix it14:49
Muchozcalled very very safe14:50
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Muchozoperation succesfully written14:50
Muchozwhat now14:50
Muchoz(that was the w command)14:50
eeeeok, give sudo parted -l another go14:50
Muchozthe new table will be used at the next reboot14:50
Muchozseems to be the warning was about the usb drive lol14:51
Muchozthe /dev/sdb and not sda14:52
chili555Limited_Edition, I'd look at settings in the router and CRDA: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2239042&p=13099927#post1309992714:52
=== VoidWhisperer is now known as Guest70430
eeeeok, type mount /dev/sdxY /mnt14:53
eeee(for the ubuntu installation's partition)14:53
micromcups will not upgrade, been like that for 3 weeks at least14:54
Muchozyou mean /dev/sda10 /mnt? (10 is Ubuntu)14:54
micromalways the same error with dpkg14:54
Limited_Editionchili555, u mean i should change the wireless encryption ?14:54
eeeeMuchoz: sudo apt-get install pastebinit14:55
ObrienDavemicrom, kind of hard to help you if we don't know what the error is14:55
chili555Limited_Edition, I think you should try all the things I mention in the post I linked.14:55
Limited_Editionokay chili555 thank you14:55
Muchozeeee, it's mounted to /mnt14:55
eeeeMuchoz: type  "ls /mnt"  , is that the installation ?14:55
microminvoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/cups not found.14:55
micromdpkg: warning: subprocess old pre-removal script returned error exit status 10014:56
Muchozeeee, probably is yes14:56
^^x^^hi crazies14:57
eeeeMuchoz: ok, type mount /dev/sdxY /mnt/boot/efi14:57
eeeefor the efi partition14:58
chili555I'm not crazy. My wife had me tested.14:58
neilI am trying to use 3TB drives I apparently need the  kernel option CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION set.. is it?14:58
Muchozeeee, mount point does not exist14:58
digitsmHello again14:58
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
digitsmThis time I only installed Nvidia proprietary driver 304 and shutdown and suspend function worked14:59
eeeeMuchoz: sudo mkdir /mnt/boot/efi14:59
ActionParsnipis efi really worth it....?15:00
digitsmI guess that shutdown/suspend problem was because of Broadcom STA driver. So I am installing NVidia 331.38 to see whether latest nvidia driver cause a problem or not?15:00
digitsmActionParsnip, Hello15:00
Muchozeeee, mounted now15:01
eeeeok, ls /mnt/boot/efi15:01
eeeei think windows ate everything up15:01
eeeesee whats there15:01
Muchozthere still is in /mnt/boot/efi the folder EFI with Boot, Dell, Microsoft and ubuntu in it15:02
Muchozand some system information in /mnt/boot/efi15:02
eeeeand in the ubuntu folder, is there grubx64.efi and shimx64.efi ?15:02
MuchozSome other site we have open told us to change the path in Windows to that grubx64 thingy, you're probably gonna do the same?15:03
MuchozBut I'm only following you atm15:03
eeeeMuchoz: you mean the bcd entry? or switch the bootx64.efi files?15:03
Muchozit tells us to run this command in Windows:15:04
eeeelike bcdedit {bootmgr} etc. ? or switch the bootx64.efi file15:04
Muchozbcdedit one15:04
eeeeit really depends on your laptop15:04
MuchozIt's a desktop though and there is no bootx64.efi file15:05
eeeei tried the bcdedit it didn't work, others only switch the files and it worked, i deleted the files, changed the bootmgr entries and it worked,15:05
Muchozthere is bootx64 in /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/Boot15:05
eeeeanother guy tried that, but it still changed grub when it booted into windows15:05
MuchozTell me what to do then15:06
eeeeMuchoz: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done15:07
Muchoztype that in the terminal?15:07
Muchozalright ee15:10
eeeeok, sudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash15:10
eeeeok sudo efibootmgr -v15:12
LiENUSsudo grep -r touch fsck e2fs15:12
P3n7u5hello, What wrong with my package manager15:13
Muchozeeee, Fatal: couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI variables. Try 'modprobe efivars' as root15:13
P3n7u5if I do : aptitude purge foreman-proxy15:13
P3n7u5ithe ouput is :15:14
P3n7u5No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.15:14
P3n7u5but when I do15:14
P3n7u5aptitude install foreman-proxy;15:14
P3n7u5I get :    Keep the following packages at their current version:15:14
P3n7u51)     foreman-proxy [Not Installed]15:14
P3n7u52)     ruby-rkerberos [Not Installed]15:14
P3n7u5si I ca't install the package15:15
P3n7u5and I cant purge it15:15
neilI am trying to use 3TB drives I apparently need the  kernel option CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION set.. is it?15:15
P3n7u5what he problem ??15:15
eeeeMuchoz: mount | grep sysfs15:15
eeeeMuchoz: when you ran the for i command it didn't give any errors right?15:16
Muchozeeee, sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw, noexec, nosuid, nodev)15:17
eeeeok, try to reinstall grub15:17
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
Muchozwith boot-repair?15:18
eeeeMuchoz: sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed15:19
eeeethis is 64bit right?15:19
eeeerun uname -m15:19
tadohey. i have reset my bios to default settings trying to fix a bluetooth issue, and now all i get when i turn the laptop on is 'Check cable connection! PXE-MOF: exiting intel PXE ROM." and then a new black screen with "Operating system not found". I can't seem to fix it.... anyone knows how to fix it?15:20
Muchozeeee, it's 64 yes. give me a second15:20
=== alessandro is now known as Guest4971
MonkeyDusttado  iirc, PXE is a remote connection or installation, do you have a normal connection, or wireless?15:22
tadoMonkeyDust: i'm on a laptop with wireless15:23
Muchozeeee, I can't seem to install it: grub-install: error /usr/lib/grib.... doesn't exist please specify --target..15:23
smitzerstaffan@staffangolazo:~$ cat bashrc15:23
MonkeyDusttado  it's your wireless connection that must be repaired, i guess15:23
smitzerexport PATH=${PATH}:$HOME/gsutil15:23
smitzerexport PATH=$PATH:$HOME/android-studio/bin15:23
smitzeris added to my bashrc but still i cant just do studio.sh everywhere15:24
tadoMonkeyDust: why would my wireless connection have anything to do with ubuntu booting?15:24
MonkeyDusttado  plug a cable and try again15:24
MonkeyDusttado  because PXE is over a network15:24
Muchozbut uname -m says: x86_6415:24
MuchozWhat are you trying to do because my shift is ending :p15:25
eeeeMuchoz: reinstall grub15:25
eeeetry --target /dev/sda15:25
eeeeah wait15:26
tadoMonkeyDust: it shows me the client mac addr and the guid now, and it's thinking. but again, what does it mean that it's over a network. it's a normal install i had15:26
eeeetarget is for the architecture15:26
MonkeyDusttado  then try with a cable connection, as the error suggests, to rule that out15:28
tadoMonkeyDust: it still says PXE-E53 no boot filename received. and then again the pxe-m0f exiting like before15:29
eeeeMuchoz: try install-grub --recheck /dev/sda15:29
eeeesorry grub-install --recheck /dev/sda15:29
MonkeyDusttado  2nd comment, is it useful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185834615:31
annoymouseSo I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a USB15:33
annoymouseI have everything setup, but I just need some instruction on what I should do in the Installer so I don't fuck up my main partition15:33
tadoMonkeyDust: is "connect at power on" a setting in BIOS? can't locate it if it is...15:33
MonkeyDustannoymouse  start by minding your language15:33
ObrienDaveannoymouse, ^^^^15:34
annoymouseMonkeyDust: Sorry15:34
cfhowlettannoymouse, no profanity - not permitted.  stop.15:34
MonkeyDusttado  at least you know others have had the same issue15:34
cfhowlett!persistence | annonymouse15:34
ubottuannonymouse: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence15:34
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:34
cfhowlettannoymouse, pendrivelinux is usually recommended   http://www.pendrivelinux.com/tag/install-ubuntu-to-usb/15:35
tadoMonkeyDust: true that, but if i can't solve it, the problem stays, no matter how many people have it :)15:35
FreezingDroidSo I'm trying to boot a liveusb, at the moment I just see the menu bar and a gray background15:35
MonkeyDusttado  scroll down: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-distributions-5/pxe-e53-no-boot-file-name-received-756158/15:35
FreezingDroidmy USB stick is no longer loading15:35
FreezingDroidoh wait15:35
FreezingDroidthe background popped up15:36
smitzerwhy doesnt the file viewer show .bashrc?15:36
MonkeyDusttado  think positive: after you solved it, *you* are the expert15:36
annoymousecfhowlett: I have to USBs one with the installer and one to install to15:36
annoymouseSo I don't think I need pendrivelinux15:36
eeeesmitzer: maybe cuz it's a hidden file, try ctrl+h15:36
cfhowlettannoymouse, OK ...15:37
tadoMonkeyDust: it seems to suggest that the problem arises because it tries to boot from lan instead than from my HDD, but why should it do that, when HDD is higher in boot priority?15:37
MonkeyDusttado  that's what i said: pxe is over a LAN network15:38
MonkeyDusttado  so check/change the boot order in your bios15:40
tadoMonkeyDust: but why should it try to boot my OS from LAN? Everything ran smooth until i reset bios to default, so the issue should be in bios' settings. but i can't seem to find anything that would suggest it shouldn't load normally15:40
MonkeyDusttado  yes, but i don't know about your bios, can't help with that15:40
tadoMonkeyDust: I have. now it starts with cd, then ata hdd0 (and a long serial after it), usb hdd, ata hdd2, usb fdd, pci lan atheros boot agent at last. shouldn't it be like this?15:41
MonkeyDusttado  great, now add your "solution" as a comment on the forum15:42
tadoMonkeyDust: no no :) that was no solution, that was my boot order now. but it doesn't seem to solve anything, it still loads the same message at boot15:43
david38400 Just connected a Samsung Flat screen tv to my computer and all working fine, but can I set somehow the resolution as the screen image isnt HD quality although the tv is and conneted with dmi cable15:48
tadoanyone has other tips to try and solve my PXE-M0F issue at boot?15:48
annoymouseHow should I figure out which is the right drive to install to?15:48
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david38400any help with screen resolution please15:49
annoymouseI have /dev/sd[a-b-c]15:50
obama?join #ubuntu-offtopic15:50
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causativeI'm inserting an audio cd but it seems not to show up in the mount command - what is happening?15:52
annoymouseGoing by the sizes, I think /dev/sda is my internal HD, /dev/sdb is the LiveUSB, and /dev/sdc is the blank USB15:52
causativeis this normal for audio cds?15:52
annoymouseWhat do I choose for device for bootloader installation?15:52
cfhowlettcausative, it does happen.  I suggest you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras                 to get the multimedia codecs15:53
=== dana is now known as Guest49919
causativecfhowlett, the audio CD shows up in nautilus15:53
causativebut not in the mount command15:53
causativein nautilus I can open it and see a .wav file15:53
causativeso I think I have the codecs15:54
causativebut how do I access this .wav file from the command line?15:54
ActionParsnipcausative: sure, open it with your favorite media player15:54
cfhowlettcausative, confirm your theory: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:54
ActionParsnipcausative: aplay filename.wav15:54
causativeI don't want to play it, I want to convert it to mp315:54
ActionParsnipcausative: mplayer filename.wav15:54
cfhowlettcausative, can't play = can't convert15:55
ActionParsnipcausative: http://www.wikihow.com/Convert-MP3-to-WAV-in-Ubuntu15:55
ActionParsnipcausative: or in CLI http://www.tjeerdoo.com/convert-wav-to-mp3-ubuntu-command-line/15:56
causativeyes I don't have a problem on that end15:56
ActionParsnipcausative: you will need the package that gives the 'lame' binary15:56
annoymouseI don't want to replace my Mac's bootloader15:56
annoymouseWhy does it even need a special bootloader?15:57
obamaApproaching Diamond Bar Blvd and Golden Springs Dr.15:57
cfhowlettobama, wrong channel.  play elsewhere please15:57
cemchi. I have a 10.04 with dhcp on eth0. I'm getting some DNS servers from the DHCP server which I would like to ignore and use my own. I've inserted dns-nameserver in /etc/network/interfaces, which is getting added to resolv.conf, but so are the other DNS servers I get from DHCP15:57
causativeokay it plays15:58
causativeso that confirms I have the codec, now the only question is where is it located on my filesystem?15:58
skulltipis there a website I can go where people could do some unit testing on my game distribution? Using jmonkey's (java), I created a distributable and want to have people test it out on their own linux partition - hopefully with limited dependencies installed, to see how or if it will run. i'm getting 15k fps which really doesn't mean much, but it's a 3d cube you can move around with a mouse and displays fps, vertices, etc. I'm look15:59
skulltiping more for a generic 'is it compatible' rather than anything else?15:59
cfhowlettskulltip, best place to ask:  ##linux15:59
annoymousecfhowlett: Do I need a new partition table?16:00
causativeif I right click on the file and click properties, it says it's at "cdda://sr0" but this doesn't tell me anything, I think16:00
ActionParsnipcemc: if you use /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head   and add the nameservers to the bottom of the file it will supercede the ones given by DHCP16:00
cfhowlettannoymouse, no mac experience here.16:00
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:00
andersonI am using the latest and most to date ubuntu. I use notify-send and it does not work unless I give it a critical level. I have read much and googled and it looks like maybe there is screensaver that is stopping it? I am not sure but I have tried to kill any and all screensavers to see if that would make a differance and it has not.16:02
=== om26er|doctor is now known as om26er
ActionParsnipanderson: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue16:02
andersonActionParsnip: That sounds good. One sec.16:02
ActionParsnipanderson: no need to pastebin, its a single line of output16:04
annoymousecfhowlett: It doesn't have anything to do with having a Mac or not. I just am unsure about some of the installer options in Ubuntu 14.04.116:04
cfhowlettannoymouse, direct your questions / details to the channel in general.16:05
andersonActionParsnip: I thank you. But at this moment I have a tail -f on that file and then try to reproduce the error in many ways, but I can not. There is another machine that gives me the same trouble. I really thank you for your help. I bet this will lead me to figure it out.16:05
ActionParsnipanderson: the command just outputs one line, what does it say16:06
andersonActionParsnip: I tried and there is nothing in the output.16:06
ActionParsnipanderson: you dont need tail at all, just run the command I gave and paste the output in the chanel16:06
ActionParsnipanderson: ok, what is the output of:   lsb_release -c16:07
andersonCodename:       trusty16:08
ActionParsnipanderson: ok, cool :)16:08
ActionParsnipanderson: have you seen any bugs with notify-send ?16:08
ActionParsnipanderson: if not, run:   ubuntu-bug notify-bin    and report the issue16:09
annoymouseI selected English > Download updates while installing > Continue > Something else > Continue > /dev/sdc. Now I need to know which device I should select for device for bootloader installation and if I should click New partition table...16:09
=== Ririshi|Away is now known as Ririshi
ActionParsnip!away > Ririshi16:09
ubottuRirishi, please see my private message16:09
annoymouseOkay. I figured out that I should select New partition table.... Is it okay/necessary to install the bootloader onto the same device as Ubuntu?16:11
annoymouseWhat's the /swap partition?16:14
bazhang!swap | annoymouse16:15
ubottuannoymouse: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info16:15
ActionParsnipannoymouse: its like the pagefile in windows, but Linux us smart enough to use a separate partition for it to reduce fragmentatin16:15
annoymousebazhang: So basically sacrificing storage space for more "RAM"?16:16
annoymouseDo I need it?16:16
ObrienDaveannoymouse, how ch RAM do you have?16:16
Akiva-Thinkpadhey brian lunduke just posted an ignorant review on Ubuntu Unity, where he calls the Dash, "The HUD",16:16
Akiva-Thinkpadpost in the comments to tell him how wrong he is.16:17
cemcActionParsnip: no good. I've added the nameserver in head, but the other nameservers from DHCP still get added in resolv.conf16:17
ActionParsnipannoymouse: depends how much RAM you have and what you use your system for16:17
ActionParsnipcemc: it will, but the lines you add in the head file will be used first16:17
annoymouseActionParsnip: So if I don't want more RAM, I don't need to make a /swap partition?16:17
ObrienDaveAkiva-Thinkpad, who is brian lunduke and why should we care about his opinion?16:17
ActionParsnipcemc: the head file contains the lines that get added to /etc/resolv.conf to say "don't edit this file"16:18
Akiva-ThinkpadObrienDave, he used to be the co host of the linux action show16:18
Akiva-Thinkpadthe largest linux podcast in the word16:18
bazhang!ot | Akiva-Thinkpad16:18
ubottuAkiva-Thinkpad: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:18
ActionParsnipannoymouse: no if you have 32Gb RAM and want to web browse and chat you will never touch swap16:18
ActionParsnipannoymouse: unless you need hibernate functionality16:18
MiraCZhey there16:18
cemcActionParsnip: I know that, but I don't want the others in there at all ;) can that be done somehow?16:18
annoymouseActionParsnip: Is there any other partitions that can/should be made?16:19
ActionParsnipcemc: not sure there but if the DNS server you set work then the lines will never be in effect16:19
ActionParsnipannoymouse: you can make a swap file if you want, it will do the same16:19
annoymouseI'll pass16:19
MiraCZI have got Ubuntu server and I got it when I was trying things what is it capable of and so, now I'd like to clean the server, I believe there are things that I dont need and that makes my server slower, can you guys send me link to some tutorial about cleaning/restoring Ubuntu?16:19
annoymousethanks ActionParsnip16:19
ObrienDaveannoymouse, most people like separate / and /home partitions16:19
Nach0zseparate / and /home make it easier to recover from having to reinstall a bricked installation16:20
ActionParsnipcemc: you could add a command to run after a while to remove the lines from the file, but its purely cosmetic, and considering you won't be poking around in that file in day to day usage, its hardly worth the actual effort16:20
annoymouseObrienDave: /home is for all the user data, correct?16:20
cfhowlettMiraCZ, do you know your installation date?16:20
Nach0zalso makes it easier to share a /home directory between multiple linux installations16:20
ObrienDaveannoymouse, correct16:20
MiraCZ1-2 years ago16:20
annoymouseObrienDave: Is there any advantage to separating / and /home, or is it just a common thing to do?16:21
ObrienDave<Nach0z> separate / and /home make it easier to recover from having to reinstall a bricked installation16:21
ActionParsnipannoymouse: it makes reinstalls easier, as well as backups16:21
ActionParsnipannoymouse: it also keeps user data away from system data.16:21
cfhowlettMiraCZ, cat /var/log/dpkg*          will show ALL the packages you installed.16:21
MiraCZthank you, cfhowlett16:22
ActionParsnipannoymouse: if you are asking all these questions I suggest you let Ubuntu do it's thing. It is aimed at users of your level of ability16:22
cfhowlettMiraCZ, happy2help16:22
annoymouseActionParsnip: What do you mean "do it's thing"?16:22
MonkeyDustannoymouse  without you changing anything16:23
ObrienDaveannoymouse, the disadvantage is you have to decide how large to make the / partition. kind of like deciding how many minutes of a cell phone plan to buy16:23
xangua10 fit, 20 regular, 50 big, done16:24
annoymouseOkay. I'm just going to use the Installer. My only question is what should I select for "Device for bootloader installation"?16:24
eeeeannoymouse: leave it as is16:24
ActionParsnipannoymouse: just let the installer do a default install16:24
=== quem_ is now known as quem
annoymouseActionParsnip: I can't because I'm not installing to my harddrive, so I need to select the device to install to manually.16:25
annoymouseeeee: Won't that replace my computer's bootloader though?16:25
eeeeannoymouse: that's the point :D16:25
annoymouseeeee: I don't want that though16:26
eeeehow are you going to dual boot ?16:26
annoymouseeeee: I'm not going to dual boot. I'm installing Ubuntu to a flash drive.16:27
eeeeannoymouse: why don't you want that?16:27
CoolAppsI've recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my desktop (couldn't find the other disc which is more up-to-date), there is an option to upgrade but I just get an error saying "Failed to fetch".16:28
eeeewhat does it currently say?16:28
ActionParsnip!eolupgrade | CoolApps16:28
ubottuCoolApps: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:28
cfhowlettCoolApps, 11.04 > 11.10 > 12.04> 14.0416:29
xanguaCoolApps: it would be easier and faster to download an up to date suported release16:29
ActionParsnipCoolApps: I'd use the OS you have to download and burn a Trusty ISO (Ubuntu 14.04). Trusty is LTS and supported til April 201916:29
cfhowlettCoolApps, in other words "clean install" is the better option.  use torrents to get 14.04.116:29
CoolAppsOk, I have a lot of blank discs hanging around so I might as well use them. :P16:30
cfhowlettCoolApps, you can also try USB16:30
annoymouseIs it okay to install the bootloader to the LiveUSB?16:31
cfhowlett!usb | coolapps16:31
ubottucoolapps: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:31
CoolAppsTrue, I haven't done USB installs for a while now.16:31
lickalottHey guys!16:31
lickalottI don't think it's said enough and I wanted to let you know that all the help that you guys dish out is very much appreciated!  I have only been here with one issue that wasn't resolved within a few hours.16:32
annoymouseShould I select the device itself to install to, or a partition on the device?16:32
ikoniaannoymouse: you don't install the liveusb16:32
ikoniaannoymouse: the liveusb already boots, hence why it's a liveusb16:32
CoolAppsAny idea how big is the download?16:33
asarchI have a successfully-configured shared across my LAN HP F4280 Deskjet printer in a Slackware-based old PC. When I use another Slackware-based client I can print the test page, however, when I use the latest Ubuntu-based laptop to print the test page, I only get the message on the page: "#PDF-BANNER Template default-testpage.pdf Show printer-name printer-info...", why?16:33
annoymouseikonia: I'm installing from the LiveUSB to another USB (to make a permanent LiveUSB)16:33
annoymouseCoolApps: 1.1GB afaik16:33
CoolAppsThat should be enough.16:34
logicalguyhi, I'm trying to install nodejs from the chris-lea ppa and I get this message: nodejs : Conflicts: npm but 1.3.10~dfsg-1 is to be installed.16:34
annoymouseSo is it the device itself, or a partition on that device?16:34
ikonialordjancso: packages conflict16:35
lordjancsoikonia sorry?16:35
ikonialordjancso: sorry, meant logicalguy16:35
k1llogicalguy: do you have PPAs active that interfer with this package?16:35
lordjancsoohh ok, np16:35
logicalguyThe following actions will resolve these dependencies:  Keep the following packages at their current version:  1) npm [Not Installed]16:35
logicalguyk1l, just the official repos and the chris-lea ppa16:36
asarchThe full text message is: "#PDF-BANNER Template default-testpage.pdf Show printer-name printer-info printer-location printer-make-and-model printer-driver-name printer-driver-version pape-size imageable-area job-id options time-at-creation time-at-processing"16:36
Bazylothello, i am looking for help about hotkeys in ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Can anyone help me ?16:37
logicalguyikonia, k1l, I don't know if i should accept the proposed solution16:38
Sevetdoes anyone know why pbuilder runs with DIST=trusty (correct) but DISTRIBUTION=saucy?16:38
annoymouseGetting a "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu." error when I try to install16:38
ikonialogicalguy depends,16:38
logicalguyof course16:38
ikonialogicalguy: if you're not sure I'd question why you are using a PPA16:38
logicalguybecause on this page https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-node-js-on-an-ubuntu-14-04-server16:39
logicalguyit says the ppa has more recent version16:39
ikonialogicalguy: that doesn't mean you need to use that16:39
hylianis there a weather app for unity anymore? or even just a lens?16:39
ikonialogicalguy: that means you've chosen to use that16:39
annoymouseDoes no one here know how to make a full LiveUSB?16:39
ikoniaannoymouse: what's your actual problem ?16:39
logicalguyikonia, no, but what's the harm in wanting the latest if it is available?16:40
annoymouseikonia: "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu."16:40
annoymouseWhy is that happening?16:40
ikonialogicalguy: because it's an unsupported package that appears to cause conflict when people blindly install it for no reason16:40
ikoniaannoymouse: that means you've not defined a "/" partition on the target install16:40
kostkonhylian, indicator-weather or my-weather-indicator two good ones16:40
ThreadKiLLwhat's wrong on my shell when i do sudo apt-get update it says Building dependency tree... Done & E: Unable to locate package wget16:40
ObrienDaveannoymouse, you don't make a "LiveUSB", you install the system to an external USB drive16:40
annoymouseikonia: How can I define a / partition?16:41
ikoniaannoymouse: you do it in the partition section of the install16:41
ThreadKiLLanyone help? why i cant install or modify things on my ubntu?16:41
ikoniaThreadKiLL: what's the problem16:41
annoymouseikonia: I'm at that step, but there's no option to do that16:42
ThreadKiLLikonia i cannot install anything when i do sudo apt-get install wget it says E: Unable to locate package wget16:42
ikoniaannoymouse: there is16:42
ikoniaannoymouse: you have to have a / file system16:42
ObrienDaveannoymouse, select "something else"16:42
annoymouseI did16:42
ikoniaannoymouse: you've not16:42
ikoniaThreadKiLL: please show me (in a pastebin) the output of "sudo apt-get update"16:43
annoymouseI'm at the step where it asks you to choose which partition to install to16:43
ikoniaannoymouse: and where are you selecting ?16:43
annoymouseikonia: /dev/sdc16:43
ThreadKiLLikonia it only says Reading package lists... Done16:43
ThreadKiLLnothing else16:43
ikoniaannoymouse: that's not a partition16:43
kostkonThreadKiLL, apt-cache policy wget16:43
ikoniaThreadKiLL: please pastebin the exact output as request16:43
ActionParsnip!info wget16:43
ubottuwget (source: wget): retrieves files from the web. In component main, is standard. Version 1.15-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 261 kB, installed size 640 kB16:43
=== aeropause2 is now known as aeropause
ActionParsnipThreadKiLL: if you run:   sudo apt-get update    is it smooth?16:44
annoymouseikonia: So I clicked New partition scheme, and selected the partition it created, but I still get that error16:44
ThreadKiLLikonia thats exactly what the output.16:44
ikoniaannoymouse: what partition are you putting it on16:44
ThreadKiLLthat one only.16:44
ikoniaThreadKiLL: no it's not16:44
ikoniaThreadKiLL: please pastebin the EXACT output16:44
annoymouseikonia: "free space"16:44
ikoniaThreadKiLL: the full exact output16:44
ikoniaannoymouse: that's not a partition16:44
ikoniaannoymouse: that's free space16:44
ThreadKiLLroot@ubnt:~ sudo apt-get update16:45
ThreadKiLLReading package lists... Done16:45
annoymouseSo how can I create a partition out of free space from that window?16:45
ikoniaThreadKiLL: you shouldn't be root16:46
ikoniaThreadKiLL: the root user is not enabled16:46
ikoniaThreadKiLL: please show me the output of "uname -a"16:46
Bazylotikonia, hi i am total newbie and looking for someone who can explain me some basics...16:46
ikoniaBazylot: just ask your questions and people will help if they can16:47
ObrienDaveBazylot, how can we help you?16:47
ThreadKiLLmips64 GNU/Linux16:47
Bazylotikonia, irc is also new thing for me16:47
ikoniaThreadKiLL: yeah, that's not the output of uname -a16:47
ThreadKiLLLinux ubnt #1 SMP Wed Oct 24 01:08:06 PDT 2012 mips64 GNU/Linux16:47
kostkonThreadKiLL, cat /etc/issue ?16:47
ikoniaThreadKiLL: if you want help - post the output of the commands ask, rather than ignoring the info16:47
ThreadKiLLkostkon ,instalation issue bro16:48
ikoniaThreadKiLL: what hardware is this on16:48
annoymouseIs there a "force quit" option?16:48
kostkonThreadKiLL, ?16:48
kostkonThreadKiLL, i meant what's the output of that cmd16:48
annoymouseI have an unresponsive program16:48
asarchIn fact, all my Ubuntu-based clients have the same problem16:48
ThreadKiLLkostkon , it's EdgeOS16:49
BazylotObrienDave, hi i have problem with media hotkeys in my ubuntu... i can set it in system configuration but it's not workign16:49
ikoniaThreadKiLL: so it's not ubuntu then16:49
ObrienDaveBazylot, i don't use hotkeys16:49
ThreadKiLLikonia but when i do uname -a , outpt is Linux ubnt #1 SMP Wed Oct 24 01:08:06 PDT 2012 mips6416:50
ikoniaThreadKiLL: it's not ubuntu16:50
ikoniaThreadKiLL: it's not something this channel supports16:50
Bazylotcan anyone help me with media hotkeys in ubuntu 14.04 LTS ?16:51
ThreadKiLLikonia owkie16:51
SCHAAP137mips, cool16:51
asarchShould I change all my Ubuntu-based installations for Slackware?16:51
ikoniaasarch: up to you, they are your machines16:51
asarchThat's the main problem, those are not my machines16:53
ikoniaasarch: then it's not our decision16:53
ikoniatalk to the decision maker,16:53
annoymouseOkay I'm back16:54
asarchOf course I will!16:54
annoymouseI'm creating my main partition16:54
annoymouseSo Primary, Beginning of this space, Ext4..., and no Mount point?16:55
eeeeannoymouse: mount point "/"16:55
ikoniaannoymouse: partition it as you see fit16:55
annoymouseikonia: I just need to know how to make the necessary partitions16:56
annoymouseLike the ones required for install16:56
annoymouseIs that only /?16:56
ikonia!install | annoymouse16:56
ubottuannoymouse: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate16:56
ikoniaannoymouse: read the install guide of what is needed and how16:56
eeeebut shouldn't there be a bios 1M partition at the beginning, 1024 or something16:56
eeeecheck ikonia 's link16:56
MiraCZMay I ask how do I move content of one folder to another folder via command?16:58
Bazylothow to determine am i using gnome-session or gnomes-shell or whatever eles ?16:58
BazylotMiraCZ, type in terminal "cp soruce_file destination_path"16:59
expungeBazylot: pgrep -l compiz && echo "You're using Unity" || echo "You're not using Unity"16:59
MiraCZthank you, Bazylot16:59
eeeeMiraCZ: mv <folder> /path/to/destination17:00
antimistHello, again....17:00
Kira9204eeee: "cp" copies, "mv" moves and/or renames17:00
eeeeMiraCZ: cp will copy, mv will move17:00
eeeeMiraCZ> May I ask how do I move content17:00
MiraCZthank you17:00
eeeeKira9204: ^^17:00
antimistso, I got trouble with my touchpad17:00
expungeMiraCZ: find dir/ -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -exec mv -n {} other/dir/ \; rmdir dir17:01
antimistit stops working after I boot into my user account17:01
Kira9204eeee: mv <source> <destination>17:01
antimistit works in the user accounts page though17:01
Bazylotexpunge, thanks and how to determine xorg version ?17:01
=== newbie is now known as Guest84259
_nedRHello... My system freezes and stutters when copying data to and from usb drives and sometimes usb harddisks.. why does this happen?17:02
MiraCZeeee: I got this error http://pastebin.com/GMwZrBnt17:02
Kira9204eeee: it works the same for renaming, mv <oldname> <newname>17:02
antimistokay too much traffic17:02
expungeBazylot: X -version; dpkg -l | grep -i xorg17:02
Guest84259Two stupid questions ... what is sr0?  During boot, I see errors on sr0.  Second question ... I tried to do a normal boot, but saw error in line 14 of fstab.  How do I look at it so as to repair it?17:03
eeeeKira9204: i know17:03
kullTrying to run Aptana Standalone version but I get this error....  Could not display "AptanaStudio 3" There is no spplication installed for executable files....17:03
kullBTW the said file is on a NTFS formatted partition17:04
_nedRAlso sometimes busy applications like firefox causes system to freeze up... am no expert but this maybe acceptable behaviour for a server os but not for a modern desktop operating system..17:04
Bazylotexpunge, thx17:04
eeeeMiraCZ: you need to use cp -r (for recursiveness)17:04
expungeGuest84259: sr0 is probably your CD drive17:04
annoymouseHow big does the / partition need to be if I'm going to be using a /home partition (and my USB is 8GB)?17:05
expungeGuest84259: you can probably ignore the errors until there's an actual problem17:05
eeeeMiraCZ: cp -r /home/bod/ftbg/ /home/bod/McMyAdmin/Minecraft/17:05
expungeGuest84259: sudo gedit /etc/fstab17:05
MiraCZthank you eeee, I love you :)17:05
eeeelol, np17:05
expungeMiraCZ: use the find command I gave if you want to be extra careful, and get hidden directories, too17:05
antimistI still need help17:06
MiraCZexpunge: thank you too, but I guess there are no hidden directories in minecraft server :)17:06
antimistand I can't figure out what to do17:06
antimistwith my touchpad17:06
expungeMiraCZ: wouldn't surprise me, Java™ cross platform nonsense that it is =)17:06
ObrienDave!patience | antimist17:06
ubottuantimist: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:06
MiraCZeeee: There is a problem, it copies the folder also, so it's minecraft/ftbg17:07
antimistsecond time it happens, and I apologize17:07
MiraCZbut I want content of ftbg in minecraft17:07
Guest84259expunge: I have a problem ... I see fstab.  If I am not mistaken, it talks of problem on line 14.  fstab ends on line 1217:07
expungeMiraCZ: rsync -av ~/ftbg/ ~/McMyAdmin/Minecraft/17:07
annoymouseWhat's the minimum size for my / partition?17:07
MiraCZI want minecraft/*content* instead of minecraft/ftbg/*contnet*17:07
someguyYo. I'm having trouble autostarting a GUI program that requires sudo. Can anyone help me? (http://askubuntu.com/questions/514209/auto-starting-a-gui-application-that-requires-sudo)17:07
expungeannoymouse: 5GB?17:07
antimistsomeguy: use gksu17:08
MonkeyDustannoymouse  how big is your HDD?17:08
annoymouseMonkeyDust: 8GB17:08
ObrienDaveannoymouse, you don't want to go that small17:08
someguyHow so antimist?17:08
expungeannoymouse: that's enough17:08
MonkeyDustannoymouse  that's a USB stick?17:08
RobbieCrashannoymouse what data are you storing not on your root partitiion? Where are /home /var and /usr?17:08
annoymouseMonkeyDust: Yes. My real HDD is 750GB17:08
expungeacademic... 5GB is enough, and he has 817:09
annoymouseRobbieCrash: I was planning on only having / and /home17:09
annoymouseexpunge: Do I really need that much?17:09
RobbieCrashstoring /home on an 8GB stick is dicey.17:09
MonkeyDustannoymouse  ok, guess i missed somethoing, what are you planning to do?17:09
expungeannoymouse: 5? Probably near that, yes17:09
ObrienDaveannoymouse, why are you worrying about partitions for a 8GB USB stick???17:09
eeeeMiraCZ: cp -r /home/bod/ftbg/* /home/bod/McMyAdmin/Minecraft/17:09
annoymouseMonkeyDust: I'm installing Ubuntu onto a 8GB USB17:09
expungeannoymouse: the less you install, the less you need, LXDE takes less space than Unity/GNOME17:09
MiraCZthank you, eeee, now I trully love you :)17:09
annoymouseObrienDave: People have been telling me to make partitions! lol17:09
eeeeMiraCZ: then type rm -r /home/bod/McMyAdmin/Minecraft/ftbg   (to remove the folder)17:10
MiraCZI want to keep it, just in case :)17:10
expungeannoymouse: it's nice to have / and swap, the rest are very optional17:10
eeeeMiraCZ: np :)17:10
RobbieCrashannoymouse I've got a few linux server installs on 6GB partitions, but all the big directories are on hdd. Like /var and /home.17:10
ObrienDaveannoymouse, because we thought you were installing to a USB DRIVE17:10
expungeMiraCZ: rmdir is safer, it removes only empty directories17:10
annoymouseObrienDave: I though I said it was a stick, but sorry if I didnt17:10
expungeand rsync can be easily resumed, whereas cp cannot be17:10
expungeannoymouse: doesn't matter if it's a stick17:10
annoymouseObrienDave: So just / partition?17:10
expungestorage is storage17:10
annoymouseBut it's smaller17:11
MonkeyDustannoymouse  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent#Making_partitions17:11
expungeannoymouse: just / is fine, but swap can be very useful17:11
ActionParsnipRobbieCrash: same, as well as /tmp. Works well17:11
expungeswap can be in a file, however17:11
annoymouseexpunge: I have 8GB of RAM, I doubt I'll need /swap17:11
ObrienDaveannoymouse, just install it, sheesh17:11
expungeannoymouse: well, it factors into suspend17:11
=== anmisto is now known as antimist_1
expungeand it's useful as expendable partition space, but perhaps not in your specific situation17:12
antimist_1okay so repeating my problem17:12
MonkeyDustannoymouse  first time you uwqe ubuntu? if yes, don't make it so hard for yourself17:12
=== antimist_1 is now known as antimist
RobbieCrashannoymouse is this a server or a desktop install?17:12
antimistMy touchpad on my Dell Laptop N503017:12
antimistdoesn't work when I login17:13
antimistto my user account17:13
expungeantimist: does it ever work?17:13
ObrienDaveannoymouse, you DON'T need partitions on a 8GB stick, jeez louise17:13
expungeRobbieCrash: doesn't matter17:13
expungeyou don't need more than one on any storage medium17:13
antimistexpunge: used to before today17:13
* ObrienDave means separate17:14
RobbieCrashexpunge I get that, I'm thinking about usage patterns. If it's a server install, it's less likely that you're going to load up your home dir and kill writes to /17:14
expungeantimist: in this install?17:14
antimistexpunge: yup, used to work but all of a sudden it stopped17:14
antimistI can still use an external mouse though17:15
expungeRobbieCrash: there's no difference17:15
someguyCan anyone help me autostarting a GUI program that requires sudo? More info here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/514209/auto-starting-a-gui-application-that-requires-sudo17:15
expungeantimist: does it show up in xinput --list?17:15
expungesomeone: gksu?17:15
RobbieCrashSo, less of a need to partition things. But on a desktop install, I'd avoid keeping /home and /var on an 8GB stick as I'm way more likely to save stuff to my home dir permanently.17:15
antimistchecking now17:15
RobbieCrashexpunge there's no difference between desktop and server usage patterns?17:16
Bazyloti have an issue: i assign hotkey (XF86AudioMute, exactly)  in System preferences but it's not working can someone help me ?17:16
antimistexpunge: it does17:16
expungeRobbieCrash: not when it comes to partitions17:16
antimistit comes up as Alps Dualpoint Touchpad17:17
expungeantimist: so what'd you do before / today that changed something?17:17
eeeesomeguy: add it to /etc/sudoers & then put it in ~./profile as "gksu <program>"17:17
MonkeyDustbeginners always want to do the hardest and most complex things17:18
expungesomeone: you only need to add it to /etc/sudoers if you don't want to type in the password17:18
eeeesomeguy: sudo visudo then add this <username> ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: <program name>17:18
someguyeeee, I've already added it to the sudoers, I'll now add it to the profile thingie17:19
anmistobut it was working fine until last night, and suddenly it stopped17:19
anmistobut it was working fine until last night, and suddenly it stopped17:19
=== anmisto is now known as antimist_1
expungeanmisto: what'd you do last night?17:19
eeeesomeguy: ok sorry typo, it's ~/.profile17:19
someguyeeee,  Ah wait, I didn't actually use that, I used <username> ALL = NOPASSWD: /path/to/program17:19
antimist_1hmm, I was just surfing the internet when it happened17:20
RobbieCrashantimist_1 auto updates turned on?17:20
eeeesomeguy: that works too17:20
someguyeeee, ok good, I'll try to add it to the ~/.profile now17:20
antimist_1RobbieCrash: Not entirely sure on that one, it's sort of a new install17:20
antimist_1is there a way I can check?17:21
RobbieCrashantimist_1 you said it doesn't work when you log in to your user account. Does it work at the login screen?17:21
antimist_1RobbieCrash: Yes17:21
RobbieCrashDoes it work under a different user account?17:21
antimist_1Also, something which also happens is that my Guest Account doesn't load up, it just hangs, wonder if that is related17:22
antimist_1that is when I try to login to the guest session17:22
=== antimist_1 is now known as antimist
expungeantimist: dpkg -l | grep -i synaptics17:23
digitsmHello! I Installed my nvidia driver using the default nvidia 331.38 proprietary driver and shutdown/suspend works as expected17:23
kullCan't run Aptana Studio !! I get this error....  Could not display "AptanaStudio 3" There is no spplication installed for executable files....17:24
antimistexpunge: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics 1.7.4-0ubuntu117:24
digitsmBy installing Broadcom STA for internal wifi card of my laptop will break many things: 1- no shutdown 2- no suspend 3- no recognition of wifi card17:24
MonkeyDust!find aptana17:24
ubottuPackage/file aptana does not exist in trusty17:24
digitsmAny idea how to make my laptop wifi to work?17:24
_joeyhow do I get 64 bit support on 32 bit system?17:24
xsoultribexseem  my updater is down17:24
MonkeyDustkull  what's aptana studio?17:24
RobbieCrash_joey you don't17:24
_joeyWhat libraries do I need to install to get 64 compatability?17:24
CoolAppsI have tried booting Ubuntu on my flash drive but after the purple screen with a keyboard icon and a person below, I get a black screen with a red block on top.17:24
ObrienDave_joey, seriously?17:25
ActionParsnip_joey: you can't, its not possible17:25
antimistexpunge: i386 Synaptics Touchpad Driver for X.Org Server17:25
Flerb_Does anyone know if it's possible to have a command run and the output displayed every time a user successfully logs in?17:25
bazhangMonkeyDust, similar to dreamweaver17:25
RobbieCrash_joey if your system is 32 bit you can only get 54bit support by reinstalling a 64bit version of Ubuntu17:25
_joeyActionParsnip: it's possible to get 32 compatability support on 64 bit systems17:25
expunge_joey: grep -i ' lm' /proc/cpuinfo17:25
ActionParsnip_3nids_: yes because 32 is fewer than 6417:25
RobbieCrash_joey you can get 32 on 64, not 64 on 3217:25
* ObrienDave facepalms17:26
ActionParsnip_joey: think about it17:26
digitsmP.S. During boot I read from terminal that xubuntu tried to run b43 driver (an opensource wifi driver which worked in the past on my laptop) but it couldn't17:26
digitsmAny idea?17:26
_joeyRobbieCrash: it's proprietry java installer , that afaik, requires 64 bit :(17:26
ActionParsnip_joey: you have a kernel which can understand 32bits (or fewer) of instruction17:26
someguyeeee, I only need to add "gksu /path/to/program" right? No if's, no nothing?17:26
_joeySPSS that is17:26
kullMonkeyDust: www.aptana.com    I am trying to do this http://askubuntu.com/questions/324129/how-to-install-aptana but I cant even make the executable to start17:26
ActionParsnip_joey: so how will it understand 64bit?17:26
eeeesomeguy: if you just want to run that command unconditionally, yes17:27
antimistsomeguy: why don't you just sudo apt-get install gksu17:27
ActionParsnip_joey: a 64bit kernel can be coded to understand 32bit operations but not the other way around17:27
antimistoh wait17:27
antimistforget what I said17:27
CoolAppsFlashing underscore... ...and now a red block.17:27
antimistSooo, anyway17:28
eeeeFlerb_: logs in to his shell ?17:28
antimiststill nothing, perhaps should I try repairing the dpkg packages?17:28
CoolAppsI think it's partially corrupted, I need to check. :/17:28
someguyeeee, well, you did accomplish the task, it opens the GUI at startup17:29
ActionParsnipsomeguy: if you are using trusty you will need to install gksudo manually, its not in a default install as sudo has been made friendly with polkit :)17:29
someguyeeee, However, the monitor is black. lol17:29
Flerb_eeee, yah17:29
_joeyis there any way to upgrade to 64 bit?17:29
_joeythere's so much shit on my system17:29
someguyHow the hell do I fix this now? lol17:29
MonkeyDust_joey  mind your language17:30
_joeyre-installing and configuring will take forever17:30
eeeeFlerb_: you can add the command to his .bash_profile , or .bashrc , if you only want the output displayed you can do <command> 2> /dev/null (that won't show any errors)17:30
ObrienDave_joey, is your CPU 64bit?17:30
antimistsigh, back to doing things. Thanks a lot for the help anyway, wonder if I can actually get it fixed17:30
_joeyObrienDave: afaik it is17:30
someguyThere's the GUI that I wanted, but all around it it's black17:30
someguyand the mouse thingie is a cross17:30
_joeyDuo Core or something17:30
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
someguyI can't close it, I can't do anything, because I don't know the login details without having access to the desktop!17:30
ObrienDave_joey, paste "uname -a" here17:31
eeeesomeguy: ctrl+alt+f1 gives you a console17:31
expungesomeguy: sounds like no window manager has started17:31
eeeesomeguy: what are you trying to accomplish?17:31
someguybaah, seems like I'll fucking need to format this17:31
_joeyFrom cpuinfo : model name      : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E8400  @ 3.00GHz17:32
Flerb_I can add bash commands to /etc/bash.bashrc17:32
someguyexpunge, know how to fix that?17:32
eeeesomeguy: 1) mind the language, 2) i dont think you would need to17:32
OerHekssomeguy, please watch your language, keep this channel family friendly, thanks17:32
RobbieCrashsomeguy the shell login is the same as the desktop login17:32
Flerb_Like echo etc but how can I get it to run?17:32
expunge_joey: that's a 64-bit processor, you should use amd64 Ubuntu17:32
someguyOk, so I now need to edit out what I just added17:33
expungesomeguy: could be any number of causes17:33
someguyand then restart17:33
someguyso I need to open ~./profile17:33
=== Guest70430 is now known as VoidWhisperer_
someguyHow do I open that without window manager?17:33
eeeesomeguy: i told you ctrl+alt+f117:33
someguyI mean, I can't open it with gedit, can I?17:34
someguyeeee, I'm already there17:34
someguyI mean, how do I open the thingie in the console?17:34
eeeesomeguy: nano ~/.profile17:34
someguyhum, k17:34
eeeeedit, ctrl+o, ctrl+x17:34
jowayIs there a way to filter all the login / logouts and just see what people are typing? (I'm on Pidgin if that helps.)17:35
ObrienDave_joey, paste the output of "uname -a" here17:35
expungejoway: yes, ask #pidgin17:35
Flerb_eeee, so if I had a command, say, cowsay moo added to that file, it would run on connection?17:35
jowaythanks expunge, I'll head over there.17:36
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=== umaqdobyifseuxke is now known as sepero
someguyOk, so it's restarting17:36
someguylet's see if it fixed that17:36
eeeeFlerb_: it would run whenever someone logs in17:36
eeeeFlerb_: try sudo login <user> to test it, or login and logout17:37
eeee*logout and login17:37
someguyOk, so my PC is working again17:37
Flerb_oh thanks17:37
someguyStill have the initial problem though, lol17:37
ObrienDavesomeguy, one step at a time ;P17:37
_joeyOkay! not worth the hassle! I will ask the department for the older version that offers 32 bit17:37
eeeesomeguy: we still don't know what you're trying to accomplish17:37
someguyeeee, I want to auto-start a VPN client17:38
expunge_joey: what?17:38
someguyeeee, and that VPN client is a GUI that needs sudo17:38
someguyeeee, I've already edited the sudoers file17:38
someguyeeee, and added the command "sudo /path/to/vpn" in the autostart up list, but it's still not working17:39
CoolAppsThere is no MD5 hash for Ubuntu 14.04.1?17:39
acsomeguy: echo <PASSWORD> | /path/to/vpn17:39
ObrienDaveCoolApps, hang on a sec17:39
someguyac, where should I add that?17:39
acin a startup file in etc i ll tell you the file name wait17:40
ObrienDaveCoolApps, http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/MD5SUMS17:40
CoolAppsAh, that helps a lot.17:41
someguyac, you mean rc.local?17:41
acsomeguy: yea17:42
someguyac, as far as I know, that file doesn't allow for GUI programs?17:42
acthats the one I forgot :(17:42
CoolAppsLooks like the ISO file isn't corrupted.17:42
Sam_SullyHow do I open scripts as executables?17:42
acsomeguy: you can enter any command there right?!17:42
user____1Hey everyone, I'm having trouble setting my locale in Ubuntu 14.04.17:42
someguyac, I guess.. I'll try, but people told me it would not work with GUI in ubuntuforums.. Anyway, the <password> after "echo" is my acc password, right?17:43
khildinSam_Sully, chmod +x <script.sh> then sudo ./script.sh17:43
DramorsWhy would he sudo some random script?17:44
someguysomething weird is happening17:44
DramorsUnless you know exactly what the script does and you're required to run it as root, don't use sudo17:44
khildinHe should be carefull if he doesn't know what the script does... sure...17:44
acsomeguy: yes the password that you enter for sudo command, for running a GUI program you should set variable called "DISPLAY" default display is :0.0 I think you can put this command in script : export DISPLAY=:0.017:45
someguyac, so I just add that command in the rc.local file?17:45
someguyac, as a stand-alone line?17:46
expungeyou can just specify it inline if it's a one-liner: DISPLAY=:0 foo17:46
expungeps aux | grep X will give you the precise number/s17:46
acsomeguy: its better you write an script that has export command + vpn gui runner  and put "sh /path/to/script" in that rc.local17:47
someguyexpunge, are you talking to me?17:47
expungesomeguy: yup17:47
ActionParsnipsomeguy: is there a possibility to run a script when the vpn is created?17:47
someguyexpunge, You're saying I should add the command  "echo <PASSWORD> | /path/to/vpn | DISPLAY=:0" to the rc.local?17:48
someguyActionParsnip, I've no clue whatsoever17:48
someguyActionParsnip, what do you mean "when the vpn is created"?17:48
acsomeguy: you can do that but the last "|" isnt a syntax error??17:49
someguyac, probably?17:49
acsomeguy: As I know you should set the display first...17:50
acbut I'm not sure about17:50
someguyac, should I just add it in line then? like this: " DISPLAY=:0 echo <PASSWORD> | /path/to/vpn "17:50
someguyhum ok17:50
ac"|" this sign17:50
Sp00n_test irc17:51
acsomeguy: the correct one is this i think: "export DISPLAY=:0.0 ; echo <PASSWORD> | /path/vpn"17:51
bpromptSp00n_:    success :P17:51
someguyac, Ok, i'm gonan try that right now17:51
acsomeguy: *You ve forgotten the semicolon17:52
someguylet's see what I break this time :D17:52
acLets think it will work :D17:52
someguyI should've backed up lol17:53
someguyac, good news --> didn't break the system.. bad news ---> no autostart up17:54
DBoyzhi. after installing Intel graphics installer on my computer, I am stuck at boot screen after logins17:55
ac:)) someguy: Are you sure that rc.local runs every time you boot?17:55
DBoyzhow do I uninstall Intel graphics?17:55
acDBoyz: I think you changed X server17:55
acDBoyz: I think you changed X server's config file17:55
CoolAppsStill got the red block, the ISO didn't seen corrupted.17:55
someguyac, I think so.. The initial answer to this problem on ubuntuforums was to add it to rc.local. However, after I told them it's a GUI program, they gave up on that17:56
DBoyzac: I have no idea. how do I fix this?17:56
acDBoyz: Have a backup?17:56
gfsfdsfdsfsdfhello,so i installed gnome because i didnt liked unity...but everytime i boot up i have to choose either gnome or unity to be my de...before the format(yes i erased myhdd) when i installed gnome it was all ok ..i mean it was my default de and everytime i booted up it was starting with gnome login screen and not unity....so how can i change this???i edited the lightdm file to start with gnome-shell but that didnt helped...Help! plzz17:56
DBoyzas in?17:56
acsomeguy: Is rc.local working?17:56
CoolAppsLooks like I won't be able to use the latest version of Ubuntu on my desktop. :/17:57
acDBoyz: like a xorg.conf.bak file or sth in /etc/X1117:57
DBoyzat: what backup?17:57
someguyac, what you mean? if the file is opened?17:57
acsomeguy: I mean is it really doing the command you wrote?17:58
DBoyzac: *17:58
DBoyzac: uh no17:58
=== ac is now known as rrman
someguyac, How am I supposed to know? It's not doing what I pretended, but maybe what we wrote is wrong17:58
DBoyzit just happened all of a sudden17:59
rrmansomeguy: you can try with a simple command like "echo 123>/home/<USERNAME>/123"17:59
someguyrrman, I don't understand why I can't just add the command "sudo /path" to the autostart thingie18:00
rrmanDBoyz: The problem is actually the config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf i ll take a look if there is any way to correct it18:00
someguyrrman,  since it's already been added to the sudoers18:00
rrmansomeguy: what is added to sudoers?18:01
CoolAppsImage of this odd screen: http://i.imgur.com/nPYvjCP.jpg18:01
MonkeyDustCoolApps  i wasnt able to run 14.04 either, online research showed out, it was a fan handling problem in 14.04, so i returned to 12.04 and run 14.04 as a virtual machine18:01
eeeesomeguy: did you add the command after "exit 0" in rc.local?18:01
DBoyzrrman: okay. will renaming the file help?18:01
someguyrrman, the VPN client18:01
rrmaneeee: good point18:01
someguyeeee, no, I added before18:01
kristenbbcan I please get some help to install ubuntu with a nvidia card ? it's the third install that i'm doing and i keep getting a black screen or an error message before the login screen comes in.18:01
rrmansomeguy: your command in rc.local should return exit status add a & at end18:01
someguyeeee, I mean, line X: command I added, line X+1 exit 018:01
rrmansomeguy: what the ?! before??? it ends every thing!!!!!!!!!!18:02
CoolAppsThat's an unfortunate.18:02
someguylol CoolApps18:02
rrmanDBoyz: i m looking for it18:02
DBoyzrrman: okay thanks18:03
someguykristenbb, what I would do: unplug the nvidia thingie and plug it after installing18:03
OerHekskristenbb, what nvidia card? is it dual gpu?18:03
someguykristenbb, but I'm a complet moron, so don't do that18:03
CoolAppsLooks like I will need to leave it as it is for now, I have enough things to do. XD18:03
someguyrrman, what?18:03
someguyrrman, the exit 0 should come last, right?18:04
rrmansomeguy: ye i thought you added first :/18:04
someguyrrman, I added the command before the exit 0.. that is, exit 0 is "X+1", if X is the line number at which I wrote the command18:05
rrmanDBoyz: try this command: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg " it should reconfig it18:05
rrmansomeguy: ok just got it wrong :( so can you write the command you entered it needs change18:05
someguygoddamn it.. Why is it so hard to add something to the autostart up!18:05
someguyrrman, what?18:06
someguyrrman, ah ok, wait18:06
rrmansomeguy: actually its not18:06
someguyrrman,  export DISPLAY=:0.0 ; echo <PASSWORD> | /path/vpn18:06
rrmansomeguy: write the command you entered18:06
rrmanso can you copy this to a simple file and give it 777 perm ?18:07
someguyShouldn't I be able to go to the "startup applications" thingie, and write the command "sudo /path/tovpn"?18:07
DBoyzrrman: there's a lot of dconf-WARNING failed to commit changes to dconf could not connect connection refused18:07
rrmansomeguy: didnt understand what you said :) just copy the command to a file18:08
rrmanand put this except that in rc.local : "sh /path/to/commmandfile"18:09
someguyrrman, hum.. ok18:09
DBoyzrrman: I guess it did not turn out well18:09
eeeesomeguy: if you type echo <password> | /path/to/vpn in a terminal, does it work?18:09
someguyeeee, no18:10
eeeewhat's the error18:10
rrmansomeguy: :|18:10
someguybash: path/: No such file or directory18:11
Alanbitschi cant see icons on the top bar :(18:11
rrmaneeee: did you mean "echo <PSWD> | sudo /p/vpn ?18:11
someguywhich is weird, because that path works if I do sudo /path/18:11
Alanbitschhow can i fix it?18:11
eeeerrman: that would pipe to sudo, no?18:11
awyglehi all. what's the best way to serve in-house packages to our office network? should i set up a PPA or is a "normal" apt server good enough? can someone point at some documentation for doing this remotely (i.e., repository is not on the same computer that will be installing the packages)?18:11
eeeewhich wouldn't work i guess, but rc.local runs as root so its ok18:11
someguyAH WAIT18:11
someguymy path is wrong18:11
someguyI forgot the first /18:11
eeeesomeguy: yeah18:11
someguylet me try18:11
someguywell, it runs18:12
someguybut it asks me for the password18:12
rrmaneeee: well it needs sudo ?? (the vpn)18:12
eeeesomeguy: try it in a root shell if it doesn't work, type sudo -i18:12
Alanbitschi cant see icons on the top bar, how can i fix it?18:12
rrmansomeguy: password of what?18:12
someguyrrman, it needs sudo, but I added the program to the sudoers already, it shouldn't ask for it?18:12
eeeesomeguy: try this /path/to/vpn <<< password18:12
someguyrrman, if I do /path/to/vpn it doesn't ask for pw18:13
someguyeeee,  it doesn't ask for pwd that way18:13
eeeeif you use <<< ?18:13
someguyeeee, ah wait, I didn't try that.. I meant /path/to/vpn only doesn't ask for pwd.18:13
rrmansomeguy: im not sure about sudoers list you can give it sudo access when you run it its easier18:13
someguyeeee, actually18:13
praeconiumWhenever I try to override AMD commands I get 'ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands' but I have monitor up and running. What to do?18:14
someguyeeee, rrman , ignore everything I said.. it's asking for pw again, for some reason18:14
rrmanecho <SUDO PASSWORD> | sudo /vpn18:14
someguyit didn't ask like 1h ago18:14
eeeesomeguy: the sudo ticket timed out maybe?18:14
someguyActually, I'm a moron18:15
someguysec please18:15
eeeewhy are you sending the sudo password to the vpn, btw?18:15
someguyOK, what I MEAN IS:18:15
rrmanecho <SUDO PASSWORD> | sudo /vpn     this should work?!18:15
someguyIf I run this: "sudo /path/tovpn" --> it does not ask for password18:15
gfsfdsfdsfsdfsry my internet got down18:15
eeeerrman: no18:16
digitsmHello again guys! At last I made my broadcom bcm4311 wireless card to work18:16
rrmaneeee, wierd ,why? I made something like this for AUTO downloader it gives root ; maybe it needs sudo -S ??18:17
praeconiumHow to check if my X sesion is running atm?18:17
someguypraeconium, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/check-wether-a-x-server-is-running-and-ok-651555/18:18
gfsfdsfdsfsdfso how can i be able to change my default de to gnome?cause everytime i boot up it goes to the unity screen to choose gnome,unity etc...but before the format (yes i formated my hdd) when i installed gnome it was all ok ...... i mean everytime i started my pc it booted ahed to the gnome and i not in unity to choose..so how can i be able to do this again?ty btw i am using ubuntu 14.04 lts 64bit on a laptop machine18:18
Alanbitschhttp://i59.tinypic.com/wi95is.jpg PLZ HELP :(18:18
Alanbitschhttp://i59.tinypic.com/wi95is.jpg PLZ HELP :(.18:18
praeconiumxset:  unable to open display "" someguy18:18
praeconiumsomeguy: xset:  unable to open display ""18:18
digitsmI did it by 1. sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source 2. sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer b43-fwcutter 3. Put a # in front of the line: blacklist bcm43xx in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf18:18
digitsmReference: http://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers18:19
MonkeyDustAlanbitsch  that desktop is very painful to the eyes, start by making it less hysterical18:20
digitsmActually the proprietary Broadcom STA drivers doesn't work for my bcm4311 wifi card18:20
Daghdhawhat ppa do i need for 14.04 ubuntu?18:20
digitsmSo I had to use b43 opensource drivers instead18:20
DaghdhaI need to get USB 2.0 support from it apparently18:20
MonkeyDustDaghdha  to do what?18:20
rrmanDBoyz: are you having problem yet?18:21
Daghdhai was gonna install that http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.14/virtualbox-4.3_4.3.14-95030~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb18:21
DaghdhaBut ijust DL and install it i guess18:21
MonkeyDustDaghdha  what are you trying to do? vbox is in the repos18:22
fellipehi, I am trying to make a ubuntu 11.10 repository mirror and I followed this: http://www.cooperati.com.br/2011/05/26/criando-um-repositorio-local-de-pacotes-para-debian-ou-ubuntu/ , however, I am getting: "Download of dists/oneiric/Release failed" and "Failed to download some Release or Release.gpg files!" What to do?18:22
MonkeyDustDaghdha  and raring is !eol, dead18:23
codygmanIs the raring ubuntu deb archive no longer available? Relevant to why I need it: http://askubuntu.com/questions/371728/cant-install-apache-2-2-22-on-ubuntu-13-10/386686#38668618:23
codygmanmy question got answered before I asked it18:23
DaghdhaMonkeyDust: Vbox says i neet some extention pack for usb218:23
MonkeyDustfellipe  oneiric has been !eol for over a year now18:23
eeeecodygman: you can change the sources to old-releases.ubuntu instead of archive.ubuntu18:23
MonkeyDustDaghdha  yes, i have it18:24
MonkeyDustDaghdha  moment18:24
Daghdhals -l18:24
fellipeMonkeyDust, ok,  I know.. but what should I do to fix it?18:24
MonkeyDust!eolupgrade | fellipe18:25
ubottufellipe: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:25
MonkeyDustfellipe  backup and fresh install would be the fastest and easiest18:25
FarlaTuxhi everybody18:25
DBoyzokay, let me repeat my question - "hi. after installing Intel graphics installer on my computer, I am stuck at boot screen after logins"18:25
FarlaTuxhow to active root user login (super user) ubuntu 14.0418:25
MonkeyDustDaghdha  download the extension pack from here https://virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads18:26
MonkeyDustFarlaTux  you don't18:27
fellipeMonkeyDust, I know, I am migrating these old ubuntu versions, but I still need to have a repo mirror here of oneiric. Is it possible or not? I know about EOL, but I just need the mirror here. Is it possible?18:27
FarlaTuxMonkeyDust, why?18:27
onielfa_Hello, I have a problem. My keyboard is not working on grub but it does on the BIOS. This was not happening yesterday, when I did the fresh 14.04 install. Any hint?18:27
MonkeyDustFarlaTux  because root has been deactivated in ubuntu18:27
DaghdhaMonkeyDust: That just get sme to https://virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads18:28
MonkeyDustDaghdha  yes, go the extension pack link18:28
MonkeyDustgo to*18:28
FarlaTuxMonkeyDust, how to actived?18:28
=== fabian__ is now known as Efare
MonkeyDustFarlaTux  use sudo18:28
MonkeyDust!root | FarlaTux18:28
ubottuFarlaTux: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:28
EfareHi  Guys, is there any conky channel?18:29
eeeeEfare: #conky18:29
DaghdhaMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 13.04 ("Raring Ringtail") / 13.10 ("Saucy Salamander") / 14.04 ("Trusty Tahr")  i386 |  AMD6418:29
DaghdhaMonkeyDust: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.14/virtualbox-4.3_4.3.14-95030~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb18:29
Efarethanks eeee18:30
MonkeyDustDaghdha  raring is dead, as in: not breathing anymore ... what is it that you want?18:30
DaghdhaMonkeyDust: I followed the link you gave me. that lage says that file is for buntu 13.04 ("Raring Ringtail") / 13.10 ("Saucy Salamander") / 14.04 ("Trusty Tahr")  i386 |  AMD6418:31
DaghdhaMonkeyDust: I klik the AMD64 link and get http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.14/virtualbox-4.3_4.3.14-95030~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb18:31
MonkeyDustDaghdha  on that page, you find the extension pack links, marked by the word "here" ... click that18:31
someguyhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/514209/auto-starting-a-gui-application-that-requires-sudo   ---> Let me know if you can help me18:32
kristenbbOerHeks: oh sorry didnt notice u had asked a question, sorry. so the nvidia card is 680 gtx, and it's not dual gpu18:32
=== tonyt is now known as Timewalk
fellipeMonkeyDust, I know, I am migrating these old ubuntu versions, but I still need to have a repo mirror here of oneiric. Is it possible or not? I know about EOL, but I just need the mirror here. Is it possible?18:33
MonkeyDustDaghdha  you were clicking wrong, first READ what the page shows18:33
MonkeyDustfellipe  what did ubottu tell you?18:33
fellipeMonkeyDust, I know! But the rsync begins to sync that repository. I just want to solve this error..18:35
YokoBRhi guys... i've used clonezilla, now my source hdd doesn't works anymore... I get lot's of i/o errors18:35
MonkeyDustfellipe  maybe that's the way to solve it, no?18:36
fellipeMonkeyDust, what way? I am newbie in repository mirroring.18:36
expungeYokoBR: lesson learned18:36
praeconiumHow to change Java home: /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre to include jdk18:36
praeconiumI've tried creating ~/.mavenrc file and exporting PATH and changing enviornment path.. but nothing seems to workout, got ubuntu14.0418:37
YokoBRexpunge, the strange part is that it broke my source hdd, which it should only read.18:37
expungeYokoBR: still has to spin to read18:37
MonkeyDustfellipe  backup and fresh install is faster, easier and more efficient, try that18:37
expungewell it's more efficient if it is18:38
YokoBRexpunge.. it reads, i can see it on gparted18:38
YokoBRbut without the partition table.18:38
fellipeMonkeyDust, I can't. there are a lot or hosts here18:38
expungeYokoBR: I'm saying reading is also something that requires the drive to move about18:38
expungeAlanbitsch: heyo18:38
MonkeyDustfellipe  is that a server migration?18:38
YokoBRexpunge Why... What can i do now?18:38
fellipeMonkeyDust,  I just need to provide local repository while I am migrating  all these programmers desktoops18:39
=== abdul is now known as Guest3174
fellipeMonkeyDust, no. just help me to solve that little error!18:41
expungeYokoBR: get a new hard disk and restore from backup?18:41
YokoBRSo even if i can see it on gparted, it's dead.18:42
DBoyzI am still facing the same issue. I am stuck at an empty screen (no dash no panel no launcher) after login18:44
killiaonhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/324129/how-to-install-aptana So I move all the files into /usr/bin ? Not just the executable file? And the .desktop file that I have to create... What wiill be its name?18:44
DBoyzAnd I still need help.18:44
BeldarDBoyz, people come and go here be detailed in what you have tried if you can.18:45
expungeDBoyz: X cursor?18:45
AscavasaionHello there, ran an update and my default keyboard has gone from UK to US.  Can someone please tell me how to change it back to UK?18:45
eeeeAscavasaion: settings > text entry18:46
DaghdhaHAHAAAAAAAAAA MonkeyDust .. it now (the virtual machine) recognizes my printer by name. I am hopeful. Thanks for your help. :)18:46
DBoyzexpunge: it's an empty screen with only wallpaper and a cursor18:46
Ascavasaioneeee: Not sunning Ubuntu, running Lubuntu.18:46
expungeDBoyz: and what do you want, Unity?18:46
DBoyzI am using unity but I am not able to do anything. as i mentioned i am stuck in an empty screen with wallpaper and a working cursor18:47
* Beldar looks for their magic wand18:47
DBoyzI can't even open terminal18:47
expungeDBoyz: can you run 'unity'?18:47
expungeDBoyz: DISPLAY=:0 unity, etc.18:47
expungeCTRL+ALT+F2, etc.18:47
DBoyzexpunge: sorry. where do I put that? grub?18:48
DBoyzlet me try18:48
killiaonI think DBoyz has a Unity failure. Would suggest him to use Ctrl+Alt+F2 ....18:49
killiaonfor troubleshooting18:49
kostkonDBoyz, try resetting your unity/compiz configuration http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-reset-compiz-and-unity-in-ubuntu.html18:49
kostkonDBoyz, while you are in tty18:49
MonkeyDustDaghdha  found the correct extension pack?18:50
DBoyzkilliaon, kostkon thank you. hang on.18:51
killiaonWould like to assure DBoyz that I ran into this problem when I was playing with Ubuntu just days after installing it. You are advised to keep calm...18:53
AscavasaionOkay, I figured that out :)  Next question... the network manager icon at the right of the panel at the bottom... It is greyed out and I cannot access anything there.  Tooltip says "Network disabled".  How can I get that up and running again permanently please?18:53
=== DBoyz[A] is now known as DBoyz
eeeeAscavasaion: sudo service network-manager restart18:53
eeeeAscavasaion: don't know if that'll be permanent though18:54
kristenbbOerHeks: oh sorry didnt notice u had asked a question, sorry. so the nvidia card is 680 gtx, and it's not dual gpu18:55
Ascavasaioneeee: It enables the connection, but only virtual networks is editable from there now.18:55
=== shaneh is now known as rshane
ceibalque hago ahora ?18:55
BazylI have a question about hotkeys: Which place is more correct to use? System properties  or compiz settings manager ?18:55
ObrienDave!es | ceibal18:56
ubottuceibal: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:56
kristenbbcan I please get some help to install ubuntu with a nvidia card ? it's the third install that i'm doing and i keep getting a black screen or an error message before the login screen comes in.18:56
MonkeyDustBazyl  choose the one you find easiest18:56
guimalufI've a server with 6 disk setup within a 3 hardware RAID0 array, , during my ubuntu 12.04 installation it's shown /dev/sd{a,b}, both empty and without any partition, then, after disk-detection it show /dev/sd{a,b,c,d,e} where /dev/sd{c,d,e} are my true 3 RAID0 array. Anyone knows how to keep going with my installation?18:56
GalaxorHi.  I'm ssh -X'ing to an ubuntu 14.04.1 server.  I want to open a webdav connection from there.  On my local ubuntu 14.04.1, I can type a davs:// url.  On the remote one, it says "the file server type is not recognized".  What is the difference?  A nautilus extension?  A gvfs extension?18:56
ravigehlot I am currently connecting to the Internet through /etc/network/interfaces. That allows me to connect from the terminal (xterm) to the Internet. I no longer want that, I want to connect from KDE Network Manager. The issue is that the two ways of doing that conflict with each other. How do I disable the first option?18:57
DBoyzHi. I am stuck at 2nd command of part B. It says error: cannot autolaunch D-Bus without x11 $DISPLAY18:57
BazylMonkeyDust, does it equal ? i am worried this both apps fight against key events i generate...18:57
kostkonDBoyz, ignore the error for now, continue to the next one18:58
OerHekskristenbb, open dash: driver # and additional drivers tool shows up, choose the latest driver there18:58
=== Aaron__ is now known as Aaron
kristenbbOerHeks: that's what i did, and since then, the login screen doesn't show. i just can't get anything but a black screen, or an error saying running low graphics mode18:59
kostkonDBoyz, when you finish just  sudo reboot   anyways even if you've given the unity reset cmd18:59
kristenbbOerHeks: what can I do from here ? i'd gladly install ubuntu a 4th time, but i'd like to get some help to be sure that this time it is configured right19:00
Bazylcan someone give me a hint which process is the executor of hotkes in ubunt ?19:00
OerHeks!nomodeset | kristenbb maybe this command solves this issue19:00
ubottukristenbb maybe this command solves this issue: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:00
kostkonDBoyz, eer i meant restart cmd*19:00
DBoyzkostkon: rebooting19:00
kostkonDBoyz, ok19:00
DBoyzkostkon: hmm same thing19:02
kraiskilIs it possible to get the debug symbols of gdb? (Could not find a gdb-dbg package)19:03
kostkonDBoyz, what version of ubuntu19:03
Boscopi did "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" after that, my computer only boots to a black screen. why?19:03
kristenbbOerHeks: nope it doesn't change anything. And the link you gave mentioned that it would work with nouveau, not the proprietary driver19:04
kostkonDBoyz, when did this happen19:04
DBoyzBy the way I installed Intel graphics and I've been this has been happening after the next boot19:04
Pinkamena_Dwhen I press start to get the unity search menu thingy and search for something, it seems to search "from the bottom up" for example, first files and folders appear, then music, then programs. I pretty much am always searching for programs, so can I make it load programs first?19:05
kostkonDBoyz, you mean you used the intel graphics driver installer to install a newer version of the driver?19:05
OerHekskristenbb, oh, pre-nvidiadriver solution, sorry, then i don't know, and find no solutions sofar19:05
kristenbbOerHeks: but alternatively, how can I at least switch back to nouveau ?19:05
DBoyzkostkon: yes19:05
incogi havent used ubuntu since it sold out to amazon19:06
incogis it worth going back?19:06
kristenbbOerHeks: i have already removed all nvidia packages, and restarted, but it still doesn't work19:06
giustoXricordarl where i can download only compiled programs?19:06
kostkonDBoyz, you could try   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   and then reboot  you never know19:06
DBoyzokay. trying.19:07
Abhishek_hi, I installed ccsm tool and clicked on "reset" configuration in unity, and after that there is some strange behaviour. How can I get it back to normal?19:08
DBoyzkostkon: nothing to install it seems19:08
kostkonDBoyz, you might then want to paste your Xorg.0.log, also run the unity test   /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p19:09
kostkonDBoyz, or even revert the changes you've made http://askubuntu.com/questions/280593/how-to-uninstall-intel-linux-graphics-installer-and-revert-to-default-drivers19:10
DBoyzhow do I paste?19:10
trismkraiskil: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/g/gdb/19:10
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:10
kostkon!pastebinit | DBoyz19:10
ubottuDBoyz: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:10
geniikostkon: He's on a CLI system?19:10
kostkongenii, in tty i assume19:11
kristenbbcan someone help me to set up my nvidia video driver please ?19:11
someguyCan someone help me add a program that requires sudo and GUI to the autostart up list please?19:11
OerHekskristenbb, i think you need to login now in console, ctrl + alt + f2 : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg #then you should be able to use nouveau19:11
DBoyzkostkon: I am on tty how do I paste the logs to pastebin?19:11
Boscopmy ubuntu only boots until this, why?: http://www.mirari.fr/Edi3.jpg19:12
incog*wiggles finger*19:12
DBoyzalso, what is the Dir of that log file?19:12
kostkonDBoyz, sudo apt-get install pastebinit    then    your_command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com   as per above factoid19:12
kristenbbOerHeks: and then reboot ?19:12
kostkonDBoyz, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:12
OerHekskristenbb, yes, but maybe switching back to ctrl + alt + F7 normal gui  might work19:13
OerHeksreboot does not hurt19:13
BoscopBeldar: what?19:14
BeldarBoscop, Any background leading to this?19:14
kraiskiltrism, thanks. I had not heard of ddebs before :/19:14
Wash_JonesHey! I'm trying to get irssi to connect to bitlbee through localhost, port 6667, and it keeps giving me this: Irssi: Unable to connect server localhost port 6667 [Connection  refused]19:14
filip__Hi guys, i have installed Lubuntu 14.04 not so long ago, and today i have tried to install Elementary OS alongside it. Since the dualboot didn't work, i've deleted the partition which had Elementary OS installed. I've done this from Lubuntu using GParted.19:14
filip__And now i'm left with this unallocated space (30.94GB). What i want to do now is merge unallocated space with my Lubuntu partition which is sda1 (ext4).19:14
filip__How do i do this in a simple way, without losing any data, especially on sda5 (ntfs), because i have my personal files in there?19:14
filip__Here's a screenshot: http://i57.tinypic.com/2i03l3m.png19:14
Wash_JonesAny idea what's up?19:14
kristenbbOerHeks: i rebooted after dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, the screen is still black after the splash screen and before the login19:14
BoscopBeldar: i did "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"19:14
Boscopfrom 12.0419:15
Boscopfollowing this guide: http://www.namhuy.net/2853/upgrade-ubuntu-12-04-lts-ubuntu-14-04-lts.html19:15
Beldarfilip__, Resize the extended.19:15
filip__It wont delete any of my data?19:16
OerHekskristenbb, maybe there is still an xorg.conf file there. login with ctrl-alt-f2 again: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:16
trismkraiskil: yeah most everything that doesn't have a -dbg package in debian gets symbols stripped and put on ddebs19:16
BeldarBoscop, Are you backed up? Were there ant errors in the upgrade?19:16
kristenbbOerHeks: there is no such file19:16
Beldarfilip__, The extended is sda2 no no dta loss, however being backed up is your best insurance.19:17
ObrienDavefilip__, can't promise it won't19:17
BoscopBeldar: i'm not backed up and there were no errors. how can i fix it?19:17
pevHello, I have a question about a configuration for an ubuntu server osm. Is someone there knows a little?19:17
filip__Thanks. Should i do this via live cd?19:18
BeldarBoscop, The link you posted said to be backed up, what gives?19:18
BoscopBeldar: there is no important data19:18
Boscopi just want to fix this now19:18
BeldarBoscop, I would do a fresh install than of 14.04 20 min and you on the road.19:19
BoscopBeldar: can i do a net install from some other live distro?19:19
BeldarBoscop, The fix if there is any will take longer than a install19:19
DBoyzkostkon: link above19:20
kristenbbOerHeks: what else could i try ?19:20
BeldarBoscop, No  net install is a boot, however you can boot it from grub if you have a working OS using it.19:20
filip__Should i do it via live cd?19:20
BeldarBoscop, You have no install medium right?19:21
BoscopBeldar: usb pen drive?19:21
Beldarfilip__, Yes.19:21
OerHekskristenbb, i am out of ideas, not sure if an updated nvidia ppa is a solution19:21
kostkonDBoyz, (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found) hmm19:21
filip__Thanks for the answer.19:21
kostkonDBoyz, is it a hybrid laptop?19:21
BeldarBoscop, why then question mark, I can't read you mind.19:21
BoscopBeldar: if i try to start one of the previous versions, like 2.3 it works19:22
Boscopbut not the new one19:22
BoscopBeldar: can i fix it from tehre?19:22
kristenbbOerHeks: but at *least* it should be able to get back to the way it was, with nouveau. it was working right after the fresh installation, then i switch to the proprietary and it stopped working19:22
v4rp1ngwhy is ubuntu mounting a lvm at /media/%user ?19:23
BeldarBoscop, Boot that ans run from the desktop sudo apt-get update than sudo apt-get -f install19:23
kostkonDBoyz, and probably the   /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p    will fail19:23
DBoyzkostkon: oh. my laptop died so I took out it's hard disk and plug it into a desktop19:23
BeldarBoscop, If you can fix none of us can say yes or no.19:23
Boscopwhat does -f do?19:23
kostkonDBoyz, probably you've got some nvidia stuff lying around19:24
BeldarBoscop, If is a finish any stopped or broken instak\lls19:24
someguyCan anyone help me add a startup application that requires sudo to the auto-startup?19:24
OerHekskristenbb, i am surprised those commands do not work, going back, maybe someone else in this channel has a clue?19:24
someguythread here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/514209/auto-starting-a-gui-application-that-requires-sudo19:24
DBoyzshould I remove them? if yes, how?19:25
kostkonDBoyz, if your card is now an intel one then yes19:25
kristenbbcan someone with a good understanding of video drivers please help me to set up my nvidia video driver please ?19:25
BeldarBoscop, I think you could use this. http://www.tecmint.com/useful-basic-commands-of-apt-get-and-apt-cache-for-package-management/19:25
BoscopBeldar: hash sum mismatchg19:26
kostkonDBoyz, youcould start by removing any nvidia pacakge you may have in your suystem19:26
BeldarBoscop, Any commands run and info pastebin.19:26
kostkonDBoyz, use tools like    apt-cache search search_term     and   dpkg -l | search_term19:28
streulmahello, when accessing my second hard drive in HDD bay, I hear sometimes a long beep, SMART is ok19:29
BeldarBoscop, Did you start this upgrade and let it run without watching it through?19:30
=== ObrienDave is now known as ShortyObrien
pevDoes anybody can help me to configure an ubuntu server 14.04 for OpenStreetMap ?19:30
streulmapev yes :)19:30
DBoyzkostkon: I did a sudo apt-get purge nvidia*19:31
streulmapev we are experts in it (Geosparc, the geospaticial architects)19:31
DBoyzand it seems to work. I am able to login as usual now19:31
leeyaai have updated lvm names and fstab but after i reboot the machine it is still looking for old /dev/mapper files19:31
kostkonDBoyz, ok19:31
leeyaawhat is the right way to update /dev/mapper paths ?19:31
kostkonDBoyz, when you feel ready, just reboot19:31
leeyaait tries to boot from old /dev/mapper paths and drops to initframs19:32
DBoyzkostkon: rebooting19:32
shaheed /!\ #ubuntu HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET #ANTITUX /!\19:33
shaheed /!\ #ubuntu HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET #ANTITUX /!\19:33
shaheed /!\ #ubuntu HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET #ANTITUX /!\19:33
shaheed /!\ #ubuntu HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET #ANTITUX /!\19:33
shaheed /!\ #ubuntu HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET #ANTITUX /!\19:33
shaheed /!\ #ubuntu HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET #ANTITUX /!\19:33
unopasteshaheed you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted19:33
* Pici yawns19:33
pevstreulma : really ?? i'm frensh, so please excuse my bad english. So i've try to make an osm server with mapnik on an ubuntu server. I make it, but i want to customize my map. How can y do this ?19:34
DBoyzkostkon: done rebooting.19:34
=== ShortyObrien is now known as ObrienDave
BeldarObrienDave, shorty, lol19:34
BoscopBeldar: http://pastebin.com/vTGggQVT19:34
streulmapev come in private chat :)19:34
AscavasaionHow do I create a user with all the permissions as the default user account Ubuntu makes on initial install?19:35
ObrienDaveBeldar, it is funny considering i'm 6'5" tall ;P19:35
sundropany way to enable touch support for the unity launcher?19:36
BeldarBoscop, Not sure myself.19:37
Boscopi retried several times19:38
Beldarpev, I would keep it in the channel, for peer review.19:39
AscavasaionHow do I create a user with all the permissions as the default user account Ubuntu makes on initial install?19:39
DBoyz_kostkon: thanks a lot19:39
ObrienDaveBoscop, try a different mirror19:39
Filip__Hey guys, i couldn't merge partitions, there is no option to resize the extended partition.19:39
BoscopObrienDave: how?19:39
Boscopand which one?19:40
kostkonDBoyz, did you get your desktop back19:40
OerHeksAscavasaion, add it to the sudoers, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:40
DBoyz_kostkon: yes but everything is back to square one19:40
vorophobe1filip: have u tried working on the partitions from a live cd?19:40
BeldarFilip__, Imagebin gparted from the live.19:41
kostkonDBoyz, that's a small price to pay :P  that's because you did the unity/compiz reset thingie19:41
Filip__I've used Ubuntu 13.10 live cd and ran GParted from there.19:41
DBoyz_kostkon: lol yea. but i notice there are more errors poping up. are these normal?19:42
ObrienDaveBoscop, not sure about Ubuntu but Xubuntu has Software & Sources. you can select different mirrors there19:42
kostkonDBoyz_, what kind of errors, coming from what process19:42
BoscopObrienDave: where does it have it?19:42
Boscopit used to be ubuntu but i turned it into xubuntu more or less19:42
BeldarFilip__, It will resize, all partitions have to be unmounted, and right click the extended in the left left hand list or on it's edge in the top.19:42
DBoyz_this one is /usr/sbin/aptd19:43
=== xpansiv is now known as xpansive_
DBoyz_there are a few more19:43
sundropany way to enable touch support for the unity launcher?19:43
kostkonDBoyz_, hmm19:43
ObrienDaveBoscop, settings, software & updates, download from, other19:43
=== DBoyz_ is now known as DBoyz
Beldar!patience | sundrop keep posts to 10 min intervals19:44
ubottusundrop keep posts to 10 min intervals: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:44
kostkonDBoyz_, are you getting crash dialog boxes in unity or you mean in tty mode?19:44
Filip__I'm not sure if they are unmounted, but when i right click the extended partition, all i get is manage flags and Information.19:44
BeldarFilip__, give us an imagebin pic like you did originally from the live gparted.19:45
ObrienDaveFilip__, you have to unmount each partition under the extended first19:45
BoscopObrienDave: ok. i opened it. and now select what?19:45
MagicSpudhello I connect my phone to the computer and ubuntu opens: mtp://[usb:005,007]/storage how do I browse this location?19:45
ObrienDaveBoscop, find a different mirror19:45
MagicSpudI would like to run comodo antivirus19:45
guimalufduring my ubuntu 12.04 installation sda is mapped as sdc, sdb as sdd and sdc as sde, while sda and sdb are empty files, which points to nothing. anyone know how to fix this?19:46
BeldarMagicSpud, What OS and release on the phone and what release on the computer?19:46
AscavasaionHow do I create a user with all the permissions as the default user account Ubuntu makes on initial install?19:46
ObrienDaveBoscop, you can use "select best server" to find one faster for your location19:47
Filip__I'm still using GParted in Ubuntu 13.10 live cd. Where do i download Imagebin? And i still see an option to unmount. I'm still kinda new to all this.19:47
kostkonFilip__, download imagebin?19:48
MagicSpudBeldar: Android 4.1.2 ubuntu 12.04 on pc19:48
Filip__*I still don't se19:48
vorophobe1Filip imagebin is just a website where you can just upload a screenshot for other ppl to see19:49
ObrienDaveguimaluf, did you have Windows on that drive?19:49
BeldarMagicSpud, 12.04 needs a ppa to see android. http://askubuntu.com/questions/257874/ubuntu-cant-see-my-android-phone19:49
Filip__Ohh, i get it now.19:49
kristenbbcan someone with a good understanding of video drivers please help me to set up my nvidia video driver ?19:49
MagicSpudBeldar it already sees my android19:49
k1lMagicSpud: you will need mtp for that19:50
MagicSpudBeldar the point is I want to know where the device is mounted19:50
BeldarMagicSpud, You are lucky than because it has not worked without the ppa as far as I know.19:50
guimalufObrienDave, no, old ubuntu installation and different raid array.19:50
guimalufhardware raid19:50
david38400Just changed to Ubuntu 14.04 havent found my way around yet. I want to set audacious as default media player but cant find out how to do it.19:50
MagicSpudBeldar I already added that ppa19:50
k1lMagicSpud: do you have a mtp service running? 12.04 doesnt have ootb19:50
MagicSpudBeldar my question is much easier19:50
BoscopBeldar: i did the -f install. it did nothing19:51
Boscopnow what?19:51
BeldarMagicSpud, Than say so to begin with with the info I asked for. The ppa has it show on the desktop if you have the desktop showing drives.19:51
k1lMagicSpud: see "mount" if its already mounted. should be like /media/username/19:51
=== star_ is now known as crash89
MagicSpudBeldar I need to find this location in a directory tree: mtp://[usb:003,xxx]/Storae19:51
kostkondavid38400, Settings -> Details -> Preferred Apps or whatever is called19:52
brotherBoxHello people. When doing apt-get update I get an error message that I binned here: http://bpaste.net/show/d2f1e7e7545a. Essentially there seems to be a hashsum mismatch. Is anything known about this to you?19:52
MagicSpudk1l not in /media19:52
MagicSpudI can see Mtp device icon in my dock19:53
MagicSpudand nautilus open the folders19:53
david38400kostkon, Wow that was easy......... Thanks for your kind help it is much appreciated19:53
MagicSpudbut I want to open the location in directory tree19:53
ObrienDavebrotherBox, you're the 2nd person with that error today. change mirrors19:53
Filip__Here you go guys: http://imagebin.ca/1XcnNn3q7fzm/Screenshotfrom2014-08-21195218.png19:53
david38400kostkon, I notice its not like the earlier version, but when I click to open music it just opens the file, it doesnt open it all automatically in audacity. Any ideas why?19:54
BeldarFilip__, unmount the swap19:54
ObrienDaveguimaluf, ok, i no nothing about raid except it kills bugs dead ;P19:54
AdlezHi, Cannot hear me when I call with Skype..can you help me?19:55
kostkondavid38400, what do you mean by that?  i mean the doesn't open it all automatically part19:55
Filip__I just click "swapoff", right?19:55
wafflejockAdlez: have you tested your mic with other programs19:56
reecardoupgraded to 13.10 recently, and now sound doesn't work while in X... But it works fine from a VT19:56
BeldarFilip__, Right click and yes.19:56
brotherBoxObrienDave: that worked fine, thank you!19:56
timevirusswipe-on swapoff19:56
k1lFilip__: the lines with the key symbol are locked. they are locked because the swap partition is used by default even for the live cd. so just make a right click and choose not to use that swap/unmount19:56
Beldarreecardo, 13.10 is end of life.19:56
reecardoanyone know why sound would work from a VT but not in X?19:56
wafflejockAdlez: Audacity is a simple graphical one or else you can use arecord at the command line19:56
reecardoah, so I should upgrade?19:56
AdlezWafflejock..what other programs?19:56
Filip__Ok, what's next?19:56
wafflejockAdlez: http://quicktoots.linux-audio.com/toots/quick-toot-arecord_and_rtmix-1.html19:57
kostkondavid38400, if you mean your playlist from last time, i'm guessing that's smthing you need to configure in audacity19:57
ObrienDaveAudacity does not do playlists. audacious does19:58
kostkondavid38400, audacious*19:58
kostkonObrienDave, you're right19:58
GalaxorHmm.  Neither thunar nor nautilus on machine B can access davs:// webdav urls.  Machine A can do it.  Both machines are running ubuntu 14.04.1.  I'm thinking this might be a gvfs thing?  Is there a plugin I have to install or something?19:58
* ObrienDave loves audacity ;P19:59
AdlezI cannot understand much though19:59
wafflejockAdlez: you should be able to just use the commands on that page to test the mic is working19:59
wafflejockAdlez: arecord -f dat -d 20 -D hw:0,0 test.wav19:59
wafflejockAdlez: talk while it's doing that into the mic20:00
wafflejockAdlez: then aplay -f dat music/test.wav20:00
OnionLordI am OnionLord!20:00
wafflejockAdlez: these are using ALSA which is as far as I know the base of the audio system so if it doesn't work here it probably won't work elsewhere, if it does work here we know it's just some skype config issue20:00
kostkonOnionLord, apparently you are! hi20:01
Adlezok thank you20:01
Filip___The keys are still there, however, i do have an option to unmount my ntfs partition wherew my personal files are stored.20:01
wafflejockAdlez: np check out20:01
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:01
OnionLordI Onion, therefore I am! :) Haven't been in the IRC for a long time, just wanted to check that it's still working. I'm off to bed, time to onion some more!20:02
wafflejockAdlez: if you need to debug further you might also want to grab, sudo apt-get install alsa-tools, which has alsamixer that will let you tweak the sound inputs/outputs from a terminal based "GUI"20:02
Filip___The keys are still there, however, i do have an option to unmount my ntfs partition where my personal files are stored.20:05
david38400kostkon, sorry I meant audacious20:07
BeldarFilip___, The picture you posted does not show the ntfs as mounted.20:08
kostkondavid38400, np20:08
Filip___It is mounted, but i have the option to unmount it.20:08
loais there way to power off hard drive using console command?20:09
loafor example i unmount all partitions from this drive20:09
loaand want it to go to sleep mode20:09
BeldarFilip___, WE are going to need you to post screen shots everytime it seems.20:09
Beldarloa, Sleeo does not unmount the OS drives.20:10
Filip___It's the same, I've done what you said, I've clicked "swapof", and now i have the option to unmount my ntfs partition even though there is a key in the left side of that partition.20:11
Beldarloa, Actually partitions20:11
BeldarFilip___, You need all partition inside the extended unmounted to resize it.20:12
loaBeldar, i meen 1) unmount all partitions 2) send command to sleep drive20:12
Beldarloa, You are not really making sense.20:14
Filip___Here's the latest screenshot: http://imagebin.ca/1XctTcQahXzK/Screenshotfrom2014-08-21201206.png20:14
BeldarFilip___, Unmount the ntfs.20:14
Filip___Okay, i did so, there are no keys, what should i do next?20:15
k1lFilip___: what do you want to do anyway?20:15
BeldarFilip___, Resize the extended like you intended to.20:15
BeldarFilip___, Your end goal was to get that unallocated to the sda1 right?20:16
idsHi, can anyone help me getting SPDIF to work on 14.04?20:16
idsOh, and also my normal speakers don't quite sound like they should20:18
Beldarloa, Sleep I assume means suspend is this correct?20:18
Filip___Yes, that is my end goal, but i want to achieve that without losing any data. By the way, should i do it like this, from left to right? http://imagebin.ca/1XcuiN9hSFZ0/Screenshotfrom2014-08-21201637.png20:18
loaBeldar, yes. looks like i found solution20:18
loaBeldar, hdparm -Y20:19
BeldarFilip___, Yep run that then resize sda1 into that space.20:19
DiplomatGuys has any of you set up a squid proxy on ubuntu ?20:19
k1lFilip___: there is no guarantee that you will not loose any data. just that you are aware that anything could go wrong in the worst case.20:20
=== Toast_ is now known as Toast
timeviruswhat is the best alternative to adobe flash?20:21
kostkontimevirus, there is no alternative20:21
expungetimevirus: depends on the application20:21
expungeno, there are plenty of alternatives20:21
expungenot that you actually need one, as it runs as well as it does20:21
expungewhat about sky.fm?20:22
timevirussays it wants me to install adobe flash20:22
k1ltimevirus: there is no alternative if the webservice only ships flash.20:22
expungetimevirus: do you not have it installed?20:22
timevirusthought there would be something safer20:22
expungek1l: huh?20:22
timevirusok adobe it is20:22
Bazylhello i have problem  with vlc playlist. I have mp3 files on another partition. When i create playlist from those files it's ok, but after reboot it's broken. Help plz :)20:23
kostkontimevirus, click on the settings icon on sky.fm   it's right next to the volume icon20:23
k1lexpunge: he needs flash for a website.20:23
expungeBazyl: the mount path has probably changed20:23
expungeBazyl: use /etc/fstab to create a static mount point20:23
expungek1l: uhuh20:23
timevirusyeah no problem with getting adobe20:23
Bazylexpunge, ok will try, thx20:23
samthewildoneHow do I enable crtl + v in my terminal ?20:23
micromE: Internal Error, No file name for libssl1.0.020:24
Beldartimevirus, Plays here using pepper flash in firefox.20:24
timevirusthats the one20:24
timevirusoh well20:24
timevirustoo late now20:24
expungesamthewildone: add SHIFT20:24
Alanbitschsamthewildone, CTRL+SHIFT+V20:24
samthewildoneexample if there is some code that I want to copy from a website and input that into the terminal, I get " ^V"20:24
expungetimevirus: still flash =)20:24
Beldartimevirus, Install chrome it should work20:24
expungesamthewildone: read up20:24
* samthewildone drops dead20:24
Filip___Just to make sure, this description beneath partition move/dev/ and so on, that is supposed to happen right? http://imagebin.ca/1XcwPuRwLQZC/Screenshotfrom2014-08-21202003.png20:24
k1lthere is adobe but they stoped the support. pepperflash is the one from chrome that is still supported20:24
expungewhat support? =P20:25
* Alanbitsch Has problems by updating20:25
timevirusthx kil20:25
expungelikely either will work, mozilla's or chrome's20:25
TheNetuh... stupid question here, how do I put a text character next to a variable in a shell script? E.g. $SERVERRAMnotpartofthevariable20:25
expungeTheNet: $FOO'bar'20:25
BeldarFilip___, Yes now click the green check mark to run it,20:25
samthewildoneis there a way in which I can just have the normal ctrl + v ?20:25
expungesamthewildone: yes20:25
expungesamthewildone: it's really more for CTRL+c, which is traditionally for cancellation on Unix systems20:25
expungehence ctrl+SHIFT+c, and +v20:26
expungesamthewildone: see gnome-terminal's prefs20:26
k1lsamthewildone: you need to press ctrl+v+shift. same for ctrl+c+shift for copy.20:26
samthewildonejust read about it.20:26
k1lsamthewildone: the problem is that ctrl+c is already another terminal command and will stop the process.20:26
expungeI've used terms that had no problem having both CTRL+c for cancel and CTRL+c for copy, it just varies20:26
samthewildonemakes sense20:26
TheNetexpunge: that just gives me test'test'20:27
expungeTheNet: "that" what?20:27
=== WLM is now known as WLM|ffweg
TheNetexpunge: well I'm testing it with printf right now but eventually I'd like to use it in a tmux command20:28
expungeexport: ...testing what?20:28
Alanbitschhow can upgrade to 14.4?20:29
exportthere is some hardcore mis-nicking going on here20:29
k1lAlanbitsch: from what version?=20:29
expungeand how20:29
Alanbitschk1l : 13.0420:29
expungeTheNet: 'it' is unknown to me, please be specific20:29
k1lAlanbitsch: you need to upgrade to 13.10 first20:29
awygleTheNet: ${SERVERRAM}notpartofthevariable20:30
Filip___Oh my God, it worked! I didn't lose any data, thank you guys! you are the best! :D20:30
Alanbitschk1l  how?20:30
k1lAlanbitsch: "sudo do-releaseupgrade"20:30
expungeFilip___: well done20:30
k1l*"sudo do-release-upgrade"20:30
Alanbitschk1l : isnt there a way to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.4?20:30
k1lAlanbitsch: no20:30
ObrienDaveAlanbitsch, not directly20:31
Alanbitschoh ok :(20:31
Alanbitschi must download 13.1020:31
k1lAlanbitsch: if you dont want to upgrade that often stay on LTS in the first place20:31
Alanbitschim new at linux20:31
k1l!lts | Alanbitsch20:31
ObrienDaveLong Term Support20:31
ubottuAlanbitsch: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)20:31
expungeAlanbitsch: FWIW, avoiding upgrading is folly, so I wouldn't even factor that in20:32
k1lwell, if you are new then dont install outdated versions in the first place :)20:32
Alanbitschi didnt know that a month ago xd20:32
ObrienDave13.04 was EOL a month ago20:33
TheNetawygle: that works, thanks!20:33
k1lAlanbitsch: so do "sudo do-release-upgrade" that will bring you to 13.10. then do it again and you are on 14.0420:33
TheNetexpunge: https://gist.github.com/iNety/9ab319e2acc3c19da79120:33
awygleTheNet: no problem.20:33
Alanbitschk1l Ty20:34
expungeTheNet: ..."$SERVERRAM"...20:34
TheNetexpunge: what *should* I call it?20:34
expungeTheNet: no I'm saying, you can just take it out of quotes20:34
TheNetexpunge: the quotes are part of the actual tmux command though...20:35
expungeTheNet: not likely to matter20:35
expungethe command is parsed by the shell20:35
=== samo_ is now known as Guest41911
machisujiheya, does anybody know how to install the `at` utility in ubuntu? It's really a bitch to google after …20:43
machisujiyou know the tool you can use the schedule jobs at a later time20:43
=== WLM|ffweg is now known as WLM
microm/lib/init.d/upstart-job cannot be found20:44
netlarWhen 16.04 comes out, I will be able to upgrade directly from 14.04?20:44
manuel1990how can i make changes to an icon set in ubuntu?20:45
timevirusI'm betting on 'fresh install20:45
expungemanuel1990: with inkscape or gimp20:45
timevirusgood idea to partition off /home20:45
ObrienDavenetlar, yes LTS to LTS is supported20:45
expungemachisuji: apt-file can tell you what package provides atd20:45
expungemachisuji: but it's probably named 'at' =)20:46
netlarObrienDave: Kinda just wondered, when It does happen I will not need to do a fresh install20:46
ObrienDavenetlar, no, you can do 'do-release-upgrade'20:47
machisujiexpunge: thanks, though I just realised that I'm probably not under ubuntu even. It's just a generic Linux also using apt-get20:47
netlarObrienDave: Just heard that ppa cause problems with upgrades20:47
machisujidoesn't have apt-file, though20:47
awyglemachisuji: you can try dpkg -S /usr/bin/at instead of apt-file20:48
expungemachisuji: if it doesn't have apt-file, and it has apt, you can get apt-file20:48
ObrienDavenetlar, PPAs will be disabled, you'll have to re-enable them20:48
hellouanonhey i want anonymous os. iso  who can help me??20:48
ObrienDavehellouanon, lmgtfy20:49
netlarObrienDave: Re-enable, like reload them or will they still be under the software sources20:49
machisujimh perhaps it just doesn't exist in whatever repo the OS is using (I'm on the docker phusion base image)20:49
machisujidpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/bin/at20:49
ObrienDavenetlar, they'll still be there, just turned off20:49
netlarObrienDave: Thanks, that makes me feel great, I absolutely love 14.04 so stable20:50
ObrienDavenetlar, yes, i like it also20:51
machisujiexpunge: I actually just want to run a script a minute after startup, I guess I'll have to try that without at20:51
hellouanonplease can give me a link for anonymous os.iso i fond many fakes20:51
expungemachisuji: a script to do what?20:52
expungehellouanon: mmm20:52
hellouanonto see it20:52
JokeOnYou77Hi all20:53
expungehellouanon: http://dee.su/liberte20:53
expungeJokeOnYou77: hi20:53
machisujiexpunge: it's a potentially long running process. A ruby script. I've got cron set up to run it every half hour but I want it to be executed once directly after boot, too.20:53
hellouanonok thanks20:53
expungemachisuji: look into 'rc.local'20:53
JokeOnYou77Do I need both a /boot and /boot/efi partition on an UEFI install ?20:53
expungeJokeOnYou77: one is enough20:54
JokeOnYou77So 250 MB partition mounted to /boot/efi is enough?  No need for /boot partiton?20:54
expungeyou need a partition for EFI20:55
expungeyou don't need two20:55
expungewell, you don't need one, but that is one normal course20:55
expungepoint being you don't need two20:55
machisujiexpunge: cheers20:56
JokeOnYou77expunge, Ty!  I'm doing an install on a mac pro and having somne problems :/ I've read all of the official docs but there's nothing that just says: your final prtition map should look like this XXXXX20:56
expungeJokeOnYou77: sorry let me be clearer20:58
expungeJokeOnYou77: you can put /boot onto the same partition as is used for U/EFI20:58
expungeJokeOnYou77: or you can put it elsewhere, it's up to you20:58
F2KnightQ: Does anyone have experience working with encfs? I have  a folder I wish to mount but allow multiple users to save files to it. I seem to not be able to do so even passing the --public option.20:58
expungeU/EFI only cares about what it cares about, you can fill that partition with any manner of things it doesn't care about as well20:58
expungeF2Knight: did you read the bit in man encfs about how it has to be run as root?21:00
JokeOnYou77expunge, I'm confused again.  Could you just tell me the minimum partitioning schema I need for a UEFI install?  I''m pretty sure I need /bot/efi for it to work on a mac21:00
F2Knightexpunge: yes, I am running as root.21:00
expungeJokeOnYou77: the installer should know, but the typical approach would be: EFI system partition, /, swap21:01
expungeF2Knight: what're you running, exactly?21:01
micromWhy would /lib/init/upstart-job go missing? How do I get it back?21:02
kristenbbcan someone with a good understanding of video drivers please help me to set up my nvidia video driver ?21:02
flyingfisch2i'm back!21:03
F2Knightexpunge: encfs --public  /backups/.encrypted_colo_backups/ /backups/colo_backups/21:03
manuel1990i can't change icons from an iconset i loaded with the unity-tweak-tool21:03
flyingfisch2my upgrade was successful, albeit a harrowing experience21:03
F2Knightexpunge: encfs on /backups/colo_backups type fuse.encfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions)21:03
F2Knightexpunge: is what is how it mounts21:03
JokeOnYou77expunge, so /boot/efi  bootable flag on FAT32, / ext4, /home ext4 (cause that's how I roll). (no swap on ssd)21:03
expungeF2Knight: that wouldn't be as root... on Ubuntu21:04
lempamoI created a Live DVD of Ubuntu Trusty to use on my mac, but it doesnt work. what do i do?21:04
expungeDexterF: hi21:04
F2Knightexpunge: yes on ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS encfs from repo21:04
=== flyingfisch2 is now known as flyingfisch
F2Knightroot can access it all day but not other users. :/21:04
expungeJokeOnYou77: as to the partitions/purposes, yeah that should be fine, I don't know if the first partition needs the boot flag (doubtful)21:05
expungeI think it does want to be fat32, though21:05
expungeF2Knight: so you used su?21:05
manuel1990i can't change icons from an iconset i loaded with the unity-tweak-tool21:05
expungeJokeOnYou77: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFI_System_partition21:05
F2Knightexpunge: no, ran it as root after sudo - su21:06
F2Knightsudo su - sorry.21:06
lempamocan anyone help me out?21:06
expungeF2Knight: k21:06
expungelempamo: how doesn't it work?21:06
k1lF2Knight: use sudo -i on ubuntu instead of that sudo su stuff21:07
lempamoi tried booting from the dvd i made but it only gave me the purple screen with universal access icon and after that, black screen forever.21:07
hellouanonevryone can you help me i search a korrectly download link for anonymous os.iso for linux21:07
timevirusISO writers and or DVD quality make it easy for failure21:08
k1lhellouanon: ask the anonymous support.21:08
JokeOnYou77expunge, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI It needs to be bootable21:08
hellouanonokey thanks21:08
expungelempamo: /msg ubottu nomodeset21:08
JokeOnYou77What's the flag to get the bot to bring up a community docs page?21:08
=== max__ is now known as Guest5117
expungeJokeOnYou77: /msg ubottu search efi21:09
lempamoexpunge: what does that do?21:09
=== Guest5117 is now known as highgainer
manuel1990can someone help me?21:09
JokeOnYou77expunge, Cool!21:09
hellouanoni cant chat with the suporter from anonymous21:11
k1lhellouanon: then ask in ##linux since this is not ubuntu support related21:11
hellouanoncan you please help me??21:12
F2Knightexpunge: still no love.21:13
F2Knightany other idea?21:13
F2Knightmaybe some optional mount commands?21:14
decwrlI'm trying to install linux-crashdump without any interaction.  I run "apt-get -y install linux-crashdump".  All needed dependent packages install as desired, but then I get prompted to about having kexec-tools handling reboots.  How do I automate my response to this?21:14
ciphersonGood question... let me see21:15
JokeOnYou77How do I map a user's home partition to a different drive?  I'm setting up a shared system and I'd like my home to be on the ssd but there's not enough room for everyone else there too so I'd like to map the home for all new users to a second drive.21:16
=== g_ is now known as Guest50204
Ben64JokeOnYou77: then just have your home directory on there21:17
JokeOnYou77Ben64, ?21:18
Ben64move your home to the ssd, then have that mounted as /home/you21:18
=== Brandon__ is now known as bblindy
th3hostwhich channel is offtopic21:18
JokeOnYou77Ben64, ahhh! I get it.  Create a partition on the SSD /home/Jokes and puit /home on the other drive?21:19
eeeeth3host:  #ubuntu-offtopic21:19
Ben64JokeOnYou77: no...21:20
Ben64JokeOnYou77: the ssd will be /home/Jokes21:20
cnaphello I am having a tiny issue21:21
JokeOnYou77Ben64, that's what i said...21:21
jhutchinscnap: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?21:21
cnapI am using ubuntu 14.04 and apache2 didnt seem to have a conf.d folder21:21
cipherson<decwrl> you could just disable post-install conf21:21
Ben64JokeOnYou77: it is not what you said21:21
cipherson<decwrl> and figure out where it sets that option and script it21:22
JokeOnYou77Ben64, ok. On the SSD /home/Jokes,  on the other drive is /home and everyone else will be in /home21:22
decwrl<cipherson> How to I do that?  Is it part of apt-get?21:22
ciphersonummm checking21:23
Ben64JokeOnYou77: well /home/Jokes is where the ssd will be mounted, but those directories won't be on there21:23
Bazylcnap, how were you looking for conf.d directory ?21:23
Ben64JokeOnYou77: follow this guide, just replace /home in any commands or whatever with /home/Jokes https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving21:23
ciphersonthere is also a way to script apt-get answers, just trying to find it21:23
Bazylcnap, gui manager ?21:23
cnapBazyl: shell21:23
streulmahello, what is Power Off Retract Count and UDMA CRC Error Rate ?21:24
JokeOnYou77Ben64, ok21:24
cipherson<decwrl> you could try: export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -y install [packagename]21:24
ciphersonthat should ignore the interactive install but then when you first run the application it may want the answer21:25
decwrl<cipherson>  I'll try that.  Sounds like the best way to go.21:25
cipherson<decwrl> still trying to find the script way for you21:25
decwrlIt's only one option that gets set in /etc/default/kdump-tools, so I can just sed that after installation if there's no way to force the answer into the installation process.21:26
Bazylcnap, try "sudo find / -name conf.d"21:27
beandogactually it'd be find /etc -type d -name conf.d21:28
beandogand you don't need sudo21:28
kristenbbcan someone with a good understanding of video drivers please help me to set up my nvidia video driver ?21:28
* beandog nitpicks21:28
expungeif you don't sudo on / you'll get lots of errors21:28
christian1984hey all I’m having a problem with Ubuntu 12.10 on arm:21:28
christian1984 irc.freenode.net21:28
expungenot unreasonable to me21:28
christian1984Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/quantal-updates/multiverse/binary-armhf/Packages21:28
christian1984is 12.10 not supported anymore?21:29
ObrienDavechristian1984, no21:29
k1lchristian1984: no, since some time now. you need to upgrade asap21:29
christian1984Yeah I thought that was the case21:29
christian1984I’m running a Cubox and it’s a pain to upgrade21:30
christian1984Might swap it out for an Intel NUC, seems to be more “vanilla”21:30
Bazylwhat is the shell command to start xchat and make it automatically connect to this server/channel ?21:30
k1lBazyl: just start xchat and make it connect to freenode in the server-list on startup21:31
Bazylk1l, but i need command to use it in autostart21:32
expungeBazyl: xchat --url=irc://irc.freenode.net/ubuntu21:32
ObrienDaveBazyl, man xchat21:32
Bazylexpunge, thx21:32
k1lBazyl: again: that is very very easy inside of xchat21:32
cnapBazyl: sorry i was afk. It returns nothing if i do this21:33
cipherson<decwrl> debconf-set-selections is the tool you would want to auto answer the questions21:34
Bazylcnap, can you invoke apachectl or apache2ctl from shell ?21:34
cnapBazyl: yes21:34
ciphersontrying to figure out the answer to the question might be hard tho, found a few examples of apache and mysql tho21:35
decwrl<cipherson> Ok.  I'll take a look at that.  There's only one question, and it's a Yes or No answer.21:35
djs_i just installed a fresh copy of 14.04 and my skype keeps seg faulting21:36
djs_ive wiped it twice now and still aborted21:36
hannasanarionHey, quick question, I just got a new MB and processor, it used to be AMD, now I'm using Intel, do I need to reinstall?21:36
donbirdyoh dear djs_21:36
eeeeBazyl: if you use xchat --url <url> you'll need to add -a (so it doesn't stop your url connection and auto connect to whatever is set)21:36
Ben64hannasanarion: no21:36
djs_can some one please help me?21:36
donbirdyhannasanarion, no21:36
hannasanarionThanks, Ben64 and donbirdy !21:36
expungedjs_: exactly what makes you think repeating a thing that failed you once will help you? (Nevermind twice)21:36
cipherson<decwrl> also the issue is not with linux-crashdump its the dependency21:36
expungedjs_: run it from a terminal and observe the output21:36
decwrlGood point.  It's kdump-tools or kexec-tools that's the guilty party21:37
=== daniel is now known as Guest30398
Bazyleeee, nvm xchat --url=irc://irc.freenode.net/ubuntu is working :)21:38
ciphersonYea try an google  kexec-tools and debconf-set-selection21:38
=== thomas is now known as Guest6711
djs_[1]+  Aborted                 (core dumped) skypeAborted (core dumped)21:38
expungedjs_: what version fo skype?21:38
ciphersonI do see bug reports for people asking for the support of this21:39
decwrlOk.  Will do that.21:39
Guest6711anyone know hos to install citrix receiver on Xubuntu 14.04?21:39
djs_ive tried copies of it from debian, ubuntu, and bz221:39
djs_all give same error21:39
GR4SSAooo Cambada...21:39
expungedjs_: 4.3.what21:40
ciphersonOh i think i found it21:40
djs_ive tried skype-ubuntu-lucid_4.3.0.37-1, ive tried skype-ubuntu-precise_4.3.0.37-121:41
djs_they all seg fault21:41
djs_on 2 clean installs21:41
donbirdyseg faults, unlucky21:41
wafflejockdjs_: strange which disto?21:41
cipherson<decwrl> commands are:21:42
wafflejockdjs_: I have skype on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 and had it on Kubuntu21:42
ciphersonapt-get install debconf-utils -y21:42
ciphersonecho "kexec-tools kexec-tools/load_kexec boolean false" | debconf-set-selections21:42
wafflejockdjs_: it does freeze over time but runs and works for at least a few hours21:42
ciphersonapt-get install squashfs-tools kexec-tools -y21:42
djs_i cant even get mine to start up21:42
cipherson apt-get install  kexec-tools -y21:42
ciphersonmy bad had an extra install :)21:42
djs_and theres tons of stuff on it out there just no answers21:42
ciphersondebconf-utils is the tool to allow debconf-set-selections21:42
SumoJimI am unable to disable screen blanking on Ubuntu 12.04 running xfce4. I have uninstalled xscreensaver, gnome-screensaver and set flags in xorg.conf.21:43
SumoJimWhat else is there to try?21:43
expungedjs_: 14.04 isn't lucid or precise, is it?21:43
ciphersonso set false or true21:43
wafflejockdjs_: yeah must be some hardware issue or something I imagine since I haven't seen the problem on a few *buntu versions21:43
wafflejockexpunge: trusty tahr21:43
expungedjs_: so maybe try a .deb designed for 1421:43
decwrl<cipherson>  Thanks.  I think that'll probably work.  I may need to set use_kdump as well.21:43
ciphersonThis should work found it on here: https://github.com/deis/deis/blob/master/contrib/digitalocean/provision-digitalocean-deis-image.sh21:44
expungeSumoJim: Xfce's power management config21:44
ciphersonsomeones script installs it like this21:44
decwrlThanks.  I'd just found that as well.21:44
cipherson<decwrl> :) enjoy21:44
SumoJimexpunge: Power manager is not running21:44
decwrlWill do.  Thanks again for the assistance.21:44
Bazylcnap,  man if you are still there... in apache2 on ubuntu there is no conf.d directory and no httpd.conf file... take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/httpd.html21:45
SumoJimexpunge: It is setup to not start on boot.21:45
expungeSumoJim: what is?21:46
Bazylcnap, you need to use apache2.conf file instead (if you are looking for main configuration file ofc)21:46
SumoJimexpunge: power manager. "Xfce4 Power Manager is not running, do you want to launch it now?"21:46
expungeSumoJim: k21:47
samthewildoneHaving this problem when I right click on the title bar of any application is seems to disappear.21:48
samthewildoneI tried to run the application via terminal but, get no output error.21:48
samthewildoneFor example if I click the title bar on terminal to "always be on top" if wouldn't even let me get that option before going invisible...21:49
jhutchinssamthewildone: Which release?  Which desktop?21:50
catalasehow do i make changes that i made to /etc/interfaces/networking go into effect21:52
catalasei tried service /etc/init.d/networking restart21:52
catalaseand service networking restart21:52
catalasebut neither seems to change anything21:52
samthewildoneubuntu 14.04.1LTS21:52
OerHekscatalase, on ubuntu desktop ?21:52
catalaseubuntu server 14.04.1 LTS21:53
cnapyes Bazyl  i figured thank you21:53
samthewildoneshit its fricken annoying21:53
samthewildonewhen I'm writing code it does it on me.21:53
samthewildonejhutchins, http://goo.gl/FUjW1s21:54
* samthewildone KILL ME21:54
SumoJimexpounge: So, I ran the xfce4 power manager, and there are no options showing up. Just a mostly blank window with buttons at the bottom that say "Overview", "Help" and "Close".21:55
catalase"sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0" was the solution OerHeks21:55
mrobI'm trying to use a custom EDID with KMS21:57
mrobI created the valid EDID file and added drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=DVI-I-1:1680x1050.bin to my grub command line21:57
mrobIt's recognized fine in X but when I switch the the console it's ignored21:57
daftykinsdo you mean TTYs?21:58
daftykinsspecifying an EDID to X won't give TTY's a native resolution21:58
daftykinsthat's completely different21:58
mrobPressing control+alt+F221:58
mrobTo switch to TTY, and my custom EDID is ignored21:58
mrobI'm not specifying it to X, I'm specifying it to the kernel21:58
daftykinsoic, no idea then21:58
mrobMaybe something to do with initramfs?21:59
MonkeyDustmrob  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/144088/how-to-load-edid-firmware-with-drm-kms-helper21:59
MonkeyDustmrob  i was too fast, it doesnt offer a solution22:00
mrobFrom dmesg: [drm:edid_load] *ERROR* Requesting EDID firmware "1680x1050.bin" failed (err=-12)22:01
mrobBut it clearly gets loaded later because xrandr shows it correctly22:01
mrobIs /lib/firmware copied into initramfs?22:01
SumoJimexpunge: Here is a list of processes that are currently running: http://pastebin.com/DJiYhvX722:03
expungeSumoJim: actually, if you _enable_ xfce's power manager22:04
expungeSumoJim: you could configure it against blanking, and that might cover it22:04
SumoJimexpunge: I'm not sure how to re-enable it. When I run it there are no options showing up. Just a mostly blank window with buttons at the bottom that say "Overview", "Help" and "Close".22:05
expungeSumoJim: oh okay22:06
urbanizatorHello I'm trying to install league of legends on ubuntu 14.04 trough playonlinux but I get a bugsplat when I try to join a game. Anyone know a fix?22:06
expungeSumoJim: is xfce4-power-manager installed? dpkg -l | grep 'xfce4-power'22:06
expungeurbanizator: read https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1914122:06
SumoJimexpunge: http://pastebin.com/sknxJ6fd22:08
expungethat's an interesting way to answer that question22:09
SumoJimexpunge: Sorry, It was to make it clear what was typed.22:09
mrobI'll try it with the EDID file built directly into the kernel22:09
expungeSumoJim: pgrep -l power22:09
expungeSumoJim: is it running?22:09
SumoJim4011 xfce4-power-man 4014     xfce4-power-man    4018 upowerd22:10
EagreHello, "no bluetooth adapters found" in ubntu14.04.22:11
SumoJimexpunge: I do not see any window for it22:11
Eagreneed fix22:11
Eagreanyone help22:11
expungeSumoJim: right it's a daemon, but you only need one running, so you can probably killall xfce4-power-manager and it'll restart just the one22:11
SumoJimexpunge: killall xfce4-power-manager          xfce4-power-manager: no process found22:12
expungeSumoJim: the dialogue executable is 'xfce4-power-manager-settings'22:12
SumoJimexpunge: This is really weird... so calling xfce4-power-manager-settings brought up a small window with no information, and killing it says: "xfce4-power-manager-settings: no process found", but that blank window is still hanging around.22:14
eeeekillall xfce4-power-man22:15
expungekill by the id if you want22:15
SumoJimexpunge: I am able to close it by clicking the X though22:15
SumoJimexpunge: Seems to be dead now.22:17
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timevirusdoes anyone in here understand why, when I go to where the file I DLed via amule said file is hidden even when I 'show hidden files'?22:19
timevirusI can see said file but its greyed out and inaccessible22:19
SumoJimexpunge: Well, I'm going to take another look at it tomorrow. Thank you for the help.22:20
expungetimevirus: what's the path?22:20
timevirus  /home/timevirus/.amule/incoming22:21
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timevirusexpunge ^^22:22
YokoBRhi guys, i've resized my partitions and had to destroy/recreate the swap partition. How can i auto mount it again?22:24
expungetimevirus: what is it you want to do with it?22:24
Mio-chanWell #ubuntu-arm seems like it's dead so I'll ask this here. Shoving Ubuntu (arm) on a Chromebook shouldn't be too hard..right? :P I'm thinking of getting the Acer Chromebook 13, the one w/the Nvidia Tegra K1.22:24
timevirusdo with what? the file I downloaded?22:24
expungeYokoBR: mkswap /dev/foo#, swapon /dev/foo#, /etc/fstab22:24
timevirusI'd like to read that pdf22:24
k1lYokoBR: put it in fstab. or change the old target to the new fstab22:24
expungetimevirus: what does xdg-open path/to/file.pdf do?22:24
timevirusdidnt try -- sec22:24
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YokoBRexpunge: do i use the sdb (extended) or swap (sd5) partition? sd5, right?22:26
expungeMio-chan: that depends22:26
expungeMio-chan: many android devices are very much locked down and unable to have their OS altered22:26
expungeYokoBR: you'd use one with a number22:27
expungeyou can also use a file if you want; I find partition space more convenient22:27
YokoBRgot this error mkswap: only one device as argument is currently supported.22:27
eeeewhat was the command?22:27
expungeYokoBR: ^22:28
timevirusexpunge: No such file or directory22:28
Mio-chanexpunge, it's not Android though :P22:28
expungetimevirus: so that's why you can't do anything with it22:28
Mio-chanexpunge, tis Chrome OS which iirc uses a Linux kernel22:28
expungeMio-chan: same deal22:28
timevirusthe file manger see it there22:28
timevirushow can this be?22:28
expungeMio-chan: they tend to be locked down, you'll have to check around online to see if you can swap the OS easily or not22:28
expungetimevirus: file manager is dumb, I'd say22:29
eeeeYokoBR:  you have to specify the partition22:29
expungetimevirus: or somehow it's indicating that the file _will be_ there in future22:29
expungewhich to me, is dumb =)22:29
YokoBReeee:  mkswap /dev/sda5, swapon /dev/sda5, /etc/fstab22:29
eeeeyou're sure the partition is sda5 ?22:30
timevirushmmm in the future huh? the dowload is compete22:30
timevirusamule says that the path to downloaded files even22:31
timevirusin 'Preferances'22:31
B0g4r7So I have a desktop with a GeForce 8600 video card.  It ran fine using nouveau on 12.04, but now that I upgraded to 14.04 nouveau no longer works well.  It starts artifacting and then crashes before long, so now I'm stuck running the nvidia proprietary drivers which don't perform nearly as well.  I sure wish I could make nouveau work again.22:32
timevirussorry aout this line of questions but there is no response in amule channel22:32
YokoBRswapon will keep if after rebooting?22:32
eeeeYokoBR: you have to add it to fstab22:32
YokoBReeee: got it ;)22:33
Jacoby6000I just moved from fedora to Ubuntu, and everything has had much better support except for one thing.  Ubuntu doesn't seem to be properly detecting my battery.22:33
Jacoby6000anybody have any ideas what I should do to get it going properly?22:33
B0g4r7...er, GeForce 8400 GS actually.22:34
timevirusHA ! G.D. typo got me again!22:34
timevirusnot .amule but .aMule22:34
expungetimevirus: use TAB22:34
timevirusrgr tht22:34
expungexdg-open ~/.a[TAB]/i[TAB], etc.22:35
expungethat way you know the path exists in the first place22:35
timevirusok thx22:35
timevirusand I use tab ALL the time in cisco OS22:35
mrobEmbedding the custom EDID into the kernel solved the problem22:37
mrobI now have the correct screen mode for both X and TTYs, and no delay switching between them22:38
timevirusnow expunge, how would I cp that file to mae it more accessible?22:42
expungetimevirus: with 'cp'22:43
timevirusyes but i need to xdg-open to open it22:43
jmunschI have setup launchpad - gpg/pgp - ssh keys - uploaded a test project with bzr ... and am wondering if anyone knows what a next good step would be?22:43
timeviruscp needs no help ?22:44
expungetimevirus: xdg-open just says "hey file manager, what is configured to open this type of file? Use that please"22:44
timevirusah ok22:44
expungetimevirus: cp ~/.aMule/whatever/path/to/foo.pdf ~/ && nautilus ~/; xdg-open ~/foo.pdf22:44
timeviruscool thanks22:44
Mio-chanexpunge, I researched a bit and saw some success with having Ubuntu share the kernel w/Chrome OS :P22:46
jmunschI am comfortable with python, okay with bash, and wanting to learn c++ more in depth.... beyond arduino level22:46
Johnny_b2How may I change the runlevel in ubuntu 12.04lts ?22:46
Johnny_b2I mean to start in txt mode, with runlevel number 322:47
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.22:47
usr13Johnny_b2: Same way you do in any other distro.22:47
expungeMio-chan: that's a little different, but if it satisfies you well done22:48
kristenbbcan someone with a good understanding of video drivers please help me to set up my nvidia video driver ?22:48
usr13Johnny_b2: default is 222:48
rostamHI is there an IPad simulator for ubuntu? thanks22:48
Johnny_b2usr13 : I now, I mean change the runlev to txt mode22:49
OerHeksrostam there is no IDE to write/emulate no, great idea !22:49
Johnny_b2text mode is number 3 believe22:49
usr13Johnny_b2: Oh.  Ok.22:49
timevirusvery good expunge its open thanks22:49
jmunschJohnny_b2 : http://askubuntu.com/questions/86483/how-can-i-see-or-change-default-run-level22:50
jmunschJohnny_b2 : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpstartHowto#How_do_I_change_the_runlevel.3F22:50
timevirusgotta write that one down...xdg-open :)22:50
usr13Johnny_b2: What are you trying to do?22:50
Johnny_b2the /etc/inittab don't exist22:50
Mio-chanexpunge, well I'll just preorder the new chromebook, I'll screencap myself doing it so others can learn :)22:51
Mio-chanexpunge, in the case I break my system I'll find a way to fix it xD22:52
usr13Johnny_b2: So what is it you want to do?22:52
* Johnny_b2 usr13 I said u before, I want start in text mode nothing X22:53
jmunschJohnny_b2 : please look at the links that i provided you.22:53
kristenbbcan someone with a good understanding of video drivers please help me to set up my nvidia video driver ? i am failing to install ubuntu for the 4th time :(22:53
jmunschJohnny_b2 : is this what you were looking for?22:54
usr13Johnny_b2: Edit /etc/default/grub22:54
usr13Johnny_b2: Change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"  to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text"22:54
aqAnybody here dual booting Ubuntu and WIndows 8(.1)? I turned off fast start-up but Ubuntu 14.04 still can't mount the drive22:55
usr13kristenbb: So how far did you get with it?22:55
theadminaq: After turning off fast startup, shutdown Windows.22:55
usr13kristenbb: What have you done so far?22:55