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kulisI have ubuntu 14.04 LTS, just installed qjackctl but it doesn't work10:27
kulisI get "D-BUS: JACK server could not be started." when I press start10:28
kulisany ideas where to get help?10:28
zequencekulis: !proaudio10:50
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro10:50
zequencekulis: make yourself member of audio group, in order to get realtime privilege (if you answered yes to that question while installing jack)10:51
zequencesudo usermod -a -G audio $USER10:51
kulisI installed jack with ubuntu software center and i haven't been asked about the audio group10:56
kulishow to become a member?10:57
zequencekulis: The command abobe11:02
zequencekulis: You weren't asked about audio group. But, were you not asked about realtime privilege?11:02
kuliswell i don't remember11:03
zequenceIf not, you will need to rename /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled, by removing ".disabled"11:03
zequencekulis: The first thing to do, before starting jack is to select the correct audio device11:03
zequenceThat's pretty much it11:03
zequenceAnd, you'll find your answers to that in the link I posted11:04
kulisI can't rename the file /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled11:22
zequencekulis: You need admin rights. Only root can rename system files11:23
kulisI am sorry but I am totally beginner with linux...11:24
kuliswhat is "root"?11:24
zequencekulis: http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg24t1.htm11:25
zequenceGoogle is your friend11:25
zequenceThis command will rename the file: sudo mv /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf11:26
kulisthanks it worked!11:39
kulisnow I don't have an extended audio card11:40
kulisI want to use apps like puredata, supercollider11:40
kulisshould i make jack work together with pulseaudio?11:40

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