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stbatdukeOhai #bzr !!  I have a weird question, and there may not be a good answer .... How do I explain the importance of using a version control system such as bzr to my management team and development team?  The context is this:  We have been using bzr for the last maybe 2 years, and we have lots of version history in our application, however we have not be properly utilizing the power of bzr properly (at least in my opinion), but at least we have been using it.  I 15:55
stbatdukeSo my question is:  What would be a good way to discuss this with my management team to convince them that we need to force the dev team to use bzr the way we have been the whole time, and to reject any completed work that has the .bzr folders deleted?15:56
stbatdukeLet me put that into a paste in case someones irc client cuts it off (sorry for the long question):15:56
stbatdukeMy Boss answered my own question!!17:12
stbatdukeVersion Control System use is required for HIPAA17:13
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