thumperdavecheney: https://github.com/howbazaar/juju/commit/71719716c26571c98bdf6ce3119f0a8c5450cb5900:03
* thumper goes for a run00:04
davecheneythumper: very nice00:05
perrito666wallyworld: https://pastebin.canonical.com/115910/00:13
davecheneyperrito666: that's a paddlin' for using that pastebin00:14
davecheneynow I have to get my ubikey to find out what you wrote00:15
perrito666sorry chrome completed that one first00:15
bigjoolsthumper's name in Spanish means penis?  Why have I not heard this revelation before.00:16
perrito666bigjools: not really, his last name read in spanish, which is basically read all the letters00:16
bigjoolsah I see00:17
bigjoolsstill funny00:17
perrito666bigjools: our fonetics make many english words fun00:17
bigjoolsyeah it works in reverse too :)00:18
perrito666it usually makes a big laugh in my work day by just reading the irc channel with my brain set to spanish00:19
perrito666mmpf the flakiness of this test really annoys me00:24
perrito666wallyworld: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8154484/ seccond pass failed on the testDying test00:26
perrito666third pass seems to have gone flawless so far and it is beyond failure point00:26
wallyworldperrito666: the fix definitely is needed, so we can land that and cross our fingers00:27
perrito666wallyworld: mm I just got a very interesting failure00:28
perrito666wallyworld:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8154509/00:28
wallyworldi've  seen those before too00:29
wallyworldmore test badness that happens every so often00:29
perrito666ok but regardless, the Dying test passed00:30
perrito6664th run00:31
wallyworldgood so far, i'll keep looking in case there's more than can be done00:31
perrito666man I have seen thrillers with less suspense than this test run00:37
perrito666wallyworld: I added a card for this issue, please make sure to move it to done when you finish later today00:41
wallyworldperrito666: that wait we added is not enough - the start up does not account for the fact that the machine may be marked as dead after that. i will need to add some more code00:41
perrito666wallyworld: we could use the channel for more than just a flag00:42
perrito666wallyworld: ok the last pass re-triggered the other error but the dying error is no longer triggered00:42
perrito666wallyworld: I do not believe there is a connection so it should be safe to add the wait as we did00:43
wallyworldit's a bit more complicated - worker startup can fail because a machine is dead, and return an arbitrary error. this case does not trigger the agent to die. we only check for dead machines right at the start and not thereafter00:43
wallyworldi need to add some logic account for this00:44
perrito666well my brain just turned into jelly so I will be out of here, I will reassign this to you, I will add a comment with what you just said, ok?00:45
perrito666wallyworld: ?00:47
wallyworldperrito666: i'll update the bug. thanks for you help00:47
wallyworldhave a goodevening00:48
perrito666wallyworld: tx00:48
perrito666here have the paste to save you some work00:48
perrito666The wait we added is not enough (using the provided channel) - the start up does not account for the fact that the machine may be marked as dead after that and return an arbitrary error. this case does not trigger the agent to die. we only check for dead machines right at the start and not thereafter.00:48
perrito666Logic to account for this will be added by Ian who just took over.00:48
davecheneyanyone seen this before ?00:56
davecheneyi have local changes00:57
davecheneyand I broke some shit00:57
davecheneywhen was juju ssh changed to always ssh via the bootstrap node ?01:22
axw_late last year01:23
=== axw_ is now known as axw
davecheneyshows how much I know01:23
davecheneyfor all providers ?01:23
axwoh sorry01:23
axwI misread01:23
axwcan't remember, I think early this year though01:24
axwyes, all providers (except local)01:24
axwit can be disabled01:24
davecheneynah, it's ok01:25
davecheneyjust hit a stange error message when sshing to a unit01:25
davecheneytlaking about an internal addrss01:25
davecheneyperrito666: i replied to yor email01:33
davecheneyi think you need to do more to make it clear that action is required from others, and make those others aware that the ball is in their court01:33
perrito666thank you very much for taking the time davecheney01:44
wallyworldperrito666: i got a fix up. i experimented with a few approaches, but what's there seems to work https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/61201:53
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wallyworldaxw: changes pushed02:15
axwwallyworld: looking02:16
wallyworldthanks axw02:21
thumper-otpwallyworld_: bugger... *os.PathError = &os.PathError{Op:"write", Path:"/mnt/tmp/gocheck-2703387474910584091/5/ssh", Err:0x1c} ("write /mnt/tmp/gocheck-2703387474910584091/5/ssh: no space left on device")02:47
thumper-otptests failed02:47
thumper-otpno disk left02:47
=== thumper-otp is now known as thumper
wallyworld_thumper: rerun02:47
thumperwallyworld_: is it a dedicated instance?02:47
wallyworld_i have seen that once before02:48
wallyworld_it is an instance stated new each time02:48
wallyworld_not sure why it happens02:48
thumperhmm... ok02:48
ericsnowFYI, there's a chance I will have a reviewboard site up for demo tomorrow, hosted in the CI environment :)03:02
wallyworld_ericsnow: you legend03:09
wallyworld__axw: could you please take another look at this PR. i had to propagate the ErrDead back to the caller which is something i was trying to get away with not doing https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/61203:47
wallyworld__but alas it is needed03:47
axwsure, looking03:47
axwwallyworld__: bleh, would be nice if we had an IsTerminateAgent predicate that knew about errgo03:49
wallyworld__yeah. one step at a time :-)03:49
wallyworld__i just want to get this little fucker landed so we can release 1.20.603:50
axwwallyworld__: given that it's "not found or dead", perhaps just use the existing CodeNotFound?03:52
wallyworld__axw: thought about it, but i think Dead is a distinct error. i think the message in ErrDead() is broken tbh03:53
wallyworld__i'm 50/5003:54
axwwallyworld__: what is the error code returned without new mapping?03:54
axwheh, ok03:54
wallyworld__as the error is not recognised03:54
axwwallyworld__: lgtm04:00
wallyworld__i hope it works this time04:01
davecheneywow, the tests take SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to run04:29
* thumper sighs04:35
thumperaxw: where are the bootstrap logs written?04:35
thumperaxw: when bootstrapping?04:35
axwthumper: cloud-init-output.log04:35
axw$root-dir/cloud-init-output.log for local04:36
thumperah, local is what I'm looking for04:36
thumperaxw: I don't suppose you have a handy bunch of tricks to poke around the inside of the mongo db?04:38
axwthumper: https://github.com/kapilt/juju-dbinspect04:38
axwother than that, fraid not04:38
thumpernah, want a bit lower level than that04:39
thumperthanks anyway04:39
* thumper goes to google04:39
davecheneythumper: /usr/bin/hd04:40
* axw prefers the oscilloscope04:41
thumperscrew you guys04:41
* thumper goes back to googl04:41
davecheneythumper: echo "1" > /dev/tcp/localhost/1701704:42
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axwdavecheney: I think I found why the cmd/juju tests slowed down so much04:58
axwI made some changes to bootstrap to generate the system-identity sooner. we just need to pregenerate that for tests04:59
davecheneyaxw: cool05:04
davecheneywhat is the system-identify ?05:04
axwdavecheney: a private key owned by state servers for logging into other machines05:04
axwdavecheney: I might just move it into server side, shouldn't really be there I think. Anyhow, I'm looking into it05:08
davecheneyi see05:09
wallyworld__davecheney: thanks for the syslog info - i had forgotten the reason05:12
davecheneywallyworld__: syslog is a bit better in Go 1.3, but05:13
davecheneya. we've standardized on 1.205:13
davecheneyb. eveyrone has lost confidence in that package05:13
davecheneyaxw: related LP 135680605:15
davecheneymup: ping05:16
mupdavecheney: I apologize, but I'm pretty strict about only responding to known commands.05:16
davecheneymup: 135680605:16
mupdavecheney: In-com-pre-hen-si-ble-ness.05:16
mupBug #1356806: cmd/juju: juju takes 3 seconds to do nothing <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1356806>05:16
axwdavecheney: thanks05:16
davecheneyaxw: how did you find the problem05:17
axwdavecheney: ah that's a bit different05:17
axwdavecheney: go test -gocheck.vv05:17
davecheneywhat does that show over -v ?05:17
axwgives me timing for SetUpTest05:17
davecheneythen you werelike "wtf is taken 3 seconds ...05:17
davecheneyaxw: can you please log an issue for this bug05:18
davecheneyi have a feeling that this will show up on arm and ppc6405:18
davecheneyuntil fixed05:18
davecheneyas they don't have a fast path for big.Rat05:18
axwdavecheney: will do05:18
thumperwallyworld__: what is the magic to turn off apt update/upgrade with local?05:37
thumperwallyworld__: actually more fucked up than that...05:39
thumperwallyworld__: we are issuing apt-get update/upgrade  on the host machine for the local provider05:39
thumperwallyworld__: we really shouldn't be...05:39
davecheneythumper: search your email for a message from katco today05:40
thumperah... nada05:41
wallyworld__thumper: the defaults should have stayed the same05:42
thumperwallyworld__: they didn't05:42
davecheneythumper: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/135049305:42
mupBug #1350493: 1.20.x local provider not running apt-get update <charms> <regression> <juju-core:Fix Committed by cox-katherine-e> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1350493>05:42
davecheneybottom of that05:42
thumperdavecheney: ta... however the more challenging issue is the apt-get update/upgrade on the host of the local05:43
wallyworld__davecheney: right, the intent was to keep things how they used to be by default05:43
thumperi.e. my machine05:43
wallyworld__thumper: it was supposed to only run any apt commands inside the container once created. so seems like there's a bug there if that's not the case. should be an easy fix05:44
thumperwallyworld__: I haven't tested a container05:44
wallyworld__ie yes, it should not be touching host machine05:44
thumperjust bootstrapping local05:44
* thumper nods05:45
thumpershould be easy enough05:45
wallyworld__yep, will be fixed overnight05:45
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thumperdavecheney: any idea what user.Current().Username looks like on windows?05:45
davecheneythumper: LOCALDOMAIN/admin05:45
thumperdavecheney: particularly wondering about spaces and capitals05:45
davecheney^ total guess05:45
davecheneyyes, it can have both05:46
davecheneyoh boy05:46
davecheneyjust read os/user/lookup_windows.go05:47
* thumper doesn't have the source05:47
davecheneyassume the worse05:48
thumperwell, for me that means unicode05:48
thumperand various bits of punctuation05:48
davecheneyyup, all that is allowed05:48
davecheney_In_   PLSA_UNICODE_STRING Names,05:49
davecheneytrying to find the msdn docs05:49
davecheneythumper: what were you planning on using that string for ?05:49
thumperdavecheney: the default admin user name, but it has to be squeezed through names.IsValidUser05:50
davecheneyno chance05:50
davecheneyfor a start05:50
thumperok, so here is the plan :-)05:50
davecheneywindows calls it05:50
davecheneywith a capital A05:51
thumpergrab the username05:51
thumperif there is a slash, take the last part05:51
thumperthen lower case it05:51
thumperreplace spaces with dashes05:51
thumperthen validate check05:51
thumperif invalid -> "admin"05:51
thumperotherwise use it05:51
davecheneywindows usernames are case sensitive05:51
davecheneyAdmin != admin05:51
davecheneybut if you want to do it right05:51
axwdavecheney: ok  github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju155.808s05:59
axwdown from 400-odd05:59
* axw proposes05:59
dimiternaxw, \o/05:59
davecheneyaxw: nice one06:00
davecheneyaxw: this is anything that embeds jujuconnsuite isn't it ?06:00
axwdavecheney: anything that bootstraps, so yep06:01
davecheneyson of a bitch06:02
=== yaguang_lunch is now known as yaguang
davecheneyaxw: nice one, this one should merge like a greased pig06:29
davecheneyaxw: ok  github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju549.275s06:33
davecheneystill sucks in the cloud06:34
axw? :(06:34
axwis that my PR?06:34
wallyworld__nope, that's mine i think06:34
davecheneysorry, yes06:34
wallyworld__mine is running now06:34
davecheneyBuilding https://github.com/wallyworld/juju.git revision agent-version-on-startup-maste06:34
bodie_if anyone has any obvious review for https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/617 it would be appreciated while I wait to go over the panic with jcw407:14
bodie_thanks all :)07:14
mattywmorning all08:09
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dimiternanyone willing to review a short patch for the critical  https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1361374 (along with a few others) ? PTAL https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/61808:16
mupBug #1361374: maas provider assumes machine uses dhcp for eth0 <addressability> <maas-provider> <network> <juju-core:In Progress by dimitern> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1361374>08:16
TheMuedimitern: looking08:19
dimiternTheMue, thanks!08:19
TheMuedimitern: LGTM, and leads me to postpone my PR for some minutes more. then I’ll integrate your changes into the providers environment capability08:31
dimiternTheMue, tyvm08:35
gsamfiramorning all08:54
gsamfirahttps://github.com/juju/juju/pull/620 <-- if anyone has some spare time, this PR makes wrench build on Windows08:55
TheMuedimitern: does your latest PR build? I’ve got a problem that our dependencies.tsv looks ill. the kardianos/service uses packages that aren’t listed. so my build fails :/08:58
dimiternTheMue, it does build - i've first tested that trunk builds as well, and built my branch to test it on MAAS08:59
dimiternTheMue, run godeps, it should fix it09:00
TheMuedimitern: I always run godeps first09:00
dimiternTheMue, did you try go get -u -v bitbucket.org/kardianos/service ?09:01
dimiterngsamfira, looking09:01
dimiterngsamfira, morning btw :)09:01
gsamfiradimitern Thanks :D09:02
TheMuedimitern: yep, I’ve got a script for it. and I found it in …/pkg/…09:02
dimiternTheMue, the -v and -u flags are important to fetch the package's dependencies, then you run godeps again09:03
dimiterngsamfira, I'm not sure how's the deal with contributors, but I think new files should have the copyright + license header comments, would that interfere with // +build !windows ? (i.e. does it have to be on the very first line?)09:05
gsamfiranope...I always forget the copyright *sigh*09:05
gsamfiralemme add that09:05
TheMuedimitern: as I said, I *always* do (have a script for it)09:05
dimiterngsamfira, cheers!09:06
dimiternTheMue, ok, sorry, I wanted to make sure because I've been bitten by this lots of times :)09:06
TheMuedimitern: that’s why I created a script :D09:07
dimiterngsamfira, LGTM with some trivials09:08
TheMuedimitern: hmm, maybe I found the reason, could be in a conflict of GOROOT and GOPATH *investigating*09:09
gsamfiradimitern: changes made :). Thanks09:10
dimiterngsamfira, cheers!09:10
TheMueno :(09:11
TheMuedimitern: do you have code.google.com/p/go.exp/fsnotify in your pkg dir?09:11
dimiternTheMue, nope, just checked09:14
TheMuedimitern: I got the error message „/home/themue/code/go/src/bitbucket.org/kardianos/service/config/config.go:14:2: cannot find package "code.google.com/p/go.exp/fsnotify" in any of: …“09:14
TheMuedimitern: same for go.text09:15
dimiternTheMue, I don't have bitbucket.org/kardianos/service as well09:16
TheMuedimitern: it is the last line of the tsv09:16
TheMuedimitern: take a look at github directly09:17
TheMuedimitern: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/dependencies.tsv09:17
gsamfiradimitern, TheMue : bitbucket.org/kardianos/service is only needed on Windows to enable jujud.exe as a service09:17
dimiterngsamfira, right!09:18
gsamfiraTheMue, what errors are you seeing?09:18
TheMuegsamfira: my run of godeps after a go get of all packages in dep.tsv works09:19
TheMuegsamfira: but then I wonna do a go test …/.09:19
dimiternTheMue, so I did "go get -u -v bitbucket.org/kardianos/service", which completed successfully, then I run my run-godeps script to update deps, and finally just to check godeps -u dependencies.tsv - no errors09:19
TheMuegsamfira: and then I get - below others - the error message shown above09:20
TheMuedimitern: yep, here too09:20
TheMuedimitern: but now do a go test for all09:20
dimiternTheMue, now I'm running go build ./... && go test ./... in the root dir09:20
gsamfirarunning now09:20
gsamfiraso far so good09:21
gsamfiraTheMue: can you do a: cd $GOPATH/src/bitbucket.org/kardianos/service && hg log | head09:22
gsamfiraI'm curious if the revision is correct09:23
TheMueha! found it, really strange!09:23
TheMuegsamfira: it’s all fine in the tsv09:23
gsamfirayup, just wanted to make sure its fine in the repo as well :)09:24
gsamfiraTheMue, what was it?09:24
TheMuegsamfira, dimitern: dunno why, but I typed „go test …/.“ instead of „go test ./…“. and I this case you get this error, crazy.09:25
gsamfiraahh :)). I thought it was a typo on irc :D09:25
gsamfirawell then, glad it worked :)09:26
dimiternTheMue, all tests pass here09:26
* TheMue also has to configure that there’s no more crazy char replacement in his IRC client. nothing to do with this problem, but looks wierd09:27
TheMuedimitern: see above, strange behavior when using …/. instead of ./…09:27
dimiternTheMue, ah, it happens :)09:28
TheMuedimitern: but then I would have expected a different kind of error, really crazy :D09:29
gsamfiradimitern: can you merge https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/620 if its fine?09:31
dimiterngsamfira, will look shortly09:32
gsamfirathanks! :)09:32
TheMuedimitern: btw, how do you see my three dots …? they always seem to raise a bit up here in my client, drives my crazy09:32
axwwallyworld_: are you around still?09:39
axwhey. I'm changin sync-tools to use the API09:40
axwseems that --public does not make any sense when we change to no provider storage09:40
axwdo you concur?09:40
wallyworld_i think --public was sort of obsolete a while back09:40
axwmetadata plugins should take care of that right?09:41
wallyworld_pretty much. we'll just make sure we check the new implementation satisfies the common workflows09:41
axwwallyworld_: so I was thinking we could just honour it if the user uses --local-dir09:42
axwbut otherwise it'd be ignored09:42
wallyworld_that sounds reasonable, bit i'd need to re-read the code to comment for sure09:42
wallyworld_which i will do09:42
dimiterngsamfira, submitted for merging09:50
gsamfirathank you! :)09:51
dimiternTheMue, they look different enough - I'm using monospace 11 in xchat09:51
TheMuedimitern: I found the switch, ... and … ;)10:00
dimiternTheMue, nice :)10:20
TheMuedimitern: yeah, sometimes software tries to be more intelligent than you and behaves strange.10:22
TheMuedimitern: now I'm resolving the merge conflict after your latest change :D10:22
dimiternTheMue, sweet!10:27
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TheMuedimitern: currently, as a quick change, I'm using your disableNetworkManagement and my RequiresSafeNetworker in a combination. did I get your right that the capability should answer it directly (by taking a look at the configuration)?10:34
dimiternTheMue, I think the capability should check disableNetworkManagement internally and return true when it is true, before doing other checks10:35
TheMuedimitern: ok, so have to touch all providers again. :/ at least those are only a few methods :)10:36
dimiternTheMue, sorry about the fuss :/10:38
TheMuedimitern: no pro, simply makes sense10:38
TheMuedimitern: oh, got logical problem now. the capability today tell if a safe or "unsafe" networker shall be used10:41
TheMuedimitern: but it doesn't tell, if NO networker shall be used10:42
dimiternTheMue, no, no - there is always a networker running, but if management is disabled we should run a safe one10:42
TheMuedimitern: ah, here's my mistake, so if disableNetworkManagement is true we return true to run the safe one, got it10:43
dimiternTheMue, yep10:44
perrito666good morning everbody11:18
katco`wallyworld_: brt, mic doesn't seem to be working12:02
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alexisbperrito666, ping13:21
perrito666alexisb: pong13:21
perrito666set, match13:21
alexisbcan you jump on the a call to help with a technical question?13:21
perrito666which call?13:21
alexisbMAAS call, it is about the windows workload support in juju13:22
alexisbgetting hangout13:22
perrito666oh, ok, could you giveme the url?13:22
* TheMue sometimes hates unit testing. no need to discuss how valuable it is. but sometime stuff is so interwoven ...13:27
bodie_TheMue, I always appreciate unit testing and never question its utility ;)13:27
natefinchmorning all13:28
bodie_hullo natef13:28
wwitzel3hey natefinch13:28
wwitzel3natefinch: I'm in moonstone, ready when you are13:29
TheMuebodie_: as I said, no discussion about how much it's worth, only sometimes the effort13:31
perrito666natefinch: hey wb13:32
alexisbnatefinch, welcome back13:37
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bodie_TheMue, I was just kidding :) but I always realize how much it's worth when something I thought was bulletproof, isn't...13:50
TheMuebodie_: but in my case it now also leads to a cleaner design using a mockable interface ;)14:02
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TheMueso, the refactored code build, but now I have to change the tests14:36
=== jw4 is now known as jcw4
ericsnownatefinch, perrito666, wwitzel3: standup?15:01
perrito666ericsnow: going15:01
aznashwanHello, just throwing this out there: has anyone else noticed that we're still using the launchpad.net version of gocheck in all our tests when the repo's been moved to github for like 6 months now?15:01
abentleyWe have updated a utopic machine and now the lxcbr0 interface is missing an we can't use the local/lxc provider.  Any ideas?15:05
abentleyThe machine is our test slave for utopic.15:05
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katco`hey is anyone from onyx online?15:19
katco`well maybe someone else can answer this then :)15:21
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katcothumper mentioned that a recent change is causing apt to be run on host machines, not just worker machines, i think when running local. just wanted to see if anyone had some more information on that?15:24
katcoi'm looking at all-machines.log, and my machine's /var/log/apt/history.log, and i'm not seeing evidence that it's being run, but i'm going on the assumption that i'm just not looking where thumper was15:24
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hazmatany folks with juju azure implementation knowlege on hand?16:03
=== rogpeppe1 is now known as rogpeppe
alexisbmgz_, do you happen to know anything about azure?16:10
mgz_some, but probably only enough to be dangerous16:11
mgz_what's the question?16:11
mgz_hazmat: what's up?16:14
hazmatmgz_, so we're setting a single affinity group for the entire env.. that seems inappropriate.. afaik the only reason we're doing that is to create a virtual network for private backpane communication between service instances16:15
hazmati wanted to confirm that's the only reason we're touching affinity groups16:15
mgz_yeah, we need all machines able to talk to all other machines, which means they all need to be in the same affinity group, no?16:16
hazmatbecause that underlying reason is no longer accurate, ie. regions/locations can be used when creating virtual nets now.16:16
mgz_current networking work should relax that restriction eventually16:16
hazmatmgz_, that's the issue, that's not true16:16
hazmatit may have been at the time, but the apis have been updated16:16
mgz_okay, sounds like a bug to raise then if we have new azure tools to make it work16:17
mgz_what should we do instead? we still need some kind of affinity group policy, no?16:17
hazmatand it impacts how the fabric internally maps instances to fault domains when their in the same affinity group.. ie affinity group tries to say place me on the same rack, where as also want fault domain which is their mapping to az.16:17
hazmatmgz_, actually we don't16:17
mgz_and juju can't currently do smart things like put different units of the same service in different groups I think16:18
hazmatmgz_, we were only using affinity group (on the whole env) for the networking aspect16:18
mgz_so, just dump the group entirely?16:18
hazmatmgz_, azure internally will do fault domain placement for us16:18
mgz_well, that doesn't sound too bad16:18
hazmatfor multiple role instances16:18
mgz_hazmat: can you file a bug, with some of the details of the new scheme we should use instead?16:22
hazmatmgz_, sure16:22
hazmatmgz_, just want to verify the fault domain mapping on our instances as we create at the moment.. i kinda of wish juju had commands for listing underlying cloud info on instances for admins16:23
mgz_yeah, we should have an extended status thing really16:24
hazmatmgz_, for manual provider plugins.. i've started to just have a separate command list-machines with provider specific details16:25
hazmata list-machines command in juju might be appropriate for this.. our nested yaml data structs on status are rather hard to interpret visually given their tendancy to scroll off the screen... there's some status work though as part of pain points that may help16:26
bodie_I have landed and merged the bugfix for intermittent Action related test failures.  is this "released" or "committed"?16:54
mupBug #1351371: state/apiserver/uniter/uniter_test fails TestPreexistingActions when Actions arrive out of order. <actions> <intermittent-failure> <juju-core:Fix Committed by binary132> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1351371>16:54
perrito666ppl I am a bit ill Ill go rest a moment and then come back17:06
bodie_anyone, guidance on the bug status?  I assume it is "committed" because it is not yet in a release version of juju?17:23
bodie_mgz_, natefinch, alexisb?17:23
natefinchbodie_: committed17:25
alexisbone sec bodie_ on a call17:25
natefinchbodie_: I let sinzui et. al. change it to released17:25
bodie_okay, cool.  thanks natefinch17:26
alexisbbodie_, looks like you got your answer17:29
alexisbthanks natefinch17:30
=== jheroux is now known as jheroux_away
natefinchericsnow: LGTM'd your unrevert18:46
ericsnowah, cool18:46
ericsnownatefinch: thanks18:46
ericsnownatefinch: FYI, I've filed a bug against the postgresql charm, 1 against reviewboard, and what feels like 100 against the reviewboard charm. :)18:49
ericsnownatefinch: the charm author has reached out to me. :)18:49
natefinchericsnow: awesome... maybe you can help fix up the reviewboard charm18:54
ericsnownatefinch: it's not on the scale that the author will need much help18:55
ericsnownatefinch: I did, however, right my first charm (for the OAuth reviewboard extension).18:56
ericsnowwasn't as hard as I had expected18:56
ericsnowand writing Python is always like going home :)18:57
natefinchericsnow: cool, glad you got to write a charm, and got to exercise those python skills19:22
natefinchericsnow: btw, you can upload to your own namespace in the charmstore, with zero overhead or review needed20:13
ericsnownatefinch: good to know20:13
ericsnownatefinch: I'll put that on my todo list :)20:14
natefinchericsnow: so like juju deploy c:~ericsnow/reviewboard20:14
natefinchcs:~ericsnow that is20:14
TheMueso, redesign after merging done, tomorrow morning some polishing. good night all20:54
thumperkatco: morning21:04
katcothumper: howdy, thumper21:04
thumperkatco: so... here is what I was seeing yesterday...21:04
thumperwas testing the local provider to check some mongo changes I was doing21:05
thumperjuju bootstrap --debug21:05
thumperfor the local provider21:05
katcothumper: ok21:05
thumperthis showed that the cloud init step was doing an apt-get update/upgrade21:05
thumperyou can see the results in $datadir/cloud-init-log21:05
thumperor something like that21:05
katcothumper: on the container? or on your machine?21:05
thumperit seems that the cloud init script being generated for the local provider on bootstrap is doing the apt dance21:05
thumperno containers are being created21:06
thumperjust bootstrapping21:06
thumperwhich messes with the host machine21:06
katcothumper: ah yes, ok. i was afraid i misunderstood ian.21:06
thumper(oh how I'd like to fix that)21:06
thumperthis made bootstrapping the local provider take a lot longer than it needs to21:06
katcothumper: please forgive my newbness :( doesn't bootstrapping create a container to be the state machine?21:07
thumperkatco: not for the local provider21:07
thumperit should (in the future)21:07
thumperbut doesn't21:07
thumpermachine 0 for the local provider is the host21:07
katcothumper: ahhh! there's the insight i was missing.21:07
thumperthe datadir is set to $JUJUHOME/<envname>/21:08
thumperso for me, with a local called "local"21:08
thumperthe data dir is ~/.juju/local21:08
katcothumper: ok, so a little background: we wanted the new config settings to trump all, but have sensible defaults21:08
katcothumper: the defaults for local were to ommit the apt commands only if lxc-clone was on21:08
* thumper nods21:08
natefinchthumper: can you talk to dpb on canonical's #juju, he has some lxc issues and would like some help, and it's past EOD for me.21:09
thumperkatco: we need to special case the bootstrap node for local21:09
katcothumper: but it sounds like there's a completely set of code i need to modify to ommit the apt commands from local21:09
katcothumper: yeah. ok i think ian tried to impart that :p21:09
* thumper nods21:09
katcothumper: thank you so much, i'll start now. pretty good idea of where the modifications need to be made.21:09
thumperbootstrap in provider/local/environ.go is already a little special21:09
* katco laughs21:09
* natefinch has to run21:10
katcothumper: actually, still a little strange. right now my machine has a nonsensical apt proxy. wouldn't i be seeing failures in /var/log/apt/history.log?21:11
katcothumper: or is that an incorrect metric?21:11
thumperumm... apt proxy set where?21:12
katcothumper: /etc/apt/apt.conf on my machine21:13
katcothumper: i was trying to use that as a hammer to notify me if _anything_ was awry21:13
thumperI'm not sure where apt logs problems21:13
thumperbut I would guess /var/log/apt ... something21:14
katcothumper: (shrugs), i trust you. i'll just make the changes.21:14
katcoarg, my irc client crashed. missed any response after the "i trust you" comment21:16
thumperkatco: I didn't say anything :-)21:18
thumperI was just basking in the glow of trust21:18
katcothumper: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/62121:48
thumperkatco: otp now will look shortly21:49
katcothumper: no problem, just don't want you blocked21:49
wallyworld_katco: hey, i see you're working on the apt thing. did you want me to look at the other provisioning issue?22:17
katcowallyworld_: thanks, but i think i almost have that wrapped up22:17
katcowallyworld_: will hop back on that when this PR lands22:18
wallyworld_sure, just wanted to be sure you weren't blocked22:18
katcowallyworld_: i'm down to tests that look like they're actual failures due to new harvesting settings, instead of regressiosn22:18
katcowallyworld_: you could look at that PR to get it landed faster. that would unblock me :)22:23
wallyworld_katco: the apt settings one? sure. i thought thumper was so didn't want to double up, but i can. i have a meeting now but will do so straight after22:24
katcowallyworld_: oh, he'll probably get to it. he's on a call i think.22:24
katcowallyworld_: also, is FAIL: upgrade_test.go:324: UpgradeSuite.TestUpgradeStepsHostMachine a transient error?22:25
katcojust got it, hadn't in 2 previous runs >.<22:25
thumperkatco: it certainly shouldn't be22:25
thumperkatco: which failures?22:26
katcothumper: upgrade_test.go:328:22:26
thumperkatco: which package?22:26
perrito666wallyworld_: great job with the bug yesterday22:27
katcothumper: running again...22:27
wallyworld_katco: no, not that i know of22:27
wallyworld_perrito666: finally got it nailed22:28
wallyworld_perrito666: one down, 100s more to go :-(22:28
wallyworld_maybe an exaggeration22:28
perrito666wallyworld_: well you gotta start somewhere22:29
wallyworld_perrito666: of course, after that i had to unrevert the erroneous revert of my other branch :-/22:29
* katco throws hands up22:29
katcoit passes22:29
perrito666wallyworld_: and applied the patch for the fix in master too?22:29
* katco runs the entire suite again...22:30
wallyworld_perrito666: yup22:30
wallyworld_katco: welcome to juju testing :-)22:30
katcowallyworld_: and a warm welcome it is ;)22:30
thumperthat is a terrible test22:30
katcowallyworld_: almost like being in hell22:30
thumperand I think mostly unneeded22:30
thumperI'd like wallyworld_'s opinion too22:30
thumperI don't believe it should be testing what it is testing22:31
thumperthe upgrade steps should be tested elsewhere22:31
wallyworld_thumper: otp with alexis, will look soon22:31
thumperjujud should assert that it is running upgrades, but not that every step has run22:31
thumperthat's just unnecessary22:31
thumperwallyworld_: I see lots of emails about juju merges accepted, but not rejected nor landed22:50
thumperwallyworld_: any ideas?22:50
wallyworld_thumper: will look soon, still otp22:51
alexisbthumper, quick bugging Ian in our 1x1 ;)22:51
katcowallyworld_: ian! ian! hey!22:51
thumperwallyworld_: what ever you do, don't mention that thing to alexisb22:51
wallyworld_fark off22:52
* katco loves her team22:52
waiganithumper: standup23:01
katcothumper: so does this need to be a new concept? update behavior for bootstrap only?23:07
wallyworld_thumper: yesterday I aborted several of my landings, perhaps that's what you are seeing23:22
thumperwallyworld_: maybe23:23
waiganithumper: magic!23:23
thumpersee :)23:23
wallyworld_thumper: you happy with https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/621 ?23:24
thumperwallyworld_: looks like the values are being set for the entire environment23:25
thumperwallyworld_: rather than just the bootstrap node23:25
katcothumper: wallyworld_: is there an existing concept for settings for a single node or operation?23:25
* thumper takes a quick look23:25
thumperkatco: provider/local/environ.go:13923:26
wallyworld_thumper: why aren't they needed for the entire environment? all machines which start shoudl have those settings23:26
thumperhere we directly modify the machine config struct for the bootstrap node23:26
wallyworld_oh wait23:27
thumperline 16723:27
wallyworld_i see what you mean23:27
thumperboth line 167/168 should be false, yes?23:27
wallyworld_thumper: i think that's all that's needed isn't it - just set those 2 to false23:29
thumperI think so23:29
thumperto fix this issue anyway23:29
katcohrm... i see what you mean. so https://github.com/katco-/juju/blob/local-apt-defaults/provider/local/environ.go#L162 would be false23:30
katcob/c that will only affect the machine config for the state server?23:30
wallyworld_katco: hmmm. see cloudcfg on line 18423:31
wallyworld_that also sets the update bools23:31
katcowallyworld_: right, but it pulls them from the machine config23:32
bodie_final lynchpin for actions on the unit: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/617 ready for review (415 and 520 depend on this)23:33
katcoi think setting the machine config to false would be ok, unless you think it should only set the cloud config23:33
wallyworld_yes, it does, so yes setting mcfg to false should do it23:33
katcorunning tests23:34
wallyworld_you may need a new test for this issue specifically if there's not one there23:36
katcowallyworld_: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/621/files#diff-51c33284469e382ba300508359834cc6R21023:37
katcowallyworld_: hrm. do we want a blanket false? or should we continue to check if the environment settings are set?23:38
katcowallyworld_: the way it's coded now, even if i set the environment settings to true, the updates/upgrades won't be run23:39
wallyworld_katco: maybe we should allow the user to override them - otherwise it's just another special case for people to get confused about23:39
wallyworld_i can't see why they'd want to set them to true23:39
wallyworld_but they might23:39
katcowallyworld_: yeah, i agree. if i specifically tell juju to do something, i'd like it to happen :)23:40
wallyworld_juju world-peace23:40
katcogotta charm it first23:40
wallyworld_Error: Juju cannot do that, Hal23:40
katcowallyworld_: while i'm waiting for tests to finish. remember how you were saying values would be cached on machine objs? if i do an EnsureDead, will a call to Life return the correct value?23:49
katcowallyworld_: afterward i mean23:50
wallyworld_katco: should do, let me check23:50
wallyworld_katco: no, appears not :-( looks like you gotta call Refresh()23:51
katcowallyworld_: how did you check that so fast?23:51
wallyworld_i knew where to look, bitter experience23:52
katcosomeday, i too, will be able to say i have bitter experience.23:52
wallyworld_see the EnsureDead() method - doesn't look like it does any update on the struct's life value23:52
wallyworld_oh, i was bitter before too :-)23:53
wallyworld_and twisted23:53
katcoit's wally's world and we're all just living in it ;)23:53
wallyworld_glad you understand23:53
katcoi think that's one of the bugs right there. b/c i separated the ensuredead from placing it into the dead slice23:55
katcopreviously it would ensuredead and then immediately fall into the dead list, despite it's comical assertions that it wasn't yet perished.23:56
wallyworld_yes, sounds plausible23:58

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