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ScottKRiddelll: I'm running from perlkde.00:43
lordievaderGood morning.06:40
apacheloggerRiddelll: since when do we actively track bugs?07:30
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Riddelllapachelogger: only the next PPAs have arm cos shadeslayer asked for it08:43
apacheloggerRiddelll, shadeslayer: could someone please send a mail about that to the list :P08:51
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kdeuser56whats the problem with debugging stuff on kubuntu-plasma5? whenever a crash happens dr konqi shows nothing despite me installing many debug symbols08:58
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RiddellScottK: remember bug 1353973 for SRU09:28
ubottubug 1353973 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu Trusty) "Please update kde-workspace to 4.11.11" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135397309:28
Riddellor MRE or whatever it's called09:28
kdeuser56Riddell: is it just me or does drkonqi not really work on the kubuntu-plasma5 image?09:28
Riddellkdeuser56: I've not tried thus far, maybe apachelogger has with his porting of kubuntu-debug-installer09:30
kdeuser56Riddell: I installed tons of debug symbols and it still does not show a useful trace09:30
kdeuser56Riddell: if you wanna try you know the kill -s SIGSEGV $(pidof <application-name>) trick, right?09:30
Riddellok I'll try it later when doing the beta 1 tests09:30
Riddellyeah I know :)09:30
kdeuser56Riddell: what kubuntu-debug installer is he porting? you mean the apport patches?09:31
apacheloggerdrkonqi is kaput09:31
apacheloggerthat's why09:31
kdeuser56apachelogger: I have ported the apport patches09:31
apacheloggeralso there was an upstream bug in 5.0.1 that rendered stacks broken AFAIK09:31
Riddellis it kaput? that's a bad thing to be09:32
apacheloggerwas repaired09:33
apacheloggerI think09:33
kdeuser56apachelogger: I only have one problem leftwith kubuntu_drkonqi_whoopsie_integration.patch: it does not create the dr.konqi accept file, so something broke :-(09:34
kdeuser56apachelogger: although the diff did not apply anymore not much has changed. I manaully applied the diff, changed kdebug to qdebug and it compiled09:35
kdeuser56apachelogger: new diff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8157817/09:36
kdeuser56apachelogger: and that would be the one for kcrash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8157820/09:37
kdeuser56apachelogger: both compile, second works as expected, first not yet, I'll have a look again, in the next hours09:38
kdeuser56apachelogger: to be more precise, it seems like only the if in the destructor does not seem to work in http://paste.ubuntu.com/8157817/09:41
apacheloggerwell, the destructor thing is a bit of an ugly hack anyway :P09:43
RiddellScottK: and also a gstreamer backend on bug 135831209:43
ubottubug 1358312 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Trusty) "Phonon stable release update to 4.8 beta" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135831209:43
kdeuser56apachelogger: yeah, but where else to put it? after the close button has been pressed it should be invoked09:43
kdeuser56apachelogger: and all the other buttons like restart etc. so the destructor does not seem that ugly ...09:45
Riddellsgclark: did you do any ISO tests?09:45
Riddelloh yes you marked it as fail :)09:45
sgclarkI did. Power management is a game breaker for me09:45
apacheloggerkdeuser56: one option would be: have a q_global_static qobject and connect it to the checked signal of the checkbox, write data in its dtor09:51
apacheloggerthe problem with doing it in the dialog's dtor is that the patch doesn't have scope control, or all the patch knows s_whoopsieCheckBox might have been deleted by then already because of qobject parenting09:52
kdeuser56apachelogger: and the whoopsie/apport upload process really starts as soon as the accept file is created? does not sound logical to me09:58
kdeuser56apachelogger: oh nevermind10:01
apacheloggerapport starts as soon as the signal is re-raised by kcrash10:01
kdeuser56apachelogger: yeah, i know ... sorry do not knwo what I've benn thinken10:02
Riddellkubotu: newversion kdevelop 4.7.010:16
Riddellkubotu: newversion wacomtablet 2.1.0beta110:20
Riddellshadeslayer: alive?10:55
shadeslayerMeet you in 20 mins for lunch?10:56
Riddellokay dokay10:57
Riddellno plans for lunch as yes, I'm in favour of buying a bagette and making some sandwiches10:58
shadeslayerAh :p10:58
Riddellcos that's what we used to have to do back in the getto where I grew up10:58
shadeslayerRiddell: OK then I will head into the office, be there in 2010:58
soeethere is new section available in System Settings -> Display Cofiguration that should allow configure monitors etc i think.11:11
soeebut if we enter there we hane only The shared library was not found.11:12
BluesKajHiyas all11:16
Riddellsoee: ah something is up with kscreen in plasma 5 I guess11:32
soeehi BluesKaj11:32
soeeRiddell: ok good to know its not me only11:32
BluesKajhey soee11:33
sgclarkRiddell: that ISO using the frameworks kscreen?11:36
Riddellsgclark: should be yes, Ihave not checked yet11:36
Riddellyes it will be or it would not be shown at all11:37
sgclarkRiddell: ok I will take a look to make sure it is not the packaging11:37
Riddellbut why it doesnt want to load it I dont know11:37
sgclarkAny clues on the power manangement?11:37
Riddellalso not had a chance to look11:38
Riddellsome issue upstream I suspect but it may be an issue only exposed on kubuntu11:38
BluesKajin the plasma5 daily, copy and paste doesn't work unless the source file is left open11:38
yofelsounds like klipper isn't running11:43
BluesKajbut that will probly be solved soon ... too lazy to file a bug atm since it's not real serious11:43
BluesKajyofel, let me check 11:43
BluesKajhad to check the desktop pc and klipper is running 11:46
yofelthen it's not working :/11:47
BluesKajand the virtual desktops aren't accepting different backgrounds/wallpapers...I remember a similar problem early in 14.10 plasma 4 which eventually was corrected without filing a bug 11:51
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BluesKajrunning plasma 5 daily on the desktop since it's just a media sever and seems to do it's job ok atm ..plasma 5 on this laptop is still too frustrating 12:28
sgclarknot sure what the deal is with kscreen, nothing jumping out at me in build log. all depends satisfied. Lintian good and no missing. Think I will try a new snapshot..12:31
sgclarkblech nothing new.12:33
Riddellsgclark: does it run standalone_12:34
Riddellkcmshell5 kscreen ¿12:35
Riddell...spanish keyboards are fun12:35
sgclarkRiddell: nope... missing shared library. lemme strace.12:36
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Riddell"Rex Dieter <rdieter@math.unl.edu> has been successfully subscribed to kubuntu-devel." yay rdieter still loves us... wait, hes a fedora spy¡12:36
Riddellsgclark: I think it also claims missing even if it just cant load the plugin for whatever reason12:39
rdieterdouble blind spy worm mole12:39
Riddelle.g. if its binary incompatible12:39
sgclarkRiddell: ok very strange, I saw ENOENT (No such file or directory)  on files I know were in package so I reinstalled wih my local build deb and viola it works.. I changed nothing12:39
sgclarksomehow files are missing on what was uploaded12:40
Riddellapt'get install ''reinstall12:41
Riddellfixing ' for dashes12:41
Riddelldpkg 'L kscreen12:41
Riddelllists all the files12:41
Riddellmaybe thereś a .install file gone missing somewhere12:41
sgclarkI used the debain from bzr12:42
sgclarkRiddell: the paths are wrong in the next PPA, did it get built with the wrong ECM? then a rebuild outta fix it12:44
sgclark.I think that is the problem. There was an ECM that broke lots of stuff 12:46
shadeslayerRiddell: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119901/12:46
Riddellsgclark: ooh that could be the case12:53
Riddellsgclark: can you upload it to next'staging again_12:53
sgclarkI wonder if maybe powerdevil got the same bug12:54
Riddellpossibly but it has a separate error12:55
Riddellworth trying12:55
soeeso thsi can fix the kscreen problem ?12:55
soeebtw what is ECM ?12:55
soeeoh, thakn you12:58
Riddell"Install Plugins and Qt5 Imports to the Qt5 install dir" → "Install Qt Plugins, Imports and QMake mkspecs to the Qt install dir"12:59
Riddellsoee: cmake modules from KDE Frameworks13:01
sgclarkunfortuantely it looks like powerdevil plugins are in the correct place13:09
soeekscreen works now, though connecting TV through hdmi makes plasmashell crash, laso on the display list hdmi is listed twice not sure why14:03
soeecan i chnage phonon backend from cli ?14:09
Riddellhmm so the plasma5 image is a bit broken :(14:23
Riddellno ubiquity-dm14:23
Riddellthen weird permissions issues connecting to the network14:23
Riddelland running ubiquity14:23
Riddellwe have the same problem with non-english keyboards as we had in the alphas14:24
Riddelland the syslinux menu has the weird back option still and can't boot OEM but then it is broken for other flavours too14:25
shadeslayerknown issue that14:25
shadeslayerbug colin14:25
shadeslayerI have systemd14:26
shadeslayerin my dmesg14:26
shadeslayeror well14:26
shadeslayermy dmesg is colored14:26
shadeslayerand what not14:26
shadeslayerRiddell: https://code.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/ubiquity/plasma5/+merge/22852814:37
shadeslayeroh oh oh15:31
shadeslayerim-config pulling in zenity15:31
shadeslayerwhy on why15:31
Riddellit likes to do that15:31
RiddellI've removed it more than once in the past I'm sure but eventually one loses the will15:31
shadeslayerplasma 5 has mir because of that15:32
Riddellwhy does zenity need mir?15:32
Riddellinfact why does anything need mir15:32
shadeslayerzenity needs libgtk3-0 which depends on libmirclient15:33
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apacheloggershadeslayer: what15:56
apacheloggerI sent a patch to the debian maintainer15:56
apacheloggerto do kdialog and shit15:56
shadeslayerto what16:00
apacheloggerim-config needing zenity16:00
apacheloggerI think the im-config dep might need adjusting16:00
apacheloggerbecause like, the package where kdialog lives is different16:01
apacheloggeror does kdialog live in baseapps16:01
apachelogger!find kdialog16:01
ubottuFile kdialog found in amarok-doc, anyremote-data, ats-lang-anairiats, dff, fckeditor, fpc-source-2.6.2, gcl, gramps, gwrite, kde-baseapps-bin (and 86 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=kdialog&mode=&suite=trusty&arch=any16:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: we seeding baseapps-bin?16:01
shadeslayerah hm I see16:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: no16:02
shadeslayerwhich is why we end up with libmir16:02
apacheloggerpolish that turd!16:03
shadeslayersuch long emails16:04
apacheloggerand here I thought I held back16:04
shadeslayerRiddell: mind adding kde-baseapps-bin to the seed ^^16:04
shadeslayerapachelogger: pft16:04
Riddellshadeslayer: plasma5 seed?16:06
* Riddell makes it sew16:08
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geniiDid kubotu always do that?18:08
yofelnot really, was added recently18:08
geniiAh, OK18:08
apacheloggerclearly a contender for best bot on freenode18:10
lordievaderGood evening.18:19
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kdeuser56apachelogger: okay I just looked at the patches again: both patches are working, the only problem is, the destructor does not get called when pressing the close button in the application18:37
apacheloggerspace ships18:37
kdeuser56apachelogger: the close button in the titlebar works fine though18:37
apacheloggerkdeuser56: that seems silly18:37
apacheloggerbut yeah, if one were to not do stuff in the dtor but rather in a global static that would not be a problem 18:38
kdeuser56apachelogger: yeah it is silly18:38
apacheloggerthe static would get cleaned through the exit_handler so it always gets destructed18:38
apacheloggerkdeuser56: I suspect there's is a parenting problem somewhere actually18:38
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apacheloggerwhich also should be resolved as that is a theoretical leak if the scope of the dialog is changed to be smaller than the application scope18:39
kdeuser56apachelogger: it seems to have happened by porting from KDialog18:40
apacheloggerI blame shadeslayer18:42
kdeuser56apachelogger: what for?18:42
apacheloggerhe's drkonqi maintainer don't you know ;)18:42
kdeuser56apachelogger: yeah but not calling the destructor is an upstream but as it would not save the window size ...18:43
apacheloggerI doubt anyone cares about drkonqi window size :P18:44
shadeslayerI am not18:44
apacheloggerit's not like you can play HD prn in there18:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: you moved it across repos, that makes you 300% more the maintainer than anyone else :P18:44
kdeuser56apachelogger: could we simply package the diffs and try to fix the destructor not being called or is that a nogo?18:55
apacheloggerkdeuser56: if it is non-functional what is the point of packaging it18:58
apacheloggeractuaaaaaaaaaaaally I was thinking about upstreaming the patches18:58
apacheloggerat least the kcrash one18:58
kdeuser56apachelogger: it is functional, but not for the close button in the application19:00
kdeuser56apachelogger: so 50% ;-)19:00
apacheloggerthat's half broken then :P19:01
kdeuser56apachelogger: perfectionist :-)19:09
apacheloggerkdeuser56: nono, the perfectionist in me says that it is a 100% broken because there is no formal test saying otherwise (:19:12
kdeuser56apachelogger: true ^^ 19:12
shadeslayerRiddell: ubiquity-dm starts now21:25
shadeslayerRiddell: but no background21:25
shadeslayerok shit21:25
shadeslayersomething broke21:25
shadeslayerRiddell: I broke it too much I think21:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: wallpaper is likely because ubiquity wallpaper loading is shit and depends on the weird kde-wallpaper link we introduces as a workaround for shit being shit21:28
shadeslayerso basically21:29
shadeslayerubiquity-dm does not play nice with sddm21:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: how's that?21:29
apacheloggerthere's no interaction supposed to be is there?21:29
shadeslayerclicking on Try Kubuntu leads to a loop21:29
shadeslayeridk why, but you never see the desktop after hitting try Kubuntu21:29
shadeslayerlaunches ubiquity-dm after 2 minutes21:29
shadeslayeratleast sddm doesn't come up with text now21:30
shadeslayeranyway, something to look forward to tomorrow morning21:34
shadeslayerbecause my head hurts so bad right now :/21:35
apacheloggerkubotu: order painkiller for shadeslayer21:35
* kubotu slides awesome pain killing painkillers down the bar to shadeslayer. Good ride!21:35
shadeslayerI took some asprin21:35
shadeslayerthx kubotu21:35
* shadeslayer takes a painkiller and washes it down with whiskey21:36
apacheloggeryou misspelled whisky again21:36
apacheloggerbtw, just sayin21:36
apacheloggerRiddell: ^ look look look what your coworker did21:37
apacheloggerthe outrage21:37
shadeslayerscotch was so much easier21:37
* apachelogger falls off chair21:37
valorieuhoh, shadeslayer still sick?22:18
* valorie helps apachelogger up from the floor22:18
apacheloggervalorie: thank you :)22:20
shadeslayervalorie: somewhat, damn cough won't go away22:51
shadeslayerThough I am to blame for it partly22:52
* valorie dccs some chicken soup22:53
valoriewith garlic22:53
shadeslayer<- vegetarian22:53
shadeslayerI should ask Riddell 's gf for a home made remedy22:54
yofelgarlic still applies ^^22:54
shadeslayerGargling with Warm salted water provides some respite though22:54
shadeslayerAnd I have been popping strepsils like candies22:55
* valorie changes the recipe to vegetable broth22:57
shadeslayerMmm soup22:58
valoriebit hot for that here22:59
valorieyou can have it all22:59
apacheloggerwhat's this, eat a drink?23:10
* apachelogger would like to have a bloody marry for dinner plz :O23:11
valoriethere is cold soup too!23:17
valoriereally, tomato juice is as thick as some soup23:17
valorieand a bloody mary even has a stick of celery!23:17
valoriekubotu: order bloody mary for apachelogger23:18
* kubotu adds a dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper into a highball glass, pours 4.5 cl Vodka, 9 cl Tomato juice, 1.5 cl Lemon juice and ice cubes in the highball, stirs gently, garnishes with Celery Salt and lemon wedge and slides the cocktail down the bar to apachelogger. Voilà your Bloody Mary.... muhahahahah :P23:18
valoriewoah, so detailed23:18
* valorie installs neon5 on the netbook to see how it runs on an atom23:23
apacheloggervalorie: as I said ealier, kubotu  clearly is a contender for best bot on freenode ;)23:25
valorieI fully agree23:27

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