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lordievaderGood morning.06:40
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Naphatulis there a way to make the splash screen match the background or login screen background?09:17
lordievaderNaphatul: Yes, copy the splash screen change the background and set it to use that splash screen.09:20
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Guest57214anyone tried to make a custom kubuntu cd with just updated software? I got ton of errors once I run "apt-get upgrade" :/10:05
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BluesKajHiyas all11:16
BluesKajhi shattingduck11:34
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tobiasschoelHi, I have a problem with kontact downloading dates from citadel groupware server12:28
alvinSince Choqok is not actively developed anymore, what do you use as twitter client? (besides the website)12:29
BluesKajalvin, try the social desktop12:32
alvinThe social desktop? Is that a widget?12:33
alvinI found it (more or less)12:34
BluesKajoops sorry , I thought it was on 14.04 too12:34
BluesKajit's in system settings>account details here (14.10)12:35
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alvinBluesKaj: I'm on 14.04. It's in Account Details -> Social Desktop. But I don't know the URL for the Twitter provider, if it exists.12:39
BluesKajalvin, I don't know it either ...not a twitter person12:45
alvinI did not know what this "Social Desktop" was. I do like the idea, but documentation is sparse.12:46
BluesKajit's new12:46
alvinAll I really want is seeing twitter messages arrive on my desktop without that program crashing. The KDE microblog widget and Choqok do not fit that description. (Although I really liked Choqok's functionality)12:48
BluesKajmaybe choqok is still available12:50
BluesKaj!info choqok12:50
ubottuchoqok (source: choqok): KDE micro-blogging client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4+repack-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1304 kB, installed size 5678 kB12:50
BluesKajyup, just optional12:51
alvinIt's still there. Unchanged. It crashed (and recovered) every x seconds when I last tried it. I might retry12:54
alvinOh, what the hell. Let's retry12:54
BluesKajdo you use pidgin, there's a twitter plugin for that12:56
alvinNo, Telepathy12:57
alvinDidn't crash so far.12:58
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lorangehi! is it normal that disk segmentation going so long?14:08
lorangemb 30 minuts already. i am instaling distro with fleshcard14:09
MaraManishiHi Everyone14:50
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l_rhawhat's the version of kde in kubuntu?17:55
lordievaderGood evening.18:19
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amichairis there a link somewhere to a list of tablet models that can run kubuntu?18:47
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l_ri have a  big choice to do: debian7.6 +kde vs kubuntu 14.0420:15
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skinuxHow can we change the background color of the bottom panel??22:43
valorievalorie2, why are you unable to speak23:51
valorieok, just general ignorance, sorry for the noise23:51
wheezy123Hello, No installed Icons other than Oxygen and Hicolor are showing up in GTK Icon Themes Options, anybody can help?23:54

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